The Science Newsletter of The University of Science and Philosophy

Vol. 2, No. 1, August 1993



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August, 1993 The Science Newsletter of The University of Science and Philosophy

Volume 2, Number 1

Editors: Chester A. Hatstat, Jr., B.S., Metallurgical Engineering Dr. Timothy A. Binder, D.C., N.D., U. of S. & P. President

GREETINGS!! We start our second year of FULCRUMIII!! This a quarterly newsletter focusing on the science of creation revealed to Walter Russell. Dr. Russell, artist/philosopher/illuminate, spent 35 years and several different written editions describing to scientists and lay persons God's multidimensional creation processes. Known as the ‘Russell Cosmogony', the concepts revealed to Dr. Russell during his 39 day illumination in 1921 show our three dimensional world of light and matter to be an extension of the One substance of God. Matter is light (patterned thoughts) spirally wound _ into vortices of motion, a recording of God's one idea of creation, and motion sustained by God's rhythmic Thinking.

FULCRUM is a forum in which scholars and students can interact to exchange insights and perspectives on interpretation and application of the vortexian principles of the Russell Cosmogony. We seek to ‘fan’ the flames of creative thinking and to stimulate discussion, awareness, and understanding of God's two-way, creating/decre- ating electric universe. Without such knowledge, humankind will be forever in the ‘entropic loop’, in a scientific and philosophic para- digm of a Universe dying a heat death, where energy runs only down hill and everything is going into greater disorder. Our present eco- nomic, social, psychological, medical, philosophical, political and religious systems are patterned on ‘entropic’ thinking and beliefs.

Our intent is to publish:

1. Questions we, as students, have concerning the Russell Cosmogony and the Russell literature.

2. Answers from students. Answers may or may not be definitive. Clarity may take time to ‘unfold’. Sharing insights may or may not lead us to the same conclusions. The idea is to share different per- spectives and stimulate/inspire thought on the subject. 1! expect our thinking and understanding to evolve.

3. Research and articles relevant to the Russell Cosmogony. What insights do you have concerning this Cosmogony? Have any of you puzzled over, played with, built, modeled, or written about your studies of a two-way, invisible/visible physical Universe? What have other scientists or lay persons done in past or present studies? How are chemical, physical, medical, agricultural, biological, economic, etc. systems viewed from this enlightened perspective. We are eager to review for possible publication your treatment of the Russell concepts. | have a special interest in mathematical treatments of the Russell concepts and would love to see some!

4. Current experiments utilizing vortexian principles and mechanics: transmutation, ‘energy’ production, gravity simulation, etc.

5. Applications of spiral/vortexian/motion-in-opposition mechanics, science, and philosophy.

We are eager for your input and feedback. Our vision of ‘Vortexian' science curricula, texts, data banks, and applications in every field of human endeavor is dependent upon the continued ‘desire’ and ‘action’ of all of us, ‘desire’ taken into meditation and ‘action’ inspired from the point of Stillness within each of us.

This is a collective effort, we live in a collective, interactive, and interdependent world. Our collective thinking and beliefs create Our experiences. The degradation and exploitation of planetary resources is only a mirror of our collective ‘entropic’ beliefs and thinking. It is up to us to create the ‘critical. mass' necessary to manifest this new science and philosophic paradigm of Oneness, Love, health, prosperity, and genius inherent in all of us.

Chester A. Hatstat, Jr., editor


“There is but one Creator in the universe,—one Mind, one Person, one Being. We are that Creator, that Person, that Being in the measure that we know we are.“

Walter Russell

We shall use these abbreviations to reference the literature:

Atomic Suicide?: AS The Secret of Light : TSOL The Universal One : U1 A New Concept of the Universe : NCU Home Study Course : HS The Divine Illiad (1 or 2): DI (1 or 2)


Questions For Next Issue:

Questions From Previous Issue:


CREATION, Chapter | of The Universal One . Report on the New Energy Symposium, Denver, CO ,April 1993 16

Ozone Depletion and the Russell Cosmogony, by Dr. Binder 20 Music and the Nature of Sound, by Howard Davis 29 Book review: Stalking the Wild Pendulum by Itzhak Bentov 30


(1) Physicists have long debated and devised experiments to prove or disprove the concept of the ether or aether. The ether was originally proposed to explain the transmission of electromagnetic waves of heat or light through the vacuum of space. Knowing the Russell concept that light does not travel, that it is reproduced from one wave field to another (TSOL, Pp. 169), how can we relate Dr. Russell's concept of the One Substance to wave fields and to the ‘ether'?

(2) The concept of “voidance” again comes to this editor's mind. Larry Tieg's response in this issue sparked a latent question within me. As | write these words, the opposite “negative image” is simultaneously happening to void any and all actions on my part. The paradox fies in the seeming continuity of time and of action which perpetuates form or illusion. If everything is voided as it occurs, then how do the things | create ‘today’ remain for me to ‘see’ ‘tomorrow'? :

From A New Concept of the Universe:

“We speak familiarly about the spiritual, invisible Mind universe of the Creator, and we speak with equal familiarity of the “physical” universe of matter which we

call Creation, but the world has not yet known either

them separately, nor their unity as one, to sufficiently

define either of them scientifically.”


(1) What are the directions of spin of the centripetal and centri- fugal spiral vortices which, resp., wind up and then unwind light or matter to produce this electric universe of motion? In TSOL, p. 248- 251, figs. 50 and 51 show both types of spiral systems spinning in the same direction. Yet in fig. 52, they are shown spinning in opposite directions. Fig. 60 further clouds my thinking as it shows the centripetal pair of vortices spinning in opposite directions, the centrifugal pair is shown with opposite spins also.

Fig. 52 Atomic systems forming

Fig. 51 Spiral Mates. Units of electric current

Fig. 50 AA Birth of clectronic systems


Fig. 53 AA Atomic systems form-


ing W: BB Wave shaft Fig. 60

Direction of spiral motion never reverses

From TSOL, Fig. 66 on page 256 shows the centripetal spiral cones spinning in the same direction.


: ° Cram Le ow pacsoune _, &tenven oro

Keata Tere Los wind pemre arth turfaca cote opposing Conse rast aarended se,


Teventioss ef conteacing Conct ore C4 Coat potate. Curegy ls gieneraied in cones s:tsny contd,






Fig. 66

In AS, p. 198, fig. 53 shows the centrifugal spirals emerging from equatorial plane AA and spinning in the same direction. The centri- fugal spiral's spin is opposite to the direction of the centripetal spiral as shown by the arrows in the lower right corner fig. 53 and as shown in figs. 54 & 55.

All matter is formed by projecting and compressing light rings in pairs toward each other. The collision of such an impact is a sex union. Only by sex union can bodies be created and repeated. Atomic and stellar systems are formed this way. In an electric current such systems are called loops of force.

Figs. 56 & 57, p. 199 of AS, show conflicting directions of spin for the centripetal spirals. By following the spin direction with your finger, as outlined for each conical spiral, you can determine that fig. 56 follows the spin principle of fig. 53, but fig. 57 shows opposite spins for the blue and red half of the centripetal spiral pairs.

