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Vol. 3, No. 1, September 1994




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GREETINGS!! This a quarterly journal focusing on the science of creation revealed to Walter Russell. Dr. Russell, artist/philosopher/ illuminate, spent 35 years and several different written editions describing to scientists and lay persons God’s multidimensional creation processes. Known as the Russell Cosmogony, the concepts revealed to Dr. Russell during his 39 day illumination in 1921 show our three dimensional world of light and matter to be an extension of the One substance of God. Matter is light (patterned thoughts) spirally wound into vortices of motion, a recording of God’s one idea of creation, and is motion sustained by God’s rhythmic Thinking.

FULCRUM is a forum in which scholars and students can interact to exchange insights and perspectives on interpretation and application of the vortexian principles of the Russell Cosmogony. We seek to fan the flames of creative thinking and to stimulate discussion, awareness, and understanding of God’s two-way, creating/ decreating electric universe. Without such knowledge, humankind will be forever in the entropy loop, in a scientific and philosophic paradigm of a Universe dying a heat death, where energy runs only down hill and everything is going into greater disorder. Our present economic, social, psychological, medical, philosophical, political, and religious systems are patterned on entropic thinking and beliefs.

Our intent is to publish:

1. Questions we, as students, have concerning the Russell Cosmogony and the Russell literature.

2. Answers from students. Answers may or may not be definitive. Clarity may take time to unfold. Sharing insights may or may not lead us to the same

June, 1994

Chester A. Hatstat, Jr., B.S., Metallurgical Engineering Dr. Timothy A. Binder, D.C., N.D.,

U. of S. & P. President

conclusions. The idea is to share different perspectives and stimulate/inspire thought on the subject. I expect our thinking and understanding to evolve.

3. Research and articles relevant to the Russell Cosmogony. What insights do you have concerning this Cosmogony? Have any of you puzzled over, played with, built, modeled, or written about your studies of a two-way, invisible/ visible physical Universe? What have other scientists or lay persons done in past or present studies? How are chemical, physical, medical, agricultural, biological, economic, etc. systems viewed from this enlightened perspective? We are eager to review for possible publication your treatment of the Russell concepts. I have a special _interest in mathematical treatments of the Russell concepts and would love to see some!

4. Current experiments utilizing vortexian principles and mechanics: transmutation, energy production, gravity simulation, etc..

5. Applications of spiral/vortexian/motion-in- Opposition mechanics, science, and philosophy.

We are eager for your input and feedback. Our vision of Vortexian science curricula, texts, data banks, and applications in every field of human endeavor is dependent upon the continued desire and action of all of us, desire taken into meditation and action inspired from the point of Stillness within each of us.

Chester A. Hatstat, Jr. editor

© 1994 No portion of this document may be reproduced without written permission of the University of Science and Philosophy


In the previous issue of Fulcrum (V.2,#4), I incorrectly edited Michael Thau's Radiant Waters article. Michael wrote me to ask that I print a few corrections. With apologies to Mr. Thau, here are his corrections: .

1, Milani and Smyth in their book A Primer on Rotational Physics do not refer to Walter Russell nor the term Dual Electric Wave Field. They do, however, describe a wave pattern very, very similar to the Dual Electric Wave Field which they call the Sub-7 Alpha so that relating the two is an extrapolation with a very high degree of certainty. My use of the word describe in reference to them could be improved.

2. The last paragraph on page 12 discussing the book Occult Chemistry is different than what I submitted. The printed version in Fulcrum used the phrase “They describe” in relation to the authors Leadbetter and Besant, whereas my submitted version suggests a personal implication that such Dual Electric Wave Fields form the Spiralae of the Anu. A reader familiar with that book may come to the conclusion that the article is misleading.

3. The illustration on page 13 of the Anu is not from the book Extra Sensory Perception of Quarks but is from The Principles of Light and Color by Edwin S. Babbitt.


Question For Next Issue: 3 Questions From Previous Issue: 4 Answers: 4 Article: A Brief Introduction to the Natural Eco-Technological Theories

of Viktor Schauberger by Callum Coats 7 Article: Impart by Robert Cafarelli 20 Article: Theory of Infinite Magnetic Effect by Robert S. Cafarelli 22 Article: Part 3: Engineering Implications of Harmonic Chemistry

by Michael Riversong 27

QUESTIONS FOR NEXT ISSUE The next set of questions comes from a student. (1) My reading of the Russell material, particularly pages 164-166 of Atomic Suicide? suggests (perhaps incorrectly) that all motion goes from the base of a cone to the cone apex whether the cone is generative or radiative. Is this concordant with the Russell Cosmogony? I was confused by what I perceived in

the June 1994 issue of Fulcrum (V. 2,#4), page 7, column 2 where the motion of radiation is described.

(2) In what written material are the angles and pressures for each element provided? We had a late response to Fulcrum, V2, #3 questions from Larry Tiegs. We are including both the questions asked and Mr. Tiegs' response.


(1) Why did Walter Russell change from 10 octaves in The Universal One to nine octaves in The Secret of Light (TSOL) and subsequent writings? Ditto for the number of elements?

(2) Walter Russell in writings subsequent to The Universal One spoke with rare exception of Gravity as a push from without to within and that there was no such thing as a pull of gravity (see HSC pp. 726-727, TSOL pp. 153-158, AS pp.134-139, NCU pp. 16, 20, & 50). What did he mean by this? Is it possible to have a push without a pull or vice-versa, in anything or anywhere?

Larry Tiegs' response: QT. #1:

It wasn't right the first time. The Universal One was his rough draft. Russell's 1921 illumination and cosmic knowing was instant, timeless and consistent. Over the next 42 years the expression and interpretation of his knowing evolved. Artists, writers, inventors and scientists may conceive perfect divine ideas. The perfect expression of those ideas usually takes human trial and error. Russell had full cosmic knowledge. He was also fully human.

QT. #2:

The question implies that we are using the word. gravity in the common Newtonian meaning — a force, as cause, that attracts/pulls bodies toward the center of the earth. (Russell uses other definitions for the word Gravity. Refer to Fulcrum, Vol: 1, #3, page 11).

First, our Universe is a Two-Way Universe of two-way simultaneous motion. There is always a push/pull, action/reaction to all motion. This question, however, is about cause, the primary motion.

The cause of gravity is a push. The effect of gravity appears to be a pull. Be Clear. Matter is only compressed motion that appears to be solid. Matter is the effect of compressive vortices. Matter can't compress itself. Matter is not cause of itself. Therefore matter cannot attract or repel matter, The compressive vortices that create the dense sphere of motion called Earth also create the effect called gravity. This gravity feels like and appears to be a pull. Our senses deceive us. We are caught in a cosmic whirlpool, an implosive compressive vortex.

This implosion is a reaction/reflection against the cosmic cubic wave field boundaries surrounding our very small planet.

Larry, your insights are invaluable. Your continued efforts to give of your many years of study and observation in answering our questions is most appreciated!


(1) How can the Russell concepts of expansion/ contraction, centripetal/centrifugal motion, temperature, and heat be used to describe the thermodynamic process of melting, freezing, condensation, and evaporation? What processes are at work as an element is heated in the solid State, melted, heated in the liquid state, evaporated, and heated in the gaseous state? What are the Russell thermodynamics of reversing this and cooling from a gas to a liquid to a solid?


Larry Tiegs' response:

First, traditional thermodynamics deals only with heat, heat as cause, heat as energy, cold as less heat, and states you can't create more heat/ energy than you start with.

Russell's thermodynamics states the cold of space is the only reality, cold is cause, cold compresses to create heat, that heat will automatically expand back into cold completing the two-way cycle, and that man can learn to create more heat/energy than he starts with just as nature does.

Russell's Thermodynamics

The first half of the cycle — Creation COLD CREATES MATTER

COLD MULTIPLIES - the One Light of this universe: the undivided, static, cold, invisible light of space, because



The second half of the cycle — Destruction


HEAT DIVIDES -— the many/matter/appearances of this divided universe of visible light back into the One Light, because




THE SECRET OF CREATION is the predominately centripetal (C/P) inward bound light wave which:

creates density

winds up gases into solids

moves from cold to hot, cathode to anode

is hot/red outside and cold/blue inside. As the C/P wave tightens, density and heat increase on the outside of the wave first as it tries to turn the cold/blue core hot. In Russell's words, “Fill the hole.“

The C/P wave has two motions. Its rotation/ spin/day and revolution/orbit/year change from gases of fast spin and slow orbit (long low waves of low potential and high frequency) to solids of slow spin and fast orbit (short high waves of high potential and low frequency).

