The Science Journal of The University of Science and Philosophy

Vol. 2, No. 4, June 1994


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are but different states of motion of the one substance. They are the seven tones of an octave, and there are ten octaves of seven tones each. In the last four octaves are many mid-tones, - each one registering its own state of motion. Man calls these various states of motion oftheone substance by many names,andthey appear to be many substances. The apparent difference be- tween the many isdue solely to difference of motion and not to substance. Many states of motion are possible but there are not two substances in theuniverse. There isonly one substance. There can be only one substance. As all states of motion are measurable and ere under the absolute control of mind, and as man is mind, man may, with dawning knowledge of causes, change any one state of motion into any other state of motion, and by so doing transmule any One substance into any other one. The granite rock may become gold, or radium, at the will of man.




June, 1994

Chester A. Hatstat, Jr., B.S., Metallurgical Engineering

Dr. Timothy A. Binder, D.C., N.D., U. of S. & P. President

GREETINGS!! This a quarterly journal focusing on the science of creation revealed to Walter Russell. Dr. Russell, artist/philosopher/ illuminate, spent 35 years and several different written: edi- tions describing to scientists and lay persons God’s multidimensional creation processes. Known as the ‘Russell Cosmogony’, the concepts revealed to Dr. Russell during his 39 day illumination in 1921 show our three dimensional world of light and matter to be an extension of the One substance of God. Matter is light (patterned thoughts) spi- rally wound into vortices of motion, a recording of God’s one idea of creation, and is motion sus- tained by God’s rhythmic Thinking.

FULCRUM is a forum in which scholars and stu- dents can interact to exchange insights and per- spectives on interpretation and application of the vortexian principles of the Russell Cosmogony. We seek to ‘fan’ the flames of creative thinking and to stimulate discussion, awareness, and understand- ing of God’s two-way, creating/decreating electric universe. Without such knowledge, humankind will be forever in the ‘entropy loop’, in a scientific and philosophic paradigm of a Universe dying a heat death, where energy runs only down hill and everything is going into greater disorder. Our present economic, social, psychological, medical, philosophical, political, and religious systems are patterned on ‘entropic’ thinking and beliefs.

Our intent is to publish:

1. Questions we, as students, have concerning the Russell Cosmogony and the Russell literature.

2. Answers from students. Answers may or may not be definitive. Clarity may take time to ‘un- fold’. Sharing insights may or may not lead us to the same conclusions. The idea is to share differ-

ent perspectives and stimulate/inspire thought on the subject. I expect our thinking and understand- ing to evolve.

3. Research and articles relevant to the Russell Cosmogony. What insights do you have concern- ing this Cosmogony? Have any of you puzzled over, played with, built, modeled, or written about your studies of a two-way, invisible/visible physi- cal Universe? What have other scientists or lay persons done in past or present studies? How are chemical, physical, medical, agricultural, biologi- cal, economic, etc. systems viewed from this en- lightened perspective? We are eager to review for possible publication your treatment of the Russell concepts. I have a special interest in mathematical treatments of the Russell concepts and would love to see some!

4. Current experiments utilizing vortexian prin- ciples and mechanics: transmutation, ‘energy’ pro- duction, gravity simulation, etc.

5. Applications of spiral/vortexian/motion-in-op- position mechanics, science, and philosophy.

We are eager for your input and feedback. Our vision of ‘Vortexian’ science curricula, texts, data banks, and applications in every field of human endeavor is dependent upon the continued ‘desire’ and ‘action’ of all of us, ‘desire’ taken into medi- tation and ‘action’ inspired from the point of Still- ness within each of us.

Chester A. Hatstat, Jr. editor p.s. I hope you like our new column format! Let me know what you think of it.

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(1) How can the Russell concepts of expansion/contraction, centripetal/centrifugal motion, tempera- ture, and heat be used to describe the thermodynamic process of melting, freezing, condensation, and evaporation? What processes are at work as an element is heated in the solid state, melted, heated in the liquid state, evaporated, and heated in the gaseous state? What are the Russell thermodynamics of reversing this and cooling from a gas to a liquid to a solid?


In the last issue of FULCRUM (V.2,#3), we did not have enough space to publish all of Larry Tieg’s response to question #2 from FULCRUM, V2,#2. With apologies to Larry, here is the question and his Tesponse.

(2) What are everyday applications of the law of octave wave progression or rhythmic balance inter- change that you can identify? Are there examples in natural phenomena or in your everyday experi- ence that reflect, follow, or demonstrate this law in some way?

Larry's response: Question #2 - Part A - Examples of octave wave progression

toward a hollowed out cavity under the cliff. As 1) All surfers know ocean waves come in sets of compression builds, two rings -like old 33 LP eight, the 4th and 5th being the largest waves in records, only larger - begin to spin on the surface the set. Each set is followed by a lull, then the of the water. Within moments, they lift off to about next set comes. Sets themselves come in 8’s, with 45°, lock in position, spinning in the air. They then the 4th and 5th being the largest sets. Depending _ rise to about 60° and then to 75°, locking in each on the seas, tides and winds, sometimes this is to- position. Next, they come together at 90° to the tally obvious, other times it is not. ocean surface, explode and send water shooting 2) At Punta Bandora, Baja, Mexico, about 100 up through a chimney a hundred feet high. The miles south of the border on the Pacific side, Isaw tourist standing on top of the cliff get showered. what Russell illustrated in Fig. 64, p. 819 in the There is then a giant sucking sound as the ocean. HSC. There is a blow-hole which shoots water surge withdraws. All of this takes only a few sec- about 100' high, even with very calm seas anda _ onds. Perhaps, someone would like to video this light surge. The ocean flows into a conal channel 3 for us. 3) Asimple example of an octave (one complete wave cycle) is the growth and death of the human body from seed, embryo, child, youth, to adult and then the disintegration/expansion toward disap- pearance.

4) Alast example, I suspect, are the seven Chakras of our energy body, the invisible energy vortexes that rise toward the head. The heart chakra being the mid-tone, male/female united position. The seven steps/seals/tones are probably within one octave. Different beings may have different oc- tave key-notes.

Question #2 - Part B - Examples and applications of Rhythmic Balanced Interchange between all opposites in all givings and regivings.

1) Between Individuals: Rhythmic Balanced In- terchange means all parties in all actions/transac- tions/relationships must have a WIN-WIN situa- tion, which is more than just being fair. It must be equal. Imbalanced transactions/relationships of the WIN-LOSE type create “bad feelings,” stress, tox- ins and eventually the death of the relationship.

2) In Nature: Humans breath out CO,. Trees breath in CO}. Trees breath out 05. Humans breath in Oo.

3) Your body’s pH: A healthy body has a bal- anced pH (acid/alkaline, yin/yang). A sick/diseased body is imbalanced.

ALKALINITY IS CHARGING: centripetal, com- pressing, and increasing density and life. ACIDITY IS DISCHARGING: centrifugal, ex- panding, unwinding, vacuity and increasing toward death.


—DEEP BREATHING charges your body’s bat- tery. Get plenty of complete sleep with your mo- tors turned off.

—EXERCISE, activity and completing old busi- ness charges and restores alkalinity.

—POSITIVE THOUGHTS, LOVING FEELINGS are alkaline/charging. Thoughts can and do create bio-chemicals. You can change your whole body chemistry to one of vibrant health by turning on the power/feeling of love. CANCER CELLS AND NORMAL CELLS ARE THE SAME CELLS. Normal cells are charging faster than they are dis- ° charging. Cancer cells are discharging faster than they are charging - usually from an acid/toxic body. The healing power of love CAN AND WILL charge up discharging cancer cells, restoring their normal spin, charge and vitality.

—ALKALINE FOODS include fresh fruits, veg- etables, greens, herbs.

—SUNSHINE is charging all life. Enjoy in mod- eration.


Keep aclosed mind. Remain a victim. For- get about breathing and exercise. Fill your lungs with pollutants. Stay a couch potato. Walk to the refrigerator. Allow your thoughts and feelings of anger, hate, resentment, jealousy and guilt to domi- nate your existence. Let fear be your motivation for action. Eat the junk. The cancer cells love it. And be sure to avoid all sunlight and fresh air. Of course, you heard they were bad for you.

4) Your body is two bodies. Rhythmic Balanced Interchange allows it to express and function as one. Like an almond seed of two halves com- pressed together to appear as one, so is your body. Formed from 22 pairs plus one sex chromosome from each parent, it is two completely individual halves pressured/blended/united with an equator, centered by consciousness. This equator divides the brain hemispheres, eyes, ears, nostrils, lungs, some organs, arms, legs, etc.. Taking a picture of the left and right sides of the face separately, do- ing a reverse positive for each side and joining the two, you sometimes come up with pictures of two totally different looking people. One side looks more like the maternal, the other the paternal. Other organs have two lobes, the heart two ven- tricles. Each side has its own nervous system. When a dentist deadens your tooth, only one side of your mouth feels numb. Nature strives for bal- anced harmony between opposing pairs. However, parents with extremely varied genetic contributions produce offspring with different size feet, an ear higher or lower, arms and legs of different length and often a cleft in the chin to mark the equator of joining.

Rhythmic Balanced Interchange between both body halves is the normal and natural, as in walking and breathing. Natural also means to be ambidextrous and ambi-eyed (both eyes focus near and far equally well), qualities found in many in- digenous/aboriginal peoples. You, the conscious- ness, center your two brain hemispheres. In your centeredness/stillness is your awareness and knowingness. When you think (conscious direc- tional thought- logical or creative) motion extends bilaterally (all motion is two-way motion) through both hemispheres. You think through your brain, not with your brain, just as you see through your eyes, not with your eyes. And true original, intui- tive, creative concept appears instantly out of your centeredness, arising from your knowingness.

The current right-brain/left-brain theory vio- lates Nature’s law of Rhythmic Balanced Inter- change between opposite pairs. It also ignores the fact that each hemisphere is totally capable of all thought processes and automatic body control (as demonstrated when one hemisphere is removed) - except peripheral vision on the opposite side. It also does not account for the 10% of the popula- tion that is left-handed, when under their own theory, the right brain would be the logical one and the left the creative. Perhaps a better theory would be, “stay centered.”

5) Good character exemplifies Rhythmic Balanced

Interchange in actions. Life is for learning. Good

character is the goal. Karma is unlearned lessons. ALITIES OF D CHARACTER

TRUTHFULNESS-what one knows one expresses

for the good of all

INTEGRITY-behavior conforms to one’s highest


RESPECT-treats all life as if were ONE

LOVE- the “resonance” created between opposite pairs by the rhythmic balanced interchange of to- tal givingness of thoughts/feelings/body/being DIGNITY-has worthiness to support highest self in others

HUMILITY-knows Oneness, open to be instrument for good

HAPPY-gives happy to be happy

In the United States, we seem to be losing our character. The problems in our schools 50 years ago of talking out of turn, gum chewing, making noise, littering and cutting in line have, as we all know been replaced with drug and alcohol use, pregnancy, suicide, rape, robbery and assault. Russell warned this and the eventual disintegra- tion of our nation would happen if we did not start to stress the development of character. Will our civilization disappear as others before it, into an- other Dark Age of jungle survival? I don’t know. What can we do?