Every-action in the universe is created in pairs. [ts reaction is a part of it, and is simultaneously created. The union of every action with its reaction produces an effect which is always the image of the cause of the action.

Fig. 47, on p. 183 of AS , at views A & C, shows continuous current loops spinning in the same direction. Between each gravity bar is the anode where light accumulates (implodes) into visible form at wave amplitude. :

RVI ; Meret ie

Fic. 47. Nature arranges her sex divisions in unit pairs in such a manner that

opposite sexes can unite as one. Nature will not allow man to reverse this order by

turning ‘one unit of an electric current, or wave, around to make sex unity -im-

possible. (2) Why does Walter Russell refer to the ‘Magnetic Light of Mind'? Why is it especially magnetic? Is it because it attracts motion to Stillness? Or is it because magnetism is generally accepted to be the counterpart of electricity? Or is it because the lines of so- called magnetic force (Walter would say lines of equal electric potential) are perpendicular to the direction of the generated electric motion?


From Larry Tiegs:

What are the directions of spin of the centripetal and centrifugal spiral vortices which, resp., wind up and then unwind light and matter to produce this electric Universe of motion?

The major confusion with Russell's arrows is this: They do not indicate the direction of spin of the vortex. The arrows indicate the direction of increasing or decreasing potential, i.e., a contracting centripetal vortex or an expanding centrifugal vortex.

As for the direction of spin, the centripetal and centrifugal vortices both spin clockwise and both spin counterclockwise. It depends on your viewing point in relation to the vortices. For example, the hands on a transparent clock, from the front, move clockwise. Observed from the rear, they move counterclockwise. Yet they only move in one direction. The wheels on a moving automobile observed from one side of the street roll clockwise and from the other side of the street roll counterclockwise. Yet, they, too, only move in one direction. Our planet spinning on its axis viewed from the North Pole spins counterclockwise. Viewed from the South Pole spins clockwise . . . yet it spins only from West to East.

This one way motion of the clock hands, automobile wheels, and spin of the planet is quite obvious. Not obvious is a backward/invisible flow of motion. The flow of air behind an automobile or airplane are examples we can understand. This invisible/backward motion (which in part we call friction or resistance) has an opposite spin to the forward motion. They oppose each other, just as wood opposes a wood screw being screwed into it. This simultaneous forward/ backward flow of motion creates four visible vortices and four invisible vortices which constitute one cycle in our TWO WAY UNIVERSE.

Dr. Russell spent many years trying to illustrate this 3-dimensional wave-“The Secret of Creation”. But in 2-dimensional black and white line drawings, how do you show the invisible? How do you show motion moving in two directions simultaneously? How do you show, with a still camera, the four spirals turning inside-out and outside- in like an accordion being squeezed in and out in rhythmic balanced interchange? And then the repeating of this rhythmic cycle in adjoining wave fields like an echo, only in a reverse/mirror image? Then the continuation throughout the Universe of this repetition like a line of falling dominoes, while simultaneously a line of invisible dominoes are falling backwards in the opposite direction?. . . all of which gives us the illusion of motion. Will someone with computer graphics know-how please image this for us? The closest Russell came are the colored drawings on display at the Swannanoa Palace. One entitled “THE WAVE” is available as a poster.

(editor's note: Hopefully, by the spring of 1994 the U. of S. & P. will publish all of Dr. Russell's scientific paintings in one book. These include 25 never before published color sketches!!!!!)

To better understand Russell's drawings, we'll continue.

Another part of our confusion with Russell's illustrations is because we live in a right-handed society. For example, nuts on a bolt tighten by turning to the right. You also turn a screw to the right to twist it into the wood. You unscrew both by turning them to the left. This screwing IN or ON is the is the compression/centripetal vortex, accomplished from your viewing point by a clockwise motion. The unscrewing by turning clockwise. As we look at Russell's drawings we automatically think in right-handed terms. .

However, Nature is right- and left-handed equally. Centripetal spirals can “screw-in” by both clockwise and counterclockwise motion. Centrifugal spirals unscrew by both clockwise and counter- clockwise motion. The key: Two wheels on one axle always turn in the same direction. They may move closer together on the axle as they roll or move farther apart or move back and forth rhythmically, but they always roll in the same direction. Likewise, a clockwise spiral is always a clockwise spiral around its gravity shaft/axle during its entire centrifugal unfolding journey from zero to its expanded base at wave field boundaries and the return centripetal refolding journey back to its zero of origin. The same holds true for the opposing counterclockwise spirals.

Fig. 50 from the TSOL illustrates clearly one complete cycle (one squeeze in and out of the accordion). Both vortices turn in the same direction. If you had two accordions, one being squeezed, the other being stretched, yet the two being squeezed together, you'd get an extra burst of sound coming from the two. With more compression

10 you'd get heat. With greater compression you'd get suns and earths, as shown by the sphere in Fig. 50, except in Fig. 50, only one accor- dion is shown. Fig. 53 shows the other one, in its opposite polarity.

Fig. 51 shows two complete cycles, two accordions. When one com- presses the other expands (mirror image-opposite polarity). Each individual accordion/cycle just squeezes in and out. They don't move. Falling dominoes in a line don't move down the line. They just fall over, setting off a like reaction in the next one. Each accordion/ domino is one cycle/wave in. its own wave field. All wave cycles are identical be they waves of light, sound, water, or electricity. Each wave field mirrors its action to the adjoining wave field, like mirrors reflecting images back and forth, thus reproducing that ONE WAVE, repeatedly and sequentially across the Universe.

We already know that electricity, as an alternating current, has a forward and backward flow. The same is true for light, sound or water. At the same time a line of dominoes falls forward giving the illusion that they travel, an invisible line of dominoes is falling backward to oppose and balance the forward cycle. In essence, each domino or electric wave stays in place, FLIP-FLOPPING back and forth, creating a pulse and the illusion of motion because we only experience the FLIP, not the FLOP.

(ed.'s note: Larry uses a right-hand/left-hand convention as follows: For centripetal spirals, look from the base towards the apex; a clockwise rotation is considered right-hand.

For centrifugal spirals, look from the apex towards the base: a clockwise rotation is considered right-hand.)

Fig. 52 shows the repeating principle of nature, two half cycles of any wave (light/sound/electric/water/domino). Each half cycle is in its own wave field (notice the plane of zero curvature between the two). For simplicity, picture two dominoes, one standing up and the other lying down. The top left spiral is the standing domino falling down, creating a right-hand (West to East) centripetal spiral. The bottom left spiral is the adjacent domino which was lying down but is now SEQUENTIALLY FORCED TO STAND UP as a reaction to the implosion of the other domino falling down (which makes this a right-hand centrifugal spiral). Do bear in mind that all motion is curved, all curvature is spiral, all motion thus creating spirals. These spirals on the left illustrate the ONE WAY VISIBLE half of two repeating half cycles. Simultaneously, with any motion, a backward

11 and opposite balancing motion is created. As the top left domino falls down creating an implosive/centripetal spiral, an invisible backward flow-the top center spiral, a left-hand (East to West) centripetal spiral-is created. Likewise, as the adjacent domino stands up its backward invisible motion creates a_ left-hand centrifugal spiral to balance its right-hand centrifugal spiral. The spirals on the right represent one-half-of the total cycle, showing two visible and two invisible vortices.