THE SECRET OF DESTRUCTION is the predominately centrifugal (C/F) outward bound light wave which: :

— creates tenuity

— unwinds solids into gases

moves from hot to cold, anode to cathode

— is hot/red inside and cold/blue outside. Expansion cools the outside of the wave first, naturally, as it is closest to the cold of space. Our earth is an example with its blue oceans/blue atmosphere and red hot molten core.

— increases the speed of spin and decreases the speed of orbit .

Please note!

1. All matter is motion only. The two conditions of matter are contraction toward stillness and expansion from stillness.

2. All motion is two-wave motion. The two waves cannot become one wave but the desire of oneness/balance causes interchange.

3. Both waves take place simultaneously, each moving in and thru the other to become the other. 4. One wave is always predominant over the other (except at carbon).

5. A C/F explosion from stillness begins the process, the unfolding. The C/P implosion towards stillness is the reaction, the refolding. / 6. Each wave is womb and tomb for the other. Each is born from the other, as life from death and death from life. Each is born from the other, as life from death and death from life. Each cathode becomes an anode sequentially and vice versa as the waves turn inside-out and outside-in.

Now, freezing and condensing are both predominately centripetal motion. Centripetal means to squeeze. Squeezing means to windup, concentrate, integrate, accumulate, charge, generate, compress and increase density by decreasing volume. For example, slowly squeeze your fist tightly and hold it. Your thought is creating a centripetal motion. The volume of space in and around your hand is decreasing as your fist becomes more dense. You may feel your hand warming inwardly. As you continue to hold your fist tight, you may experience a gradual cooling on the outside as the cool of space replaces what little heat is radiated. Hold the fist long enough and you would have a frozen fist, condensed from a more spacious hand. In Nature, C/P vortexes squeeze the space out of a large volume of gases creating a small volume of Solid matter. To better appreciate the idea of solid, if all the space were squeezed out of the whirling bits of matter in your solid body, what would be left would fit on the point ofa pin. Matter is motion only!

Melting and evaporating are both predominately centrifugal motion. Centrifugal means to relax. Relaxing means to unwind, decentrate, disintegrate, dissipate, discharge, radiate, expand and decrease density by increasing volume.

For example, relax your fist. The space that was previously squeezed out returns as your hand automatically opens to its original position. No effort is needed for your fist to melt and evaporate to its original position and cooler temperature; only a letting go! (There is a great lesson here for spiritual seekers desiring Oneness.) And if your fist is relaxed quickly after being squeezed very hard, you may experience a sudden release of heat, the heat of explosion, which will just as quickly feel cool to your hand as cold space rushes in to balance the released heat. This experience is the same as perspiring where the radiation of heat is balanced by a cooling reaction.

In Nature, C/F vortexes relax the tension stored in matter, gradually by decay or suddenly by explosion, increasing volume and decreasing density as matter dies/melts/evaporates back to its original invisible cold light of space.


Hot and cold are opposites. Hot and cold are

relative. Heating and cooling are processes. - Centripetal motion heats but to us, feels cold.

Centrifugal motion cools but feels hot to us.

Centripetal Motion

Cold creates heat. Cold creates matter. Matter is stored heat. Cold space freezes heating matter by compressing heat/energy/potential in. Adding more cold increases solidarity, conductivity, and explosive potential. In heating matter, compression drives the heat inward to fill the hole. Heating matter feels cold to us, because the heat is moving away from us. In heating matter, heat is center Seeking. This explains why: freezing water on a plant heats the plant and keeps it from freezing; we feel little or no heat from a slow growing tree; the stored heat in matter feels cool or cold to us. Russell draws the C/P vortex red outside, meaning density and heat move toward and increase toward the blue cold core, simultaneously becomin g cooler on the outside rim.

Centrifugal Motion

Heat returns to cold. Heat destroys matter. Destroying matter is cooling matter. Cooling matter means to evaporate, melt, decay, explode. Cooling matter melts into space by radiating heat. Cooling air rises. In cooling matter, heat is center fleeing. Cooling matter feels hot to us as heat is radiated toward us. The buming tree is a cooling tree as heat is radiated. Melting ice also radiates heat, but the heat is less hot than the liquid drink, therefore it still cools. Remember, hot and cold are relative. Ice feels cold to us of 98.6°F but is hot compared to the -400°F of space. Russell draws the C/F vortex red inside, meaning density and heat move toward and increase toward the blue cold outer rim, simultaneously becoming cold inward toward the center. WORDS WHICH ALL REFER TO THE SAME PROCESS:

Centripetal Centrifugal Squeeze Relax

Inhale Exhale Generate Radiate

Growth Decay

Life Death |

Visible Invisible Concentrate Decentrate Center seeking Center fleeing Implosion Explosion Fusion Fission Prolating Oblating Positive principle Negative principle Male principle Female principle Alkaline Acid.

Freezes Melts Condenses Vaporizes Density Vacuity

Thanks again Larry. You've covered some real brain twisting territory with your answer. My brain is still working overtime!

Editors note:

Conventional wisdom would say freezing and condensing simulate centripetal motion (contracting towards centers, greater organization etc.) with centrifugal radiation of heat away from the liquid or gas, respectively occurring simultaneously. Freezing and condensing both occur at constant temperature; thus atoms are in steady states of observable motion during these two changes of state. Russell's axioms state radiation expands and expansion cools, cold then contracts gases into liquids and liquids into solids. If this is an exercise in cause vs effect, then for freezing and condensing the cause is radiation but the effect simulates gravitation or centripetal coalescence. My understanding of cold being an equal mate to heat is still in its infancy and still being stretched!

Mr. Tiegs' assertion that explosion precedes implosion puzzles me. I interpret Walter Russell to say creation is simultaneous and sequential, explosion and implosion are simultaneous, sequential, eternal, and evolutionary. The One Idea has always existed, has always been expressing in form, and expresses evolution/de-evolution at all scales and in all systems existing within form..


No state of motion ever began or ever ended.


906656800 ~


by Callum Coats

Viktor Schauberger's theories afford new insights into the naturally correct management of water. This encompasses its proper handling, storage, and conduction by means that promote its self-purification, the retention and enhancement of its natural energies and health. The close interrelationship between water and the forest (AS A WATER PRODUCER — NOT A WATER CONSUMER), the problems of soil salinity, and how this comes about through over-exposure of the soil to the radiance of the sun through deforestation and faulty agricultural practices, are also addressed. Indications are given as to how these may be avoided and overcome due to Viktor Schauberger's radical and fundamentally new understanding of the coming into being and functioning of the groundwater table in relation to soil temperature.

In listing some of his accomplishments one could not do better than to quote from his book, Our Senseless Toil, written in 1933:

* “Tt is possible to regulate watercourses over any given distance without embankment works; to transport timber and other materials, even heavier than water, for example ore, stones, etc., down the centre of such water-courses; to raise the height of the water table in the surrounding countryside and to endow the water with all those elements necessary for the prevailing vegetation.”

* “Furthermore it is possible in this way to render timber and other such materials non- flammable and rot resistant; to produce drinking and spa-water for man, beast and soil of any


As a natural organism, water is formed and functions according to Nature's laws and geometry; the latter exhibiting none of the


composition and performance artificially, but in the way that it occurs in Nature; to raise water ina

elements of the straight || WHICH NOW THREATENS TO DESTROY || yertica/ pipe line, circle and point, the || HIM, FOR THROUGH HIS BEHAVIOUR |] withow pumping basis of modern AND HIS ACTIVITIES, HE, WHO SHOULD devices; to mechanical and BE HER MASTER, HAS DISTURBED produce any technological constructs. || NATURE'S INHERENT UNITY.” amount of Reflecting Nature's electricity and

principal constant, namely

that of continuous change and transformation, the vortex epitomizes this form of open, fluid and flexible motion. Through his study of the vortices occurring naturally in flowing water and in the air in the form of cyclones and tornadoes, Viktor Schauberger developed his theories of Implosion. It was through the research and development of these theories that he was able to produce spring- quality water and generate considerable energies in and with water and air.

radiant energy almost without cost; to raise soil quality and to heal a variety of physical disorders.“ * ”… the practical implementation of this …. would without doubt signify a complete reorientation in all areas of science and technology. By application of these new found laws, I have already constructed fairly large installations in the spheres of log-rafting and river regulation, which as is known, have functioned faultlessly for a decade, and which today still present insoluble enigmas to the various scientific disciplines concerned.“

Water and its vital interaction with the forest was Viktor's principal preoccupation. He viewed water as a living entity, the Blood of Mother-Earth, which is born in the womb of the forest. Our mechanistic, materialistic and extremely superficial way of looking at things, however, prevents us from considering water to be anything other than inorganic, i.e. supposedly without life, but which, while apparently having no life itself, can nevertheless miraculously

qualities. As a young immature, growing entity, it grasps like a baby at everything within reach. It absorbs the characteristics and properties of whatever it comes into contact with or has attracted to itself in order to grow to maturity. This everything — the so-called impurities — takes the form of trace elements minerals, salts and even smells! Were we to drink pure HO constantly, it would quickly leach out all our store of minerals and trace elements, debilitating and ultimately killing us. Like a growing child, juvenile water takes and does not give. Only when mature, ie. when suitable enriched with raw materials, is it in

a position to give, to dispense

create life in all its forms.

