The Science Newsletter Of The University of Science and Philosophy

Vol. 1, No. 4,

April 1993




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Science and Philosophy. FUL CRUM

April, 1993 The Science Newsletter of The University of Science and Philosophy

Volume 1, Number 4

Editors: Chester A. Hatstat, Jr., B.S., Metalurgical Engineering Dr. Timothy A. Binder, D.C., N.D., U. of S. & P. President

GREETINGS! ‘FULCRUM' isa quarterly newsletter focusing on the science of creation revealed to Walter Russell. Dr. Russell, artist/philosopher/illuminate, spent 35 years and several different written editions describing to scientists and lay persons God's multidimensional creation processes. Known as the ‘Russell Cosmogony', the concepts revealed to Dr. Russell during his 39 day illumination in 1921 show our three dimensional world of light and matter to be an extension of the one substance of God. Matter is light (patterned thoughts) spirally wound into vortices of motion, a recording of God's one idea of creation, and motion sustained by God's rhythmic Thinking.

FULCRUM is a form (forum) in which scholars and students can interact to exchange insights and perspectives on interpretation and application of the vortexian principles of the Russell Cosmogony. We seek io ‘fan' the flames of creative thinking and to stimulate discussion, awareness, and understanding of God's two-way, creating/ decreating electric universe. Without such knowledge, humankind will be forever in the ‘entropic loop', in a scientific and philosophic paradigm of a Universe dying a heat death, where energy runs only downhill and everything is going into greater disorder. Our present economic, social, psychological, biological, philosophical, political and religious systems are patterned on ‘entropic’ thinking and beliefs.

Our intent is to publish:

1. Questions we, as students, have concerning the Russell Cosmogony, the Russell literature, present and future ‘vortexian' science applications, experiments and comparisons to ‘entropic’ science.

2. Answers from students. Answers may or may not be definitive. Clarity may take time to ‘unfold'. Sharing insights may or may not lead us to the same conclusions. The idea is to share different per- spectives and stimulate/inspire thought on the subject. | expect our thinking and understanding to evolve.

3. Research and articles relevant to the Russell Cosmogony. What insights do you have concerning this Cosmogony? Have any of you puzzled over, played with, built, modeled, or written about your studies of a two-way, invisible/visible physical Universe? What have other scientists or lay. persons done in past or present studies? How are chemical, physical, medical, agricultural, biological, economic, etc. systems viewed from this enlightened perspective. We are eager to publish your or any other mathematical treatment of the Russell concepts!

4. Current experiments utilizing vortexian principles and mechanics: transmutation, ‘energy’ production, gravity simulation, etc.

5. Applications of spiral/vortexian/motion-in-opposition mechanics, science, and philosophy.

We are eager for your input and feedback. Our vision of 'Vortexian' science curricula, texts, data banks, and applications in every field of human endeavor is dependent upon the continued ‘desire' and ‘action’ of all of us, ‘desire’ taken into meditation and ‘action’ inspired from the point of Stillness within each of us.

This is a collective effort, we live in a collective, interactive, and interdependent world. Our collective thinking and beliefs create our experiences. The degradation and exploitation of planetary resources is only a mirror of our collective ‘entropic’ beliefs and thinking. It is up to us to create the ‘critical mass' necessary to manifest this new science and philosophic paradigm of Oneness, Love, health, prosperity, and genius inherent in all of us.

“There is but one Creator in the universe,—one Mind, one Person, one Being. We are that Creator, that Person, that Being in the measure that we know we are.“

Walter Russell


We shall use these abbreviations to reference the literature:

Atomic Suicide?: AS The Secret of Light : TSOL

The Universal One : U1 A New Concept of the Universe: ACU Home Study Course: HS The Divine Illiad : DI



Questions For Next Issue: 3

Questions and Answers: 4

Article: A1983 letter to Lao Russell from Callum Coats 13

Article: Comparison of Polarity Terms by IASOS 19

Applications: Medicine, Health, Healing, and the Russell 21 Legacy, Part 2: by Dr. Timothy Binder


(1) What are the directions of spin of the centripetal and

centrifugal spiral vortices which, resp., wind up and then unwind light or matter to produce this electric universe of motion? In TSOL, p. 248-251, figs. 50 and 51 show both types of spiral systems spinning in the same direction. Yet in fig. 52, they are shown spinning in opposite directions. Fig. 60 further clouds my thinking as it shows the centripetal pair of vortices spinning in opposite directions, the centrifugal pair is shown with opposite spins also.

Fig. 52 Atomic systems forming

Fig. 51 Spiral Matcs. Units of electric current

Fig. 50 AA Birth of clectronic systems


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[> Fig. 53 AA Atomic systems form- CLOCKWISE ing BB Wave shaft Fig. 60

Direction of spiral motion never reverses

From TSOL, Fig. 66 on page 256 shows the centripetal spiral cones

spinning in the same direction.



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Kcalen day 0 hermal Woy wind pears Earth curtace cute Opposing cones naar exanded bse


Thevertiss ef Contra cing Cones are Be Canetir poste.


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Fig. 66

In AS, p. 198, fig. 53 shows the centrifugal spirals emerging from equatorial plane AA and spinning in the same direction. The centrifugal spiral's spin is opposite to the. direction of the centripetal spiral as shown by the arrows in the lower right corner

fig. 53 and as shown in figs. 54 & 55.

All matter is formed by projecting and compressing light tings in pairs toward each other, The collision of such an impact is a sex union. Only by sex union can bodies be created and repeated. Atomic and stellar systems are formed this way. In an electric current such systems are called loops of force.

Figs. 56 & 57, p. 199 of AS, show conflicting directions of spin for the centripetal spirals. By following the spin direction with you finger, as outlined for each conical spiral, you can determine. that fig. 56 follows the spin principle of fig. 53, but fig. 57 shows opposite spins for the blue and red half of the centripetal spiral

pairs. .

i i. A stone has been chedwit into the water. tone collides with an cqual-invisible force dissipates the force of the collision ia coucen-

this diagram, and in Fig.’ 87 corréipond RiLoops of force in an clectric current. openers

as well 2s spiral nebulae and loops of force electric current.

fof an clectric current: The zeros arc cathodes {he loops of force are anodes.”