We will now expand on the message from the Divine Illiad.

“EVERY: ACTION IS VOIDED AS IT OCCURS, The invisible backward flowing motion balances or voids the forward visible flow. Only a stationary pulsing has occurred.

IS REPEATED AS IT IS VOIDED, In opposite polarity in adjoining wave fields. With only half the cycle visible, we perceive light/sound/electricity as traveling, rather than being duplicated and repeated.

AND RECORDED AS IT IS REPEATED.” Nature's record keeping system of all purposeful action in the inert gases-like photographic film negatives of the world's visible 3-dimensional positive creations, awaiting re-creation from the energy of desire.

Fig. 60 is not properly drawn. It shows two wheels on one axle turning in opposite directions. The two top spirals are okay, one a left-hand centripetal and the other a right-hand centripetal. The bottom centrifugal with its apex at the sphere is drawn as a right hand centrifugal, whereas it should be a left hand centrifugal. The other bottom spiral with its base at the sphere is drawn as a right hand centripetal, whereas it should be drawn as a right hand centrifugal. Dr. Russell wanted to see if we were awake.

These two North and South (right- and left-hand) spirals oppose each other (while turning in the same direction). They seek opposite directions, each passing thru the other in opposite spiral lanes, each interchanging with the other as they pass, each voiding each other as they interchange, each becoming the other by turning inside-out, and outside-in.

12 (ed's nets: Tyroin Larry's analysis of Fig. 52, | get a picture of right- hand centripetal spirals repeating across the zero plane/equator as right-hand centrifugal spirals. Simultaneously, the visible right- hand centripetal produces an invisible left-hand centripetal spiral in opposition to itself. Likewise, the repeated visible right-hand centrifugal spiral has an invisible left-hand centrifugal spiral simultaneously created in opposition to itself. The center set of spirals are the visible left-hand centrifugal (top) and left-hand centripetal (bottom) spirals. | talked with Larry over the phone to ensure the accuracy of these statements. Larry pointed out that Fig. 52 shows only one half of the cycle, there are 4 visible spiral vortexes and 4 invisible spiral vortexes. These produce the inside- out, outside-in turning of each atomic, planetary, solar, or galactic system.

point he makes is the spirals all share one gravity shaft and must be spinning in one direction, as wheels fastened on one axle must spin in the same direction.)

Fig. 66, TSOL, p. 256 shows the accurate creation of a tornado. Where the apexes meet is also where suns, earths, and all matter are created. All matter is created by fusion or implosion or using Russell's word, gravity. All mean the same thing. All represent the same function. They are the domino falling over, returning to rest. All are caused by compression from without. The explosive nature of all high potential ‘matter is held together by compression from outside itself.

The ACTION, an explosion of black light, an outward explosion of radiation toward its wave field boundaries, leaves a vacuum behind it which must be filled and an equator ahead of it which must be relieved. (ed. note: ‘filled’ by a subsequent implosion of black light into white light and 'relieved' by an explosion of white light into black light.) The inward REACTION to the outward action pulls inward IMPLOSIVELY toward the same point of desire which caused the out-ward explosion. This is nature's method of sucking/compressing a large volume of low potential space/black light into a small volume of high potential matter. All matter always has an equator, two hemispheres, and rotates in one direction only. On this planet we experience this implosion as gravity,- a sucking/inward pulling toward the center of the planet from which the outward explosion originally occurred. (Gravity has

13 nothing to do with matter attracting matter.) It's just being caught in the suction of a whirl-pool, which in turn, is caused by compression from without. Thus, the cause of gravity is a push. The effect is a pull.

Fig. 53, AS p. 198 is all correct in all aspects. And more importantly, shows the true hyperbolic conical shape of nature's windings. Russell knew this well, but for ease of illustration he used most often Euclidean straight sided cone shapes to make his points. In all his writings he states the only true circle or sphere is at carbon.

Fig. 56 & 57, AS p. 199 are not clear enough for me to determine the direction the spirals turn. By now, we know both must turn the same direction. In Fig. 56, it is clear the stone falling on the water creates a red centripetal spiral. In Fig. 57, the airplane moving forward will create a red centripetal vortex, the reaction a blue centrifugal vortex.

Fig. 47, AS p. 183: A, C, & E show nature's processes. B, D, & F do not.

Question 2: Why does Walter Russell refer to the Magnetic Light of Mind? To quote him:

“| instantly and timelessly knew the still magnetic light which is the fulcrum of life and power, also | knew the heartbeat of the electric universe which manifests love, life, and power in matter. | also instantly and timelessly knew that the Magnetic Light of God of Love was all that is – and that the sensed electric wave universe of motion which simulates love, life, and power had no reality whatsoever. | knew it for what it was – God's thinking – God's imagining – pure illusion– simulation – self voiding forms thrown on the screen of space to manifest changeless idea by setting it in motion to produce the effect of change.”

Thank you Larry!!! We welcome any all feedback and insights to Larry's wonderful dissertation.

From Chester A. Hatstat, Jr.:

To give a response to Question #2 first: my supposition is that there are two reasons for Dr. Russell's choice. Magnetism, in the traditional sense of the word, implies invisible ‘force fields'. The image of the invisible controlling the visible was an important part of how he wanted to describe this Creating Universe. Secondly, to

14 give clarity to his Cosmogony, Dr. Russel! elected to describe electricity as the sole agent of motion, of effects; electricity moves whereas magnetism is a field, still.

As to the first question, what needs to be kept in mind is that Dr. Russell described different views of the polarity process and did not always preface his description with an explanation of which two- dimensional slice he was drawing. Details of vortexian motion of the evolving father/mother octave wave spiral interactions will be different than the details of an individual atom's or planet's or sun's cathode/anode centripetal/centrifugal spiral interactions. Different ‘slices' of the total picture will produce different views. The illusion is often illusory, even in its description by someone with knowledge and the ability to meditate and tap into these “secrets”!|

Larry's analysis is thorough and satisfies my intellectual appetite, although it is still open to discussion and interpretation. For example, | would say the ACTION is centripetal and the REACTION centrifugal. When the guitar string is plucked, it must first be tensioned (centripetal) before it can explode with sound (centrifugal). However you look at it, the ACTION and REACTION are simultaneous events, the implosion and explosion are occurring simultaneously. I certainly appreciate Larry's understanding of the Russell cosmogony and his willingness to share his insights with us in his inspring dialogues.

!, too, can hardly wait until we can simulate these spirals with color computer graphics!





The following is Chapter | of The Universal One:



In the beginning, God.

There is but one God.

There is but one universe.

God is the universe.

God is not one and the universe another.

The Universe is not a separate creation of God's. It is God.

There is no created universe.

Nothing is which has not always been.

All created things are from the beginning. They have no beginning. They do not come into being. They are and always have been and always will be.

