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December, 1994

Chester A. Hatstat, Jr., B.S., Metallurgical Engineering

Dr. Timothy A. Binder, D.C., N.D., U. of S. & P. President

GREETINGS!! This a quarterly journal focusing on the science of creation revealed to Walter Russell. Dr. Russell, artist/philosopher/ illuminate, spent 35 years’ and several different written editions describing to scientists and lay persons God’s multidimensional creation processes. Known as the Russell Cosmogony, the concepts revealed to Dr. Russell during his 39 day illumination in 1921 show our three dimensional world of light and matter to be an extension of the One substance of God. Matter is light (patterned thoughts) spirally wound into vortices of motion, a recording of God’s one idea of creation, and is ‘motion sustained by God’s rhythmic Thinking.

FULCRUM is a forum in which scholars and students can interact to exchange insights and perspectives on interpretation and application of the vortexian. principles of the Russell Cosmogony. We seek to fan the flames of creative thinking and to stimulate discussion, awareness, and understanding of God’s two-way, creating/decreating electric universe. Without such knowledge, humankind will be forever in the entropy loop, in a scientific and philosophic paradigm of a Universe dying a heat death, where energy runs only down hill and everything is going into greater disorder. Our present economic, social, psychological, medical, philosophical, political, and religious systems are patterned on entropic thinking and beliefs.

Our intent is to publish:

1. Questions we, as students, have conceming the Russell Cosmogony and the Russell literature.

2. Answers from students. Answers may or may not be definitive. Clarity may take time to unfold. Sharing insights may or may not lead us

to the same conclusions. The idea is to share different perspectives and stimulate/inspire thought on the subject. I expect our thinking and understanding to evolve.

3. Research and articles relevant to the Russell Cosmogony. What insights do you have conceming this Cosmogony? Have any of you puzzled over, played with, built, modeled, or written about your studies of a two-way, invisible/visible physical Universe? What have other scientists or lay persons done in past or present studies? How are chemical, physical, medical, agricultural, biological, economic, etc. systems viewed from this enlightened perspective? We are review for possible publication your treatment of the Russell concepts. I have a special interest in mathematical treatments of the Russell concepts and would love to see some!

4. Current experiments utilizing vortexian principles and mechanics: transmutation, energy production, gravity simulation, etc..

5. Applications of spiral/vortexian/motion-in- opposition mechanics, science, and philosophy.

We are eager for your input and feedback. Our vision of Vortexian science curricula, texts, data banks, and applications in every field of human endeavor is dependent upon the continued desire and action of all of us, desire taken into meditation and action inspired from the point of Stillness within each of us.

Chester A. Hatstat, Jr. editor

© 1995 No portion of this document may be reproduced without written permission of the University of Science and Philosophy.



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Universal Education for Children of all Ages by Dr. Timothy A. Binder

Article: Vortex Mechanics: A graphical look at an evolving, paired centripetal 22 and centrifugal vortex system by Pat Flaugher

Article: SynergyDance—Experiencing the Step Down of the Mind Through the 33 Emotions to the Body. The Synergy of the Polarity Paradigm, Yoga and Dance in Healing Movement by Chester Hatstat and Nan Ryant


With this issue of Fulcrum, I, Chester Hatstat, am signing off as editor-in-chief. University president, Dr. Timothy Binder, will become sole editor and continue publication of this journal. I have enjoyed being at the center of the vortex, so to speak, of this communication tool known as FULCRUM. I would like to acknowledge all who have contributed articles to us over the past three years of publication, all the letters of support, and all you mystics/cosmologists who are subscribers. On July 1st I was married to Nancy Ryant and will be moving to Alexandria, VA by the end of this month (July, 1995). My affiliation with the University of Science and Philosophy is by no means ended; I will continue to submit articles to FULCRUM and will express my understanding of the truth inherent in the Russell spiritual and scientific teachings in what is to be the next chapter of my life.

Thank you and God Bless you.

Questions For Next Issue

(1) The crest and trough of the octave wave of matter formation occur at the + 4 carbon amplitude and the zero inert gas positions, respectively. At the amplitude position, matter is in a condition of maximum motion-in-opposition, balanced centripetal and centrifugal motion. The question concerns the term minimum motion-in-opposition. Is Russell referring to a balance of centripetal and centrifugal motion at the zero position with both being at a minimum, an imbalance of the two types of motion both at their minimum with their relative difference being at a minimum, or an imbalance of the two types of motion both at their minimum with their relative difference being at a maximum (here the minimum opposition is derived from the lesser force being a smaller percentage [or bite] of the greater force)? . .

(2) How are the conditions of centripetal and centrifugal motion changing and what are their relative strengths as an element ages from the zero, inert gas position through the +1 to +4 amplitude position and then from the +4 position to the —1 position to the zero position?

Questions From Previous Issue

(1) An interesting question (which I suppose contains its own answer!) concerning the north/south (N/S) polar axis comes to my mind. As our planet rotates, the N/S polar axis inscribes a conical surface as it is not congruent with the spin axis.

If the N/S polar axis is the shaft for the centripetal vortex, then the centripetal vortex is spinning on its own axis (N/S polar axis) and rotating about the spin axis of the centrifugal spiral vortex. How would that look as the centripetal vortexes move through and past one another? This proposition seems to better explain wobble, yet I have difficulty visualizing what is occurring on the cathode basal plane.

. An alternative proposition is that both centripetal and centrifugal vortexes have the same axis. The N/S polar axis is a curved shaft of stillness connecting the polar points of stillness. The rotation of the N/S ‘poles about the single axis defines a shape to both centripetal vortexes; 90° minus the angle between the surface of this shape and the spin axis defines the gyroscopic angle of rotation. Either a north or south pole is at the apex of each of the inscribed cones depending on its clockwise or counterclockwise rotation (as seen from the conal base looking towards the apex of each cone in the pair). The rate of spin, the location of the opposite polar point on each cathode base plane, their distance apart, and their intensity determine the shape of the centripetal vortexes, the spiral path of the winding motion towards the cone apexes, and the centripetal contribution to the shape of the toroid/spheroid at the system's center. This proposition seems congruent with page 174 of The Universal One where Walter Russell describes north and south magnetic bases as charging and defined by a rotation of the N/S magnetic pole axis. Again, I have difficulty visualizing what is occurring on the cathode basal plane.

ANSWERS From Larry Tiegs:


* All matter is complex, waves within waves, changing complexity.

vortexes upon vortexes, wave field within wave * Nothing happens on the cathode basal plane field, just as many notes are within a melody and except reversal of motion. They are the wave many organs and functions are within your body. field boundary planes which lie between all Nature's interactive motions create harmony. masses and center all masses as equators, acting Man's challenge is to learn nature's secrets. as mirrors (made of light) to reflect and repeat * The visualization of the particular vortexes motion. By definition they are the zero of and their dimensions affecting this planet are | mathematics, the invisible harmonic circles of beyond my imagination. the inert gases, the cold of space at rest, the * Concerning which drawings (Fulcrum,V3,#3) silence of the keynotes of sound, the are correct. I always assume Russell's knowing omnipotential of the unmanifest.

and interpretation is correct and strive to * The Precession of the Equinoxes is a cone understand it as presented. The lower drawing traced in space by a very slight variation may help to clarify some specific concept. (wobble) of the North spin axis. This creates a Remember, while most of Russell's conal circle in distant space, toward which over 25,800 drawings are straight line symmetrical, in reality | years our North axis will point to four different they represent spiral vortexes of ultimate and_ North stars.


As the earth spins daily on its true N/S rotational axis, which is 90° to its equator, and orbits the sun

once yearly:



Does the earth wobble?

How does the earth grow and die?

What are the polar caps?

What is the magnetic North Pole?

Why doesn't the magnetic North Pole center the polar caps? What does the position of the magnetic North Pole indicate? What would be the consequences of a sudden polar shift?


This picture could be of an atom, an element, a planet, a solar or stellar system, the galaxy or a

single musical note. All waves and spiral systems are alike and universal. To understand one wave is to understand the process of creation. The principles in the following discussion of the earth can be applied to the octaves of elements, to music, or to human relations. Eventually someone will apply them to the transmutation of the elements and the production of free energy.

Remember, light is all there is. Matter is motion only. Mind creates matter by dividing and

multiplying light into waves. All motion is two way, curved and spiral, to and from points of rest to create the illusion of substance. 1 June 21, above equator Winter—South Hemis. Summer—North Hemis.


July 4 Apehelion 94,600,000 miles

Sept. 21, Cross Equator

1. DOES THE EARTH WOBBLE? “No. It Rides A Very High Speed Bob Sled Track.” Other than the Precession of the Equinoxes

which is one wobble in 25,800 years, the earth doesn't wobble. The earth's rotational spin doesn't wobble in relation to itself or in relation to its own orbit, nor does the orbit itself wobble around the sun, The earth rotates/spins daily on its North/South polar axis which is 90° to its equator every 23 hours, 56 minutes and 4.09 seconds. This rotational time may change one second in one hundred years (Russell lecture tape #2) or

spin axis tilted 23° towards ecliptic

Mar. 21, Cross Equator

91,300,000 miles equator ‘\

.- t ecliptic

: Dec. 21, below equator Winter—North Hemis. : Summer—South Hemis.

more likely, in several hundred years. The rotational speed at the equator is 1040 miles per

hour. This N/S polar axis (true North) is tipped and

spins at a 23° 27' 08“ angle to its own ecliptic plane. This ecliptic plane is a bob sled track in space: an ecliptic orbit; a prescribed locked circuit of pressure walls; a fixed invisible floor in space, in which and on which the earth is held firmly in place by the constant interchange of all the planets of this system and the universe as a whole, as it rolls around the sun yearly at a speed of 66,600 miles per hour over its 595 million mile

orbit. If a giant hand could push the earth off its orbit, it would snap right back again, as this orbit is the perfect balance point for the mass called earth in this solar system . . . and perfect means to a milligram of weight.

