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The Science Journal of The University Of Science And Philosophy


Volume 4, Number 3

October 1996

Fulcrum focuses on the science of creation as revealed to Walter Russell. Dr. Russell, artist/philosopher/illuminate, spent 35 years describing the Creator’s multidimensional creation process to scientists and lay persons. Known as the Russell Cosmogony and published in several different written editions, the concepts revealed to Dr. Russell during his 39 day illumination in 1921 describe our multidimensional Universe as an extension of the One substance of God. More specifically all matter is described as Light. The Light of Thinking Mind spirally winds in centripetal vortex motion the One substance into the many forms we witness. Mind also unwinds through centrifugal vortex motion all manifest form into the formless zero from which it appeared.

The Russell Cosmogony can be found in its most mature form in A New Concept Of The Universe, Atomic Suicide ?, The Home Study Course, and The Secret Of Light. His earlier descriptions can be found in The Universal One and The Russell Genero - Radiative Concept.

Fulcrum is now a tertiary and greatly expanded forum in which scholars and students can interact to exchange insights and perspectives on the interpretation and application of the principles of the Russell Cosmogony. Fulcrum is engaged in extending the understanding of the Russell Cosmogony as it applies to all of our civilization’s institutions that this teaching might continue to grow and act as a mighty seed to assist the birth of a peaceful and sustainable culture.

As the editor I intend to publish articles by creative thinkers, artists and inventors that can help demonstrate the Russell’s principles and make a difference in the direction of our world today- right now! Understanding the whole cycle vision of Universe as given by the Russell’s and application of our understanding by students and scholars is essential for this work to complete its mission for the world. Without this demonstration humanity will continue on in its present beliefs in a Universe dying a heat death, where energy only runs downhill, where there is not enough life support let alone luxury or excess abundance to go around, where God is vengeful and thus so are we, where health is found in magic bullets, and everything is moving to greater and greater disorder- where entropy reigns supreme and unchallenged.

Our present science and technology, eccnomic, social,

psychological, medical, philosophical, political and religious systems are patterned on entropic beliefs and foster entropic thinking and actions.

I will publish:

1) A dialogue with you on the Russell Cosmogony and literature. I invite questions from readers which may be published in each issue and answers given by you the readers or by me that will follow in the next issue. The responses may or may not be definitive. I intend to be clear, although clarity may take time to unfold. Our shared insights may or may not reach similar conclusions. My intent is that by sharing questions and answers, by sharing our perspectives and insights we will stimulate each others thinking and teach each other in the process. I invite you to participate. Have no fear, ask questions and give responses no matter what level of understanding and experience with this work you perceive yourself as having. We all come from, have access to and have our present being in the same source, the same source and being that the Russell’s had.

2) Research and articles relevant to the Russell Cosmogony or that have meaning for humanity’s need at this moment. What are your insights from this work? Do you know of other scientists, illuminates, or common people that have published works that have meaning for our common needs now? How do you see our institutions (science, art, religion, commerce, agriculture, education, medicine, and our human relations) from your understanding of the Russell work? I am eager to review your treatments and demonstrations of the Russell concepts for possible publication.

3) Articles on current or past experiments in the field of science and technology especially as it relates to non- polluting sustainable energy production and transportation, agriculture, medicine, economics, education, art, parapsychology, psychology, religion and metaphysics.

4) Articles on any application of the Russell work that might make a positive difference in humanity’s future.

5) Patent papers on free energy inventions and articles about them.

I am pleased to present this issue of Fulcrum to you and look forward to your input and feedback.

Dr. Timothy .A 2°21, Editor

Table of Contents

Dialogue Questions for MEXt ISSUE 1… esesseeseeeesssetseseeeseeseeseneseseseneseassescssesseesssseaesessesieseeaeeteneseaeees pg 1 ReSponses tO PLeVIOUS QUESTIONS ……. se eeeceseeeteeseteeereteteeteeneseceeneteteeeeeeeacecasaaecnsseseseae pgs 1-3 Some of the featured articles for next ISSUE. ………. ccc ceeecesseeeteeteeseseeeseeseeeneseeseseteeeeeneeee pg 1 Letters to the Editor. ……..cccesseeecsesessesrseessesceeesssseesesesseereeessssssacenensescsenestaceessnesaeereasenees pgs 4-5 Featured Articles Investigation of Reports of the synthesis of Iron via Arc Discharge through Carbon Compounds by Toby Grotz ….c.sesessessesesesssescessesseenesneneeneseseseaenecseneseenesncenensaesssresesnsseseasssenenensseneeesessneare® pgs 6-10 Old World Math - New World Math & Letter to physicists and newspaper responses Dy Lloyd Zirbes …..eesesssssesessesessesesseesesesesseneseseseesssesseseseeeenesessanssssesseseeseneseseseseeesaeseneeeaneaes pgs 11-14 From the Archives Letters between Walter Russell and Royal Lee, and editors COMMENTS «0.0… pgs 15-16 Letter/test results report from John E. Dube of Alco Valve Co regarding the results of Russell spiral coil experiments, Walter Russell’s response and editors’ COMMENES ……..scsseetereseeesteees pgs 17-23 A brief outline and membership requirements on the Russell Rent Mutualization plan ……c.ccscsesscessescessseeenseseeneeeeseeeesseseeeneestenessereseesseseceseeeseaeacaeeeacacaeseaeenenes _pg 24-27 The Universal One Digest In Thirty Postulates and editors’ COMMENLS …….se ese esssssesesessesceseeceseesecacseessesseessesssescseseesesesssessessestsesesessseranens gs 28-38 Patent Papers Hybrid flywheel/compressed fluid propulsion system for nonstationary applications. The George C. Yeh patent …….cccccscssssecsseeessereresseeceeeeseneesssesnensaesisacsessescesseseeneseeeeensaserereass pgs 39-44 Lee Rodgers interview with Consumers Guide editors - Auto Runs on Air! ween pgs 45-46 Some of our current state (+ & -) almost a half century after publication of The World Crisis, Atomic Suicide ?, etc. Health & Healing ..ccccsescseceesssvessssessseseseesessesesesssesesseseseaesecsesesssceassnesesessessseesscenenegessenesseneenees pg 47 Earth Changes …….. . pg 47 Government/Politics .. secteseseseseaes pg 47 Religion veces . pg 47 APE ceecscccceceeecseseeeeeseescessesensasenecaeseseeecseseeenerseeseeeeesaeessensensessesesaesseseerstesteserssessesensesseasees «pg 48 Science & Technology v.v.sessssverevecssrecssseseseeeseneaeeenstessssessssseessscseseesesesessseaeseeueeseneasasseseaetss pg 48 Business & Commerce… pg . 48 AQTiCUltiure c.ccccceccsessssssssrsesesesescsesesereseseteacaetenssaneesessasseseseseseseneasecesseseseeceeasaceescasssaneseeseseeseets pg 48 ECUCQLION coccecccscesccscsscessssesetstscesessscesesesceseusesseeseeesaeessesscesescsscsscassasecsussesaseuesacecessaesaceneaeeeaens pg 48 Miscellaneous ..ccccccccccssessssessesccsessseeseeseseescescsenseesseecsaeusensseassesssasscstesessessceacsesesaeessneeeeeanerseets pg 48

Newsletters/Periodicals. …….-:.ccccccesesssesesessssesceecescnsenseevseseecsueceeeneseseaenenseaeeeisasaeaeasscseeneness pg 49

Dialogue: Questions

Question One

This question has three parts to it. First how does the Russell's work consider health and disease? Second, how could the Russell Cosmogony address the origins of cancer (the epidemic of our times) and its possible eradication? Third, do the Russell concepts support alternative methods of healing and what is known as modern medicine at the same time, parts of both, one or the other or neither?

Question Two

Lloyd Zirbes gives an equation G = m(v squared) that he says expresses the grand unification theory. Does it, and if so can we extend it so that this equation expresses what science calls light, EM waves, sound waves and heat waves so that we can mathematically express that say sound is heat is light is EM phenomena is gravity? In other words is there an extended form of this equation that expresses all of these phenomena as equivalent? Is there a geometrical expression for this?

Question Three Is there an equation that we can create that expresses the equivalency of all of the 18 dimensions of matter that Walter Russell gave us? If so what is it? Is there a geometrical expression for this?

Question Four

Millenium Twain’s letter claims that there is no need for an equivalency principle between gravity and inertia, that there is no gravity, only inertia. His ideas to me appear to be equivalent to Russells’ except he wishes to discard gravity. Can this be done and if so why? And secondly, is everything in the cosmos made from laterally balanced electric fields and longitudinally balanced magnetic fields? What would Russell say about this and is there a way to “prove” it.

Some of the featured articles for next issue

A system of Geometry suitable for an oral tradition? By Andrew P. Nicolas of the U.K.

Scalar magnetic cooling in plants and vortex generators of water, By Robert S. Cafarelli

Dialogue: Responses to Previous Questions

Question One

Can the observed difference in drop times between energized or magnetized weights versus their nonenergized/nonmagnetized counterparts be explained by the Russell Cosmogony?

Question Two

Is there some design suggested by these observations and our possible insight from the Russell Cosmogony for application towards technology in any way, ie: transportation devices, improving any existing technology that utilizes falling weights etc.?

Question Three

As Josef Hasslberger questions, is the observed effect a consequence of motion or is it connected with acceleration?

Larry Tiegs is the only individual to attempt to answer these questions. His answers follw my comments and I will attempt to provide some answers while elaborating on Larry’s response.

I agree with Larry that all phenomena can be explained in terms of the Russell Cosmogony and also don’t know if ! can explain it but will attempt it as well.

I think larry’s answer is correct except that the curved pressure zones that the magnetic and electric fields produce around the weights produce their drag effect mostly on the surrounding “gravity/ether” field to slow the fall rather than on the air, even though they must produce some slight drag on the air as well. The air drag I believe is insignificant while the gravity/ether drag is significantly causing what has been observed.

In Russell’s thinking gravity is the effect of motion or the motion of the ether flow towards the center of a system as the push (what is normally named pull) of gravity and it is also the effect of the motion of the ether ( basic substance or only thing there is) away from the center of a system. Both of these directions of motion Russell calls Gravity and they are also both stated to be electrical; and he uses the word push for both inward compressive and outward expansive directions and never wants to call the vacuum that always occurs with any push or compression a pull. In other words what science calls electric flow towards the center and magnetic flow away from the center Russell calls both electric and both as Gravity and describes both directions of motion as a push.

It appears to me that any motion is either accelerating or decelerating, and inertial mass and gravitational mass are the same thing. :

Larry’s suggestion that the energized/magnetized masses be weighed on a pin point scales I think is good and should be tried. If the weight differs then it may be possible to pump up the mass in such a way that it will interact with the planets’ Gravity to rise rather than fall. This might be done like a surf board riding a gravity wave.

There are some additional observations that | will add to this discussion in the form of comments on an old Popular Science article that Toby Grotz gave me and two papers given me by Lloyd Zirbes some years ago that I feel pertain to the drop tests. Zirbes’ papers are published as featured articles. Lloyd refolded a few years ago after spending his life energy attempting to bring in the new non-polluting technologies so necessary at this time to save our planet.

Popular Science June 1944 had an article titled Magic with Magnetism describing the work of Prof. Felix Ehrenhaft the former director of the Physical Institute at the University of Vienna who was then carrying on his work at the Zeiss optical company in New York City.

Prof. Ehrenhaft’s work revealed that when two iron pole pieces were in acidulated water that they produced hydrogen gas through normally understood chemical reactions but when the iron poles were magnetized they produced oxygen as well and more of it at the north pole of the magnet than at

the south pole. Science then and maybe still now does not recognize how this can happen. His explanation was that the magnetic lines of force were a current just as electricity is a current and they separated the oxygen and hydrogen as electricity does it. He more or less made an equivalency of EM.

Professor Ehrenhaft’s thinking is in agreement with and proves Russell’s ideas in that both magnetic and electric fields to Russell are motion and both he called electric effects. The permanent magnets used in the experiments were found to lose magnetism much to the dismay of the manufacturers. Ehrenhaft decided this was because they were doing the work like electricity does of separating the water into its constituent parts: oxygen and hydrogen.

When the magnetic current is switched on the hydrogen bubbles that were rising from both pole pieces under ordinary chemical reaction change behavior, some stop in their tracks and reverse direction going to the other pole and even downward. If copper particles are added to the water they rotate in the same plane as the hydrogen bubbles but in the opposite direction and if the magnetic current is switched then the particles all switch directions too.

Also, if iron particles are in the air gap between the poles and in an homogenous field they will always go to either the north or south pole and they will switch directions if the field is switched, thus proving that the magnetized particles have an excess or deficiency of north or south charge. He calls these particles magnetic ions. This is a demonstration of Russells’ contention that there are no single charged particles, and that every magnet as well as every mass has some degree of dual charge or has polarity. In other words the iron particles were not just north or south polarity but a predominence of one or the other and thus were compelled to go to the appropriate pole.

Prof. Ehrenhaft believed that a magnetic current had a rotating electric charge which was demonstrated in the copper particles rotating opposite to the hycrogen bubbles, just as an electric current has a rotating magnetic charge.

In essence Ehrenhaft demonstrated Russell's contention that all particles are dual charged and that magnetic fields are accompanied by electric fields and vice versa. Russell simply called both electric and further said they both were Gravity effects.

Lloyd Zirbes’ articles bring other observations to Don Kelly’s gravity drop tests that should make us question further the whole question of gravity and Galileo’s law about the equivalent speed of falling objects.

Zirbes tests reveal that different masses fall with different rates of speed even if they are not magnetically or electrically charged. How can this be? Zirbes has an explanation in his article . Is it enough of an explanation?

By Russell’s Cosmogony all elements are magnetically and electrically charged. When we add an electric charge to or magnetize a mass we are “pumping up” the atoms in the mass that are already charged to a now higher rate, but all masses are already charged electrically and magnetically.

So, by Larry Tiegs explanation we can see how differing masses will have differing “electric/magnetic wings” that will interact with the electric/magnetic vortex wings of this planet and thus differing drop times. And, further, as Don Kellys’ tests have shown, if we pump up these masses with additional electric/magnetic fields we will increase the strength of the wings that exist around every mass and influence the drop time.

The interaction between the electric/magnetic (Gravity) wings of the mass and the electric/magnetic (Gravity) wings of the planet are what cause the significant difference in drop times and there is some likely insignificant difference in the interaction of these wings with the surounding air as well.

I believe the definitive answer to question three is that the observed effect is a consequence of motion in an accelerating mode rather than a decelerating mode. It has to be one or the other mode as any motion is one or the other.

I encourage Don Kelly to investigate the drop times of different elements such as carbon and iron, as lloyd Zirbes has demonstrated them to be different. This puts another twist to the investigation.

Dr. T.A. Binder, editor

July 26, 1996 Question #1

Yes, all natural phenomena should be able to be explained in terms of the Russell Cosmogony. The question is, can this writer explain it? I don’t know?

A simple answer seems to be: two chickens that weigh the same will drop at different rates if one keeps its wings spread open and the other doesn’t.

The “wings” of the energized weight are its surrounding curved pressure zones/pressure walls referred to as magnetic lines of force. These many, many equipotential shells, which I can only guess would each offer boundary layer drag to an air flow, in essence, creating a wing to slow down descent.

The vertical mount magnet dropped the slowest because the full face of both sides of its “magnetic field” were exposed to the fail, i.e., two wings.

The flat mount fell relatively faster because only one poorly aligned wing was exposed to air resistance to slow the fall.

This observed effect seems to be a consequence of metion only, not acceleration. (Question #3)

It is also possible the energized iron with its large centrifugal radiative field is ‘lightened’ and less out of balance than the inert sample. After all, the streams of energy flows within each shell do create somewhat of a self contained balanced motion. But when weighed on a flat scale, its field distorted or voided, it would weigh the same as the inert sample. If the energized sample were weighed while balanced on the point of a pin, so as not to distort the wave field, it might weigh less than the inert sample, thus contributing to a slower decent.

It is important to be clear that weight is not a fixed property of matter as Russell explains in The Secret of Light beginning on page 181. Weight and electrical potential are a measure of imbalance. Weight and electrical potential, being one and the same, both indicate the desire of any mass which is out of balance to find balance. Dense objects fall toward the earth’s dense core to find balance while the same object expanded into a gas rises toward the heavens to find its balance. Therefore, “weight should be measured dually as temperature is.”

Question #2 Applications? Nothing comes to mind.

Additional comments:

A few years ago I personally experienced levitation while

sitting on a chair at the focal point of a resonant sound system a friend was developing. Totally absorbed in the music, after about 10 minutes my left leg just rose. I thought, “Gee, that’s strange,” and pushed it down. It popped back up again. In a few minutes, again totally immersed in the sound, the right leg pops up, both legs floating, my feet maybe one to two inches off the floor. I also felt absolutely no pressure on the chair yet seemed to be seated. This state continued about 20 minutes, though I was totally unaware of time or my body. When the music was turned off the legs dropped and I again felt the chair.

I think maybe it’s like if you have a trunk load of birds and can get them all flying there won’t be any weight. Energizing gyroscopic atoms with electricity or sound, maybe speeds up their spin until they become weightless.

To create levitation you need a resonant space field, an enclosed or defined space, so all implosive reactions meet, concentrate and increase density at the center of the field. In essence, creating a new center of gravity, in balance within itself and weightless in relation to the earth. Nature uses a cubic wave field to produce its spherical suns and planets which float weightlessly in their orbits.

To demonstrate levitation would prove to science the connection between electricity / sound and gravity and anti- gravity, question #1 from Fulcrum, Jan. 96. Perhaps the conclusive proof would be to have an Eastern Master walk on water.

Referring to question #3 of the January Fulcrum, the ‘thread-like stream’ issuing from an aluminum electrode seems to be the eye of the hurricane, the still shaft of gravity which centers all vortexes, simply made visible for a distance by its closeness to the source. Being the fulcrum and source of the borrowed vortex power, it is polarless, therefore, unaffected by magnets or an electrostatically charged ball. It also doesn’t have thrust, any more than the axle on which your car’s wheels rotate. If the electrode could be contained within a closed wave field, there would be a suction around the still eye back toward the electrode, completing the rhythmic balance interchange of all motion in this two way universe of seeming opposites. For all there is in this seemingly infinitely complex universe is rings of light spinning around still gravity shafts.