Creation means to man the coming into existence of something which was not before in existence. Man's concept of creation is the coming into being of a physical, visible universe heretofore non-existent.

The Creator is to man's mind a Sublime Being, separate and apart from man, who cre- ated the physical universe of matter causing to come into being that which had not been.

Man holds the concept of two universes; a spiritual and a physical. God is presumed to be of the spiritual universe, perfect. Matter is of the physical universe, imperfect. God supposedly created the imperfect physical universe separate and apart from Himself.

Man conceives a perfect and omnipotent God. A perfect and omnipotent God could not create imperfection.

He could not create a lesser than Himself.

He could not create a greater than Himself.

God could not create other than Himself.

God did not create other than Himself, nor greater, nor lesser than Himself.

In the sense generally understood by man, God did not create anything.

Nothing has been “created”.

This is a “creating” universe, not a “created” one,

Man's concept of the sublime Being as the

Creator of a material universe different in substance from the spiritual universe is a misconcept.

God is all there is.

Beyond God there is nothing.

Superior to God there is nothing.

Inferior to God there is nothing.

Opposed to God there is nothing.

Creation is not more, nor is it legs than it has always been from the beginning.

It cannot be more than God nor can it be less than God.

“Creation is an apparent integration in continuity of that which already exists in sub- stance. It is a periodic change of state of the One unchanging substance. It is evolution.

De-creation is an apparent integration in continuity of apparently integrated things returned to that substance. It is dissolution.

God is in reality, and exists in substance.

God is thinking Mind.

The substance, or body, of God is light.

The One universal substance, which is God, , is a tangible substance, a thinking substance, comprehensible and describable and pos- sessed of principles which are familiar to man through man's observation of the One uni- versal substance in “created” things.

The substance of all “created” things is light.

The One substance of thinking Mind is all that exists.

The “created” universe is the registration in matter of the idea of thinking Mind.

Mind is expressed in light.

Light is the storehouse of the energy of thinking Mind.

The energy of the universe is the energy of thinking Mind.

The universe is a universe of energy.

Energy is expressed in light.

Mind is the universe.

Mind substance is “spiritual” substance. Spirit is light.

Spirit is the ultimate, the eternal, though finite substance.

Spirit is not infinite. Nothing in this uni- verse of motion is infinite.

Man's concept of an infinite God, possessing infinite knowledge and infinite power, Creator of an infinite universe of infinite extension, is not in accord with the laws of motion.

This is a boundless, eternal, dimensionless universe of definite limitations both as to all cause and to all effects of cause. Dimension is an illusion of relation of effects, which are in themselves but illusion.

All cause is comprehensible to, and all effects are measurable: by man. A limited, measurable universe cannot be infinite; and a Divinity limited as to His range of cause, which, ipso facto, limits the possible range of effect, cannot be infinite. ,

Light is the living substance of Mind in action. It is the creating principle of the One substance.

The One substance is the etheric “spiritual” substance of the One universal Mind.


The entire “created” universe of all that is, ever has been, or ever will be, is but the One substance in motion, light.

God is light and in Him is no darkness at all. (John 1-5.)

Matter is light.

God and matter are One.

Spirit and matter are the same substance.

That substance is light.

There are not two substances in the universe.

There cannot be two substances in the universe.

That which man calls life is an inherent property of the entirety of Mind.

Light is life.

There is but One Life in the universe.

The whole of the universe is but One living, breathing, pulsing Being.

There are not two lives or two living beings in the universe.

There are not two of anything in the universe.

The universe and all that is, is One.


From A New Concept of the Universe (p. 20):

“Matter moves only to seek rest and balance.

Earth's tides are not “pulled” by the moon. Curvature in the pressures of their wave fields which control their balance is the cause of that. And that explains why tides are thrust away from the face of the earth opposite to that of the moon, as well as being thrust towards the moon on its near face.”


Report on the International Association for New Science (IANS)


The stated purpose of the IANS is “to promote a new science that will help the evolvement of humankind in a manner that will complement and preserve the natural order of the universe. The goal is to unite individuals of a New Science philosophy and initiate a paradigm shift in science and health care. IANS provides a worldwide network of New Science happenings through conferences and publications, and promotes research in the area of New Science.“

The Symposium on New Energy was a great success. Inventors and scientists from around the world met for a week to discuss their individual efforts to design, manufacture, market, and promote New Energy ideas. After a week of connecting, sharing histories of discovery , and exploring ways to support each other, the symposium shifted to two days of talks and presentations open to the public.

Four different speakers (Dr. Tim Binder, Toby Grotz, Ron Kovac, & Walter Baumgartiner) spoke on topics directly related to the Russell Cosmogony. Over $1700 worth of Russell science books were sold. William Baumgartiner spoke on “Energy Extraction from the Vortex”, Toby Grotz (a scheduled speaker at the USP Homecoming on Sept. 11, 1993) presented “Working Models of Free Energy and Transmutation Systems”, Dr. Binder talked on “Transmutation of the Elements“, and Ron Kovac gave an intriguing talk on Nikola Tesla's design to tap into the ionosphere's energy potential.

Several scientists (Moray King, Stefan Marinov, and Dr. A. Michrowski) spoke on ‘Zero Point’ energy and the physics behind it. New Energy science is not about “perpetual motion”. The devices discussed are ‘over unity’ because they tap into presently unknown sources of energy. Anti-gravity, transmutation, zero point energy are all there, it is a matter of finding the switch to turn them on! And of course finding the money to research, develop, produce, and market these devices. The dogma of our current science establish- ment resists change and innovation. A multitude of stories were told of scientists and engineers witnessing experiments that worked, yet they refuse to see what is in front of their eyes!!

My hat is off to these visionaries, inventors, and scientists who have the devotion and perseverance to pursue their dreams and ideas. Also | would like to thank Maurice Albertson and Brian O'Leary for their efforts in organizing and supporting the IANS. The best way to keep in touch with these people is to join the IANS and receive their New Science News or their recently started New Energy News. The proceedings of this years Symposium on New Energy (SNE) can be purchased for $40. form the folks at IANS, 1304 S. College Ave., Ft. Collins, CO 80524, (303) 482-3731. For your convenience, | am including the Table of Contents from the SNE proceedings in this issue of FULCRUM.

TABLE of CONTENTS From the Proceedings of the IANS Symposium on New Energy, April 15 & 16, 1993, Denver, CO

The World's Energy Future : : . : : : 1 by Harold Aspden, Ph.D

A Unique Class of Alternative Catalysts for Fuel Cell Applications That Replace the Need for Precious Metals : 21 by Patrick G. Bailey (Dr.)

Hydrogen Energy Technologies: Pathway to Commercialization. by Frano Barbir Ph.D & Nejat Veziroglu Ph.D

Energy Extraction from the Vortex . : : . : 29 by William Baumgartiner

The Final Secret of Free Energy : : : : : 59 by T. E. Bearden

From Metaphysics to “Physics 2001” . . . . : by Bob Beutlich


Transmutation of the Elements, a Modern Alchemical Team's Experiments with the Concepts of Walter Russell : : 107 by Timothy A. Binder

Impact of Cold Fusion and Other Enhanced Energy Systems . 135 by Harold L. Fox

Concept of a Capillary Fusion Reactor : : : : 153 Peter Graneau

Working Models of Free Energy and Transmutation Systems : 169 Toby Grotz

The Status of Free Energy : : : : : 189

by Don Kelly, S.E.A.