Every actiom in the universe is created in pairs. Its reaction is a part of it, and is simultaneously created. The union of every action with its reaction produces an effect which is always the image of the cause of the action.

Fig. 47, on p. 183 of AS , at views A & C, shows continuous current loops spinning in the same direction. Between each gravity bar is the anode where light accumulates (implodes) into visible form at

wave amplitude.

TIOs Resear ; aNd

Fic. 47. Nature arranges her sex divisions in unit pairs in such a manner that opposite sexes can unite as one. Nature will not allow man to reverse this order by turning one unit of an electric current, or wave, around to make sex unity im-

possible. (2) Why does Walter Russell refer to the ‘Magnetic Light of Mind'? Why is it especially magnetic? Is it because it attracts motion to stillness? Or is it because magnetism is generally accepted to be the counterpart of electricity? Or is it because the lines of so- called magnetic force (Walter would say lines of equal electric potential) are perpendicular to the direction of the generated electric motion?



From FULCRUM , V.1,#3, the questions asked were:

(1) In The Universal One Dr. Russell talked of ‘inertial plane boundaries' which reverse and repeat centrifugal (discharging) wave fronts (motion) into centripetal (charging) wave fronts. In A New Concept of the Universe (NCU), pp. 58-59, Dr. Russell uses an , example of the earth and sun to describe outbound, centrifugal ‘earth rays' (motion) discharging the earth, reversing to inbound, centri- petal (charging) rays as they transit an equatorial plane and proceed inward to charge the sun.

My questions are: What are the forces determining the inertial boundary planes? How do we demonstrate the existence of any given boundary plane? How. can we calculate the spatial location of the inertial boundary plane between any two bodies?

(2) Lao and Walter Russell both advised us to ‘go within’, to seek the knowledge, power and presence of our Source which centers our very being. The Russells wrote in Atomic Suicide? (AS), p. 176:

“In man that power is desire. Desire for closeness to God gives one that power in the measure of man's desire. The measure of power which man takes from it is the measure which is dependent upon his own desire for omnipotence and his willingness to multiply his thought-power and action into electric potential by action. In so doing he decentrates to the Source of where gravity multiplication begins in order to conceive Idea and gain knowledge. He then concentrates to manifest God's omnipotence in him.”

Can anyone tell us of their personal experience with this principle?

“reality of Mind“ vs the “illusion of matter” in our science news- letter, for indeed the study of Mind is the study of science in the Russell Cosmogony!!!

From Larry Tiegs:

Question #1

A) What are the forces determining the inertial boundary planes? The principle is this: ALL SPACE MUST BE FILLED. Stuff equally filled balloons into a square cardboard (assuming they won't pop) until there is no space left between the balloons. In the Universal One, Russell describes the surfaces of the adjoining balloons as ‘inertial plane boundaries“. In all his later writings he much better and more accurately describes them as “planes of zero curvature”.

B) How do we demonstrate the existence of any given boundary plane? Russell used radar as his example. There exist what are known as “radar corners“ where radar waves are reflected back to earth from invisible corners in space. | know of no other specific examples. Perhaps someday we'll use microwaves, pulsed laser beams, radar, or x-rays to prove the existence of other wave fields and their boundaries of zero curvature.

However, the principle can be known. SPACE IS SOMETHING! To create anything you must borrow from something else. Examples: When you build a sand castle by scooping up sand from the beach, you also create a pit from which you borrowed the sand. When you borrow money from a bank, you create both a credit and a debit condition. This is the why the Universe can be called a two way Universe.

Again. Space is something. Matter is a vast amount of this invisible something compressed into a visible something. It takes a big amount of space something to create a little amount of matter something. Perhaps like the space of an elephant to create the matter of an ant. And they Balance. On a teeter totter, the ant on one end and the space of the elephant on the other, they balance. They are equal in all respects except volume.

Now, since matter has a specific shape, it is only common sense to reason that the space from which it was created has a specific shape also. Russell states that the more spherical the matter, the more cube-like is the space from which it.was created. At carbon, the most dense of all the elements, Russell draws a perfect sphere and perfect cube to illustrate nature's perfection of matter and its surrounding wave field -with equal ” planes of zero curvature“. The various and precise crystalline shapes of the various elements and minerals hint as to the shape of their wave fields. The photographed aura of plants and human bodies demonstrated the colored wave


fields closely surrounding them. Perhaps someday we'll be able to photograph the entire wave field surrounding the human body….. perhaps the size of a square block/20 story building. In reality, we truly live among others, walking through others, absorbing others in a Oneness not before appreciated.

Question #2: Personal experiences of decentration and concentration.

My seven year old son, who one day saw me meditating, asked me what | was doing. | said: “Il ask myself something | want to know then put my body to sleep while | remain awake….. and in this stillness the answer comes.” He sat down in a chair opposite me and proceeded to become still. After about 15 minutes he stirred and opened his eyes. With a broad knowing smile he said: “Air is something! Airplanes swim through air like a fish through water.“ He had the answer to his question of how airplanes fly.

Thank You Larry!!

James Yax, a visionary artist, had what the Russells' would have ‘called a miniature ‘illumination’. His experience is, | think, a fitting response to the second question posed in FULCRUM, V.1,#3 and at

my prompting he agreed to share his story with us. To my knowledge, James has never read the Russells‘ science literature, but is familiar with and, in my opinion, lives their spiritual philosophy.

From James Yax:

“The experience which | will relate has unfolded new meanings over the years since it occurred in 1975. | will try to tell it as it happened then, from memory, since the journal in which | recorded it was destroyed.

The A.R.E. Prayer/ Healing Group met on Wednesday mornings and on this particular occasion we had, as usual, read from the Edgar Cayce ‘Readings after the meditation and healing session. The passage that day concerned a question about what constituted physical healing, or what was the manifestation of healing at the physical level. As | recall, the answer included a statement about “the balancing of the rotary forces of the atom”.


That night, as | was preparing for meditation, that phrase came back to me and | made an inner request that | might receive some: insight about its meaning.