Letters io the Editor

copy pt per fu [eras /


2 Plasmatronics, Intl Post Office Box E CE)> Menlo Park CA 94026 USA, tele 415-851-9099

Chazries Yest, 22 February 1996

I enjoyed reading your article “Electrostatic Force Flow Visualization“ from the current issue of the Electric Spacecraft Journal. It's been several years since I've spent singificant time at a lab workbench, and expect it will be one or two more before I get Plasmatronics set up right – hence I don't yet feel I'm qualified to comment on the nature of your electric wind thread experiment.

My new paper, on the death of quantum mechanics, is mostly complete I think – but I have set it aside from boredom, and am hard at work on an addendum to my Superluminal Velocity goldstrike. In it I am reviewing the incomplete ly-defined concepts of electric permittivity (epsilon), magnetic permeability (mu), capacitance, and inductance ~– and showing how the unlimited and variable speed of light (C) is a function of frequency! This is particularly fun work, not only because no one has ever looked at it before, but also because it is the most famous (known by everyone) false paradigm of covert physics! Not to degrade construction of a real physical (vortex) model of hydrogen or the atom – which no one has ever done before either – it's just that the red herring of quantum mechanics is to deep, black and obscure for most people (including me) to empathize with.

I like the way you cut to the crux of our problem of the nature and Structure of the electron: “It is my belief that the concept of a free electron; that is, the

concept of a discrete, free-floating, tiny object (electron) used to explain electrical phenomena and atomic models, is basically false.”

“A negative charge never exists without its opposite polarity, the positive charge.”

“My views are speculative and more favorable to the concepts of vortex entities and a ‘medium’, classically known as the aether.”

Ail of these probiems, however, are resolved by my discovery of the nonlinear, continuous, wave (axa inertial vortex) topology of light and charge. When you throw out the lies of the uncertainty principle, ‘point' charges, and linear nature – you are left with a universal electromagnetic ocean with waves as big as any galaxy (or universe) or tinier?(without limit) than any proton or gamma ray.

deg _The only correction I have made to my proof of metric relativity, from

uM” two years ago, is to discard the concept of gravity. Vortex waves

as (light) and particles (electron & proton) and everything in the cosmes

. is made from lateralty-valanced electric fields, and longitudinally- balanced magnetic fields. No need for an equivalence principle (between gravity and inertia). There is no gravity, only inertia, in all realms! And inertia is just another name for the universal ElectroMagnetic vortex cf angular and linear motion – spin and


Millennium Twain

Timothy Binder _

Sketching the (BiPolar) Electron Vortex!

Millennium Twain To do so, just begin with a ringlike EM propagation. path (rather: than a linear path) and sketch the movement of the tip of the Electric Vector tip as it (changing magnitude and direction) rotates around its propagation path! Start at

Draw to



RESULT? In six quick drawings you have illustrated a proof of the self-referential ree/charge balance, as well as the vortex ructure (nonlinear wave mechanics!) of the ubiquitous eleczzon (made of light!) – the building block of everyching in nature!

1 °

a th


Featured Articles


Investigation of Reports of the Synthesis of Iron via Arc Discharge through Carbon Compounds

T. Grotz

Wireless Engineering, Inc. 760 Prairie Avenue

Craig, Colorado 81625

KEYWORDS: nuclear transformations, iron formation, low energy nuclear change, transmutation


Recent research [1,2] has investigated the transformation of carbon to iron under certain experimental conditions. Reports by Pulver [3] and Oshawa [4] of iron formation in carbon by exposure to an electric arc are the subject of this report. Iron formation was originally proposed as a result of the reaction of carbon and oxygen to form silicon, then nickel and finally iron as follows;

12, 16 28 -.58 56 2C“+2g0° > 2,48” > agNi > Fe

Particles of magnetic material attracted to a magnet were given as proof of a transformation. Duplication of this experiment under more controlled conditions with analysis of the iron content of the of the carbon sample before exposure to an electric arc discharge lead to the conclusion that the iron found in the sample may be due to other factors than originally proposed.


This series of experiments was conducted to confirm reports of iron formation :n carbon when the latter is subjected to an arc discharge. The description of an experiment conducted by

Frederick Pulver formed the basis for the investigation. Pulver had heard from Michio Kushi of the experiment done by George Oshawa [5] and associates circa 1960 to show the transmutation of carbon to iron. The experiment was based on the theory that the transmutation effect can be classified according to the eastern philosophical principles of yin and yang.[6] The experiment consisted of stirring with a carbon rod, carbon from a “laboratory pure vial of carbon powder” [7] on a copper plate across which was connected a variable a.c. power supply as shown in Fig. 1. The carbon was initially tested for iron content by placing a sample on a clean white piece of paper and passing an alnico magnet under the paper to observe the motion of any iron particles present. No particles were attracted to the magnet. The carbon was then stirred with the carbon rod an subjected to arcing and heating for 10 - 15 minutes. After allowing the carbon to cool, it was again tested for magnetic particles by placing the sample on the paper and passing a magnet underneath. As reported by Pulver [8] “there were small (sand grain size) particles which were definitely magnetic, which followed the magnet around”. Pulver’s’ recreation of the experiment yielded the same results as predicted and previously obtained by Oshawa.

Because there was no stated iron content of the sample before and after the experiment and because the magnetic particles were not analyzed for iron content, a series of experiments was conducted to more closely examine the phenomenon.

EXPERIMENT Experimental Setup As shown in Fig. 1, the experiments required

the use of a 220 VAC vcitage source and current regulator. A series of adjustable chokes

totaling 15 mH was used as a current regulator. The current was adjusted to a maximum of 40 amps during the process of stirring the sample with a 12.79 mm diameter x 128.18 mm carbon tod on a copper plate. The carbon rod was obtained from Wale Apparatus. Typical iron content for is given at 100 ppm. Before processing, each sample was poured over a | inch square by 1/2 inch neodymium iron boron magnet to remove any magnetic material that might be present in the sample. Charcoal, activated carbon, and coal were used as sources for carbon in the experiment. No detectable magnetic material was found in the samples before processing

Activated Carbon —


Fig. 1 Electrical connections used for the experiments

Charcoal, (activated powder)

The first experiment was conducted using 10 g of fine mesh charcoal manufactured by Mallinckrodt. No data concerning iron content is available from the manufacturer. Heavy metal content was listed on the label as 0.002%, chloride (Cl) 0.02%, sulfate (SO4) 0.02%, and uncarbonized constituents as passes test.

After stirring the charcoal for 15 minutes and allowing 10 minutes for the sample to cool, a 1/2” diameter x 1.4” thick neodymium magnet was used in an attempt to pull magnetic material

from the carbon. No magnetic material was obtained from the carbon. No transformation was evident as described by Pulver.

Activated Carbon

A bag of activated carbon of the type commonly used in fish tank filters was obtained from a pet supply store. The activated carbon was divided in half and ground into # 8 and # 60 mesh lots. Ten grams of #60 mesh carbon was stirred for 10 minutes with a five minute pause and then stirred again for 10 minutes. Using the 1/4 inch diameter neodymium magnet, 0.12 g of magnetic material was pulled from the sample. Immediately after the last arc was struck, the temperature of the tip of the carbon rod was measured to be 136°C.

Ten grams of #8 mesh coal was processed in the same manner. Using the same magnet, 1.20 g of magnetic material was removed from the sample.

Further processing of the sample in 10 minute intervals for a total of 40 minutes yielded an additional 0.34 g of magnetic material for a total of 1.54 g. Before the additional processing, the weight of the carbon rod was 28.59 g. After processing the rod was weighed again and found to have retained the same weight of 28.59 g.

Copper and Aluminum plates and rods.

In an attempt to rule out the possibility that the carbon rod and the copper plate might somehow be contributing to the phenomenon, a 6061T6 aluminum plate 100mm x 65mm x 6.32mm and a 12.71 diameter x 128.60 mm rod of 6061T6 alloy was used to repeat the experiment. Aluminum alloy 6061T6 has an iron content of not more than 0.007 % by weight After processing for 10 minutes 0.23 g of magnetic material was pulled from the sample. Further processing was discontinued due to the formation of slag on the tip of the aluminum rod.

Coal used as a Source of Carbon.

An alternate form of carbon for the experiment in the form of sub bituminous coal was also tested for magnetic material formation. Coal of this type is used in fossil fuel electrical generation plants and typically contains 40 - 60% carbon. In order to prevent the coal from igniting during the arc discharge process, the sample was bathed in a stream of CO, as shown in Fig 2.


Carbon Dioxide gas flow .

Fig. 2 Carbon Dioxide was used to prevent ignition of the coal.

The following mineral analysis of the coal is

typical for coal mined in northwestern Colorado.

phosphorous pentoxide 1.35 silicon dioxide 53.06 ferric oxide 1.16 aluminum oxide 19.18 titanium dioxide 0.63 manganese dioxide 0.05 caicium oxide 9.14 magnesium oxide 1.64 potassium oxide 1.14 sodium oxide 0.28 sulfur trioxide 6.71 barium oxide 0.65 strontium oxide 0.19 undetermined 4.82

Total percent 100

Both #8 mesh and # 60 mesh coal were used in the arc discharge experiment. Each sample of 10 g was stirred for 10 minutes. Because the 60 mesh coal would not conduct an arc, 5 g of the Mallinckrodt charcoal was added to the mixture to facilitate a discharge. After cooling, there was no detectable magnetic material in the samples using the magnetic separation method previously described.


Ash analysis of the activated carbon was performed by Standard Laboratories in Casper, Wyoming. The iron oxide (Fe,03) by ash analysis was determined to be 3.81%. Iron makes up 70% by weight of iron oxide. The percentage by weight of iron in the ash is then;

.70( 3.81%) = 2.67% iron content in the activated carbon

In 10 g of the activated carbon sample there would be 0.0267(10 g) = .267 grams of iron,

The experiment that yielded the most magnetic material was analyzed by The Colorado Assay Company, Denver, Colorado. The total iron in the 1.50 g sample sent in for analysis was found to be 1.485%

0.01485(1.50 g) = .022 g of iron removed from the sample (processing time of 40 minutes)

This amount of iron is an order of magnitude less than that which occurs naturally in the sample. Because of this result, an analysis of possible iron contamination from the rods or other sources was not considered The excess weight appears to be due to magnetic material that is part of or encased in particles of carbon. Using an alnico magnet to pull magnetic material out of the sample resulted in removal of very fine particles that closely resembled iron filings. The

particles removed using the neodymium magnet resembled grains of sand as described by Pulver.

An experiment was conducted to determine the iron, nickle, and silicon content of the activated carbon before and after processing and the content of iron, nickle, and silicon in the magnetic material pulled from the processed activated carbon. Table | show the results.

TABLE 1 % Content of Elements Fe NI Si Before Processing 3.80 4.01 After Processing 3 2.82 Magnetic Material removed from Activated Carbon 248 <0Ol1 462

Additionally it was noted that there was a great variability in the amount of material removed vs. time under process. In Fig. 3 it can be seen that after 40 minutes of process there was slightly less than a gram of magnetic material removed. The curve appears to an asymptote around 0.10 grams indicating that there is a point at which no more magnetic material may be removed from the sample using the arc discharge process.

Grams Fe removed vs. Time

grams x 10 ao ONADOON

10 20 30 40



It is proposed here that the high current density of the arc discharge magnetizes magnetic material that exists within the particles of the activated carbon. This then allows separation of

the magnetic material from the sample using a magnet. The #60 mesh samples may have had magnetic material broken down into a size that was too small to be magnetized by the current flow of the arc. The relationship between size of a particle containing magnetizable material and the ability of an electric arc discharge through the particle to magnetize the material is outside the scope of this report.

Because the #60 mesh samples of charcoal and activated carbon did not yield magnetic material, it may have been that the “laboratory grade” carbon used by Pulver was much coarser in size.

In essence there are two contradictions to the original reports of transmutation of carbon into iron. First, the laboratory grade carbon by Mallincrodt did not produce magnetic material, although the laboratory grade carbon used by Pulver did, second, when magnetic material was produced from carbon, the quantity that was removed was an order of magnitude less than occurs naturally.

It is however fortuitous that the theory of Oshawa sparked the experiments of Bockris, Sundaresan, Singh, et al, who have found anomalous formation of iron during arc discharge experiments.


Since the experiments described above were conducted, the author has learned of . experiments conducted by C. Akbar at the Kushi Research Institute that indicate that voltage potential and current density are important in the formation of iron in chemically pure carbon. [9] This is in accordance with more detailed descriptions of the carbon to iron transformation experiments presented by Kushi and Esko. [10] Future work will attempt to define the parameters around iron formation vs. voltage

and current and if anomalous amounts of iron are formed at optimum conditions.

1. R. Sundaresan and J.O’M. Bockris. ~ Anomalous Reactions During Arcing between Carbon Rods in Water”, Fusion Technology, Vol. 26, Nov. 1994.

. M. Singh, M.D. Saksena, V.S. Dixit. and V.B. Kartha “Verification of the George Oshawa Experiment For Anomalous Production Of Iron In Water”, Fusion Technology Vol. 26, Nov 1994.

. F. Pulver, in Biological Transformations New Alchemy by Louis Kevran and George Oshawa, George Oshawa Macrobiotic Foundation, 1971, pp. 48,49.

. M. Kushi and G. Oshawa, Kushi Institute Study Guide Vol. 10, 1980.

. M. Kushi and G. Oshawa. Kushi Institute Study Guide Vol. 10, 1980.

. M. Kushi, The Book Of Macrobiotics. p. 140, Japan Publications, Inc., Tokyo. 1977 ISBN 0-87040-381-8.

. Louis Kevran and George Oshawa, Biological Transformations New Alchemy, George Oshawa Macrobiotic Foundation, 1971, p. +7.

. Louis Kevran and George Oshawa, Biological Transformations New Alchemy, George Oshawa Macrobiotic Foundation, 1971, p. 48.

9. C. Akbar, Kushi Institute. private communication.

10. M. Kushi and Edward Esko, The Philosophers Stone, Michio Kushi’s Guide To Alchemy, Transmutation, And The New Science, One Peaceful World Press. Becket, MA 1994


Division of UNIFIED ATOMIC RESEARCH Rt. 1, Box 68, Foreston, Minnesota 56330 (612) 294-5140

March 3, 1987

Mr. Carrick Talmadge Physics Dept.

Purdue Univ.

W. Lafayette, Ind.

Dear Mr. Talmadge,

I have become aware that you’ve taken an interest in searching for a repulsive force in nature which “counteracts” gravity, and J am writing to offer a suggestion as to how you can gain immediate proof that such a force does indeed exist. Since you are in effect at square one in your search, I will recommend you begin with a simple and straightforward test first conducted by myself and an associate in the early 1960s which I guarantee yields a dramatic result and offers irrefutable proof that Galileo’s work was incomplete at best.

For this particular test I suggest using a ten pound sphere of carbon and a ten pound sphere of iron. The circumference of the carbon sphere will of course be greater than that of the iron, but this factor is very important to the result of the test, as you will soon see. You will also need to construct a drop box large enough to accommodate the two spheres and to incorporate some sort of a triggering mechanism which will ensure the spheres are released simultaneously. To acquire the absolute proof you are looking for, the distance of the drop should be at least 2,000 feet. We used an open mine shaft in Northern Minnesota, and that site worked out very well. After taking into account air flows, lunar winds, etc., make your drop. In our tests we had set up a high speed camera near the impact plane to record the results, but if you have an extra person at hand to make a visual observation the camera wouldn’t be absolutely necessary - the result is so pronounced that it cannot be missed.

You will find that even after all possible interfering factors are accounted for, the carbon sphere will impact after a 2,000 foot fall long before the iron sphere strikes the impact plane. We found this particular test to be of great value because it eliminated the possibility that air resistance was the major factor in discrepancies we'd found between rates of acegleratioa of different 2lements in some of the other

tests we had conducted. Our result showed that the iron sphere was still six feet from the impact plane at the instant the carbon sphere impacted, proving that different elements falling in a gravitational field accelerated at different rates. The striking, unmistakable result yielded by this test qualifies it as an excellent starting point, and I recommend it highly for the reason that it quickly establishes a solid working foundation from which to proceed.

I realize that you may not have the facilities at hand to allow you to easily arrange to mun this test, and so as you will notice I have sent an identical letter to some of your fellow researchers who are also now looking for the repulsive force. It is my great hope that if it is beyond your present means to run this simple test, then perhaps it will be within someone else’s means.

After more that twenty-five years of talking about a repulsive force, it is gratifying for me to see persons such as yourself exploring this avenue of research, and I congratulate you. Should you continue this quest into the actions of and reasons for the repulsive force, it will ultimately lead you to unity of all things, and many new technologies vital to the survival of this planet in her time of crisis. If I can be of any assistance to you in suggesting further tests, sharing the results to the numerous tests I’ve conducted, or in answering any questions you may have, I will be happy to oblige.

ec: R. Newman: U of CA J. Faller : Bouler, CO P. Boynton : U of WA E. Adelberger : U of WA P. Thieberger : Brookhaven V. Fitch : Princeton Univ. D. Sudarsky : Purdue Univ. A. Szafer: Purdue Univ. S. Aronson : Brookhaven E. Fishchbach : U of WA G. Bock : U of IL H. Cheng : Purdue Univ.

Sincerely, Lloyd B. Zirbes Director-Project Stardust

10A St. Paul Pioneer Presa Dispatch F Saturday, Dec. 12, 1987

Gravity studies suggest a sixth force of nature

Associated Press

SAN FRANCISCO — Sensitive Measurements of gravity made on aod sear a 2,000-foot TV tower Suggest Lhe existence of a new fun- damental force that adds a tny boost to gravity’s attractioa, scien- (sts said Friday.

The finding “is very exciting be- Cause it indicates the force we call gravity ig much more complicated that we thought,” said Paul Boyn- ie beet and astronomer at

e University of Washingtoo in Seattle. Y

The four fundamental forces of Rature are gravity, electromayne- usm, the strong force, which holds the centers of atoms together. and the weak force, which makes some atoms break down in radioacuve decay.

Studies by Boynton acd others prrvious!, found evidence for a filth force, which slightly coun- leracts gravity’s pull over 10- to 1,000-yard distances.


It is common knowledge that Mr. Einstein spent much of his life attempting to mathematically formulate unity of all things, and that he failed in this noble effort. There are various reasons for this failure, and lack of full knowledge of the actions of free falling bodies was the primary reason. He lacked accurate data - he lacked facts - he was doomed to fail.

