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Alchemist's Blueprint for the Third Millenium Air Amplification/Air Entrainment Engine

New energy Source?

April 1995]



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December, 1994

Chester A. Hatstat, Jr, B.S., Metallurgical Engineering

Dr. Timothy A. Binder, D.C., N.D., U. of S. & P. President

GREETINGS!! This a quarterly journal focusing on the science of creation revealed to Walter Russell. Dr. Russell, artist/philosopher/ illuminate, spent 35 years and several different written editions describing to scientists and lay persons God’s multidimensional creation processes. Known as the Russell Cosmogony, the concepts revealed to Dr. Russell during his 39 day illumination in 1921 show our three dimensional world of light and matter to be an extension of the One substance of God. Matter is light (patterned thoughts) spirally wound into vortices of motion, a recording of God’s one idea of creation, and is motion sustained by God’s rhythmic Thinking.

FULCRUM is a forum in which scholars and students can interact to exchange insights and perspectives on interpretation and application of the vortexian principles of the Russell Cosmogony. We seek to fan the flames of creative thinking and to stimulate discussion, awareness, and understanding of God’s two-way, creating/decreating electric universe. Without such knowledge, humankind will be forever in the entropy loop, in a scientific and philosophic paradigm of a Universe dying a heat death, where energy runs only down hill and everything is going into greater disorder. Our present economic, social, psychological, medical, philosophical, political, and religious systems are patterned on entropic thinking and beliefs.

Our intent is to publish:

1. Questions we, as students, have concerning the Russell Cosmogony and the Russell literature.

2. Answers from students. Answers may or may not be definitive. Clarity may take time to unfold. Sharing insights may or may not lead us to the

same conclusions. The idea is to share different perspectives and stimulate/inspire thought on the subject. I expect our thinking and understanding to evolve.

3. Research and articles relevant to the Russell Cosmogony. What insights do you have concerning this Cosmogony? Have any of you puzzled over, played with, built, modeled, or written about your studies of a two-way, invisible/visible physical Universe? What have other scientists or lay persons done in past or present studies? How are chemical, physical, medical, agricultural, biological, economic, etc. systems viewed from this enlightened perspective? We are eager to review for possible publication your treatment of the Russell concepts. I have a special interest in mathematical treatments of the Russell concepts and would love to see some!

4. Current experiments utilizing vortexian principles and mechanics: transmutation, energy production, gravity simulation, etc..

5. Applications of spiral/vortexian/motion-in- opposition mechanics, science, and philosophy.

We are eager for your input and feedback. Our vision of Vortexian science curricula, texts, data banks, and applications in every field of human endeavor is dependent upon the continued desire and action of all of us, desire taken into meditation and action inspired from the point of Stillness within each of us.

Chester A. Hatstat, Jr. editor

© 1995 No portion of this document may be reproduced without written permission of the University of Science and Philosophy.



Questions For Next Issue: 3 Questions From Previous Issue: 3 Answers: 5 Feedback from Robert Cafarelli 10 Article: Fire and Water, The Cube and The Sphere, 11

Transmutation-Transformation Have Always Been Here,

An Alchemist's Blueprint for the Third Millenium

by Dr. Timothy A. Binder Article: A Piece of the Puzzle by Michael Thau 24 Article: Air Amplification/Air Entrainment Engine by Darin 27 Article: New Energy Source?: Mr. X discloses another MRA device 38

by S. P. Failes

Questions for next issue: (1) An interesting question (which I suppose contains its own answer!) concerning the north/south

(N/S) polar axis comes to my mind. As our planet rotates, the N/S polar axis inscribes a conical surface as it is not congruent with the spin axis.

If the N/S polar axis is the shaft for the centripetal vortex, then the centripetal vortex is spinning on its own axis (N/S polar axis) and rotating about the spin axis of the centrifugal spiral vortex. How would that look as the centripetal vortexes move through and past one another? This proposition seems to better explain wobble, yet I have difficulty visualizing what is occurring on the cathode basal plane.

An alternative proposition is that both centripetal and centrifugal vortexes have the same axis. The N/S polar axis is a curved shaft of stillness connecting the polar points of stillness. The rotation of the N/S poles about the single axis defines a shape to both centripetal vortexes; 90° minus the angle between the surface of this shape and the spin axis defines the gyroscopic angle of rotation. Either a north or south pole is at the apex of each of the inscribed cones depending on its clockwise or counterclockwise rotation (as seen from the conal base looking towards the apex of each cone in the pair). The rate of spin, the location of the opposite polar point on each cathode base plane, their distance apart, and their intensity determine the shape of the centripetal vortexes, the spiral path of the winding motion towards the cone apexes, and the centripetal contribution to theshape of the toroid/spheroid at the system's center. This proposition seems congruent with page 174 of The Universal One where Walter Russell describes north and south magnetic bases as charging and defined by a rotation of the N/S magnetic pole axis. Again, I have difficulty visualizing what is occuring on the cathode basal plane.

Questions from previous issue:

Given that: A compressed condition turns inside-out to become an evacuated condition and vice-versa. Motion in a centripetal direction occurs as centrifugal motion is resisted. Motion in a centrifugal direction is resisted and becomes centripetally directed. Motion in a centrifugal direction occurs as centripetal direction and motion is resisted. Motion in a centripetal direction is resisted and becomes centrifugal.

(1) What do these two directions of motion exhibit?

(2) How do we explain heat, optical light, gravity, electricity and magnetism in terms of the Russell Cosmogony and in terms of radiative and gravitative cones?

3 The Uniwyersat One p. 174








<> a


$ % & 2% 2 - 0 x aad ¢ ray m u Dx = ae a Qe 4 mo v, =“ S Us het >




All mass is formed by a contraction of the electric poles oF the generative cones of energy to the point of north at its gravitative center and by an expansion of the contours of the radiative cones until they disappear in the plane of the equator ©


Ss PIN Axis


From Larry Tiegs:

Sorry, but I must rephrase the question, as some of the givens in the original question are not entirely accurate.

Given that: The secret of creation is in the wave.

[1] Explain the wave.

(2] What are heat, optical light, gravity, electricity and magnetism according to Russell. (These topics were covered in previous Fulcrums)

First, let us be clear. No words can express the knowingness of Russell or other cosmic illuminates. Their power is not in their words. Their power is a state of total awareness, of choiceless love, of Universal Oneness. Their expression is exemplified by their clarity of thought, purity of motive and integrity of action. Their words are the way to ideas, principles and processes. Words refer to a state of mind, not to Reality. Words alone will not take you beyond the mind—to Reality. Words can be bridges; or barriers, as words may convey several meanings and often contradictory meanings.

Nature's processes are simple. Man's theories are complex and countless. Man's theories are plausible. All may be proved, provided you trust your proof. In the end, all theories based on reason and sensory observation are false.

Truth cannot be described. Truth can only be known, recognized from within. The discovery of truth is in the discernment of the false. Therefore, take the time to question your most inveterate beliefs. Be open and free to investigate. Then, Be still and know. As you earnestly focus your attention on specific questions, the answers will appear.

What you read is much less important than what you think about, question and meditate on. Mistrust all words and theories until, from within, facts speak to you louder than words. Allow your search for truth to continue, until, from within,

your are convinced. That said, let's try to see the wave of creation Russell knew timelessly in 1921.


Picture yourself with a shovel standing on level ground digging a hole which creates a pile of dirt.

The level ground is balanced, is in equilibrium. The innate positive/negative dual charge of all matter is balanced. Balance means zero. The digging created two unbalanced conditions, one more positive and one more negative.

+ PILE GROUND ® + - HOLE + (A) ACTION of shovel Dirt to pile Dirt charges pile + Discharges hole - + AIR GROUND ® + - HOLE +

(B) REACTION Air to hole Air charges hole + Discharges atmosphere - + PILE

GROUND @ + -


(C) COMBINED A&B Two-way motion with - Preponderant charge

Simultaneously, with one action of the shovel, you've divided the balanced ground into two equal but opposite and opposed positive/negative conditions (pile and hole).

* Division of the One creates two opposed pairs, extended in two opposite directions.

* Division makes motion imperative as the two seek rest and balance thru their mutual interchange— as dirt seeps back into the hole and air returns to the atmosphere.

* Every action is born from rest, seeks two opposing points of maturity to simulate rest, then returns to rest, the point of beginning for rebirth.

Now, picture if you will, God (as a form), shoveling, packing, compressing, squeezing a huge amount of space (which is something) into a tiny ball, so tightly it heats and radiates light. The ball is our sun (a compressed pile of space). What we don't see is the black hole left in space which is millions of times larger than our sun but of equal potential and into which the sun will eventually disappear for rebirth.




Refolding Nght 3/4 CYCLE: Unfolding Night + MIDNIGHT SUNSET DAWN NOON + Unfolding Day FULL CYCLE: Refolding Night ++ MIDNIGHT DAWN SUNSET NOON + Refolding Day

* All motion is simultaneously voided as it occurs (is resisted, opposed and negated at each step).

* All motion is sequentially repeated in opposite polarity as it is voided (night becomes day and vice versa). * All motion is recorded as it is repeated (for repetition in adjoining wave fields).

* All motion is a continuous two-way journey in opposite directions between two points of rest.

* All effects/attributes/aspects/conditions/ variable dimensions of motion can be labeled as:

Centrifugal (C/F), negative, female, radiative, outbreathing, expanding, unfolding, dying, opening hole, action.

Centripetal (C/P), positive, male, gravitive, inbreathing, compressive, refolding, borning, closing hole, reaction.

Note: A wave is motion only, fluid, ever changing—not fixed qualities. It is helpful to learn to think cyclically as all things are —at the same time— living and dying, breathing in and out, compressing and expanding, male and female preponderantly. Both conditions compress to live and both expand to die.

All waves of motion are the same. Apply the following polarizations to the above cycie illustration.

Ocean Wave Crest & trough Breath Exhale & inhale Money Credit & debit


(different diagram, same process)

Wave Amplitude

1/4 C/P T Potential

1/2 C/F 4 Potential

3/4 C/P T Potential

Wave Amplitude

4/4 CIE J Potential

* The pendulum and swing physically change direction as their potential changes.

* In Nature, at wave amplitudes, all potentials reverse direction also. But, Nature's spiral vortexes turn inside-out, opening hole, centrifugally AND outside-in, closing hole, centripetally—maintaining throughout their clockwise or anti-clockwise turnings.

Could the pluck of a guitar string be applied to the above illustrations? Once set in motion, does the guitar string change its clockwise or anti-clockwise vibration as it continues to create countless C/F and C/P spiral vortexes?


« e Screw in Fires Explodes 1/2 cgee f . e Wood out resisted Exhaust e e—>–e Screw out Recoil Implodes 1/2 eycte f e o—<e Wood in resisted Draft

* Each half cycle expresses motion two ways simultaneously; each quarter cycle expresses positive/negative preponderance; each quarter cycle opposed; second half of cycle repeats the first half sequentially in reverse polarity.

* Outward explosion creates compression ahead and leaves a vacuum behind.

* The One centers the two extensions of the One.


* Motion is in two opposite directions, continuous and opposed.

