The Science Newsletter Of The University of Science and Philosophy

Vol. 1, No. 3, December 1992



‘The corners of the cubes of motion are the points of north which become the pravitative centers of all systems Formed on the carbon

line in the bisexual position of 4¢. ll systems forming on the ecliptic planes of the wave are self-reproductive, their nucleal suns true spheres, the orbits of their planets are true circles, there are no precessional orbits, their crystallization is in true cube, their power of attraction and repulsion is maximum and their melting points are the highest In their octaves


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The Science Newsletter of The University of Science and Philosophy

Volume 1, Number 3

GREETINGS!!!!!! Here we go with the 3rd edition of FULCRUM !1!! IN THIS ISSUE: Page Questions: 1 Questions and Answers: 2 Applications: Medicine, Health, Healing, and the Russell 14 Legacy, Part 1: by Dr. Timothy Binder Article: The Buddhist and the Navajo : by Toby Grotz 23 QUESTIONS

(1) In The Universal One Dr. Russell talked of ‘inertial plane boundaries’ which reverse and repeat centrifugal (discharging) wave fronts (motion) into centripetal (charging) wave fronts. In A New Concept of the Universe (NCU), pp. 58-59, Dr. Russell uses an example of the earth and sun to describe outbound, centrifugal ‘earth rays' (motion) discharging the earth, reversing to inbound, centri-petal (charging) rays as they transit an equatorial plane and procede inward to charge the sun.

My questions are: What are the forces determining the inertial boundary planes? How do we demonstrate the existence of any given boundary plane? How can we calculate the spatial location of the inertial boundary plane between any two bodies?

(2) Lao and Walter. Russell both advised us to ‘go within’, to seek the knowledge, power and presence of our Source which centers our very being. The Russells wrote in Atomic Suicide (AS), p. 176:

“In man that power is desire. Desire for closeness to God gives one that power in the measure of man's desire. The measure of power which man takes from it is the measure which is dependent upon his own desire for omnipotence and his willingness to multiply his thought-power and action into electric potential by action. In so doing he decentrates to the Source of where gravity multiplication begins in order to conceive Idea and gain knowledge. He then concentrates to manifest God's omnipotence in him.“

Can anyone tell us of their personal experience with this principle?

“reality of Mind” vs the “illusion of matter” in our science news- letter, for indeed the study of Mind is the study of science in the Russell Cosmogony!!!


From the previous FULCRUM the questions asked were:

(1) In The Universal One (page 67) Dr. Russell defines electricity and magnetism as :

“Electricity is the active, attractive force within Mind which appears to concentrate, contract, and compress the non- compressible substance of Mind into the forms created by the process of thinking, and to evolve those forms by raising the potential, or power dimension, of energy by accumulation.”

“Magnetism is the reactive, repellent force within the substance of Mind which appears to expand the forms created by Mind in the process of thinking, and to accomplish their dissolution through lowering the potential of energy by releasing the accumulation.”

“Positive electricity is that state of motion in which electricity dominates magnetism.”

“Negative electricity is that state of motion in which magnetism dominates electricity.”

In The Secret of Light (TSOL), pp. 139 & 148, Dr. Russell redefined electricity but never defined magnetism, referencing only to the “still magnetic Light”:

“Electricity is the strain or tension set up by the two opposing desires of universal Mind thinking: the desire for balanced action and the desire for rest.”

“Positive electricity winds the light of motion into dense solids around points of still magnetic Light. It compresses motion into incandesent spheres surrounded by the vacuity of negative electicity.”

“Negative electricity unwinds the light of motion from dense solidity to tenuous vacuity by expanding it into cubic wave fields of space.”

In AS the Russells complete their redefinition of magnetism in chapter VII]. Herein they define Gravity and Magnetism as different aspects of the One, much as a soul is unique yet still is God. “..electric effects..” are “..controlled by Magnetic stillness, which means Mind-stillness.”. So from AS | get a picture of magnetism belonging exclusively to the stillness, controlling both electric effects of generation and radiation.

The question | pose is whether |. am correct or not in my conclusion the Russells redefined the terms and functions of electricity and magnetism to be: Electricity belongs to world of multiplication/ division, solidity/vacuity, generating/degenerating effects while Magnetism belongs solely to the unchanging world of Stillness, Oneness, Cause?

My apologies for not including in FULCRUM , VOL. 1, #2 the diagrams from The Universal One showing the 1:2:4:8 distance ratios | referenced in Question 2. This time I've included the diagram and there is something to 'see below’.

(2) Dr. Russell cited universal ratios for distance, area, and volumes in The Universal One which show distance ratios along the inertial axis as 1:2:4:8. Yetin TSOL, p. 278 he states “Each element is the square of the distance to and from its succeeding element, in accordance with its direction.”: Which distance ratio is correct?

As a corollary: .

In The Universal One area and volume ratios (as shown below) are square and cubic, resp., ratios developed from the arithmetic distance ratio (i.e., a tripling of distance would yield an increase of area by 9 (3 squared) and an increase in volume of 27 (3 cubed). What are the ratios between distance, area and volume using the “square of the distance“ ratio cited in TSOL?


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@ SZ s} “SY CY The universe of dimensions is divided into plus and minus

equilibrium, The universal sea-~ saw Is ever. tilting above

and below its balancing point. in inertia. Both mavements @

are simultaneous and exactly balance’. The wave ts the

universal see~saw within which ali dimensions are measured



From Chester A. Hatstat, Jr.

(1) 1 do think the Russells redefined their use of the terms ‘electricity’ and 'magnetism' as noted in the question. To cite the excellent and insightful observation of Larry Tiegs from the previous issue of FULCRUM, Dr. Russell's “interpretation of this knowing into words and charts was never perfected to his

satisfaction. ….. His 'knowing' was consistent! His expression evolved.”

Part Il of AS, Part Ill of TSOL, and pp. 752-821 of the Home Study Course (HSC) give what | regard as the Russells' main treastises on the subject of Magnetism and Gravity.

On Magnetism: What it is not!

From AS, p. 103: “Scientific terminology is redundant with references to such effects as magnetic lines of force, the earth's magnetic field, and electro-magnetism, when every effect attributed to magnetism is solely electric. Furthermore, there is no such separate force as magnetism which performs the work of Creation. That which man thinks of as magnetic force is spiritual Light of Mind and not a physical working force of Creation.”