Since the earth's ecliptic plane is tipped 7° to the sun's equator, the earth is above and below the sun's equator for six months each. This may give the appearance of a wobble as in the Northern Hemisphere we see the sun rise north of the equator in the summer and south of it in the winter. But the earth isn't wobbling.

Over millions of years as the earth evolves further away from the sun, its orbit and year will lengthen, its axial spin will speed up (shortening its day), its mass expand, and it will continue to turn upside down as the N/S polar axis tips further from the ecliptic plane. This gyroscopic unwinding of the planet's density is consistent and orderly, balanced and controlled from without by the solar system and the universe as a whole, of which the earth is but a speck.

NOTE: Current encyclopedias, based on Newton's false concept of matter attracting matter, assert that the earth does wobble on its orbit. Nutation is the sun's “pull” of gravity on the earth and moon as a single body. Based on their individual mass and distance apart, their common center of gravity is 1000 miles below the earth's crust. Both the moon and earth oscillate around this common center of gravity, in essence, wobbling together as they orbit the sun. If this were true, the same principle must apply to all the planets and their multiple moons and to pairs and trios of planets. We might get dizzy watching such a dance in space.

2. HOW DOES THE EARTH GROW AND DIE? “Like You Freeze The Ice Cream”

The basis of creation is the Mind controlled interchange between cold and hot.

Like man's body, all matter is born from flat horizontal equators/rings of light surrounding black holes, grows to maturity by standing

upright with vertical equators and dies by lying down.

The earth was born from rings of light, perhaps millions of miles long, thrown off from the sun's equator. These were wound up, woven and compressed into density just like you spin cream into ice cream by turning it in a cold container. The interchange between the hot sun and the -200°C of space creates tornadoes which wind up that light, freeze it and ultimately, out pops a planet. The process is called prolating.

At maturity the spin axis and the magnetic North Pole were one—both at 90° to the earth's and sun's equator. The earth in that position was hot and dense and probably about 25 million miles from the sun. (Universal One (U1) p. 223)

“The Earth Is Now Melting.“ It is an oblating spheroid meaning its poles are flattening, its equator bulging, and its liquid blue oceans cover 71% of its surface. The earth's rotational axis is tipped 23-1/2° towards its ecliptic plane. It is 90+ million miles from the sun and presumed to be | 4.6 billion years old.

At death when Earth is out past where Pluto is now, only a giant ring of light will remain around a black hole, the horizontal point of beginning.

3. WHAT ARE THE POLAR CAPS? “Giant Jaws For Mother Sun To Feed Child Earth”

Like a baby's mouth is always open at birth, closed at maturity, and now opening wider again (polar shift) swallowing more space as the planet gets shorter and fatter (oblates).

Cold space is compressed into the polar caps—that's. why they are cold—by invisible centripetal tornadoes, to become the greatly compressed heat of the Earth's core and equator.

In Russell's terms, it is the charging area where gravity squeezes the holes out of rings, compressing a large volume of space into a small volume of dense matter. 4. WHAT IS THE MAGNETIC NORTH POLE? “The Still Eye Of The Hurricane” “The Valve Stem Of The Basketball“

Russell is quick to point out this North point is a charging pole, not a magnetic pole. The scientific meaning of magnetic does not work in the Universal Law and Natural Science of his cosmogony which explains this two-way universe as an optical thought-wave one vs. the traditional electromagnetic one. ,

. It is the still eye like the eye of a hurricane or tornado, around which the invisible electrical stream of compression flows and toward which the stillness within compass needles point (like conditions seeking like conditions).

It is the valve stem for the basketball. The point of charging. The point where the vortexial umbilical cord from the sun attaches to the earth. It is the off-center gravity shaft which meets its mate coming from the South charging pole at the center of the earth, creating the center of gravity.

This charging pole is in Canada's Arctic Circle Queen Elizabeth Islands at 105° longitude and 80° latitude.


Dagwood, The Inclination Is To Lie Down.”

Our Earth is past maturity. Russell says it is in the position of manganese on the elemental chart. This is like a man of 50, past his prime but still strong and positively charging, though closer to death than birth.

Earth's N/S poles are predominately centrifugal (C/F) and radiating. (U1, p. 213) Since gravity shafts never center their twisting charging or discharging vortexes except at maturity and centrifugal means center fleeing, Earth's gravity shaft will be closer to the vortex perimeter—“the inclination to lie down”.

A better example is from page 7 of FULCRUM, Vol.3, #3. When pushing on a swing (an overall C/F motion), the push creates 1/4 of the cycle. This first 1/4 cycle reaches a major amplitude. The rest of the cycle is reaction, like

one down thrust of the bicycle pedal will create a whole cycle of motion. The swing reaches a minor amplitude on the back swing. Connecting these two amplitudes in a three dimensional spiral will put the major and minor compression points and likewise gravity shafts on opposite sides of the vortex, as Russell depicts on page 174 of The Universal One.

A_side note: Tesla used this “power of only the 1/4 cycle“ concept in the construction of his magnifying resonant transformer and his mechanical oscillator.


In fact, everything. Its angle from the spin axis determines the positive/negative preponderance of the mass, its age, form, tonal sound (Russell says Earth is an F), temperature (the Earth's mean temperature is 57°F), color (Earth is blue), and odor—who knows?

As the Earth ages, bloats and turns bottom up—South Pole toward the sun, the South charging pole will become the dominate one whereas the North one is now. (U1, p. 225)

Transmutation will be aided by knowing the angle of the charging pole from the spin axis and the speed of revolution.

7, WHAT CAUSES TH EARTH'S SPIN? “It's Not Angels As Once Thought.

It's A Jet Reaction To The Sun's Thrust.”

Simply, caught between and within two spinning tornadoes, one on each side, both turning the same direction, it has to spin. - * In Russell's universal directions, centripetal compressing spirals turn North by way of East (from West to East toward the centers of mass). Centrifugal radiating spirals turn South by way of West (from East to West toward space). While the earth is now slightly predominately centrifugal, the two North and South centripetal compressing vortexes continue the West to East turnings. The stronger centrifugal motion serves to increase the speed of rotation.


Rotation is caused by resistant pressures which are greatest toward the sun where the centripetal vortexes from the sun charge the Earth, slowing down its rotational speed while trying to speed up its revolution. The centrifugal radiation from the dark side of the planet releases the stored-up charge—like a jet exhaust—thereby increasing the speed of rotation and decreasing the speed of revolution. The rhythmic balanced interchange between those two forces keeps the planet spinning. A radiometer whose vanes turn in the sunlight exemplifies this process.

* Planets generate in preponderance North and South of the Cancer/Capricorn belts on day-light hemispheres and radiate preponderantly. within the boundaries of the Cancer/Capricorn belt on their dark hemispheres.


“A Total Recycling Of All Life Forms“

In a clock, all the many gears are synchronized. It is impossible for one gear to suddenly begin running faster.

The universe of spinning gyroscopic planets and suns are all geared together. If one tries to speed up, the others will act as brakes. Only slow, gradual changes are-possible over millions of years. .

BUI—IE, as forecast by some futurists, even the slightest sudden variation to our earth's axis should occur, the earth would instantly:

Flatten at the poles; expand its mass and diameter; swell its oceans till they covered all continents; lengthen the year and shorten the day; and get much colder. Your body and all life forms would. instantlly swell up like a helium balloon rising in the thinning atmosphere, pop and disappear. As they did, your body pattern would tefold into your seed to await its next cycle of emergence from you, the centering, eternal, knowing consciousness.

As long as the earth has earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, rainfall and seasons, you can know it is constantly readjusting its balance

to that of itself and the universe. “Every star in the heavens must readjust itself to so slight an activity as that of a man walking across a room.” “A child moves the Pleiades and all the stars of heaven with his slightest movement.“ (HSC pp. 633 & 418)

In our thinking we can help ourselves to peace and happiness by beginning to understand our Oneness vs. our seeming separation, ourselves as loye consciousness devoid of fear, co-creators in givingness.

Re gO a oe ee i oe Eo oo

Thank you once again Mr. Larry Tiegs. Your sincere study of Nature and the Russell Cosmogony has given Fulcrum readers many insights and much food for thought throughout the three years of publication of this journal.


The piece titled The Space Time Paradox by Elizabeth Nalls (Fulcrum, V.3, #2) sent me scrambling to my old (1975) unabridged Webster's as well as the more recently published Dictionary of Word Origins (1990). Webster's revealed that the word paradox is derived from the Greek para (literal translation: beyond; my thought was as in parapsychology) and dox (again literally: opinion; what came to mind was doxology). My second reference stated that “Time {OE] originally denoted ‘delimited section of existence, period.' Its ultimate source is the Indo- European di—cut up, divide.” This book also stated that “Space comes via Old French espace from Latin spatium ‘distance, space, period.', a word of unknown origin. Its modern English application to the ‘expanse in which the Universe is contained' did not emerge until the 19th century.“

So I, in writing this, present yet a third definition of the term paradox in addition to those mentioned by Elizabeth Nalls and Chester Hatstat: according to my crusty old Webster's, a paradox is a “statement contrary to common belief,” or literally, beyond current opinion. And before I even begin to express my gleanings about time and space, I am acutely aware of the dilemma we face when trying to discuss anything, given the limited nature of our 26 character based alphabet! However, I was encouraged by Dr. Binder's observation in the most recent Lightt Waves about the usage and application of the word love, and how it can be interpreted on three levels of perception. After considerable contemplation, I realized that the manner in which we currently use the word time is equally nebulous and multi-faceted. I also wondered what practical enhancing difference my perception on this subject would make in my life and that of others. I suddenly recalled Walter Russell's teachings about the absolute necessity of integrating science with spirit as we shift to the


next paradigm of being. Certainly such an integration requires an adjustment of our thinking and consequent talking about all things, including time and space.