Fundamentals of a Zero Point Energy Technology . : : 201 by Moray B. King

The Generator “Venetin Coliu” Produces Free Energy . : 219 by Stefan Marinov

Improved Energy-Conversion Efficiency Will Spark Transition to Hydrogen in Commercial Applications : . : : 239 by Roy E. McAlister

Light Action and the Litraonics Microscope : : : 251 by Henry C. Monteith, Ph.D

19 TABLE of CONTENTS (cont'd) From the Prnneetinss of tiie iniwo Symposium on New Energy,

A Wholistic Paradigm of the Individuality and Oneness of Nature by Dale Pond

The Reed Magnetic Motor . : : : . . by Troy G. Reed

Motional Fields and- the Edwards' Effect by John C. Stover

Generation of Cosmic Energy and Matter from Absolute Space (Vacuum) by Paramahamsa Tewari

Possibilities for Electric Field Propulsion . by Charles A. Yost_

Experiments with a Unipolar Dynamo of Novel Construction by George D. Hathaway, P. Eng.

Tesla's Plan – A Comprehensive Solution by Jeffery A. Hayes

A New Portable Powerpack Used to Test New Energy Ideas and Sources . : : : . by R. J. Kovac

Atomic Energy Balance of Water Using Water as Fuel by Stanley A. Meyer

Vacuum Energy Developments : . . : : by Dr. A. Michrowski

The New Sciences . _ by Hans J. Petermann, “Ph. D

The Dandelion Puff Principle : . . . . by Marcos Rodin

Hydrogen: The Fuel for Future Transportation by J. J. Hurtak

Toward a Universal Theory of Reality by Gerald A Kolisch

The Antigravity Squadron : by Paul A. LaViolette

Effects of Pulsed Magnetic Field Oscillations in Cancer Therapy by Panos T. Pappas and Charles Wallach

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Armature Reaction in the Homopolar Generator . by Thomas F. Valone

New Energy—- It's Really Very Very Old by Roy E. Graham, Jr.










439 445









Dr. Timothy Binder presented a form of the following paper at the August 1993, American Chemical Society sponsored, 28th Intersociety Energy Conversion Engineering Conference (IECEC).

Walter Russell's Concepts as the Basis for an Alternative View on Radioactivity Induced Oxygen - Ozone Depletion and Food Chain Pollution; and as the Basis for Alternative Fuels, Materials, Energy Production, and Radioactive Waste Cleanup.

The following topics with supporting data will be presented:

1. The transmutation of atmospheric nitrogen into carbon-14 and tritium via radioactivity as a source of omnipresent food and water pollution, and the possible correlation of oxygen transmutation into carbon-14 and tritium by the same mechanisms as well as into sulfur.

2. Walter Russell's four pole field dual polarity control as a basis for transmutation will be discussed with reference to past and contemporary results of experimentation on this basis.

3. Extension of the concepts into free hydrogen energy fuel, nitrogen fertilizers, other materials production, and transmutation of radioactive wastes into non-radioactive

elements will be discussed.

Walter Russell gave a new

paradigm for science and technology and his first version of his periodic chart predicting the existence of deuterium, tritium, and the trans- uranium elements when he published the Universal One in 1926. (Russell, 1926, pages 85-100) In this book, he gave his only description of all eighteen of the dimensions of matter. (Russell, 1926, pages 158-249) The concepts in this book and his periodic charts were revised with the publica- tion in 1946 of The Secret Of Light. The Home Study Course, Atomic Suicide?, and A New Concept Of The Universe were other major publica- .tions that continued the development of his scientific concepts. / The essence of his cosmogony could superficially be summarized as follows: All universal processes are the interchange between two vortex-

ian motions as an equilibrium is divided. Motion follows an uphill, multiplying, centripetal path and a downhill, dividing, centrifugal path. Entropy is only one half of the cycle. Entropy, disintegration, centrifugal force dominance, friction, explosion, and fission are partners” with “negentropy“, integration, centripetal force dominance, synchronization, implosion, and fusion. Together these two forces and their many expressions engineer all phenomena.

The Russell cosmogony views the periodic chart of the elements as varying states of motion exhibiting eighteen different dimensions. Among these dimensions is gyroscopic plane of rotation, and it is by means of engineering this dimension and others that Russell stated transmutation of the elements with ordinary temper- atures and pressures is possible. In 1927 at the Westinghouse Lamp Laboratories, Walter Russell trans- muted water into 7 different elements. In 1992, investigation of his - principles was carried out by myself, Toby Grotz, and Ron Kovac. A paper detailing aspects of our work was delivered at the 27th IECEC conference in CA. (See Fulcrum V.4,#2) The data there suggests that Russell's principles indeed may reveal a novel means for hydrogen fuel, nitrogen fertilizer, and other elemental materials production. It also suggests possibilities for other avenues of ozone depletion via radioactivity that may have been overlooked as well as a novel method for transmutation of radioactive wastes into harmless substances.

In a 1954 newsletter, Walter and Lao Russell first publicly predicted that the destruction of oxygen in the upper stratosphere would follow its radioactive contamination as “radio- active fission will gradually destroy our atmosphere”. They stated we would first notice the gradual deter- ioration in the upper stratosphere (ozone layer). (Russell, 1954, page 1) This initial warning was followed by the 1957 publication of their book Atomic Suicide ?.

The general principle for oxygen- ozone depletion was given in Atomic Suicide? as an abnormal increase in the expansive force in Universe over the compressive force where oxygen and all other elements exposed to radioactivity would be artificially caused to disintegrate or “die” before their normal time frequency. In my estimation, this very superficial sum-


mary of their volumes of explanation can best be interpreted as a transmu- tation of oxygen into other elements.

They stated that we could so radioactively contaminate the planet that all food and drink would become deadly as well as the eventual destruction of the oxygen and thus the water of the planet.

In Atomic Suicide?, they detail how radioactivity will “unlock the pressures of the…. lower inert gases… and the 8th, 7th, and 6th octaves of radioactive elements….that in the upper stratosphere….would soon crowd the lower atmospheric layers with such a change of environment that oxygen dependent bodies could no longer live”.(Russell, 1957, page 262) They further said, “As oxygen cannot co-exist with the free metals above the carbon octave upon the red side of the spectrum, radioactivity must not be allowed to change our atmospheric normalcy”. (Russell , 1957, page 265) Study of the Russell periodic chart will reveal the meaning of the carbon and other octaves and the red and blue sides of the spectrum of elements. The

‘Russell chart has nine octaves of

elements each growing out of an inert gas as the seed with male and female pairs that exhibit preferential bonding (valence) and other dimensions that determine their position on the red- male or blue-female side of the spectrum. See the before mentioned Russell books for copies of the peri- odic chart and detailed explanations. These statements presage the “Petkau Effect” where oxygen under radioactive contamination has been revealed to turn into a_ killer in living bodies through “free radical” forma- tion. The Russells say that we can expect to see many other elements, in their language, ‘to be loosed from the bindings of their octaves, from the force that balances the desire of all matter to explode’, and thus witness many avenues of the disintegration of living matter via radioactive effects.