From NCU, p.30: “There are no magnetic lines of force in Nature. The so-called curved lines are the radii of spheres and spheroids which constitute this radial universe of prolating and oblating matter.”

The. so-called lines of magnetic force are “curved planes of equipotential electric pressure” (AS, p. 88, fig. 10).

On what Magnetism is:

From AS, p. 81: “Science is discovering God's invisible Magnetic Mind universe…”

“anti-matter stillness, which science is discovering, is the Creator's Energy Source. Yes–there is an invisible zero universe.. It is the Mind-universe of Magnetic Light.” .

From AS, pp. 106-107: “God is Light.”……. ” God is the invisible, motionless, sexless, undivided and unconditioned White Magnetic Light of Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent Mind.“……“God's knowing is Magnetic.” ….

“To think what He IS, and what He KNOWS, into imaged-forms to manifest Him by motion, God divides His still Magnetic Light into electric mate pairs. He extends these pairs which He has divided, to two measured Magnetic foci which He, likewise, extends to balance this division, and multiplies their power of control over action to manifest His Omnipotence in the ratio of their extension.

The two Magnetic foci, which are Magnetic poles in man's knowing, are extended from His fulcrum stillness, along wave paths of His eternal stillness, to control their manifestation of His

imaginings from within all creating bodies, and to balance their separateness from without.”

From AS, p. 111: “Invisible cubes of Magnetic Light, and of zero curvature, are the boundings of wave-fields within which the curved universe of reflected spherical forms are projected to constitute this electric thought-wave universe of complex illusion.”

From AS, p.114: “ Within the Magnetic cube of zero curvature a universe of opposed curved-pressures is born. Each curved pressure within it is a lens to multiply or divide, heat or freeze, compress or expand, solidify or vaporize all pressures of motion which pass through its concavity or convexity.“

From AS, p. 169: ”(1) The invisible universe is in absolute control of the visible. The invisible universe dominates and controls all motion by magnetic division into cube wave-fields of zero curvature, beyond which no moving thing can pass. It can, however, repeat itself in neighboring wave-fields, but always in reverse, as: mirrors reverse.“

From HSC, p. 778: “PURPOSE OF THE CUBE IN NATURE…… light-waves are thus permitted to multiply the cold condition of space into heat by the aid of biconvex lenses and to divide the heat into cold by the

aid_of concave ones.”

conjunction with Magnetism, as defined by the Russells, in creating the illusion of matter and also to clarify its definition as opposed to the Russells use of the word ‘gravitation. In TSOL, AS, NCU and HSC,

the Russells ascribe the words gravitation and radiation, resp., when ' defining generative (compressive) and degenerative (expansive) processes. In TSOL p. 227 Dr. Russell defines gravitation as “the positive electric principle which exerts its pressures centripetally towards the maximum incandescent points of compression in every wave field.” Yet in TSOL, AS, NCU and HSC, Gravity is defined as Cause. Please do not be confused by their use of the terms Gravity and gravitation. Gravity is a term describing Cause while gravi- tation is a term associated with effects (my Opinion).

From AS, p. 89: “Gravity is a focal point from which matter desires to explode. Gravity does not pull inwardly from within as the deceptive illusion of nature would have you believe.”

From AS, p. 104: “Man's concept of gravity as being an attractive force which pulls inward from within, is diametrically opposed to the facts of Nature. Gravity is the controlling center of a compressive electric force which is exerted from the outside of matter instead of within it.” At the bottom of that page the Russells state “There are no particles, or groups of particles, which hold the atom together as nuclei. Gravity does not work that way. All creating matter is centered by holes of space except one element in each octave. The Energy of Creation centers each hole. That centering, invisible, omnipotent Energy is God's Mind and your Mind. Naturally you cannot see it, but you can KNOW it, for it is your Identity, and your Intelligence. It is the Source of your creations as it is the Source of all Creation.”

From AS, p. 106: “God's One Law of Balance must be as inexorably obeyed as that part of which is known as gravity, must be inexorably obeyed.”

From AS, p. 107: “…., He reaches out his right arm to one pole, and His left arm to the other one, to form a shaft around which each separate unit of Creation must move to manifest the cycles of His thinking.”

From AS, p. 121: “The wave shaft itself is the still God-Light of Mind which is like unto the still eye of the cyclone at the polarized end of the cyclone shaft.”

From AS, p.147: “To create matter by the compression of four pairs of rings, projected from cathodes, the speed of the current around its shaft of gravity multiplies constantly and volume decreases as speed increases, ….”

“It is the stillness of gravity which centers motion. \t is the omnipresent zero.”

From AS, p. 176: “Gravity really means a point, or shaft, that can be located in the invisible universe, where Mind desires to concentrate thought, and thought-power.”

From AS, p. 247: “….the wave belongs in its entirety to zero gravity, while corpuscules of matter belong to electric motion. Every octave wave is a gravity. shaft around which corpuscular matter spins.”

Gravity is the ‘controlling center’ and this ‘center’ is God's Mind and your Mind. Gravity is also one aspect of God's One Law of Balance. Gravity is the Still shaft, extended between Still Magnetic foci, around which light and matter move to manifest the cyclic, thought created images of God's One Idea.

Concerning Gravity and Magnetism:

From AS, p. 132: “Gravity immediately divides into pairs when potential extends from its Magnetic zero, and electric potential multiplies by so doing. Polarity is that effect in Nature which is caused by dividing one point of Magnetic stillness into pairs of still points. A zero shaft is thus produced around which electricity spins its rings to create the electric potential, which is so casually referred to as ‘matter’.”

Gravity and Magnetism are concepts or ideas within the One Idea. Points and shafts of Gravity stillness center motion. Points of Magnetic stillness are foci of polarity division. Planes of Magnetic Light are wave boundary planes of zero curvature which form cubes which act as “radar' reflectors and reverse curved radii of electric potential. 3 mirror planes of Magnetic Light intersect to form points of Stillness. Points of Stillness center gravity control or magnetic foci (poles) from which gravity shafts extend. These planes, shafts, and points are all of God's Mind and therefore are undifferentiated yet are performing different functions. Chapter VII of AS elaborates on this point of Oneness yet differentiation.

Gravity and Magnetism are Omnipotence, there is not less gravity or more gravity anywhere. Gravity neither multiplies nor divides, it controls and balances. Electric potential expresses Omnipotence by motion. All motion is curved and spirals in vortices. Gradients of electric potential are the lenses by which multiplication and division of light and matter occur.