In considering concepts of this nature, I always keep in mind Walter and Lao Russell's discussions about the challenges of “living in two worlds,“ or what Chester Hatstat referred to as “illusion and reality” (FUL, p. 47). ,

Elizabeth Nalls asked, “What is time?“ In September of 1967 a scientist living behind the Iron Curtain published a paper about the properties of time.! In ‘the introduction he states that “time is the most important and most enigmatic property of nature. The concept of time surpasses our imagination.” He points out, however, that for the most part “the exact sciences negate the existence [in] time of any. . . qualities other than the simplest quality of ‘duration' or time intervals, the measurement of which is realized in hours. This quality of time is similar to. . . spatial interval” (all emphasis mine). When we consider time from this limited view, the space time dynamic does indeed seem to be

paradoxical according to the definitions supplied

by Nalls, Hatstat and this writer!

To resolve this apparent paradox which Elizabeth so eloquently addressed and begin to explore the possibility that time can function as a bridge between realities, it is helpful to expand our definition of the properties of time and be cognizant of which qualities we are referring to when observing and experiencing sense-based

1. Kosyrev, N.A., Posibility of Experimental Study of the Properties of Time, Sept., 1967. My colleague David Walters first read of Kosyrev's work in the book, Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain. He then obtained a rare translation of the entire study through the Joint Publications Reasearch Service and generously shared it with me. phenomena and especially when we are in the

process of -.making the transition from dimensional or sense-based reality to the state of knowing Reality described by the Russells. As in Dr. Binder's example of love, time is basically perceived, experienced and described in three ways: the many, the relative, and the One. My Categories I, II and Il describe, respectively, the properties of time inherent to each of these three ways. :

In my thinking about the following properties of time, Kosyrev's study was of invaluable assistance in delineating and describing Category L

[Ed. note: Kristina's Categories I, II and III correlate properties of time with Dr. Binder's language mechanics classifications of three types of words: many, relative and One, respectively]

Category I Properties of time in dimensional or sense-based reality

The following properties can be objectively? measured. They represent the ways in which time, as Walter Russell often stated, is a recorder of sense-based phenomena and functions as a dimension. Most significantly, all of these properties are extensions of energy as described in his work.

1. Motion. When we talk about motion, we are usually discussing measurable velocity: the fastness or slowness of physically getting from one point to another. Time is always mentioned, whether the subject is a horse or a car or the speed in which light travels. And yes, Elizabeth, if I could travel to the moon faster than the speed of light, I could sit there and watch myself coming to my destination!

2. To my way of thinking, the word objective indicates a description of commonly agreed upon phenomena. ,


2. Patterned or pulsed frequency. This property refers most often to our experience of such phenomena as day and night, and how each human culture currently and has in the past perceived time intervals based on Earth's ever changing orbital interaction with the Sun. The key word here is culture and what specific influence a particular culture has upon sense- based human activities and collective mass consciousness. On planet Earth, as we approach “the dawn of a new day in human relations“3 we will find that we do need “universally accepted divisions of time in order for groups and individuals to coordinate their activities with each other”, as Elizabeth Nalls noted (FUL, V2,#2, p.42). A quick anthropological survey of the planet will indicate that we are not at that universal point yet. However, the computer and media based info-highway are accelerating us to that inevitability, which is a word I prefer to Nall's inferred necessity.

3. Directivity of interactive matter/events. This property encompasses the course of time which is commonly perceived as the past and the future. It also implies, in a complimentary but differing way than the property of motion, forward and backward movement. Regarding this property, Chester quoted Russell as saying that “time is but the pendulum of motion“ (FUL, V2,#2, p.45). I would like to suggest that time is not the pendulum, but rather the measure or recorder of the pendulum's motion. In this context, it is also interesting to consider the possibility of ”[going] back in time“ (E. Nalls, FUL, V2#2, p.42). The answer is obviously an unequivocal NO when we are operating from sense-based conclusions.

3. Obviously, the intent of Walter Russell's Divine Illiad volumes, as stated on the covers of both books. 4. Variability/Discontinuity. The essence of this property was described beautifully by Walter Russell in Vol. I of The Message of the Divine Iliad (pp. 185-186). He talked about how, on Earth, it takes so much time to build a civilization and but a relative instant to destroy it. All of us can relate to this sense-based property from the most personal aspects of our lives to those that impact us societally and even globally. This property of time is confounding and confusing from a sense-based point of view mainly -becauase when we are operating in the physical dimension we all want the security of reliability. This particular property of time throws us off

guard, to say the least. In essence, it represents -

the extreme state of imbalance in our environment. Though disconcerting, the variability/discontinuity of time does take us to the place of wondering why it all is as it is, which has historically directed us into thinking about the fifth enigmatic property of time when it is considered form a sense-based orientation.

5. Apparent Causality. In his study, a conclusion Kosyrev reached was that time separated cause from effect. Russell students give credence to the fact that there is but One Cause and all else is effect. However, Kosyrev's observation assists us in recognizing the root of most sense-based supposition of cause: time can indeed separate effect from counter effect, thus creating the illusion of causal occurrences in our realm. Clearly, this property of time has thrown many scientists off the mark! In Elizabeth's piece, she mentioned that the Big Bang theorists delegate the cause of light curvature to gravity, whereas like Chester pointed out, gravity never causes anything, but rather it is the interaction between the effects of gravitation and radiation that manifest yet more effects.

6. Duration/perpetuity. Elizabeth remarked (FUL, V2#2, p.43) that no one can know the age of the universe. In response, Chester cited Russell's knowing that the universe was, is and


will be ageless (FUL, V2#2, p.46). However, as we operate in this realm of reality we continue to be concerned about and contrive measures and records of age, whether it be that of a person, tree, appliance, house, car or political/cultural era. Depending upon our sense-based life orientation, we all want certain things or events to end instantly or last forever. This last property of measurable or recordable time blends into the second property since each definition of duration is a result of a person's or culture's perception of the preceding five properties and how they combine.

Category II Properties of time in bridging sense-based reality with Reality

The secondary category of the properties of time has to do with subjective4 individual perceptions and experiences. All of these properties exist, and all of them are not specifically measurable. When they do serve as records, each is as individual as a snowflake or fingerprint and thus not classifiable in scientific or consensus based categories.

1. Quantitative Relativity. This property refers to psychological urgency, or lack thereof. Many examples come to mind: having plenty of time, or not enough; being early, or late or on time; timing certain events so they run perfectly or disastrously. Ancillary to urgency is anxiety or yearning. For example, Walter Russell often spoke of the “agony of awaiting” illumination or union with the divine.

4. My definition of the word subjective in this context is unique and singular; not reliant upon consensus of any sort. 2. Qualitative Relativity. We have all had experiences wherein time seemed to drag on forever, or pass like a flash of lightening. In

moments like this, the earth plane measures/records of interval or duration are subjectively irrelevant. When we wait for a repairman, an hour can feel like a month, especially when our day is booked up or we have better things to do with our time! By contrast, if we are involved in an exciting project, time flies. If we are bored, time “creeps in its petty pace from day to day“ as Shakespeare might note; if we are madly in love a weekend with our beloved can seem an eternity.

3. Experiential Relativity. Inherently, this property differs from the above two by virtue of a key factor: the lack of reference to operating in the physical world. Most commonly, this aspect

of time is deeply familiar and real to people who’

have had out of the body or near death experiences. Accounts of time awareness during such episodes run the gamut from speeding up to slowing down to standing still. This property is also documented in the experiences of those who have been hypnotically regressed into the past or progressed into the future. (So yes, Elizabeth, in this context travel between historic periods is possible). Perhaps most significantly, when we study the lives of [luminati and the moments of their awakenings, we find all manner of unique references to this kind of internal perception of time. Also, regardless of particular reference time is always mentioned.

4. Transitional conduit of energy. Kosyrev postulates that “life actually uses the time pattern as …a source of energy”, but does not supply the reasoning behind his postulation. However, Walter Russell* gives us a clue that this might be so. He says many people told him that The Secret of Light was so complex that they could only “get

5. The Message of the Divine Iliad, Vol. I, pp. 70-71.


a little at a time”. He responded, “Thank God if you only get a little at a time. The reason you get a little at a time instead of much is simply because the transition from sensing to knowing is a difficult one“ (emphasis mine). Similarly, yoga students are aware of cautions not to prematurely force the flow of kundalini since not only is this excessively difficult but also considered to be dangerous in most cases.

The above properties of time constitute a bridge between the worlds of sensing and knowing in that they possess qualities inherent to both states or ways of being. Consequently, awareness and conscious use of Category II time properties can actually ease the transition. Unlike Category I which is instinct based no matter how sophisticated the descriptions of and theories about the properties therein, Category II is also based in intuition and imagination which are both qualities of Mind.

As we expand our imagining and give full seriousness to Category II time properties, so we become closer to being One with Divine imagination and begin to co-create from that center. The more we do this, the more often we will know the nature of time from an illumined or Reality based perception.

Category II Properties of time in Mind-based Reality or a State of Knowing

Non-existent. Simultaneous. Constant.

_Tilusion. Now.


Notice that I have not annotated the above properties. How could anyone: They are at once

‘self-explanatory; they explain everything there is

to know about time and nothing about it as well!! Still, it is through realizing Category III qualities and combining them with those of Category I that we are able to address some of the questions Elizabeth and Chester raised regarding the paradoxes that come up when we consider time, space and reality.

It seems to me that the prophets, when they accurately predict the future, are not predicting at all, but rather describing a segment of the Now which they know from a Category III place in which sense-based past, preserit and future are one. As Russell had to do when he transcribed the Iliad volumes and other writings, they must filter their knowingness through Category II type time and then try to articulate it in Category I terms!