First, look not to governments for solutions. Nor are governments the problem. And the prob- lem is not T.V., education, lack of religion or bad marriages either. Social organizations only reflect the citizenry. In reality, the whole world is our reflection. Best to not find fault with our reflec- tion, yours and mine. We are all the sole creators of what we perceive. The solution is within our- : selves.

We can see only change ourselves. By be- coming a light, others will see. All change comes through inspiration. Determine to become even a better person of the highest character. Speak your truth. Do a good deed daily. Express the love you feel. Cultivate peace. Create beauty. Give good in exchange for bad. Go within. Listen. Obey. You will be guided to your highest good, and as a result, the whole world will be lifted by your shin- ing example, just as we have been lifted by Walter Russell’s.

Thanks again Larry for your insightful and inspi- rational thoughts!!


(1) Why did Walter Russell change from 10 octaves in The Universal One to nine octaves in The Secret of Light (TSOL) and subsequent writings? Ditto for the number of elements?

(2) Walter Russell in writings subsequent to The Universal One spoke with rare exception of Gravity as a push from without to within and that there was no such thing as a “pull” of gravity (see HSC pp. 726-727, TSOL pp. 153-158, AS pp.134-139, NCU pp. 16, 20, & 50). What did he mean by this? Is it possible to have a push without a pull or vice-versa, in anything or anywhere?

From Chester Hatstat:

(1) Ihaven’t a clue as to why Dr. Russell changed from 10 octaves to 9 octaves, so I will leave this question alone. I will, however, enumerate the changes, giving which octaves where reduced and which elements were deleted.

The essentials are:

1. Deleted the 1st octave from the 10 octave chart with the exception of the inert gas Alphanon. The 10 octave chart had repeated Tomion (+44), Alberton (-3), Blacton (-2), and Boston (-1) in both the last half of the 10th octave and the first half of the 1st octave, whereas the 9 octave chart now only has them once as the last half of the 9th octave. Therefore, only 3 fully toned elements (Irenon, Vijaon, and Marvaon) were deleted here.

2. Deleted the five isotopes of the 2nd half of the 10th octave (Whitnion, Alponson, Georgeon, Victoron, and Lipton). The second half of the present 9th octave does not have any isotopes.

3. Each octave of the 10 octave chart decreased in value by one (i.e., the 2nd octave became the Ist, the 3rd became the 2nd, etc.).

4. Deleted the inert gas Hydron from what was the 4th octave. Alphanon remained as the inert gas seed. of the 1st octave which meant he had to move the inert gases Betanon and Gammanon for- ward one octave each. Betanon now precedes Marconium in the 2nd octave and Gammanon now precedes Carbogen in the 3rd octave.

5. In what is now the 3rd octave, he moved Hydrogen from the +1 position to the ++4 ampli- tude position and moved Carbogen from the am- plitude position to the +1 position.

Unfortunately, when he moved Hydrogen to the ++4 position, he continued to claim Ethlogen

and Bebegen to be deuterium and tritium, resp. He left them in the +2 and +3 positions, resp. after Carbogen (+1) and before Hydrogen (++4). He should have moved them to follow Hydrogen as -3 and -2, resp. position elements as their atomic weights are greater than Hydrogen's and atomic mass increases (almost always) as elements progress from the 1st octave through the 9th.

Please remember, Walter Russell defines isotopes as elements which are not fully toned. Convention- ally, isotopes are defined as elements having the same atomic number (#of protons) but different atomic weight (# of neutrons).

Comparing the number of inert gases, and isotopes of the two charts gives:

10 octaves 9 octaves Inert Gases: 10 9 Elements: 66 63 Isotopes: 54 49 Total: 130 121

(2) The question of gravity and radiation, their relationship, and the use of the terms pull and push stimulated me to reread, rethink, and meditate on the subject. Gravity is a term Dr. Russell used both as a One word and as a many word. He refers to gravity control, using gravity as a One word. Yet, he also uses gravity in contrast to radiation thus making it a many term, a term with an opposite or a term with dualistic meaning.

In Atomic Suicide?, p. 176, Dr. Russell defines gravity as:

“Gravity really means a point, or shaft, that can be located in the invisible universe, where Mind desires to concentrate thought, and thought-power.

There is not more gravity or less gravity any- where. The seeming increase of the power of grav- ity is electric potential, which means faster mo- tion in smaller circles. Gravity shafts, and centers of gravity are the omnipotent zero of the Mind Universe. Itis the same everywhere. It is all-pow- erful everywhere. The nearer that motion can come to it the greater the power which can be drawn from it?

And from page 177:

“Gravity is a shaft of Mind-controlling still-

ness. In that sense, gravity and God are one.”

And on page 180:

“What observers think of as magnetic power is the measure of electric potential which is cre- ated around gravity shafts and centers. The multi- plication of electric potential around gravity shafts is —in reality— the manner in which Mind-think- ing concentrates. :

It is not gravity, or Mind, or stillness, which multiplies however. That which multiplies and divides is electric potential only, and that means fast or slow centripetal or centrifugal motion. The gravity which evidences Mind-concentrative power is changeless. Motion surrounding it alone changes.”

Further, on page 187:

“Every effect of motion in this universe is an electrical effect caused by electrical force acting under the control of the invisible Magnetic uni- verse. The invisible universe entirely dominates and controls the visible universe, but motion is entirely electric.”

This description of gravity as a One word clearly gives me the concept of electric potential, electricity, and motion as the effects which need to be addressed when using terms such as pull or push to describe the actions or reactions of grav- ity.

From these definitions, motion towards (gen- eration) or away from (radiation) gravity centers (points of stillness) and around gravity shafts (shafts of stillness) is caused by the force of elec- tricity. The causes of curvature of motion in pla- nar and vortexian spirals is of course determined by the cube/sphere relationship, and the action of polarity creates the apparent electric strains of di- vision which induce electric currents, both are ex- plained elsewhere in Russell’s work. I will not elaborate on the derivation of this curvature or the finer points of polarity but will continue with these as given knowns.

Spiral centrifugal motion (radiation) starts at anode centers of mass and moves along ecliptic equatorial planes towards bases of cathodes, ex- hibiting faster axial spin with slower orbital revo- lution the further from the anode center and slower axial spin with faster orbital revolution the closer to the anode center. An example would be the faster spin of planets as they move in their spiral orbits farther from their centering suns. The electric force is dividing. Our seeing and sensing is dependent upon this division. Fast motion at anodic centers is repeated and expanded outward. What we see and sense is due to the centrifugal unwinding of centripetally wound compression.

Spiral centripetal motion (generation) starts at cathode bases of space and moves along vortex ‘ cones towards apex anode points, moving faster the closer to the anode center and slower the far- ther from the anode center. The electric force is multiplying. Fast motion at anode centers is caused by this electric centripetal, invisible to our senses, motion.

What has all this to do with gravity and push/ pull? Electric currents of motion (centripetal and centrifugal) produce pressure zones of varying electric potential. Charging and discharging elec- tric potential varies from the cathodes of space to the anodes of solidity. One of the 18 dimensions of matter is potential. All matter has different elec- tric potential as measured by its amount of and ra- tio of charge and discharge. Reading from page 139 of AS will reveal that matter seeks like condi- tions of electric potential. “Every potential state of pressure in this uni- verse has its proper place in it, and it will seek the current of motion which takes it there.” AS, p. 139

Is the electric current of motion pushing or pulling?

As an example, a piece of matter with say 6 volts of charge (centripetal motion) and say 9 volts of discharge (centrifugal motion) will seek an equivalent state of compressing and expanding vortexian motion. If this piece of matter is in a potential field of say 10 volts of charging motion and 5 volts of discharging motion, what are the forces at work? How does one potential state seek another? Is the piece being pulled towards the 10 volts of charging motion or pushed? Likewise, is it being pushed or pulled towards the potential field’s current of 5 volts of discharging motion?

The piece’s charging motion (6 volts) is slower than the potential field (10 volts) it finds itself in. The faster motion of the potential field might be viewed as pushing against the slower motion of the piece of matter, making the slower motion move outwards towards the field’s slower motion. Icould argue the electric current of the potential field would carry or pull with it the piece of lower po- tential matter to a place of lower field potential.

Likewise, the centrifugal action/reaction of the potential field on the piece of matter or the piece of matter’s centrifugal action/ reaction on the po- tential field can be viewed as pulling or pushing. I would say from the Russell laws of thermodynam- ics (NCU, p. 39) both action and reaction are oc- curring simultaneously. Thus, I would say both push and pull are occurring simultaneously.

From NCU, p. 50:

“All motion is unbalanced. All motion is for- ever seeking rest from its unbalanced condition by seeking voidance of its motion.”

The two desires of Mind are, in my opinion, constantly interchanging and constantly pulling and pushing against each other. The desire for va- cuity pushes matter and light away and pulls space towards cone bases. The desire for solidity pulls light and matter towards points in space and pushes

space away. Motion seeking rest is the so-called force of gravity or attraction of gravity. Motion simulates voidance or balance when two potential states of motion are equal and opposite. Both po- tential states are always changing and, therefore, are constantly moving to seek balance or simula- tion of rest. The push and pull of the cosmic dance is always simultaneous and always repetitive.

According to the Russells, this is a thought generated Universe. My thoughts, therefore, gen- erate events which mirror the quality of my think- ing. Now, are these events, relationships, and ex- periences attracted to me by a push or a pull? What is the process and nature of attraction at work here? Are subtle energies and dual electric wave fields at work?

“Man alone of all My creating things hath begun to hear My whisperings. Since his beginning My still small Voice hath whispered within him that I am he and he Me; but even now barbaric man on thy small new world heareth dully, and maketh idols which he treasures before Me, for he is still new. He is still but in the ferment of his early brewing.

“For I say, that all things which floweth from Life of Me have Life of Me flowing through them, e’en to the least of these; but, I say, that e’en though My Light of immortal Life floweth through those mortal symbols of My thinking, It toucheth them not in Its passing.

“When they shall know the Light of Me in them, then they shall be Me and I them.”





We know acoustic patterns are implied in the structure of the Periodic Table of the Elements. Each chemical family as arranged in columns is basically an octave interval. Other musical ratios should be operative between all elements, driving such phenomena as catalysis, radioactive decay, and transmutation. All interactions, whether the physical ones which involve the valence shell, or the other types which we are just beginning to con- sider in this work, take place within a certain frame- work of physical laws. These laws are forces of nature. Now we will consider the forces of nature which are the framework for chemical interactions.