Gravity and Magnetism thus control light through biconvex and concave lenses. These ‘lenses' are a result of pressure zones pro- duced by gravity wave fields bounded by Magnetic zero curvature planes (see HSC, pp. 795-804) and resistance to the division of the Oneness from its zero rest condition (AS, p.114).

Magnetism is a concept within the One Idea which determines polarity division and extension, and causes wave motion to repeat, reflect and reverse.

Magnetism evidences as:

(1) -Non-curved, wave field boundary planes and cubes of Still Magnetic Light which control the reflection, reversal, projection, repetition, multiplication, and division of light and matter onto the screen of space, producing elements, compounds, solid crystalline structure, and solar and galactic aggregates and

(2) Still Magnetic foci (points) which are the ends of Gravity shafts and are points of polarity from which electric potential is initiated. The ratio of foci extension is a measure of desire within Mind for division and multiplication of the One formless substance into complex shapes.

Gravity is the concept within the One Idea which centers and controls the vortexian mechanics of creation, determining the ‘seeming’ pressurization or densification of light, matter and space by the interplay of wave fields. Gravity as an aspect of the 'One Law of Balance’ determines the directional flow of the winding and unwinding of light and matter and that ‘like seeks like’.

Gravity evidences as:

(1) Focal points of electric compression,

(2) Still centering shafts for the winding and unwinding of light and matter on atomic, solar and galactic scales of manifestation and

(3) Wave fields of motion which when reflected and reversed by cubic planes of Still Magnetic Light produce areas of compression and expansion which act as lenses to multiply and divide light and matter and which give curvature to all of dimensional space.

An interesting thought here is wave fields interact constructively and destructively to produce interference points as well as peak and valley points of amplitude. Are interference points akin to tonal octave wave points of centering Stillness where elements and albeit planets, moons, stars and galaxies begin and end their cyclic existence? Walter Russell repeatedly advised “To know the wave is to. know creation.”

This discourse merely ties a few of the pieces together for my and your benefit. | welcome your comments and insights on this fascinating subject. Please remember my perceptions are still


functioning (50%) from reasoning and not pure knowing, so please challenge what you KNOW is incorrect!!

Question #2

My thinking on this one is Dr. Russell somehow made a mistake in TSOL with the use of the word 'square'. AS does not address the mathematics of God's creation processes. However, the HSC (see Fig. 51 p. 783, 3rd ed.) reprints a diagram from The Universal One clearly showing the arithmetic 1:2:4:8 ratio for distances between tones. | am a bit disappointed as | was hoping someone with knowledge in sound, frequency, resonance, and tonal multiplication would respond to this question. I have been negligent in reviewing the Physics 101 texts for sound wave tonal relationships so | can't give you a precise analysis of this question!!

1 do plan to give this question the time, thought and answer it deserves. | feel the definitive answer to this question can only come from laboratory transmutation analysis of spin and electric potential field alignments.

From Larry Tiegs:

QUESTION #1: Did Dr. Russell redefine the terms and functions of electricity and magnetism to be: Electricity belongs to the world of multiplication/division, solidity/vacuity, generating/degenerating effects while magnetism belongs solely to the unchanging world of Stillness, Oneness, Cause?

The surface answer is yes, you are correct. This is how they. are defined. Simply put, GOD'S KNOWING IS MAGNETIC; GOD'S THINKING IS ELECTRIC.

Now, did he redefine the terms? | am assuming you are making a comparison between those used in The Universal One to his later writings. The answer is yes and no. No, his understanding of the terms didn't change. Yes, his usage of the terms did change.

His knowing was consistent from 1921 onward. To illustrate, | quote from the 1950 edition of the HSC where he is sharing the experience of his 1921 illumination of 39 days and nights. “I instantly and timelessly, knew the still magnetic light which is the fulcrum of life and power, also | knew the heartbeat of the electric universe which manifests love, life and power in matter. | also instantly and timelessly knew that the magnetic light of God of Love


was all that is – and that the sensed electric wave universe of motion which simulates love, life and power, had no reality whatsoever. | knew it for what it was – God's thinking – God's imagining – pure illusion –simulation – self voiding forms thrown on the screen of space to manifest changeless idea by setting it in motion to produce the effects of change.” (underlining added)

His usage of the terms and words changed, just as happens in any developing discipline seeking to explain itself. In The Universal One Russell was attempting to squeeze his knowing into the scientific terms of his time, in order to be accepted by the scientific community. He couldn't do it. His knowledge was too vast, their definitions too narrow. Hence The Universal One can be very confusing. He later told us, “Forget The Universal One. It only serves to confuse people. We now have our own terminology.”

Unfortunately he did not leave us a glossary. The words gravity, magnetism and electricity do have many meanings as he uses them, depending on the context in which they are used. So, to clarify:

GRAVITY and MAGNETISM - in popular usage - means a force that attracts unto itself, ie., the pull of gravity and the attraction of a magnet.

Russell's definition and constant knowing:

GRAVITY and MAGNETIC LIGHT are ONE - THE SAME! They mean the same thing. He uses both to mean the zero, stillness of the universe of God's knowing, the axis, cathode, fulcrum from which motion arises and into which motion disappears.

He also uses gravity as:

GRAVITY - as Cause - controls light by controlling curvature

GRAVITY - as desire (which as God's knowing, it is) - is the desire of electricity to integrate into the appearance of form

GRAVITY - as omnipresence - a point or shaft locatable in the invisible universe where mind desires to concentrate thought

In all of these definitions there is no contradiction, just expanded

aspects. All of these definitions treat gravity as first Cause. The

same definitions also define Magnetic Light. Gravity and Magnetic Light are the same thing.


Occasionally Russell uses gravity as an effect, more in line with todays common meaning of attraction …. yet very different, for he never assumes that matter attracts, even though it seems to.

GRAVITY -in the electrical sense-the opposite condition of radiation -the compression end of the universal vacuum

Also in the sense of gravity as an effect, he defines it as:

GRAVITY - as objects- referring to a magnet as a gravity bar and an

apple as a chunk of gravity.

To further clarify the term gravity, we need to define electricity.