Regarding Chester's query #1 as to why he would choose to experience illusion rather than reality, I have often asked myself the same question. In my thinking, I have come to a place wherein I am very careful about my use of words and what they mean to me emotionally. Central to Chester's question is an implied judgment that a knowing reality is desirable and a sense-based illusionary reality is not so desirable. Where I am right now about this issue is that for me it is FUN! and, most seriously, purposeful. If my illusionary state of being is the result of God's imaginings, I am privileged indeed to be participating in His drama in this way. And, as I continue to contemplate the nature of time in all of its unfolding, I find myself more and more dancing on the bridge between our two worlds in a spirit of joy and sometimes ecstacy as I co- create with the Divine Source.

I think I responded to Chester's question #2 to the best of my ability in this paper.

Regarding #3 as to how free will enters “into an illusion which is unfolding from God's imaginings”, I really have no clue, but free will must exist for a most important reason. First, I think it exists in experiential (illusionary) reality so that we finally get the fact that we can make a conscious choice to learn from joy rather than pain. Secondly, I think that the passionate spirits of those of us who come to Earth for a sojourn or two would not have it any other way! Chester, I too wonder whether “free-will [might] only reside in our choice of perception“: that idea certainly


puts us and others of like mind on the Category I bridge of time. Still, I think there is more to all of this than we can currently conceive. . . maybe when we finally cross the bridge we will know.


Thank you Kristina for your thorough, insightful and thought provoking article. Bridging the two worlds is purposeful and can be FUN. Fun derived from awareness of God's Love and Omnipresence.


Ms. Strom further adds:

For the last few months, there have been several topics I have been meaning to mention” and raise questions about.

Pole Shift

In the last decade, there has been increased interest in the alignment of the Earth's magnetic pole with Polaris (the North Star), an event that occurs every 25-26,000 years. Many astronomers speculate that this will happen between the years 1950 and 2075, but are unable to pinpoint a specific date. Richard Keininger, founder of the Stelle Group, has for years stated that this will occur on May 5, 2000. Mayan Calendar enthusiasts project the date of the Winter Solstice, 2012. Mishio Kushi, in his Outer Dimensions, targets the year 2102. Has anyone some insights regarding this subject?

The New York Times (Feb. 16, 1995) published the most recent findings about hemispheric function in the brain. In my thinking about the brain I have also read that the right and left sides communicate through a stem that connects them which I believe is called the corpus callosum, which has made me wonder whether that stem could be thought of as a sort of cerebral fulcrum. Also, there is much discussion in metaphysical communities about astonishing changes in the structure of DNA in our bodies. I know very little about this, but I seem to remember something about the helixes expanding from the current 2 to 12.

Is there a Fulcrum reader who might expand my understanding (or lack thereof!) about these topics?

The Pleiades

In the recent Light Waves it was reported that Walter Russell, when asked where he was from, replied “another solar system“. I do not know whether he said this in jest, or in sincerity. Regardless, I find it quite fascinating that from a geocentric view the Taureen degrees in his chart are in direct alignment with the position of the Pleiades. Even more fascinating is that the “Pleiadian” material being channeled by Barbara Marciniak (Bringers of the Dawn, Earth, U.S.) and Jani King (The P'taah Tapes, Aust.) is uncannily similar to Russell's teachings. I realize that this is far out stuff, but wondered whether anyone else had noticed these “coincidences” and had given them any thought.

Thank you so much for considering these things. Love, light and peace to you all.

(Ed. note: Both Walter and Lao Russell claimed origin in the Sirius star system.]




Jerome Canty asked us to announce that he has a copy of Walter Russell's The Russell Genero- Radiative Concept, 1930 edition, for sale.

For further information contact: Jerome Canty

378 Humboldt St.

Chico, CA 95928


Paper presented to the World Foundation for Natural Science, third annual conference held in Lindau Germany October 3-7, 1994.


By Dr. Timothy A Binder


An historical review of contemporary compulsory education and its effects will be reviewed. A radically different education based on nurturing individual initiative, reliance, self esteem and creativity as well as teaching basic communication and self body-mind balancing and maintenance skills as whole systems revealing a universal unique principle that applies to everything will be outlined. Suggestions as to the applications of such a way will be given for teaching reading, writing, mathematics, physical education, art, science, medicine and health, government, commerce and religion.

John Gatto in his 1990 New York Teacher Of The Year speech and in an essay written in 1992 for the Conference on Private Initiatives in education titled Bootie Zimmer's Choice gave a revealing look at the effects of compulsory education in America and its origins in Europe. (Gatto, 1990, 1991.) I will be quoting and paraphrasing him in some detail.

American literacy before compulsory education was unsurpassed. Pierre DuPont deNemours in his book Education In The United States published in 1812 stated that at least 996 people out of every one thousand in the USA could read and do mathematics well. At the time of the revolutionary war Thomas Paine sold 600,000 copies of his book Common Sense to a nation of two and one-half million with seventy percent of these being slaves or indentured servants. Walter Scott sold five million copies of his books between 1813 and 1823. That would be like an author selling sixty some millions of


books today. These books, as well as many others uncited, were deep books with involved sentence structures and a depth and breadth of meaning.

Today we have less literacy, less skill in mathematics, and what is even more significant, generations of people that do not have any experience or apparent ability in critical thinking and problem solving. This problem is not limited to the USA, but rather is a world wide phenomena in the “civilized” world and at least some of the reason can be seen in our educational system.

Buckminster Fuller in his book, Critical Path, allegorically portrays the development of our situation as a fight for power and dominance with the dominant few recognizing comprehensive generalized knowledge as the criteria for power and denying it to those subject to them. In effect, hie stated the strongest man who was able to subjugate those around him physically became king. The king then surrounded himself with “experts” who the king effectually told “it is-your job to know about your small area of expertise and it is my job to have comprehensive generalized knowledge about everything”. (Fuller, 1981, pages 60-120) This type of thinking has permeated our educational systems and resulted in a guild type of educational bureaucracy where the blind to comprehensive knowledge lead the blind, and individual initiative and creativity is discouraged.

Walter and Lao Russell, who founded the University Of Science And Philosophy to teach Universal Law, Natural Science and a Living Philosophy, pointed out similar flaws in our educational system underscoring the emphasis on memorization and minimal nurturance of the creative. They said we needed an education that would teach us the simple unique principle that is the base for all phenomena, a principle that would unify all knowledge and our relationship to each other, to our world, and to God. They also said we needed an education that would teach us to know who and why we are, our relation to God and how to seek inspiration from and realization of our Oneness with God in meditation. (Russell, Walter & Lao, 1963, units 1-12)

As John Gatto points out in his essay, Bootie Zimmer's Choice, our present unbalanced educational system has its roots deep in a humanity killing and enslaving past. The model for our present educational system was imported from Germany in the early eighteen hundreds. After Napoleon's troops defeated the Prussian army at Jena, one of the most influential documents to mold our educational system was produced. The German philosopher Fichte delivered his famous Address to the German Nation. (Gatto, 1991.)

In this paper Fichte effectively told the German people that they would have to shape up through a new system of compulsory schooling where everyone would learn to take orders. In 1819 the first compulsory state schooling was instituted in Prussia. Its goal was to produce obedient soldiers for the army, workers for the mines, well subordinated civil servants for government, and clerks for industry. The most important goal of all was to produce citizens who thought alike, agreed about major issues, and agreed with the sovereign government, the “king”.

Thus compulsory schooling began in Prussia with this goal. The methods to achieve it took their cue from the warnings of Socrates some two millenniums before who said that if teachers were paid to teach (if it became a professional guild) that they would make what is easy to learn seem difficult, and what is mastered rapidly to stretch out over a long time.

There were about four methods used to

accomplish the Prussian model which has since.


become the world model. First, it was considered that the will of the child needed to be broken to make an obedient citizenry that would do as it was schooled to do. Second, children were not to be given opportunity to think, to work out problems on their own initiative and native intelligence, but should be taught to simply memorize. This would give little time for self reliance, innovation, and independent thinking. Third, subjects would be fragmented into unrelated parts, into units, and the unification of all phenomena by a common principle would be obscured. This was supported by fixed time periods of study, externally imposed subjects to study irrespective of individual interest, and externally imposed questions showing only a limited point of view. All this would severely limit the thinking, self reliance, and leadership of the masses of children and thus in time most adults. The fourth method was to take the children from the parents as soon as possible on the premise that the state is sovereign over the ~~ family. This last method takes the responsibility from the natural teachers of children and puts it squarely in the hands of the state controlled compulsory bureaucracy to enforce the values, will, desires, and ideas of a dominant minority.

This in an extremely abbreviated form is the evolution of our present system of state controlled compulsory education. It evolved from our barbaric humanity killing and taking practices into a schooling to kill initiative, leadership and self reliance and to create slaves for a tuling elite. The institution of education in itself is a Tuling elite, though not at the top of the hierarchy. We spend more and more money on education, more than anything in the USA except national defense, and get less and less literacy and the social chaos resulting from damaged children as the result.

Bertrand Russell once said that America was undertaking the most incredible education experiment in history in denying its children the capability of rational thinking and problem solving. I do not think it has been in America alone. In the old Prussian Empire there was the Volks schulen which schooled 92% of the children of the lower classes and was devoted not to intellectual training, but to subordination and obedience. Real training for thinking was found

in the Real Schulen in which 8% of the children .

of the upper ruling classes participated.

Even this real schooling I believe was

deficient, and I will discuss what I think we will in time have as a universal education for children of all ages. ” Institutionalized education has been a paradigm maker for all other institutions. Through our compulsory schooling and its methods we model and influence all other institutions. Through a change in our educational system we can assist the needed paradigm shift in all other institutions.

The results of our present system are so obvious as to perhaps not need mentioning for most of us present at this conference. But even for us, it will be useful to review what John Taylor Gatto and I see as the result of this inhumane method. We have observed the following results of modem schooling:

1) Children are indifferent to the adult world, which is a break with humanity's past where children always wanted to be like adults and grow


2) The ability to concentrate is weak, and there is little curiosity and enthusiasm in learning and exploring the world. As a physician I have observed the link between poor nutrition and poisons in our food supply as augmenting this. Constant regimentation, bells ringing and no choice based on natural interest must play a large part too.