As in many things, the ancient Chinese pro- vided us with a good working model of natural forces. Only now is modern physics beginning to catch up with this model. This is understandable, considering that China possesses the only culture on this planet going back continuously for 6,000 years. Every other culture, along with whatever understanding of physics may have developed, has been wiped out at some point.

The Chinese scheme of natural forces pos- tulates five operating phenomena. Somehow, these characteristics of nature were translated into our language as the word elements. At first glance, these forces seem to be similar to esoteric Western concepts, which include four elements. However, the concepts are quite different, and may be largely incompatible. Western esoteric traditions of four elements are useful for modeling mental actions, but in the Chinese framework, there is a correla- tion to physical forces in the material realm. We actually would do better from the semantic stand- point to substitute the word forces for elements. Then the conception leaves the realm of metaphys- ics and can be applied to natural science. Using this form of conceptuality is a way to visualize the interactions of forces before formal mathematics

can be applied. In fact, visualization using this Chinese metaphorical system could facilitate the development of the proper formulas for engineer- ing purposes.

Four of these five forces, as postulated by the Chinese, can be easily correlated with the find- ings of modern physics. First, each of the four forces discovered in physics, as applied to chem- istry, is briefly summarized and correlated with one of the Chinese elements. Then, we will consider the fifth elemental force and its relation to chemi- cal-acoustic activity.


This was the easiest correlation to make, and was the key to the other correlations. It corre- sponds to electromagnetism. Here we see how an earthly phenomenon which we all have seen is used as a way to illustrate a deeper natural force at work. Electromagnetism is generally a transient phenom- enon and is always produced by other processes. , Once produced, it can then have an effect on many natural events.


Here is the force of gravity which is as yet poorly understood. We do know it moves in waves and can interact with electromagnetism. It does not seem to play a large role in observed chemical actions.


The so-called strong force, the foundation of modern atomic physics, is illustrated by this metaphor. This is a hard and unyielding force. It takes a lot of energy to change it, as in an atomic bomb. Therefore, it is not particularly relevant to the majority of chemical actions on this planet, al- though it does play a major role in stellar processes. WwooD

Weak force is the name given to this char- acteristic by physicists. It is pliable, but only to a point. Releases of energy may be associated with its actions, but more commonly there is a gentle bonding type of activity. Therefore, it is relevant to known chemical processes and seems to be the force most addressed in standard physical chemis-

Mathematical models of its working have been troublesome. They include a lot of work- arounds and convolutions, indicating that this force is not easy to conceptualize. From one standpoint, it may look like it is acting one way, but from an- other, it could act in a completely different man- ner. This may be due to interactions between this and the fifth force.


Now we come to the most mysterious of the elements, and the most malleable. It is also the most difficult to quantize. At the outset, we must assume that no current instrumentation can measure the presence or amount of this force. Also, it would not show up easily in cloud-chamber or particle accelerator experiments because of its subtle nature.

The element of water was said to be clos- est to Ch’i, Ch’i being the original nature of the Universe. According to the ancient writings, Ch’i can never be seen or quantized, and it obeys its own laws. Water is thus a direct reflection of Ch’i power, but it must not be confused with the origi- nal power itself.

In all considerations involving this force, we should first understand that it works through harmonic or resonant action. This means that fre- quency relative to a time line is more important than directly measured material action. Use water as a metaphor here. It is the most powerless of all materials in that it will instantly disperse when any force is applied to it. It is the most powerful of all materials, because a steady action of flowing wa- ter will erode anything, given enough time. When you understand this paradox, you will be ready to understand the action of this force.

Again, consider harmonic and resonant action. We could conceivably apply known acous- tic equations to this fifth force. In fact, naming this the Acoustic Force would be appropriate. This also easily correlates with what has been termed zero-point energy. \f we regard this energy as a separate, equal force of nature which has its own laws, it is possible to create new experiments which potentially isolate the way this force works. By assuming that known acoustic laws can be applied readily to the operation of this force, expected re- sults will be easier to find.

Consider how acoustical energy works in air or water. Its waves propagate longitudinally, which is the opposite of electromagnetic vector waves. Sound can, under certain conditions, seem to disappear and then appear in a separate loca- tion. It can actually vibrate in such a way as to destroy material. Sound also has successfully been used for levitation effects, bending metal, and many other material effects.

However, it is a lower level of acoustic resonance which interests us in chemical matters. This lower level could be likened to sound propa- gating through a vacuum. Of course, there really is no such thing as a demonstrable perfect vacuum. Even in deepest space, there is some matter for acoustic resonance to act on. Thus, these longitu- dinal waves can operate in all environments, from the largest to the smallest throughout the Universe. Again, note how resonant or acoustic waves can seem to disappear in one sparsely populated me- dium and then reappear when a thicker medium becomes available. This is almost like the action of tsunami waves in the ocean, which can be nearly undetectable in open water but rise to monstrous heights as soon as the dense continental shelf is encountered.

The power of acoustic resonance has been demonstrated in many ways in reality as appre- hended by the senses. As illustrations, we can con- sider musical healing, feedback (which consistently violates the second law of thermodynamics), con- versions of gravity to light before earthquakes, and sonic destruction. It is this natural power which can make it possible to not only facilitate chemi- cal reactions which we currently understand, such


as catalysts, but also to create new kinds of reac- tions which have not been known previously, such as resonant transmutation of one substance to an- other and power conversions from small amounts of substances.

One caution must be added for those who wish to experiment with this force. Many com- mentators have noticed that science and spiritual- ity are converging and, in fact, must converge if we are to have an ethical scientific framework. This was certainly an essential part of Walter Russell’s view. One of the primary tenets of many spiritual systems is that the animating force of hu- man bodies is very different from the bodies. This animating force could be said to be linked to the body by what we often call the mind. When you observe the impact of ordinary music on the mind, you can begin to appreciate the potentials of acous- tic resonance phenomena as we unleash these things in laboratories.

All the complicated dogma of the previous paragraph comes down to a simple thing. Those who are experimenting with acoustic resonant forces need to be constantly aware that these forces

From The Secret of Light:

can easily affect the mind. Carelessly designed experiments can cause insanity! This has already happened to several free energy researchers. It is a testament to the resilience of the mind that we have not seen worse problems among researchers. So always be cautious in the design of resonant experiments. When possible, try to calculate fre- quencies beforehand and correlate these to key notes in music. Having a good understanding to the healing properties of pitches and intervals can be a great help in designing experiments which take advantage of the Acoustic Force of nature.

Please send comments on experiments to: Michael Riversong

QI Consulting

P.O. Box 2775

Cheyenne, Wyoming 82003

Much thanks and many blessings to you Michael for your Harmonic Chart of the Elements articles.


Chapter II


God, the Creator, is all there IS; all that EXISTS.

God’s creating universe of matter-in-motion appears to exist. To our senses it sequentially disappears, to reappear. It has no reality. It but simulates reality through the illusion of two-way projected lights in


God, the Creator, is the One Being, the One Person, the One Mind, the One Thinker, the One Self, the One Life, the One Soul, the One Power, the One Reality.

God’s Creation is the imaged patterned form of God’s imagining, built in His image. It is the body of God, the record of His thinking, created by Him for expressing the One-ness of Life, Love, Mind, Soul

and Power which is in Him alone.

ee oe ae He eo AC eo Ae oO oe oo eo ko oe




Inearly 1990, the Radiant Waters project was initiated with the goal of building and selling a working subtle energy device utilizing charged water moving through conical spirals which dra- matically and quickly heals people of their deep emotional scars. The device was designed with the intention of being so strong and powerful that any- one, regardless of sensitivities and background, would definitively feel it working. In 1992, the first prototype of Radiant Waters was built and information will now be provided as to its design and principles so that someone may become en- couraged to research and experiment along simi- lar lines.

The subtle energy perspective behind Radiant Waters assumes the premise that space-time, or


the fabric of space as itis sometimes called, is com- posed of what Walter Russell calls Dual Electric Wave Fields. Myrna M. Milani and Brian R. Smith jn their book, A Primer on Rotational Physics, also describe Dual Electric Wave Fields. They describe them as Sub-7 Alpha and indicate that specific com- binations or merging of such fields generate larger more complex fields having specific qualities.

One may observe some of the motions and ge- ometries of these complex fields in Leadbetter and Besant’s book Occult Chemistry. They describe Dual Electric Wave Fields as apparently forming a wave-pattern called spirulae which combines with other wave patterns to form a complex wave pattern called the Anu. (See figures 1 & 2)


Figure 1-ANU


The general Form of an Atom, including the spirals and 1st Spirillae, together with influx and efflux ethers, represented by dots, which pass through these spirillae. The 2d and gd spirrilae with their still finer ethers are not shown.

Figure 2 from Extra-Sensory Perception of Quarks by Stephen M. Phillips, Ph.D. The Theosophical Publishing House Madras, India/London, England Wheaton,llinois U.S.A.

13 Itis strongly indicated by Stephen M. Phillips, Ph.D., a physicist who authored the book Extra- Sensory Perception of Quarks, that geometrical combinations of moving Anu and Anu derivatives form the hadrons and leptons which in turn com- bine to create ordinary matter. The above train of reason suggests two things: a) that the purportedly empty space between elementary particles called the quantum vacuum where many virtual particles temporarily exist may include what others have called the ether and b) that the quantum vacuum is composed solely of Dual Electric Wave Fields in various states of complexity. Extreme complexity of the Dual Electric Wave Fields within an area of the quantum vacuum would thus generate virtual and possibly stable particles and lesser complex- ity of the Dual Electric Wave Fields within an area of the quantum vacuum would generate the appear- ance of force and motion.

Given the previous perspective, it was reasoned that if thought (Universal Mind) manifests dual electric wave fields and if dual electric wave fields can increase in complexity and size to become what are described as subtle energies (not to mention protons, neutrons and electrons), then it seems rea- sonable to assume that each so-called subtle en- ergy represents a specific thought or intention. If the motions and geometries within the quantum vacuum can be studied, then possibly one may correlate motions and geometries with specific in- tentions and concepts. Some individuals who work intensely with sacred geometry believe that the human-size sacred geometrical models are really replicas of what occurs at the atomic and subatomic levels in terms of how various combinations of motions within wave patterns appear to form an overall shape. It is believed by some sacred geom- eters that accurate modeling of the geometry and motion of subtle energy at the human scale would manifest that energy. The reasons for such are com- plex and varied, but personal experience seems to bear this principle out.

To summarize the perspective, it is believed that: a) Universal mind creates Dual Electric Wave

Fields with specific intention or inherent concepts reflected by their motions and geometries.

b) Building a human-sized accurate replica of such motion and geometries in extreme detail would manifest the subtle energy whose motions and geometries are being imitated.

c) In order to manifest a tool which would strongly generate those Dual Electric Wave Fields representing proper emotional expression, the tool should optimally:

(1) Use healthy, charged water as the mov ing medium.