There have been many attempts to investigate the role between radio- activity and ozone loss, and a correlation has been established. This has been largely ignored and given no press in the current debate over ozone

depletion, even though scientists of.

such repute as Carl Sagan and the National Academy of Sciences have established that a nuclear winter would destroy the ozone of the planet. The data that | will present supports radioactivity as a direct factor in ozone loss and as a catalyzing agent in the chemical destruction of ozone via nitrogen oxide formation or CFC reactions. Other data | will present supports a possible role of radioactive induced transmutation of oxygen as a method of ozone loss.

Dr. Earnest Sternglass studied this correlation and states that there is conclusive evidence of increased ozone loss after nuclear atmospheric explosions and after nuclear acci- dents. The largest such loss occurred after the Chernobyl disaster. He also states that it has been proven that radioactivity acts as a catalyst in ice crystal formation and catalyzes ozone depletion via the chlorine species (CFC) pathway.

While it is known that nuclear explosions destroy oxygen via the pro-


duction of nitrogen oxides and other chemical species present in the atmosphere such as chlorine species, (Bauer, E. & Gilmore, F.R. January, 1975, paper P-1076, IDA Log No. HQ 74- 16726) (Glasstone, Samuel, & Dolan, Philip J., 3rd. Ed., 1977, pages 78-79) | am not familiar with the quantities of ozone destroyed per size of nuclear device or radioactivity released via accidents in various isotope forms. Such data should prove helpful in determining more of the precise mechanisms and quantify the role of radioactivity in ozone destruction.

Even with the known correlation between large atomic weapons tests and nuclear power accidents such as Three Mile Island and Chernobyl producing the most significant increase in ozone loss ever reported, there was no connection made between the two events in the public media. | will present evidence that supports a view that we need to focus more attention on radioactivity's role in oxygen-ozone depletion, and that we need to consider a direct trans- mutation of oxygen into another element or elements via radioactivity as well as a catalytic role in estab- lished ozone depleting mechanisms.

Evidence supporting an alternate route for oxygen destruction via a similar transmutation process known and following established scientific principles can be understood from a consideration of the Russell work in relation to the work of D.S. Rawson. Rawson, working as a_ research sci- entist, extensively studied tritium (H8) and carbon-14 (C14) in the course . of 11 years post graduate research work in the Geo-Physical Tracers Group in the Isotope Research Division of the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority.

The tendency in modern science has been to look for a single cause. It may be that in the case of ozone depletion, as in the case of most diseases, that there are multiple etiologic factors. The Russell cosmogony and the work of D.S. Rawson would suggest that indeed there may be another, perhaps even more severe, mechanism at work in ozone depletion than the chemical reactions of nitrogen oxides and chlorine species in chemical deacti- vation of ozone; specifically a des- truction of oxygen in a transmutation process. On the other hand, this viewpoint also points the way to hitherto unconsidered methods of transmuting radioactive wastes by processes other than particle acceler- ators and the new type of reactor known as the “Integral Fast Reactor”.

Rawson showed how carbon-14 and tritium were being introduced into the food chain in every drop of water and in all food consumed through the radioactive transmutation of atmospheric nitrogen into these two radioactive isotopes.

Quoting Mr. Rawson:

“The mechanism for this transmu- tation is the same whether it is from cosmic ray bombardment or radio- active debris as _ follows: The production process is by way of the interaction of cosmic ray neutrons or the billions of neutrons formed in the detonation of a radioactive thermonu- clear device on the ordinary nitrogen


(N14) nuclei, and occurs in the upper atmosphere by the nuclear reaction indicated below:

N'4 +n —>H? + 3 alpha particles. This indicates that a neutron reacts with an N'4 nucleus to produce tritium and three alpha particles. (Rawson, 1971, page 12) Radioactive C'4 can also be produced in the upper stratosphere by the interaction of the N14 nuclei with these high energy neutrons, but this time with the emission of a proton (instead of an alpha particle as in the formation of tritium). The following equation expresses this reaction:

N14 4n→ C14 + p (Rawson,1971,p. 16)

Tritium decays with a radioactive half life of 12.26 years by the emission of a beta particle to helium- 3, a stable isotope of helium.

C4 decays by beta particle emis- sion to N'4 in the following manner:

C'4-» N14 + beta particle. The radioactive half life for this nuclear transmutation is 5,760 years. (Rawson, 1971, pages 13 & 16)

In similar fashion pure tritium can be prepared by bombarding lithium-6 with neutrons, the reaction is:

Li€ +n - H® + alpha particle.” (Rawson, 1971, page 14)

As these transmutations are proven to occur, why has the scientific establishment and the nuclear industry not considered the possibility of a similar transmutation of oxygen occurring under radioactive stimu- latory neutron bombardment in the upper stratosphere and _ elsewhere? Since transmutation of nitrogen into radioactive carbon and hydrogen is possible, then why not oxygen into some radioactive element, perhaps even carbon-14 or tritium? I suggest sulfur as another possibility; in that sulfur is a harmonic of oxygen in Russell's cosmogony and, as such, is an older stage of the idea of oxygen. Radioactivity, as the aging principle personified, could be expected to transmute (age) oxygen into sulfur. Perhaps all of acid rain is not fossil fuel derived?

The Russells predicted that radioactive contamination of the planet would result in: “leukemia, birth deformities, and impotence (that) will be the forerunners of greater scourges to come“. (Russell, 1957 page 43) With statistically significant increases of these dis- eases, cancers, and immune system failures such as AIDS occurring every- where (especially around nuclear installations and accidents) and the increasing collapse of human and animal immune systems as evidenced in the recent disappearance of frogs and toads throughout the world from unproved causes, it appears that they accurately predicted the occurrence if not the cause.