As | entered the silence, | experienced a sudden shift of conscious- ness and became aware of being in a sea of energy–or a field of energy– which | experienced as an infinitude of points of Light in motion. There was nowhere where this Light was not; it was pure substance. Then | was aware of an ‘object’ which | knew was an ‘atom' and which | knew was not like the description of an atom | had studied as a chemistry student. I don't think | was engaged ina mental comparison, it was simply an immediate knowing. This object was not some ‘thing’ in the sense of a separate, isolated entity as we ordinarily perceive ‘things’. It was an ‘event’, an energy event. Out of the movement of the Field of Light, points of Light were drawn into a vortex flowing from the ‘top’ of the atom out through the ‘bottom' and at the same time spinning about the center. { don't recall whether the rotation was clockwise or counterclock- wise. The whole configuration looked more like a torus, a puffy doughnut shape.

breathing out. It is strange to say it that way, but that is what | was aware of–not like a light blinking on and off, more of an expansion-contraction event. It pulsated very rapidly and somehow | knew this would manifest at some level of perception as a wave.

a new element if you will, by a thought. Not the kind of thinking we do in the context of the ego's frame of reference, but a Thought that would arise out of the Universal Mind, out of Knowing.

And | was aware this ‘light/energy event’ was inseparable from the Field of Light, the Substance of which it was constituted and of which it was a specific expression. There was the experience of indivisible Unity of Essence and Form.

Well, that was it, as clearly as | can recall in this moment. In the writing down of the experience, | seem to be an observer. But the actual experience was of 'Knowing' which was quite powerfully felt in my being. |! am certain that for a brief flash of timelessness (which in our ‘time’ seemed to last but a brief second) | experienced the Unity of Life, the Identity of the Life Principle and its specific Expressions.

Over the years | have often used this experience as a point of reference when questions or doubts arose about the nature of Reality in terms of the ‘absolute’ and the 'manifest', or ‘spirit! and ‘matter’. It provided a basis for daring to look for the Reality present ina situation or circumstance where my perception was seeing only the illusion of duality, to look for the actual Perfection where everything but ‘perfection’ seemed to be occurring

Some years later | had another experience of that vortex- light/energy-event, only this time | was the event. 1 experienced my ‘pody' as composed of countless points of Light, spinning about a ‘center’ of awareness, inseparable from the Infinite Sea of

Light/Life of which | was but one expression. Absent was any sense of a ‘personal self. Indeed, that and the term ‘personal power' were rendered utterly meaningless. Yet individuality remained, as Edgar Cayce put it, “to know oneself, to be oneself yet One with the Whole.” That says it well.

There is indeed and in fact only One Be-ing All, the Life Principle, God, in specific expressions. You , me, all…….

Very ordinary, most natural, simply our Birthright.“ Thank you James!! From Chester A. Hatstat, Jr.

Question #1 brings to me thoughts of ‘Transcendental’ planes. | personally have no ‘knowledge’ of a transcendental plane and therefore find it impossible to describe the forces which create them. The beauty of the Russell Cosmogony, from my perspective, is the principle of thinking Mind creating form by reflection and refraction. This principle of Mind creating Universe carries into the philosophy of how what | experience in life is an outward reflection of my thinking!

Evidence for the boundary plane can be found in the point between the earth and moon where gravitational ‘attraction’ between the two becomes equal. An interesting experiment would be to map the ‘gravitational force' (electric pressure potential) and ‘magnetic



field' (lines of equal electric potential) in the planes passing through this point which are parallel to the 1) the rotational axes and 2) their respective magnetic pole axes.

Question # 2 brings some degree of frustration to mind. Namely that

cannot always get the answers

include receiving answers when | am properly prepared or to phrase it. differently, when | am capable of receiving and/or understanding the answer. There is a line in Glenn Clark's brief biography of George Washington Carver, The Man Who Talks With Flowers, which comes to mind. George kept asking to know why humankind was here and what is the purpose of it all. The answer he got was not to be asking questions his brain could not comprehend, stick to the peanut. And he found out how to produce thousands of useful, beneficial materials and foods from the lowly peanut!

when we lose body consciousness and reconnect with Mind, and meditation to ask questions. ‘One night | asked how best to understand what | read in the Russell science literature. A very clear thought came to me upon waking: Build Models! | stubbornly resist such advise and keep seeking an intuitive flash of insight. However, in contemplating question #1, | now see how modeling can give me a way to figure out the shapes of wave field boundaries around elements lying between the planar inert gases and the cubic wave amplitude elements. These shapes may me lead to understanding the mechanics and mathematics of the three, resonant, locking potential points along the octave wave between inert gases and wave amplitude! The lesson here is to trust the answers | do get, quit using my ‘agenda’ to judge what | receive, and take the ‘action’ needed to fulfill my request!

2 KR KKK KK KE KK KEK KKK KK KKK KKK KKK A 1983 Letter to Lao Russell from Callum Coats

Emilia Lombardi, the archivist for the University of Science and Philosophy, gave me a copy of a letter written to Lao Russell in 1983 from Callum Coats of Queensland, Australia. To our knowledge, Lao Russell never responded to the science questions Mr. Coaits' asked in his letter. | answered, as best | could, his questions and recently received a thank you phone call from him. At that time, | asked permission to reprint, in part, his letter in FULCRUM. He gave


us permission and stated he is in the process of finalizing, in English, a compilation of the works, theories, concepts, research, and application of the work of Walter Schauberger and his father Viktor Schauberger. When | hear of its publication, | will print information on purchasing it here in FULCRUM.

Callum is an avid student of Walter Schauberger and after reading Atomic Suicide? had some questions and commentary for Lao Russell. Mrs. Russell's last correspondence with Callum was in July, 1979 in which she expressed an interest in Walter Schauberger's

work and theories. {! am not familiar with the work of the Schaubergers. How much they knew of Walter and Lao Russell; | don't know.