3) The young have no hope for a future or an interest in the past. In Denver Colorado they call themselves the Terminal Generation. Yet they do not see how tomorrow is linked to today. They are ahistorical and do not see how the past has shaped their present, influencing their values and their lives.


4) There is little compassion for misfortune and they are cruel to each other. They laugh at weakness and have contempt for people whose need shows too plainly.

5) The other side of cruelty is uneasiness, if not inability, to be intimate and candid. Their persona, made up from TV and schooling with a view to manipulating teachers and others, they realize is false; intimacy and candor would reveal the disguise, and so is avoided.

6) The young are materialistic having learned it from adults, from teachers who materialistically grade everything, and from TV and movies who

glorify it.

7) The graduates of our compulsory educational system are either dependent, passive and timid when faced with challenges or demonstrate surface bravado, anger, aggressiveness and violence. Underneath all this is a vacuum without fortitude and a lower reptilian only brain response unable to access the higher neocortical thinking and emotional response. (Gatto, 1990,1991)

I think our educational system bears responsibility not only for the pitiful state our young are in, but also for the pitiful state of our modern medicine and childbirth modalities, chemicalized poison farming practices, television, movies, and even more. All of our institutions influence each other for good or for bad. If we change one for the good, we will in some degree change them all. If we shift the paradigm and the methods of education, we might do more than in any other-area to make a change towards a peaceful and sustainable civilization.

If we see clearly what we all have ignorantly done and allowed to be done, we can realize at least some of the essentials for a new universal education paradigm for children (of all ages). This might create human beings that exhibit the following qualities as contrasted to what Mr. Gatto says is now the norm: . 1) Adults that care for children so much that they are willing to spend the time necessary to relate to them and provide good balanced models for what the children will then want to become.

2) Humans that have an inherent ability to focus the attention on whatever task is at hand, what interests them, and from that to whatever they feel it is necessary to focus on, interesting or not. Humans that can decentrate to the zero of stillness at will to find their eternal-internal well of inspiration and sustenance. Human bodies and brains that possess the structure and biochemistry to manifest the higher consciousness that is our destiny, having evolved from a society that recognizes and provides the biological, psychological and spiritual imperatives for higher consciousness.

3) Humans that have an accurate knowledge of their past and an enticing model envisioned for their future, A vision of the past and the future that springs from an enlarging present understanding and realization that becomes both the past and the future. Such a knowledge would encompass all that we are collectively speaking of at this conference and all that we dream of for our common future. This.can be accomplished in many different mediums as part of a universal education.

4&5) Humans that possess compassion as .contrasted to cruelty or even sympathy which wails greatly doing little. Humans who understand another's weakness is an opportunity for both the weak and the strong to exercise their will and responsibilities to lift each other to greater heights. For each is then able to be completely what they are in service to each other in giving and regiving in openness and ecstasy.

6) Humans who realize what is of true value, who recognize that real wealth resides in humanity itself and especially beyond that in the Creator, the treasure in heaven. Humans who value right


thinking, right action, and giving for equal regiving over any material stuff. Humans who respect the material possessions of their fellow humans and realize that all of these are only temporarily in our care and ultimately belong to the Creator.

7) A humanity that is kind and gentle as well as strong and resilient. A hurhanity that possesses these qualities as a consequence of having forged them in the fire of transformation that it has ignited {self with the challenges created that are all focusing at the end of this second millennium in our many world crises-opportunities. This is the humanity that I believe we can become and that a universal education for children of all ages can nourish.

Walter and Lao Russell gave us a blueprint for producing such extraordinary individuals both in their lives and in their teachings. Walter Russell had no formal schooling beyond the fifth grade – other than art training at Normal Art School in Boston, MA, the Museum of Fine Arts at Drexel Institute in Philadelphia, PA, and the Academy Julian in Paris, France. .He said that such schooling would likely have ruined his creative ability and stunted his expression of genius in the many varied ways that he chose to express it. He also said that he demonstrated such versatility to show us that this was possible for all of us. He said that he was not specially blessed nor was anyone specially blessed, but that it was all a matter of desire. In other words, we all have the potential, if it is not temporarily frustrated by compulsory schooling, or our own lack of desire however that is derived.

Yet Walter Russell did have five years of schooling, and in that time learned at least the basic communication skills of reading, writing, and arithmetic. These basic communication skills are useful in any culture and can be taught by parents or teachers as long as children wish to learn them. Children do wish to learn them and can easily do so if they are not forced to be obedient and will-less blank slates upon which the “teacher“ then writes what the state wants programmed in them.

There is a school that shows mothers how they can teach their babies to read, do math, be fluent in several languages, and even how to play the violin as proof that basic communication skills can be easily taught without compulsion and with better results. The Institutes For The Achievement Of Human Potential in Philadelphia has been demonstrating this since shortly after the second world war. Taking their lead and marrying several successful innovative methods together, we may produce an extraordinary educational system.

There is a universal key that unlocks the mystery of language, mathematics and all creation. This key was implicit in all the Russells’ works, and it was and is the basis of all ancient and traditional natural cultures. The Russells called this key the rhythmic balanced interchange between all equal pairs of opposite conditions, things, and transactions. This is the polarization process, the yin and the yang of the orient, the trinity of the west and the One from which the male and female equal and opposite halves of all creating things that the Russells talked of appear from.

Language and mathematics are based on this unique principle although it is not generally made explicit. All words and numbers can be reduced to three essential meanings. There are three types and three essential meanings of all symbols, be they words or numbers. There are “One” symbols, “Many” symbols, and “Relationship“ symbols.

If it is to make sense, a sentence or an equation must follow the form of this times that equals meaning. For example, two plus three equals five. In these, the this and the that and the two and the three are “Many” symbols, the times, plus, and equals symbols are “Relationship” symbols, and meaning and five are “One” symbols.

Any communication, if it is to make sense and express the truth of Universe, thus says there are at least two parts in relation to each other when considering the essence of any “thing” in the

universe, and the ultimate meaning of any relationship is identity, so these parts are really a whole. We commit a formal or abstract error when we communicate that there is only a “this“ or only a “that” not in relation to its opposite. When we do this we attempt to-run one thing to infinity and there is only one thing that is infinite and that is Universe or God by any name.

To confuse the three types of symbols is a formal error in communication. To say that a “Many” is the “One” is to attempt to run a part or a many to infinity. To say that there. are many universes or many Gods is to attempt to reduce the “One” to less than Zero-Infinity or to illogically state that there are a plurality of the only One there is. Yet we can say, and it is true, that the “Many“ is/are the “One”. But there is only One thing that is the only thing there is that is not in relation to something else; that is Universe or God by any name, and it is ineffable. To say that there can be a relationship of a relationship is a redundancy and waste of words. To say a relationship is the One or the Many is a perception of the meaning of relationship as that which reveals two or more parts as being joined into One and ultimate identity. The truth of Universe is that all the Many are (is) the One. Both are real, all three meanings are real, all three together are the truth of Universe. If we wish to communicate clearly and not confuse ourselves or others, we must not confuse the (meaning of the) three types of words, numbers or other symbols.

The Russells used the lever as a model for God's universal creative process. The lever is the simplest machine and is a model for all phenomena and for language and mathematics. The lever is made up of two extensions (the Many) from a centering fulcrum (Relationship) and the entire lever is the ONE. (Russell, Walter and Lao, 1963 units 1-12)

In the orient the One was called the Tao or Brahma, and in the West the One was called God

- The Father or the Trinity. The many in the East


was yin and yang or Vishnu and Shiva, and in the West was God the son. Relationship was unidentified in the East but appears as the dividing-connecting line between the light and dark halves of the circular Taoist symbol and in the West appears as the Holy Ghost. The trinity of the West was mistakenly expressed in that God was only a father; mother only crept in as the virgin Mary. Also God the son lacks God the daughters, which is similar to modern science claiming that there are single charged particles rather than all parts of universé possessing a dual charge, + and ~.

When language and mathematics are revealed in this light of understanding they become easy. In fact all problems and all subjects can be viewed through the comprehensive generalized principle I have just revealed, so that all things are seen and experienced as connected into an organic unity. When all things are seen to be One, our moral precepts can be understood in a deeper light. With this understanding we can, with our own inner resources, comprehend the solutions to all of our world crises and solve the daily problems of living.

When capital and labor, all races, and all people see themselves as One and One with all creation, we will treat each other with greater kindness and tolerance. We will seek to get the best end of the “bargain“ for each other and become loving co-creators with the Creator in caring for this planet and all life.

Every field of study can be related to every other field by the Russell Cosmogony and the unified thinking I am outlining. When all subjects are so related teaching can become a moral force for good that allows the innate goodness in every human soul to germinate and grow without effort. A moral teaching based on effort may be less effective than one that is effortless. We can only live effortlessly when we realize that we do not need to make an effort, if we follow the way of life which is the way of balanced giving for equal regiving that the Russells revealed as the way of the Creator, nature's way.

Let us now look explicitly at a skeleton outline of a universal education for children of all ages. To be a child no matter what your age is to want to learn, to seek to discover the secret of the


Universe, to see all things as new and with awe and wonder, to feel the desire to know who and why you exist, and to know and please your brothers and sisters and your Creator, God by any name.

Communication skills can be taught with the trinity model as a basis for universal understanding. This model can be extended to every other subject in innumerable ways. There is a certain amount of effortless memorization that naturally occurs in learning to read, write and do numbers when it is done willingly. Any skill or area of expertise that anyone desires to demonstrate must be demonstrated through the body as that is where we are as parts of the Creation. So any skill needs to be learned through inspiration and then expressed through trial and error or through the modeling of someone already skilled in what we wish to demonstrate. Once the skill to express our desire is acquired we then must continue to access our own source of - inspiration. Meditation in any of its many forms is the means whereby we access inspiration. In / essence this is doing as the Russells taught us to, “learn to do a thing by doing it”.