Life is movement and is epitomised by water, which is in a constant state of motion and transformation, both externally and internally. In confirmation of this fact, water is able to combine with more substances than other molecule, and flowing as


itself freely and willingly, thus enabling the rest of life to develop. Before the birth of water, life was not.

But what is this marvellous, colourless, tasteless and odourless substance, which quenches our thirst like no other liquid? Did we but truly understand the essential nature

water, sap and blood are the

creators of the myriad life-

forms on this planet. How then could it ever be construed as life-less in accordance with the chemist's clinical view of water defined as the inorganic substance H,O?

This short description is a gross misrepresentation. As the fundamental basis of all life, water is itself a living entity and should be treated as such. Failure to do so quickly transforms it into an enemy, rather than the nurturer and furtherer of all life that it should be.

According to Viktor Schauberger, apart from the more familiar categories of water, there are as many varieties of water as there are animals and plants. Were water merely the sterile, distilled HO as claimed by science, it would be poisonous to all living things. H,O or juvenile water is sterile, distilled water and devoid of any so-called impurities. It has no developed character and

of water — a living substance — we would not treat it so churlishly, but would care for it as if our lives depended on it, which undoubtedly they do.

* “The Upholder of the Cycles which supports the whole of Life, is WATER. In every drop of water dwells the Godhead, whom we all serve; there also dwells Life, the Soul of the First substance — Water — whose boundaries and banks are the capillaries that guide it and in which it circulates.”

* “More energy is encapsulated in every drop of 800d Spring water than an average-sized power Station is presently able to produce.

Indeed in accordance with the famous Hasenhorl-Einstein equation of E = mc?, in 1 gram of substance, or 1 cubic centimetre of water, 25 million kilowatt hours of energy are stored! Water is a being that has life and death. With

incorrect, ignorant handling, however, it becomes diseased, imparting this condition to all other organisms, vegetable, animal and human alike, causing their eventual physical decay and death, and in the case of human beings their moral, mental and spiritual deterioration as well. From this it can be seen just how vital it is, that water should be handled and stored in such a way as to avert such pernicious repercussions. , * “Science views the blood-building and character-influencing UR-ORGANISM —WATER merely as a chemical compound and provides millions of people with a liquid prepared from this point of view, which is everything but healthy water.”

But what does modern, de-naturised civilisation care, as long as it receives a suitably hygienised, clear liquid to shower, wash its dishes, clothes and cars. Once down the plug-hole in company with all manner of toxic chemicals and detergents, all is comfortingly out of sight and out of mind. Although the chlorination of drinking and household water supplies ostensibly removes the threat of water-borne diseases, it does so, however to the detriment of the consumer. In its function of water steriliser or disinfectant, chlorine eradicates all types of bacteria, beneficial and harmful alike. More importantly, however, it also disinfects the blood (about 80% water) or sap (ditto) and in doing so kills off or seriously weakens many of the immunity-enhancing micro-organisms resident in the body of those organisms constantly forced to consume it. This eventually impairs their immune systems to such a degree that they are no longer able to eject viruses, germs and cancer cells, to which the respective host-bodies ultimately falls victim.

The appearance of AIDS, therefore, and the enormous increase in all forms of disease, cancer in particular, would have come as no surprise to Viktor Schauberger. Apart from the other inevitable disturbances to the ecology and the environment occasioned by mankind's unthinking activities, he foresaw it all as early as 1933.

* “For a person who lives 100 years in the future,

the present comes as no surprise.”

Apart from other factors (some cannot be defined quantitatively), encompassing such aspects as turbidity (opaqueness), impurity, and QUALITY, the most crucial factor affecting the health and energy of water is TEMPERATURE.

As a liquid, the behaviour of water differs from all other fluids. The latter become consistently and steadily denser with cooling, water reaches its densest state at a temperature of +4° Celsius (39.2° Fahrenheit), below which it grows less dense. In contrast, water's behaviour is anomalous, because it reaches its greatest density at a temperature of +4°C (39.2°F). This is the so-called anomaly point, or the point of water's anomalous expansion, which is decisive in this regard and has a major influence on its QUALITY. Below this temperature it once more expands. This highest state of density is synonymous with its highest energy content, a factor to be taken carefully into account, since energy can also be equated with life or life-force. Therefore if water's health and life- force are to be maintained at the highest possible level, then certain precautions must be taken which will be addressed later.

Conceived in the cool, dark cradle of the virgin forest, water ripens and matures as it slowly mounts from the depths. On its upward way it gathers to itself trace elements and minerals. Only when itis ripe, and not before, will it emerge from the bowels of the Earth as a spring. As a true spring, in contrast to a seepage spring, this has a water temperature of about +4°C (39.2°F). Here in the cool, diffused light of the forest it begins its long, life-giving cycle as a sparkling, lively, translucent stream, bubbling, gurgling, whirling and gytating as it wends its way valleywards. In its natural, self-cooling, spiralling, convoluting motion, water is able to maintain its vital inner energies, health and purity. In this way it acts as the conveyor of all the necessary minerals, trace elements and other subtle energies to the surrounding environment: Naturally flowing water seeks to flow in darkness or in the diffused light of the forest, thus avoiding 10 the damaging direct light of the sun. Under these conditions, even when cascading down in torrents, a stream will only rarely overflow its banks. Due to its correct natural motion, the faster it flows, the greater its carrying capacity and scouring ability and the more it deepens its bed. This is due to the formation of in-winding, longitudinal, clockwise — anti-clockwise alternating spiral vortices down the central axis of the current, which constantly cool and re-cool the water, maintaining it at a healthy temperature and leading to a faster, more laminar, spiral flow.

To protect itself from harmful effects of excess heat, water shields itself from the sun with over- hanging vegetation, for with increasing heat and light it begins to lose its vitality and health, its capacity to enliven and animate the environment through which it passes. Ultimately becoming a broad river, the water becomes more turbid, the content of small-grain sediment and silt increasing as it warms up, its flow becoming slower and more sluggish. However, even this turbidity plays an important role, because it protects the deeper water- strata from the heating effect of the sun. Being in denser state, the colder bottom-strata retain the power to shift sediment of larger grain-size (pebbles, gravel, etc.) from the centre of the watercourse. In this way the danger of flooding is reduced toa minimum. The spiral, vortical motion mentioned earlier, which eventually led Viktor Schauberger to the formation of his theories concerning IMPLOSION, creates the conditions, where the germination of harmful bacteria is inhibited and the water remains disease-free.

In this regard another of its life-giving properties is its low specific heat — lowest at +37.5°C (99.5°F). The term specific heat refers to the capacity and rapidity of a body to absorb or release heat. With a relatively small input of heat, fluids with a high specific heat warm up more rapidly than fluids with lower specific heat. How strange then, and how remarkable, that the lowest specific heat of this inorganic substance — water — lies but 0.5°C (0.9°F) above the normal +37°C (98.6°F) blood temperature of the most highly

evolved of Nature's creatures —human beings. This property of water to resist rapid thermal change enables us, with blood composed of 80% water, to survive under large variations of temperature. Pure accident so we are told, or is it by clever, symbiotic design? However, since we are used to thinking about temperatures in gross terms (car engines operate at temperatures of 1,000°C (1832°F) or so and many industrial processes employ extremely high temperatures) and despite the fact that we begin to feel unwell if our temperature rises by as little as 0.5°C (0.9°F), we fail to see that non- mechanical, organic life and health are based on very subtle differences in temperature. When our body temperature is +37°C (98.6°F) we do not have a temperature as such. We are healthy and in a state that Viktor Schauberger called indifferent or temperature-less. Just as good water is the preserver of our proper bodily temperature, our anomaly point of greatest health and energy, so too does it preserve this planet as a habitat for our continuing existence. Water has the capacity to retain large amounts of heat and were there no water-vapour in the atmosphere, this world of ours would be an icy-cold, barren wasteland. Water in all its forms and qualities is thus the mediator of all life and deserving of the highest focus of our esteem.