ELECTRICITY - in the popular meaning - is the energy that illumines your lights and runs your appliances. Russell uses the word in this

context also, but . . . he is usually coming from his cosmic knowing and means:


ELECTRICITY - is the tool of the Creator

ELECTRICITY - all wave motion/vibration arising from zero and returning to zero. This means all light, sound and electro/magnetic vibrations. Russell writes, “The secret of creation is in the wave.” All waves are electrical waves. Only the frequencies are different.

ELECTRICITY - rings of light spinning around black holes.

ELECTRICITY - only does one thing. It divides equilibrium into equal pairs and compresses them until they unite to create an explosive condition around a still point of gravity . . . and then . . . return to rest without. the aid of electricity.

ELECTRICITY - doesn't create gravity poles or centers. It just locates them and makes them visible as a flashlight ‘illuminates an object in the dark, but doesn't create the object.

QUESTION #2: Which distance is correct? BOTH! They are the same. Russell didn't say “square the distance”. He said “each element is the square of the distance.” In other words make a square of the distance. Take the length of the distance and use that length 4 times to make a square and more times to make a cube. It is a mechanical application of his statement vs. a mathematical one… even though in one place he states that it is a mathematical one. All of his drawings from The Universal One to his death were mechanical applications of the distance - not the distance squared and the distance cubed. Figure 50 on page 783 of my HSC illustrates what he did clearly.

(a) Does this change in tonal distance ratios necessitate rethinking of the area and volume ratios? No, as explained above. HOWEVER, it does raise a valid point. Russell's ratios of the elemental system is like our diatonic musical system, each octave comprised of 7 notes/elements plus the key note/inert gas. Russell states these are the universal ratios. What little twig am | to challange that. There are and have been, however, other musical systems with fewer notes per octave and some with more and probably some with no octaves at all. Russell states all matter is tonal. In this sense then, we could probably create elements never seen in nature based on different ratios, just as some of the music | heard in Asia wasn't natural (to my ears) either.

(b) Most of Russell's drawings are symmetrical, based on the

perfect cube and sphere. In Nature, the only place a perfect cube, sphere or symmetrical cone appears is at carbon. All other elements and growing things are imperfect shapes. In places he does draw spirals as found in nature, ie., the ram's horn, the snail's shell, the whirlpool and tornados which more or less conform to the curvature ratio of .618:1. He saw and knew the truth. His astronomical charts proved that. For teaching and simplicity purposes he drew sym- metrical cones, cubes and spheres most of the time.

Now, what does the 9 octave wave chart look like? | suppose the same as any one element or any one octave looks like. All waves are the same. I suspect in 3 dimension it looks like 2 rams' horns meeting tip to tip, pressuring thru each other, till the tip of one becomes the base of the other and visa versa. They then reverse direction and go through the whole process in the other direction, one side being predominately red and the other blue. Twist up a dish towel real tight and you'll get the idea of half the cycle. Now picture the two twisting tighter and tighter and boring through one another. That's the creative process, microsopic, elemental level, sound level, 9 octave level or stellar level.

The creative process is one of turning outside in and inside out. Russell drew it many times in full color in 2 dimensions. Someday we'll all see it in 3 dimensions actually happening as he did in his illuminations. God speed for us all.




Meduyive, HeoAtn, Heodwy, Avd The PoooeaAa Acyayy. Medicine, Health, Healing, and the Russell Legacy. Part One.

Medicine has traditionally been clothed in secret. Its philosophy and methods have been even more cryptic to the layperson than the title script for this essay. The Russell legacy gives us clues to understanding medicine, health, and healing that empower us through their practical applications that are universally available as they demand no high tech diagnostic or therapeutic equipment. In this essay I will present my ideas on the differences and similarities between traditional natural medicine and modern medicine, how the principle of balance allows us to comprehend both, and some practical guidelines for establishing and maintaining health. Additionally I hope to stimulate your thought and to elicit questions and comments about health, healing, and medicine in relation to the Russells’ view of Universe. This essay will be presented in two parts. Part One focuses on the physical aspects of healing/medicine. Part Two, on mental-emotional healing, will be presented in the next issue of Fulcrum.

Modern medicine has a point of view similar to the establish- ment science paradigm taught in our schools and colleges. Russell characterized that view as one sided: just as science sees a one way universe, medicine sees illness as the result of germs that must be killed or organs that need to be thrown away or at best replaced with artificial ones.

The principle of balance directs our thinking to include stimulating and/or maintaining a healthy immune system as equally important as killing germs and to include restoring organs to normal function with non-destructive methods as an alternative to cutting them out.

We can make a distinction between modern medicine and traditional natural medicine based on general point of view. Modern medicine hereinafter refered to as MM, tends to see Universe as parts and emphasizes analysis while traditional natural medicine hereinafter refered to as TNM, both ancient and modern expressions of it, such as naturopathy, homeopathy, chiropractic, and modern day ayurvedic and Chinese medicine emphasizes synthesis and tends to see Universe as a whole. As argument for the veracity of these distinctions, a visit to either a MM or TNM practitioner will reveal at least some of the following characteristics contrasted in the tables below:

Traditional Natural Medicine Versus Modern Medicine Philosophic Contrasts

1) Emphasis on the One 1) Emphasis on the many

2) Synthesis 2) Analysis 3) Comprehensive 3) Specific 4) Related 4) Separated Parts 5) Unchanging’ Universal Principle 5) Changing Theories 6) Enhance immune system 6) Excise offending or integrity causative organ(isms),

kill the invader 7) Sees progress in greater comprehension 7) Sees progress in greater and application of Universal principle to categorization, microsopic enhance immune system thus balance of analysis, and refined environment, body, mind and chemial drug and surgical spirit, chemistry, nutrition and technology. More technology structure. Education of patients. used on patients.

Definition of Health & Disease

Health and disease are both defined by a deviation from a normal set of characteristics, both TNM and MM emphasize different characteristics.

1) Physiology-universal systems model 1)- Pathology-categorization of changing theories. 2) Energy (chi) flows, balance in the pulses 2) Cell, organ, pathology, chemistry Diagnosis 1) Comprehensive interrogation 1) Specific interrogation of the main of the whole person. : complaint. 2) Macroscopic 2) Microscopic 3) Complex Physiognomy 3) Simple Physiognomy

4) Energy testing concept 4) No energy concept



5) Mental-spiritual emphasized. 5) Mental-spiritual

Thought always causative subordinated. Thought only causative when Doctor is unable to diagnose

6) Diagnosis as a deviation 6) Diagnosis as fits

from balance. pathological categorization. 7) Less reliance on 7) Heavy reliance on instrumentation instrumentation.