The first criteria for a universal education is to not force anyone to learn anything. Let it unfold from inner desire. Simply provide the loving emotional support, the feeling of safety for the child to be what they are, and an environment of necessary tools for whatever they wish and need to utilize to express themselves.

Thus a universal education should include methods and experience in various methods of meditation. The Russells give a generic understanding of meditation and teach a simple technique in their Home Study Course. (Russell, Walter & Lao, 1963 unit 1) They teach meditation as the process of concentration-decentration on whatever we wish to know. They tell us to seek the solution to any problem, to knowing whatever we wish to know, including knowing God, through mediation. They admonish us to seek aloneness where we can turn inward towards our own thoughts, revelation, inspiration and reliance. To seek awareness of God's presence within our being wordlessly was the basic technique. As artist-philosopher-writers this was how they did it, and thus a study of their lives provides us a model.

They did not study or adopt any “formal“ methods of meditation. It appears to me that one reason was to be able to reveal the essence of meditation unencumbered by the rituals and methods of the various sects that have consciously taught meditation techniques throughout human history. Once we see what the Russells revealed, we may feel free to experiment with any technique and not lose sight of the essence of all techniques.

Many of the ancient traditions claim that there are various meditation techniques that apply better to certain types of people. I do not doubt that this is true. A person interested in physical development and control may do better with a form of meditation that differs from that best for a poet or painter. But all forms will be the same in their essence. The essence is to go beyond body sensing to mind knowing or beyond personal consciousness to God realized consciousness.

‘Every human should have knowledge about their body, how to care for and maintain its vitality and to be unaware of personal sickness, old age, and infirmity. The secret of balance as revealed in the polarization process can be applied to three essential areas of teaching about the body-mind. First, in basic physical education it is applied to discover how to transfer the control and use of key muscles used in crawling to the truly erect position, what I have named Position Technic the Science of Centering. Second, balance is applied in knowledge of how to assess constitution and condition and eat accordingly to maintain biochemical balance through individualized diet. Third is knowledge of the secrets of the mind and how our choices in beliefs manifested in thinking and experienced ultimately as positive or negative emotional states influences all body processes.

I have mastered the secrets of physical balance in the human body and developed a technic, a scientific sequence of movements I call

Position Technic, that are a reaffirmation of the ancient science of hatha yoga taken to a new level of precision that demonstrates the destiny of the body in balance. When Position Technic becomes the basis of our physical education we will evolve to become Homo erectus Sapiens.

The little child on all fours uses three key

_ groups of muscles to support the head, neck,


chest, abdomen and lower back. When the child arises to the upright posture, and if they are living in a safe loving environment surrounded with balanced parental models, they have thé first natural prerequisites met towards transferring this control and support from crawling to the erect balanced posture.

Unfortunately most children do not have the safe and loving environment, nor do they have the models necessary to create this transfer. The result is the so called normal human posture of three curves braced tension mechanics that progressively accelerates into greater tension and curvature as we age.

The corresponding psychological posture is that of an individual in a stress fight or flight mode. Virtually all forms of normal posture are forms of the fight or flight mechanism where the head is forward of the body with tight neck and shoulder muscles and the spine demonstrates | three tension braced curves. We can help children of all ages realize an ecstatic state beyond fight or flight by providing the knowledge and tools for them to balance the body, just as we can help them live in balanced erect bodies by balancing the mind and emotions through understanding of the powers of the mind and through balance of the biochemistry through diet.

The power of food on the physical, mental and emotional processes needs to be comprehended and experience of its effects provided. The theory of individual constitution and condition such as given in Ayurvedic and Chinese medical models can be given reality through experience when attention is focused on cause and effect. The importance of poison free and vital food needs to be taught in relation to individual types for optimum health. The power of the mind over all other processes, the physical and biochemical balances, can also be experienced. When a child masters all of these three essentials they have a feeling of personal power and self reliance based on solid factual experience no matter what their age.

When we clearly understand the unique principle of balance and use it as the basis of our intellectual processes, we are’ able to comprehend whole cycles processes and see both or all sides to questions-problems. Then we will become Homo erectus Sapiens holognosis.

After the physical and mental bodies are balanced and conform to the blueprint of the Creator and we realize our Oneness, then we will become Homo erectus Sapiens holognosis ecstaticus! This ecstatic state is the result of self realization and of deeply comprehending Universe. This comprehension-realization determines our beliefs and thus our emotional State.

This realization-comprehension proceeds on all three levels of the physical, biochemical and mental-emotional simultaneously. The predominant evolution occurs on different levels and degrees in each individual. If you accelerate one, you accelerate them all. All you need to do is to start wherever your desire is. The ancient ideals of Yoga, and in similar respects those of the Greeks and all the mystery schools, was an intensification of normal evolution by working on all aspects of the human being simultaneously with assistance given by a teacher who understood the needs of the student. We can provide a similar environment for children of all ages to nurture human evolution physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

We can create a universal education for children of all ages with teachers who have been trained by teachers who know the essence of what I am outlining. It is a gargantuan work, but it has gargantuan laborers working with the Creator to accomplish the end anda reward that is our ultimate destiny. The University Of Science And Philosophy is one of these laborers, and I believe so is The World Foundation For Natural Science.


We can and are seeding each others efforts through sharing of vision and techniques and are both working to disseminate this universal education into the mainstream of humanity and education.

The Russell books and Home Study Course are a study in fundamental knowledge. The Russells stated that the science of Humanity was the least understood science and that we needed to know who we are, where we came from, where Wwe are going and our relation to each other and to God. This is revealed in their teaching. They give the principle behind all Creation and give an intellectual grasp of the universal education I have outlined. With this knowledge, that of other fundamental teachings, and their practical application to the areas I have outlined, we will create a new education paradigm that nurtures the individual to recognize their unity with all other beings, with God, how to care for themselves and their environment, and how to realize their - destiny.

I propose that we initiate a series of trainings for teachers of this new universal education both on the continent, in North America and throughout the world. The University Of Science And Philosophy has offered such trainings the last five years in addition to continuing to disseminate the Russell books and Home Study Course. I am eager to extend these teachings here and to assist those who wish to extend their work throughout the world. Please let me know how I can help you, and all of us, to realize our common human destiny. Thank you for your kind attention.


Fuller, Buckminster, (1981), Critical Path, St. Martin's Press, New York.

Gatto, John, (1990, 1991), Teacher of the Year Acceptance Speech & Bootie Zimmer's Choice. Privately published by Mr. Gatto.

Russell, Walter & Lao (1951, 1952, 1963), Home Study Course, University Of Science And Philosophy, Waynesboro VA 22980.

Vortex Graphics by Pat Flaugher A graphical look at an evolving, paired centrifugal and centripetal vortex system

Somewhere between his duties overseeing contractor construction for Virginia Power Co., maintaining the family's home and 4 acres in West Virginia, and attending to his wife, Connie, and son, Josh, Pat finds the time to be an avid Russell science student and scholar. After much study, reflection

-and tedious work on his home computer, Pat has generated a series of graphic illustrations depicting a complete wave cycle.

. Pat describes these illustrations as his interpretation of the wave in sequence: cathode bases (frame 12) centripetally conditioning space to appear as matter at an anode center where matter is centrifugally conditioned to reappear as space at a cathode base (frame 31). “This is a first step which I hope will be of value to people wanting to understand the vortex wave mechanics of Nature as described by Walter Russell. If Walter only had had computers at his disposal, what might he have done to convey his understanding of the wave to us. I sincerely hope these illustrations will inspire and possibly give other students insights into this process. These are my interpretations (imaginings) of what is occurring in the wave. I know our understanding will evolve beyond these initial graphics and look forward to its’ unfolding.”

Working at his 486/33 cloned computer using Micro-Lathe and Windows paintbrush program, Pat meticulously located points on the two dimensional screen which were subsequent “lathed” (rotated) by the computer to generate a three dimensional surface. Creating all 16 drawings took the better part of two months in the basement of his home! This editor has had the good fortune to view this series of drawings set in motion by the computer. Watching the wave in motion sent chills up my spine. I know someday these graphics will be taken to the next level of color, curvature of wave axis, rotational spin, etc.; a labor of love Pat is actually pursuing as time (the responsibilities of husband, father, homeowner, & money maker) and money (computer software costs) allow!

Pat and I conferred and came up with descriptions for each frame which begins with frame 12 starting on the next page. I think this is a wonderful piece of work by Pat and we both trust others will be inspired to carry this work forward.

For more information from Pat on the hows and whats of his work, please contact him at:

HC 33, Box 674

Petersburg, WV 26847





12. Wave field boundary planes of stillness become cathode bases. Pat shows the idea for the cathode imprinted on the still boundary plane as the first impulse of motion is about to begin. Thought imprints idea for cathode base on boundary planes of stillness. Universal thinking causes energy for motion to spring forth from the cathode base, centripetally directed towards the anode center. Still invisible in Pat's drawing, thought imprints idea for anode center on points of stillness. Universal thinking simultaneously causes energy for motion to spring forth from the

' anode center, centrifugally directed away from

the anode center.

13. Cathode bases are barely visible as centripetal force initiates motion. The anode center is not yet visible, yet centrifugal motion simultaneously manifests when centripetal motion begins at the cathode base. Here is where Walter Russell says minimum motion-in-opposition occurs; the lowest potential condition of space is again gathered by centripetal force into higher potentials of matter. This is the zero, inert gas position in Walter Russell's periodic charts of the elements. ltaneously

generated with the first centripetal motion. This motion is as of yet not visible as it does not

escape the confines of the centripetal motion.


of course,

14. Projection of motion towards the anode center is now visible. Motion is tightly wound around

the wave axis (gravity shaft). 15. Centripetal motion from each cathode meets at the anode center. Centrifugal motion at the

anode center is

T4 15





16. A toroidal surface appears as centrifugal motion breaches the confines of the centripetal motion and expands outward. Centripetal motion will start to fill the center void or space as the system ages and expands under increasing centrifugal force. Inside (space) is turning outside; outside (matter) is turning inside.