There is now such heavy reliance on the erroneous equation E=mc’ by militarists in industry, politics, and science that questioning Einstein’s very famous equation is viewed as an attack on their demi-god, and any “offender” is immediately attacked by those whose power and influence depends upon your continued trust in the promise of E = me’. In reality, this promise is a lie, and anyone who has examined this equation knows it’s in error. This presents an obvious question : if it is in error, then why do they cling to it? In our view it is like a root from which has grown a plant called science, technolcgv, and nuclear

These newspaper articles included to show different responses to Lloyd’s letter to Boynton and Faller

Galileo revisited

“We simply did what Galileo would have done if he'd had our technology,” says James E. Faller of the National Bureau of Standards. Working with physicists at the Joint Institute for Laboratory Astrophysics at the Uni- versity of Colorado at Boulder, he re- peated, at much higher precision, Ga- lileo’s notorious (because probably apocryphal) Tower of Pisa experiment

in which different objects of different mass were observed to strike the ground simultaneously when dropped from the same height.

The team used special vacuum chambers, a stabilized laser, optical interferometry, and copper and ura- nium masses to test whether differ- ent masses do indeed undergo the same acceleration due to gravity. The experiment confirmed this theory “with exquisite accuracy”—better than five parts in ten to the tenth power.

DWweew -S7 ec - VOL

energy. This plant in turn feeds a beast known as the military/industrial complex. Were anyone to unearth this evil root called E = mc’, the plant would wither and the beast would starve. This is why no one dares question, and why the truth has remained hidden. To laymen we say - a lie quickly becomes complex, but the truth is clear and simple. WE will now examine this jealously guarded root in the light of truth, and let the reader decide where logic lies.

Einstein used ergs as his value for energy. An erg is a value taken from the centimeter-gram-second system of measurements. Please take note of the term gram, which. indicates weight. An erg is defined as : a unit of energy or work equal to the work done by a force of one dyne acting over a distance of one centimeter. From the start we can clearly see the “slippery” terminology applied as an aid to confusing the issue (and safeguarding the root). Work, energy, and force are all equated. We ask, are they indeed all equal? It would appear they are if “science” needs them to be, but is this the truth? Let us continue working our way through this maze and see where it leads.

One erg is a very small unit, so present day physicists use joules to place a value of E (energy). One joule was declared to equal ten million ergs, but the question then was, is a joule potential energy (voltage) or is it work done (amphere flow)? The congress decided the question >”

declaring one joule to equal one watt of power. We now find that one watt is equivalent to an electrical flow of one amphere, and one ampere is the same as one coulomb. A coulomb is, by definition, the passing of one ampere of current across a given point in one second, and placed in concrete figures, a coulomb is a movement of 6.28 x 10% electrons. A single electron has an atomic mass unit value of 9.1095 x 103! kilograms. 9.1095 x 10 kilograms times 6.28 x 10” electrons equals 5.708 x 10°” kilograms. Science hopes you are completely confused by this time, but if we reduce this maze to a simple list, perhaps we will see more clearly.

10 million ergs = 1 joule 1 joule =1 watt 1 watt “= Tamphere lamphere = 1 coulomb 1coulomb = 6.28 x 10 electrons / sec. 6.28 x 10% electrons = 5.708 x 10°? KILOGRAMS

What was Einstein referring to when he spoke of energy? Weight? To have weight there must be mass, and so Einstein’s “E” is really mass, is it not?

A quick glance at Einstein’s m (mass) is all that’s required to reveal the basic error. Once again we are dealing with kilograms as the unit of measurement. On the equator at the surface of earth, one gram of mass weighs one gram. That very same gram of mass in deep space will have a weight value of zero, while on the surface of Jupiter this gram of mass weighs 2.5 grams. In applying these values, we find that nuclear technology should not be functional in open space - yet it is. WE also find that on the surface of the planet Jupiter, a nuclear warhead should yield a 250% greater reaction - yet it won’t. Clearly, reliance of the weight of m (mass) leads to gross errors in calculations, and errors in calculating lead to errors in judgement.

We are told that in E = mc” Einstein sought to express the equivalence of energy and mass, and Mr. Einstein was as

correct as limited facts would allow him to be. Energy an mass are equivalent, for “energy” IS mass. It is then explained that c? comes into play only because of the “traditional” manner in which physicists calculate energy and mass. cis, in fact, a value more or less pulled out o thin air, with nothing to support it other than faulty calculations. Physicists know that it is equally correct to calculate on the basis of E = m, and to adjust the units of measurement to suit the situation. That this fact is avoided in favor of the astronomical figure represented by c’ (i.e.., 8.9874“ meters per second) should alert us to the fraud involved.

Even though the most vigorous nuclear reaction yield at most 1% of the promised energy, science holds onto the “carrot” of c? as the promise of the future. In truth, if one were to be really precise, this mere 1% could be dissected into the various “quasi” concepts currently lumped under the heading “energy”, and the lie would become even more apparent. Science has not only broken their promise - they have broken faith with the people.

In summation we should briefly address a question often put to us: if these technologies (electron/nuclear based) are wrong, then why do they function? The answer lies in the work of Maxwell, Faraday, and the other classical, true scientists, who performed hands-on experimentation to determine what worked. Modern theoretical scientists took this work and attempted to build a theory which would explain why things worked. When the militarists found a theory which worked to their advantage, progress in this area was halted, and it remains stagnant to this day. Data which does not fit the theory is simply ignored, and dissident researchers silenced. Those who attack our findings due to ignorance or fear of losing their power and influence must be reminded that Mr. Einstein, the guru of the atomic age, died trying to formulate unity. If he’s been satisfied with his original theory, then what was he looking for?


The equation which clearly and simply expresses the grand unification theory is G = mv’, where G = gravity, m = mass, and v = velocity. In this short essay we will attempt to offer a brief explanation of this equation in hopes that our readers will then apply it to given specific situations. You will quickly see its validity.

In all of nature there exists but two forces: gravity and motion (velocity). Gravity is the force that causes

motion, and motion in turn creates gravity. These two forces of nature are inextricably intertwined, yet they are also separate and distinct. Velocity pulls everything apart, causing expansion, while gravity pulls everything together, causing densification. Our universe is expanding, therefore, our universe is in the mode of acceleration. We say again - mass expands at the rate of velocity squared.

To form a mind picture of gravity we could visualize an empty bubble - a bubble which is an absolute vacuum. The size of that bubble is determined by two basic factors, namely, the size of the mass which produced it and the velocity of the bubble. Gravity, like mass, has a force value that increases or decreases at the rate of the distance squared, and there are also many other integral functions which we will not flirt with here. As has been stated before, gravity is of two parts. The Project Stardust team simply refers to these two parts as gravity A (attractive force) and gravity B (repulsive force). |

Gravity can be and is continuously being created. All falling bodies, from the smallest sub-atomic systems to the largest universal structures produce a repulsive force (see Theory of Falling Bodies I and II). The repulsive force (gravity B) is produced by particles of mass in the mode of direction change. The size of the bubble of gravity produced is directly proportional to the size of the particle and / or system that produces it. Two of the integral functions to consider are the velocity of the mass and the angle of directional change.

To understand gravity A, the attractive force, we must understand that mass expands at the rate of velocity squared. For mass to accomplish expansion it must accept “space”. That space is gravity, and therefore, as velocity forces mass to expand, gravity moves in to provide the needed space. This inward movement of gravity tends to push the mass back together, and this action is seen as an attraction.

Placing mass into a universal equation is quite elementary, requiring only the elimination of the weight factor. Weight is nothing more than the inward push of gravity or the outward push of inertia. Because the weight value of a given quantity of mass varies from location to location (see essay Old World Math), it is a very arbitrary value. Indeed, weight is a factor only if you yourself are carrying it. To assign a consistent, workable value to a given volume of mass one must therefore concentrate on the density of that mass. Should weight ever be a consideration it must be seen in terms of gravity or inertia acting upon the mass. Mass itself must be considered in terms of the density of any given volume of mass in inversely proportional to the velocity of the mass, i.e., with an increase of velocity the mass density value will decrease.

In this short writing we will not attempt to explore in any detail the correlation between temperature and the

velocity of mass, but will instead simply state our findings. Mass in the mode of acceleration “absorbs” heat. This absorbtion results in the creation of a cooled area. Mass in the mode of deceleration releases heat. This release results in the creation of a warmed area. This heat is gravity, and so temperature can also be understood through the application of the unity equation. Though this is not a vital point in this paper, it certainly bears a mention.

We have briefly examined gravity and mass and have determined that gravity equals mass at the rate of velocity squared. Now we must quickly explore the velocity factor, and hopefully all will then become clear.

To visualize velocity we can picture in our mind an unending spiral staircase. The landing of this stairway represents zero velocity. At zero velocity complete densification of mass has occurred - there no longer exists any elements, for elements require space. Space is gravity, and gravity requires motion. At zero velocity there is no gravity, without which our entire solar system would fit into a quart jar - with room to spare. This quart jar would possess a weight value of zero, for weight depends upon gravity and inertia, which in turn rely on motion. Each step of the stairway will now represent an increase in velocity of one meter per second. Each increase in velocity will have a given effect on the mass involved, and as the analogy of the stairway implies, the effect is constant. Throughout any universe the effect of a given velocity on a given quantity of mass will always be constant. This constancy is the essence of a truly universal equation.

All things in nature are progressive or regressive at the rate squared, and therefore, the amount of space (gravity) contained in a particle or system or particles is directly proportional to the rate of velocity squared. The same can be said of distance, i.e., all forces decrease or increase their value at the rate of distance squared. As you consider what has been said it is our sincere hope that you understand the implication of the simple statement: mass expands at the rate of velocity squared. From this we deduce that as mass expands, space (gravity) is required, and that the amount of required space depends directly upon that velocity. Stated mos: simply: G = my?

Zirbes Enterprises, Project Stardust Team, July 1988

Reproduction and distribution of this material is approved

and encouraged.

From The Archives

Editors note: Royal Lee was a dentist, inventor, and pioneer in nutrition. He founded Standard Process laboratories





January 6, 1955

Mr. Walter Russell Swannanoa Waynesboro, Virginia

Dear Mr. Russell:

Thank you for your letter of January end requesting a copy of the Tesla book for Mr. Maurice Miller which we are happy to send. I am sorry I had not previously acknowledged your open letter to the world of science under the date of February 3, 1953. It is a tremendous presentation and I certainly appreciate your difficulty in getting scientific minds interested in the ideas communicated therein. We really live in a world of slanted pub- licity in which there seems to be a politically inspired repres- sion of many facts. We possibly run into more of that than any- one because of our contact with nutritional foods in which pro- moters seem to be quite successful in keeping the public in the Gark about the effects of those foods. I enclose a copy of a lecture that will give you a few ideas on the subject. Heart disease would disappear if we would not have to eat refined foods.

Very truly yours,


March 20th 195l. Dear Dr. Leet

I cannot tell you how pleased my wife (Lac) and I were to receive a copy of the Tesla book which you reprinted. for the benefit of thinkers in science. Nicola Tesla and I exchanged inspirations for many years. He was an artist at heart whom the world knew as a scientist- While I was a scientist at heart whom the world knew as an artist.

He was my spiritual mainstay while I produced my greatest work in seulpture = The Mark Twain Memorial, and I likewise spiritually supported when his soul was low from doubtings and attacks by lesser


I give you these reasons why I especially thank you for the dook-= but Y also add an appreciation for your vision which indicates a love and admiration for him such as had grown in me.

I could never understand why Nicola Tesla was not proclaimed the greatest man in sefence of his day = for he was just that and your gesture in printing that book mkes me feel deeply indebted to you in my friend's name.

Thinking you may be interasted to know of our work here ~- and my unrewarded contributions to science which have raceived even less recognition than Nicola's - having given the six transuranivum elements to the world as you will see by the enclosed charta = I enclose a little booklet of my life and my second open letter to science for your perusal.

Mrs. Russell joins me in extending to you a cordial invitation to visit our mountain top shrine at any time you may feel like looking at the other side of the medal upon which is written the constitution of matter from Nature's point of vier to raplace the unnatural one written on the visible side by man.

Thanking you agaig and looking forward to a interchange of thoughts whenever you feel so inclined, we extend to you our good wishes and greetings.

Sincerely yours

Walter Russell.

P. S. You ask if I might wish to send one to any other Tesla admirer.

/Pf John O'Neill, Science editor of the herald Tribune, wrote an excellent vock ot Tesla's life, entitled PRODIGAL GENIUS of which I have an autographea copy. I am sure he would be deligrktec to - xchange copies witn you, and I am sure you ‘vould like his book.

which still manufactures natural whole food concentrates. The Russell’s, especially Lao Russell, had a common interest in natural approaches to health, healing and whole natural foods diet with Royal Lee.

This letter from Walter Russell to Royal Lee is the only item in the archives that shows any trace of Walter Russell and Nikola Tesla’s association. If there are any readers that know of any correspondence between these two great minds I would be grateful to receive a copy on behalf of USP.



St. Louis, Mo.

JouN E. DuBe November 21, 1958 PRESIDENT

Dr. Walter Russell, University of Science end Philosophy, Swannanoa, Waynesboro, Virginia

Dear Dr. Russell: Attached find report of comparison tests between a Russell and an orthodox solenoid coil. You will note that we were

unable to detect any advantage for’ the Russell coil.

Under separate cover we are sending you the two pairs of test coils to give you a personal opportunity to check our


Please let us know if you want further information concern- ing this matter.

Yours very truly,

tw? Scé ee ae

CC: Mr. Russell Maguire





To compare the pulling power ot the Russell type solenoid coil with conventional coils.

Two Russell coils were constructed in accord with the layout, Drawing LOS3038-11 and asso- ciated detail parts drawings. Two conventional coils were constructed in accord with Drawing L03308-12 and associated detail parts drawings. Prints of all above drawings are attached. The sizes of the various coil windings were calcu- lated to use the same total length ot copper wire per unit. The sum of the resistances of the segments ot the Russell coil actually came out to be 4% less than the conventional coil. This small ditterence is less than the deviation we allow in production ot conventional coils so is considered acceptable. The ditterence tavors the Russell coil, so is not detrimental in this evaluation.

‘two completed conventional solenoids were mounted in line axially with a one-hal1t inch gap between the adjacent core buttons. The windings were

wired as indicated in Fig. 1 and 24 volts direct current power was applied to the leads. Iron filings were dropped into the 1/2 inch gap between buttons until the solenoids were apparently sup- porting the maximum amount ot filings. This amount was weighed. The test was repeated using Russell coils wired as shown in Fig. 2. There was no apparent difterence in the supporting power of the Russell and conventional coils. However the test was considered inconclusive because the operator could vary the supporting power by packing the filings around the buttons, leading to the suspicion that the method ot application of the tiling might make more difference in the test results than the ditference between the coils being compared. This torm of testing was abandoned in favor ot the fol- lowing test.

S (PTION OF Ywo conventional coils were wired as indicated

Sa Fe: in Fig. 1 and mounted in the test tixture shown in Pig. 3. With 2: volts applied to the leads the pull necessary to separate the two coils was measured by means cf a sensitive torce scale. The test was repeated a numper oi times with dir- ferent thicknesses of plastic spacers creating a gap between the buttons. ‘fhe same procedure was tollowed with the Russell solenoid wired as shown in Fig. 2. All tests were repeated a number of times with very consistent results. With no gap (spacers removed) the conventional solenoic drew 4.4 watts and the Russell coil 4.6 watts.

SULTS: Yhe attached Fig. 4 is a plot of the pulling power or each type coil against the gap. ‘The conventional coil has 5 to 10% more pulling power throughout the range or gaps tested.

NCLUS LONS: (1) The slight intericrity or pulling power ot the Russell solenoid can be accounted tor by conventional theory. Since both type coils had the same length or copper wire in the windings, and since the average diameter ot the Russell coil was slightly larger (due to the irregular core shape and loss of space between the segments or the winding) the Russell coil has slightly fewer turns, and this generates tewer ampere-turns of magnetic power, when cperated at the same amperage and wattage as conventional designs.

Since the Russell design inherently loses winding space it would appear to be inferior rather than superior to conventional design.

Even if some new winding technique were developed to overcome the space loss in the Russell coil, it would appear that it would equal but not exceed conventional designs.

Nove 24th, 1958.

Hr. Russell Maguire, Ce, Hr. John E. Dube, Greenwich, Conne St. Louis, Mo.

Dear Russell;

First lat us thank you sincerely for making this second step toward the accomplishment of our epochal goal - the control of matter - and to.thank Mr. Dube for his meticulous care and patience in working out the mechanics and mathematica of our coil wit in so ekillfol and masterful a manner. Having done this let us now examine the result of it frem both your point of view and ours.

To you the resultant test was a failure and you undoubtedly udged it a failure because it did not do what we said i% would oO. For that reason we feel that you are fully justified in

withdrawing from ite From our point of view it dut informs

us of one seemingly nistaken step which greatgiver of idea

to the world encounters during the mechanical unfélding of his

idea. It has made us fully aware of what that mistake is, but we do not see failure in it as you probably doe Alexander

Bell encountered many such seening mistakes which his backers

and friends considered dead ends, during his atruggla with tha

telaphona. He was reduced to apple and cheese diet for

periods because of them. He won out, however, for within 5 was a Tight ef knowing which the world did not recognise.

Charles dyear gave rubber to the world inst ten times the resistance by a world which named him a fool, a cheat and a knave.e Yat each of these two “fecls* transformed the world communications systems in their two separate ways.

Our mistake was in making an igaue of an t which in ne way affected our objective. We mistakenly based that test upon our assumption that the Russells’ coil would greatly increase the magnetic field potential over that of the traditional coil, because of the back-wiring, and one-way wiring practice now in UBO® e~ while cur real objective is to preduce a new wiring system in a coil whichwould control th 1st ton ttar by dividing the static white t of space into pairs spectrus mates, az each wave thus divided light te integrate ita pairs.

Cur agsumption of that greater powar was pursiy theoretical and unimportant. We can now see by thia test that any two wire coils, wound in any way whatecever, will give equal resultant field potential, providing that the various dimensions of each coil are equal. We can readily see that now, and can admit it as a fact cf law, as you have proved it to bee


The fact that back-wiring does not subtract from power is a lesson which will enable us to simplify our coil by not ving to make it in sections, but aa long az the one-way wiring system is used in this two-way universe of divided mate-pairs, science will be limited to

a synthesis of existent matter. It wild never be able to transmute cne element into another or to create new elements. To create and control matter, it is necessary that the two-way wave principle which divides light into spectrum pairs, be employed, and that can be done only by obeying Nature’s laws of construction. Present day science can neither obey or command these laws,for the construction of matter

is admittedly a blank slate.