From Mr. Callum's letter: ” eaeeeees to begin with | feel there are one or two apparent

irregularities in your book, Atomic Suicide?, and | mention them, not because | wish in any way to split hairs in any derogatory sense, but because in reading the book they caused some confusion in my understanding, which in any case may be imperfect. ……

1. Compression: Perhaps this is concerned with different conceptual approaches to the manner in which the Universe functions. [| feel that Walter Russell's (henceforward referred to as ‘WR' and Walter Schauberger as 'WS') choice of the word ‘compression’ for the crescendo of activity at the end of the spiral or culmination of the octave wave, is somewhat misleading. Perhaps misleading is not the right word, but it doesn't seem to quite express the opposite of expansion, for which contraction might be a better substitute, as this seems to me to better describe the action of centripetality, which is a process of reducing into itself, a motion from the outside towards the inside, but with commensurate intensification and condensation, or as WS refers to it; implosion. According to WS, the evolutionary, life-giving phase of the universal cycle is implosive, having the dimension of depth. It is a motion which strives towards unity, a condition it approaches spirally in ever diminishing circles or radii, but with ever increasing density, energy, and complexity. However, the process occurs not from external pressure, but from the desire to attain unity, or in other words, attraction as an aspect of love. As WS says, ‘Il cannot take a man and a woman, although they are of complimentary sexes, and


press them together and hope that the union will become fruitful. That would take a great deal of pressure. But if a man and a woman are attracted to each other, then | don't need to press them, however, | would need. to exert a great deal of energy to separate them. Pressure is not a normal condition of evolutionary nature and any natural system exposed to it, suffers and perhaps fatally. Our modern life produces much stress, which is just another name for pressure, and we all know the sort of illness it produces and its contribution towards fatalities. ……… So pressure (ed. note: com- pression) does not form part of nature's processes. On the contrary, everything she achieves she achieves indirectly by attraction, suction, desire or love, call it what you will. …… ‘Nature's processes are, therefore, based on attraction, the desire for fruitful union, so that in the synthesis of that union her further desires and designs can be accomplished. Love, attraction, suction, centripetality and implosion are all synonymous terms and reflect the evolutionary process of nature. The image of this process is the hyperbolic spiral, see fig. 6b, which proceeds from the straight line (Alpha) to the point (Omega) in windings of ever-decreasing radius, but ever- increasing quality, density, energy, divisions of musical, resonating string.“ | will not proceed further at this point on WS's theories, but it is from this position that | question WR's use of the word ‘compression’, though the examples he gives of it, the inflated tire, etc. are very explicit.


3. Concerning Fig. 66 of Atomic Suicide?: On page 282 at the bottom of para. 2, the reader is invited to fold fig. 66 at the horizontal line to discover that both opposite spirals follow the same direction. This follows from the description of apparent differences in direction of two spirals drawn on a revolving globe with two pencils placed initially at the equator and then moved towards the poles. [| may be wrong, but it appears to me that what is suggested would not work out in practice. It would in the case of the spirals obtained from the globe, but not in the case of fig. 66. See below:


Fic. 66. Exemplifying the perpetual inter- relationship of matter and anti-matter as shown in Fig. 65, which gives and regives to each other for perpetual sequences of rebirths into each other. The outstanding character- istic feature of Nature is repetition. Life and Sm, ee death are other names for it. Reincarnation is still another name for it.

a) spirals drawn on a globe

b) spirals from a) flattened out

c) left spiral from a) flipped over onto right spiral,

note the direction of spin matches

) directions of spirals as depicted in fig. 66

e) shows dotted outline of d) bottom spiral ready to be flipped

f) bottom spiral is now flipped & shows opposite direction to top spiral

Ed. note: I've included this question of Callum's as it expands upon Question #1 posed in this issue of FULCRUM. | also want to give credit to Mr. Coats in that Question #2 in this issue is a paraphrase of his question #4 to Lao Russell in his 1983 letter.

To continue:


There are certain very definite similarities between the theories of WR and WS. For example:

1) WR: The universe extends from a point of stillness, or in the case of the inert gases, a 2-dimensional plane of four concentric rings about a paint, and projects itself spirally towards a point of maximum energy and pressure. To all intents and purposes this plane can be construed as a straight line, the definition of which is a connection between two points but having no thickness. Such a line is not to be found in the physical universe and is therefore transcendental, or in WR's sense, of the magnetic light of Mind.

WS: The universe proceeds from straight line to point, from two transcendental conditions, Alpha and Omega. Straight line and point, together with the circle and ellipse, are Euclidean elements, ideal and perfect systems, which have no place in the physical universe. A point is a location without magnitude. A straight line is a line of zero cur- vature without thickness, and a circle is a line of constant curvature, again without thickness. If we take a circle of any given radius, such radius determines the degree of curvature. If we now extend this so that the radius is infinite, we arrive at a condition where the curvature is nil, i.e., the condition of the straight line. If, however, we reduce the radius to nil, then we have the condition of infinite curvature, i.e. the point. Both of these conditions are transcendental and have no the physical world. The connection between these two transcendental conditions is the hyberbolic spiral, which moves centri- petally with ever decreasing radius, but increasing density and energy as it converges towards its goal, Omega. Alpha and Omega are synonymous with the magnetic light of Mind.

Comment: Both WR and WS conceive of the universe as beginning and ending in a transcendental condition of stillness. Both state that the evolutionary, creative phase of the universal cycle begins at the straight line and converges spirally towards a point. Both consider this a centripetal process of increasing energy.

2) WR: The manifestation of the physical universe of seeming reality is founded upon a system of octave tones.


WS: The physical universe is a harmonic process based on the whole-numbered musical divisions of an open, vibrating string and proceeds from the fundamental tone (= 1) upwards through an infinite number of overtones. It is a phenomenon of tone and resonance. He calls it, The Tonal Order of Nature.

3) WR: The periodic table of the elements arises out of octave multiples of a generating tone.

WS: ditto

4) WR: WR's concepts arise fram a simple mathematical system of whole-numbered values.

WS: “Nature is the embodiment of the simplest conceivable mathematics.” WS quoting and agreeing with Albert Einstein.

5) WR: All of the processes of the universe arise from the male/female division of the sexes.

WS: ditto

These are but some of the similarities and there appear to me to be many others depending on one's interpretation of the various state- ments set out in Atomic Suicide?.. ….. | will quote a few more of WS's statements, which no doubt you will find congruent with many of your husband's.

“We live in a hyperbolically resonant-world, whose structures are open hammonic systems.”