* Loops of force become conal bases for opposing motion and repeation.

Gun Airplane Screw

All three divide equilibrium

8 Additional comments in response to ideas expressed in Fulcrum, Dec. '94 (V.3, #2).


Twisting a rubberband, string or wet towel does result in knots, because the two ends are turning in opposite directions. In Russell's cosmogony, both vortexes on the same shaft turn in the same direction. Where compression apexes meet at wave amplitudes, rings of force turning in the same direction are redistributed to become cone bases for opposing motion. ,

All motion is a two-way flow seeking opposite directions; passing thru each other; voiding each other; becoming each other. Knots cannot do that.

* Are C/P and C/F motion both cone shaped? NCU p. 17: “In this radial universe no other form of motion than the spiral form of cones is possible.” AS p. 130: “The entirety of the electrical universe of motion is expressed in spirals.”

* Bernoulli's Theorem of space flow and drag as a model for gravity.

As any two objects or planetary bodies approach each other, their closeness creates a greater charge in each and simultaneously a greater discharge in their respective wave fields. (Approaching bodies compress, heat and charge centripetally.)

The mutual equator between them is a point of maximum vacuity, of minimum gravity, of minimum motion. Their mutual equator is the same as the center of a bar magnet which expresses no motion or gravity.

All motion is radial and bilateral, extended away from and towards centering points of rest, which are also gravity centers.

Bernoulli's Theorem of space flow between planetary bodies as a cause of gravity doesn't seem to fit with Russell's cosmogony.

* The Great Debate: Gravity as a push or pull?

The point Russell would want us to remember is: “Attraction and repulsion which science mistakenly attributes to matter are electrical effects only.”

All motion is both a push-pull, thrust- retraction, explosion-implosion simultaneously; is either predominately and sequentially; is neither at rest.

* The paradox of Cause in two-way simultaneous motion?

AS p. 122, “All electrical compression begins by violent expansion to create a condition which borns its opposite, as all opposites in nature do.”

The action of C/F explosion precedes the simultaneous reaction of a C/P implosion.

* Did Lao Russell influence Dr. Russell's switch from 10 to 9 octaves?

Of course not. His current charts of 9 octaves were copyrighted in 1926. The Secret of Light, with the light wave mechanics, is based on 9 was written before he met Lao in 1946, though published with her help. Nine is universal. Lao knew that also.

* How does free-will enter into an illusion which is unfolding from God's imagining?

Russell says we have free will only for the action half of the cycle. The reaction to actions takes place automatically.

According to some Hindus, they don't even have a word for free-will. The closest they come is commitment or compulsion.


Thank you again Larry for taking the time to express your thoughts and views in Fulcrum. I appreciate you for having studied the Russell cosmogony, taken your questions and observations within in meditation, and listened to both your heart and intellect in your intuiting (knowing) of God's creation processes. We received some feedback from Robert Cafarelli whose articles Impart and Theory of Infinite Magnetic Effect were published in Fulcrum, V.3, #1.

From Robert Cafarelli:

I have not been able to progress as quickly as I would have liked. Time seems to be so short. So much to do. I wanted you to-know that the gravity wheel has become a two-fold design…. The latest design, as I mentioned to Dr. Binder, utilizes both magnetics and gravity. Essentially, I have implemented gravity as a force in two separate functions to rotate a magnetic field. (The important concepts are three dimensional thought processes; the hands become the creator.) Both the moved weights and the falling weights have become rotational magnets interacting in a magnetic rotational field. I wanted the gravity wheel to provide electrical output directly within the rotating magnetic/weights/fields and THEN provide a secondary mechanical output as well.

I am inspired by this issue of Fulcrum (V.3, #2). In Paul R. Jensen's UDT article he said, “free -energy Tepresents a spiritual transition….not meant to be owned.” In Elizabeth Nalls' article she speaks of the realization of the Creator. In the transmutation experiments God is seen in the design of elements and matter. I believe that with these beliefs, all that can be dreamed or imagined shall become a reality.

I believe that when our thought (magnetic) polarities are aligned (tuned) to specific resonant frequencies within the Creator's design, a channel of energy is opened. This energy is UNLIMITED. This energy will replace all present day energy as we know it.

I believe the Creator's energy started as a simple thought polarity—Love. When I wrote the treatise on Infinite Magnetic Polarities, 1 BEGAN with the realization that our thoughts are electromagnetic and that specific polarities will resonate with the infinite polarities that pervade all space and that a harmony of resonance will allow a channel to be created. I believe this is why Jesus said that the Creator is all around us,


yet He cannot be seen with our eyes. The Creator CREATED all life and matter. The Creator is actually MORE real than we are because He created all life. Our thought polarities MUST be based upon TRUTH, HONESTY, LOVE FOR ONE ANOTHER and the realization that that which we cannot see in the fourth dimension of infinite polarity is the Creator. I believe Jesus knew the complexity of the science, of resonance, of harmony and of energy. But, the only way to explain the science at the time was through God's Laws. God's Laws will ALLOW our thought polarities to resonate with specific frequencies as created by God to be infinite in depth and Love. Science today must and will come to this realization. All matter is resonance, rotation, electromagnetic effect. Life, by the Creator's design, is ever changing—Positive—Can Adapt. It has intelligence. This concept, I believe, will bring humankind to its knees—To become humble—To understand the absolute simplicity. Our thoughts can create or destroy. We can accept the positive resonance of the open channel of harmony with the Creator, or we can isolate our thought polarities by greed, deception and so forth. The Bible becomes suddenly very powerful in this scientific context.

How different the world could be if humans understood resonance—Understood holodynamic effect—Understood that thoughts can resonate with unlimited energy. Well, I believe Walter Russell knew this—Tesla knew this. Unfortunately, many greedy, powerful people have known this too. BUT, with living water, good food and education, we can rebuild the channel. The Creator is working through many people today. The world must change.

I have several articles I will send you. I have been guided to write about what I have been shown regarding living water, how plants provide cooling, and a simple means to control weather. You have given me the means to help. I must try.

Sincere regards,


The following article is a paper submitted by USP president Dr. Timothy Binder at the September 1994 International Association for New Science (ANS) Conference held in Fort Collins, CO



Timothy A Binder, N.D., D.C., Lic. Acu.


The secrets of the transmutation of elements and the motion of and from one “atom” tone to another will be revealed in its essence. The results of demonstration of such a heretofore considered impossible concept by science and technology and its possible effects on all other institutions, human values and consciousness will be explored.


The word alchemy has been associated in our modern culture with the impossible and with ancient outmoded thinking, yet there have always been those far seeing individuals who wondered and dreamed if it were not indeed possible. There were. even those who dreamed and demonstrated that it was. Walter Russell, Georges Ohsawa (Sakurazawa Nyoiti) and Louis Kervran were in this small select group who dreamed and demonstrated. Alchemy has always been associated with the transformation of human consciousness and values. It was so with these recent alchemists, and so it is with their successors who dream and act to make it so.

The essence of what these three humans did and what their successors are doing in this area of still very new science should elicit optimism and hope for our future as much as it might elicit doubt and suspicion. As we understand and prove to ourselves that all matter can be transformed


with ordinary laboratory apparatus, temperatures and pressures, and that it has been going on forever in all living organisms, and yes, even in so called non-living matter right under our collective noses so to speak, we might understand and prove to ourselves that we can transform our institutions, our economy, our dis-ease, our human relations, and our shameful imbalanced gluttonous wealth and starving poverty occurring in differing parts of our One human body. Then we might discover we can even transform our own inner nature to a higher level of consciousness. In that possible new millennium and higher consciousness, all of our present misery and degradation can be as if it had never been.

In our present state we witness the desperate results of confused concepts in impossible catch twenty-two economic and political checkmates, of an ecological catastrophe of the greatest order with nuclear contamination’s burning of the planet’s air, water and all life, and of the anxiety ridden, if not terrified, inner state of the greater number of the world’s people.

Is transmutation of the elements and human consciousness and values a reality? Does the Creator use such a process in all creation? If so, does that mean we can transform ourselves and all else if we mimic the process the Creator uses?

My answer is. a confident yes. I have seen transmutations engineered by our research team in the laboratory, and I have experienced transforming myself from a medically hopeless kypho-scoliotic cripple to naturally cured, hopeful, flexible and straight backed healer, administrator and teacher. I have seen these same

through enzymes, catalysts, bacteria, fungi, etc. I consider that these factors can engineer the temperatures, pressures, vortexes and the

principles transform broken relationships, enmity, restricted vision and little understanding into mutual giving and regiving and into unlimited comprehensive knowing.

“Ts transmutation of the elements and human consciousness and values a reality? Does the Creator use such a process in all creation? If so, does that’ mean we can transform ourselves and all else if we mimic the process the Creator uses?”

gyroscopic plane angles necessary for transmutation just as Walter Russell and our recent research team have done in the laboratory using ordinary temperatures and pressures and engineered gyroscopic plane angles.

I think establishment

Walter Russell first gave the world the essential principles to achieve transmutation of the elements, individuals and society in his book, The Universal One. He continued to expand and refine these concepts in many of his later works such as A New Concept of the Universe, The Home Study Course, The Secret of Light and Atomic Suicide?. In 1927 he performed transmutations at the Westinghouse Lamp Laboratories, in his own words “transmuting water into 17 different elements” (Russell, 1927, Westinghouse Lab Notes). Details of these experiments were given in his book, A New Concept of the Universe.

Louis Kervran, a member of the French Academy of Sciences did approximately 20 years of research in biological transmutations. Georges Ohsawa spent his life’s work in demonstrating the transmutation of human illness and unhappiness by balanced diet and thinking. Ohsawa and Kervran collaborated in research during their later life. Ohsawa brought the ancient yin-yang dialectical model for the Creator’s processes he had used so successfully in natural healing, and Kervran brought his modern scientific training, both to focus on understanding the mechanism for biological transmutations. Their solo and collaborative efforts have been summarized in the book, Biological Transmutations, by Kervran and Ohsawa.

Ohsawa and Kervran considered that the pressures and temperatures necessary for transmutation existed at the biological level


science has been blinded by thinking the only way in which transmutations could occur are under tremendous heat and pressure and with radioactive elements rapidly decaying into less radioactive forms. Our work has bridged the gap between ancient alchemy, Kervran, Ohsawa, Russell and established science, primarily with the insight derived from the Russell cosmogony.

In some circles conventional science has recognized transmutations that have a bearing on what I am discussing and give credibility to the message the Russell’s revealed in Atomic Suicide?. (Russell, 1957) It has been recognized that atmospheric nitrogen is transmuted into carbon-14 and tritium by normal background cosmic ray radiation and by nuclear radiation as released into the atmosphere from radioactive bomb blasts. This was outlined in a book by D.S. Rawson who worked for the. British equivalent of the US nuclear development program. (Rawson, 1971) In my opinion Rawson’s research confirms Russell's contention that radioactivity is in process of destroying our planet’s oxygen which would first be noticed in the ozone layer. (Russell, 1957)

About two years ago the World Balance Through Free Energy Project team consisting of Toby Grotz, an electrical engineer, Ron Kovac, an analytical chemist, and myself decided we would attempt to duplicate the results of Walter Russell’s Westinghouse work to verify his claims of transmutation.