* “TO BE OR NOT TO BE: In Nature all life is a question of the minutest, but extremely precisely graduated differences in the particular thermal motion within every single body, which continually changes in rhythm with the processes of pulsation.” * “This unique law, which manifests itself throughout Nature‘s vastness and unity and expresses itself in every creature and organism, is the LAW OF CEASELESS CYCLES that in every organism is linked to a certain timespan and a particular tempo.”

* “The slightest disturbance of this harmony can

lead to the most disastrous consequences for the major life forms.”

11 * “In order to preserve this state of equilibrium, it is vital that the characteristic INNER temperature of each of the millions of micro- organisms contained in the macro-organisms be maintained.”

The No. 1 enemy of water is excess heat or over-exposure to the sun's rays. Itis a well-known fact that oxygen is present in all processes of organic growth and decay. Whether its energies are harnessed for either one or the other is to a very great extent, if not wholly, dependent on the temperature of the water as

also create pot-holes in the riverbed itself, bringing even greater disorder to an already chaotic channel profile.

According to Viktor Schauberger, water subjected to these conditions loses its character, its soul. Like humans of low character, it becomes increasingly violent and aggressive as it casts about hither and thither seeking to vent its anger and restore to itself its former health and stability.

However, due to the senseless malpractice of the clear-felling

itself or in the form of

of forests, we are

blood or sap. As long as the water temperature is below +9°C (48.2°F), its oxygen content remains passive. Under such conditions the oxygen


destroying the very foundation of life. For with the removal of the forest, two very serious things

assists in the building up of beneficial, high-grade



micro-organisms and other organic life. However, if the water temperature rises above this level, then the oxygen becomes increasingly active and aggressive. This aggressiveness increases as the temperature rises, promoting the propagation of pathogenic bacteria, which, when drunk with the water, infest the organism of the drinker.

* “Thus the development of micro-organisms and

the opportunities for their propagation are simply .

a result of the condition in which the respective sickening macro-organism finds itself, which will be attacked by these parasites and which eventually must fall victim to them if its inner climatic conditions are no longer strictly regulated.”

But this aggressiveness is not confined to the domain of oxygen alone. When water becomes over-heated, due principally to the increasingly widespread clear-felling of the forest, the health- maintaining pattern of longitudinal vortexes changes into transverse ones. These not only undermine and gouge into the riverbanks and embankment works, eventually bursting them, but

1. During its flow to the sea, the water warms up prematurely to such an extent that it is warmed right down to the channel bed. No cool, dense, water-strata remain and the sediment is left lying on the bottom. This blocks the flow, dislocates the channel and results in the inevitable, often catastrophic floods. Yet we still have the effrontery to call these awesome events natural disasters, as if Nature herself were responsible. Furthermore, due to the broadening of the channel, even more water is exposed to the sun's heat, resulting in over-rapid evaporation to the atmosphere. In many cases this overloads the atmosphere with water vapour, which it is unable to retain in suspension. Deluges follow.

2. With the forest cover now removed, the ground also begins to heat up to temperatures much higher than normal and natural. Dry soil heats up as much as 5 time faster than water. This has a two-fold effect: a) The rejection and repulsion by the warmer soil of any incident rainwater, whose temperature in this case is generally lower.

12 Cold rain will not readily infiltrate into warm soil. This results in rapid surface run-off and no groundwater recharge. The soil dries out.

b) An increase in pathogenic microbial

activity, harmful to plant life.

The upshot of all this is more flooding, reduced groundwater quantity and lower groundwater table. One flood therefore begets the next in rapid succession. But since there is no groundwater recharge, the water-balance and natural distribution are completely upset. The remaining trees — the vital retainers of water —die, leaving the land barren and desiccated with the necessary sequel of drought. The less the tree-cover, the more extensive the flooding and the longer the periods of drought, of water-less-ness, which is synonymous with life-less-ness!

Unnatural, quantity-inspired forestry practices, ignorant of Nature's laws, and the over-warming of the soil arising from massive deforestation are the primary causes of the deterioration in water quality, climate and the sinking of the watertable. The channelling of water through straight, unnaturally constructed, trapezoid canals, steel pipelines and other misguided systems of river regulation also force the water to move in an unnatural way and accelerate its degeneration and increase its disease-carrying capacity.

* The more the engineer endeavors to channel water, of whose spirit and nature he is today still ignorant, by the shortest and straightest route to the sea, the more the flow of water settles down into bends, the longer its path and the worse the water will become.”

* “The spreading of the most terrible disease of all, of CANCER, is the necessary consequence of such unnatural regulatory works.”

* “These mistaken activities — our work — must legitimately lead to increasingly widespread unemployment, because our present methods of working, which have a purely mechanical basis, are already destroying not only all of wise Nature's

formative processes, but first and foremost the growth of the vegetation itself, which is being destroyed even as it grows.”

* “The drying up of mountain springs, the change in the whole pattern of motion of the groundwater, and the DISTURBANCE in the BLOOD CIRCULATION of the organism — EARTH ~ is the direct result of modern forestry practices.”

* “The PULSE BEAT of the EARTH was factually arrested by the modern timber industry.” * “Every economic death of a people is always preceded by the death of its forests.”

* “The forest is the habitat of water and as such the habitat of life processes too, whose quality declines as the organic development of the forest ls disturbed.”

* Ultimately, due to a law which functions with awesome constancy, it will slowly but surely come around to OUR TURN.“

* “Our accustomed way of thinking in many ways, and perhaps even without exception, is opposed to the true workings of nature.”

* “Our work is the embodiment of our will. The spiritual manifestation of this work is its effect. When such work is carried out correctly, it brings happiness, but when carried out incorrectly, it assuredly brings misery.”

There is only one solution! Would we live and ensure a sustainable future then we must plant trees for out very lives, but far more importantly, we have a duty to do it for those of our children.

More immediately, however, we must care for the very limited stocks of water still available. This means treating it in the way demonstrated to us by Nature. First and foremost, water should be protected from sunlight and kept in the dark, far removed from all sources of heat, light and atmospheric influences. Ideally it should be placed

13 in opaque, porous containers, which on the one hand cut out all direct light and heat, and on the other, allow the water to breathe, which in common with all other living things, it must do in order to stay alive and healthy. In terms of what we can achieve personally, we should at all times ensure that our storage vessels, tanks, etc., are thoroughly insulated, so that the contained water is maintained at the coolest temperature possible under the prevailing conditions. The materials most suited to this are natural stone, timber (wooden barrels) and terra cotta. Perhaps more than any other material, terra cotta has been used for this purpose for millennia. Terra cotta exhibits a porosity particularly well suited to purposes of water storage. This is because it enables a very small percentage of the contained water to evaporate via the vessel walls. Evaporation is always associated with cooling (vaporisation, however with heat) and, according to Walter Schauberger (Viktor's physicist son), if the porosity is correct, then for every 600th part of the contents evaporated, the contents will be cooled by 1°C (1.8°F), thus approaching a temperature of +4°C (39.2°F).

While the material for the construction of a water storage vessel has been addressed above, another important factor is the actual shape of the container itself. Most of the storage containers commonly in use today take the form of cubes, Tectangular volumes of one form or another, or cylinders. While these are the shapes most easily and economically produced by today's technology, they do have certain drawbacks in terms of impeding natural water circulation and water suffocation. Due to their rectangular shape and/or right-angled corners certain stagnant zones are created, conducive to the formation of pathogenic bacteria. Moreover, since the materials are generally galvanised iron, fibre glass, concrete, etc., i.e. all impervious materials, the contained water is unable to breathe adequately and suffocates as a result. In this debilitated state or as a water-corpse, it is no longer either healthy or health-giving and may require further disinfection. _

Should we now make a study of those shapes that Nature choose to propagate and maintain life,

it soon becomes apparent that the cubes and cylinders mentioned above have no place in Nature's scheme of things. Instead, eggs and elongated egg-shapes such as grains and seeds are employed, presumably because Nature in her wisdom has determined that these produce the optimal results. Historically speaking, it is evident that earlier civilisations such as the Egyptians and Greeks, renown for their logic and constructional ability, were well aware of this, because they stored their grains and liquids (oils, wines, etc.) in terra cotta amphorae, sealed with beeswax. (editor's note: an amphorae is a jar or vase characterized by a large oval or egg-shaped body.) All this despite the-fact that for all rational, practical purposes, the shape was wholly unsuited to compact and efficient storage in terms of space and ease of handling. It is obvious that the selection of this form over any other was intentional and as the result of certain knowledge of the long-term storage properties of such shapes. In many amphorae that have surfaced in archeological excavations over the last 100 years or so, grains of wheat have been found that were still viable and even after storage over 2,000 years, grew when planted. This fact alone should suffice to affirm the efficacy of the properties of vessels of such shape.