“Matter, the 'Animate' and 'Inanimate' structures, is not conceivable without a transcendental element.”

“In all certainty, it can be claimed that the only mathematics which is meaningful and valid, is that reflected in the universe in macrocosm and microcosm. This is the mathematics of the Tonal Order. Anything else is only dead- weight and should be discarded on principle.”

“The origins of tone reveal the simplest imaginable confommity with natural law, which is expressed in the countless manifestations of nature.”

“In harmonic mathematics and geometry are found the basic Euclidean elements, the straight line and point, the


chief symbols of the “Unmeasurable”, the 'Self-balancing”, the “Eternal”, and the “Transcendental”.“

“Whole numbers are always proof of the harmonic background of all things.”

“Curvature is synonymous with acceleration. Curved systems are also accelerating systems. Degree of curvature, nil, is equated with acceleration, nil; that, however, is the condition of the straight line. Degree of curvature, infinite, is equated with infinite acceleration and that is the condition of the Euclidean point. Both straight line and point lie beyond space and time being the borderline conditions of the Tonal Order. Between infinity, lies the acceleration curve of Evolution, whose criteria is the everlasting change of its degree of curvature. The expression of this curve is the hyperbola and hyperbolic spiral.”

“Matter is harmonically structured energy.” (ed. note: WR would say light instead of energy. Energy is in the desire of Mind only!) .

“Matter, light, cosmological cycles and all other manifestations of nature bear the hallmark of TONE.”

“From the transcendental Euclidean straight line was born the non-Euclidean reality to find its goal in the Euclidean point.”

could go on further, but if want to finish this letter to you,

draw a line somewhere.”

Thank you Callum Coats. 1! am curious to know what is the Schaubergers' definition of “Transcendental“? Do they share the Russells' concepts of Oneness, Cause, of form appearing from the One substance of Mind, of rhythmic balanced interchange, and of the Stillness of God centering the microcosm and macrocosm?


TASOS, a student of the Russell Cosmogony sent us a chart comparing magnetism to electricity. I have modified his chart a bit to reflect Walter Russell's change in the use of magnetism, away from the discharging/centrifugal role to one associated solely with the Stillness of Mind. ELECTRICITY




























ee 8


+ # * he 8 oe 8 oR 8


see * ee oe ee
























Meétyive, Hearty, Headwy, Avd Tye Puooedd Acyaxy.

Medicine, Health, Healing, and the Russell Legacy. Part Two.

The principle of balance, its application and effects on the mind and emotions as an instrument in medicine, health, and healing is the area that we will focus on in this issue of FULCRUM.

In this essay, | will explore how the principle of balance can enrich

our understanding of the mind and emotions; and how it can be used

in therapeutics by mental health practitioners and by individuals for self healing.

The principle of balance implies that theré must be two aspects to any thing in Universe, any part of it, whether the part is material form or abstract idea. We are familiar with these two aspects from our study of the Russell Cosmogony as the compressive - expansive pump, the male - female sex interchange behind all phenomena.


We are also familiar with this idea from the last FULCRUM article, part one of this essay on health and healing, as expressed in the far eastern concept of yin and yang or female and male principle. The ancient and contemporary Chinese had a system of medicine and a cultural philosophy that classified emotions in relation to yin and yang and with the law of the five elements. It assigned each emotion to an organ system which we will see is quite useful in understanding mental - emotional therapeutics.

A simplified explanation of the law of the five elements is that the One force which manifests as two, as yin - yang, further can be recognized as manifesting the characteristics that predominate in the five elements: fire, earth, metal, water, and wood. There are other characteristics, including predominate emotional states that correspond with these five elements. There is a time of day, a season, and other cycles in which the influence of one element surpasses all the others.

For our purposes we need to be at least aware of the basic scheme of the five elements and the emotions and Organs that correspond to them.

The system below classifies the Positive and negative emotional states with their element and Organ: Fire resides within the heart, small intestines, and endocrine system, expressing as positive joy and also in negative hysteria. Earth resides within the stomach, spleen, & pancreas, expressing negatively as maudlin sympathy and also positively as love of one's fellow man, the caritas aspect of love or compassion. Metal resides within the lungs, expressing negatively as suffocating grief and also positively as the sober recognition and conscious acceptance of the realization that all that we love and value in the relative world is ephemeral and will ultimately pass, that only “soul qualities” are eternal. Water resides within the kidneys, expressing negatively as the fear that paralyzes or makes us cowards or that scrambles _us in flight versus fight. The kidney's positive emotional counterpart is the healthy recognition of what may be injurious and is to be retreated from or avoided with composure. Wood resides within the liver, expressing negatively as rage or anger and positively as the ambition that will not be dissuaded or that resolves conflict through whole vision .


The following diagrams illustrate the five elements with their organs and emotions.

~ FIRE in the heart (small intestines & endocrine glands) Creates: Joy vs Hysteria

5 co - oe

WOOD EARTH In the Liver In the Spleen (Gall Bladder) Creates:

Creates: Resolution Compassion vs Maudlin

of conflict through\3 balancing of self wants with the good & wants of humanity vs

Ambition and Anger \


4 jeued



In the Kidneys In the Lungs (Bladder) (Large Intestine) Creates: Creates: Acceptance of Loss Avoidance of imbalance, through wholistic viewpoint Danger, & Injury on the nature of transitory - vs Paralyzing or ephemeral existence Chaotic Kinetic Fear vs Deadening Grief

The cycle of the five elements described above follows the generation cycle: Fire generates Earth, generates Metals, generates Water, generates Wood, generates Fire. This generation cycle is credibly comprehensible with our observations of the world and is supported by the Russell Cosmogony. Remember how in Atomic Suicide? they state that the radioactive (metal) elements are meant to be deep in the earth, where they break down (earth) rocks to become soil and water. And again the law of three, where the zebra eats the grass, who is in turn eaten by the lion, which is again food for the grass. All these express an idea of the natural cycles of transmutation that constantly occur in nature.