(2) The motion should be conical and spirallinear.

(3) The shapé of the device should be an icosahedron.

(4) DC power rather than AC power should be used for the pump.

(5) The device should be made of all natu ral materials.

Exploring this summary will provide under- standing of the premises and construction of Ra- diant Waters. The concept of Universal Mind pro- viding specific intention into the motions and ge- ometries of Dual Electric Wave Fields is a personal interpretation of Walter Russell’s concepts as dis- cussed in The Secret of Light where:

a) thinking leads to manifestation of the Dual Electric Wave Fields and

b) thinking seems to direct Dual Electric Wave Fields.

The perspective of sacred geometry, function- ing as it does because it imitates fundamental movements and shapes of energy, is both contro- versial and complex. Many sacred geometers have noticed that adding dimensions and/or motions related to the sacred geometrical object drastically increases the inherent power of the object (¢., spinning a dodecahedron increases its energy mani- festation), but other factors may also be occurring. For a more detailed discussion of this, one may read the book Spiritual Energy and Technology.

All of us are experientially aware of the power of rivers, waterfalls, and water in many of its forms

14 in soothing and healing one’s troubled emotions so water rather than air or electricity was chosen as the flowing medium. Water is historically re- lated to the emotions in many traditions as well. Conical spirallinear motion is propagated by Walter Russell, Viktor Schauberger, Patrick Flanagan, and many others who studied flowing mediums. So it was decided that the water in Radiant Waters would flow in conical spirals, Manufacturing limi- tations, however, led the spiral water flow paths to become flat and archimedian rather than three-di- mensional and Fibonacci.

The same manufacturing limitations created a shift from an icosahedral shaped device to a stepped octahedral shaped device. The icosahedron tradi- tionally represents water (the emotions) and the metabolic system, and the octahedron traditionally represents air (rhythm and communication) and the respiratory system (see the book Form, Sound, Colour and Healing by Theo Gimbel).

DC power was used from a lantern battery to create portability of Radiant Waters as well as to reduce the possibility of negative entrainment of the water. In an unproven extrapolation, Russell seemed to relate numbers to specific elements in his work The Universal One in Book 2, chapter 7 so there was caution in applying a strong frequency with unknown consequences. All natural materi- als, including a glue containing no acetic acid, were used throughout the construction with the excep- tion of a marine glue and the plastic casing of the pump.

When you have a Radiant Waters device built, care must be taken in its operation. What will fol- low is a discussion of the device itself, water flow pattern, results from testing, and an explanation as to why it works, please refer to the diagrams on the next two pages.

First: distilled water is carefully poured into a clear quartz stoppered flask and exposed to direct sunlight from 11:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M. This seemed to ‘charge’ the water by exposure to the sun’s rays which is generally known to affect the surface ten-

sion of water and so forth. The stoppered flask pre- vents bacteria and microorganisms adversely af- fecting the water. (See the article Water, Water Everywhere, Science News, February 20, 1993)

Second: The water is then poured into the mir- rored wooden water basin nesting in the lower half of Radiant Waters. The upper half is set atop which allows the submersible pump attached to the underside of the upper half to rest in the water basin. Extensive research is needed, but personal testing indicates that water flowing over mirrored surfaces generate changes in the subtle qualities of water.

Radiant Waters now appears as an octahedron with its top and bottom points truncated and the slanted sides composed of layered steps much like two step pyramids connected base to base. This roughly mimics one of the two pairs of connected cones composing the Dual Electric Wave Field. As described by Russell, “the other opposed pair meets at cone bases upon wave axis to void both matter and motion” (see A New Concept of the Universe, 1989, P. 5). (See diagram on page 15)

Third: A natural (not fused) quartz plate mea- suring 4” X 4“ X 1/4” is placed on the top step which acts as a mechanism for both the human operator as well as Universal Mind to define the’ general process of what occurs. Personal intuition also suggested for reasons unclear to me that plac- ing a piece of 24 Karat gold on one of the steps would be helpful.

Fourth: Before connecting the pump wires to the lantern battery, Radiant Waters is oriented so that one of the faces points towards magnetic north.

Fifth: A unidirectional inert-gas device (see the book Einstein Doesn’t Work Here Anymore by Maurice B. Cooke, Toronto) is also activated and pointed at the water.

Sixth: Upon connecting the pump to the bat- tery, a beautiful soft whooshing sound combined with a trickle of falling water is heard. The water path moves from the water basin up through a ver-

15 Radiant Waters Partial Flow Diagram

* Note that the top-down water-flow illustration is incomplete as it is missing parts of its right, left and bottom. The squares shown in this partial diagram indicate the verti- cally-stacked, horizontally-shaped steps or levels in the upper section of Radiant Waters numbered one through nine with step 1 being the small top level (center square).

Water Flow Path: Waterflows di- rectly from the water basin into the middle of the first step via hole #1 and spirals outward to hole #3. Hole #3 directs the water in a descending curved path into the second step where it spirals inward into hole #2. The water descends from hole #2 into the third step where it spirals CW and outward into hole #4. Hole #4 directs the water into the fourth step where the water flows inward to hole #2. Hole #2 directs the water into the fifth step where it spirals outward to hole #5. Hole #5 directs the water into the sixth step where it spirals inward to hole #2. Hole #2 directs the water into the seventh step where it spirals outward to hole #6 where it drops back into the basin.

* Note that hole #2 exists only be-

tween certain levels and is not a continuous vertical shaft. Circular holes work better than sudden vertical ones. Marine glue keeps the levels together and clear nontoxic varnish makes it more watertight. Experi- menters may desire to try a) making the spirals Fibonacci, b) making the spirals 3-D as opposed to flat (pancake), c) having the water spiral along reflective surfaces, d) having the geometrical enclosure work with angles other than 51 degrees, 51 minutes - say 45 degrees and e) using a dodecahedron enclosure instead.

(Top View)

16 Radiant Waters Diagram

Submersible Pump

Above - View of Water Basin/Pump w/o Lower Section. Upper Section is Suspended.

4“ X 4” Natural Quartz Plate

Level 1. Water Flows Outward and Clockwise Level 2. Water Flows Inward and Counterclockwise Level 3. Water Flows Outward and Clockwise Level 4. Water Flows Inward and Counterclockwise Level 5. Water Flows Outward and Clockwise Level 6. Water Flows Inward and Counterclockwise Level 7. Water Flows Outward and Clockwise

Lantern Battery


Water Basin

Lower Section Outer Shell

R - Side View & Slightly Above

L-3/4 View

tical copper tube in the center of Radiant Waters to the middle of the top step or level where it spi- rals outward and clockwise (top view) to approach the edge of the step and circularly fall to the step below. (See diagram on page 16) From the edge of step 2, it spirals inward, almost to the center where it circularly falls to down to step 3. The process of clockwise outward spirallinear motion followed by counterclockwise inward spirallinear motion is repeated through 3 1/2 cycles through the 7 steps. At the end of the 7th step, the water falls back into the basin to repeat its journey.

Testing of Radiant Waters on various indi- viduals and in several places generated signifi- cantly noticeable effects. Simultaneous super- charging of the water with several inert-gas de- vices, crystals, and pieces of pure gold and silver led to an immediate power outage within my house. During the ensuing service call, the electrician said that the indoor wiring was completely frazzled, needed to be replaced, and he proceeded to do so. Another occasion of note was that Radiant Waters was activated for an hour in a medium-sized carpenter’s shop containing an extremely high de- gree of both physical and subtle energy toxicity. When the carpenter returned, he was so amazed at the significant difference in the overall quality of the shop that he literally walked in and out of the shop several times to marvel at the difference.

Further research led to the strong belief that Radiant Waters can drastically assist dowsers and general users by almost completely detoxifying half of a large sized house on the quantum vacuum level while simultaneously raising the vibratory cycle of the subatomic wave patterns present in the area affected.

The many direct affects upon individuals present in the area are unequivocal and quite strong. All individuals exposed to Radiant Waters felt some strong permanent emotional healing during exposure. It is believed that minor variations such as utilizing an icosahedral shape and improving the water flow paths would induce even more dras- tic immediate emotional healing in individuals. All


people near Radiant Waters felt a strong electrical charge emanating from the upper half as well as strong feelings of hot and cold at different points surrounding the device. Concurrent with the de- gree of emotional healing taking place is the need for the water to be removed and replaced. This may be as soon as 2 weeks with regular use and several days with heavy use.

Everyone exposed to the Radiant Waters effect agreed that there was a sense of utter peace and tranquillity when near Radiant Waters no matter how troubled or distraught they were right before entering the affected area. All so-called spiri- tual and psychic activity from meditation to inner- work was dramatically facilitated and accelerated. Individuals not sensitive to such phenomenon usu- ally began to feel involved after several exposures. One of the most noticeable things was that indi- viduals who are not in the least bit sensitive to en- ergies in their surroundings seemed to spontane- ously mention a sudden “good feeling” when walk- ing into the affected area.

One may ask how such a device may gen- erate the effects noted. The perspective being tested is the belief that two simultaneous processes are occurring. One process is the resonant relationship between patterns of scale. Accurate modeling of the Dual Electric Wave Field in any of its states of complexity at the human level of scale is believed to significantly manifest the energies associated with the Dual Electric Wave Field being modeled. Accurate modeling often includes internal motions (spirallinear), gross motions (rotation and revolu- tion), overall geometry (platonic solids and their variations), and other factors which can get rather complex (see The Universal One, Book 1, Chap- ter 14 for the basis for ideas). The various motions and composition of the energized medium mov- ing in the spirallinear paths is apparently the most important factor (electricity, water, air, objects, etc.). Other important factors in productive mod- eling are the material composition of the rest of the model, gross movements of the model, and its overall geometry.

Another process believed to be occurring refers to the belief that directing an activated in- ert-gas device (see Einstein Doesn't Work Here Anymore by Maurice Cooke) into the water will catalyze a strong change in the quality of the com- plex Dual Electric Wave Fields composing the water. Such complex Dual Electric Wave Fields composing the atoms and space of the water will have an overall higher subtle energy frequency rhythm during and after exposure allowing the water to manifest greater quantities of subtle en- ergy.

If argon is the sole or a predominant gas within the inert-gas device used, then the etheric density (quantum vacuum disorder) within the water will be limited, allowing for water to easier manifest subtle energy. The inert-gas device is thus a tool that simply changes the pitch or adjusts the Dual Electric Wave Field qualities within the water to manifest what is called subtle energy in that area.

The geometrical shape of the water basin and the overall structure are some of the other factors in the type and quantity of subtle energy manifes- tation.