Taking Viktor Schauberger's exhortation, “Comprehend and copy Nature!” as our guide, we should therefore make use of the shapes that Nature herself selects to contain guard and maintain life, i.e. eggs and their derivations.

Compared with cubes and cylinders, these shapes have no stagnant zones no right-angled comers that inhibit flowing movement. By placing our terra cotta vessels in shaded areas, exposed to air movement, the evaporative cooling effect will be significantly enhanced and since all natural movement of the liquids and gases is triggered by differences in temperature, so to inside the egg- shaped storage vessel, cyclical, spiral, vitalising movement of the water will be induced.

Movement is an expression of energy and energy is synonymous with life. The external evaporation causes cooling of the outer walls and

14 the water in their immediate vicinity. Being cooler and therefore denser, this water becomes specifically heavier and sinks down along the walls towards the bottom at the same time, forcing the water there to rise up the centre and move towards the outside walls. Continual repetition of this process results in the constant circulation and cooling of the contents.

Having discussed the above ideal storage vessel and in view of the fact that they are presently not available on the market, it would be a sorry omission, if methods of improving existing installations were not also addressed.

The main factor to be taken into account here is that of exposure to light and heat. Where possible, all above-ground water tanks, whether of galvanised iron, fibre-glass or concrete, should be insulated on all side and external surfaces through the application of sprayed foam or equivalent thermal barrier to a minimum thickness of 75 mm (3”). If not already white or of a light, heat-reflecting colour, then it should be so painted. For in-ground tanks, the top surface only need be insulated and rendered white in colour.

For many people dams or rivers provide the main source of water and certain simple measures can be taken to improve the quality of the water obtained from them.

Providing the surrounding soil is not impervious to water, a hole of suitable dimension, depth and capacity (1,000 — 2,000 litres (250 — 500 gallons)) should be dug about 5 — 10 metres (5 — 10 yards) from the banks of the dam or river. If possible the depth should be equal to the depth of the latter. Wells dug next to dams should be situated above the highest water level. If the consistency of the soil is permeable enough, then water will percolate through the intervening soil and into the newly excavated well. Depending on the stability and load-bearing capacity of the soil (a structural engineer should be consulted if there is any doubt), a small concrete, perimeter footing should be placed at a safe and stable distance from

the rim of the well. When the concrete has cured and set firmly, then a minimum of one course of blocks should be laid to prevent the entry of any surface water. In the case of wells next to rivers, however, it may be necessary to raise the height of the blockwork to just above the average height of flood. waters to prevent contamination of the well water during floods.

The well should then be totally enclosed and sealed with a well insulated timber and sheet metal roof, or aconcrete slab, and provided with an access hatch to service the pump and/or suction pipe and foot valve. Preferably the pump should be located outside the well-space to avoid any possible oil pollution, etc.

The reason for having the 1,000 — 2,000 litres (250 — 500 gallons) storage capacity mentioned earlier is that it may only be possible to pump water intermittently, because the rate of replenishment from the main water source may be fairly slow depending on the permeability of the soil.

In the event that the soil surrounding a dam or a river is impervious, then it would be necessary to excavate a channel about 600 mm (2') wide between the well and the main water body. The lower part of this should be filled with clean quartz sand to a depth of about 600 mm (2') and the upper part back filled with the excavated material and compacted. As the water percolates through either the existing soil or the emplaced sand most suspended matter will be filtered out. Also, because the water accesses the well at the lowest level, the water actually transferred from the main water source to the well will be as cool as possible under the prevailing conditions. In this state it is less likely to harbour harmful, pathogenic bacteria, which tend to populate the upper, more highly oxygenated strata of the main water body.

The adoption of such measures on the author's own property produced an extremely clear, clean, odourless and good tasting water. Despite all outward appearances, however, it is still advisable to have such water tested for quality, purity and


any possible contaminants by the responsible attend University at the age of 18, to the fury of


In terms of its mineral, salt and trace element content, river-water would generally be far richer than tank-water (rainwater). With reference to the immature and mature water discussed at the beginning, in most cases it would be necessary to supplement the mineral content of rainwater, if this is the only source of drinking water, in order to prevent the

his father, Viktor Schauberger left home and spent a long period alone in the high, remote forest,


contemplating, pondering and observing the many subtle energetic processes taking place in Nature's laboratory, where still undisturbed by human hand. During this period he developed very profound and radical theories, later to be confirmed practically, concerning water, the energies inherent in it and its desired natural form of motion. These eventually

extraction of these from the body of the drinker. Here the suspension of an artificial-fibre sack (rot-proof) containing the dust of crushed basalt or other igneous rock used for road building (commonly known as crusher dust) would do much to enhance the composition of the tank water, because it will hungrily absorb those elements it requires to become mature. However, before adding any crusher dust to the water, it would be again advisable to test the resulting change in the quality by analysing the difference between two samples of tank water, one with crusher dust added and one without as a control. Both samples should then be place in a cool, dark place and left for at least a week before analysis of the mineral content, bacterial purity, etc. is carried out. This should be done by a suitably qualified specialist.

The above suggestions for improving water quality are the result of the author's personal experience and understanding Viktor Schauberger's pioneering discoveries and theories.

Viktor Schauberger, ( June 30, 1885 — Sept. 25, 1958) born in Austria of a long line of foresters stretching back some four generations, had the very great gift of accurate and intuitive observation, such that he was able to perceive the natural energies and other phenomena occurring in nature, presently unrecognised by orthodox science. Refusing to

earned him the name of The Water Wizard.

For the whole of his life he fought a running and often acrimonious battle with academia and its institutions, since his theories in the main were diametrically opposed to the so-called established facts of science. His practical demonstration of them always functioned as he had theorised, however, for he had come to understand the true inner workings of Nature and was able to emulate them. His great dictum, frequently asserted, was:

“C’ —Comprehend and Copy Nature.”

for it was only thus that humanity could merge from its present crisis stricken condition.

Indeed at the Stuttgart University of Technology, West Germany in 1952 these theories were tested under strict scientific and laboratory conditions by Professor Dr. Ing. Franz Popel, a hydraulics specialist. These tests showed that, when water is allowed to flow in its naturally ordained manner, it actually generates certain energies, ultimately achieving a condition that Professor Popel termed NEGATIVE FRICTION, Checked and double-checked, this well documented, but largely unpublished, pioneering discovery not only vindicated Viktor Schauberger's theories, it also over turned the hitherto

16 sacred Second Law

scientifically Thermodynamics in which, without further or continuous input of energy, all (closed) systems must degenerate into a condition of total chaos or entropy. These experiments proved that this law, whilst it applies to all mechanical systems, does not apply wholly to living organisms.


As aresult of these discoveries, it was arranged that Viktor Schauberger be taken to the United States in 1958, where apparently the sum of 650 million U.S. dollars had been set aside as start capital for a Los Alamos-like venture to develop Viktor Schauberger's theories of Implosion. He was accompanied by his son, Walter Schauberger, a physicist and mathematician, to assist in the scientific interpretation of his father's theories. Soon after arrival, however, various misunderstandings developed, too complex to elaborate here, whereupon Viktor Schauberger fell silent and refused to participate. After some three months of silence the project was abandoned. Viktor and Walter Schauberger were then permitted to return to Austria, where Viktor died in Linz some five days later on September 25, 1958, a very disillusioned man.

On their return journey, Viktor asked Walter to translate his theories of Implosion into terms of physics, geometry and mathematics, in such manner that their veracity was irrefutable. Because Viktor Schauberger's concepts broke new ground,

this presented some difficulty. There was no adequate scientific terminology to describe them, nor was there any mathematical basis from which the necessary shapes could be precisely defined or constructed. With his own devices and apparata, Viktor Schauberger had also encountered problems of construction, which in part affected the optimum functioning of these machines, because the state and sophistication of the technology then available was inadequate and too cumbersome to build the properly and accurately.

The vital development of a new technology, harmonious and conforming to Nature's laws, demands a radical and fundamental change in our way of thinking and to our approach to the interpretation of the established doctrines and facts of physics, chemistry, agriculture, forestry and water management. As a pointer as to how such a new technology should come about, let me quote Viktor Schauberger once more:

* “How else should it be done then?“, was always the immediate question. The answer is simple: EXACTLY IN THE OPPOSITE WAY THAT IT IS DONE TODAY!

NOTE: All quotations denoted thus (*) were taken from Viktor Schauberger's writings during the period 1930 — 1933.