Ambition & Anger


There is a control cycle within the five element cycle that we need to be aware of as well. Joy, as fire in the heart, controls excessive grief or metal in the lungs. The recognition of the ephemeral nature of the relative world through grief in the lungs or metal controls exessive ambition or wood in the liver. Ambition in the liver that will not be dissuaded and that resolves conflict controls excessive sympathy and over doing for others in the earth - spleen. Earth in the spleen as the caritas aspect of love for one's fellow man and compassion controls excessive fear - water in the kidneys. The healthy recognition of the dangers of the world or water in the kidneys controls excessive joy or hysteria in the fire of the heart.

This cycle of control of the excess of one emotion by another also seems very logical. The other aspect of the control cycle is that it can work in reverse. When an emotion or organ is excessive, it can overpower the emotion that controls it, and/or can smother or overcontrol the emotion that it serves in normal function to balance. Below is a chart of the control cycle of the five elements in the form of a pentagram star. :

FIRE Joy in the heart

woop ~~ / \ ~ EARTH


in the Liver in the Spleen

% &§ S % WATER METAL Fear in the Kidneys Grief in the Lungs

With this system in mind, we now have the rudiments of a tool we can work with on ourselves and on others. We need simply to hone the toot with a few more understandings. We need to understand the nature of habit, what has been. called the subconscious versus the


conscious mind, and their relations to emotions, intellect, and concentration-decentration and the place of all these in creative visualization. Then, we will relate this to muscle testing and reveal a therapy for changing unwanted emotional patterns.

Our emotional life needs to be balanced. If it is not, if we are always in some dither, fit, or frenzy or depressed, angry, or fearful state, then we can-be sure that in some aspect of our life, our actions are imbalanced due to a belief we have that is in error.

Let us consider a method to evaluate the content of our emotional life. This may require courage if we have been in the habit of refusing to observe ourselves critically in light of balance. But, if we consider the alternative of continuing to ignore what we are doing and the consequences of multiplied imbalance which is simply and emphatically more imbalance and pain, then, it is easier and less painful to honestly observe ourselves and change where change is needed to restore balance. A caveat to always remember in work on the self is that there is no absolute short of the absolute itself, so you can only achieve a relative balance in the relative world. In the infinjte One, all you are and have done and will do is in balance. Yet, evéfy moment with every changing action, we are confronted with a test of judgement as to how close to relative balance our actions will measure up. To choose actions that we perceive to be most balanced is to live the moral and happy life and is the closest to absolute sublime beauty and goodness we can achieve in the relative world. Balance in the relative world, though not absolutely attainable, is the standard for goodness, beauty, happiness, and mental and emotional health. .

Cultivation of the habit of honest self observation is essential for any work on our self, or that assisted by another. Begin every day with the habit of being aware of yourself. This is a state of mind that does need to be cultivated. When the world and all the

activities that we engage in are accorded excess importance, they will dominate our attention, restricting awareness of our inner self. To cultivate this sense of self awareness does not mean selfishness in the sense of | want this or that, only to be aware of the “I” that is changeless within, the “I” that remains the same now as it was when God created it. This process cultivates good memory. Good memory cultivates awareness of our being - in the Universal One.


As you observe your inner state throughout your day, you may observe various negative emotional patterns. At first simply observe them, do not attempt right off to stop them through suppression, yet do not. identify or say “I” to them. Rather than say “I” am sad and try to make yourself cheerful, say for example “Oh, here is sadness (perhaps again), and it is not “I””. Once you have recognized the emotional pattern you exhibit, you can fit it into the five element framework and cultivate the positive aspect of it or cultivate the emotion that will control the negative expression.

When you have discovered a negative pattern you decide you don't want, you need to realize the reason you have chosen this emotional response/pattern. You can know what that is if you ask to realize it and meditate on the why. You chose to indulge yourself in that emotion and may have learned it at some very young age. For example, you observe that you are an angry person and no longer wish to have anger as the predominant background in your emotional life. You then remember that anger was a response you choose when you were a small and relatively defenseless-child. Anger appeared appropriate and served to protect you from bigger more powerful people or forces that were threatening to you. Now it may no longer appear necessary or even useful. You can truthfully say this is not “I”, Jit is anger that | no longer choose to manifest.

If the anger came from having your personal ambitions thwarted, you may come to know that now you have the power to realize them.

Now you can cultivate the recognition of the ephemeral nature of all things (including your personal accomplishments and material possessions) and also direct your efforts more to helping others. In this way, you are cultivating the positive aspect of the wood-liver element-organ, controlling the negative aspect of the wood-liver by cultivating its control by the metal-lung element-organ, and strengthening the earth element that generates metal which controls the wood.

If you persist in your thinking in this way with enough intensity or time, you will change your actions and in time you will enjoy a more balanced emotional life. One in which ambition - anger is balanced by the healthy recognition of the constant loss of all material things and the joy of serving others. This is also a balancing of selfishness with unselfishness. In the relative universe, all our actions can be seen in terms of relative selfishness versus unselfishness. We need to understand and experience that when we consider the other persons point of view, we are ultimately considering our own (in a more total context) and when we consider the other persons welfare, we are also considering our own.

We can muscle test ourselves or another person to see the effects of negative emotions demonstrated on the body. Muscle testing has been used by alternative health practitioners for years in many different ways. The process is simple and as follows: While thinking of something pleasant and happy, bring your thumb and little finger together in a loop touching and with your other hand's thumb and first finger looped into the first loop, try to pull the fingers apart. Or, again while you (or a partner) think of something pleasant, outstretch your (or the partner's) arm, thumb down, and have your partner (or you) push downward on the outstretched arm. Then repeat the movement while thinking of something unpleasant, angry or fearful. You will observe that your finger or arm strength declines when you entertain the negative emotion.

There is a simple physiological explanation for this. Any negative emotion shuts your energy off. It puts you in a defensive posture and decreases your life force and strength. All negative emotions have at their root a form of fear. Fear paralyzes and cuts us off from our source of power.

You can ask youself or your partner any question or think of situations or people and determine the emotional response as to whether it is negative or positive in this simple fashion. With a little more knowledge and finése you can determine the emotional type or element preponderance through testing organs and relating the organ malfunction to its emotional preponderance. That is beyond the scope of this article, however, you can further your knowledge of this fascinating subject by studying behavioral and attitudinal kineseology.