A solution for these radioactive induced problems may be found in the Russell cosmogony and the technology it promises. In addition to the promise of “free” hydrogen fuel transmuted from atmospheric nitrogen or water (the real possibility of a fuel “too cheap to meter”) and fertilizers and metals that do not need to be mined, the transmutation of radioactive wastes into non-radioactive elements via Russell's four pole dual polarity


control of gyroscopic plane of element rotation alone or in combination with biological processes needs to be explored. Then we might rectify the two colossal mistakes of the “atomic age”: nuclear weapons and nuclear power. , Mention has been made of Russell's past experimentation with transmu- tations and reference made to Toby Grotz's paper delivered at last years' IECEC conference. | will present additional explanations of Russell's concepts in regards to transmutations. In A New Concept Of The Universe, Russell states that free hydrogen is the logical supply for an inexhaustible world fuel because hydrogen is the basis of the four “space octaves”, those octaves preceding hydrogen and the hydrogen octave itself. He says, “nature balances the withdrawals of gases continuously, whereas nature's replacements for withdrawals of solids consumes the amount. of time taken to grow them“. Russell further states: “The atmos- phere is composed of nitrogen and oxygen. Oxygen is carbon twice removed, just as nitrogen is carbon once removed (tonally in their octave). Likewise hydrogen is carbon one octave lower, but not removed tonally (it is a harmonic). Gyroscopically, carbon and hydrogen are the same, for their planes of structure are identical. Hydrogen could, therefore, be trans- muted from the atmosphere in unlim- ited quantities by merely changing the gyroscopic plane of nitrogen to the 90 degree angle of wave amplitude upon which hydrogen rotates”. (Russell, 1989, page 124) Russell felt that the plane angle was perhaps the most important of the dimensions to be worked with in achieving transmutations. As he said in A New Concept Of The Universe, “Nature does not transmute one ele- ment into another. She merely makes her progressive change of elements by a continual readjustment of her gyro- scope.”.(Russell, 1989, page 126) This readjustment of her gyroscope is by changing the angle between rotational axis or east-west poles and the magnetic axis or north-south poles by means of EM fields. That changes the plane of rotation of an element in its wave field thus changing the element.

There has been work by Louis Kervran and Georges Ohsawa in the field of biological transmutations that due to space limitations | only mention as another source of data in this old yet new and_ relatively unexplored field of transmutations under low temperatures and pressures. Kervran and Ohsawa discovered that hydrogen and oxygen were key elements in biological transmutations and were able to engineer them as well as table top transmutations without an understanding of Russell's greater knowledge of the dimensions governing the phenomena. With Russell's keys, | can explain how Ohsawa was able to transmute sodium (Na) via oxygen (O), temperature, and pressure into potassium (K) with- out the use of four pole field dual polarity control. K is a harmonic of Na and already has the same gyroscopic plane of rotation, therefore, no exter- nal field control was necessary. (Kervran & Ohsawa, 1971, pages 50-


51) Their work especially points to the area of using biological organisms in the area of radioactive waste cleanup. (Kervran, 1972, page 110)

Dimensions | consider important in engineering transmutations, biological or otherwise, include: gyroscopic plane of rotation, temperature, pres- sure, and time. The time dimension becomes more important in biological transmutations. In a homely descrip- tion, | will describe them as occurring by making the one substance (motion) molten or fluid by heat-pressure, putting it in a mold formed by electro- magnetic (EM) fields, and then refreezing the substance. It is like making cookies!

- The dual polarity control that Russell said he used in transmutation means to position the element or elements you wish to transmute at the proper plane angle in an EM field that determines the element that you want. These fields, created by electric coils, act in their thrust and pull to tighten or loosen the strings of one element tone to create another tone. Or in other words, to shape the elements EM field so that it conforms to the plane of rotation for the element tone you desire to create.

In considering this, we must understand how Russell cenceived a field. He said the cathode is one, the anodes are two, to make three. The north - south poles are two definite poles of preponderantly charging polarity and the cathode pole from which both of these spring creates the east-west predominately discharging pole. If you go east far enough, you are west and vice-versa, thus they are one. As you travel around the east- west pole in the same locking point angle or resonant position and pressure zone, there is no_ intensity difference. As you travel up or down the north-south poles, there is increasing or decreasing polarity strength, pressure, curvature, and resonant or locking points. So increase or decrease of curvature, pressure, or polarity strength signifies and

determines position in the wave, resonant or locking point, and the element tone. In the center of the charging poles, polarity voids. The following diagram illustrates this concept:

(+) Means to charge, to polarize to opposition from an equilibrium, (-) means to discharge, to depolarize to voidance of opposition in an equilibrium. The north-south poles are both charging poles. The east - west pole is the discharge pole. North-south are centripetal directed vortexes, and east-west is a centrifugal vortex.

Russell also stated that the relative strength of east-west to north-south polarity was crucial in


transmutation. North-south prepon- derance caused prolation or retuned an element to its previous resonant locking point position in its octave or transmuted it to the element preceding it in the periodic chart; and that east-west preponderance caused oblation or retuned an element to the next following position in the chart. (Russell, 1989, page 130)

This gives another crucial guideline to consider in engineering transmutations. Dual polarity control means a relative strength of one set of coils over another, or a balance, depending on what element you start with and what one you want to end up with after 'retuning' the original.

Russell stated that all the different substances of matter “so convincingly act their parts in producing the mirages of substance in this universe that the greatest scientists of this world have not the Slightest suspicion that the many different substances of matter are but different states of motion”. (Russell, 1989, page 61)

If Russell is correct and his early work at Westinghouse valid, as the work done by myself, Toby Grotz, and Ron Kovac in 1992 suggests, then experimentation along the lines presented here could well result in:

1. A novel means of hydrogen fuel pro- duction that involves no storage or transportation as it would be made on-site.

2. Production of nitrogen fertilizers, other minerals, and metals by a similar process.

3. Transmutation of radioactive wastes into harmless elements. Perhaps the use of biological organisms coupled with external EM field controls would result in even more efficient transmutation of radioactive wastes than that reported . by ‘researchers in the past using only biologicals. (Kervran, 1972, page 113)

tations are occurring under internal dual polarity control though it has yet to be recognized. Perhaps the enzymes, the organisms structure, and EM fields act as the coils in the lab to produce the angles, pressures, and curvatures to produce the new element tones as life cycles from one form to another. It is my hope for the future of the planet and humanity that knowledge of these processes will assist the birth of a new whole cycle, non-polluting technology and an answer to Atomic Suicide?.

With pressure and heat in a nuclear



explosion, oxygen may be transmuted up to its next octave harmonic (sulfur) just as Ohsawa transmuted Na to K in a vacuum tube with oxygen, heat and pressure. Oxygen and sulfur are harmonics. as are Na and K, no plane angle adjustment is necessary; their plane angles are already the same. Research will be necessary to prove or disprove my contention. | trust the evidence presented and the possible rewards awaiting this research will encourage others to assist me and my colleagues in the “World Balance Through Free Energy Project”. This completes the presen- tation of my suggestions on a new viewpoint to consider in the role that radioactivity plays in oxygen-ozone destruction and the promise for novel methods to transmute the deadly radioactive wastes and produce “free” non-polluting energy sources.

Bauer, E & Gilmore, F.R. (January, 1975), paper P-1076, IDA Log No. HQ74-16726

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Binghampton NY.

Kervran, Louis, & Ohsawa, Georges, (1971), “Biological Transmutations - Natural Alchemy”.. George Ohsawa Macrobiotic Foundation, Oroville CA. Rawson, D.S., (1971), “Radiation And Nuclear Homeopathy“. Privately Printed.

Russell, Walter & Lao, (1954), Newsletter.

and Philosophy, Waynesboro VA.

Archives of The University of Science

Russell, Walter, (1926), “The Universal One”. The University of Science and

Philosophy, Waynesboro VA.

Russell, Walter & Lao, (1957), “Atomic Suicide?”. The University of Science and

Philosophy, Waynesboro VA.