1) Aware of modern medicine and its 1) Unaware of traditional natural methods through study, experience medicine through study, experience & testimony or testimony.

2) Herbal, homeopathic, mineral 2) Synthetic drugs

and animal, natural remedies

3) Dispensed by doctor, healer or 3) Dispensed by doctor or

lay individual, no Rx pharmacist by Rx

4) Food as medicine. Basis 4) Food as minor adjunct viewed from comprehensive viewpoint from dieticians training as given of traditional systems 1,000's of from chemical, agriculture and years old. Months to years of doctor, food processing industries.

healer, or lay nutritional training. Limited, biased information.

5) Safe and in harmonic physiologic periodicity 5) Dangerous and not in harmonic with body systems middle of the E.M. light periodicity (non physiologic) with spectrum color therapy. the body systems, extreme, -

destructive ends of E.M. spectrum, infrared, ultraviolet and x-ray

therapy. 6) Mind-spirit as healer, slayer 6) Mind-spirit of no consequence. 7) Simple 7) Complex

With these differences sharply in mind let us see their ultimate union in whole system thinking as inspired by the Russell legacy. The Russells asserted balance as the keynote to all harmonious activity and the very foundation of all that exists. They gave us the dictum of rhythmic balanced interchange as a model for human relations just as it is the model for the Creator's ways and processes. As this principle is at work in everything it must be at work in all healing whatever type or name is given it. The Russells went right to the heart of healing in recognizing imbalanced emotions as a chief cause of dis-ease. In God Will Work With You But Not For You (p.153) Lao says “Your polarity - your vitality - your joyous attitude of mind which multiplies the life principle in you keeps your body charged with proper balanced vibrations.“ On p. 151 ” problems do not come to inflict man. He inflicts them upon himself through lack of knowledge.“ And again on p. 153, “Our present day complex way of living with processed foods and other circumstances, …….. make it extremely difficult to balance all the conditions of our daily living.”. Lao summed up the cause and thus the solution to all disease when she stated on page 154, “Nature's only process of taking dead bodies back to their creative source is by creating tens of millions of living bodies within your dead body to’ destroy its tissues. Not one of these microbes: or worm seeds can mature until you give it a chance by working against God's law of balanced rhythmic interchange in all of your transactions, within your body as well as outside it. That means that you can live a full century if you know how to live and are willing to work knowingly with God at all times by making YOUR balance conform with His balance. ….You manufacture your own diseases…. Your body is the product of your decisions. You can decide to live a hundred happy years by right decisions, followed by right actions…….. .

The chapter titled “Basic Cause Of All Disease, Sickness, And Evil” in God Will Work With You, But Not For You is a masterful statement of the principles of medicine. With those principles in mind we can build a truly preventative medicine and one whose therapeutics are effective and lifegiving and all. the while without side effects.

Walter Russell gives us this same universal compass and perspective in the chapter titled “The Healing Principle” in The Message of the Divine Illiad, Vol. Il. On p. 141 he writes, “The toxemia of unbalance is man's only ailment.” On p. 42 he warns us: “ unbalanced and unrhythmic body is vulnerable to deadly microbes and other infections from which rhythmically balanced bodies are insulated.” He reassures us on p. 145 that, “Love is the great insulator from every ill which can attack the body. Love is the great balance wheel or spiritual gyroscope which makes it impossible for one to injure his own body by emotions which poison his body.“ And | would suggest that if one was full of love, only love, it would be unthinkable to perform actions unbalanced, unhealthy, and dis-ease creating. When filled with Love one would choose balanced actions to the extent of his/her knowing.

17 All of these examples are expressions of the concept of balance in regards to health and healing and are consistent with the wisdom of the race in TNM practice.

We can use this knowlege in a practical way to restore health or make it more abundant. We can apply it both from physical and mental—emotional points of view. The following equations will help us focus on the essential details.

Health = physical and mental-emotional balance.

Physical balance = structural and biochemical balance.

Mental-emotional balance = Realization of Universe as it is and choosing loving thoughts.

if our health is dependent upon both physical and mental- emotional balance then we can confidently expect that practicing

the following extensions of the balance principle will improve our health.

Let us examine the two factors in the physical balance health equation: structural balance and biochemical balance.

(1) Structual balance means the alignment of the body parts, the relationship of the head, neck and spine to the shoulders, arms, hips and legs. Are these parts in relative balance side to side and front to back? Look at yourself in a mirror and see if the head sits on top of the body or is it thrust forward, are the shoulders level and set square or are they sagging forward or pulled uncomfortably back? Is the pelvis dumped forward revealing a protruding abdomen with a bent middle back and forward thrusting lower back or are _ these comfortably erect? Is one hip higher or lower than another with a short leg and do your feet point straight ahead or do they twist in or out as you stand and walk?

The science of hatha yoga was designed to balance all these body parts and so quiet the senses of humanity to be a foundation for deep and effective meditation. The Russells said that meditation was dropping body sensing for mind knowing. The senses are stimulated by imbalance. As the body becomes structurally balanced it becomes easier for the soul that expresses through it to forget it in mind knowing. A fringe benefit is increased health and vitality.

18 Yoga has many branches to it and all of them have many levels of meaning and understanding available to those who will practice the disciplines. Hatha yoga works at many levels on the physical body. The various asanas or stretches work on organs and glands or in its terms on the “chakras”, ultimately bestowing extraordinary powers to the disciple. They also balance the various body parts through balancing the muscles. All muscles work in complementary antagonistic pairs, working as do our familiar male-female partners in all processes. As one of the pair opens or thrusts a limb out the other closes or thrusts or pulls inward. When all of these pairs are in balance then the body is structrually balanced and health is more abundant.

Modern life particularly has imbalanced the physical vehicle through sedentary occupations and assembly line like movement patterns that are very limited in their range of motion. Hatha yoga or simple stretching in general when approached from the view to balancing the pairs can aid our health. General directions for stretching would be to execute movements that bend us forward and backward and side to side working all pairs to establish balance and restore the body to the structural balance you were searching for in the mirror.

Any hatha yoga or stretching book will demonstrate stretches that will follow these general directions. My class in Position Technic is a masters course in learning how to apply the principle of balance to the body. My book Position Technic; the science of centering illustrates various stretches and explains the principle of balance in the body in laypersons language. Copies are available from the University of Science & Philosophy for $17 post paid.