Future versions of Radiant Waters will better imitate Walter Russell’s description and depiction of dual-paired double cone paths of motion as well as Viktor Schauberger’s description of appropri- ate water flow paths. This will be done by havin g spiraling copper tubes with charged water moving through them at specific pressures and having the outside of the tubes electrified at frequencies re-“ lating to specific elements. Inert-gas devices will also be directed onto the outside of the tubes. The goal is to find synchronous combinations of water pressures, electric frequencies, and inert-gas beams in order to better understand how specific energy flows relate to specific aspects of consciousness.

Those individuals and groups interested in join- ing this or related research regarding the Radiant Waters project can contact me at (719) 488-0494 or write to me at 6547 N. Academy Boulevard, Suite 475. Colorado Springs, CO 80918.

Michael Thau Thank You Michael. How happy we are to know

of the work you are doing! We wish you much divine inspiration in your research!!




The positions of “magnetic” poles, magnetic bases, the ravitative and the radiative centers are not as fixed positions in the sunas they are in more rigid bodies.

7 ro i ; a <i

The contraction and ex- pansion of the non-rigid elt, because of solar - inhalation and exhalation, ~ \ are balanced byequalizing – contraction and expansion ~ of the polar magnetic bases.



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The following paper was presented by Dr. Binder at the International New Energy Symposium held

May 14-17, 1994 in Denver, Colorado.



Timothy A Binder, D.C., N.D., Lic. Acu.


An examination of Walter Russell’s theories, record of demonstrations, and experiments on free energy as viewed from his cosmogony and related to current ideas on Zero Point (free) Energy (ZPE) will be explored, and a summary of his last attempt to demonstrate a free energy technology in the Russell Optical Dynamo Generator and Electronic Reactor will be revealed.

Walter Russell described all natural whole cycle processes as a two way dialectic (interchange - exchange - unification of opposites), stating that modeling of this vortex motion could result in the multiplication of energy in power generation, power projection, and transmutation of the ele- ments.

Demonstration of free energy via transmuta- tion was accomplished by Walter Russell at the age of 56 at the Westinghouse labs in 1927. This work was described by Russell in his book A New Concept Of The Universe and attempts to verify this were reported by Toby Grotz, Ron Kovac and nayself at the past IANE conference and by Toby and I at the last two IECEC conferences. Russell continued this work on free energy and transmuta- tion right up until his death on his birthday in 1963 at 92 years of age. General Chapman, head of NORAD, and his staff in 1960 met with the Russells at Swannanoa Palace in VA to discuss his ideas. It is reputed by some that Russell was work- ing at a secret naval research lab in Florida at the


time of his death on these concepts and that after his death, with no one left who truly understood it, the research languished into obscurity.

His experiments focused on transmutation, and power multiplication, and he theorized on power projection. His published works on these ideas are found in the Home Study Course coauthored with his wife Lao Russell, and A New Concept Of The Universe. The cosmological basis of his theories and experiments can be found in these volumes and also in his books The Secret Of Light and The Universal One, as well as in Atomic Suicide? co- authored with Lao Russell.

The basic concepts that he revealed in regard to transmutation were that matter and atomic struc- ture as science conceives it, does not exist. He theorized that matter is nothing more than motion and illusory motion at that. Each element identi- fies itself by its states of motion. All motion is es- sentially motion towards and away from the cen- ter of a system in a vortex form. The gyroscopic angle of rotation of the vortex is one of the keys to identifying an element, as is its density, tone, pres- sure, and potential. He revealed eighteen dimen- sions of matter in his book The Universal One that includes these just mentioned. Sex polarity was another one of these dimensions of any part of matter or expressed energy that identifies an ele- ment as male or female. In his view, elements are also like musical notes, and by manipulating the eighteen dimensions of matter, perhaps even us- ing tone or sound, also one of these dimensions, transmutation at ordinary temperatures and pres- sures can be achieved, analogous to how we tune a musical instrument. This was discussed in the previously cited books and papers.

Power multiplication is the basic idea Walter Russell conceived as the answer to our free energy needs. He described this principle as identical to the “principle of growth which nature uses to mul- tiply one kernel of corn into thousands and as that which multiplies gases of minus zero melting points into solids of over 3000 degrees and which multiplies the cold of space into hot stars and no- vas of incredibly high temperatures.” (Russell, 1961)

Russell’s efforts to demonstrate this principle were concentrated in two areas. The first was in a spiral bifilar coil configuration with two coils, one male and the other female, placed with the cone apexes in opposition. The second demonstration was to be in the Russell Optical Dynamo Genera- tor and the Electronic Reactor which were to use a form of these coils in the design. A third stage was envisioned whereby the same principle would be applied to light in a series of lenses to multiply light and heat for power production.

In their Home Study Course unit 10, (Russell, W.& L., 1963), the Russells state that there is no justification for describing a universe of gravity controlled light as an electromagnetic universe. They taught that electricity and magnetism were gravity in a compressive inward bound direction and in an expansive outward bound direction. Each direction - action simultaneously gives birth to the other in preponderant sequences.

From this view, all matter - space is the inter- changing between a more compressed and a more expanded condition. Energy manifests in this in- terchange in both phases as generative and radia- tive. Power can be expressed in takin g things apart and in putting them together. We should be able to create machines and power that use both ends of


the cycle, those that explode and then use that to implode, to again explode. This would be in con- tradiction to interpretation of Clausius’s thermo. dynamics and the entropy only law.

The Russells gave their seven laws of thermo- dynamics on pages 743-745 of their Home Study Course. (Russell, W.& L., 1963) These can be sum- marized as cold compresses to heat, and heat ex- pands to cool, to again compress; or heat causes expansion - radiation, expansion - radiation cools; cooling causes compression - generation, and com- pression - generation heats. In these laws, they deny the reality of the expanding only universe, the first and second laws of thermodynamics, and the solo law of entropy. Their thermodynamic laws and their refutation of the Coulomb law of the at- traction and repulsion of matter and the nuclear atomic structure are the basis for Russell’s free energy devices that they described as a multiplica- tion of energy.

I will relate these fundamental Russellian con- cepts to my understanding of the current ideas about zero point energy (ZPE) and space energy generators in an attempt to clarify at least the ex- pression of the ideas, and relate Russell’s plans for the Optical Dynamo Generator and the Electronic Reactor, and suggest possible avenues of research’ based on Russell’s ideas.

Here is a summary of Russell’s concepts on the construction of matter and energy production: Russell’s Laws of thermodynamics have already been summarized, but it is important to note that he considered Cold as the “One unchanging basis of reality.” In this expression, he uses cold as a word for a state with no opposite, or as a One word to describe the Zero - Infinite Universe that is be- yond quantification. But he goes on to describe all motion, all forming and unforming bodies as ex- hibiting varying degrees of relative hot and cold. In my view, he could have as validly stated that Heat is the One Unchanging Eternal Reality, and it would have meant the same thing - beyond the opposites. What is important in the Zero (Cold) viewpoint as opposed to the Infinite (Heat) viewpoint is that from this view you can compress in centripetal force direction whereas from the latter you expand from this compressed condition in a centrifugal force direction.

Russell said the reason the power multiplica- tion principle of nature had never been known was, “because of the false concept of gravity which as- sumes it to be a force of attraction which pulls in- ward from within instead of a cyclic force which controls the compression of cold into heat, and the expansion of heat into cold. Another reason it has never been known is because of our wrong con- cept of thermodynamics which places heat as the basis of energy instead of cold, of which heat is its sole product, and the consequent law of entropy which provides no uphill flow of energy to bal- ance its downward flow, as fully evidenced in ev- ery wave and in every growing body in all nature.” (Russell, W., 1961)

In my opinion, he is drawing attention in this statement to the other side of the coin, but we can- not deny both sides of the coin still exist. He is pointing out the compressive, centripetal force, generative aspect of all full cycle universal pro- cesses that is ignored in our science and thus our technology. The basis of energy is movement in an outward bound and an inward bound direction. In this sense, both heat and cold can be seen as the basis of energy production as both directions of motion express energy.

The Russells refute Coulomb’s laws of polar- ity interchange in their Home Study Course and elsewhere in their writings in the following way: The appearance of the attraction of opposites and the repulsion of like poles is an illusion. Opposite poles oppose and get as far from each other as they can. When two opposite pole collide, their oppo- sition is voided at the point of contact and polarity is zero at this point. The poles then move as far from each other as they can as evidenced in a bar magnet (Russell calls this a Gravity bar) where the opposite poles are not attracted towards each other

(not pulled to the center), and not found at the cen- ter as should be if they were really attracted to each other. In fact, the poles get ass far from each other as they can at the opposite poles of the new mag- net formed in their union. Opposition of opposites and like attracting like are both the effect of grav- ity in an inward bound and an outward bound di- rection.

There is a zero of attraction and of repulsion between stars and planets and between poles of a bar magnet. Astronauts call that zero between plan- etary bodies zero gravity, and the Russells contend that is what it is in all cases. All apparent attrac- tion and repulsion are gravity effects. (Russell, W. &L., 1963, page 726 )

The evidence that like poles attract can be par- tially explained as every thing seeks its own pres- sure zone (again it is gravity). Charging bodies seek higher pressure zones and discharging bodies seek lower pressure zones. The center of a system is the charging direction of highest pressure (gravity) and the outside is the discharging direction of lowest pressure (gravity).

Gases like hydrogen seek the rarefied upper stratosphere, and dense elements like iron seek the planet core. If likes (poles) repelled, how could a lump of gold come into being? We could right- fully expect all like atoms to dissociate, if likes repelled.

A further idea is that there are no single charged particles. All parts of Universe have their opposite balancing mate.

The Russell theory of atomic structure and of matter formation presents the view of all matter desiring to explode for half of its cycle, and for the other half it wants to implode. In all matter, there is no nucleal center except in one element, carbon. Carbon is at the midpoint of the universal octave wave of all Elemental Creation and the only ele- ment that possesses a solid nucleal center. All ele- ments up to carbon are progressively solidifying from the inside out as pressures and densities build


up. Elements after carbon are progressively con- tinuing to become more dense, but centrifugal force predominance begins to bore a hole from within the center of the system outward, so density de- creases towards the inside, much as an old tree or apple begins to rot from the inner core to the out- side surface. All atoms, with the exception of car-

bon, are toroids, either closing up or opening up. °

Russell conceived of matter developing in nine octaves of progressively more dense forms. Each octave grows out of an inert gas seed, and each element is sexed and is paired with its balancing mate. There are two and a half octaves of fully toned elements preceding hydrogen, and this con- cept will be important later when I discuss Zero Point Energy.

With these ideas as the basis for his cosmogony, he conceived of power multiplication in the same fashion that a tornado multiplies wind power through centripetal vortex windings by focusing to a point and then reversing polarity in a centrifu- gal expansive discharge at the apex contact point.