Deciphering Dr. Russell’s explanations was

the first giant step, and that took all the collective deficient foods will create highly calcified and brain power we could muster. Walter Russell was _Strong bones as long as silicon is present in their an incredibly versatile man whose mastery of so diet. Free ranging ‘chickens on such a calcium many human skills seems almost impossible tous _ deficient diet will search out mica which is high

from our

in silicon, coving thes s “Observing the results of our experiments has convinced oe im Some of this) me that Walter Russell gave us the essential keys to aon d is outlined inj} engineering table-top transmutations and _ to transmute his life up to understanding how biological transmutations occur.” it to 1946 in the calcium book The in the Man Who Tapped the Secrets of the Universe. He reaction as follows: Si + C = Ca. continued doing more that could be added to this There are other reactions where calcium can

biography up until his death in 1963 on his _ be transmuted from other elements such as Mg + birthday at age 92. He was able to tap the secrets O =CaorH + K =Ca. This latter transmutation and be so prolific precisely because he did not _ has recently been witnessed in cold fusion take our usual perspective nor live his life as most experiments, but the mechanism has remained a of us do. He revealed another way to live that mystery. allowed him to do this, which is another story. Georges Ohsawa was given up at sixteen This paper will reveal perhaps some insight of years of age as an incurable tubercular patient in that other way to live, but it is not the main focus Japan and saw at least one of his parents and of this paper. While he was prolific and did _ siblings die under the western medical model indeed engineer transmutations, as we have again prevalent in Japan at that time. He decided to apparently demonstrated, his lack of schooling in investigate the ancient healing heritage of his science, science research and technical writing country as an alternative. Ohsawa ended up resulted in his explanations of his experiments _ applying the unique principle of yin-yang balance being open to many different interpretations. to his diet and then to his life with the result that Observing the results of our experiments has he became very healthy and went on to transform convinced me that Walter Russell gave us the the health of millions through his teachings. essential keys to engineering table-top Ohsawa realized the polarization yin-yang transmutations and to understanding how dynamic as the basic principle underlying biological transmutations occur. He thus added a transmutations and introduced the idea to completing chapter to Kervran’s and Ohsawa’s Kervran. Russell recognized this dynamic duo, work and opened up a new era for humanity, the identifying them by other names as he described

age of transmutation. their costume changes in eighteen acts, known as Let’s look at these three men’s work to see _the eighteen dimensions of matter. correlations, examine their basic principles, see Sensei Ohsawa in the latter part of his life

what our research team has accomplished, and went On to demonstrate alchemy which he saw as then consider the implications for human the natural way of a master teacher like himself in thinking, values and consciousness. the eastern traditions. Accordingly after a few

Kervran observed many different anomalies years of research in this specific area, he in the chemistry of biological organisms that he announced on June 21 of 1964 that he had concluded could only be explained by an atomic transmuted Na to K. He felt that he had nucleal transmutation. For example, chickens, as transmuted yang (Na) to yin (K). When we well as other farm animals, fed on calcium examine this in light of Russell’s cosmogony and


his periodic chart we shall see that although he did a transmutation, it was not of yang to yin, but of yang to yang one octave higher than it was initially. K is a harmonic of Na. Both are on the red male spectrum side of the Russell periodic chart of the elements at position +1 and have the same gyroscopic plane angle of rotation. This is important in understanding how Ohsawa could engineer a transmutation without knowledge of gyroscopic plane angle control. In this case it was a transmutation from a younger stage of an element tone-idea to an older one. In this way it could be considered as from yang (younger) to yin (older). This is a harmonic transmutation.

As previously stated, Walter Russell’s cosmogony is based on yin-yang interchangings, although he did not call them yin-yang. He called them male-female and at least seventeen other opposite words of the same archetypal meaning to describe all the eighteen polarized two way dimensions of matter. So, he described all phenomena in terms of these two complementary yet oppositely charged pairings. Male is predominately charging, and female is predominately discharging. But, both sexes charge and discharge. He used many other synonyms for male-female, such as hot, increasing pressure, centripetally directed motion, compressed dense form, at the center of the system for male (yang) Vs cold, centrifugally directed motion, expanded tenuous form, at the periphery of the system for female (yin).

Russell conceived of all forms as variations on two archetypal forms: the cube and the sphere. He also said there were only two basic substances corresponding to these two forms: water and fire. Fire and the sphere are One, as are water and the cube. These two fundamental factors are keys to understanding the transmutation of elements and the transformation of human consciousness and values.

The key to understanding transmutation in Russell’s thinking is that he considered matter to be an illusion of substance through two way spiral motion. In this thinking he was a member of the great sister-brotherhood of illumined


mystics who have all told us that this relative apparently solid and “real” universe is illusion. He considered that all atomic structure was motion of the One basic “substance” of Universe given form by power of Universal Mind through Universal Mind Thinking! This thought turns on the light of limitless possibilities. Can it be proven in our experience? I say yes.

Russell gave eighteen dimensions by which the Universal One measures and determines the different forms of matter aS atomic structure. These are outlined in his book, The Universal One. Of these eighteen, he stated that gyroscopic plane angle of rotation, the angle between the radiating east-west pole and the gravitating north and south poles, and the temperatures and pressures needed to match the octave pressures of the element desired, were the most important dimensions to understand in demonstrating transmutations. I believe time is an especially important dimension in biological transmutations and in psychological transformation, although when the latter is evident or experienced as the end result, it may appear as lightning Zen satori.

Temperature and pressure are concepts readily comprehended by even those unexposed to Russell’s work, but gyroscopic plane rotation angle is more esoteric. The Russell cosmogony reveals that each element rotates in a plane from an angle approaching 0° or horizontal (the rotation angle for the noble gases seeding the octave) to an angle approaching 90° (the rotation angle for the amplitude elements in the center mature stage of each octave).

The Russell periodic chart shown on the next page has nine continuous octaves of elements totaling 121 elements. Each element grows from an inert gas seed, much as a plant grows. Each element in an octave has a balancing oppositely sexed mate. So yin-female and yang-male the Creator made each of them out of a sexless or sex balanced and united seed. Pairs of elements unite most easily and tenaciously when they are equal mates, which can be predicted from his chart. The amplitude elements are the resultant matured effort of all the other element pairs in the octave

FTomion 2ALBERTON™ €aracton

Leatertanon] Gh) te oconmme 18? octave |


# foston Sagnarannnnns 4 ro *BETANON | 2ND RUPHAROR sey Enon a= PR AROOCER *RAREAROOY, “GAMMANON Noa “DELITIANON \

*¥MaRcontum *ROMANON


*yirous £ OND OCTAVE t — +


A w eeLrnan






The Russell Periodic Chart of the Elements, No. |

15 to manifest the purpose of the octave. For example the carbon octave has lithium and fluorine as male-female pairs in the first effort, next beryllium and oxygen, then boron and nitrogen in the third effort/position/locking point/gyroscopic plane angle of rotation, and

field and to adjust the angles, as we thought he had described, with a simple apparatus and set out to verify his claims. This has been reported on at several conferences such as the First International Symposium on New Energy that grew out of the IANS efforts to focus on new energy possibilities

finally carbon as a fully united male-female pair, as a ONE, in the perpendicular gyroscopic plane angle of rotation at the amplitude position of the wave. Lithium and fluorine are balanced mates that easily and tenaciously set up house together and so on

“Additionally, by understanding Russell’s cosmogony we can explain anomalies in cold fusion research such as why some of the original heavy water research was not duplicated, ….”

and at the twenty- seventh Intersociety Engineering Conference sponsored by the American Chemical Society, Rice University and

for each of the other pairings in the octave positions.

Each element in the pair is a cyclic periodic effort to reach or to recede from maximum gyroscopic spin motion in the octave. This is attained in each octave after four efforts mature at the amplitude fourth locking point position of approximately 90° perpendicular gyroscopic plane angle of rotation. Then the effort to spin declines in four successive efforts to lie the gyroscope (element) down approaching 0° or 180° horizontal. The angle for the first locking point is approximately 48°, for the second it is approximately 72°, and for the third it is about 84°. That is one explanation of the gyroscopic plane angle of rotation in terms of the Russell cosmogony.

Russell stated that since all elements and all combinations of matter were but motion, we could control the motion by controlling the three dimensions of plane angle, pressure and temperature. To control the gyroscopic plane angle he stated that we needed to understand that there are four poles in nature, two charging electric gravitating north and south poles and a ' discharging electric radiating east-west pole that together control the gyroscopic plane angle. It was by recognizing this four pole field and engineering it to duplicate the dimensions of an element as the Creator does it that Russell did transmutations at Westinghouse in 1927.

Our team reasoned a way to create a four pole


Illinois Institute of Technology. Several related papers have been prepared individually by each of the research team members and presented at subsequent conferences sponsored by these same organizations. (ed. note: Fulcrum V.1, #2 contains a report on the initial 1992 transmutation experiments.)

We were able in the initial experiments to create increasing and decreasing amounts of fluorine and nitrogen from water vapor in an evacuated, cleaned quartz tube and the appearance of several unusual spectra including hydrogen, gold and other elements from nitrogen gas in subsequent experiments. By the time this paper is in your hands, we will have demonstrated other similar experiments using a mass spectrometer in place of and/or with the photospectrometer originally used to identify pre and post transmutation elements in our samples. This should dispel any lingering doubts anyone could have that transmutations have been demonstrated. (ed. note: Fulcrum V.3, #2 contains a report on the team’s successful 2nd generation, 1994 transmutation experiments.) The challenge then will be to apply what we have learned to economically producing a new world fuel, transmuting radioactive wastes into useful elements, and producing quantities of rare elements. Meeting. this challenge is dependent on more research and development funding.

Additionally, by understanding Russell’s cosmogony we can explain anomalies in cold fusion research such as why some of the original heavy water research was not duplicated, why some of it would produce excess heat for a time and then inexplicably stop, and what is the mechanism behind the transmutations that have been inexplicably occuring to most cold fusion researchers all over the world. All of these phenomena are related to the geometry of space and vortex motion as Walter Russell’s cosmogony predicted and as it reveals to those who understand it.

In brief explanation, those who were unable to get a reaction going had not prepared the surface of the palladium or other material so that

paper delivered at the Second International Symposium for New Energy. He also mentioned matter appearing out of rarefied space during some of our experiments. We have not yet analyzed this matter. These phenomena reveal the formation of matter from invisible space octaves and the transmutation of matter, all occurring from the geometry of space and directed motion. What does transmutation mean for us individually and as a race? What promise might it hold? Are there negative boomerangs that might come back to strike us as the so-called promise of radioactive nuclear power is doing to us? Transmutation of hydrogen and oxygen from atmospheric nitrogen could be a source of free

values and consciousness in humanity.”