2 ok kk oe a i kk kK a oo oo oo oie oi Ko ok



As an addendum I want too also publish a few paragraphs from Mr. Coats' seminar brochure:

In view of the fact that our body's water content = 45 litres (= 45 kg) and our daily consumption of water is about 4 litres, CONSIDER THE FOLLOWING: .

THE BLOOD PLASMA > main blood component > about 92% water THE BLOOD ——–———> _life-fluid & nutrient conveyor—> up to 90% water THE HUMAN BRAIN CELL—> . intellect, creativity, behaviour—> are 85% water THE KIDNEYS > fluid processors & purifiers——> are 82% water THE MUSCLES: > prime movers of the body——> average 75% water THE BODY > our physical vehicle/abode on earth→ is 71% water . THE LIVER: > metabolism regulator———_—> _ is 69% water THE BONES > structural support system: > are 22% water

THE BODY'S CELL FLUIDS→ _ basis of growth & development—> are mainly water

Just imagine what effect the constant drinking of dead or diseased water has on all of these! These water percentages are from:

Water — The Mirror of Science, by Kenneth S. Davis & John Arthur Day and

Biology, by Claude A, Ville, Eldra P Solomon, & P. William Davis.


Already two centuries ago Johann Wolfgang van GOETHE, the Prince of German poets, expressed this view in the following poem:

“How blossomingly I rejoice! All hail the new! Allis born form water and upheld by water too; Transpierced thus am I by beauty and by truth. Oh Great Ocean! Grant us thine eternal truth!”

“Wouldst thou not send clouds, nor bounteous streams endow, Nor per the currents, nor rivers here and there bestow,

Then where would mountains be and what of plains and world? For thou alone it is that keeps this freshest life unfurled.“ THE PYTHAGORAS — KEPLER — SYSTEM The Natural Dialectic Theories of WALTER SCHAUBERGER conceming The Humanisation of Technology

WALTER SCHAUBERGER, M.Sc., physicist, mathematician and founder of the Pythagoras — Kepler — School for the further research, development and teaching of his father Viktor Schauberger's ideas at Bad Ischl, Austria, has worked tirelessly over the last 45 years towards the resolution of the problems set by his father's theories. Since Viktor Schauberger's concepts broke new ground, there was no adequate terminology with which to describe them and while the concepts of various non-euclidean geometries already existed, there was no form suitable to represent Viktor Schauberger's ideas or from which the necessary shapes could be precisely defined or constructed. During this 45-year period Walter Schauberger has developed a very simple and elegant form of dialectic non-euclidean geometry and mathematics. These succeed to a great extent in clearly and simply explaining the vortical dynamics and energetic processes of IMPLOSION, planetary motion, cyclones, etc., and from which can be derived the accurately defined egg-shapes, planetary orbitals and other natural forms required for the practical realisation of Viktor Schauberger's theories.

This geometrical and mathematical system, the Pythagoras — Kepler — System, is based on the harmonics of the Pythagorean Monochord and the whole-numbered division of a resonating string, wherein string length and pitch, wavelength and frequency, radius and angular velocity, radius and degree of curvature, quality and quantity, egoism and altruism, are inversely proportional in the equation:

( 1

*\xn=1 n

(1 = Unity = any natural constant) (n = any integer from 0 to infinity)

in which they also find their synthesis. The principal elements of this newly interpreted Schauberger geometry, mathematics and philosophy are the rectangular hyperbola (for which the above equation is the simplest mathematical representation) and the hyperbolic spiral, whose forms describe the constantly changing curvature, dynamics and asymptotic progression required to represent nature's energetic phenomena, and in which the apparently irreconcilable aspects of continuity (evolution) and discontinuity (individuality) are united. These new harmonically based theories, apart from interrelating such widely diverse phenomena as the formation of galaxies, tree growth, the existence of God, reality and transcendency, square roots and many other concepts which presently appear disconnected, also provide a firm basis for research and development in such areas as water purification, air pollution control and the preparation of high quality drinking water.


As you might infer from the colour of his language, Callum Coats is from Australia. Mr. Coats wrote this article for Fulcrum in 1993. Much to my chagrin, I buried this article in the to be published file and only recently refound it.

Mr. Coats has studied the fascinating mysteries and energies of water during 17 years of study, research, and translation into English of the theories and ideas of Viktor Schauberger. He lectures and conducts seminars worldwide on these theories and their application. His correspondence with Lao Russell appears in Fulcrum V. 1 , #4. Mr. Coats has written a book entitled, Living Energies, published by Gateway Books, Bath, Great Britain.

Mr. Coats can be contacted at: Mr. C. David Coats

5156 North East 54th St. Seattle, WA 98105

Tel: (206) 526-1264 / 523-8635 Fax: (206) 545-0729


The next two articles are submitted by Robert S. Cafarelli. Mr. Cafarelli has some remarkable insights to share concerning magnetic and gravity effects. He has given us permission to publish two of his inventions with the intent to stimulate others with his ideas and perceptions. He lives with his wife Kristina in Jupiter, FL where his laboratory and workshop are located. He collaborates with Walter Baumgartiner ( vortexian science researcher of some fame and former publisher of Causes magazine) and I hope to publish the results of their soon to be completed experiments using mass inertia to generate

a unidirectional force.

Robert S. Cafarelli 607 Willet Ave. Jupiter, FL. 33458 407-863-5546


Infinite Magnetic Polarity

Astral Research Technology

by Robert S. Cafarelli

I believe that the primary creative energy (PCE) pervades all space. All atomic rotation and cosmic rotation is a result of the primary creative energy. Magnetism, electrical effect and gravity are secondary resultant effects within the third dimension. The PCE maintains balance within our third dimension. Any imbalance will create a reaction within the PCE which, in turn, will rebalance all secondary effect. I feel that Nikola Tesla, Russell, Moray, Schauberger, Steiner, Goethe, Laskalin, Coler, and Hubbard, as examples, knew this concept. I believe that in order to succeed in attempts to build free-energy devices, we must either create a space fabric void or utilize the secondary effects in two or more functions.

I perceive that Walter Russell created an ether void by constructing six vortex-shaped coils which were driven electrically to create a standing wave cube by overdriving the wave forms. The void becomes the direct PCE channel or conduit. (Some people believe he built two, but I disagree; he had to build six to create a cube, and the coils create a void, not receive secondary electrical energy.) I also feel that a void can be created by mechanical effect of the medium or matter.

Schauberger understood how water vortexes caused compression and a resultant imbalance within the secondary field. Then expansion would produce a void within the PCE as rebalancing is directed towards the secondary effect. Therefore, secondary effects do not exist within the void. Gravity, electrical effect and magnetism become a creation within the void itself. Hubbard’s coil is another example of Tesla’s handiwork. I believe Tesla realized that by rotating the medium of EMF at ultra high frequencies, the iron cores become a channel for PCE. Tesla understood Goethe’s concept of expansion and contraction in terms of polarity and wave form.

I have enclosed copies of several simple ideas I have concerning utilizing the secondary effects in two or more functions (see pages 23-26 for descriptions of Mr. Cafarelli's Gravity Well Generator and Wire Shield Generator). Also, I have enclosed a picture [diagram page 21] of how I perceive Russell’s coils were designed.


Infinite Asymptotic Magnetic Polarity Extragalactic Autocatalysis Creative Energy


s — WwEesTr EA TT


south +



Robert S. Cafarelli

In the realm of magnetic and electromagnetic fields there exist infinite numbers of points or positions within the field of magnetic effect. No two points are of the same exact position, and each singular point has a specific unique polarity relative to that position.

Each particle, be that it is mass, flux of virtual particles within a given vacuum or the universe as a whole, possesses a given point within the magnetic field. Polarity is given here as a specific unique value because of the position. Each point can cause a magnetic effect upon any other point because each point has a unique magnetic polarity or potential.

To demonstrate this effect, I have proven that regardless of how many iron particles I attach toa permanent magnet, each contain a specific polarity or potential relative to that position. No matter how small the particle, when you move it to any other position, it will exhibit a resistance and attempt to return to the previous position. There is a point of no return where the particle will exhibit a resonance and suddenly change polarity relative to the new position forced upon it. This has been proven by the Barkhausen experiments. The switching and sensitivity in a particle from one polarized position to another is relative to the composition of the material and the ability of the magnetic domains to move.

If we look at the atomic structures, we can visualize the activity or movement of the electrons. Each particle contains a polarity unique to itself relative to the position at any given time. I shall define time as a function of rotation. Simply stated, without electron rotation time would no longer occur. (Our perception is limited to our ability to visualize based on language and math.) The atomic structure of the brain and all of its functions are

the result of infinite polarities and their interaction as a whole. I further believe that the mind’s capacity and processes are far greater than can be defined here.