(2) Biochemical balance can be realized through our daily diet. If we apply this type of thinking to our food the following equation will benefit us. Biochemical balance = nutrients entering the cells via digestion of food x excretion of wastes via eliminatory organs. Our present agricultural and food procesing methods have left us bereft. of vital food. This unfortunate state has been compounded by the foods beng loaded with inorganic poisonous chemical insecticide and herbicide sprays and preservatives before, during, and after they are further processed to preserve their appearance and time qualities for the marketplace.



Therefore, if we are going to maintain vitality we need to eschew such counterfeit foods and ingest foods possessing the vitality we need. Our diet should consist of organicaly grown foods from mineralized, non poisonous, non sprayed soils that we receive as fresh as possible with no or a minimum of processing.

Macrobiotics as taught originally by Georges Ohsawa and his chief disciples Michio Kushi, Herman Aihara, and other macrobiotic teachers is an application of the Russells’ principle of balance and thinking to our daily diet. The Russells were unaware of Ohsawa's work and Ohsawa was unaware of the Russells' work. Most macro- biotic teachers, with the exception of Jerome Canty, have not deeply studied the Russells' work. Where macrobiotics talks of yin and yang as the unique principle of the Universe, the Russells gave us the male and female forces that work in complementary opposition.

The following (from Jerome Canty's Holoscene, available from the U. of S. & P.'s bookstore) are Jerome Canty's restatement of Georges Ohsawa's Seven Principles and Twelve Theorems inspired by Jerome's study of the Russell Cosmogony. This restatement shows the congruency of the two teachings, they were obviously inspired by the same source.

The Seven Principles

That which has a front has a back.

. The bigger the front, the bigger the back.

. That which has a beginning has an end.

. No two things are identical.

All antagonisms are complementary.

All are Yin and Yang antagonisms.

“Yin” and “Yang” are Mother and Father of all things.

The Twelve Theorems

. Yin and Yang are the two poles of the universal battery.

. Yin and Yang are produced omnipresently.

. Yang is centripetal and thereby gravitates inward towards centers in mass. Yin is centrifugal, and radiates outward towards inertial planes in space.

. Opposites oppose, but appear to attract.

. Yin and Yang in varying proportions constitute all phenomena unto the One.

All things change in all ways, always.

Yin and Yang are mental constructs. Neither exists of and by itself alone.

. Either Yin or Yang is always in excess. Only God (by any Name) is Neutral.

. Attraction and repulsion between things is proportional to their dimensional differences.

10. Yin repels. Yang attracts. Opposites oppose.

11. In the extreme, Yin becomes Yang and Yang becomes Yin.



12. In space, all things are Yang at the center and Yin at the surface. In time, all things are Yang in the present and Yin in the past and future.

To these Jerome added a 13th Theorem: 13. All Yin and Yang combinations and configurations manifest logarithmically.

The Russells gave no dietary application to their cosmogony. Macrobiotics is the best, expression of the Russells’ universal principles _ to diet that I. have ‘seen. Simply put, macrobiotics directs us to consider the degree of polarity of the foods we eat in relation to our degree of polarity. Choosing those foods that will establish balance in the body will then express itself in clearer thinking and calmer, more loving emotions. ,

The Russells admonished us to consider our actions in light of the principle of balance so that we would have balanced emotions and thus greater health and vitality and so this extension to our ‘daily eating and drinking should be easy for us to comprehend. Our eating and drinking are actions that will be either more or less balanced or imbalanced; with understanding we can choose balance.

‘If any of you think diet is not important then | ask you to consider flagrant violations: of the balance principle in diet to see the wisdom even in less extreme cases. {f you drink a pint of whisky you will so disintegrate (Yinnize in macrobiotic terms) the physical mechanism as to produce aberrant thinking and emotions. In like way devitalized daily food and drink will produce devitalized thinking and emotions.

Macrobiotics classifies foods into those that are predom- inately yin (centrifugal force dominated) or yang (centripetal force dominated). The whole trick of diet is to balance the foods consumed in their yin and yang qualities considering your yin-yang balance which is determined by your constitution, sex, disposition, what work you do, where you live (whether in tropics, temperate or colder climates), etc.. This is consistant with Russellian thinking.

Macrobiotics classifies foods from yin to yang (centrifugal to centripetal) dominance generally as follows: Extreme yin would include drugs, alcohol, and sugar (similar to the ninth octave in the wave governed by extreme centrifugal disintegrative force); to moderate yin including natural sweets (complex carbohydrate sweeteners like barley malt), fruits and nuts; to less yin as


expressed in vegetables; to balanced yin and yang forces (similar to the middie carbon octave wave) expressed in grains; to yang foods as expressed by bitter, animal, salty (miso, tamari, seaweeds), and well cooked foods. Cooking, while a yin, disintegrative process results in yang effects on the body. The process of digestion is at first a disintegrative, then integrative process. Cooking aids the initial disintegration and results in greater integration of those foods hard to digest in the raw state.

This very simple and limited exposition of macrobiotic thinking. barely touches on the complexities, but once Russellian thinking is comprehended it is easy to see the extensions. For instance yin and yang qualities are always relative and within each category there are yin and yang classifications. For example, yin fruits (pineapples and bananas) grow only in tropical or sub-tropical areas and yang fruits (apples) grow in more temperate areas.

We can balance our bloodstream by eating foods balanced in their yin-yang polarities. General macrobiotic directions for those of us living in the USA would be to eat about 40 percent grains like brown rice, millet, oats, wheat, corn, etc.; 30 percent vegetables; 10 percent nuts, seeds, peas or-beans; 10 percent animal products (if you are vegetarian you can replace this 10% from any category as suits your condition; eating whole grains, vegetables and a few peas, beans, nuts or seeds will give you all the protein you need); 5 percent fruits; and 5 percent seaweeds. Seaweeds provide trace minerals missing from our devitalized chemical fertilized soils.

Miso, a fermented soy bean paste made with sea salt (thus having trace minerals), is a vegetarian source of vitamin B12 and a complete protein. It is used as a condiment. It has protective effects against radioactivity and other heavy metals in that an enzyme zybicolon acts as does sodium alginate in seaweeds to grab ahold of radioactive particles and other heavy metals and not allow their absorption in the intestines, they pass on through. For all these reasons it is a superfood. It can be used daily in vegetable and grain or noodle soups as miso soup.