“I think these first demonstrations of transmutation and all of the efforts to demonstrate “over unity” and “free energy” technologies represent the birth of new

energy. Imagine a free energy planet. Imagine not having to pay for gasoline or electricity and not having to suffer the consequences of pollution. This could assist the transformation of humanity by removing the outer perceived reason for war: want of the essentials for human

porosity for vortex formation was nurtured. Those who started reactions and saw them stop likely did not realize that there was a vortex reaction occurring in the holes of the palladium that produced the tremendous heat they initially Witnessed, thus sealing the holes and eventually not allowing further vortex formation to occur. Transmutations may have been occurring because elements were present such as H and O. As previously noted, biological transmutations have demonstrated that these two elements can combine with other elements to form transmutations. An example is K + H = Ca. For harmonic transmutations such as Ohsawa demonstrated in Na + O = K, the temperatures and pressures alone seem to prove sufficient. If non-harmonic transmutations are observed such as K + H = Ca, the gyroscopic plane angles may have been unwittingly engineered by the materials and fields used, or there may be other qualities to H and O yet unknown that facilitate those transmutations observed.

Ron Kovac has reported briefly on this in his


survival in form of food, clothing and shelter.

Bucky Fuller perceived the evolution of our technology having come to the point it arrived at in 1969 as having achieved the means to clothe, feed and house every human on the planet. With free energy there would be no doubt that this could be done, and there would be no need to fight over oil, gold or any other material thing. Even space or land could have less precious significance as we would likely unlock the keys to transportation to take us to the stars and the countless billions of other habitable and likely inhabited planets.

If, as Bucky said, we have already achieved this capability with the half-cycle technology we presently have, why have we not done it? He said it was our outmoded thinking and the social systems that embody it that were responsible. In other words we have not mentally and spiritually caught up to our technology as it exists now.

I see it differently in this way. We have a half- cycle technology that can provide for all needs at the moment, yet because of its limited concept is polluting and non-sustainable. It cannot sustain us over the even short run of time we are in now. This present technology mirrors the level of consciousness that most of humanity is immersed in at the moment.

I think these first demonstrations of transmutation and all of the efforts to demonstrate over unity and free energy technologies represent the birth of new values and. consciousness in humanity. As the technology progresses to whole cycle systems which transmutation embodies and over unity, free energy systems which will embody the concept of doing more with less or multiplying energy, so will our consciousness express their counterparts in our other institutions as our thinking and values change and vice versa.

The thinking precedes the technology, at least in the individuals who tap into the idea as it exists

an opportunity to serve rather than an opportunity to take for special interests, as everyone’s interests will be seen as equally special and as ONE. I cannot imagine how such a government could be anything but extremely reduced in bureaucratic size and in the edicts and restrictions it would create.

Art may be transformed into everyone’s passion to tap their inner potential and express it in the way that inner inspiration directs them. All activity may be elevated to the status of art in our thinking. It would then become a focus for centering to ecstatic inner mind knowing and expressing it in balanced and beautiful creations, yet able to transport us out of our ordinary way of seeing.

In my opinion our present art, like most of our civilization, is focused on making money. It has

in the Universal

become first a business, and so much a

One (Mind). Then the technology can assist others to revision their reality to conform

“Science may in this way, and by using its methods of direct observation, experience and reproducibly assist religion in proving God through inner

business that most beauty and balance is largely forgotten in the greedy scramble for money. When art (or anything) focuses primarily on making money, when this is the highest value a

to A New Concept

op gs ” of the Universe, a meditative contact.

culture conceives, it then caters to the lowest tastes, the tastes that an

more kind and gentler concept of the Universe.

This new concept may ultimately transform our business practices to be balanced cycles of giving for equal regiving so that there is no residue of imbalance to fester enmity and war. Malthusian economics, based on an expanding population, limited resources and a finite sized planet, so grab all you can while you can, spawning its “ism” children, like polarized capitalism and communism, may be replaced by resources limited only by the limitations of the infinite and our ability to tap that. This is another way of describing Bucky Fuller’s ephemeralization where we do more with less by building on the past of all of us. Malthus may be replaced by an equity economics which communally and cooperatively capitalizes on ephemeralization to give and regive mutually — in rhythmic balanced interchange.

Government service may be transformed into

extremely sense bound mind craves and pays to become addicted to. Our art does express our present state and values.

Religion may become the equal partner of science as both must function from a vision of ultimate reality. So they cannot contradict each other, both must be based on an accurate vision of reality. They must agree and have a common complementary cosmology and be able to communicate to each other, even if stated in differing tones, color and emphasis. Religion may function to connect individuals with the inner experience of ultimate reality and God by any name, rather than extracting tribute through fear of an imagined angry deity.

Science may finally see and describe universe in some terms of an eternally unfolding-refolding two way process of life and death, each giving to the other to become the other. Clausius’s thermodynamics and entropy may in fact be in process of being replaced by whole cycle Russellian thermodynamics of entropy- negentropy, an eternal disintegration-integration, unwinding and winding up. The big bang may even now be being replaced by the big simultaneous explosion-implosion. We may be hearing a giant sucking sound accompanying that giant explosion, if we listen with ears in some

and do not want to separate. They make a long term stable salty pair. Na is a male first locking point element in the fifth octave and Ca is a male second locking point element in the sixth octave, so Na has a preferential advantage over Ca in mating with Ms. F, as Na is in the same locking point of embrace with F, although Na, as an older male than Li, will not provide the long term

other, yet related as One, place. Science may in this way, and by

“Medicine may become concerned

stability of

. relationship using its methods of direct/ with and adept at strengthening the || that Li will. observation, experience and] immune system instead of attempting || Thus F will

reproducibly assist religion in proving God through inner meditative contact. When science is whole cycle it will be unified with and

to kill germs, all the while unaware of their whole cycle and function in Universe.”

mate with Ca if so ordered by the body through the

complement religion.

Medicine may become concerned with and adept at strengthening the immune system instead of attempting to kill germs, all the while unaware of their whole cycle and function in Universe. We may learn to balance the body mechanically, biochemically and mentally-emotionally rendering even the appearance of the clean up janitor germs we call pathogens unnecessary. We may understand nutrition and biochemistry more deeply with knowledge of transmutation and Dr. Russell’s periodic chart and change our recommended four daily food groups and much more in light of this new paradigm.

An example of how Russell’s periodic chart might be used in the new science of biochemistry would be to consider how to get rid of or bind up any toxic element in a poisoned body as follows: Fluorine is a toxic element for the body as given in the form of sodium fluoride in toothpastes, drinking water, etc. Na displaces Ca in the naturally occurring form of calcium fluoride. Calcium fluoride in very trace amounts (homeopathic potencies) does act to strengthen teeth. Calcium is needed in the structure of bones and teeth, and sodium is not meant to replace it.

The displacement occurs under the following mechanism. Male Li and female F are equal ' mates as they are both first gyroscopic angle or first locking point elements in the fourth octave


energy available to it to meet its needs for healthy strong and flexible bones and teeth. But, if Na + F is introduced, especially in the absence of Ca + E, then Na+F gets to the bones. Even if Ca + F is already present in bones, since Na is preferred by F over Ca, all other considerations being equal, it might replace Ca in already healthy bones. Thankfully there is an escape for the body in that Ms. F really prefers Mr. Li more than anybody. Na + F is a more brittle combination than Ca + F and is not what is needed in bones, teeth, or ligaments. So this disadvantage accruing to introducing Na + F into our water supply to supposedly strengthen teeth to resist decay occurs as it disrupts enzyme systems throughout the body that needed Ca + F not Na + FE. This effects mental capacity and energy as well as causes brittle hardening of bones, teeth and ligaments. Once the Na + F is introduced in the body and it is in the bones and teeth, the removal process can be lengthy. If there has been a recent introduction, then the administration of naturally occurring forms of lithium as found in sprouts that have been force fed-bred for this purpose will preferentially bind with the F into a stable salt or pair and release the Na to combine with other elements such as its preferred mate chlorine. Chlorinated drinking water in this case might also prove medicinal as it would provide the mate for sodium and might alone precipitate the release of Na from F.

‘All heavy metal poisons can be treated in a similar manner, and I have had occasion to successfully treat numerous patients with fluorine and heavy metal poisons in this way over my twenty some years of naturopathic medical

enough to see that the ancient systems of Chinese medicine and Ayur Veda, as well as their modem Macrobiotic companion, were based on whole cycle thinking. They contain deep wisdom that can help individuals become strong and healthy through understanding their constitution and condition and eating as they need to as individuals. In other words it may see that the four food groups and daily recommended


Agriculture may become enlightened through understanding = transmutation and | “I do not see that there is any the Russell’ danger to be feared in

periodic chart in a similar way that medicine and nutrition may. Bugs in plants may be seen to function like germs in bodies as the custodians

in time.” of the plant world

transmutation. I see it as the inevitable evolutionary path the Universe is opening for us each moment by moment step we take to reach a more cohesive society and a habitable planet at this point

allowance is a woefully inadequate concept that cannot possibly apply to everyone and maybe not even anyone. These ancient systems are congruent with the Russell cosmogony, and each give insight into the other. With an understanding of transmutation we may see that if we ‘wish to increase Ca we only need to add Si and C, K and H or Mg and Na. I feel I can confidently say that understanding of transmutation and the Russell periodic chart and cosmogony will rewrite the textbooks on nutrition as well as

that only appear when things are out of balance and messed up. We might discover that when soils are balanced with natural trace minerals as occur in ancient seabeds, seaweeds and even ground rocks, especially high silicate rocks, that our current NPK fertilizers are not needed and are inferior.

The use of Na, P and K fertilizers may become totally rethought in light of biological transmutations and Russell’s periodic chart. Their use results in dead unproductive soils after a few years of increased quantity of production with decreasing quality of production, and soon even the quantity declines to a zero as the soil becomes sufficiently imbalanced.

Biological transmutations show us that if you want to increase Ca in the soil give Si and if you want Fe give Mn and many other combinations that are unknown to present agricultural science. Russell’s cosmogony reveals that silicon is to the soils like oxygen is to the atmosphere suggesting an important role for high silicate rock dust agricultural fertilizers.

Nutrition science may become enlightened

agriculture and medicine.

I do not see that there is any danger to be feared in transmutation. I see it as the inevitable evolutionary path the Universe is opening for us each moment by moment step we take to reach a more cohesive society and a habitable planet at this point in time. It appears to me that it is the inevitable process that we must demonstrate if we are to survive and if this experiment in consciousness on planet earth is to succeed rather than fail. The nature of transmutation is wholeness, and the understanding of whole process is the essential mark of a sane and sustainable technology.

We have seen that there is a mechanism for transmutation of the elements. Is there a mechanism for the transformation of human consciousness and values that we might perceive in this? I think there is. First and most obvious is to realize that transmutation exists and occurs in all processes, living and non living, which reveals that the entire universe is alive. This realization and knowledge in itself is a transforming experience and opens the door to transforming

anything we wish, ourselves included.

The essence of individual transformation might be similar to the transmutation of elements. Heat, pressure, time, and gyroscopic angle of rotation can be explained in psychological terms as well as in the physical.