He considered that if coils were wound spi- rally, much like a river grows larger by the addi- tion of consecutive tributaries, that power would be multiplied. This concept was to be given ex- pression in his last attempts to wind coils to dem- onstrate over unity energy production that will be described later in the paper.

In the same fashion, he considered that if opti- cal lenses were placed in what he termed octave wave progression, concentrated progression, con- centrating through four stages of progressively smaller lenses in inverse square law distance pro- portions, that power, light, and heat would be mul- tiplied. His apparent meaning of multiplication of power, light, and heat went beyond a mere focus- ing of a large diffuse field into a small concen- trated dense field. He claimed to get more power and heat out than put into his Optical Dynamo Generator. Free Energy! (Russell, W.& L., 1963, page 842)

I remain open minded and inquisitive to this


possibility of power multiplication manifesting in some form of their ideas, but must confess that the original coil design was in error, as I will detail later, and the biconvex lenses placed in octave wave multiplying - compressing arrangement as they are described in their Home Study Course do not ap- pear to me to be capable of anything more than concentrating and focusing the light and heat that is manifested at the power source or at the area over the first lens, no matter what the arrangement or number of lenses. This needs to be verified.

Perhaps the idea of focusing the heat and light through lenses in itself or in combination with re- flecting mirrors may prove to be of benefit in solar energy development in some design.

From my present understanding, the coil de- signs offer more potential than the optical lens ar- rangement for fruitful research and development as well as Russell's ideas on transmutation. Russell’s research claimed to have achieved over unity with the coils in experiments that will be cited, and this is the area of much contemporary free energy research where one idea may trigger another to successful demonstration.

Interestingly, a patent # 4,806,834 granted to Mr. Earl Koenig utilizes some of the basic electri- ‘ cal coil principles laid out by Dr. Russell in his writings. The circuitry is similar to that laid out in unit ten of the Home Study Course, except that they are not conical. Mr. Koenig does not claim over unity in the step-up or step-down transformer de- signs, but he does cite a reduction of 25% to 33% less current used in this design and transformer outputs of almost 100%. In addition he claims, “for the same output, a motor wound in accordance with Fig. 3 requires about 25% less amperage.” To me this smacks of power multiplication even if not over unity. (Hatstat, C., 1992, page 8)

In researching the history of Russell’s coil de- signs, I find he thought a spiral wound coil would in itself generate more power. This did not prove to be the case. He learned this from experiments done in 1958 at the Alco valve company. He dis- covered that the spiral wound coil reduced the num- ber of ampere turns and thus reduced the pulling (magnetic) power. As a true visionary, he did not let this initial failure stop him. Russell recollected his thoughts and expressed what he was attempt- ing to demonstrate in the following words: “.. our real objective is to produce a new wiring system in a coil which would control the construction of matter by dividing the static white light of space into pairs of spectrum mates, as each wave thus divides light to integrate its pairs.“ (Russell, W., 1958)

Characteristically, he did not give up on in- creasing heat and power in new coil forms either. From this initial failure, he progressed to a design as revealed in figures 1 & 2. (Russell, W.& L., 1961, USP) In a form of these designs described later, he claimed over unity was achieved.

Ina letter of Sept. 10,1961 to a physicist friend with military connections at NORAD, he claimed he extracted more energy than inputted. He said, to quote, “And now for answering your questions. We began with small scale wire and D.C. current of not more than 48 volts. From there we worked up to No. 22, then No. 16 into A.C. current, from which we are getting our best results. The last one from which we got amazing results in heat and in taking out more amperage than we put in, weight about sixty pounds. We used our 110 A.C. house current.” (Russell, W., 1961)

Unfortunately, he did not record what voltage, power, or amperage was used and exactly what voltage, power, and amperage was the output. No accurate description of how and what he measured or did were written.

We are following up on experimentation with these coil designs to verify any possibility of over unity power multiplication from such a design and have two approximately 300 pound coils that he wound. These are being analyzed to see how they were hooked up and powered and what they will produce. These coils will be on display at the con- ference.

Russell stated the following about electric cur- rent generation: “no discharge from either pole ever reaches its mate pole. Every laboratory in the world believes the opposite and wires for that belief in its every dynamo and generator. Every textbook on that subject diagrams the LINES OF FORCE, which is believed to pass from one pole to the other, and base the mechanics of the armatures upon how many LINES OF FORCE are cut as they pass from one pole to the other by the way of gramme rings. This is a primitive practice arising out of Faraday’s improper reasoning AND HAS NO PLACE IN NATURE. Such a belief has caused the power com- panies to make their armatures turn in the planes of their poles instead of in the planes of their equa- tors, as all nature does, for every body of matter ever created is an armature turning on its polar axis, as we can plainly see in atoms of solar dimensions, like our sun and planets.” (Russell, W. & L., 1958)

Contemporary dynamos increase power by in- creasing the number of ampere turns in the coils and more field strength or more speed of relative motion between coils and armature. The Russells believed we could multiply power in our dynamo by opposing two coils whose currents would col- lide and produce a third force in their collision that would exit geometrically at 90 degrees to the plane of the two colliding forces in a centrifugal spiral and then split into two centripetal spirals at the boundary reversal plane.

The idea of mimicking nature to multiply en- ergy is solid and worthy of consideration. A plant produces seeds that will multiply themselves into thousands of their kind. The seed represents the fulcrum in a machine. If we can build a machine that will demonstrate in some way the multiplica- tion of its fulcrum, other than to reproduce the en- tire machine, we can truly get more out than we put in. If from the fulcrum we can leverage the energy put in a machine, we multiply that energy by multiplying or dividing potential from low to high or vice-versa. We can tap energy by multi- plying or dividing. If I use my body weight with a ten to one lever to lift 1,500 pounds, I have gotten more out of an engine (the lever being the sim-


2}019 UMDIpey L96L YIZL “Gey ‘Nessny 007 % say0M




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Figure 1


oo€ OL 0S 19/2172 ‘opIvOLg UI ‘GPT YD0ISaYy APN O 40 UASUP suIVd


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— 7

Brushes for circuits to be The one question for which I need placed in series of four the advice of an electrical engineer all around rim of wheel. is whether the wiring should be considered as two separate circuits Steam turbine to be designed or one. It is imperative that the for here to turn a wheel around insulated double wheel be connected \ on ball bearings within with both number 4 coils or cores. the turbine. If the wires are connected with the moving wheel they would have to be 4000 — connected by either brushes or by [| roller bearings. If the wheel and

tubine are nol used in the test for heat alone the two circutts will then be necessary.




4 4.000

4.000 4.000 3.000: hole to let water in through the

armature. Secondary holes should

Figure 2

aT be bored at right angles from them. All cyclones on the north- ern side of the equator are ORIGINAL DRAWING clockwise. On the southern side DATE: 3-11-61 they are anti-clockwise, All

All waves are like pairs of cylones twisting toward each mun other to compress cold gases solid hot suns. of space into hot suns and

spiral nebwae. All matter is

created in this manner.

celestial cyclones have holes in them until they meet and become

26 plest machine) than I put in it by multiplying low potential into high. Without the lever, I could have worked endlessly and never moved the mass. Logi- cally we may be able to design an electric or other dynamo to leverage the working usable energy put in it to get more out. That is what Walter Russell was working on in all of his designs for dynamos.

Russell said in a letter of May 31, 1961 to his Norad contacts: “NOTE the wave axis is a con- tinually extending fulcrum. Every turn in a coil is a wave lever. The fulcrum of a wave begins at its inert cathode and ends at its anode. The wave axis is always static - for the fulcrum never moves - and the lens rings and coil turns are always dy- namic, for motion is continuous in its extensions.” (Russell, W., 1961)

With this identification of fulcrums and lever extensions, we have a number of the necessary in- gredients to possibly build a power multiplying coil.

The last designs that Russell worked on con- sisted of the following two ideas: The first was to marry the merging rivers concept with the tornado focusing concept and opposing coils concepts. He conceived of opposing coils as diagrammed in fig- ures | and 2 and then later of wiring them by add- ing additional lengths of wire to each successive coil so that the last coil would have a multiple of all preceding coils as well as its own. This was repeated in reverse fashion from the other end to create two sets of interpenetrating inner primary and outer secondary coils.

The second idea was in the electronic reactor which he last wrote about very cryptically in March of 1963 only two months before his death on his birthday on May 19th. He wrote as follows: “The principle of the electronic reactor is to attain per- petual motion. That can only be done by perpetual balanced interchange between heat and cold; and in mechanical (mechanics) (by) that heat and cold instruments that interchange their heat without changing its temperature. Therefore, the instru- ments we use for that purpose are dynamos ex-

tending from their shafts to get higher M.PH. (power). Not only do we extend it to very much increase its M.P.H., but we repeat it by extending not only the length of extension from the axis, but its width at the top. Then we extend it three times to make sure of perpetual motion by not having to stop for repairs should one dynamo break down.” (Russell, W., 1963)

The dynamos were to be arranged with water boilers, a steam turbine, and condenser to gener- ate heat for steam turbine generated electrical power. He further said, “As long as the interchang- ing temperature impersonates Nature as the tem- perature of the Sun interchanges with the tempera- ture of the water of the oceans, for example, you will have continuous and perpetual motion.” (Russell, W., 1963)

The only moving parts were the dynamo and the steam turbine. The dynamo itself, I assume, was some form of the coil arrangements I have discussed.

I believe the idea of focusing and unfocusing energies to multiply and divide power as Russell conceived it will yet improve our technology. To concentrate on using the exhaust of any power making process may also prove fruitful. To be able ' to use our waste exhausts in some process for a product or power will be a step towards a sustain- able technology and development of Russell's con- cepts of transmutation are crucial in this case. I see hope in the idea of tapping the vacuum or tap- ping Zero Point Energy for a non-polluting and sustainable technology. I believe that we need to examine the fundamental concepts of this area of research and that Russell's cosmogony will be guid- ing light in the process.

Let us examine contemporary ZPE constructs and Russell’s ideas in critical analysis with the purpose of stimulating further research and dis- covery in the area of power multiplication and free energy technology.

27 Zero point energy is the theorized energy that exists in absolute vacuum or that exists at zero tem- perature. I think that an analysis of the language that describes the concepts we are reflecting may be helpful.

Zero and Infinity are words that point to the limits of numbers, measurement, and motion. They are words that express the ONE or are words with- out an opposite. These are essentially religious ex- pressions. If we try to use them as numbers, éx- pressing quantifiable measurement and motion then we confuse the ONE with the MANY.

The concept of Zero Point Energy from this perspective of language expresses all energy avail- able everywhere at once in an instant or eternally or for all time, or the voidance of all energy ex- pression instantly or eternally. Anytime we tap, use, or produce any energy, we are tapping Zero Point Energy, as all energy comes from or exists in the ONE. As it is expressed in the relative universe of motion, time, and space, it is not ZPE but quantifi- able energy in the relative MANY universe. Any energy that exhibits a frequency, amplitude, or any motion whatsoever is not Zero. It must be of some quantifiable amount and thus be beyond zero or infinity. These ideas are a demand of the nature of our common language agreements even though they are tacit for most. If we wish to change the agreements, it still does not change whatever it is we are describing.