It is a well-known fact that polarized particles exhibit electrical phenomena when the polarity is altered. Yet few people can explain why. If you consider that every atom contains spin, time is a result of rotation, and polarity is never absolute, then time is a flux in terms of polarity and rotation. Furthermore, as the electron moves and rotates, the polarity at any given point is unique relative to the position. Therefore, if we alter the polarity at any given point by electromagnetic (EM) force, we shift the position of the electron. The shift will effect the spin and time within the rotational field.

The atom is a virtual generator, and by altering the atomic magnetic flux we realize the electric effect due to a change in local polarity. Electrons do not move from one atom to another, there is simply an electromagnetic wave effect due to the altering of local polarities. One imbalance affects another, then another, and so on until the electron polarity is balanced relative to the field of permeating magnetic flux rates within the local spin rate relative to that point in the universe.

The universe as we perceive it has no gravity. Gravity is a term used to describe movement of mass in undefinable physics. However, we must postulate the universe as a virtual SEA of rotation and vortexes of magnetic polarities or flux. We can imagine many dimensions of rotation in infinite planes and vortexes. Therefore, it is this rotation which has built all matter as we know it. It is the very reason that atoms have a rotational structure. Without rotation, matter as we perceive it would not exist in the electromagnetic state we perceive. Gravity is the infolding of electromagnetic wave forms.

Furthermore the rate of atomic spin at our point in the universe is UNIQUE. It would be erroneous to assume that all points in the universe rotate at the same speed because of the infinite magnetic

22 interactions which affect spin rates. I postulate that a unique state of magnetic polarity exists within each point in the universe as well. The negative polarities in space vacuum are due to the anomalous spin rates of magnetic flux. Without the interaction of matter, the potential flux polarity would exist at higher spin rates.


Cosmic Elements X Vortex Spin/Electromagnetic = Matter = Rotational EM Force = Time

Local space-time curvature is relative to the degree of effect of one magnetic wave upon another. In terms of magnitude, the magnetic field varies in resonance because of the spin rate and unique polarities dependent upon the differentials of location. If we consider the rate of electron/ atomic spin rates, the resonance will vary from one element to another in infinite patterns. This would explain the cold fusion magnification of input as to the relation of output. Input energy will greatly be increased when the plasma is polarized, thus altering the magnetic spin rates.

HYPOTHESIS: possible cause and effect

1) No two DNA are the same due to their unique magnetic moments.

2) All plants exhibit unique leaf, root and branch structure.

3) All matter is unique due to the specific magnetic moments during creation.

4) Cells have the ability to adapt due to the interrelationship of magnetic fields interacting and altering the basic DNA structure due to collective changes in the magnetic moments.

5) Communication would be possible with other parts of the universe by matching the atomic/ spin/time rates.

6) Space travel should be possible by matching the unique magnetic moment within the time/polarity/matter field structure and, in effect, instantly becoming apart of that location.

7) Tissue rejection would be eliminated by altering the donated tissue’s DNA magnetic moment to match the recipient’s DNA magnetic moment.

Gravity Influence Wheel

Abstract: A simple means to utilize the gravity push to cause continuous rotation of vertically supported structures, the rotation to be of any desired horse power/kw to provide the mechanical means to perform work.

Theory: I perceived in late 1992 how Bessler’s 1700’s gravity wheels may have been constructed by utilizing the force of gravity in TWO OR MORE SEPARATE FUNCTIONS. The heavier side of a vertically mounted wheel shall be ONE SEPARATE gravity function. The means to move the weights shall be the SECOND SEPARATE FUNCTION. Itis not possible to use the rotation to move the weights. Gravity can be used in any number of separate functions. The output shall be determined by the falling weight. Geometry is important in design.


1) free source of mechanical energy

2) theory can be applied to electrical and mechanical devices

ADDENDUM: Invention Disclosure RSC #2, November 10, 1992

A unique, useful device which utilizes gravity in two separate functions to force rotation of a device mounted vertically on a horizontal axis by means of weights, fluid, arms, wheel, stand shaft, and bearing, to produce rotational force from the force of gravity to perform work. THIS IS A SELF GENERATING DEVICE.


(lovemaeeR 0 (GIS - - 5 sete ) _)



ORAUTY FoRte —& atu x

Heavy Sivé EAILS Toward @CARAUITY

Geaaary FORGE.

C7 On

A o73 55

Poranti oN

November 10, 1992

Diagram One: New World Gravity Wheel Generator A. Movable weight B. Arms C. Flywheel D. Shaft E. Support stand F. Low viscous fluid Gravity ‘X’ moves weights A, forcing fluid F to move gravity ‘Y’ states. The heavier side of the wheel

Rotating Force: falls from gravity force. Continuous rotation = work. 24 Invention Disclosure Document No. 349725

January 13, 1994


A unique dual-purpose alternating current conductor shield consisting of unstable magnetic particles secured at right angles to the central conductor, each end secured to insulated inner and outer conductors which are each divided into at least four separate sections surrounding the central conductor. First, the unstable magnetic particles shall act as a partial shield to the A/C E.M_E waves. Second, the unstable magnetic particles so polarized by the A/C E.M_F. shall produce a current into the inner and outer conductors when the domains are switched by the reversed central conductor polarity. (Barhausen) The current produced in the inner and outer conductors utilizing the A/C E.M.F of the central conductor.

Disclosure Drawing 1/13/94 (see page 26) EXPLANATION OF DISCLOSURE DRAWING:

Generating Wire Shield

Abstract: A simple means to utilize alternating current, longitudinal magneto dielectric (LMD) wave forms propagated at specific magnetic resonance frequencies to couple to the atomic nucleus resonant frequencies of magnetically unstable particles supported at a right angle to the longitudinal axis of any suitable conductor supported in a dielectric material.

The opposing ends of the described particles are secured to insulated conductors which are divided into at least four separate polar regions. The LMD wave forms, thus causing the switching of the magnetic domains of the unstable particles (each phase of the AC cycle). The domain switching causes and results in an electric effect which is collected within the 8 separate inner and outer conductors and then returned to the central conductor to provide continuous electrical self- generation.


Further, only one half of the shield generation is necessary to provide the central conductor input, thus allowing the phased half of shield generation to yield useful output energy.


1. Shield AC EMF wave forms by means of back EMF.

2. Produce self-generating conducting shield without input after initializing.

3. Improve present state-of-the-art by constructing wrap-around shields for existing power lines.

4. Improve present state-of-the-art by constructing motors utilizing magnetic particle field arrays and permanent magnetic combination stator/armature.


I believe that the inherent energy within all atomic structure is provided by the aether. I describe this energy as a fourth-dimensional Primary Creative Energy (PCE). I believe that when the domains are influenced by an external field that the domains’ movement represents an electric effect by providing a channel for the PCE or aether. When an imbalance is created in the domain’s magnetic field, the PCE attempts to rebalance the magnetic effect. Itis thereby possible to create unlimited energy by not allowing the PCE to rebalance the manufactured imbalance. Utilization of proper LMD and domain wall resonance coercivity switching can ultimately provide for point-of-use energy channeling.

I believe that there exists four magnetic poles surrounding a conductor. Thus dividing the shield into four sections is required to prevent voidance of the induced electric effects resulting from the switching magnetic domains of the unstable magnetic particles. 1,2,3,4


10 11 12,13 14,15 16 17

Figure One

7 (2) 12, (13)

5, (b)

7,(8) 14,5) 3 4) Ib Figure Two

outer separated conductors, conduit for electric effects generated by switching of unstable magnetic particles

inner separated conductors, conduit for electric effects generated by switching of unstable magnetic particles

dielectric suspension material

central and inner conductor dielectric shield

central conductor

dielectric material

dielectric material

outer conductor dielectric shield

unstable magnetic particles


Part 3 Engineering Implications of Harmonic Chemistry by Michael Riversong

Now that we have a basic concept of resonant pattems among chemical elements and the importance of the fifth force of nature, which is resonance itself, the next step, and the only one which really matters, is to translate this into workable technology.

In ancient China, the five-force theory was primarily applied to medical practice. This is the foundation of acupuncture and the classification of herbs in the Chinese pharmacy. Interactions between each of the forces are carefully considered in all treatment regimens. Whether or not these interactions can be directly transferred from Chinese medicine to Harmonic Chemistry remains to be seen, and anyone interested in pursuing this line of inquiry would do well to consult the many ancient scriptures and manuals, starting with a good translation of the I Ching.