17. The toroid becomes less oblate (an oblate sphere is one whose equatorial diameter exceeds its polar or spin axis diameter) as it ages to maturity. Note the centripetal vortex begins to widen and expand away from the wave axis. The beginnings of the anode to cathode transformation are apparent as is seen by the motion expanding outward from the equatorial plane.



18, 19. The system further ages with oblateness (ratio of the equatorial diameter to the polar axis diameter) decreasing. The “doughnut hole“ in the toroid is closing.


20,21.The system approaches maturity as evidenced by the “doughnut hole” being filled and the shape of the toroid approaching a perfect sphere. As it is further away from the constricting centripetal force focussed at the anode center, the centrifugal equatorial motion begins to fantail at its periphery as the motion repels from itself.






22. The system is at maturity, the carbon +4 amplitude position is obtained. Maximum motion-in-opposition occurs; male centripetal and female centrifugal forces are balanced. The hole has closed at the anode center and a true spherical surface is created. Pat has drawn the cathode bases to be equal diameter with the centrifugal

‘plane of motion to simulate the balance of forces

at this +4 amplitude position.

23. The system begins to age past maturity as centrifugal force predominates over centripetal. The spherical surface at the anode center begins to oblate as a hole is bored from within. Outside (space) is turning inside. Matter is returning to space via the equatorial plane.




2A. Further aging and oblateness occur. Note the diameter of the centrifugal equatorial plane of expansion is greater than the cathode base diameters signifying centrifugal predominance. Also, Pat shows the periphery of the centrifugal plane of motion beginning to fantail more as centripetal influence lessens and the repellent centrifugal force acts against itself.

25. As aging progresses the hole at the anode center enlarges; space is consuming matter as the system continues to turn outside-in. The cathode bases are seen even smaller relative to the centrifugal equatorial plane. The cathode bases will eventually reverse polarity and transform into anode centers.

26. Oblateness increases as does the space within the center of the system.


iff }||


27. The wave nature of this whole process is easily seen as the toroid flattens out and takes the appearance of an ocean wave. Centripetal motion generated from the cathode base is visibly diminishing. The cathode is well on its way to becoming the still point anode.



fined to the wave

the cathode bases shrink.

10n 1s con

28. Centripetal moti

axis as


Nh (ie Ga


Nt Wi i

29. Centripetal motion lessens.

33 30. Centripetal motion is at its minimum. Here is

minimum motion-in-opposition

occurrence. This is the zero, inert gas position in Walter Russell's periodic charts of the elements.


31. The anode still point has become the cathode base. This is equivalent to drawing #12. Pat is showing the idea of the cathode shadowed on the cubic wave field boundary planes of stillness.

This is the end and the beginning of the wave.



SYNERGY DANCE Experiencing the Step Down of the Mind Through the Emotions to the Body. The Synergy of the Polarity Paradigm, Yoga, and Dance in Healing Movement. by Chester Hatstat & Nan Ryant

SynergyDance was developed by Charmaine expression of energy in motion. This energetic Lee, a remarkable woman bom in 1948 in South —_ expression involves movement between positive Africa with bow legs, misshapen feet and ankles and. negative poles of energy fields. These fields who knew at age 3 she was to become a dancer, range from the whole field of the universe to the She studied classical ballet, tap, classical Greek increasingly smaller fields through and below the (Isodora Duncan), Middle eastern and many cellular level. The masculine or Positive principle African dance forms as a child. At the age of 16, of energy involves outward, radiant, yang she was accepted into the professional expression; the feminine or negative principle Performing Arts of Dance of South Africa. She involves receptive, magnetic, yin qualities of later was accepted into the Royal Academy of | movement. Energy originates and completes at a Dance in London, England to study and perform _ neutral center—a unified field of energy where ballet. It was through her love of dance that she masculine and feminine emerge and merge, a overcame these shortcomings. Charmaine stated _ point of relative stillness simulating Source. This that performers who have had physical challenges _triune function of positive, negative and neutral to overcome are often the ones who develop _ principles underlies all levels of life's expression. tremendous depth and character. SynergyDance utilizes the original intent of -

At age 26, Charmaine started her own dance dance which was a sacred and healing art. Most school in the African country of Lesotho. She __ of the worlds dances have a healing basis to them, went on to study the anthropology and it is through tapping into the

of dance, traveling throughout te healing aspect that one begins to Africa. Within her was the || ‘#¢Jirst movement of Love.“ || tec} the power behind the dance.

realization that dance was more Charmaine Lee What is this “power” behind the than mere anthropological form. the energy in motion. Charmaine yoga, Tai Chi and other martial arts, investigated told of an expression, “if you don't dance the Eastern spiritualities and cosmologies, and _ elements, they'll dance you.” Randolph Stone incorporated many different nationalities and _ stated in Health Building, The Conscious Art of cultural styles into the dance she began to teach. Living Well, “Rhythmic expressions of song and She noticed that when her students were doing dance, which use all the bodily forces and natural movements they got connected. muscles for expression, free the emotions by ' It wasn't until she read The Book of Mirdad naturally liberating the energy blocks, and Randolph Stone's book Easy Stretching _ suppressions, frustrations and stagnations. And Postures for Vitality and Beauty that she pieced = when mind, body and emotions are used in one together her earlier observations into a deeper _ effort of rhythmic exercise, it becomes a triune of appreciation for the power of music and dance to _ health movement of balarice.“ heal. At the age of 35, she formally developed All of SynergyDance's rolling and rhythmic SynergyDance. movements stimulate—and simulate—the deeper SynergyDance is a synthesis of Charmaine and finer (subtle) currents that animate and build Lee's 44 years of study and practice of the sacred _ the body. Polarity Therapy body contacts and and healing aspects of dance with the essence of | SynergyDance movements work with these subtle Polarity Therapy. energy points, connecting the positive, negative Polarity Therapy looks at all life as the and neutral poles of the human energy system to


open the field around the body, enhance the flow of energy through it, and bring the system back to

originates from the still Source.” As in the Russell Cosmogony, relative polarity creates


It is important to first describe to you the origins and principles of Polarity Therapy before further discussion of SynergyDance.

Polarity Therapy

[ “The soul, as the center of consciousness being in the body, must be reached through these! life energies by mending the short circuits off mental and emotional resistance through understanding the subtle life process in ourselves' land in nature, which are the elemental tension

motion thus creating form. The positive and negative, yang and yin, and expansion and contraction

* Polarity Therapy—the art

and science of balancing the life energy within the body and the basis of Charmaine Lee's SynergyDance movement training, is a powerful, integrated healing system whose theories combine the world's most ancient medical wisdom with Western physiology, anatomy and modern quantum physics. Current research demonstrates that consciousness begets matter! and that electric forces are the foundation of life, documenting what the ancients taught about life energy, chi or prana. .

Polarity Therapy founder Randolph Stone, DO, DC, ND (1890-1981) provided a detailed description of both the theory. behind this life energy—weaving the fabric of our being, creating our physical, emotional and mental dimensions—and the polarity therapy techniques based on that theory that can be used to improve the flow of energy in our bodies, bringing greater balance and thus health to the whole system. Stone's model, Polarity Therapy, is based on his lifetime exploration of energy-based medicine, primarily the Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine systems that have been in use in the East for thousands of years. Noting their commonalities, Stone combined these systems’ shared emphasis on life energy with his Western medical knowledge of anatomy, physiology and natural therapeutics. His osteopathic background integrated the importance of the body's cerebrospinal fluid system and structural anatomy in their relationship to the energy dynamics in the body.

Dr. Stone based his healing system on the simple fact that in order for any energy to arise or form to take shape there must be motion that


fields. This law of life and motion operate in thel| establish the Cosmos and in Man and cannot be ignored.” polarity with a 1—Randolph Stone neutral Source


as the wellspring from which life is nourished and energized.

The depth, scope and healing potentials of Stone's Polarity Therapy model is impressive. It reveals the electromechanics, the invisible wireless currents of the body, which connect anatomy and physiology to the emotions and consciousness—i.e., the mind-emotions-body connection.

In review of Stone's Health Building, The Conscious Art Of Living. Well and Polarity Therapy,The Collected Works, Charmaine Lee's SynergyDance & Polarity Intensive Workbook, Dr. James Said's Psyche, Personality and the Organization of Energy presentation (1995 American Polarity Therapy Association

Conference, Ann Arbor, MI), and Walter

Russell's Cosmogony, the commonality of Oneness (Source) being stepped down into material form is apparent. Russell's Universal Model describes the polarity principles by which Divine Idea becomes manifest as three- dimensional matter, i.e., atoms, solar systems, galaxies—the physics of the Tao. These principles are at work throughout the entire electric universe of effect, and all systems must conform to the fundamental relationships established by the One expressing as the two becoming the many. Stone's model gives us the mechanics for Divine Idea stepping down into human bodily form from Soul into mind through the emotions into body—the physics of the Tao expressing through the mind fulcrum as three energy patterns into the five phases or qualities of energy expression known as the elemental archtypes (ether (space), air (plasma), fire (caloric heat/gas), water (liquid) and earth (solid)).

The Polarity therapy paradigm is truly universal.

everywhere to

that human beings are divine and are actually energy fields in action. There is a creative Source and all energy is moving away from Source to completion to then return to Source. Impediments to the flow away from or to Source give rise to disharmony and eventual disease. Restoration of balance of the energy flow at any and all levels is essential for healing.

Our gross physical energy systems are patterned by finer, subtler mind and emotional energy systems. The interplay of energy . movement at all levels reflects the Triune function of positive, neuter and negative energy principles. At each level of energy organization there are five phases, qualities or vibrational groupings which interact to produce sensory and motor currents that manifest as the body and personality type we express.