YOU know what our objective is, and you know what world-control over its gases and metals would mean. We want to give the secret of that power to a sources of GOOD to conquer evil. We want the world's needs for power and for the creation of fuels, metals andwater to be under the control of men who have kpowledae. and of a character which will not misuse them, and not let e world be subjected to shortages of essential needs and consequent suffering, because of ignorance of Nature's processes of construction and their control.

Sur coil is the moat basic thing in science because it contains within is the entire principle which emulates the wave in every respect, and the wave is Nature’s ONE UNIT which creates all things.

iors test, plus our wrong assumption about back-wiring, has taught us

hat the great secrecy which we thought necessary was not at all necessar' “cr wa could actually give this coil to anyone and tell him that it 1 id the world’s greatest secret and he would not know how to use it. would ce asa safe as pointing to the sun and telling him the same

and he still could not use it.. In fact we doubt if it is

ble because of its mechanical similarity. After all a coil is

like a lever. A lever cannot be patented but a typewriter,

d by levers can be. That which we can patent is a mechanical

which can do what no other mechanical system can do.


YO aed ch tt

haps the next step is to reconatruct the mechanical system which sre of us produced long ago in Westinghouse Laboratories, which made it pezsible te change six cubic centimeters of water into seventeen other substances”. In doing so water was assumed to be one of the toneSof the ina cetave harp which the universe is..A universal “tuning fork” was yodueed whi ch changed the pressure dimensions of one tone into another

a piano tuner, violinist or harpist do to their tones.

% knowledge of principle we alone have. We alone can give that buning

fork ( a differently powered one for each octave) to the world. This gif ould be useless to anyone who has not the vast knowledge of basic

neiple which lies behind its usage, auch as the geometry of space

ch meas sures and controls the dimensions of wave fields - the mechani ca

universal heart beat - the power to transmute existing metals or new ones - the techo* or radar principle which repeats ever s which happens everywhere to evary othar where - the power-proj neiple of Nature which will rid acience of its costly and primiti war lines as its present system of power-transmission - and, most tant of all, will immunize any nation from being hurt by any aPP missile, bomb, submarine, warship or plane.


As asocn as it is hungnly possible we will take another step to demonstrate what is-herein written, but the time limit which we

can give to this is srell because of our university activities,

and our financial power is limited to our own earnings, dut, despit: all handicaps, we will demonstrate to you that this test is in no way a finality. It has been an easily surmountable hurdle into a strata of greater light. It has halped to simplify our procedare

by ridding it of the one thing about it which was theroetical, and proved to us that the end result ia where we should lock for patent protection, and not in any mechanical tool used to attain that resul

For these reasons we ask you to hold any opinions you have formed in suspension until we find ourselves able to open another door in the long corridors wiich every creator of new idea must painfully find his way - and gurmount each unseen obstacle as it rises vefore him to try to ook hig waye

Again thanking you for your valued hep to us, and to the world, and assuring you of our warm peragonal regards, we are

Sincerely yours, Kn PPLLE

P. 3. Please ask “Mr. Dube to Walter and Lao Russell. return our original papers for

posterity, and take coples in place

of thes for hia records,

Editor’s note: I feel it is imperative to publish the test results that Walter Russell received after testing the viability of his contention in the Home Study Course unit 10 and in other writings that spiral wound coils producea greater current flow and thus greater power. 1 know for a fact that many people have spent countless hours in attempting to construct spiral wound coils in hopes of getting greater power out of them as the HSC claims. It is my desire that the results of the test data, how the coils were constructed and

ested, and Walter Russells response will save researchers much time in their attempts to bring to fruition any possible fruit from the concept. I am certain that both Walter and Lao Russell would want this information available to their students at this point in time.

Apparently the tests revealed and Walter Russell agreed that, “any two wire coils wound in any way whatsoever, will give equal resultant field potential, providing that the various dimensions of each coil are equal”, Since this appears to be the fact I believe that this should be noted in future additons of the HSC along with a commentary about what he felt still might be viable in the concept of spiral windings for new technology. Exactly what he still felt was viable as stated in his letter of Nov. 24th. 1958 is unclear to me.

On page two of his letter fourth paragraph in the third sentence, I believe the word similarity was meant to be simplicity.

It appears that Russell continued to think that spiral coils were essential for transmutation as he says that science, “will never be able to transmute one element into another or to create new elements”… “as long as the one way wiring system is used in this two way universe…..”. Yet, Russe!l transmuted matter at the Westinghouse Lamp Labs in 1927 using straight wound coils and the Russell Science Research team did the same in the 1990s.

It appears to me that the concept of opening and closing spirals has importance to technology and Russell hints that he feels it is important for transmutation and in this area I feel he was on the right track but not in relation to electrical coil windings as stated in the HSC. Spirals are possibly important in fluid motions of materials to separate out elements and maybe in some ways that he did not experiment with in the transmutations of gases in spiral wound tubes. Bottom line is the tests he had done proved that spiral wound coils do not produce greater power than straight wound coils and the publication of this data helps set the record straight and may assist future


There is an additional item in regards to the Russell’s claims to produce greater power with their concepts that I feel may help researchers that I feel impelled to bring to your attention. In Unit 11 of the HSC the claim is made that an octave system of lenses will produce greater heat and power than is put in it. While I have not seen any test results that Walter Russell had done with this idea I know someone who claims to have constructed such alens system as detailed in the HSC and it was found to not produce any over unity of heat or light. In addition the placement of the lenses as detailed in the course will not allow the focal points to fall where the Russell’s thought they would as the lens makers pointed out to my friend. But, either way they were placed, as the Russells showed it or as it had to be to focus as they wanted it to focus, this individual found that there was no over unity production of heat or light. I will attempt to get photos that I have seen of the lens system and data to publish about this testing in future issues.

All a lens does is concentrate the given heat/light to a focal point. Any system of lens can do no more than a single lens and a single lens in fact is a series of lenses within lenses. A lens or lens series will focus what is spread out over a wider area into a smaller area, but it will not create over unity or something for nothing.

If any reader has done any experimentation with either the spiral coils or octave wave banks of lenses that they feel_does substantiate claims of over unity, I and USP will be very grateful to investigate it.

It appears that the domain where Walter Russell was most fruitful in regards to technological applications for his concepts was in the area of transmutation. He did this at Westinghouse in 1927 and it was verified again in this decade. I have had converstations with a scientist who worked with Russell in the 1950’s as his assistant at Swannanoa when they tried to reduplicate the 1927 work and failed at that time to do it. Yet, his concepts explain all the phenomena that scientists are observing of transmutations in cold fusion research that they are mystified about.

There may yet be some manner in which his concepts for electrical power and solar energy production may prove of value. It is with this hope for humanity that I have included his own test results and correspondence in this edition of Fulcrum.


A BRIEF OUTLINE The Nationai Rent Mutual Corporation is a construction, managing and renting company mutually owned by all its members and tenants and operating under the Russell Rent Mutuali-

zation Plan.

It is capitalized at $5,000,000. This is divided into 1,009 shares of Founders 8% cumulative

preferred and 49,000 shares of cumulative 7% preferred. There are in addition 50,000 shares of

common stock of no par value, to be given to purchasers of preferred stock and for the organizers.

The purpose of the Russell Rent Mutualization Plan is to gradually free all rent payers who become its members from the burden of rent paying by capitalizing for their benefit the hidden values in their rent receipts.

To do this 90% of all rental profits are used to free the company’s buildings from debt, or to erect new buildings, and the tenants are given this 90% each year in the form of dividend- paying participation certificates, issued yearly for this purpose. These certificates are equal in value to the common stock, except that they have no vote.

The remaining 10% is company profit, which, together with its other earnings from con- struction, management and interest savings, are divided among the holders of all stock as dividends.

In this way it is estimated that at least 92% of all profits would go to the tenants who are holders of the preferred stock and 8% to the holders of the original voting common stock.

Of this original common stock the tenants who have purchased preferred stock will own about one-half and the founders and organizers will own about one-half.

It will, therefore, be seen that the organizers could not receive more than about 4% of all

profits, while the tenants should receive about 96%.

The effect of this plan to a tenant is about as follows:

Mr. Jones, who pays one hundred dollars a month rent would receive back in stock at the end of the first year 909% of that part of his rent money which had been used to liquidate the debt on his building. This should be approximately $400.

At the end of the second year he would receive a cash dividend on the $400 and another $400 in stock for the second year’s earnings.

Each subsequent year he would receive cash dividends on his old stock and about $400 of new stock.

In this way his dividends would gradually equalize his rent payments just as life insurance dividends will gradually equalize premium payments.

In the meantime his family is insured for two years’ free rent if the bread winner dies and any tenant temporarily embarassed can borrow on his rent credits just as one can borrow on one’s

life insurance credits.




Telephone Murray Hill 9308 BRONX OFFICE 375 FORDHAM ROAD

Over, Corn Exchange Bank

Class A Occupancy Certificate

Covering Residence Buildings

erected by the Company

Each subscriber to a minimum of four shares of 7% preferred stock of the National Rent Mutual Corporation, is given a Crass A Occcraxcy Crrtiricatr. numbered as of the day of his subscription.

This Crass A Oecrpaxcy Certiricate entitles the owner of the right to a Rent Par- vierration Leasé in numerical sequence in any residence building erected by the com- pany.

An Ocerpaycy CertiricatE is a separate .iocument delivered to each member on comple tion of his payment of $400.

Members holding more than four shares in one name may acquire one Occupancy CER- viricatE for each four shares at any time by transferring the stock into multiples of four shares under different names. Occupancy numbers will date from the time such transfers are made.

Members may pay their subscriptions at the rate of $40 down and $10 a month. or they may pay $10 down and $10 a month, but their Occtraxcy Csntiricatz shall not be numbered until $40 has been paid.

Occtpancy CERTIFIcATEs are given and accepted on conditions printed on the face of certificate, 2 copy of which is printed in this folder.

Interest at £% is allowed on all installment payments, adjustable on last payments.

All members holding Occrpancy Cerrirrcares who desire oeeupancy shali file with the company a card which wil! be supplied to each member. This card is headed Re Yotr Necessity and indicates each member's requirements as to number of rooms, apart ment or private house, - or country or preferred location, and maximum amour rent the member cares to pay. It is the purpose of the company to erect its buildings strictly in accord with this indicated desire. Each member whose number will make him cligible to occupancy will be notified at the starting of every building which comes with- in his requirements. He will be given a reasonable time to decide whether or not he eares to exercise his r f leasing in that building and if, for any reason, he does not care to, he does not jose his turn.

Members may not sell their stock without selling their Occtrancy Crrriricarr. Members may, however. borrow from the company upon their stock and Occtpaxcy RTIFICATES, upon terms and in an amount to be decided later.

Members may move at sux time to any other building owned by the corporation when- ever a yacaney occurs or » e application ¢ to move into any new building to be erected. The number of the Occtraxcy Certrricate always keeps its preference and precedence ven on new buildings. Members w sir ir number to another may do so hy simply exchanging Occcpancy Cerriric: hy mment on the thereof and having said exchange transferred and record ; ine row “ i esmplete his vault Lat will be ¢ hi

i bnt may b 7 te nam?

Occupancy Certificate CLASS-A CLASS-A

fo Crrriricate or Rienmr to a Rexr Participation Lease

Tus 18 TO CERTIFY THAT. Fo. cece eee e cece en ce eee ence etcuceneveueeneeeeeteeseeees , the holder of not less than four (+) shares of the preferred stock of the Natroyan Reyt Mcrvat Corroratioy, is entitled to a rent participation lease of space in any of the build- ings owned or controlled by the National Rent Mutual Corporation upon the following terms and conditions:

1—Oceupancy privileges shall be designated in the order in which applications are filed and holders notified. Any member not accepting this right docs not forfeit the right to file further applications.

2—Oceupancy shall be subject to the rules governing the building and of the provisions governing the lease of same. Leases of all buildings shall be drawn with the intent of giving certifieate holders the right of permanent oceupancy, and with the right of cancellation by the tenant on any October Ist, providing three months’ written notice of such intent has been given. It shall also state the rights and limitations regarding sub-leasing.

3—The holder hereof expressly consents to said right of ocenpancy being subject to the discretion of the management or a committee on admissions, upon whom rests the responsi- bility of renting the property of the corporation for the benefit of all in interest.

Leaseholds shall be fixed at normal rental, the yearly total of which for the first five years after completion shall never exceed one-sixth of the cost of the building. A reappraisal of rental value shall be made every five years and the rent shall be reduced or increased in accord- ance with the appraisal. The purpose of this reappraisal shall be to establish and maintain normal yalues.

4It is expressly understood that holders of class A certificates of oceupancy have no prior rights of occupancy over holders of class B certificates held by investors in special buildings such as professional buildings; or when special groups have been formed to occupy a specific building for which they have supplied the necessary cash for the erection of the building; nor over the holders of class C certificates which are held by investors in business or office buildings.

Ixy Wirxess Wrereor. the National Rent Mutual Corporation, has caused this Certifi- cate to he signed in its name by its duly authorized officers and its corporate seal to be hereto

a , 1923. Natrovat Rest Metcar Corroration ~

BY cece eee ee eee enee







Published by

BRIEGER PRESS, INC. 55 Van Dam Street, New York, N. Y.


In assuming the financial burden of giving ““The Universal ONE” to the world of science and education I am violating the business principles of a lifetime to demonstrate my belief in a transcendent message of an unusual man, with a vision that has penetrated realms that have long baffled science.

Call the author a fantastic dreamer, if you will, but after all, we must believe in dreamers. Without them the realist would make scant progress and man would still be primitive. The great genius of the ages has been the man of super vision. And yet civilization has not cured itself of the habit of calling to-day’s dreamer a fool while it worships at the feet of the dreamer of yesterday, and forges ahead only through the realization of these unrealities.

All commonplace realities of to-day are the miracles of yesterday's dreaming. The realist crucifies genius, reaps the fruit of his vision and then immortalizes him. Down through all time great ideas have been universally condemned at birth. Prophets, phi- losophers, saints, discoverers, inventors all have delivered their messages in the agony of soul—crucified as living men, worshipped when dead.

Facing this truth, I still want to record the message set out in these pages with full expectation of opposition to-day but of acceptance tomorrow. I plead here only a patient hearing for the author and his work. Walter Russell gives to the scientific and in- dustrial worlds new laws which lay bare the amazing secrets of nature that man has sought for through centuries of patient research and tireless experiment.

The author throws open here a great storehouse of facts that are provable by the ac companying charts. With their aid his claims cease to be mere theories and become demonstrable and workable realities that cannot mean less than an inconceivable revela- tion and revolution in the industrial arts and sciences that depend for their production upon the elements of nature. In a word, by these charts Walter Russell tells us, in a positive way, how man can produce nature's elements in exactly the way nature itself produces them. Experiment and research give place to positive and definite knowledge.

It is, of course, beyond the human intellect to compute or even attempt to estimate what this knowledge eventually must mean to the industrial and commercial world of the

ages to come.

But of these claims scientific minds demand as proofs formule worked out in their own language and by way of accepted scientific deductions. Walter Russell's laws in “The Universal ONE”, they say to me, are all contrary to their beliefs and cannot be consid- ered because they are not proven in the accepted way.

I ask only the same thoughtful attention for ““The Universal ONE” that would be given to other new scientific discoveries. If only this is done I am content that this volume will arouse the interest and hold the attention of intelligent men, and especially those whose deep life interests and occupations center about the production from nature's elements of the many needs of civilization.

By the aid of Walter Russell's charts discoveries cease to be accidents, for they tell the investigator that a desired product will positively result from the combination of given elements.

“The Universal ONE” is the Why of Things. It brings to man the knowledge of cause, which gives him greater control of effects.

I hope your interest in civilization’s material progress will lead you through the seemingly spiritual foreground of Walter Russell's presentation into the marvelous possibilities that lie at the hand of the great captains of industry whose mission it is to meet the demands of the world of to-day and of its growing needs of to-morrow.

Digest in Thirty Postulates


The universe in its entirety is One thinking, living, breathing, pulsing, universal Being.

The sole purpose of the universal One is to think.

The sole product of the universal One's think- ing is idea. :

The one desire of universal thinking is to give form to the idea of the image making faculty of universal thinking.

The one form of universal thinking is the sphere. The sphere is the perfection of all form.

The sphere is the completed form image of the creative force of universal thinking. All forms other than spheres are evolving toward or away from spheres. All complex forms and masses are a multiplicity of evolving and de- volving spheres.

All things are created in His image.

All images of creative thinking are multiples of spheres in the making or in the unmaking.


Mind is the concept force of this creating uni- verse of form.

Form in matter is the reflected expression of the concept force.

Mind and matter are one.

Matter is the substance of Mind.

Form in matter is an illusion of motion.

Motion is produced in Mind substance by the concentrative action of creative thinking, fol- lowed by a sequential decentrative reaction of decentrative thinking.

Motion is reproduced by a union of the action and the reaction.

The reproductive principle is the principle of continuance of motion.

All form is first conceived by Mind, then evolved in form by the mechanics of the thinking

force of Mind. THIRD POSTULATE

Every particle of matter in the universe is a living part of the One.

The life principle is a swing of the pendulum between creative actions of concentrative think- ing and destructive reactions of decentrative thinking.

This is not a created universe. It is a creat- ing universe, and that which is being destroyed exactly balances that which is being created.

Also, reproduction exactly balances the crea- tive-destructive sequences.

This universe of motion is a universe of pro- duction, destruction and reproduction in endless sequences.

This is a universe of evolution and devolution, of integration and disintegration, of association and disassociation, of generation and radiation.

These opposing forces are exactly balanced at all times.

Any plus of one is counterbalanced by an equal minus of the other.


All of the universe breathes in unison with the One.

Concentrative actions of creative thinking fol- lowed by the decentrative reactions of decreative thinking are the sequential pulsations of His breathing.

The smallest corpuscle or the giant sun inhales and exhales even as man inhales and exhales.

The inhalation of the most obscure mass is exactly counterbalanced by an equal exhalation somewhere in the universe.

The inhalation of the universal breathing is the electric force of Mind. It is an endothermic, heat absorbing form. It is the generative force of compression.

The exhalation of universal breathing is the magnetic force of Mind. It is an exothermic, heat releasing force. It is the radiative force of expansion.