At this time, our own inquiry needs to be focused into areas which are a prime concern, due to worldwide social and environmental crises which were largely generated by our primitive fossil-fuel technology. Three sample areas are analyzed briefly here.


Flying discs keep tearing through John Searle's roof. Unfortunately, the discs have never had more than a rudimentary guidance system, so every one has been lost so far. The conditions leading to loss are still unclear. However, Searle has made it clear that the basic phenomenon he is working with is some sort of interaction between resonance and


To Drive

Hydraulic computer

Assuming a resonant effect involving gravity can be induced by a field coming from spinning magnetized discs, let us look at how a guidance system might work. First, we must assume that conventional electrical and electronic circuits will not behave according to presently accepted laws in such an environment. Second, the field generated by the spinning discs is in itself a kind

Argon Stabilizer

Block diagram of flying disk control sequence

27 of gyroscope (one with its own gravity environment), so we will not be able to use those either. Therefore, a new class of circuit must be developed which can both sense position and modulate resonant parameters into enough of a vector for guidance and control of the disc craft. These new circuits must be simple and rugged. Since conventional electric current will not flow through them according to presently. understood rules, materials of the circuits become more important, and we must look at new materials. First, gold is an element which must be considered for anything having to do with resonance. That is because it is the most resonant of all elements. Possibly, a combination of gold and silicates (such as a quartz crystal) can be designed to generate resonant waves which can track and to some degree counteract both forward and angular inertia of the craft. Designs for push- pull amplifiers can be borrowed from electronics

to accentuate the effect, and a control stick can then be attached to a resistive element. In other words, the guidance system for a flying disc can be partially based on an audio amplifier design! We will discover that, given the proper alloy and arrangement of gold elements relative to sensing crystals, we can literally control a flying disc through audio feedback loops.

For further control, we should consider usin g inert-gas modules. Argon, Krypton, and Xenon do not interact chemically with any other substance. Therefore, they would work well as resonant force dampers. Shapes of these modules will be important as well to catch and neutralize stray energies which could affect operations. A spiral- shaped module would pull in resonant force and concentrate it for other purposes such as heating. Bulb modules can act as controls to keep forces flowing properly around the spinning disc itself, thus hopefully avoiding sudden vertical rises as weather conditions change.

Feo aR oR Co ok


Several years ago, a ray gun design was proposed to deal with toxic waste concentrations. It is assumed that most of these spills and disposals are composed of bizarre and unholy mixtures of substances. What makes these substances toxic is in many cases either a halogen in the molecule (as in Poly-Chlorinated Biphenyls) or a nitrate chain on a molecule. This is an oversimplification, but for now it will do.

The basic mechanism proposed for transmutation is a scalar-wave generation device, much like the weaponry proposed in many of Tom Beardon's works. Two waves are to be generated. First, an electromagnetic wave at light speed comes out of the ray gun. Then, a second pulse going faster than light is generated, possibly by a crystal. Where and when the two waves intersect, elemental transmutation can occur. By the way, make sure everyone is standing back, because there will

probably be some dramatic energy releases at the intersection point. We don't really care much about that, as we just want an end product which will not harm local life forms.

To break down a halogen, a resonant wave could be applied which would uniformly transmute one element in a soup to a less harmful component, for example bromine down to selenium. The frequency of the resonant wave must be carefully developed relative to the local time-field by using an exact knowledge of all natural elemental frequencies and their harmonic ratios.

A nitrate chain may be even easier to deal with, and there should not be so much explosive or implosive force. In this case, we are only looking for a molecular separation, without the necessity of actual transmutation. This technique may be able to take advantage of an interaction between resonance and the weak nuclear force.

BS Ag fe Ce He Re He He 2 A he 2 a HE AC A AC Ae Re RC 2 AS i 2 A 2h 2 2 A RC oC oe os eo oe ee oe a A a oe


Proposed Toxic Waste Neutralizer

eg) g s ; a

1) VECTOR SENDING CIRCUIT: Sends the first pulse. Probably a typical high-frequency PLL radio-type circuit will work here. If it proves to be too hard to control, a quartz crystal may work, in the manner of radios of the 1920s.

2) VECTOR POWER SUPPLY: A conventional design, setting up internal working power for high-frequency RF transmission.

3) VECTOR WAVE CALIBRATOR: Justa plain old RF condenser. This calibration step sets up an initial level of vibration, which must be carefully matched to the second pulse.

4) SCALAR WAVE SENDING CRYSTAL: Only a crystal will work here, until we understand these forces better. It will be set up to put out a directional longitudinal wave over a broad band of frequencies, using the scalar interferometer effect.

5) SCALAR WAVE SENDING CIRCUIT: This is the one part of the design that is not familiar to conventional radio builders. It should probably contain tetrodes, as suggested by Nichols. These tubes seem to operate in four dimensions.

6) SCALAR WAVE CALIBRATION CIRCUIT: Experiments need to be done with capacitors and coils. It is not presently clear which type of calibration will work. Possibly some kind of infinitely variable RC tank circuit will do the job.

7) DIGITAL READOUT SCREEN: For the precise calibration needed to

make all this work. At least two IC chips should drive this, one being a translator and the other a timer.



Proper location of roads, public buildings, and new settlements has always been a vexing problem throughout history. Most cultures on this planet have developed some form of locational technology, usually associated with what we call dowsing or geomancy. Cultural discontinuity and modern technology have mostly buried this knowledge. No reliable technology for measurement of subtle geobiological energies has yet been developed.

If we consider subtle energies of the earth to be the results of interactions between electromagnetism, gravity, and resonant forces, we will have an easier time developing measurement instrumentation. Once good instrumentation is available, it will be possible for engineers to rapidly and accurately discover the current character of any location. Since reverse-polarized geobiological energies have been implicated in many cancer cases, the number of lives saved by this kind of engineering will be phenomenal.

Power generation, using a magnetic disc, reportedly works better in some places than others. This has been.a big problem for Joseph Newman in particular, as test beds specified by the U.S. Government generally have been in dead zones, and the equipment would not workright. Assuming concentrations of resonant force vary widely from one place to another on this planet, whatever resonant measurement technology is developed can be applied to the siting of new power generation facilities. This may also have implications for transportation, as some areas will be difficult to reach by flying disc, while others can be accessed with very little power output. A new type of engineer will inevitably arise who is expert at finding and quantizing resonant forces on and between planets.


Thank you Michael Riversong for this article and

the parts One and Two on Harmonic Chemistry

previously published in Fulcrum. Mr. Riversong is an accomplished musician as well as writer and scientist. This gives him particularly clean insight into the wave nature (Harmonics and Resonance) of

this wonderful universe!!









It has elsewhere been written that matter is the registration of the divine idea of thinking Mind.

Man is familiar with the thinking process in his own daily experiences.

Consider for a moment the concentrative thinking of man in conceiving idea.

Is not the idea at first nebulous? And as man concentrates electrically in his thinking is not the idea more and more distinct in form? And does not that form remain clear and dis- tinct so long as man concentrates dynamically upon thinking that idea?

When man’s concentration relaxes does not theidea become moreand more nebulous in form, and more indistinct, until it is but a memory?

Just so'with the thinking of the One uni- versal Mind.

The concentration of all Mind is electro positively registered in motion and its intensity and relaxation of intensity are chemically noted in states of motion of the very Mind substance which performs the action and reaction of the thinking process.

The intense concentrated expression of idea in generative thinking is chemically registered in definite, distinct, rigid form while the re- laxed, less intense, expanding expression of idea in electronegative, radiative thinking is

chemically registered in indefinite, indistinct, nebulous form.

If the universal Mind is without form within itself, if its light units and mass are but appear- ances of form due to motion and not to sub- stance, so also is Mind in its entirety without form or shape or size.

The universe of Mind is neither bounded nor boundless for it has no extension or con- tinuation.

Apparent separability is a necessary quality in creating the illusion of a universe of ex- tension or continuation. The One substance of divine Mind is non-separable, non-extend- able and non-continuous.

The apparent parts of Mind have an ap- parent relationship to one another.

As the appearance of separability of the Mind substance is but an effect of motion, then also is the appearance of relationship of one apparent part to another but an illusion due to motion.

Relationship of matter is but an appearance and has no existence, and that which man calls “relativity” is but an illusion, just as that which man calls “perspective” is but an illusion.

Relativity is the science of an illusion in four dimensions as perspective is in three.


Light, as man knows light, is but an unstable simulation of the real light of the Universal One.

Man’s concept of light is luminosity, an illusion of the universal light of inertia, sustained in its ap- pearance as an illusion of light by the pressures generated through motion.

The inner mind of ecstatic man knows the real light and that he is One with light. He is not deceived

by its illusion.


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