Psychologically, heat is desire. Before there can be any transformation there must be desire for a new state. Psychologically, pressure is intense concentration of inner mental-emotional

intense pressures on all humans that could be turned inward to mental-spiritual transformation and physical regeneration. There are many ways that humans have available to give them the angle they need to work on themselves, and the demonstration of transmutation should encourage all of us that the inner personal goal is also possible.

I believe the inner goal is the same for all of us, just as we are all One even in individual

energies on the object of desire. Time for transformation, as in transmutation, is dependent on the “kingdom” in which

“Transmutation and free energy could remove the physical reason for killing our brothers and sisters for oil and food.”

diversity. I may not be able to express the goal in the way or at the angle that may allow

the change is to occur. For example, is it a change in the essence of a person, the cultural beliefs, a simple physical habit or an addiction, etc.?

Fundamentally, time is dependent on two factors: intensity (concentration of power) or repetition (extension in time of power). The intensity or repetition of the heat of desire or the pressure of concentration in the way or angle needed to create change, each of these plays its part to determine the time of transformation. The angle for transformation is the way in which the idea and the method is presented to an individual, through inner inspiration or from the outside by another, that best allows the individual to accept it and work with it.

Therefore, if we are to transform ourselves and others by example or by precept, we must have an intense and deep desire to do so, we must be capable of generating mental power of intense degree or of doggedly repeating this mental concentration on the object of transformation, and it must be conceived by us or be presented to us in a way that has most meaning to us.

There have been so many millenniums of suffering by humanity that we have brought on ourselves through our ignorance of the Creator’s One Law of Balance that legions of humans are desiring transformation individually and for the whole human race. The desperate condition that the world is now in ecologically, physically, psychologically and spiritually has generated


everyone who is reading this to resonate with it, but my best shot is that we all desire the ecstatic state of mind that accompanies self realization of Oneness with the Creator. And, this desire can be best realized and manifested by realizing the Creator’s law of balanced interchange in all areas of our life: in our physical body, our relations with each other, and in our technology.

Transmutation and free energy could remove the physical reason for killing our brothers and sisters for oil and food. It could render our desire for power over others and greed for wealth obsolete, as gold, and all other precious metals and jewels become abundant and significant simply for their utilitarian and esthetic value alone. The scarcity and material value and with it the reason for our barbaric and pitiful state could vanish.

The mental-spiritual reasons for our present state will vanish only as we realize what is of real value. To paraphrase Walter Russell in A New Concept of the Universe: Humanity’s assets of this age are material. Transformed humanity must gradually discover that its greatest asset is other humans. We will discover that our greatest achievement, satisfaction and success lies in our ability to serve and share with each other. Imagine seeing a beautiful scene, first alone, and then in the company of your best friend. Which is the most fulfilling scene?

If we wish to enjoy the great beauty of this planet and the excitement of the discoveries that lie waiting for us in our collective outer space and in the depths of our collective inner space, we must transform ourselves from the barbaric, fear ridden, humanity killing, confused, misled and misleading beings that we are, into loving, peaceful, serving, enlightened servers and leading helpers of each other.

I think the development of new science in the field of transmutation and over unity free energy can be not only a deliverance from drudgery in maintaining our physical existence and the ill- conceived killing of each other for material wealth but also a deliverance from a lower level of consciousness and being to a higher one.

We have had great discovery, innovation and invention in science and technology the last hundreds of years. But, in spite of that we have not transformed ourselves. The leisure time we sought did not appear, the peace was shattered by continuous war, humanity’s health has been compromised by greed for money and polluted into a dangerously low vitality and low immune function, the material wealth was greedily hoarded by the cunning and fortunate, and the lot of all of us, wealthy and poor, remains at least and at best questionable.

I hope and trust that at this time with A New Concept of the Universe and a whole cycle vision of universal processes, we will not continue to commit Atomic Suicide? and other forms of technological and social suicide and murder. I choose to envision and trust that we will keep in mind that whatever we can desire for ourselves is of most pleasure when shared and lived with each other, and we will transmute our past and present state into an ecstatic future.

Thank you for allowing me this chance to share my vision and my hopes for our future with you.


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Transmutation: To change the state of motion of an element (atom) either from its gyroscopic plane angle of rotation to another plane angle (also known as its locking point to another locking point) by means of dual polarity control of its charging and discharging vortexes through external field controls either electromagnetically, mechanically and/or biologically engineered, and/or to change the octave that it is in to another octave by means of temperature and/or pressure— vacuum controls in conjunction with the various external field controls. Octave Wave: The orderly progression of states of motion and tone to other states and tones, from a gyroscopic plane rotation angle of 0° or 180°, through four gyroscopic plane rotation angles, all of which are also locking points in the wave. The amplitude position or fourth locking point position at perpendicular or 90° gyroscopic plane angle of rotation is the position of fire and the sphere. The 0° or 180° degree gyroscopic plane angle of rotation is the position of water and the cube. The wave is thus the ONE cube- sphere, fire-water entity unfolding and refolding to create all phenomena. There are nine octave waves of elemental states of motion within the One octave of elemental motion. The nine waves are characterized by exhibiting increasing and decreasing effects of sixteen dimensions of matter within each octave. The entire octave wave contains these sixteen dimensions and ever- increasing density and tone dimensions from the beginning to the ending of the entire nine octaves. The beginning is the ending and vice versa.

Locking point position in the wave: Every element will correspond to or exhibit one of the four gyroscopic plane angles of rotation within each of the nine octaves of elemental motion- tones of “matter”. These angles are 48°, 72°, 84° and 90°. These angles are the momentary points of rest between naturally occurring transmutations of elements where they appear most intensely and are most stable. The locking point is a periodic resting or manifesting point of what is an infinite regress of continuous change.

Gyroscopic plane angle of rotation: The shape of the cube-sphere is determined by the relative strengths and relationship (angle) of the north and south charging vortexes to the east-west discharging vortex. This angle also demonstrates the degree of “wobble” of this shape, a vortex form in and of itself, a gyroscope if you will. The angle in each octave determines and demonstrates the element along with the other dimensional factors.


Amplitude position of an element: The position in the entire wave cycle or within each of the nine octaves of waves within the wave cycle where the gyroscopic plane angle of rotation is perpendicular to the wave axis or is 90°. This position exhibits the greatest apparent ability to attract and repel, is a most perfected union or a voiding of male and female sex polarities, and is the point of most perfect spherical form. Carbon occupies this amplitude position within the One octave wave cycle of elemental motion. All organic life is based on carbon. Organic life is at the amplitude position on Earth.

Polarity: The basic mechanism for the illusion of motion and form as created through a division of the One equilibrium into two opposite conditions that constantly interchange their opposition in unfolding and refolding one into and out of the other. The conditions of fire and water, the cube and the sphere.

Horizontal plane of octave and element birth and death: The wave axis where gyroscopic motion begins and ends at 0°or 180°.

Yin and Yang: A name for the fundamental archetype of change and motion, the archetypes for polarity.

Four pole field: The relative positions of the north and south charging poles and the east-west discharging pole which determines with other dimensions the gyroscopic plane angle and thus element shape-nature within an octave.

Dual polarity control: The arrangement of the external electric gravitational and electric radiational fields to determine along with time, pressure and temperature the state of motion (the element form) of a solid, liquid or gas.


Walter Russell's space-time cosmogony is quite different than today's orthodox scientific model of space-time commonly known as the ‘Standard Model' of physics. It is likely that some students of Russell's space-time cosmogony might wonder if there have been other researchers who communicated jdentical or similar ideas as Russell regarding the nature of reality. Several individuals come to mind for espousing cosmologies containing similar concepts as Russell which will briefly be discussed.

A Primer of Rotational Physics}

At a level of scale slightly larger than Russell discusses, Milani and Smith present a fundamental pattern they call 7 which looks like a series of conical wave shafts infinitely connected end to end in the form of a long loop. Such 7a are believed by the authors to intersect each other in specific manners in order to create specific forms of matter and energy. As with Russell, Milani and Smith believe in a spiritually based interconnected universe of Oneness providing the illusion of separate and different forms via polarity, movement and geometry.

Geocubic Cosmology?

Tom Gillmore (a.k.a. T. Byron G.) presents a space-time cosmology stating that all of space is fully filled with cubical force planes of which cubes are filled with compressed spherical force surfaces. The combination and location of spheres inside the cubes determine the nature of force and/or matter that is produced. In addition, the cubical matrix flashes in and out of existence at the speed of light—allowing movement between adjacent cubes in the interim. Gillmore's division of all space/time into spheres within cubes is similar to Russell's cosmogony in some regards with some significant differences in scale.


Einstein Doesn't Work Here Anymore?®

Maurice B. Cooke perhaps provides one of the closest space-time cosmologies to Russell's. Cooke places unusual emphasis upon inert-gas nuclei as attractors of what he calls primary points. The primary points seem analogous to Russell's points of stillness, and in Cooke's presentation the primary points outwardly generate waves that intersect other waves to form nodes and antinodes. Cooke attempted to build devices that utilize magnetically stimulated inert gases in non-magnetic containers under high pressure to focus the expression of primary point energy for testing. According to Cooke's preliminary research, continued testing of inert- gas devices should focus on helium's affect on tension and migraine headaches, neon towards some lower abdominal symptoms, argon and krypton towards weakening (but not eliminating) bacterial and viruses, and xenon towards tissue regeneration. Inert-gas device research is ongoing with many individuals researching the potential effects on water, DNA, plants, viruses, etc. Cooke's cosmology contains many similar concepts as Russell's such as the primary points playing a core role in manifesting energy from God to generate geometries of stillness and motion which then create matter through paired vortexes. This book is a must for those desiring to personally research inert-gas technologies.


R. Buckminster Fuller promotes many themes similar to Russell. Fuller, an architectural genius, focused on the balance between the outward force of tension and the inward force of compression. To quote form Synergetics, “641.00—No tension member is innocent of compression and no compression member is innocent of tension. 641.02—Tension and compression are inseparable and coordinate functions of structural systems, but one may be at its high tide aspect, i.€., most prominent phase, while the other is at a low tide, or least prominent aspect. The visibly tensioned rope is compressively contracted in almost invisible increments of its girth dimensions everywhere along its length.” The preceding sounds identical in meaning to Russell's wave mechanics. Fuller's cosmology also shares in a God-centered universe of Love, that geometry coordinates form and that design and technology can be revolutionized by applying nature's principles of balance between gravitation (compression) and radiation (tension). In addition, Fuller espouses an architectural style using nature's geometry of cones, domes and spheres. Both volumes of Synergetics are necessary to fully understand Fuller's cosmology, and the book of his patents displays his architectural geometries. Like Russell, Fuller manifested his beliefs and inspirations so that others can evaluate and appreciate them.


Occult Chemistry’

The Theosophical Society has many members who attempted to define the true nature of the atom. Perhaps the most famous are Annie Besant and Charles Leadbeater who authored Occult Chemistry. Within this book are depictions of their perceptions of fundamental subatomic wave patterns they named anu which could then combine in complex geometries to form different levels of geometric complexity which eventually combine to form atomic matter. The anu and their more complex combinations apparently combine by interlinking some of the many funnels filling the geometric structures. Similarities to Russell's wave include the preponderance of funnels in the geometries, the expansion/contraction, rotation and revolution movements of the anu and their larger structures, central hubs or points in the complex geometries, axial wave shafts and placing the inert gases in the central neutral column of their modified periodic table adapted from Sir William Crookes.