Mind is concerned only in the creation, elec- trically, of the thinking universal body by a mul- tiplicity of spheres assembled into complex forms in motion, and the dissipation, magnetically, into the formlessness of Mind substance in inertia.


There are not two minds, two forces, two sub- stances nor two things in the universe.

Separateness and separability are impossible in this universe of the One Supreme Being.

The appearance of separability belongs to motion and not to substance. All apparently separate things are functioning mechanically as the body of the One Supreme Being, and all apparently separate Minds are thinking His thinking.

They cannot do otherwise.

Everything that is, is of everything else that is. Nothing is of itself alone.



Mind substance is the reality, and form of substance in matter is the illusion of reality.

Mind thinks idea, and the force of creative thinking reflects that idea in its own substance through motion of the substance.

The substance is eternal and unchanging, but the forms of ideas are fleeting and constantly


Thinking is a process, a purely mechanical process of reciprocal actions and reactions.

Without the sequential actions and reactions of the thinking process the universal Mind sub- stance would be a lifeless substance, inert and incapable of motion.

Reciprocal actions and reactions- of the life principle of Mind cause an apparent division of the One force into two forces.

The two apparent forces oppose each other.

One is the creative force which desires form through motion. This is the electric force.

The other is the destructive force which de- sires formlessness in inertia. This is the mag- netic force.

The two opposing electro-magnetic forces in opposition are but One force in equilibrium.


This creating universe comes into the appear- ance of existence through form by the prepon- derance of electric action.

Solidity of form in matter is electrically gen- erated.

This decreating universe disappears as form through the preponderance of magnetic reaction.

Solidity disappears through tenuity by mag- netic degeneration.

Electricity generates through concentration.

Magnetism degenerates through decentration.


Opposition is a characteristic attribute of the life force of Mind.

The opposing actions and reactions of elec- tricity and magnetism make the universal force a living substance of light.

This is a universe of light.

Every effect of motion has its two apparently opposite attributes in motion which, when united in equilibrium, make one inert force of non- motion.

Light has its opposites.

The light with which man is familiar is the light of electric action.

This light is visible to him through his outer mind as physical sensation.


The light with which man is not familiar is the light of magnetic reaction.

This light is visible to inspired man through his inner mind.

Man is still in a primitive stage of his evolution.

His mind is preponderantly confined to outer mind thinking.

His sensations are preponderantly bodily sen– sations.

He has gradually been acquiring an ecstatic sensation of high inspiration which transcends all bodily sensation.

This is a forerunner of a new sense which is evolving within man, a spiritual sense in which the light of inner thinking opens the locked doors of the unseen universe and clarifies its mysteries.

When that spiritual sense comes to man he then knows the orderliness of creation and the causes of all things from the beginning.

The white light of inner thinking has been ex- perienced at rare intervals by men for thousands of years.

These men have told the same unvarying story of the existence of the One Universal Being, that man is the son of the One, that ‘God is Light, in Him there is no darkness,“’ that ‘“There is no death but only life eternal,”’ and other principles of the immortality and universality of all things.

As man acquires the ecstasy of universal think- ing he finds that all knowledge is confined to cause and exists within himself, that man is om- nipotent, omniscient and omnipresent, that the “physical universe” is but an illusion of motion and that the only reality is the unchanging sub- stance of universal Mind of which he and all else is.

At the present stage of man’s evolution he knows only the simulated light of motion, then darkness, in sequence; he knows consciousness and unconsciousness in orderly periodicity, his beginning in life and his ending in death.

For ecstatic man to come there will be no alter- nate period of darkness, no period of uncon- sciousness and no beginning nor ending of life.

He will know that the universe is repeative in all its effects of motion, and that all are evolving as they are repeated.

He will know that he is creating himself by his own thinking, that his thinking is part of the universal thinking, that his thinking is recorded in his soul, and that he is in control of all of his actions but not of the reactions to those actions.

TENTH POSTULATE The mechanics of universal thinking are simple and familiar to man.


The reciprocating and alternate compression and expansion preponderances of any power- generating, power-radiating plant are exactly analogous to the energy expressed by thinking idea into form from concept.

The compression-expansion oscillation of the universal Mind force is the cause of the appar- ent division of the One inert force into two opposing forces in motion.

e two apparently opposite expressions of the One force are plus and minus. These reach an equilibrium in inertia.

This is a universe of plus and minus in all its effects of motion.

The plus force is the electric force of con- traction, or compression, from within.

The electric force is the attractive force which gathers integrating masses together into cohesive solids.

The minus force is the magnetic force of ex- pansion or expulsion from within.

The magnetic force is the repellent force which disassociates disintegrating masses toward their disappearance in inertia.

A plus equilibrium cannot be effected without taking from equilibrium a balancing minus.

Compression of the universal constant cannot be effected without a corresponding equal coun- terbalancing expansion. .

Compression accumulates volume.

Compression is the electric action of the crea- tive force.

Electric actions attract other electric actions in the direction of increasing solidity.

Expansion spreads accumulated energy into greater volume.

Expansion is the magnetic reaction, the destruc- tive force, which disintegrates form by repelling each form from every other form and also by expanding form toward tenuity.

This universe of motion is divided into pairs of opposites which are, in effect, reciprocating en- gines of various power forever pumping through- out the universe of dimension to continue the illusions of form.

One might better visualize these pairs of oppo- sites by imagining two connected cylinders with an equal amount of air pressure in each. This state represents inertia.

By pumping air out of one into the other a plus of air exists in one and a minus of it in the other.

This is a state of opposition which produces stored energy in both cylinders.

This stored energy will perform work by the force exerted in seeking an equilibrium pressure,

energy into less


! i

but force will cease at this inertial position, to be continued again only when a plus-minus condi- tion is repeated.

Nature's opposites work in the same manner.

The analogy can be carried further by imagin- ing the cylinder walls made of such porous mate- rial that there is a leakage out of the compression cylinder and a leakage into the evacuated one.

Nature's cylinders are spiral cones and her compression-expansion lines of force are toward and away from vortices.

The “leakage” out of the pressure lanes of the charging elements is a simultaneous discharge which makes of them merely preponderantly electro-positive elements.

The “leakage into the pressure lanes of the discharging elements is a simultaneous charging which makes of them merely preponderantly electro-negative elements.


This universe of motion is corpuscular.

It is composed of particles of stored energy each of which are but states of motion which man mistakes for substance.

Each particle, whether it is the invisible elec- tron or the giant Betelguese is either one of the preponderantly expanding or one of the prepon- derantly.. compressing cylinders of the universal engine.

As it is with particles, so it is with systems.

Each particle is part of a system and each system is, in its turn, either a compression or an expansion force (in preponderance) until it reaches the bisexual position in the wave which is also the meeting point of the apices of two opposing cones.


Every mass in the universe absorbs energy for the continuance of its existence as form, and elim- inates it for reabsorption by other masses, just as man takes food or an engine takes fuel.

All states of motion need constant “‘nourish- ment’ for their regeneration.

Atoms “hunger” as men hunger when they have eliminated enough energy to “‘suffer’’ from the effects of abnormal expansion force.

Without a constant supply of “‘nourishment”’ all forms of universal idea would expand into disappearance.


All mass is compressed or contracted into the appearance of form by the electric force of attrac- tion exerted from within.


This opposing effect of motion is what is called gravitation.

All gravitational effects are generative.

All generating energy is charging.

All mass is expanded into disappearance as form by the magnetic force of repulsion exerted from within.

This opposing effect of motion is what is called radiation.

All radiational effects are degenerative.

All degenerating energy is discharging.

All charging bodies attract each other.

All discharging bodies repel all others.

As all bodies are both charging and discharg- ing, they all attract and repel, the preponderance of either effect depending upon the preponder- ance of either opposing force.


The apparent division of the One inert force into two opposing forces in motion results in an alternate swing of the cosmic pendulum toward a preponderance of one force, then a return to- ward the other.

All motion is characterized by these oscillations which occur in time interval sequences of count- lesa trillions per second to one in a countless number of years.

Periodicity is the natural result of oscillations between the creative and decreative sequences.

Periodicity is a characteristic of all effects of motion.


The opposite plus and minus forces of action and reaction divide the sexlessness of inertia into the appearance of two sexes in motion, male and female, which in their turn become one through union in equilibrium.

The male force is the father force of creative thinking. It is the electric force.

The female force is the mother force of de- creative thinking. It is the magnetic force.

When the two forces meet in opposition at the maximum point of their expression of opposition, a bisexual force is the resultant effect.


The two opposing forces in attempting a divi- sion of the One force, do not succeed in com- pleting their opposition.

Each separating force is partly endowed with the other.

The male, generative force of electric com- pression is in a less degree female, and the fe- male, degenerative force of magnetic expansion is in a like manner partly male.


Entire separability of the One force into two is not effected in nature.

Preponderance of one effect of motion is pres- ent in every forming mass, but each mass is both male and female, generative and radiative, attractive and repellent, compressive and expan- sive, integrative and disintegrative, charging and discharging.

Both opposing effects of motion are born to- gether. One is preponderant but the other over- takes it at the point of maturity, passes it and in its turn becomes preponderant.

Death and life are born in the same cradle.

Preponderance is not a characteristic of formed mass.

The true sphere is bisexual. It has reached that point where inertia is simulated through per- fection of gyroscopic motion.


The gyroscopic principle is an attribute of all effects of motion. .

When the stability of inertia is first overcome by motion its action can well be likened to the wobbling of a gyroscope top in slow motion.

This is the state of motion of expanded ele- ments of large volume.

“As the force of motion increases in the wave toward the bisexual position, the wobbling gradu- ally gives place to the perfection of gyroscopic motion.

The real stability of inertia is then simulated in perfection of motion.

All effects of motion are but simulations of their concepts in inertia.

Evolution of all effects of motion toward gyro- scopic perfection is the cause of non-symmetrical effects of motion such as eccentricity of orbits, precessional orbits, revolution of planets and satellites out of the plane of the solar equator.

Because of the gyroscopic principle all energy is expressed in cones of changing dimensions.

All direction of force is therefore curved and spiral in its curvature.

All motion of the varying cones of energy is recorded in waves.

‘Waves are masses of opposed energy, exchang- ing their plus-minus preponderance in sequence.

Wave lines are the moving apices of energy cones tracing the records of their energy dimen- sions in spirally curved wave lines.

Wave lines are the storm centers of the explo- sive actions and reactions of oscillating energy expression.

To know the wave is to know the secret of transmutation.


T i t


To know it and measure it in only its frequen- cies and length is to greatly limit man’s use of unlimited power.


The journey from idea in concept in inert Mind to the form of that concept in motion is a battle between the two opposing forces.

The direction of the compression force of elec- tricity is always toward the apices of cones of energy. Electric force is therefore centripetal.

The direction of the expansion force of mag- netism is always toward the bases of cones of energy. Magnetic force is therefore centrifugal.

Centripetal force characterizes every effect of gravitation.

Centrifugal force characterizes every effect of radiation.

Electricity is for this reason the attractive force and magnetism the repellent force.

In this battle the electric force of gravitation assumes the offensive and accumulates speed of low potential into power of high potential.

The magnetic force of radiation eventually overcomes the electric force of gravitation by ex- changing attributes, as two people of opposite sex might exchange clothing to simulate the attri- butes of each other.

Every attribute of motion adopted by electri- city to overcome inertia is adopted by magnetism to overcome motion.

Displacement and replacement must balance and nature, in her economy, does not utilize two processes where the same one will answer for both opposing effects.


Stability is a characteristic attribute of the universal force.

Every electric action is calculated to be a men- ace to universal stability but its effect is nullified by the magnetic reaction.

An action united with its opposing equal re- action simulates in motion the stability of inertia.

As perfection of gyroscopic motion increases, all actions and reactions increase their powers to oppose each other until there are four focal elec- tric actions and four focal magnetic reactions in each wave of energy.

One of these focal actions meets its reaction at the crest and trough of each wave and becomes a double tone. .

These eight opposing actions and reactions are the four pairs of opposites of seven tones of four units which constitute each wave of energy.


The seven tones, one tone of which is a double tone, are divided as follows:

Numbers 1+, 2+ and 3+ are increasingly preponderant in electro-positive force, which means that the compression force is increasingly dominant in each.

Numbers |—, 2— and 3— are increasingly preponderant in electro-negative force, whic means that the expansion force is increasingly dominant in each.

The double tone 44, is equally forceful in both compression and expansion forces.


The seven tones of four units to each of ten octaves are differing states of motion of the One substance.

Man calls these different states of motion the elements of matter.

Man supposes these substances to be different substances.

They are but One unchanging substance. Their apparent variation is due to their dimensions of motion.

Man is looking forward to the day of trans- mutation of one element into another.

That day is close at hand, for by knowledge of the varying dimensions of the wave which records all motion, any substance can be trans- muted to any other substance.


Dimension is an attribute of motion.

The real universe of Mind is dimensionless.

The reflected universe of the illusions of motion is dimensional.

All of the elements of matter owe their appear- ance of difference in substance to the dimensions of their potential positions.

These dimensions are eighteen and all are mea- surable.

All dimensions expand and contract in relative ratios.


Universal mathematics are simple.

The universal gyroscope develops generative compression pressures which pack all effects of motion into the narrowing vortices of energy cones and equal radiative pressures to disintegrate them.

Electric compression pressure is in inverse ratio to the square of the distance, area, plane, orbit or time unit and to the cube of the volume, while magnetic expansion pressure is in direct ratio.



All dimensions are pressure dimensions.

Every particle and every part of the universe of dimension varies in pressure.

Space is not a void.

Planets of solar systems and electrons of atoms do not continue their journeys because of an original impetus, but because of their changing compression-expansion power.

Every mass is, in effect, a pump.

Energy is either being pumped into or out of it.

Every mass has its proper potential position of the moment and changes it to one appropriate for the next moment.

Every preponderantly generative mass pumps itself closer to its nucleal center of high pressure in a centripetal direction.

Every preponderantly radiative mass pumps itself farther from its nucleal center in a centrif- ugal direction toward the low pressures of the bases of energy cones.

TWENTY-FIFTH POSTULATE Time is a dimension which contracts in inverse universal ratio and expands in the direct ratio to its distance from the nucleal center. A day on Mercury is over eight hundred thou-

sand years long while on Jupiter it is but ten hours. Farther out in the system the day shortens to disappearance.

On the contrary, a year on Mercury is but

eighty-eight days. The length of a year in- creases into hundreds, then thousands, then tens of thousands of years as planets within and be- yond our vision increase their distance from their sun.

Time appears as solidity increases because of increased revolution and decreased rotation, both of which effects are centripetal.

Time disappears as solidity decreases because of increased rotation and decreased revolution, both of which effects are centrifugal.

In one effect the year extends to interminable length and in the other the day extends.

Time and power appear by lengthening the day and shortening the year, and disappear by reversing these effects.

TWENTY-SIXTH POSTULATE Nature's method of manufacturing her prod- ucts is to melt her material in high pressure crucibles and put it out to cool in the pressure lanes of its system of motion. As every element is a system of motion and has a different pressure position, nature's mate-

rials melt at very low temperatures in expanded potential positions near the bases of energy cones and at increasingly high temperatures as the pres- sure lanes near the apices of the cones.

Nature has many crucibles in which to heat her materials and many pressure lanes in which to mold her rotating spheres.


Nature's processes are evolutionary.

Iron is not produced by one effort, but is the result of many heatings and coolings.

The heavy solids pass through many crucibles in their journeys from low to high pressures.

They undergo many meltings to increase their potentials of stored energy and are frozen many times to retain that power by anesthetizing their activities.

Solids are compressed activities.

Liquids are expanded solids. activities are slightly released.

Vapors are expanded liquids. still further released.

Gases are expanded vapors. tinue to be unbound.

Ethers are expanded gases. practically freed from bindings.

Continued expansion causes disappearance of form.

,Continued compression causes appearance of form.


Masses are stored energy.

All masses are charged.

The universal charging poles are in the chang- ing positions misnamed magnetic poles.

Charging poles in forming mass are first located at the equator, and gradually move toward the poles of rotation as mass becomes a true sphere.

All charging mass discharges.

Discharging is first preponderant at the poles of rotation and moves toward the equator in ever shortening cones until the opposing cones dis- appear in one plane at the equator as mass evolves toward the true sphere.

TWENTY-NINTH POSTULATE The charging of any one mass is equally bal- anced by the discharging of some other mass. Every corpuscle, atom, planet or solar system is indissolubly bound together by the nerve force of charging poles and discharging bases. . THIRTIETH POSTULATE Each mass charges itself and every other mass

as they approach and each mass discharges itself and every other mass as they recede.

Compressed Activities are Activities con-

Activities are


Approaching masses increase compression and receding masses increase expansion.


The attraction of gravitation charges.

Charging is the positive, plus force.

All positive, charging force in a mass attracts the positive, charging force in any other mass.

Positive bodies are contracting bodies.

Contracting bodies attract each other.

e repulsion of radiation discharges.

Discharging is the negative, minus force.

All negative, discharging force in a mass repels all other discharging and charging forces in all other masses.

Negative bodies are expanding bodies.

Expanding bodies repel all other bodies.

The assumption that negative and positive forces attract each other is an illusion of motion which deceives the senses just as the illusions of perspective deceive the senses until we overcome the deception by knowledge.

All effects of motion are illusions and deceive us until we familiarize ourselves with cause.

It is the plus, or compression force in each opposing body seeking equilibrium, and not the expansion force which attracts.

Each expanding body has a minus compression force, just as each contracting body has a minus expansion force.

The plus compression force of one and the minus compression force of the other are con- stantly endeavoring to effect a union in order to stabilize themselves and hold the potential posi- tions they have earned through their successive efforts in attaining such positions.


Direction is an effect of motion.

Without motion direction, time, plane, tone, colour and all dimensions would cease.

North is the apex of every cone of energy.

North is the universal direction of electric, cen- tripetal, generative, positive, plus, attractive, gravitative, endothermic compression force.

Any two electro-positive forces head toward each other at apices of two opposing cones of energy and meet at a gravitative center which is the point of north at the center of all forming mass.

This is the generative principle of contraction into appearance.

South is the universal direction of the magnetic, centrifugal, radiative, negative, minus, repellent, exothermic expansion force.

Any two electro-negative forces head away

from each other toward the bases of two oppos- ing cones of energy.

This is the degenerative principle of expansion into disappearance.

When they reach these positions their impetus carries them across the inertial dead center, they cease to expand and begin to contract in the next cone.