All caffeinated and alcoholic drinks are extremely yin or disintegrative and should be avoided by those interested in applying the law of balance for clarity of thought, a more joyful emotional life and greater vitality. Animal foods are considered to be extremes of yin and yang, the fat being yin and the blood yang. Their


consumption in macrobiotics is discouraged for health reasons as well as for their negative effects on spiritual development.

If one questions the efficacy of being vegetarian as a means to increase one's spiritual development | first challenge you to try it and judge on the results. |! would wager that given time, two to four weeks, you will notice a more stable emotional state, greater clarity of thought, and less fear and anxiety. You must test this challenge by doing it, rather than simply judging it to be true or untrue without experience.

There are many books available on macrobiotic theory and cooking. A study of them and practice of the principle of balance as applied to daily diet from this tradition is consistent with Russellian thinking, bringing greater health and vitality.

We (U. of S. & P.) have copies of American Macrobiotic Cuisine by Meredith Macarty, and Zen Macrobiotics and The Book of Judgement by Georges Ohsawa available for sale.

In the second part, to be published in the next issue of FULCRUM, we will examine the effects of the mind and emotions (from the principle of balance perspective) on health, healing, and medicine.


The following is a reprint of a paper given by Toby Grotz to the 27th Intersociety Energy Conversion Engineering Conference (IECEC) held in Milwaukee, WI in1 991. Toby is researching amongst the Navajo tribes to confirm his hypothesis connecting the Navajo rug designs (of Anasazi tribal origin) with shaman visualizations of God's creative processes.

The Navajo and the Bhuddist

“There are worlds within worlds Christa. Everything in our world is connected by the delicate strands of the web of life, which is balanced between forces of destruction and the magic forces of creation“. The Magi to Christa in the movie ‘Ferngully’.

24 The Forces of Nature

In May of 1921, Walter Russell, a sculptor, painter, and later a President of the Academy of Arts and Sciences, entered into a prolonged state of heightened awareness or samadhi. His experience allowed him to see the manner in which the Creator, or Illumined One as he described it, gave manifestation to the elements of matter and the gravitational and electrical effects of nature. These primordial forces were best described in a visual format in a painting by Russell entitled “The Wave”.

A full color photograph of Russell's painting “The Wave”, precedes the text in his book The Secret of Light. Viewed from the front, in the schematic form of a technical blueprint, the wave seems to be identical to the patterns present in Navajo weavings. These symbols are a front view of the vortex motions of the simultaneous forces of creation and disintegration. The Navajo rug symbols and the wave explain the dual wave and particle like nature of atomic physics. Viewed end on, the symbol becomes the yin-yang sign of eastern philosophy. It is also a pictorial representation of Zero Point energy and Scaler fields.

A complete mathematical descrip- tion of the yin-yang symbol is pre- sented by Eldon Byrd in Volume 1, Number 2, of The Journal of the United States Psychotronics Asso- ciation (USPA).

It is possible that ancient sha- mans also were able to visualize the wave of creation. Having an under- standing of the mechanics of nature, as represented by the wave, it would be possible to develop a technology that could utilize the forces of nature for the benefit of the tribe.

Complete life-death cycle as manifested in the heavens.

(0) ———

The pattern used in Navajo weaving dates back to the Anasazi. It was used by the Hopi and other Pueblo descendants of the Anasazi. Anasazi culture originated around 11,000 B.C..

The 'wave of creation', as used in the weaving done by the indi- genous people of the Four Corners area, can be viewed as a “blueprint for the mechanical fixture (coil form) used to wind the Russell optical dynamo generator. The symbol is also a representation of the sub quantum form of zero point energy which comprises the fabric of space.



Barbara Yellowman (P.O. Box 374; Durango, CO 81302) demonstrates the techniques used in weaving Navajo rugs.


Rug DesiGn


Using The Fundamental Forces of Nature For The Benefit Of Mankind

Bearden this summer at the 27th IECEC conference. Tom pointed out that sound vibrations could be used to accomplish the same scaler wave technology that Tesla, Moray, Hubbard, Keely, Hendershot, and others may have done electrically and mechanically. Through the use of chanting the wave could be manipulated to cause physical phenomenon to occur. Thus the rain dance in the desert southwest, the ability to move large stone blocks through the- manipulation of gravity, the instantaneous healing of the sick, could all be accomplished through chanting. As Terence McKenna points out in The Archaic Revival (Speculations of Psychedelic Mushrooms, the Amazon, Virtual Reality, UFOs, Evolution, Shaminism, the Rebirth of the Goddess, and the End of History), “Chanting and singing are worldwide shaministic practices. The Shamanic singers navigate through a space with which we have lost touch as a society.”

Non-Polluting Energy Generation

The great American inventor, Nikola Tesla, prophesied the potential inherent in the wave in 1891 in a speech before the American Institute of Electrical Engineers; “Ere many generations pass, our machinery will be driven by a power obtainable at any point in the universe….. Throughout space there is energy….it is a mere question of time when men will succeed in attaching their machinery to the very wheelwork of nature.”

The wave is the precursor to matter. It is the fabric of sub space, if you will. It is non-material and exists in a dimension removed from view. The wave controls and results in the. formation of matter which is detectable from our dimension. This is why we seem to see a duality of wave and particle like nature in atomic and photonic structure. There is no paradox. The wave is a wave when it is a wave and the particle is a particle which then becomes the wave.

The Possibility of Elemental Transmutation Tesla was able to verbally describe what Russell had drawn

when he said “Every particle of matter is composed of a primary substance–the ether–filling all space. The atom of any elementary


body is differentiated from the rest of this tenuous substance merely by a spinning motion like a whirl in a calm lake. By being set in movement ether becomes palpable matter; the movement arrested, the primary substance reverts to its normal state and becomes imperceptible….To create and annihilate material substance, to cause at will its birth and death, would be man's most consequential deed–his greatest achievement, which would place him beside his creator, make him fulfill his ultimate destiny.

(Nikola Tesla, Man's Greatest Achievement)

Notice two things in this description. First that Tesla had seen that this process had been understood by ancient people and second that he used words from eastern philosophy to describe the process. Tesla had attended the lectures of Swami Vivekananda in New. York City in 1896 and had been inspired by Vivikananda's explanation of Vedic cosmology. (See “The Influence of Vedic Philosophy on Nikola Tesla's Understanding of Free Energy’, 15th Annual USPA Conference, Sacramento, California, audio and video tape available, paper to be published, fall of 1992 in the Journal of the USPA) It was only through the use of Vedic terminology that Tesla was able to describe the forces of nature, western science lacked the vocabulary as well as the understanding.