Extra Sensory Perceptions of Quarks‘

In 1980, physicist Stephen M. Phillips, Ph.D., compared Occult Chemistry to modern orthodox physics and found strong telationships between the two systems. The anu and anu combination diagrams in Phillips' book better depict the relationship between geometries and processes. For instance, Phillips discusses how tunneling, a concept in physics where a particle such as an electron disappears at one point and reapperars at another, works within the Occult Chemistry explanation of the illusory nature of matter and the universe. Conclusion

An old story talks about how six blind children who know nothing of elephants are led to an elephant and asked to feel the object in front of them. As each feels (senses) a different part of the elephant, they build a different perception of what the elephant really is. The child feeling its trunk thinks the elephant is like a land-based octopus with bad breath and no suckers. The child feeling the elephant's body thinks it is like a scaly wall, and on and on. In a similar way, sense reliance can lead us astray, and we must remember that incomplete and/or misinterpreted inspiration can also build only partially correct cosmologies. Until we master perfect reception of divine inspiration, we require the empiricism of working with experiments, models and tests to provide us with the technological advancements of modern medicine and engineering. Hopefully, meditation, prayer and experimentation will allow us to better understand the various inspirations received by Russell and the others mentioned herein.


1. A Primer of Rotational Physics, Myrna M. Milani & Brian R. Smith, Fainshaw Press,

_ Westmoreland, NH, 1984


2. Geocubic Cosmology, Tom Gillmore, T. Byron G. Publishing, Box 26, Angels Camp, CA 95222

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6. Extra Sensory Perception of Quarks, Stephen M. Phillips, Ph.D., The Theosophical Publishing House, London, England & Wheaton, IL, 1980


Thank you Michael!!

The following article was submitted by Darin. Darin is a long time student of Walter Russell, Victor Schauberger and Walter Baumgartner. I think you will find his ideas insightful and his philosophy inspiring.

Air Amplification / Air Entrainment Engine

by Darin

The reason why the air entrainment and airflow amplification happens is because the tornado shape of an airstream creates an incredible suction from behind it (meaning behind the direction of flow). In specially polarity-shaped vessels, as in my drawings, the flow of two tornados spinning the same direction moves toward each other in a mirror image collision in the central implosion chamber. The swirling mirrored air columns, at a certain speed and suction, start to convolute and pull in on themselves making tighter and tighter tornado shapes. The shape of the two vessels equals the specific shape of the two swirling tornados when they are up to running speed. At this point something amazing happens. The tornados start to convolute in on themselves a little tighter, towards the imaginary centerline of the swirling air mass, pulling away from the inside walls of the two vessels. This does away with any co- adhesive friction of the moving air mass to a solid surface. This, in turn, creates a miniscule boundary layer vortex vacuum between the tornado and the inside surface of the vessel. An incredible suction from behind the moving airflow then invites a larger outside spiralling airflow to come into the two vessels. This is energy created by inviting it to happen where nothing is instead of forcing it to happen in a space where something already exists.

When these two swirling mirrored tornados collide in the central implosion chamber, since they are both spinning in the same direction, they, in essence, marry and combine into one swirling hyperbolic pinwheel spiral radiating out like curved spokes on a wheel perpendicular to (and in between) the two shape-polarity vessels. Since


we are dealing with hyperbolic spiral shapes because air does not like to go into a straight line, the exit holes from the central implosion chamber are not circular or even an ellipse, they are egg shaped (see drawing p. 28). Each tube connected to one of the exiting egg-shaped holes is a twister tube that is also bent into a gradual outward curve. This allows the centrifugal throwing off of the combined two amplified air tornados to happen also in a smooth, unhindered fashion.

A one-way valve is placed at the end of each curved twister tube opening outward into an expandable sealed rubber bladder shaped into a

‘donut and positioned at the outer circumference

of the curved twister tubes. Connected at one place on the rubber bladder is a pressure-relief valve that allows the escapement of pressurized air to run a flywheel. So the bladder would expand and fill up and then release the pressurized air automatically in a pulsing rhythmic balanced interchange of expanding and teleasing where the escaping air can be turned into kinetic energy running a flywheel.

This whole process emulates the in-out breath of a living organism, expanding and contracting in a pulsing sort of way. Study the mirror-image symmetry effect of my Super cosmic slinky straw (fig. 1, p. 29) and see that when the two ends are pulled outward the airflow direction in my engine is described. The pedaling of a 20 psi pump to feed the two vessels with air is constant

‘throughout the above process.

Once the shape polarities of the two vessels and the twister tubes are established and designed into a working model, future models can be made with plaster-of-paris ceramic slip-molds to be completely de-centralized and made in little


Layer Vortex Between Constant air source Tornado Lo NK And 7S Released Funnel ing yor Amplified

~@ a $@s = aes Air


Pressure release valve - open at certain high pressure

co Al Take “guts close at low pressure

out of Schrader Valve

Fluid Funnels Set into Each Other

Dinner Plates

2 Rubber discs create a one-

Pulsing : inflating/deflating way valve effect to air- innertube stream (Emulates living ex! ie It organism) centrifugally Human powered eee 2 £0 PSI air pump OED AiR Feo» Find angle _— Constant air source ng of incoming 20 PSI air Stacking 3 or more funnels that is the to amplify efficiency

best working then glue “ridge

aes a a AIR ENTRAINMENT/AIR AMPLIFICATION ENGINE ntrained air tlow Simplified Version

28 villages with a minimal amount of technical equipment set-up. The simpler, the better is the key in designing every step of this engine where anybody can lear and build one!

These ideas are gathered and built upon from the works that I have studied of Victor Schauberger, Walter Russell and William Baumgartner. The concept of this air entrainment engine comes form a philosophy of emulating the workings of nature. Acknowledging in my inner talk and outer actions that creation is finished and that all I am required to do is to emulate what already is! Though, if my inner dialogue is one of: Hoarding, manipulating, controlling,

for? How much suffering is my fellow human being going through, say over in China, so that I can have my beaded car seat cover and so on? How much de-forestation is happening with the paper towels I use or the newspaper that I buy? All of this, I feel, can add up to my mind being clouded to de-centralized tribal solutions. When I hear the government say “Let's get back to family values”, I know that the family unit is too small. Whereas a tribal community using basic de-centralized survival skills is much more difficult to manipulate and control. Things can only happen to me if I allow them to. I am not forced to do anything. No person, place, thing or

patenting, warmongering, and wasting, then even though I have good intentions like, “Hey, a gasoline car in every driveway!”, “A hovering-chopping heli- copter!”, “Rockets!”, “Fixed-

Mik RoR

/mpée CikcoraR Cor

winged flight!”, “Wires running everywhere!”’, “Toxic batteries!”,


“Electric motors giving off intense and disruptive fields!”, “Split the atom!”, etc. what are the end results?

My point is that the origin of

Fig. 1 Super Cosmic Slinky Straw

every single one of these ideas came from minds that allowed their inner talk and outer doing to be take and not give back. I cannot get good fruit from a poison tree. If I use something or participate in a certain activity, I give it life and that something takes the place of the void which is created when I step off into the nothingness. In other words not knowing with my senses where a possible solution to my dilemma may be at—but knowing that I definitely do not want to keep doing what I was doing! With my mind-knowing (imagining better than the best) I invite the solution to appear where nothing is! If I hang on to the old way of doing things while I'm looking for the new (security reasons maybe?) then the new way can become very elusive and may only show up in bits & pieces. For instance, do I really consider what went into the construction of a product that I think I need and pay only $4.69


government has any power over me, unless I allow it. I may participate in something and perhaps I then get so deeply enmeshed into it for decades or even generations that I can't even see that I created the whole mess in the first place! This is why I refuse to vote. Besides being a total keystone cops comedy I do not need anyone governing me.

By thinking from my wish fulfilled (instead of always thinking of my wish, as if I am wanting or don't have) then through my sustained feelings of accomplishment I attract to myself the very thing that my senses deny! It is an art, and like any art it requires a daily practice. My day to day activities refiect more and more of my inner talk as I build line upon line.

Forgiveness is Revising past scenarios with my awakened imagination—seeing the scene go down the way it would have happened. I Imagine

people in situations that set them free. Not that I am in denial of what actually occurred in the past, but it changes how I feel about myself and things around me right here and now! The way I feel right here and now creates my tomorrows. If I get a sick feeling in my stomach every time I think of the past (no matter how horrendous my sense- observation is telling me it is) then I am making the past once again into the present. I can truthfully say that the past is coming to meet me in my future. . revised or unrevised!

It is up to me to choose which one is going to happen with my attitude right here and now. I can even imagine, for instance, radioactive wastes to be already able to be transmuted into a harmless metal like tin or something. I don't physically see how it can be done just yet, but by thinking from the end in my meditation time my doing and work have the joy of the sense of accomplishment of my wish fulfilled. I can then actually attract the solution which usually ends up being right in front of my face the whole time!

Faith is feeling or attitude. “By my feeling be it unto me.” What is my attitude or feeling right now? What am I saying to myself that I think is hidden from my outside reality? If I'm upset with the goings-on of my outer world, it is only because I am in denial that I am having mirrored back to me my inner dialogue. I am actually then relieved to know that once I grasp this formula of manifestation all I need to do is to change myself to effect a change in my outer world! I now realize that denial is no longer a river in Egypt!

So once again I find myself here in this present moment. Maybe, just perhaps, I can fantasize a little bit like a kid does and imagine that I just beamed down to this particular planet called Earth. On the show Star Trek, they have this policy called The Prime Directive which basically states that when beaming down to a planet's surface not to interfere with the “goings- on“ on that particular alien landscape or solar system; to only observe, if you may. Well, lemmeeseeere, hnmmmm, this particular planet appears to be pretty war-like, mass destruction of biodiversity, tons of radioactive waste being


pumped just below the surface, explosion machines everywhere, pesticides being used heavily affecting well water, major clear-cutting and deforestation, rocket exhaust trashing the ozone, etc.

What my sense-observation tells me is that this particular planet is going to hell in a hand basket! Now, I can also imagine that I already have all the solutions to these seeming dilemmas, and I see people readily accepting these new ways of doing things and dropping their old patterns. The Prime Directive tells me to strategically not interfere. Why? Because it is a forceful act and not an inviting act. If I get upset with how screwed up it all is, then I forgot that I am Starseed!

What I do have at my disposal is telepathy. I can, with my imagining, forgiveness (revision), and faith (feeling) imagine that these people are no longer takers and evil beings raping the earth. Instead I see that they are only asleep and just now beginning to awaken their own imaginal processes. Every person I see I now look at in only the way that sets them free. In doing so, I attract wondrous, amazing, and adventurous solutions that I couldn't even have comprehended at first. Now, here they are, clear as a bell and SIMPLE! A child can grasp it, even…a child within.