The energy of the vacuum or ZPE logically means the same thing as the energy of ultimate pressure or infinite point or space energy as zero and infinity are negative and positive expressions of the same concept. They both express beyond motion, time, space, and express the ineffable.

If we are tapping Zero Point Energy and the energy at Absolute Zero and Vacuum, logically there can be no heat to be given up. If there is no heat and only absolute zero of cold, then there is only one way to go, and that is to compress into heat to be able to give it up to again cool. If there is only vacuum, then it can only be compressed


into form, to again expand into vacuum. Logically from the near absolute cold of the near absolute vacuum of space, we can tap that generative en- ergy of compression.

I will define the local vacuum field fluctua- tions as the domain of the pre hydrogen genera- tive space octaves elements that Russell claimed exist, just as he claimed the post uranium elements and also deuterium and tritium existed before oth- ers discovered them. (See Fig. 3, Russell Periodic Chart of the Elements #1) These pre hydrogen space octaves are the near absolute vacuum and the near absolute cold. As we have tapped the cen- trifugal energy of disintegration in the splitting of the atom, we should be able to tap the centripetal energy of integration in the pre hydrogen space octaves.

I will refer to Hal Fox’s article in the February 1994 New Energy News titled “Space Energy - Peer Reviewed” as my source for current termi- nology and concepts regarding ZPE and Space Energy other than the Space Energy Russell spoke of in the 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s in his writings. (Fox, H., 1994)

In Russell’s case, there certainly was no one at the time who could peer review his concepts, as they were truly new, unusual, and what is even more difficult, they were contrary to all established tenets. As you will ascertain in his writings and in this paper, they still are contrary, though many avant garde researchers and thinkers have em- braced various aspects of his thinking indepen- dently.

The concept of the ether can be described from any of three possible points of view as all con- cepts can be so described. It can be described fro a ONE view as not consisting of internal parts and as without an opposite, a religious word or word of God, from a MANY view as consisting of inter- nal parts and never absolute or unchanging, and from a RELATIONSHIP view as that reconcilia- tion of the Many aspect of Universe as being The One and The One being the Many. I will examine















NINE OCTAVE q TUNGSTEN CYCLE 4) ¢ UNKNOWN Number of & q@ OSMIUM ~ wee 2 eo fo) q fRIDIUM ber of tumente 63 | & PLATINUM Number of °O% Simin. ag | 2 MERCURY In this 9th octave there must — THALLIUM be two more unknown iso TOTAL - Aan NG — topes between lead and bis- — 4 BISMUTH ——| = —1 (UNKNOWN “STARS INDICATE ELEMENTS weet DISCOVERED BY WALTER sok RUSSELL,



Uridum and Unum are the & “atom bomb ¢! ments.” Theie exi was discovered by me in 1921, charted. copyrighted and announced in 1926 notopes of Actinium. Years later researchers isolated them for usa in warfare under other names. These are their rightlul names, however, and must be 10 given to posterity,

Walter Russell


rigure 3 The Russell Periodic Chart of the Elements, No. |

One of the two completed Mendeleef tables of the elements which Walter Russell

gave to the world of science in 1926.

ether from the One and Many views with the view of understanding what we are doing with ZPE.

As far as I recollect, Russell did not specifi- cally address the question of whether or not the ether existed, yet his work clearly has an ether, in that matter for him is motion of the one basic sub- stance of Universe. He implied that the ether is whatever it is that we talk about, as either moving and demonstrating time and space, gravitation and radiation attributes as a MANY or part, or as a whole or ONE and as beyond time and space as the Sill White Light of the Zero Mind Universe. All attributes of time and space according to him are expressions of gravitation-radiation. In his cos- mogony, there is no empty space when space is considered as quantifiable parts. All space is filled with the motion of the universal mind-body at work, thinking and unfolding formlessness into form and refolding form into formlessness and rest- ing from thinking. The cosmic ONE aspect of Universe beyond time-space is the Void and is ab- solute stillness.

The ether in Russell’s sense as a void or the ONE, an unquantifiable whole, would be the Still White Magnetic Light Mind Universe. This repre- sented as closely as possible in the relative. uni- verse by the inert gases, the cube wall boundary plane, the axis, and the center amplitude point of any wave. These relative universe representations are mental constructs. To be in any of them would be to be everywhere at once.

In Russell’s cosmogony viewing the ether as a many or part, the earth moves in its (ether) field and is dragged by it, or drags it with it, as all bod- ies in their systems would so move. The ether, as a quantifiable part in a Many or relative sense view- ing the Universe as parts, would have to be ener- getic as it consists of all the movement there is. That which we call space to Russell is the domain of the predominately generoactive - centripetally directed energy, the domain of the diffuse elements that are directly analogous to the germinating stage of plant growth. These space octaves - elements are the germinating stage of matter and possess tremendous generative energy.

Iam suggesting from Russell’s cosmogony that the ground state of the hydrogen atom is depen- dent on or fed from these pre hydrogen octaves of space matter and motion. To quote Hal Fox on pg 3 of New Energy News Vol. 1 No. 10 Feb., 1994, Hal Puthoff explained the ground state of the hy- drogen atom as a “dynamic equilibrium between the energy emitted by the orbiting electron and energy received from ‘Zero point fluctuations of the background (relative) vacuum electromagnetic field.” (Fox, H., 1994) The parentheses I have in- serted in this quote emphasize that the vacuum according to Russell, if it is considered as the pre hydrogen octaves of elements, is not absolute and not zero. Russell’s concepts support that indeed the field of diffuse germinating matter is very en- ergetic.

These pre hydrogen space octaves in Russell’s thinking are in their turn fed especially from the disintegration of the last, heaviest, and most dense, disintegrating octave of radioactive elements. Any disintegration in any octave feeds an integration somewhere. In other words, the death of any sys- tem is always the birth of a new one. The energy that is finally released in the last, the ninth octave of radioactive elements, at or near the speed of light, completes full circle and ultimately becomes the generoactive energy that winds up the univer- sal cycle to again unwind, to again wind up. It is an eternally creating - decreating universe of no absolute heat death or end of energy process.

The idea that there is great energy available for the tapping in space could perhaps better be expressed, understood, and thus hopefully engi- neered from the perspective of Russell’s concepts, as that preponderantly generative energy in the pre carbon octaves and especially those octaves of el- ements that he claimed existed pre hydrogen. He stated that there are (See figure 3, Russell Periodic Chart of the Elements #1) elements before hydro- gen whose wave lengths are so great that we have even today not detected them. From his cos- mogony, there are at least two and a half octaves of fully toned elements preceding hydrogen. The energy entering the first octave in a predominately

30 centripetal, generative, wind-up mode is coming in at or near the speed of light; just as it is exiting at or near the speed of light in the last octave in a centrifugal, radiative, unwinding mode. Perhaps what some experimenters are claiming to detect and engineer as ZPE is the energy that is expressed in these first space octaves of finely divided mat- ter.

At this point, it is appropriate to point out that in 1926 when Dr. Russell first published and dis- tributed The Universal One and his ten and then later nine octave chart of the elements, he sent it to hundreds of the world’s leading scientists. Even before publishing this book, he gave lectures, and there were debates in the New York Times and else- where over his ideas about the nature of matter and motion and the elemental wave of Creation. The publication of his periodic charts and three years of his lectures after that were a force in gal- vanizing the scientific world to search for these elements that he predicted, especially the transu- tanium elements. These transuranium elements, along with deuterium and tritium that he had pre- dicted and named with other names, were discov- ered, and the rest is history, although Walter Russell’s name is not associated with it.

Perhaps at this point in time his whole cycle cosmogony will be recognized and deeply investi- gated. Then we may discover these other pre hy- drogen space octaves he predicted long ago and out of their discovery develop a whole cycle, non- polluting, and sustainable technology. Just as ear- lier in the century his cosmogony predicted the then unknown elements on the heavier most dense end of the nine octave Wave Of Creation. Walter Russell will be happy indeed if that occurs, and he finally gets his scientific recognition posthumously as so many ahead of their time must do. Infinitely more important to him would be the possibility of a peaceful and sustainable civilization resulting from his whole cycle vision, and its possible free energy technology arising out of the ashes of the pollution of our present half cycle scientific vision and technology.

Space energy in Russell’s sense stabilizes all matter that we are aware of as it is the formless beginnings of all the matter. In the same way that it is difficult to see the formless (really minute forms or beyond our usual range of commensura- bility) beginnings of biological life, it is even more difficult to see the formless stages of elemental matter. :

In Russell’s thinking, there is no body at rest and therefore there is no rest mass energy of a par- ticle. All movement is an expression of gravita- tion toward the center of a system and gravitation’s mate (radiation) away from a system center. All motion is curvilinear motion as all outward explo- sions are resisted by the boundary planes of all other fields- outward explosions. The outward bound explosions mate occurs in form of radared return motion inwardly bound. Motion from the center of the mass (element or solar system, etc.) is resisted by the wave field boundary plane be-

. tween the system and all other systems, and this curves any and all motion mandating no straight lines in universe.

The mathematical formula for a logarithmic hy- perbolic spiral (of which the spiral mirabilis is a special case) gives a general formula for motion towards and away from a system center and is a’ model for the mathematical formula to expressing sixteen of the eighteen dimensional changes of the elements. These dimensional changes simulta- neously occur as motion approaches or recedes from a system center, be it galactic, solar, or atomic. The general form of this equation is log «f(x) = f(y), and the polar coordinate equa- tion is log»p = a@. When the logarithmic base n is less than 1, we get centripetal contracting mo- tion, and when mis greater than 1, we get centrifu- gal expanding motion. The Spiral Mirabilis or Golden Spiral has n values of 0.618 for centripetal motion and 1.618 for centrifugal motion. These two equations express in general form Dr. Walter Russell’s octave wave of creation. (See figures 4, 5, & 6: the universal nine octave cycle, octave pressure relations, & cycle of the elements from rest to rest.)



Figure 4

The universal nine octave cycle

cig > = 3-, 3+ at BERYLIUM

at foRoN


44 uTHUm

Figure 5 Octave Pressure Relations

Figure 6 Cycle of the elements from rest to rest

The rest mass energy of a particle in Russell’s terms could be expressed as the “relative equilib- rium oscillating constant of energy” as it is an expression of the equilibrium between its input and its output. All particles have energy coming into and out of them, so there is no absolute rest, only cycles of predominately generating centripetal force gravitational wind-up and then predominately radiating centrifugal force radiational un-winding with stages of apparent or transitory rest at rever- sal points of motion.