Once you have identified a negative emotion in this way, you can meditate on the experience that accompanied its birth. Then from an enlightened (or at least an adult) perspective you can cultivate its controls and/or change your mental thought habit/pattern which sets the negative emotion in place.



There are other things that need to be considered as we grow in self awareness and wish to balance our emotional state. We need to consider the nature of the habit mind, the effects of meditation on our emotional background, the role of creative visualization and/or self hypnosis, and lastly the effects of the relative balance or imbalance of the physical body on our emotional state.

The habit mind is in a sense the summation of all that we have thought and acted out. It has been called the sub or unconscious mind and the Russells’ objected to that terminology as they wanted to express the idea of Mind in a universal, eternal, infinite sense; as a One rather than as parts or a many. But in spite of that emphasis, | think there is some usefulness in thinking of our mind in terms of these two parts. One part is vividly perceptible as the “conscious” mind and the other is less perceptibly “conscious” as the sub or unconscious mind.

The Russells’ point that the Universal Mind is totally conscious is well taken and in this sense “Mind“ cannot be 'sub' or ‘un' conscious. Yet there is a part of my consciousness that | am more or less rather peripherally conscious of, i.e., the vague sensations of bodily awareness, perhaps the last meal | ate, which if it were quantitatively or qualitatively enough imbalanced | may yet be more or less aware of it, perhaps the vague feeling of something that | need to remember to do in the next hour or so while | am typing this piece at the moment, or my memories of yesterday and a million yesterdays or my hopes for tomorrow and years into the future.

Somewhere in all of this, sensations, thoughts, and feelings vary from intensely to less perceptibly conscious. From vividly conscious they become subconscious to unconscious. Yet, they do all exist in the One Conscious Mind of God, which ultimately is my and your Mind.

The importance of awareness of the habit (sub and unconscious) mind is that what we think, we do manifest and thus become. A familiar quote says, “Sow a thought, sow an action; sow an action, sow a habit; sow a habit, sow a character; sow a character, sow a life.”. Vivid realization of this fact of the power of a habit


cultivates a keen interest in self observation. In self observation, we are back at our original starting point for self psycho therapy which is to be consciously aware of ourself and our thoughts and to choose those that create balance.

We can choose to sow balance in our thoughts and actions and reap the reward of a balanced life. With this understanding in mind, we can consider other aspects of “Mind“.

If what we think, we in time create in action, then we want to entertain what we really want as opposed to what we are afraid of - having. If we have a constant overwhelming fear of getting what we don't want, then we need to meditate and ask for awareness of the experiences from which we create this ever present fear. Once we realize the past experience and see it no longer as appropriate, we can use our understanding of the five elemental emotions to balance our emotional background.

Being vividily conscious about what we are thinking and choosing to think what we want is “self suggestion” and/or “affirmation” in the best meaning of these phrases.

In practice, self suggestion usually means to become physically and mentally relaxed and concentrated. Concentrate upon whatever it is you wish to be conscious of becoming or manifesting, or whatever you desire to suggest to your habit mind. The process involves deep relaxation as part of the process of accessing the subconscious mind, the feelings which are our ultimately infinite connection to everything.

So, to practice self suggestion, you can get in a quiet comfortable place and mentally relax successively each body part starting, say, with the feet going to the legs, torso, back, hands, arms, neck, face, and head and breathing deeply and slowly. Consciously command and feel your muscles relax. Breathe in deeply and let it all go effortlessly. Tense and then relax each body part if you feel it difficult to relax. Once relaxed you can give yourself the suggestions you wish to manifest, or visualize the things you wish to create in yourself or your world. The suggestion can be given in words or in pictures-in your minds' eye. Use as many inner senses as you wish when visualizing and suggesting to yourself.


Affirmations can become of value if they are part of self observation. You may observe your inner ‘talking’ and if you observe negative inner talking, process it as previously suggested by remembering its inception and then balancing it by five element emotional substitution or strengthening. As a part of this process, you can restate the negative emotional talking with positive counterparts. But, just don't rely on the positive affirmation, root out the inceptional experiences and rebalance the emotions while affirming what you now desire to manifest.

This opens the doors to creative visualization which is simply thinking about what-you want in pleasant detail and in expectation that that is what you will in time create in action. Creative visualization can become a process of working with God consciously if you realize that action follows thought and then consciously act on your thoughts.

Once you have recognized negative emotional patterns by self observation and testing and balanced them through the five element emotional balancing process, you have the basis to creatively visualize. Visualize that which you want to create in your inner, spiritual, mental, emotional world and in the outer physical world in which you move and express your being, the two really being one and the same.

Balanced inner emotions establishes a foundation for deep contemplation or meditaton, from which creative visualization will naturally flow.

Contemplation (or as the Russells stated it: concentration and decentration) is a process that we all engage in more or less perceptibly throughout our days. We can make it a more perceptible process by framing it in a regular process and seeing how this process does extend out to all other things that we daily do.

Whenever we think about anything, we concentrate our attention and our perceptible awareness on whatever it is we are thinking about, be it doing dishes, making a meal, helping someone in our work, reading, or solving a problem. This is a process where energy of body and mind is focused through will to the task, builds up in wave like action, and then tears down in the same wave like action. The “Wave” is omnipresent and is the secret of creation. This is what the Russells meant by concentration - decentration in a homely sense. This process can be enshrined in a regular process and made “Holy” through a ritual.of daily meditation where you set aside time given to observaton and practice of the process itself. The ultimate goal of observing the “Self” and the Mind“, all spelled with a capital “S ” and “M” to denote the Universal Self, is awareness of yourself as Universal God Mind. .

There are many techniques to enshrine this omnipresent process and the Russells gave a generic explanation of all techniques in the first unit of the Home Study Course. The East is famous for its many techniques of meditation, though the esoteric aspects of all religions teach some form of meditation.

In meditation, you will come ever closer to the source of your being, ever closer to your divine mother and father. The deeper you can dive in meditation, the bigger pearls of inspiration and wisdom you can bring back to the surface of daily conscious mind existence, till eventually the ordinary consciousness and that state of deep meditative consciousness become One. The promise of all the prophets is that you will eventually realize your Oneness with the Divine Source and find the pearl of great price to be omnipresent, always in your hand.