This implosion technology that I am gathering together and designing is the same exact way. The Walter Russell material. is also. It is a remembering of something I already know to be true. I feel that any work that I produce is not a drudgery but actually something that I enjoy. So why am I allowing things like explosion machines, electric motors, or even perhaps horses to be at the center of my doing? With this new implosion technology I can use the most awesome implosion device in the universe, my own body, to be at the center of all work to be done by me, amplifying it only when necessary. I know that eventually all external type devices are being replaced by the science of breath, which is the oldest science of the planet!

Through this type of science human beings can accomplish everything that they are trying to do with machines. This also includes my air entrainment/amplification system. The axled wheel must also be let go of because as long as it is being used, levitation is

information becomes common knowledge, people can decide to use it unwisely, perhaps by using explosion machines to get more and more power combined with mirror image vortex technique. This is not for me to interfere with. I imagine

elusive. Even though the techniques to create my body to levitate or to perhaps walk through a stargate and end up a million light years away may be right in front of my face, I don't see it because I am hanging on to the old way

of looking at and doing things. The axled wheel was known by the Mayans, yet for centuries they refused to use it. What resulted is incredible astronomical discoveries among other accomplishments.

I can attract or invite adventures to me, by

controlling my attitude in the here and now, that-

can lead me step by step to a reality that is so incredible that I had no clue of it in its true blossomed form when I was first imagining it! Yet it is so simple that a child can grasp it all in a flash…or perhaps in a twinkling of an eye? Terrence McKenna summed it up with the expression of unconditional caring. So, right here, right now I have two choices. I can either react or I can revise!

A manufacturing company wants me to send them all of the very material you are reading on the designs to my implosion device. I was supposed to sign non disclosure and proprietary agreements. I looked it all over and thought to myself, “Hey, wait a minute. I have always shared my ideas from the very conception of them, bringing more and more ideas in that way. Because of this formula I am using, now I have something that I feel is truly an incredible departure from the norm of looking at energy creation. Why start hoarding, manipulating, and controlling now? This would stop the flow of ideas coming through me. This concept that I have is but a seed that is falling on to different soils everywhere! Sure, maybe once this


better than the

“I can attract or invite adventures to me, best for by controlling my attitude in the here and |} humanity and now, that can lead me step by step to afja___ solution reality that is so incredible that I had no |] (nly one of clue of it in its true blossomed form when I || ‘2& many . se «1499 which already

was first imagining it! exist here now) for

creating an alternative to explosion machines and electricity. Spirulina production for survival food or for daily consumption (which I can share with you in another article) also can use this mirror- image vortex to spiral the growing medium water into figure eights. This shrinks the amount of space necessary for the same amount of algae growth.

I sent this manufacturing company back my own concept of a contract on which to base our working relationship. With it I sent them my drawings requesting, if they like what they saw, to allow me to equally participate in designing and building an implosion engine. No expectations because I understand that the re-give principal happens only without my interference!

I feel we all share the imagination. Some people call it God. I feel that this is too mystical a term. Now my imaginal process can either be asleep or awake. Once I desire change and I see it in my awakening imagination and if in my outer doing I hang onto my old patterns, then I actually set myself up for painful failures and lessons. This is not where I'm at now, and I see others awakening and feeling the same way I do. By allowing no resistance in my outer doing unfoldment—teleasing old thought patterns— Stepping out into nothingness if necessary, I bypass the painful aspect of unfoldment into higher consciousness, and in turn I am rewarded with an inner joy and sense of accomplishment.

The last thing that I want to share before I close is my feeling that telepathy is a very powerful force in the universe. It doesn't have any limits such as the speed of light. It travels to anywhere instantly. If I am unable to harbor malicious thoughts about myself or about others then I am unable to receive and embody malicious thoughts that are focussed towards me. On the other hand, if I think maliciously, then I cannot refuse the same type of thoughts directed towards me, and J must embody ‘the transmitted thoughts. At the same time I attract people and situations and places for the unfoldment of all of this. Vibratory Correlates I call them. Now to take this all a step further, I take my day-to-day feelings and doings into my subconscious state. If, during my waking hours, my actions reflect a life flowing with ecology and nature, then I take that into by bed chamber and I impregnate my subconscious, or my woman within and out come my tomorrows. Perhaps during these passive or yin states of dreaming

I astral project and do a dance, so to speak, with all like-minded vibratory correlates of myself. I am talking throughout the infinite universe! So if in my waking doing I am thinking and acting

from already having BEING ;

say, an incredible SinwtTeD working implosion UeWARDS machine technology by Walter Baumgartner

(as if it already exists and think from my wish fulfilled) I connect, during the dreamtime, with people on even other planets where implosion technology is commonplace. Solutions that before I was forcibly so desperately seeking out can then be found by inviting them to occur. So, take for instance, Mendelev saw the entire periodical chart of the elements in a dream and woke up and wrote it all down. Yet, before this happened he forcibly stayed up for 36 hours trying to figure it all out but to no avail. My implosion engine


design idea came only upon awakening from a dreamstate in the morning, and I quickly drew it all out. Many, many discoveries occurred that produced our present technology upon awakening from a dream. But, what vibratory correlates were these people connecting with? It is always one that mirrored their inner talk and outer doing back to them.

Peace, Darin But wait…there's more!

Bumblebee flight vs. fixed-wing propeller flight. The bee supposedly is aerodynamically unsound! In slow motion the flapping action of the wings is in a figure eight. The top side is kinda curved and the bottom side is kinda flat (Bernoulli's principal)! Looking at a bird with its wings spread in flight going overhead is an example of flowing mirror-image symmetrical, shape-polarity flapping (lemniscatory oscillation) vessels. Vessels? Yes, because what they contain is just as important as what they do. Wings in nature are always manifested through implosion, suction, synthesis, building up. All living organisms work off of this principal. By flapping its wings in a mirror-image figure eight, the bumblebee invites itself upward into this vacuum tornado where nothing is, and in the process it is able to flow with its surrounding and still accomplish all it wants to do! These are the diamagnetic spiralling ethers that the air naturally wants to go in. Fixed-wing flight on the other hand is against this natural flow of synthesizing and building up. The chopping action of the propeller or jet motor is centered around the workings of the axled wheel (which, by the way, is not to be found in nature). With a helicopter this chopping action disrupts the diamagnetism of the air by pushing downward in a forceful manner to go upward! This all was once a thought pattern/feeling of take and not give back!. The helicopter's engine which operates all



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35 VEHICLE. pOwn THE ROAR. of the motions is based on heating up, radiating, disintegrating vibrations in a rhythmical exploding fashion to the surrounding. All is connected by vibrations of some sort or another. If everything around me is working off of a thythmic-balanced interchange of give and re- give (without expectation!) and then all of a sudden I introduce something based on the axled wheel kinda thinking, then I have interfered and am no longer flowing as water (as is talked about in Taoist philosophy). I can now release past detrimental actions, and I begin to allow my thought patterns to emulate how nature operates.

Let's look at the workings of a piston in an engine that explodes gases to create work. I call this type of machine in this text from now on a re-animated, dug up from toxic goop, exploding petro-farting dinosaur. R.A.D.U.ET.G.E.P.ED. for short, or E.P.E.D. for even shorter!

I feel that upon studying the workings of an implosion machine design as opposed to the E.P.F.D., I come up with some incredible observations. Alot of this is intuitive or science based on mind-knowing instead of sense- observation. First of all, I know that everything in this sense-observational reality was at one time a thought or a feeling. My words become flesh and they dwell amongst everything. Motion exists before matter is. I know this is true because I can close my eyes and still see light, see movement, and hear sounds.

When it is all said and done and the day's events have transpired, I am once again in the darkness by myself with a feeling. That feeling that I am sustaining is the culmination of all of my physical doings and the revised or unrevised past scenarios that I am conscious of. Now if I'm conscious of what I am feeling (which I know goes hand-in-hand with my awareness of my breathing action through my nostrils), then by revising my memory of the past I can change the way I feel right here and now in my time of aloneness and darkness. This, in turn, affects what becomes flesh in my reality. Now, after saying all of that, let's look at how an E.P.ED. actually works from this philosophy standpoint I


have just shared.

The cylinder concept in an E.PED. is where the main energy source is created by expansion and heat and radiates disintegrating vibrations in a rhythmical fashion to the surroundings. When a cut away view of an E.P.F.D. is done of its piston/cylinder chamber, what appears is an abstract, but clearly defined, male domination phallic symbol that is void of the female nurturing balance of the flowing curve shapes. Straight lines and right angles go hand-in-hand with the forceful exploding rhythm. To keep this machine from disintegrating and flying apart (shortly after starting it) air and water are exploited and polluted in the process while being run through right angles and straight chopping motions.

If a diagonal slice is performed on a cylinder shape, I get an elliptical pattern. Rings on each piston separate the exploding action from the toxic petroleum oil that lubricates the cylinder walls to keep the friction to minimum between the two surfaces. As the old saying goes, “a little bit of leaven leavens the whole lump”. So, even though the friction and heat are kept toa minimum by all kinds of checks and balances, eventually the machine falls apart. This is because its properties were founded on the way nature tears down, disintegrates, and centrifugally throws off things.

Now hold that thought while the action of a tornado is discussed. Tornados and whirlpools automatically create a sucking inviting energy from behind the direction of the swirling vortex. When a shape of a tornado is the shape of a vessel surrounding it (as in my implosion engine design), then a boundary layer of vacuum is created between the vessel and the swirling mass of air. No longer is there any friction of the swirling air to the solid surface of the vessel. The engine is automatically self-cooling, and it is based on the way that nature synthesizes, builds up, and invites things to happen. No more exploitation of the air or water is necessary. No more radiating of intense magnetic fields and alternating currents that are harmful to living organisms. Along with all of this, out goes the, muffled disrupting rhythmic popping noises.

So now, by revising these past scenarios, I bring myself once again to this here and now imagining better than the best for myself and others. By doing so I allow myself to move towards the stillness in my thoughts and, in turn, manifest a reality that I love to be in. A technology, or better said, a doing, is allowed to happen that automatically flows in the direction of the cold, synthesizing, imploding, impansion. I am always moving in a direction towards something. That something is either working off of a principal of heating up or one of cooling down. In turn any technology (or doing) mirrors this as well. It is the fruit of a seed planted or sowed in my heart first then in the hearts of

CA FISH Swimming UP 4 WaterFale *

others. The ones where the seeds sprout are vibratory correlates of that particular feeling and are compelled to embody it within themselves. So, getting back to the example of the E.PED., certain people of the early industrial era tried to emulate the natural workings of things. It can be seen in the term horse-power. Looking at the root of this terminology, which is still used today to describe the power output of something, it represents a domestication, enslavement, and exploitation of animals. The people of this early industrial era that participated in using their imaginal processes in a way not in accord with the flow of nature attracted each other as mirror- images or vibratory correlates of themselves to work together to create what they did. They were to the best of their abilities looking at and emulating the workings of nature through eyes that operated on a daily diet of forcing, manipulating, hoarding, and controlling. God (The One-imagination which we all share) truly gives one the desires of her/his heart! The outer is always mirroring back to you the inner workings


of your imagining. The function of the rings ona piston are equal to the function of the boundary layer vortex in an implosion engine…but in an opposite upside-down and twisted sort of way.