Russell, Walter, (1989), “A New. Concept Of The Universe”. The University of Science and Philosophy, Waynesboro VA. Music and the Nature of Sound by Howard Davis

In an earlier Fulcrum, Chester Hatstat noted that many cultures have different musical scale systems and wondered if they even all have octaves. Actually, all musical systems do have octaves, though they may be called other names. This is because all musical systems are based upon natural phenomena and the phenomena of the octave is inherent to sound. The differences between systems are due to the differences in cultural development.

All the world's musical systems have grown out of the recognition of basic musical materials. The most basic material is tone, which is a sound with simple vibrational characteristics. The sound which is produced by the plucking of a stretched string is an example of tone, since it is a periodic vibration of definite pitch. This tone is produced by the vibration of the string as it returns to rest. This vibration does not slow down in speed as it returns to rest, but rather is reduced in intensity. If the string begins to vibrate at 440 cycles per second (cps), it continues to do so’ until it stops. The difference in intensity of the sound from the beginning to the end is caused by the lessening of the distance of movement of the string.

The phenomena of the octave is produced when such a string is divided into two equal parts and then plucked. The string vibrates at twice the speed. This produces a tone we recognize as related to the tone produced by the undivided string. If the undivided string vibrates at 440 cps, then the equally divided string will vibrate at 880 cps. The similarity we recognize is due to the 2:4 relationship. We divide our scales into groupings with this relationship. We call this an octave (from the Latin and Greek words for eighth) since our scales in Western music usually have seven notes. Thus, the octave is the eighth note of the scale. Of course, a similar string which is twice as long (with the same tension) will sound at 220 cps, an octave below 440 cps. (A440 is the tone to which orchestras usually tune.)

The other notes of the musical scale are derived from other divisions of the string. For instance, the fifth note is derived from the division of the string into three equal parts and the third note from the division by five. Since this becomes rather complicated, | will put off until the next issue a more complete explanation of this musical harmony and its implications in regard to the study of Russell's cosmology. Suffice it for now to say that the measurement of tone in the Russell chart of elements should be a number which doubles for each octave. At the present time, | have not seen any such pattern formed in any of the

29 numbers usually associated with the measurement of the characteristics of the elements. If anyone recognizes such a measurement, | would appreciate hearing from them. | can be reached at: Howard R. Davis, Ill, 428 Whitefoord Ave., Atlanta, GA, 30317, (404) 524-8081

Howard R. Davis, Ill is a long time student of the Russells. He is a talented composer, musician, and stained glass artist. | look forward to his next installment!!


Book Review

Stalking the Wild Pendulum, On the Mechanics of Consciousness By Itzhak Bentov Destiny Books

This is a facinating book. Within the covers is contained very intelligible and enjoyable descriptions of sound, waves, vibration, coherency, resonance, entrainment, wave interference patterns, crystal structure, objective/subjective time, electromagnetic effects, organic/inorganic consciousness, motion, and a unique model of the universe. Some key Russell concepts discussed are: how our bodies mirror the workings of the universe, all matter is consciousness, the brain as a thought amplifier, and the mechanics of how we are all in communication with one another at both spiritual and physical levels.

Itzhak Bentov brilliantly connects the microcosm to the macrocosm. Unfortunately, he has no understanding of the Russell Cosmogony, specifically the concept of God's thinking which sets the One substance in motion, generative/degenerative vortexian spirals, four pole polarity control, and Russell's marriage of electricity and gravity into electric potential. Consciousness, by his definition, begins with an ability to respond to electromagnetic stimuli. This to me, and | think in the Russell paradigm puts ihe cart before the horse. Bentov's discussions of the quality and quantity of consciousness are very interesting and stimulating, and he brings the idea of consciousness back to the Absolute.

One important Russell concept he includes within. the text is the idea of matter being purely motion. Bentov states: “We can thus extract a common denominator of our objective and subjective realities. We shall find that both realities become “real” only due to the change or motion occurring between the two states of rest. -In other words, if there is no change, we have a state of perpetual rest, and a state of perpetual rest means no perceptible reality.”

30 He further quotes from The Secret Oral Teachings In Tibetan Buddhist Sects: “The tangible world is movement, say the Masters, not a collection of moving objects, but movement itself. There are no objects “in movements”, it is the movement which constitutes the. objects which appear to us: they are nothing but movement.“

Further, Bentov states that as an observer approaches infinite speeds, traveling without an elapse in time, he/she will become everywhere at once- -Omnipresent. Time spent’ in Omnipresence results, of course, in Omni- science!!! He postulates the observer can accomplish such speeds through altered states of consciousness, Shifting one's own “subjective time”. Expanding one's consciousness expands one into more “spacelike” (as opposed to “timelike“) dimensions or realities.

His model of the physical Universe, while plausible, does not fit the Russell cosmogony. He is, however, persistent in the idea of the whole Universe being in “constant and instant communication” (past, present, and future) and presents a logical mechanism for this to happen. Thereby, all knowledge is available to anyone.

As the pendulum approaches the point of rest, the point where it reverses its direction, it, in effect, “smears itself“ and becomes everywhere at once. Bentov chases this elusive point of rest, smartly and provocatively deducing the effects which surround this phenomena. The point of rest is the key to understanding the Russell Cosmogony and to working knowingly with God. Quantum physicists have unknowingly copied this foundation stone of the Russell Science Paradigm. Bentov dances around the importance of “Stillness” without, | think, fully realizing the significance of “Cause”, how the form is made manifest from the Idea within the point of rest.

This book is insightful and certainly stimulates the intellect. 1 think the scientist and non-scientist, alike, will enjoy reading this book.

QQQQOOOOOOOOLQQLLAAAELEAREEQEE220DO COMING ATTRACTIONS In the next issue of FULCRUM we intend to publish: (1) Book Review: Ether-Technology, by Rho Sigma (2) The Nature of Music, part 2 by Howard Davis

(3) Book Review: Living Water, by Olof Alexandersson- The story of Victor Schauberger.




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_————— zor d CHA RG E PAGNETIC

All mass is Formed by a contraction of the electric poles of the generative cones of energy to the point of north at its gravitative center and expansion of the contours of the radiative cones until they disappear in the plane of the equator ©


Reprinted from THE UNIVERSAL ONE, p. 175



The oppositely moving lines OF a forming wave are They st te i ‘ but the tioving apices of two: opposing’ cones, tnacin, low pressures Conard hae Ovi the changing’ Focal points of an expression of en: ‘

They meet duced ee nheeesuree. ey meet re

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journey tonal ‘pressure walls are erected at int. i bhg Line (of the wave simultaneously inits positive | the formula oF the idieetves dehited by and its negative halP. become the , negative Hal cones are POSITIVE. Atomic, solar oe owing, Planes oF all syste ins,


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counterparts of themselves






Positive charge attracts positive charge and expels negative discharge Charging’ lines of force are inductive lines which move toward the apices of their cones oF energy and away From their bases. Negative discharge repels both positive charge and negative discharge. Discharging lines of force are Conductive lines which move away From the apices, and toward the bases of their cones of energy.


Reprinted from THE UNIVERSAL “ONE , p. 177



corireesiio EREANDS ~~






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