In “Space Energy - Peer Reviewed,” Hal Fox quotes Hal Puthoff as to the source of ZPE. Hal Fox states ZPE is a misnomer, saying it should be replaced by the concept of an all pervading space energy. ( pg. 4, New Energy News, Feb 1994, Vol 1, No. 10) Lagree. This is essentially what Russell postulated in many ways and when he stated that


all manifestation is motion in a preponderantly (but always both) generating or degenerating mode, and stated that the pre hydrogen space octaves must exist. This is also implicit in the statement that there are no bodies at rest anywhere; other than the ONE Universal body which can equally be said to be at Zero or Infinite motion.

Hal Puthoff states that, “either ZPE exists asa boundary condition of the universe or by the quan- tum-fluctuation motion of charged particles that constitute matter.” (Fox, H., pg 4, 1994) From Russell’s cosmogony, I would say that it exists as both. It is a boundary condition of the universe when viewing it as a singular ONE entity as the limits of motion, what Russell called the cube boundary planes of Still White Light, the wave axis, and amplitude center point, and can then be truly named Zero. And, it is the quantum - fluctuation

motion of (especially the generative motion of the pre hydrogen space octaves) all (quantum or mo- lar) charged particles that constitute matter when universe is viewed in its plural MANY aspect.

In Russell’s thermodynamic view, the relative vacuum can not give up much (heat) expansive radiative energy, but it can demonstrate bodacious (cold) compressive generative energy.

To tap the vacuum means to demonstrate en- ergy in the reverse direction from expansion, or into compression, and from radiation - cooling to heating. It means to tap the energy from a com- pressing system. If we would tap the (ZPE) en- ergy of these tiny centripetally intense vortexes that are the pre hydrogen space octaves elements, they would automatically tap the relative vacuum of all the preceding space octaves and on to tapping the energy entering from the last ninth centrifugally intense octave that fills the first octave, and thus fill back up.

Virtually all of our power systems have been based on the thinking spawned from Clausius, en- tropy, and the big bang and therefore are based on tapping the energy from a disintegrating system.

Regarding the subject of inertia, Russell’s cos- mogony can give the view that there are no uni- formly moving bodies just as there are no straight line motions in universe; and all bodies moving relative to each other experience an (inertial - ethe- real) drag or friction force as they expand or disin- tegrate relative to each other. They synchronize and void friction and inertia as they compress or inte- grate relative to each other.

Vacuum fluctuations are the movement of the pre hydrogen predominately generating integrat- ing centripetally directed elements. All bodies move relative to or in varying degree to the vacuum fluctuations, except or unless they are the motion (bodies) of the relative vacuum. If they are the vacuum (bodies in) motion, then all motions rela- tive to them are accelerated motions compared to the disintegrative preponderance aspect of those motions outside of the (relative) vacuum and de-

celerated motions compared to the integrative pre- ponderance aspect of those motions outside the (relative) vacuum.

All bodies are preponderantly generating or de- generating dependent upon their position in their life stage or place in the wave of creation. Accel- erated or decelerated bodies can be defined by their - motion to or away from their systems (solar) cen- ter. Acceleration being movement to the center centripetally and vice-versa. Accelerated or decel- erated bodies meet resistances to their motion de- pendent upon the relative motion of the bodies adjacent to them. If the adjacent bodies are moy- ing with them, they synchronize and void friction and vice-versa.

Mach’s principle stating that accelerated mo- tion would appear (yes indeed) to be devoid of (positive, many, scientific, relative) meaning in the absence of surrounding matter (motion) is essen- tially a ONE religious statement. The only ONE thing that exists in the absence of surrounding matter is the only thing that is in itself a single entity and that is UNIVERSE. Universe as a One is Zero or Infinity and beyond acceleration -decel- eration, time - space. It is described by all of the One words that have no opposites.

Of course, the local property of inertia must somehow be a function of the cosmic distribution of all other matter, because in the relative, many, never absolutely quantifiable, universe of time- space and motion, all things or parts are reacting with all other parts in varying degrees unto the ONE or unto the limits of zero or infinity. The link is that the cosmic distribution of all matter is/ are linked via radiation and gravitation processes that are associated with the quantum (relative near vacuum) and gross molar body (not even near rela- tive vacuum) fluctuations (radiation - gravitation processes) in that matter. All are linked absolutely together, and thus together all are logically the source of the local vacuum field fluctuations. All matter moves - together. Russell once expressed it as “Even the drift of a tuft of milkweed across a lazy summers sky, brings about simultaneous ad-

33 justments in the compression-expansion dimen- sions of ten times ten billion suns.”

Russell sees all matter being compressed into form by gravity and wanting to explode out of form by radiation. Both directions are resisted by the other mate and that resistance is inertia.

Acceleration or deceleration relative to all fields, but especially in the local field relative to its opposing mate, is what determines inertia. It is the punch delivered from the local field unto all fields unto the ONE; and radared back.

Russell said, “All things are voided as they oc- cur, repeated as they are voided, and recorded as they are repeated.” Acceleration is voided by de- celeration as it occurs, is repeated by its opposite mate in deceleration which allows it to repeat it- self sequentially again as acceleration, and is re- corded in the inert gases, the domain of the ZERO Universe. All things exist in the ONE.

From this view we can say that inertia is grav- ity -radiativity. Inertia is the resistance to the mo- tion to or from the center of a system exerted by its opposing mate.

Any particle set into greater relative motion by application of a force (which always occurs ev- erywhere in all ways) can be seen in terms of work being done against the resistance to that motion which will be its oppositely directed mate of mo- tion and then as the particle decelerates the energy and work is returned to its mate as it becomes its mate. In this sense, the vacuum fluctuations that are thought of in ZPE concepts as that against which the work is being performed, are the oppo- sitely directed motion-mate in the necessarily paired two way motion wherever any motion oc- curs. They oppose, and ultimately become the other.

Russell long ago in his Cosmogony unified all phenomena. All expressions of motion (all phe- nomena) were revealed as related to or in fact were aspects of gravitation - radiation, the motion to or

away from a system center. All EM phenomena - electricity and magnetism, heat, gravity-radiativ- ity, all phenomena were shown to be this motion of the One substance of Universe. All were shown to be LIGHT. Light is the basic nature of the Uni- verse, and was his name for the ether, and GOD is Light.

Russell also stated that we had not yet begun to fathom the voidance principle whereby any or everything happening any or everywhere is unhappening. This concept and the use of the inert gases were the seeds of his thinking on power pro- jection. Space limitations preclude anything more than mentioning this.

All energy expression is the result of the inter- change between two polarized conditions. We ei- ther break up a system and tap the centrifugal force in the disintegration or we can set a system in gen- eration and tap the centripetal force of integration to demonstrate power. Or, we can demonstrate power through a machine that expresses both pro- cesses in balance. Both expressions occur in any movement, whether we recognize it and capitalize on this understanding in the design or not.

The Russell’s New Concepts Of The Universe, is still new even after almost seventy years, It is a valid and plausible key to help us unlock the se- crets of free energy. It is with the highest hopes that both Walter and Lao Russell had and that you and I have as researchers in this scientifically for- bidden arena, that I commend their writings and their cosmogony to you as being worthy of your deepest study. May we soon realize our common dream of an energy free planet, and a peaceful and sustainable civilization for all.


Zero Point Energy (ZPE): The energy existing in the pre carbon and especially pre hydrogen space octaves of elements. The farther removed from carbon towards pre hydrogen, the more predomi- nate the generative aspect compared to the radia- tive aspect.


The ONE: Universe viewed from a singular view as without an opposite, the only thing there is alone. A view without polarity, motion, time - space, or quantity. Quality as opposed to quality. Absolute.

The MANY: Universe viewed from a plural view as always in opposition, never a single charge - always dual charged and with polarity motion, time - space, and quantity.

Gravitation: As a Many, that movement of the ether in a compressive direction towards density and greater mass. As a One, the whole process of compression-expansion through division into two opposite compressive-expansive polarities, that ap- pear to unite into one at the system center, and then divide and expand into one at the system wave field boundary plane from the inner compressed.

Radiation: As a Many, that movement of the ether in an expansive direction towards tenuity, and less mass (etherealization). As a One, the whole pro- cess of division into two for reunion into One to again create two and three from the outer expanded view.

Inertia: The resistance to motion to or from the center of a system and in relation to all systems exerted by the opposite motion mate to the motion from the local field unto all fields, both vacuum fluctuation fields and molar body fields -or all fields.

Ether: The only thing there is. In compressed form under great pressure, it appears as dense molar bodies, in expanded form it appears as “empty” space and as ZPE. As a One, it is without time- space - motion attributes. As a Many, it has time- space - motion attributes and is generally looked for and considered as only existing in the pre hy- drogen extremely tenuous space octaves of germi- nating matter.

Space Octaves: The octaves of preponderantly generating, centripetal force dominated, finely di- vided, synchronizing, and heating though compres- sion group of yet undiscovered elements predicted to exist by Walter Russell.

Space energy: The energy that exists in the mo- tion of the space octave elements that moves ina - predominantly centripetal, integrative, synchro- nous, compressing direction that can quite possi- bly be tapped from a device that operates on the reverse principle or from an opposite view to our normal energy tapping devices.

Octave wave of all creation: The entire cycle of all elements existing in Universe and the entire cycle of energies that they express from the first octaves preponderantly generating (compressing) and minimally degenerating (expanding) to the midpoint of all octaves at carbon center express- ing maximum expanding (degenerating) and mini- mally compressing (integrating) as expressed in the last or ninth octave.


Fox, H., 1994. “Space Energy-Peer Reviewed”, New Energy News , Vol. 1 No. 10, Feb 1994. Future Re search Center University Of Utah Research Park, Salt , Lake City, Utah

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The Secret of Light will soon be republished. This third edition of Walter Russell's classic contains

editorial comments by Dr. Timothy Binder and an extensive index. Publication is expected by August, 1994.

In the Wave Lies the Secret: Edited by Dr. Timothy A. Binder, N.D., D.C.

Soon to be published (we hope by Oct. 1994)

The Secrets of Creation are visually revealed in these charts and paintings by Dr. Walter Russell with commentaries and an outline of Russellian science by Dr. Timothy A Binder, President of The Univer- sity Of Science And Philosophy.

Walter Russell said, “In the Wave Lies the Secret of Creation.” This series of forty-three full color science paintings and ten black and white charts visually expresses the essence of his whole cycle, generative-radiative, negentropic-entropic, rhythmic-balanced-interchanging vision of universal pro- cess Dr. Sheldon of the Washington Square College Dept. of Physics, NYU, in 1931 encouraged Dr. Russell to produce these paintings with these words, “I am inclined to think you have found the basis for a new art… I believe anyone capable of understanding your painting will have a much clearer concep- tion of universal waves than he would through any textbook description.”


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