What these people truly were seeking for can be given to them now by me using my awakened imagination as a time machine and going back in time and offering it to them! I can see them in my mind's eye actually in joy and thanksgiving receiving this important and new-found information. I see myself participating in all of this and not just a bystander Sitting back observing it all. This in turn affects how I am feeling here and now, which is where I create my tomorrows from. A change in feeling, which comes from revising or forgiving the past, results in a direct change in my destiny.

Drawn by Walter Baumgartner

A few thoughts to maybe stay up tonight and ponder: The reason why hurricanes turn in the opposite direction and water goes down the bathtub drain oppositely in the each of the two hemispheres is because the observer's perception changes. Actually, the vortexes are spinning in the same direction. Do this: Trace an imaginary circle with your right or left index finger out in front of your face at arm's length in clockwise direction. Now, while doing this, bring your circling index finger beside your face and take the motion behind you. Now, turn your head around and look at the direction of the circling index finger behind you, it is now turning counterclockwise!

If Einstein proved that all space is curved and there truly are no straight lines, then how could

‘the planets be going around the sun in an ellipse?

A diagonal slice done on a cylinder shape is an ellipse. This cylinder has straight lines in its shape. What about the shape of water going down the bathtub drain? Do a diagonal slice on that. Whaddya get? An egg. A shape-polarity vessel if I may! And it is through this action of inviting that I see the planets as going around the sun in a hyperbolic outward spiral of a pinwheel as the sun itself is moving through space around another zero point. Now the sun moving through space is entered into my envisioning of how things really are functioning (which is always changing, by the way!). This means that the planets are actually going around the sun in an open-ended egg- shaped hyperbolic spiral. Hold that thought and picture in the mind's eye the orbit of Earth being where Mars is orbiting now and everything correspondingly expanding and all of this is moving through space orbiting the pinnacle of the gravity vortex, (which be that big ole flamin' ball keeping me and your warm!) the sun. Motion exists before matter is. The One-imagination, through a manifestation of a mirror-image symmetry universe, creates objects with shape- polarities fractally imbedded into thought and feeling to fuse reality in a collision of mirror- image polarity hyperbolic thought spirals. As above so below, and if “I slip and fall on the black-top, it's my own asphalt!”

New scientific evidence discovered—

manner creating the RNA/DNA spiral strands with a pulsating mirror-image symmetry winding. The strands created have an in-out breath where its shape changes to an hourglass in a rhythmic- balanced-interchange action. The Crick/Watson model of RNA/DNA strand shows only half of the mirror-image winding. This reflects a thinking pattern that has allowed itself to be institutionalized.

Bottom line to all of this, I feel, is that what I can imagine and sustain as a feeling, I can create. The more I am aware of my breathing through my nostrils in a rhythmic, meditative way, the more I tap into harnessing the rushing river of thoughts coming forth from me in pulses. I then learn how to channel them in a way that synthesizes, builds up, creates life. Through using my imaginal processes and envisioning already better than the best for myself and humanity, I truly invite a solution to happen. If I force or interfere with the process of my imagining unfolding in my thoughts by having a reacting attitude, instead of a revising one, then I end up doing things that deny that the source of all my seeming difficulties lies within my inner talk. When I protest, have

New/Old, that is!— “Splish, splash, I was takin' a bath” and I pretended I was totally becoming like water in my actions and movements. It dawned

life and the

inviting process.”

“Nature always creates self- generating rebuilding healing aspects by an

justified anger, want to debate or argue points, voting, or even suggesting things when my opinion is not asked for, then unknowingly I have actually violated the prime directive of non interference. Nature always creates life and the self- generating rebuilding healing aspects by

on me that why wouldn't matter be created in the same way? I've mentioned earlier how motion is actually spinning in both ways at once, and motion exists before matter is. So I feel that my thoughts are actually flowing forth in the same manner as a river rushing down a stream, or an ocean wave crashing onto the beach, or a tornado moving across the land, or…the super cosmic slinky straw! Since water tends to convolute and roll in on itself (creating a braiding effect clearly seen in its vortex shape when it is on its way down the drain), then I feel that thought waves collide and roll and convolute in on each other in the same

an inviting process.

Well, guess what? Super cosmic slinky goats do exist, and they are alive and well on planet earth! These guys are able to leap over tall rocks and boulders in a single bound…climb more agilely than any olympic athlete, eat more bladed grasses—twigs—leaves than I could ever think of eating, and most of all they got the shapes of the cosmic Slinky straw coming right outta the top of their heads! “Holy mirror-image collision, boy wonder!”

Where is all of this new evidence leading, you may ask? Bear with me, ‘cause I too am discovering it as I go! O.K., as we're all aware of by now, that little twisty-turny cut up little straw -

is pretty trippy to look at. When I pull the slinky straw at the two ends outward, a balancing illusion is created going inward toward the stillness of the center. All things have this rhythmic-balanced-interchange, even though I may not be able to see it physically. This is a new/old science based on mind-knowing instead of the traditional view of science based on sense- observation. The infinite stillness centering all matter, I feel, is the One imagination which we all share. So when I gaze off into the starry night or maybe even gaze into the eyes of that interesting creature, the super cosmic slinky goat, I can truly say this is really my unconditioned consciousness looking back at me!

When I delve into the workings of my ability to see, I find that the nerve sheath bundles coming off the back of each eyeball twist in relation to each other in a mirror-image symmetry back into the sight-center in the brain. When I focus my gaze onto an object and see it clearly, what is really going on is a mirror-image collision of light wave impulses inside my skull. The three pound universe so to speak! Let me take all of this a step further. The age-old saying “The word becomes flesh and dwells amongst everything” (my revision) is a formula for bringing into 3rd dimensional reality anything I can imagine. Also, what goes hand-in-hand with this is another age- old saying, “Whatsoever things are lovely and of good report, I think on these things.” Today, this moment I dwell in paradise, and it is only through changing my feelings or attitude about myself and my relationship to the seemingly outside reality that makes it possible.

This is done by allowing my mind-imagining to be as a child's, where all things are possible. Not so much that I dwell in a fantasy land of denial of what is going on around me, but by imagining I am now awakening from a long sleep (even as my earthly brothers and sisters are) then I create this mirror-image collision by thinking from my wish fulfilled—rather than thinking of it as if I do not have it. This invites by assuming the State of being and feeling as if that thing desired


is already an accomplished fact. This is the praying without ceasing. Prayer is an acknowledgement that I have already, while in a State of meditation, not an asking for Something that I do not possess.

Imbalance in the 3rd dimensional space-time continuum results when I practice this new/old way of looking at things. The law of reversibility always holds true, and the universe rushes in to fill the void, to create once again a balance in the fabric of things. Another new/old saying, “I see all men as trees walking.” My doing is an outward manifestation of my inner talk. I don't receive good fruit from a poison tree, and I am an example to others as they are examples for me. Whatever fruit that I partake of, I impregnate the receptive part of myself with and then out comes the holy child…which is my tomorrows.


Thank you Darin for your insightful and inspiring prose. I hold your air entrainment implosion machine in my wish fulfilled imaginings as I do the manifestation of all possibilities of human unfoldment and all possibilities of Russell science and technology.

As editor of Fulcrum, I want to express the University's position on voting. Our government is not separate from us; it is a reflection of our collective consciousness. As long as it is necessary to the smooth and healthful flow of ideas, commerce, services, etc., it needs our support and patticipation. Active involvement provides for the manifestation of the ideals within consciousness, within ourselves. Through relationship between self and others (in politics, economics, worship, industry, family, etc.), thoughts are manifested, knowledge transferred, consciousness transformed, and love expanded.

For me there is a fine line between interference and participation. The art is in knowing Divine Idea and expressing same as opposed to thinking and reacting from sense observation. Thoughts are as real (as illusory!) as any material thing in this thought generated Universe. Our thinking can be as interfering as our actions. Is the thinker at peace?

NEW ENERGY SOURCE? Mr. X discloses another MRA device by S.P. Failes

January 27, 1995

Mr. X is a talented and accomplished inventor who wants to remain anonymous. He expressed confidence I would keep his identity secret. Apparently he is operating under the fictitious name “G.A. Wichita“ as the text and his letter of January 1995 indicates. I plan to continue to use the term Mr. X and recommend others use the term “G. A. Wichita”…. For the record I (S.P. Faile) am not the inventor of the “Mr. X “ MRA…. The following is the disclosure of Mr. X:

HISTORY — 1993

Circuit was originally intended to produce series of fine decrement pulses for an anti-gravity experiment (Concept of an expanding E-M wave form). Never taken beyond bread-board level. Other projects took precedence. Had intended on feeding expanded pulse sequence into various transducers to look for unusual effects.


A positive sawtooth wave of about 24 V p-p is generated by a simple N-channel JFET oscillator. This signal is coupled through a capacitor to a 555 timer chip which is configured as a voltage controlled oscillator. The output of the 555 then consists of a +12 V pulse train, wherein each pulse is of a duration or period about twice as long as the pulse before it. The pulse train is contained within an envelope of about 10-15s in duration.

When this pulse sequence was fed into a ferrite core inductor, instantly a tremendous voltage rise occurred! A nearly pure sine wave of about 130 V p-p was measured across the inductor. It is unknown if any substantial power was developing in the inductor, however a neon


lamp across the unit lit brightly without diminishing the magnitude of the sine wave. No attempts were made to try to couple this energy into a secondary circuit for I-V analysis. (Could be done with a secondary winding added over the primary or the inductor.)


This effect may or may not embody any unusual or new principles. I found two aspects to be unusual:

A) The production of a sine wave across the inductor with 130 V p-p magnitude.

B) The fact that this voltage does not blow out the 555 chip or the op-amp.

Applying the decrement pulse train to an iron core coil, or an air core coil, or a quartz piezo transducer did not produce any unusual effects.

This information is being released in light of the new developments by N. Wootan and others. If barium ferrites might or other ferrites are found to possess the ability to store energy, or “ring”, then maybe the actions of my aforementioned device add up. Hopefully, any who are currently working with the barium ferrite might find value in this circuit. —Best of luck

G.A. Wichita


uw] [Es -


STL, g

+12V Pulses

a cee

ans Ke0457 Cl 120pF 50V ALY+


{ C2 001pF 50V r C3 0047 WF 50 iY @ 30V P- P el C4 10 Non-Pol 50V at PURE SINE KI, C5 O18 uF 50V T° aTarouml /SKffo C6 uF 250 V mylar =

R1 100kQ 1/4W

R2 1MQ 1/4 W

R333 kQ 1/4 W

R4 22kQ 1/4W

R5 200kQ 1/4W

R6 120kQ 1/4 W

R7 10kQ 1/4 W

R8 100kQ 1/4 W

RO 2400kQ 1/4W

Q1,Q2 —MPF 102 JFETS


U2 555timer IC

Ll 4.7 pH ferrite core choke,

Dale PN# THBS available through: P. Jones Co.

P.O. Box 12685 Lake Park, FL 33403 407-848-8236


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