This is the regenerative principle of repetition of plus-minus opposites born of inertia.

As all energy moves in spiral pressure lanes and not in straight lines, the positive direction of contraction toward north is by the way of east.

Contrarily, the negative direction of expansion toward south is by way of west.


Nature freezes her accumulated energies into crystal ‘forms to hold them in locked potential positions.

ow potential is frozen into very soft, multiple sided crystals.

As potential of energy increases, the newly acquired states of motion in higher pressure zones freeze into simpler crystal forms.

The perfection of crystal form is the cube.

When the cube is reached maximum hardness, highest melting point and greatest opposing pres- sures are obtained.

Carbon, as represented by the diamond, is the only element which crystallizes in the true cube.

All separate parts of all carbon atoms are true spheres.


Carbon is in the bisexual position of the fifth octave,

There are ten octaves in the cycle of motion.

Each octave is in inhalation-exhalation perio- dicity in itself but carbon marks the turning point between cyclic inhalation and exhalation.

At this point compression pressure has reached its maximum in the elements and expansion pres- sure has gathered sufficient force to conquer it.

At no position other than at the bisexual car- bon position do the elements which form in that position crystallize in true cube nor are their sepa- rate parts true spheres.


Nature is very orderly in the arrangement of her forces. .

All elements in the carbon bisexual, double tone position are non-metals. They are the stony formations.

All elements on the plus compression side of the carbon series are alkaline metals such as iron,


manganese, nickel, or aluminum. These are the charging or inductive elements.

All elements on the minus expansion side of the carbon are acid metaloids, such as copper, sulphur, zinc or gold.

By uniting any two equal and opposite plus alkaline metals and minus acid metaloids their alkaline-acid attributes are neutralized into salts and the maximum stability of each is effected.

By uniting unequal opposites their instability is increased according to their positions.

Explosions, poisons and destructive acids are the result of unequal unions.


The universal One has established a marvelous and infallible system of bookkeeping.

Every expression in every octave of energy is permanently recorded in inertia.

A series of gases, known as the inert gases, such as helium, argon, krypton, neon and xenon stand at the inertial heads of their octaves to record every effect of motion which takes place within that octave.

Within each simple or complex mass each ac- tion is so recorded as a plus, and its opposing reaction is recorded as a minus.

What is true of the simplest corpuscle is also true of man.

Man's thinking is recorded within him in the inert gases which man calls his soul.

Every action of man is within his control but the reactions to those actions are controlled by the universal One Who demands an equilibrium.

The reaction to every action must be lived by man as it must be by every other state of motion in the universe.

From this state of truth there is no escape, no absolution, no forgiveness other than that by earning it by substituting right thinking and right actions for wrong thinking and wrong actions.


Nature's records are in lines of light.

Light is the universal language by means of which man may read the history of creation.

Man has learned to separate the light of elec- tric action into thousands of lines by means of the spectroscope.

By means of these lines he has learned to read the story of the chemical composition of the far- thermost stars.

Unfortunately he has not yet learned that these lines of light tell the life history of any state of


motion and he laboriously studies this language and sets it down as separate words without any connective meaning.

If iron is found in the sun, every element pre- ceding iron must be there, otherwise iron could not be.

This he does not know, for he does not realize that the lines of iron lead back into the unseen universe telling the entire life history of iron.

When man reads his spectroscopic lines cumu- latively instead of separately he will know all there is to know regarding all of the elements of matter in both the visible and the invisible universe.

The visible universe lies between hydrogen and uranium and the invisible universe extends at both ends of this range and meets at an equilib- rium point where ultra-violet meets infra-red.


After man has learned the language of gen- erative light of compression by means of which the story of motion is half told he then has the ecstasy of learning the language of reactive light by means of which the other half of the story is told:

Alas for man, there are no instruments nor will there ever be which will teach him this language, for the light of reaction is visible only to his inner Mind, reacting in unison with the physical re- actions of outer mind thinking.

In accordance with ‘man’s ability to compre- hend his universality with the One, it will be given him to know the universal language of light of inner thinking.

When man is illumined with full knowledge of his Oneness with the One universal force, then will he see the light with his inner vision.

The inner vision of man is the inspired vision of man’s knowledge of his Son-ship with the One, his omnipotence, his omniscience and his omni- presence.

As man acquires this ecstatic knowledge through being reborn in truth, through regenera- tion in perfection of the sense of the beautiful, through ecstatic exaltation of spiritual sense in equilibrium with all actions of physical sense, he will gradually acquire the light of understanding of the light of inner vision.

When he has fully acquired that vision then will he stand with the immortal few who have been permitted: to see the WHITE LIGHT OF THE HOLY OF HOLIES.

In studying this archival piece I want the reader to be aware that Russell changed his ideas in virtually all his wrtings after he wrote the Universal One in the following ways: 1) He changed from 10 octaves to 9 octaves of elements and isotopes of tonal matter. 2) Gravity was no longer described as is usual with science as a pull, but as a push from without to within, or as the whole cycle of compression into form or a push, and a push from without to expansion out of form. 3) His periodic chart after the Universal One contained 121 elements and isotopes of tonal matter in 9 octaves as compared to about 134 in the Universal One's 10 octave periodic chart. Yet there remain many concepts in his Cosmogony that he did not later deny, such as the 18 dimensions of matter, that were never elsewhere described. To be able to study this singular part of his

Cosmogony and the complete historical record of his work as well as for scholars of this work to judge for themselves which of his ideas, his earlier or later, are more valid, are the reasons | feel it is important that all of his work as well as any


results of tests performed be available to the pubic.

Patent Papers

United States Patent 119) Yeh


George C. Yeh, 2 Smedley Dr., Newtown Square, Pa. 19073

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The adaptation of a compressed-fluid (such as com- pressed-air) powered turbine in conjunction with the use of a flywheel as a hybrid propulsion system for nonstationary applications, such as vehicle drive, is shown and its practicality demonstrated. This propul- sion system requires a nonpolluting fluid, such as air, and a source of mechanical or electrical energy to com- press said fluid and energize said flywheel, both of which act as energy storage media. An expander/com- pressor unit, such as a turbine, is used for converting the stored energy of said compressed-fluid into shaft power by expanding said fluid, and recovering the braking energy during vehicle deceleration by compressing and storing the atmospheric air (if air is used). Said flywheel is used not only for providing peak powers necessary for vehicle acceleration but also for recovering the braking energy during vehicle deceleration and refilling said compressed-fluid in an emergency. The propulsion system can use the unlimited supply of air as the pri- mary energy-storage medium and said flywheel as the secondary energy-storage medium. The propulsion sys- tem is not only regenerative but also quick-recharging; it, therefore, has high energy-efficiencies and broad applications.

6 Claims, 2 Drawing Figures

AIR 30 8

Conttol Points

U.S. Patent Aug. 7, 1979 4,163,367

i» Conttol Points





This invention relates to hybrid propulsion systems for nonstationary applications, such as vehicle drive, farm-machine drive, boats, etc., and more particularly to the adaptation of a hybrid flywheel/compressed-fluid propulsion system as a power drive for nonstationary applications. Compressed-fluids, such as compressed- air, have been used as an energy-storage medium for driving energy converters, such as turbines, which act as process plant drivers for many decades. Although many successful stationary applications of a com- pressed-air turbine can be found in various industries, very few nonstationary applications of the same have been reported in the literature. This is because the lim- ited energy-storage capacity of a compressed-fluid that results in a restricted operating range makes its applica- tion impractical or economically infeasible.

Significant advances have been made recently in the structural materials and designs of high-pressure ves- sels. High-pressure compressors have also improved greatly over the years. Now, it is practical to generate and store a compressed-fluid at pressures over 30,000 pounds per square inch. Today, high-pressure vessels and compressors are lighter and more compact than they were twenty years ago due to the lighter and better structural materials and the advanced designs used. But, this will stil] result in a limited supply of energy of a compressed-fluid when used in nonstationary applica- tions, such as vehicle drive. Therefore, every practical step must be taken to maximize the use of this limited energy supply if it is to be viable for nonstationary applications in this time frame.

In spite of the limited supply of energy, a com- pressed-fluid is an attractive energy-storage medium especially when compressed-air is used for vehicle drive since it has several advantages over other available energy-storage media. These advantages are: (1) truly nonpolluting; (2) using the unlimited supply of air; (3) having high energy efficiencies; (4) the braking energy can be recovered substantially; (5) fewer moving parts requiring little maintenance; (6) long service-life; (1) quick-recharging, etc.

While vehicle range may be improved by using ligh- ter materials and improved designs it will still be gov- emed by the energy stored in the compressed-fluid as well as the way the vehicle is used. The range of a vehicle driven by a compressed-fluid propulsion system will be very much dependent on many factors which fall into two major categories. The first is concerned with the compressed-fluid itself and includes such fac- tors as the initial pressure, temperature, and volume. The second is concerned with the way in which the vehicle is operated and includes the total weight, the vehicies speed, the number of starts and stops per driv- ing cycle, the acceleration, the wind conditions, the road-surface conditions. and the variation from a level route. In general, increased performance in these opera- tional categories requires higher fluid-pressures and volumetric flow-rates from compressed-fluid, resulting in less total energy being available for traveling.

According to the results of studies made by this in- ventor, a key to improving vehicle range is to remove

the requirement for peak powers from the compressed- fluid propulsion system in the operational categories described above. The results also indicated that once the vehicle has reached its maximum speed, the power requirement for maintaining its speed is approximately one fourth of the peak value. At this point in the driving cycle, if the vehicle velocity is held constant, the power requirement of the vehicle is approximately equal to the lasses due to the expander, drive trains, aerodynamic drag, and the rolling resistance of the tires. My above studies have concluded that the peak power require- ments during vehicle acceleration greatly reduce the available energy supply of the compressed-fluid for traveling. Therefore, it is essential to provide a system which can prevent these peak power drains in the com- pressed-fluid propulsion system used for vehicle drive. My studies further indicated that a second key to im- proving vehicle range is to recover the braking energy when the vehicle decelerates. Without the use of a re- covery system, the kinetic energy generated through a propulsion system, such as a compressed-air turbine, will be dissipated partly in the frictional braking system as heat and partly im the rolling resistance and vehicle drag as it decelerates.

_The main object of this invention is to provide a viable compressed-fluid propulsion system, such as compressed-air, for nonstationary applications, espe- cially for vehicle drive by combining with a secondary power source capable of reducing peak powers drained in the compressed-fluid propulsion system during the acceleration cycle and recovering the braking energy during the deceleration cycle.

Other important objects of this invention are: (1) to provide a truly nonpolluting propulsion system for non- stationary applications, especailly vehicle drive; (2) to provide a propulsion system for nonstationary applica- tions, especially vehicle drive, which utilizes power- storage media capable of quick-recharging; (3) to pro- vide a propulsion system for nonstationary applications, especially vehicle drive, which contains a regenerating system for recovering the braking energy and which operates with high energy efficiencies; (4) to provide a propulsion system for nonstationary applications, espe- cially vehicle drive, which requires little maintenance and which has a long service life, etc.


The above objects of the invention are achieved by the adaptation of a suitable compressed-fluid propulsion system, preferably a compressed-air interacting with an expander/compressor unit, and a regenerative flywheel system to provide the peak powers required during vehicle acceleration and recover the braking energy during vehicle deceleration. According to the present invention, the braking energy can be recovered also by the use of said expander/compressor unit acting as a compressor to compress the atmospheric air using the shaft power transmitted from the drive trains of the vehicle, and store the compressed air generated“in a tank in order to use it with the vehicle's original com- pressed-air supply, which can perform the work of expansion through said expander/compressor unit to produce the shaft power for transmitting to the vehi- cle’s drive trains.

No where in the literature known to me is there a report of the use of a hybrid flywheel/compressed-fluid


3 propulsion system for nonstationary applications, such as vehicle drive.

The results of initial studies made by this inventor indicated that approximately 75% to 90% of the brak- ing energy can be recovered by the use of the regenera- tive flywheel and the regenerative compressed-air pro- pulsion system proposed by this invention. The results also show that with three stops per mile, the range of a compressed-air powered vehicle traveling at an average speed of fifty miles per hour can be doubled for a given compressed-air supply, by the use of said regenerative systems provided by this invention, assuming that both the expander/compressor unit and the flywheel have a mechanical efficiency of 90%.

In the following, the invention will be discussed in detail by reference to the specific preferred embodiment and the typical installation of the invention shown in the accompanying drawings, FIGS. 1 and 2.

FIG. 1 is a detailed diagramatic illustration of a pre- ferred embodiment of the hybrid flywheel/compressed- air powered vehicle drive provided by this invention. The high-pressure tank 1 has the inlet 3 and the control valve 30 to receive the initial supply of compressed-air at a maximum pressure. The maximum air pressure can be regulated by the use of the relief valve 10 and the pressure gauge 8. The air temperature inside said tank 1 can be controlled by heating the air electrically with the electrical heater 15, the thermometer 17 indicating the temperature of the air in the tank.

During vehicle acceleration, the compressed-air in said tank 1 is discharged at a desired pressure and volu- metric flow-rate through the outlet 5, the control val- ve/pressure regulator unit 6 and the three-way valve 24, and flows into the expander/compressor unit 25 through its high-pressure air inlet 26. For vehicle accel- eration, said expander/compressor unit 25 acts as an expander to convert the work of expansion performed by the compressed-air into shaft power, which is then transmitted to the drive train/differential unit 28 for driving the wheels 29. The expanded-air leaves said expander/compressor unit 25 through its low-pressure air outlet 27 into the atmosphere.

During vehicle deceleration, the vehicle kinetic en- ergy is transmitted through said wheels 29 and said drive trains/differential unit 28, to said expander/com- pressor unit 25; and as a result, said expander/compres- sor unit 25 turns to take in the atmospheric air through its low-pressure inlet 27, which also acts as the low- pressure air outlet during vehicle acceleration as de- scribed above. The air taken in is compressed, and then leaves the high-pressure air outlet 26, which also acts as the high-pressure air inlet during vehicle acceleration as already described above. The newly generated com- pressured-air is led through said three-way valve 24, the control valve/pressure regulator unit 7 and the air inlet 4 into the low-pressure tank 2. Said tank 2 is used for storing the compressed-air generated by said expan- der/compressor unit 25 acting as a compressor during the deceleration cycle or in an emergency refilling; and therefore its air pressure is normally set below the initial air pressure of said tank 1, due to the limitation in the maximum air pressure that can be obtained by the ex- pander/compressor unit 25 acting as a compressor. Like

said tank 1, said tank 2 has a relief valve 11, a pressure gauge 9, and electrical heater 16, and a thermometer i3 for the control of the inside air pressure and tempera- ture.





The power required for both electrical heaters 15 and 16 is supplied by the battery 19, which is constantly recharged by the alternator 21 of the flywheel/motor- /alternator unit 31, comprising A.C. motor 20, alterna- tor 21 and flywheel! 22.

The flywheel/motor/alternator unit 31 has several different functions. It can be energized by the use of the A.C. motor 20 of said unit, or regenerated by the use of the shaft power transmitted from the drive train/differ- ential unit 28 through the clutch/gear unit 23 to flywheel 22 during the vehicle deceleration cycle, in order to store the energy needed for providing the peak powers required during the vehicle acceleration cycle. It will run the alternator 21 to charge the battery 19, which is the electrical power source for ail the electrical devices, instruments and controls that run on electrical power. The flywheel/motor/alternator unit 31 can be driven by the A.C. motor 20, transmitting the shaft power to the expander/compressor unit 25 acting as a compressor in order to refill one or both of the air tanks 1 and 2 through their air inlets 4 and/or 5, with the valves 6, 7, and 24 properly regulated.

The two air tanks 1 and 2 maybe provided with the openings 12 and 14, and the valve 13 to make possible the transfer of compressed-air from one tank to another when desirable.

The vehicle control system 32 contains all the electri- cal, mechanical, and manual controls needed to operate the vehicle; and it receives the needed electrical power supply from the battery 19. While the pressure, temper- ature and flow rate of the compreased-air may prefera- bly be controlled automatically, the flywbeel/motor/al- ternator unit 31, the clutch/gear unit 23, the expander/- compressor unit 25, and the drive train/differential unit 23 may be controiled automatically or manually, de- pending on the specific application.

It is important to note that the braking energy recov- ery systems provided by this invention will not only regenerate and store the power supply but also reduc: or eliminate the need of a friction-braking system, which is normally used in conjunction with the convea- tional vehicle drive.

FIG. 2 illustrates in block diagram form, a typical installation of the hybrid flywheel/compressed-fluid propulsion system for nonstationary applications in- cluding vehicle drive, according to this invention. The installation consists of five component systems, each of which has functions of a specifc category. The com- pressed-fluid tank system 41 has high-pressure tanks and all the subsystems needed to regulate the pressure, tem- perature, and flow-rate of said compressed-fluid into and out of the expander/compresssor system 42. The expander/compressor to be used may be of the axial- flow type, the radial-flow type, the centrifugal type, or the reciprocating type. It may have a single stage or multiple stages having more than one inlet and outlet. If desirable, it may include a separate compressor unit for compressing the atmospheric air for recovering the braking energy or energency refilling of said tanks. Said system 42 is provided with all the necessary means*for controiling the flow and pressure of the fluid being expanded or compressed. It has a mechanical linkage with the drive train/differential system 43 for transmit- ting the shaft-power through said system 43 to the ob- ject to be driven, such as drive trains in case of a vehi- cle. The flywheel/motor/alternator system 44 normally includes a clutch and gears for transmitting the shaft- power between said systems 44 and said expander/com-


pressor system 42 or said drive train/differential system 43, at a desired speed ratio. System 44 normally includes an A.C. motor for driving the flywheel in an emergency tefilling of the compressed-fluid tanks. It also contains an alternator to generate the electrical power required for operating all the electrical devices, instruments and controls used in the specific nonstationary application. The mechanical linkage between the flywheel/motor- /alternator system 44 and the drive train/differential system 43 can be made or disconnected through the use of said clutch included in the system 44. In this way, the flywheel can perform anyane of its several functions, as already described above in reference to FIG. 1. The control system 45 contains all the necessary automatic and manual controls that are needed for the specific nonstationary application. The types of devices, instru- ments, controls, and other subsystem components which will perform the purported functions of systems 41, 42, 43, 44, and 45 are well known in the art and may easily be provided.