Polarity therapy gives us a universal model of human mental, emotional and physical formation. A model by which the interactions and interconnections of the body's energy systems can be observed and polarized to effect balance and harmony of energy movement.

The universal quality of Polarity Therapy gives insight to both healer and patient of her/his true nature and true relationship to Source. Wholeness, interconnectedness, inner awareness

“The mind creates multiplicity ersal cover Its fundamental premise is simplicity in nature.” —Stone

to SynergyDance. The reader is encouraged to study Randolph Stone's books and lectures. Stone

Current of Life an effortless effort (Wu Wei)—thinking, diet, postures and i knowledge allow a tuning in to the Vital Force which can be utilized for generation and regeneration. SynergyDance extends the concepts of Wu Wei, Stillness and fulcrums, polarity, and the five elements into movement. SynergyDance movement is designed to balance and unblock the energy currents in the body, thereby producing balance in the five phases of energy movement.



Charmaine Lee feels the wave moving through her body and can differentiate amongst the three primary field pulsations (gunas) of energy movement and five qualities of elemental phases within her. Her own experiences with the effects of energy movement within her body and °. feedback from her students as to their improved health, well being and greater awareness of universal principles was critical to Charmaine's development of SynergyDance. “When the student lets go and merges, the energetic dance which is unique to the individual can arise. The focus of the work is for the student to resonate with these primary movement patterns in order to know and understand their own self.“

Charmaine stresses the importance of her meditations to her understanding and devel- opment of SynergyDance. “It is the Stillness and

and the importance of self- knowledge are essentials of this healing art and science. We are an out-picture of our inner thoughts

“A cure constitutes reaching the life current within and re-establishing a free flow of its energy currrents.” —Stone

the motion. I began to really understand that I could sit Still if I

and emotions. The Polarity Therapy paradigm gives us a clear vision of the dynamics of this process, asserting that the inner and outer are yet one and that purpose in this life centers around our individual and collective relationship to God. This very brief introduction to Polarity Therapy is intended to provide context for the remainder of this article which will introduce you


released energy blocks. The Stillness helped the motion and the motion helped the Stillness. What I call still-motion allows me to know the fulcrums within my body. The fulcrum is the potential. After the pattern unwinds, the energy rises and falls in a wave pattern… . The Stillness that I do in my meditation is key to allowing this movement to be healing.” Her SynergyDance classes are structured to give you movements of each of the five elements combined with the three energy principles. Each person has their own experience and relationship to the process. “We don't focus on bringing energy back to Source; we focus on releasing. Energy will naturally flow back to Source. We have the purpose of experiencing the mental, emotional or physical blocks, owning them, and releasing them.“

The three energy principles and five elemental phases can be simulated by various movement patterns which may include right/left, East/West, rising/falling, undulation, front to back, and/or circular combinations which Charmaine has developed. By experiencing the energy blocks, resistances and fulcrum points, whether physically, emotionally or mentally, you are given self-awareness. The dance brings self- knowledge and opportunities to release stuck emotions by release of the energy.

Patterns of thought and emotions can be seen, felt, known and then owned. In Charmaine's words, “Once we own an experience and contain it, we can then let it go. That is a key thing to understand what is behind it.”

“SynergyDance stimulates sensation of the nervous system, emotions, self-assertiveness through the fire, reasoning, and comprehension with the mind and then Love knocks them all out!” When the energy completes and returns to Source, Love from Source expresses. This is the healing. “When emotional energies are released through SynergyDance [and at any other time in our life], we can know the unconscious pattern of fire or fear or judgement or whatever which is “running our show”. Self-knowledge is integral to self-healing.“ Most important is focus on Source and Stillness within which allows for balanced movement. And conversely, balance in movement can lead us back to Source.

Charmaine's class begins with stillness and moves into the ether element. Lying on your back, Charmaine moves you through each of the elements in ether/space still-motion patterns. She also incorporates Polarity Therapy contact points

into this period to help balance and stimulate subtle energy movement within the body. This period of class is designed to build inner resources, resources to be used later in class to express and release energy blockages. Ether movements increase awareness and perception of the subtle; they provide a container or field within which the subtle can be sensed and known. Ether movements relax and create a safe space for healing. Heightened perception permits greater sensitivity to how the energy is moving within you.

Off your back into a sitting posture brings you to the air element movements. Again resources are being built as Charmaine instructs you through combinations of air/ether, air/fire, air/water, and air/earth. The emotions begin to move as East/West movements bring the subtle closer to the gross. The heart becomes the fulcrum as the three field pulsations (energy principles/movement patterns) are simulated.

You are next up and into the fire element. The positive, centrifugal force expresses outward whatever energies came up. Eye movement, eye contact, solar plexus front-to-back movement, and lots of thigh motion moves the fire element. Again, combinations of fire with the other four

‘elements bring completion to this movement period. Charmaine says, “Sometimes this part of


class is joyful. When there are no blockages to be released, the fire can express as pure joy.”

The water element follows fire. Cool, undulating pelvic motion unwinds and begins the relaxing, moving into integration part of class. Water is an element of emotions. Fire tends to rise from inside out and water “falls” from above down, that is their nature. The object is to build enough potential energy around the water element so the water can reverse and rise back to the etheric sea. As in the previous periods, all the other elements are brought into combination with the element of focus.

Next, the earth element movements simulate the container or body. Energy which left Source and has charged with the physical earth body can now have the understanding of completion and returning to Source. The cycle of energy moving from the subtle to the physical integrates within, a feeling of fullness, resolution or love often releases. This completes the first half of the class which is resource building and attuning to the subtle energies.

The second half of class is movement across the floor using world dances as a means of expressing the elemental energy within the body. It is important to note that no element can express in isolation. All movement is a combination of the inter-relationships of the elements in ether. Charmaine says one of her classes may follow the second half sequence of water/earth combinations, then on to fire/water/earth, on to air/fire/water/earth, to ether, to the container of ether/air, and finally back to meditation. The class begins with Stillness which could arise at any point in class and ends with Stillness.

An example of the interrelationship of the elements in dance and the heali: = aspect of dance may be represented by the exemple of Middle Eastern dance. For example, the arms and hands may represent the breathing in of air; the undulations may simulate the movement of fire up and down the spine; hips are in a side to side wave of watery movements. By being in tune to the energies within, women could understand about birth control and assist themselves in the birthing process using similar type of movements.

SynergyDance brings the body into balance. Through balance we can more easily access and identify with the Stillness within that is our Source of existence—in reality who we are. The Stillness is ultimately the source of Love and healing, of inspiration and purposeful direction. The dance we call life is given new perception, understanding and regeneration. A regeneration born of attention to primal relationship to Source, primal creative forces of positive, negative and zero points, and primal form patterns of ether (space), air (plasma), fire (gas/caloric warmth), water (liquid), and earth (solid). Space (ether) is free flow of movement, air is the movement of the emotions, fire can come up as resistance,


water is chronicity and earth is disease/degeneration. SynergyDance mirrors the dance of life in that it is always a tuming within (to Source) and expressing out (giving fully, unconditionally and completely) process. Balance and completion are key words to our dance called life.

A registered polarity practitioner, Charmaine Lee works with private clients, teaches class and trains teachers at her SynergyDance Healing Art Center located in Washington, DC at 4321 Wisconsin Ave. NW, phone # 202-363-4664.

Nan Ryant is a registered Occupational Therapist and studies and practices Polarity Therapy. She has studied. with Charmaine Lee for two years and teaches SynergyDance at the SynergyDance Healing Art Center in Washington, DC.


1. Psyche, Personality and the Organization of Energy, Dr. James Said, American Polarity Therapy Assoc. Conference address, Ann Arbor, Mi, June, 1995 2. Polarity Therapy, The Complete Collected Works, Vol. 1, p.3, Randolph Stone, CRCS Publications, Sebastopol, CA, 1986 edition. 3. Health Building, The Conscious Art of Living Well, Randolph Stone, CRCS Publication, Sebastopol, CA, 1985 edition


Editor's comment: Russell and Stone seem to be in disagreement conceming the use of the terms yin and yang. Russell uses yang as the centripetal force, whereas Stone uses yin to describe centripetal motion. Both define centripetal as moving from periphery to center and centrifugal as moving from system center to periphery. The difference in their usage of yin and yang comes, I thiz:., from a difference in perspective. When viewed from the system center, movement outward can be perceived as a thrust—a yang expression—while movement back towards the center can be perceived as reception—a yin expression. The converse is true when viewing the system from the periphery which is what I assume is the Russell perspective, i.e., movement from planes of stillness (cathode bases) towards points of stillness (anode centers) is a thrusting (yang expression) inward while movement back towards planes of stillness is receptive (yin), a taking back. Radiation is cooling (yin), yet it expresses heat (yang). Generation heats (yang), yet it is a freezing process (yin).


The Secret of Light has been republished. This third edition of Walter Russell's classic contains editorial comments by Dr. Timothy Binder and an extensive index. Now available in soft cover ($17.00) and hard cover ($23.00).

In the Wave Lies the Secret of Creation: Edited by Dr. Timothy A. Binder, N.D., D.C.

To be published by the fall of 1995.

The Secrets of Creation are visually revealed in these charts and paintings by Dr. Walter Russell with commentaries and an outline of Russellian science by Dr. Timothy A Binder, President of The University of Science and Philosophy. ,

Walter Russell said, “In the Wave Lies the Secret of Creation.” This series of 46 full color science paintings and ten black and white charts visually expresses the essence of his whole cycle, generative-radiative, negentropic-entropic, rhythmic-balanced-interchanging vision of universal process. Dr. Sheldon of the Washington Square College Dept. of Physics, NYU, in 1931 encouraged Dr. Russell to produce these paintings with these words, “I am inclined to think you have found the basis for a new art… I believe anyone capable of understanding your painting will have a much clearer conception of universal waves than he would through any textbook description.”


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