It has been said that in daily and deep mediatation we can erase our “karma”, or we can rectify past bad actions so that we do not need to experience them in kind to realize the error of imbalance. This must mean that in practicing meditation we daily increase in wisdom and this results in better balance in action. In this sense, meditaton is

seen to be indispensible to mental - emotional health.

As meditation is at least initially assisted by a sound body that does not cry loudly to us of its imbalance and pain, thus distracting our attention from meditation, then we come round full circle to balance of the body as an essential detail for mental - emotional health.

We then need to review our understanding of part one of this essay on medicine, health-and healing and observe our eating and physical habits of the body to see that they are in relative balance. so the



organs are in balance from these actions. If we find our emotional background state is anger, then we may discover that our liver and gallbladder are imbalanced and look to see what in our diet might assist in-healing them. Thus our emotional tone and the mental beliefs and attitudes that influence the emotions and thus the organs can be healed. If we are in the habit of eating heavy animal rich or excessively oily foods, or drinking excessive alcohol, coffee, or tea, then this may be a significant factor in our short temper. We must be self observant on all levels, this gives us whole cycle vision and affords the means for balancing all aspects of our self.

Another technique in emotional healing that is a bridge between the physical and the mental can be the use of homeopathic medicine. Homeopathic medicine is based on the law of similars or giving something in an infinitesimal dose that in gross dose causes similar symtoms as the diseased state. Mental symptoms in homeopathy are the best for proper selection of a remedy, and the “remedies“, as they are called, can be effectively used to treat mental conditions. There are a class of them called the “flower” remedies that were originally researched and developed by a Dr. Bach that are given strictly on the basis of the emotional state.

If it seems difficult to imagine how a remedy can effect the emotional state, consider that emotions relative to intellect are the more tenuous aspect of consciousness. Consider how even a gross substance such as alcohol can effect your emotions. In a similar fashion, our everyday food effects our emotions. The remedies, subtle though they are, can have profound effects on emotional States. Splitting an atom, infinitesimal as it is, can have tremendoulsy observable effects. A homeopathic remedy can be as powerful in breaking a negative emotional pattern.

The use of these remedies is beyond the scope of this article, but | feel they deserve mentioning. Homeopathic Practitioners can be located, though their numbers are relatively small compared to the dominant allopathic profession that does not understand the mechanics and action of the infinitesimal dose.

The Russells said that love was the great balancing wheel that

insulates us from all negative emotional inception - expression and this is indeed the truth. Unconditional Love, spelled with a capital “L”, has no opposite and is the greatest healer. To be able to enter


the Infinite - Eternal Universe, the abode of the Universal One is to be released from all care of sickness. There are many doors that give entry to this Kingdom, there are many paths we can walk. The techniques and ideas mentioned here are only a few of the many that can open the doors. If these are persisted in and mastered, they will ‘grant entry. You only have to choose to practice, to walk the path, and to open the door. In fact, you are always on some path and going through some door, and ultimatley they all open upon the infinite. There are only shorter paths for each of us.

In the secret of balance, in balance of the emotional wave of the five elements, and in the depths of deep contemplation, concentration - decentration lies your ultimate physical, mental, and emotional balance and happiness. When all these are achieved, then you can be conscious of living in infinity and eternity and be vividly, perceptibly, and consciously ecstatic.

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We want to periodically review books written around topics relevant to the Russell Cosmogony. We ask your feedback on this section which hopefully will include book reviews by readers and sugges- tions on books to review.

Title: Anti-gravity and the Unified Field Theory Author: Edited by David Hatcher Childress Publisher: Adventures Unlimited Press

Box 22

Steele, IL 60919-9989 ISBN #: 0-932813-10-0 Cost: $14.95

This an interesting and informative book. David Childress has edited information from many sources dealing with vortexian concepts, mechanics, & geometry and the history & physics of a Unified Field Theory. He presents logical analyses for contruction and operation of anti-gravity devices. He discusses the works of Michael Faraday, James Clark Maxwell, Albert Einstein, T. Townsend Brown, Moray B. King, John Walker, Ken Behrendt, Victor Schauberger, and others, including reprints of diagrams and dialog from Dr. Walter Russell's books.


The first half of the book was of more interest to me as it dealt with concepts and skillfully presented logical and plausible mechanisms for anti-gravity and its control. This section contains many sketches and photographs dealing with diverse topics such as :- quantum wave forms, spherical harmonic wave forms, vortexian wave fronts, a Russell Chart of the Elements, and various Russell charts diagramming electric compression. One chapter deals extensively with the Philadelphia Experiment, giving details of participants (Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, & others), a chronology, and theories and concepts to explain what is publically known of the shift in space and time experienced by the U.S. Naval ship DE 173 and its crew.

Other anomalous happenings of a scientific nature are discussed. A sub-chapter on Zero-point energy devotes 6 - 7 pages of Dr. Russell's charts and concepts to the understanding of this phenomenon.

The second half of this book is mostly a compilation of science articles, newspaper clippings, magazine stories, etc. on unusual phenomenon. Also included are graphic designs of a space station complex to be located in Steele, Illinois!

My two criticisms of this book are: 1) Mr. Childress was very clear about what material of Walter Russell's he used. However, he did not ask or receive permission from the University of Science and Philosophy to use Dr. Russell's charts and dialog. To his credit he allows liberal use of all material printed in his book and is more interested in disseminating information rather than dogma. 2) He states that Albert Einstein's Unified Field Theory is short, only a few pages, and, to quote Philipp Frank, “For the expert it was an accomplishment of great logical and aesthetic perfection.” | am disappointed Einstein's Unified Field Theory was not published in this compilation!!

Thank you David Hatcher Childress.


(1) A report on the speakers and technologies presented at International Symposium on New Energy in Denver, CO, sponsored by the Internatinal Association for New Science

(2) Book Review: Stalking the Wild Pendulum, by Itzhak Bentov

(3) Dr. Binder reports on Radiation and Ozone Depletion, His efforts to prove Dr. Russell's 1956 published warning to the world of the oxygen destroying properties of radioactive metals.


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