Since the use of a flywheel as a means for energy storage and shaft drive is not as common as that of a compressed-air turbine, which has been in use by vari- ous industries as long as air compressors have been known, it should be instructive to briefly discuss various important aspects of the design and operation of flywheels applicable to this invention.

While the energy stored in a flywheel is proportional to the square of the rotational speed, the theoretical maximum specific energy (E/W)max of a flywheel is determined by the strength/density ratio of the material from which it is made. The following relationship may be used for the weight specific energy:

(E/®) max(ew-hr/Tb) = 0.0314 Kw (kpsi)/8(1b/in?)

where = and & are the stress-level and density of the structural material respectively, and the numerical fac- tor derives from the choice of units used. Kw is a con- stant which indicates the. efficiency with which the particular design utilizes the material's strength, and is a maximum if the stress is distributed uniformly through- out. Therefore, in an optimum design for isotropic ma- terial, both radial and tangential stresses would be equal and uniform, and Kw approaches a valve of |. In a realistic design, the energy per unit weight must be sacrificed somewhat in order to reduce the space re- quired, and with it the weight and cost of the safety shield and gas or vacuum enclosure. The theoretical maximum specific energy of a flywheel may also be expressed as the maximum energy stored, per unit vol- ume of the cylinder enclosing the flywheel’s maximum axial height and its maximum radial dimension. The volumetric specific energy may be given by:

(E/V) maxkew-he/ft3) = 0.0542 KvX{kpsi)

where the numerical factor derives from the choice of units used, and Kv is the efficiency with which the particular design fills the cylindrical volume as well as utilizing the material's strength; for a uniform-density material, it equals Kw times the fraction of cylindrical volume occupied by the flywheel.

As discussed above, the capacity of a flywheel system as an energy storage medium is dependent on the strength/density ratio and the strength of the structural material of the flywheel. The stress level that can actu- ally be utilized in the structural material is lower than the highest values obtained in the laboratory due to



structural flaws which might be present in the material used and/or flaws which have grown as a result of cyclic loading and/or high-cycle fatigue of the flywheel. Thus, the usable stress level and the resulting energy storage density will depend not only on the design and the material selected, but also on the homo- geneity of the properties of the structural material used. Structural materials used in flywheels may be classified into the two categories, isotropic materials and unidi- rectional composite materials. The most commonly used materials are: metals, alloys, glass, graphite, plas- tics, fiber-reinforced composites, etc.

A complete flywheel system consists of various sub- system components other than the flywheel itself. The Principle subsystem components are: the housing, bear- ings, seals, vacuum pump (to minimize windage losses), and containing ring (if required).

Part of the kinetic energy stored in a flywheel will in general be nonrecoverable, either due to internal losses Or as a result of constraints imposed by other parts of the system. Sources of the internal losses include wind- age, bearings and seal friction, vacuum pump power requirement, and inefficiencies in both motor and gear systems (if used). The system constraints normally in- clude the maximum rotational speed obtainable and the minimum rotational speed at which the required power can be delivered as a result of the limitation in the maxi- mum permissible torque due to shear stresses in the flywheel system. The internal losses are the source of idling losses of a flywheel system. Both the idling losses and the system constraints will affect the rotational speed, which in turn determines the power levels of the flywheel system. The results of studies made by this inventor as well as other workers indicates that the power levels and service life of flywheels may far ex- ceed those of common battery systems.

Many historical as well as modern applications of flywheels were reviewed by several workers including: R. C. Clark, Trans. SAE 72, 508, (1964); D. W. Raben- horst, Preprints, ACS Division of Fuel Chemistry, 19 (6), 162-171 (Sept. 1974); and D. W. Rabenhorst and R. I. Taylor, Johns Hopkins Report TG 1229 (Dec. 1973). Many reports of studies made on various important aspects of flywheels can be easily found in the literature.

Thus, a hybrid flywheel/compressed-fluid powered, regenerative, quick-recharging, nonpolluting propul- sion system for nonstationary applications, such as vehi- cle drive, which can use the unlimited supply of air as the working fluid and requires no fuels has been shown. The hybrid propulsion system has the effects and per- formance characteristics that are quite different from those of the conventional flywheel power system or of the conventional compressed-air power system, as may be ovbious from the above discussion. Although a pref- erable embodiment using air as the working fluid for application to vehicle drive has been disclosed fully, it will be obvious to those skilled in the art that various modifications and other applications may be made with- out departing from the spirit of the invention, as exem- plified by the typical application shown in FIG. 2: To- day, various improved and light materials, such as fiber- reinforced composite materials, are available for the construction of high-pressure tanks and flywheels hav- ing high-performance characterisitics. With these im- proved materiais, high-pressure tanks and flywheels can be designed and constructed economically to withstand working stresses over several hundred thousand pounds


per square inch. and flywheels can be constructed to provide service cycies as many as nearly a million cy- cles. High-pressure compressors can be installed easily in service stations and parking lots across the country to provide a quick-refiiling of the compressed-air tanks used in vehicles driven by the invention, as often as needed. To assist the invention in long-range crusing. a small combustion-engine powered compressor may be carried or installed in the vehicle in order to refill the comoressed-air tanks wherever and whenever needed. The compressed-fluid, such as compressed-air, carried in the vehicle can be partly used for generating cold and hot air streams by using a vortex-tube, for cooling or heating the interior of the vehicle for the comfort of passengers. Today, vehicles can be designed and built to utilize lighter materiais, achieve lower aerodynamic drag losses by reducing frontal area and drag coeffici- ent, reduce spinlosses by using more efficient bearings and gears, and lower rolling resistance by using radial tires. Needless to say, all of these factors have the effect of improving vehicle range for a fixed charge of com- pressed-air.

It should be noted that the present invention is in- tended for and adaptable to all nonstationary applica- tions. It may use any nonpolluting fluid as the energy- storage medium, any type of expander or compressor for generating and regenerating shaft power, and any type of flywheel for storing and regenerating shaft power. It may also be used in conjunction with another propulsion system, if desirable. It is the combination of 30 a compressed-fluid power system and a regenerative flywheel power system, which produces the desirable effects and characteristics that are absent from the con- ventional compressed-fluid power system alone or the conventional flywheel power system alone, that is the heart of the present invention.

The invention claimed is:

1. A hybrid flywheel/compressed-fluid propulsion system for a self-propelled object, said system compris- ing:

(A) a rotatable drive shaft adapted to propel said

object when rotated;

(B) energy conversion means connected to said drive shaft and employing a compressible working fluid, said energy conversion means being adapted, when supplied with said working fluid in a compressed state, to expand said working fluid and produce shaft work for transmission through said drive shaft;





(C) a primary container for storing said compressible working fluid in compressed state;

(D) first conduit means adapted to connect said pri- mary container and said energy conversion means, and to supply compressed working fluid to said energy conversion means;

(E) first valve means interrrupting said first conduit means and adapted to selectively control the flow of compressed working fluid to said conversion means; and

(F) a flywheel connected to said drive shaft through disconnecting means adapted to selectively con- nect said disconnect, independent of said conver- sion means, said flywheel from said drive shaft.

2. Propulsion system according to claim 1 and addi- tionally comprising separate drive means adapted to selectively and independently drive said flywheel.

3. Propulsion system according to claim 1 addition- ally comprising a generator connected to said flywheel and adapted to generate electrical power when rotated, and a rechargeable battery for storing the electrical energy so generated.

4. Propulsion system according to claim 1 wherein said energy conversion means also is adapted, when driven by said drive shaft and suppiied with said work- ing fluid in noncompressed state, to compress said working fluid through conversion of shaft work trans- mitted by said drive shaft into work of compression.

5. Propulsion system according to claim 4 and addi- tionally comprising:

(A) a secondary container for storing said working

fluid in compressed state;

(B) second conduit means adapted to connect said secondary container and said energy conversion means, and to transmit compressed working fluid berween said energy conversion means and said secondary container;

(C) second valve means interrupting said second con- duit means and adapted to selectively control the flow of compressed working fluid therethrough; and

(D) third valve means adapted to selectively connect said first conduit means and said second conduit means to said conversion means.

6. Propulsion system according to claim 1 or 5 and additionally comprising mesns for heating and control- ling the temperature of said working fluid inside of said container.


4,163,367 August 7, 1979 George C. Yeh


Its certified that error appears in the above—identified patent and that said Letters Patent

are hereby correctec as shown below:


should and – .


[SEAL] Attest:

RUTH C. MASON Attestiag Officer

8, Line 13, the word “said” (first occurrence) ,

Signed and Sealed this

Thirteenth Day Of November 1979 LUTRELLE F. PARKER

Actizg Commizsioaer of Pateats and Trademarks



By Gilbert Lawrence

-Actuaily, they offered me over a billion dollars — but | was afraid the big three would just buy it up and sever have any intentions of releasing it to the


© toliows

seature. to many Consumers. may seem eo oehese. = I: none tne sug’ This is not rust a story of ms desire to overcome ‘ne PFE HON OL Massive Odds against DUL, gntwined within ats Vand within Ais hands he may

J the future aestiny of America he tree worid. You may never again, “Whatever @ to gous old American

* Where are the modera Granam Bells, the Wright Henry Fords and the

So dk

zenuity Brotners, No doumt. we nave ail heard the sxaiesian “Don't look a gift horse in int mouth.” bul. who among us couid 00% 3 Dision Goilar pius offer in tne race and say - NO! Weil. st may sound “a good plot for a television series ‘se ad rememoe: ~The Millionaire’), du: A> no fiction. i: happens to be the rain. “The Big Three.” apparently poored their automotve fortunes and efforts 19 the une of over one billion doilars! Ail they wanted in return were absviuic patent rights owned and dieady registered (0 Lee Rogers. tor an automoone that titeralls runs on air Rogers. a forty-one year old dentia: contractor. from lona, Fionga had one underlying fear. He nad a near obsessive concern (hat the automouve industry might merety sneiiz” hiy revolutionary invention and seca it off the marxet Rogers might wert be rignt. tall indications prove correct! His idea to operate any reguiar gas designed engine on compressed air coud cut America’s massive aepenuence upon foreign oil. Because. as Le Rogers says, “It’s probably the ining to a perpetual motion at may ever be invented

seosest macnine

News of Lee Rogers revolutionary design. reached Consumers Guide Edutors and immediately we went to “ork 10 separate fact from rumor, ASI quickly found out. this wasn’ an easy task. For some reason. there almost seemed to be a “Media Black-Out.” when tt came to acquiring information on this potential block-busting invention.

row could it be, | asked mysett. if in tact. ty Lee Rogers nad stated. Ars

\ention was probably the closest thing

tw a perpetual motion macnine.

that ne one. inciuaing AP, UPI. NBC.

CBS. sag ABC hag not grabbed up mis ¢ xem and really rar ine distance.

Fo wnatever “their leary oF servations Ine balance of tne media

mg!y Netd mack. and given the nittaine of ume ine Guige continued IP ‘ange unead te c\pose tne inventive getiuy or traudgi Lee Rogers

As ine days gic satcmseserat wens. piece. tne Rugers £ togetne: Many UMSMEIES GUESGens ine dounts were

sop mek oy

suts Murteg comirg

sMimuteg anu wuauns Ae

FUESons sere answeres VIP

Larry Baynail bee gal

Syamore aly dia O°

rated mavers a

— Lee Rogers, inventor

agricultural engineer criteize Rogers vention, saving, “hogers mignt cust a+ weil ue nore ce Fyrtner, Bagnan rougniy estimate twice dy much eneryy and Gumpress ine air as the engine coud ser produce Miter ail.” Bagnail sonunued. “Rogers will have (ase more luel to compress ihe tumas ul sir than the auto nvrmaily woutd use'™ Rogers. not ane to be at a uss tur words, countereu Baynali’s attach with a chuckle, “the compressor will be continually fueled simply by the power from the engine itse!t.~


that at fa tne tanks


would lane

As Rogers later stated in an exclusive Consumers Guide interview. “1 work on one problem at a time. First. they told me \{ way impossible to run an auto engine on just piain ‘pure’ simpic air ana 1 said. Why? After all,” as Lee Rogers continued. ~All gasoline dues 1s create a “hot explosion driving the pistons up and down. and the onty reason it's a hot explosion ts because it's ignited. So. | got to thinking. no reason why the air has to be hot! Why not rust regular cool everyday air like you and J breathe?

“Sounds good.” everyone would say “but itl never work!” “Well, | made it work! I proved st! I not only started it. and idled 1t (for many, many hours), but I took ‘em for a drive in t. — Now let “em tell me it cant work!”

State Rep. Paul Nuckolls, (R) Fort Myers. who just happens to be on the House Agricultural Committee. sees the Rogers invention as a potentiai revolutionary breakthrough fur the farming industry. Without the high cost

Consumers Guide interview with inventor Lee Rogers:


LEE ROGERS +s a resiaent of lone, Fioriaa, a smait residential area outside Fe Myers. He oeneves nes inverteg &

snat runs on comoresses air: no fue! no combustion. just tne power of air ying to free itse!f from the cyiinders

ot a V-B engine

Rogers’ «ea to ‘un an automopue on compressed air was Soarked py the energy crunch two years ago. This cea has oeen tueiea by fis technical progress on tne engine, and his aese to chance tne nature of the auto industry :nus consumer of sprraiing and cur Americas with tne

freeing the gasonne costs umprheal cord Arap nations. Lee vegan by tinkering witn nis 1977 Doage Asoen station wagon te removed ail tne gasonne comoorents som ms car's nciucing :me carburetor, spark dlugs. gas “ark * sump and exnaust system

“he oia Dooge was o

Dv oressurized

purcnased. He nas since gesignes 37 omoressor that arowaes a cont mucus suooty of air to the engine.A conser: om attacnes “3 tre

eng:ne ve

a * nat ne ceveooed

urn a asmamil'™

pros courte Fart Miers, Flurila News Pres.

LEE ROGERS OF IONA EXPLAINS HOW AIR POWERS HIS CAR –0@ other fuel is used to run the vehcte.

of fuel, that the farmers are presently faced with, food prices could be slashed.

Rep. Nuckolls personal aid. Jim Sdord. ated io The Guide. “I remember the day we all went down to Lees for a tok A whoie group of us were (here. We had heard all types of rumors. and Mr. Rogers walked out to his garage with us explaining. “it just simply runs on air.” One gent who was there with us, who I dare not name. sand. Uf that thing even starts, Filconsider it a muracie!”

engine dIock. pumping pressurized arr into the cvimaers ~ and it works!

“Simply, it just runs on atr instead of gas,” the 41-year old former home builder says of bis first invention: “Instead of gas, it just has air going in to drive the pistons up and down. It's so damn simple nobody believes it.”

neiuces Jimmy Carter, tne

Energy, Raton Naaer

ang ine maior U.S. car manufacturers,

all of wnom Rogers has contacted with inte or no response.

Rogers contactea tne

comoanves 1ast year ana t

smem on nis dea But, nev apparentty

wrote nem off as a aut and ignored his

equest to come and see nis percetua:

moto machine

maior auto

to interest

Aooarently the Big Three believe him flow After a great deai of publicity and Socumented facts, they have pooied there Dargaming efforts and offered him “over a bullion dollars” for his patent


me ve

and Gene-ar tors asked

sera te tnem nut thes aur:

peeve | couid turn -t (the engines zver

“Well, Mr. Rogers opens up the garage door and there sits a reguiar looking 1977 Dodge statunwazgon After showing us the modificauons, Mr. Rogers hops in and not unly starts ner up, he backs down his driveway and waves to us. as he drives off down tne street. You could have knocked us ail over with a feather!~ Siford cunciudec.

(EDITOR'S NOTE: Accompan: ine thy arucle iy the Guile excuse interview with Lee Rovers.+


Air-powered auto is a reality!

Rogers savs with amusement : can tet st idle eignt nours a dav or mo take (on a test un ang reach speeds ~5 to BO-mies per nour Ana wne~ took at ine engine it has a wee *-cs7- coo! aopearance to 1 ana +s cole toucn.””

‘There s a couor haven't

Httle TecKS

ravention that | toa scocs- My wit Like i sold Chrysier you coura be No 1 -nsteac of De the prink of bankruptcy. The ‘Well, send «t to us. We gon t exo: to run.’ Bur they want me 0 ora sign the patent over fo them Ang Rogers nas his

ro me naz, He mas abou: $7 90° Own money in nis own inventor +

doesn’t even Know anout 2 fyounag ir s

Fr suys Mr F companies oid buy nis creat cm mint reid back ine proguc: tmar cums tor vears with > cempuston or tune-uos Ane ' they dig maxe i713 23° sine S16206 or Rowers ase


Lee Rogers interview

Continued from page 4 Rogers ptam te build 2

thems. and veil threes outright. He feels that if ne butiay aad sets them on his ven he can pratect his patent. hetp out the consumer. save hes country from the \rab oil squeese and make a comfortable sum of moner ty hive on,

S twig me the engine Theos said ay

compustion aniy

Rogers addy.

meee of would work

eause thes wat at would work they

wecas ol designing and

nis Perm Iuai-emonon machine,

te have every part made

fine shops Many umes

The Various parts had to be modilied.

» weuld turn intianos eeut aiwund ft enough American PEEP Anew aneUrM they Te gong 1 push tort Tne wute companies could Mave efestes ims ten sears age. Frank Retiv. an bar. who has assisted MeN Ihe sssembry ot the engine. and |

he country by aurseivey everyone 10 put wvemy

Auto runs on air

Continued from page 5 drove down {rom North Carolina, simply to congratulate another Rogers. And on and on it goes.. phone cails.

radio. and newspaper reporters…all hoping to catch a glimpse of the Doage running on air. All the attention has Duill up tothe point where Rogers is finding a litte privacy hard to come by He has an unlisted phone humber. and for some. the journey to see the perpetuai-motion machine ends indisappointment. Lee Rogers attorney has insisted thar all viewing by unknowns oe halted and that his “secret” be guarded and kept under iock and key Ycars from now, we may be breathing clean aie a> we sit on our porch ins rocking cnatr…telhing our yrandchild- ren about tne tegend of Lee Rogers and how ne slew the giants of the auto industry with by creation of a perpetuar-motion machine that revolumonized the auto industry and just possibty saved mankind from walking tne Tuce of the earth with a gas mask and 4 tens of oxygen strapped to his Duck to preathe with.

Note: In our conversion sith Mr. Rorers he

Should vou desire tecorrripemd wrath Mr. Ropers. please write 0. Lee Regent cro Comamers Gunde PO. bax 2708 Tose. Chen 1306 The Gunde tll formant 9 correspomdence to Mr. Roeers

Rogers 77 Doug running 4 HP compared teoniy 26”) for gas powered vemeles

Dee Rogers’ hee Owner manuiaciurcd) adapts fo any Nater

nd Wouid sell ter abeut $1 ONG

powered conversion

sould oe nat by sour Mecnume ay nearby gay stapen 1 he Gal ReeMs tts baller Co power (hie Hghts. accessories ind te start up the air compressor

Now. sosammtag sou Rave bought the comversia it, had installed, you are

Star your mutual test run, But must spend S14 tor a tank of Autrogen to chatege suit tour air tanas that are mounted where the gas tami used to be You have the main tank, and the oiner three ane reserves The compressors tucied simply py power Iran) the engine and ay the engine runs W'S consteatly rebuilding ty own air supply. As one tank emptics, another is being tlled…and so on, When the charge gets up to $00 P.S.1., the auto rs ad) Jor the highway, The nitrogen isa one time purchase. It also cleans, blows out ail au and pas residue. cleaning the salves, the engine and everything else rgnt out to the exhaust,

Now. step inte the car, turn on the hey ge 1 sume aur (step on the lurmer gas pedal) and away you go

The whole concept ot the perpetual motion mache ty based loowly on the same tncary of an airgun, The former gay pedal acts Whe a Inger sind gives









LEE ROGERS has adapted his 1977 Dodge statronwagon (simi

Consumers Guiac Page $

to photo shown nere!

with an airpowered engine that has the auto industry worried.

You sarious speeds when you press down anit CURRENT PROBLEM

What stands petween bce Rogers marxcuny the converter kis NUM oF at some time in the near future. 1s 4 sight problem he Hopes to soon solve At iow Speeds. the aula) uses the air pressure up sa anout 20 minutes

“The engine doesn't run last enough at $ to 1S mph to rebuild the air supply.

the aur pressure has lo reach about ~

2,000 RPMS to remake its own supply Lee chuchics and adds. “But it's merely a matter ol geyrng and some sight changes I'ny very clove to solving the probiem Very close.” he adds and grins And giin he should. Lee is on the verge 1 creating complete have in the automouve world that lor years hus deen dependent on the oi and yay companies And should his design work, the hiss of his wir exnausts sucening ucrosy the mation wil be topped only by the screaming and







phot “BIL. LA SGHORST vellirg of the money nunyry oil and yas magnates pulling their nate out


In (nis day and age wnen heroes are a rarity. Lee Rogers vy certainty desuinsa wo be @ cult hero the Shear ald building contractor 1s gaining a cult lollawing with engineers. mechanics and tarmers Who call day and night and even stop dy hty House, the tocution ot which Rogers ts irying 10 keep “Top Secret.”

The usually calm. soft-spoken man sometimes breaks into a heurty iaugn when he reculls what some pcupie have gone througn to beg a glimpse al the air powered engine of tust 10 shake the inventor's hand. 4 larmer flew in trom Wisconsin and wanted to buy Ik conversion kits lof Mis tractors, when ne arnved ne still had on his Dib overalls

An older coupe named Rogers

Continued on paze §


















Some Of Our Current State (+ & -)

HEALTH & HEALING - A book titled Eccentrics: A Study of Sanity and Strangeness by David Weeks and Jamie James who did a deep study of eccentrics reveals that eccentrics live longer and are happier than more normal and conforming people. They list the following attributes to identify eccentrics: nonconforming; creative; strongly motivated by curiosity; idealistic (wanting to make the world a better place and the people in it happier); cheerfully obsessed with one or more hobbyhorses; aware from early childhood of being different; intelligent; opinionated; outspoken; convinced of being right and that the rest of the world is out of step; noncompetitive (not in need of reassurance from the rest of society); unusual in eating habits and living arrangements; not particularly interested in the opinions or the company of other people, except to persuade them to his point of view, possessed of a mischievious sense of humor; single; usually the eldest or an only child; a bad speller. (Editors’ note: I find myself fitting all of this list but two or maybe with qualifications three items! A very close friend of mine once laughed at hearing me say “ I am not impractical, I just attempt the impossible” and had me write it down she thought it so worth remembering.) Mr. Weeks in his book says, “In every field, the eccentric welcomes the impossible challenge”. Eccentrics also are very long lived and many look, feel, behave and think younger than their biological age. I think many people would be helped by adding a dash of ecentricity to their lives. Break out of the old ruts of thinking and the hobbling habits of ordinary life! Life is for living and is lived best when lived authentically! The question is what is an authentic life for YOU?!) This information sent me by a subscriber to Fulcrum from England.

FOLKLORE CANCER TREATMENT! 75 year old former truck driver Jim Kelmun of Ashville N.C. paid attention to the only survivor in a family plagued by breast cancer and tried her habit of sipping on maple syrup and baking soda on hundreds of people with cancer. “Dr” Jim, as the people he has helped call him, claims that of over 200 terminal cancer patients, 185 lived at least 15 years or more and nearly half enjoyed a complete remission of their disease! (Editors note: I think it interesting that people instinctively know a real healer and will call him or her “Dr.” whether or not they have a medical degree.) Dr. Jim proudly demands, “You tell me about another treatment that works that good!” Medical “experts” are less enthusiastic. “This man is a quack, plain and simple”, blasts an official at a state medical association. “We intend to see that he is arrested for practicing medicine without a license”. Until that happens Dr. Jim vows to keep prescribing his treatment: “I’m just going to keep on saving lives”. Dr. Jims Recipe for whatever it is worth is: one part baking soda with three parts maple syrup stirred briskly while heated in a saucepan for 5 minutes. Take one teaspoon daily as needed. KeelyNet June 1996. (Editor’s note: How can maple syrup and baking soda be

practicing medicine without a license? It is admittedly not a medically taught cancer treatment. What are they afraid of? He is not calling himself a medical doctor. If it works what might its’ modus operandi be? Cancer cells thrive in and measure preponderantly acid compared to surrounding healthy tissue and the “recipe” is alkalinizing so perhaps it helps the body overcome the condition by restoring a balanced PH. Additionally a daily taste of the sweetness of life even if it is only oral may help restore joy and vitality to the patient and thus improve the immune system.)

EARTH CHANGES - Gordon Michael Scallion, futurist and psychic believes,” global geophysical earth changes will accelerate after a prolonged quiescent time period. I continue to perceive December as a beginning window for significant global earthquakes and vulcanism that will build in strength throughout 1997. As perviously stated in ECR, watch the Western and Eastern US”. (Editors note: Gordon has previously also stated he feels New York City will experience a small earthquake in the 3 to 4 richer scale range to be followed very quickly by a big apple rocker in the 7 + richter scale range. Likely time December 1996.) 1996 has the record for being the worst year for USA wildfires. The Earth Changes Report Oct. 1996.

GOVERNMENT/POLITICS - “The Kennedy Kassebaum health insurance bill passed by Congress would require doctors to pass to databases ‘encounter data’, a vague term that might include (details) of visits and consultations. The bill also allows medical researchers to use patient information gathered by health care companies in research without their consent”. John Schwartz Washington Post quoted in Forbes 8/26/96 and requoted inThe Reaper 9/11/96.

The total tax take from the American people from taxes at all levels (federal state and local) consumed 30.4% of GDP in 1995. Americans are presently paying the highest taxes in history as a percent of their income. The Reaper 9/11/96.

RELIGION - The divorce rate for regular churchgoers is 18%. For those who attend services less than once a year, 34%, Frequent chrchgoers are about 50% less likely to report psychological problems and 71% less likely to be alcoholics. US News & World Report. (Editors note: In 25 years of medical practice I have been privy to many peoples’ personal lives. My observations have been that many if not most marriages are unhappy and that rather than move on from an unfulfilling relationship most people will stick it out because of children, finances, religion or all three of these. Alcoholics anonymous is founded on the bedrock of belief in GOD and GOD working with us, but not for us. These statistics may not really reveal what is happening behind the scenes so to speak with marriages, divorce and the part religion plays in it.)

ART - “Films reflect the psychology of the times. Fear, horror, violence, aliens, unknown menaces from outer space, that seems to be what’s bringing crowds to movie theatres. I think it fits into a strange sense of foreboding that has infected the American spirit.” Richard Russell. Dow Theory Leters 8/14/96. (Editor’s note: There are films like The Bridges Of Madison County and others that reflect different values.and changes that have infected the American spirit. Films are probably the art form the masses presently seek out and pay for the most and they do influence people’s thinking and actions. The fine arts have been relegated to a back seat and artists find it necessary to turn their talents to the film industry aS a means to survive and pursue some form of their passion and talents for creativity. The Russell’s spoke of artists having to lower their standards to appeal to the cruder sense of the masses at this relatiely unenlightened time on the planet.) ART & PERPETUAL MOTION! Reidar Finsrud a Norwegian painter and sculptor has created the first working model of a “perpetual motion” machine. Reidar created the machine as a ‘moving sculpture’ and worked on it for twelve years. The machine is very simple and all parts and internal workings of the machine are clearly visible in a video made by Norwegian channel 2 TV. The art piece has a metal ball that rolls continuously once set in motion (it has been rolling for many months now). It has three swinging pendulums and six magnets that act to keep the ball in motion. The

inventor/artist is currently displaying the device in his art gallery which is open for the public. This artist with no training in physics or mechanics has succeeded in creating one of humanity’s most mythical dreams that has been sought for over a thousand years: the Perpetuum Mobile. Congratulations Reidar Finsrud! Edited and redone from KeelyNet NL June 1996.

SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY - (Editors notes: While free energy devices of all types like cold fusion and transmutation are still bad science in the U.S. there are at least 15 companies listed in New Energy News August 1996 that are now commercializing such free energy or other energy enhanced devices. There is a major revolution right now in energy production happening on the planet in spite of the media blackout and establishment ignorance of this phenomena. Space Energy Journal June 1996 lists 7 papers relating to “antigravity” phenomena that have been demonstrated that were reported on in various publications or presented at international conferences in the last few years. )

BUSINESS & COMMERCE - The real U.S. inflation rate is running about 6.5% The Reaper 9/11/96. Three cheers for complexity: Several recently enacted laws containing more than 650 tax changes are ‘very exciting for us’ says John Hewitt, chairman of Jackson Hewitt Tax Service in

Virginia Beach, VA. He calls the avalanche of changes a ‘tax preparer annuity plan’, adding: ‘We’re going to have a boom year here and I’m sure all the tax preparers will”’. Tom Herman WSJ 8/28/96 and The Reaper 9/11/96.

AGRICULTURE - “China… has lost 1% of its farmland each year. It is expected to lose 25% of its arable land by 2010. Additionally, the increasing use of wells and irrigation causes water tables to drop. China expects to have 31% less water per person by 2050 and already has over 100 large cities with severe water shortages. Irrigation is leaving salt in the soil and over a quarter of China’s irrigated land already suffers from salt damage. These problems are not unique to China. They are even more intense in Bangladesh, parts of India and areas in Southeast Asia”. Evelyn Browning Garris. Browning Newsletter 7/21/96. (Editor’s note: This problem is acute in the US and in fact is worldwide.

The longer we postpone the burial of chemical mono big agribusiness (culture?) and keep the benefits of natural organic farming methods that rectify the above problems, and more, unknown to the public, the more disease we will see as well as increasing expense and scarcity in foods.)

EDUCATION - The Education department has summarized information on federal financial aid programs at this web site (http./www.edgov prog_ info SFA/ Student Guide). And users who want to apply for aid can download a special software package to complete the necessary forms by computer.WSJ 8/29/96.

Tuition at 4 year public colleges increased 234% between the 1980-81 and 1994-95 school years, or nearly three times as fast as household income and more than three times the rate of consumer price inflation. International Hearld Tribune 8/18/96.

MISCELLANEOUS - (Editors notes: RUSSELL SCIENCE RESEARCH ON TV! The TV show SIGHTINGS spent 4 hours in Boulder CO with the Russell Science Research Team of Toby Grotz, Ron Kovac and Fulcrum editor Tim Binder filming a segment for the show about two months ago. The show focuses on the teams efforts and success in demonstrating low temperature and low pressure transmutations based on the prior work and concepts of Walter Russell and others. The Sightings staff had heard of the team’s work and especially of our lithium (mass) 5 transmutation via nitrogen from USP friend/Russell student, PMH Atwater of Charlottesville VA. PMH is an author and teacher of life mastery from her near death experiences and life challenges. The show will air on the FOX channel sometime after October of 1996. Check your guides for info on exact dates.)


NEW SCIENCE/TECHNOLOGY/FREE ENERGY Electric Spacecraft Journal. Published quarterly, annual subscription rate $24, Canada/Mexico $29, other countries $39. ESJ publishes research articles on new science, inventions and network notes from the ESJ network of individuals sharing ideas about these topics. Devoted especially to discovering the means/mechanisms for “electric” spacecraft and all that such understanding would mean for our civilization. I have known the editor Charles A. Yost the last few years and he spoke at our 1995 symposium. I find Charles’ ESJ to be interesting and informative, and although most articles are very technical there are aspects of the journal that the average reader should find comprehensible and of interest. Charles A. Yost editor. ESJ, 73 Sunlight Drive, Leicester, North Carolina 28748. Phone 704-683-0313 Fax 683-3511.

The Space Energy Journal Published Quarterly. $35 U.S., $40 Canada & Mexico, $50 elsewhere. Jim Kettner and Don Kelly editors. This journal publishes the positive and the negative results of testings of free energy machines and other new science experiments. The discussion of new science ideas is technical and yet also very down to earth so that the average reader should follow most of it. [have met Don Kelly through my association with the International. Assoc. for New Science/ International. Symposiums for New Energy and he is familiar with the Russell work too. Space Energy Association, P.O. Box 11422, Clearwater FL 34616. Phone/ Fax 813-461-7119.

New Energy News is the newsletter from the Institute for New Energy. It is a collection of reports on inventions, ideas and of publications relating to alternate and free energy. Monthly free to members with member fee of $35 and $60/ yr. to corporations, libraries and universities. Hal Fox Editor, P.O. Box 58639, Salt Lake City, UT 84158-8639. Phone 801- 583-6232 Fax 583-2963.

The Planetary Association for Clean Energy newsletter publishes articles to facilitate the development of a wide range of clean energy technologies including free energy technologies. Usually quarterly $35/yr. Canada, $40 USA, $45 elsewhere. Andrew Michrowski, editor, Planetary Assoc. for Clean Energy, Inc. 100 Bronson Ave. Suite 1001, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada KIR 6G8. Phone 613-236-6265 Fax 235- 5876.


The Reaper. 36 issues per publishing year. I year- $195. 10 issue trial - $60. The Reaper is a no holds barred newsletter examining our current global and national economic/political status with an eye towards assisting investors in commodities, currencies, real estate, etc., etc. Publisher R.E. McMaster Jr.

is an acquaintance of mine who I introduced to the Russell’s work and I have subscribed to his NL off and on over many years - not because I am an investor (I should be and if I would have followed much of his advice would have made some cash, but I’m too involved in other work), but because I have been fascinated with R.E.’s analysis of our world situation. Called the Indiana Jones of the Christian economists by some he has a ‘Christian’ point of view but it is not conventional in my estimation. He is aware of new energy and natural health/healing practices and reports on these areas at times. P.O. Box 84901, Phoenix, AZ 85071. Phone 800- 528-0559.


The Earth Changes Report 12 issues/yr. $36; Canada, Mexico, Alaska & Hawaii $46/yr.; $56/yr. elsewhere. Published by futurist/psychic predictor Gordon Michael Scdllion gives Gordon’s psychic predictions and a review of his hits and misses as well as articles in the new age spiritual genre and a report of earthquake, climate changes, etc. worldwide. I have watched Gordon Michael’s predictions for the last several years and while he is not 100% on target he has been close enough on enough times to be much more than just coincidence. Published in the spirit of better to be prepared for what does or does not happen than to be unprepared for what does happen, the ECR is a good monthly review of earth changes as they happen and of what might happen beyond most folks wildest dreams - both pro and con.

Matrix Institute, P.O. Box 336, Chesterfield, NH 03443. Phone 1-800-628-7493.


New Science News

published by the International Association for New Science (IANS) addresses metaphysical and esoteric perspectives on pro-social topics such as sociopolitical, new age, and new science concepts. I have spoken at several of their conferences on the Russell’s work as well as alternative healing topics. Quarterly, $35 membership. Bear Jack Gebhardt, editor, IANS, 1304 South College Ave., Ft. Collins, CO 80524


P.O. Box 870716, Mesquite, Texas 75187

Subscription price unknown - Published Quarterly - Info on new energy science and health information exchanges. The publisher is Jerry Decker a long time Russell student, Keely student and investigator into all kinds of unusual phenomena.


New Energy Science, anti-establishment news. Subscription price unknown. The publisher goes by the name of Millenium Twain, Plasmatronics Inc., P.O. Box E, Menlo Park, CA 94026

In The Wave Lies The Secret Of Creation

by Dr. Timothy A Binder

This soft cover treatise on the Russell Cosmogony with 44 color charts, 10 black & white . charts and 31 diagrams is now available. The book presents a Universal Systems Model that is applied to language in order to facilitate greater comprehension of the Russell Cosmogony. | A comparison of Russellian Science and the Science of his time is given as is a description of _the chief elements of the Cosmogony including: the eighteen dimensions, formula of the locked potentials, wave mechanics, the cube and the sphere, periodic charts, thermodynamic laws, and Newton’s first and third laws versus the Russell Cosmogony té give a firm basis to understand Walter Russell’s scientific paintings and charts.

An analysis of the paintings and charts comprises the second half of the book. Most of the paintings included in this volume have never before been published. The cover of this issue of Fulcrum has one of these paintings as its front cover piece.

Cost is $35 plus $3 postage within the USA. Phone 1-800- 882- LOVE to order your copy today!

Subscription and Back Issues Information An annual subscription to Fulcrum published 3 times a year is $25 postpaid in the USA $30 Canada and $35 elsewhere. Back issues are available at $7 an issue.

READERS, We will send a sample copy of any issue of the FULCRUM to interested individuals who are not subscriber;

simply mail us the name, address and number of the issue you would like us to share. Now is the time for God’s science of creation tomove into human consciousness. Thanks for your support!



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Send to: FULCRUM, Science Journal University of Science & Philosophy P.O. Box 520, Wyanesboro, VA 22980 Phone #: (540) 942-5161 Fax: (540) 942-8705 Orders: (800) 882-LOVE

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