Descriptions of the Universal Forces by Walter Russell

The wave is described by Russell as causing “the integration of matter at poles and disintegration at equators. Matter integrates by the contraction of one pair of spirals around the shafts which wind it into spheres by the way of its poles, and disintegrates it by the expansion of the other pair which unwinds it by the way of equators.” (TSOL, p. 251) ,

Gravitation and Radiation

“Every wave is considered a compression-expansion pump. The whole universe is a giant pump. The two-way piston of the universal pump constitutes the universal heartbeat. A one-way universe is as impossible as a one way pump is impossible. The compressed condition of this universe is exactly equal to the expanded condition. The compressed condition is gravitation. The expanded condition is radiation. Gravitation and radiation are equal opposites….This universe of electric waves is divided into wave fields. Each wave


field is equally divided by contraction of gravitation and expansion of radiation.” (A New Concept of the Universe, p. 23)

“Electricity…creates tensions and strains, which we call electric potential. Electric potential is the measure of compression at any one point in the universe. Gravity is evidenced wherever compression from without is maximum. Gravity is a focal point from which matter desires to explode outwardly. Gravity does not pull inwardly from within as the deceptive illusion of Nature would have you believe. Neither is it the attractive force which Newton's senses were deceived into believing, for a center of gravity is a point of maximum electric potential.” (Atomic Suicide, p. 89)

Electricity And Magnetism.

“Electricity is the power force of the universe. Electricity accumulates power into high potential from the universal constant at the sacrifice of one of its time dimensions.

Electricity is the force of resistance to the established speed of the universal constant of energy…Electricity is the generative force.

editor's note: As per my previous discussion, the Russells ascribed ‘gravitation’ the office of centripetal, charging, generative, accumulation of potential in their writings which post date The Universal One. Electricity's definition is better served as quoted above from AS, p. 89.

Magnetism is the speed force, the time force, of the universe. Magnetism dissipates the high potential power dimension and transforms it into time dimension of low potential.

Magnetism is the force which works toward a return to the established motion of the universal constant of energy…Magnetism is the radiative force.” (The Universal One, p. 68)

editor's note: again let me direct you to the Russells’ later use of the term ‘radiation’, not magnetism, to describe the degenerative half of the creation cycle. Please see the discussions presented in the 'Questions and Answers' section for an updated definition of the term Magnetism.


The Nine Octave Wave of the Elements, the Basis for Transmutation of Elements

“Every completed idea in nature is expressed in nine efforts - or stages - which are eight octave waves plus the matured centering amplitude wave of the whole nine octave cycle.

Each octave of the elements grows from its inert gas just as a tree grows from a seed. The inert gases record and store for repetition all that has gone before in that octave.

By dividing the entire nine-octave cycle into its two opposite half cycles, one half being generoactive and the other half being equally radioactive, a comprehensive base for transmutation will replace the present concept of dislodging electrons, or adding to them, to transmute one into another. ,

The age of transmutation will come only through the transformation of man, and man's transformation can come only “by the renewing of his Mind” through new knowing. It has ever been that way since the dawn of Consciousness, and will ever be.”

(A New Concept Of The Universe, pp. 115, 119)

“Man Does Not Weave The Web of Life, He is but A Strand In It. Anything He Does To The Web, He Does To Himself“ Chief Seattle, 1855


The Native American symbol which represents the Russell wave of creation is available, by mail, from natures Own Imaginations, Building 21, Suite 140, Old Town Square, Fort Collins, CO 80524 (303) 484-9701 (Ask them for the diamond shaped Navajo rug design)

Video Presentation

A complete explanation and visual presentation is available from our (Univ. of Sci. & Phil.) video tape library. Order the presentation made by Tody Grotz at the Milwaukee conference titled, “Transmutation of Elements Using Dual Polarity Control and Walter Russell's Experiments With An Over Unity Device” The video is available for $20.00 plus $3.00 shipping. This tape comes to us via the United States Psychotronics Association.


Further information may be obtained by contacting the author, Toby Grotz (303) 824-6834, or by writing to 820 Bridger Circle, Craig, CO 81625.

Please contact USPA tapes for their catalog of interesting informative audio and video tape recordings at 993 West, 1800 North; Pleasant Grove, UT 84062 Phone 801-785-5130.


1993 Conferences on Advanced Energy Conversion Technologies!!!!!

ADVANCED ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES FORUM April 16-18, 1993 Stapleton Plaza Hotel, Denver Airport

Denver, CO Sponsored by: Internatonal Association of New Science , 1304 South College Fort Collins, CO 80524 303-482-3731

Purpose: To gather open-minded researchers and leaders for scholarly presentations and discussions of theories, inventions, and research results related to the fields of Advanced Energy Conversion Technologies.

Proceedings to include the presentation of 36 different papers and the opportunity to attend several different 3-4 hour long evening workshops presented by researchers/inventors.

Topics: ‘Over Unity' and 'Free Energy' machines; Recent Patents and Near-term Applications; Motional Magnetic Fields and Applications; Scalar Wave Theory and Applications; Unique Magnetic Fields and Applications; Vortex Mechanics and Applications; Magnetic Motors; Electrogravitics and its Applications; Advanced Applications of Nuclear Isotopes; Advanced Fuel Cell Components and Designs; Advances in Electromagnetic Theory and Experiments; Advanced Motor and Generator Designs; Advances with Electrostatic Generators; Anomalous Heat Generation (Cold Fusion); Apparent Excess Energy Experiments and Devices; Hydrogen Fue! Usage




Sponsored by seven national science and engineering societies: Amer. Chemical Soc., Amer. Inst. of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Amer. Inst. of Chemical Engs., Amer. Nuclear Soc., Amer. Soc. of Mechanical Engs., Inst. of Electrical and Electronic Engs., & Soc. of Automotive Engs.

Purpose: Provide a forum to present and discuss engineering aspects of energy conversion, advanced and unconventional energy systems/devices, energy conversion/utilization, environmental issues, and policy implications on research, development, and implementation of technologies.

Call for papers: 4 copies to be submitted by Dec. 18, 1992

Contact: Joe W. Hightower, IECEC Technical Program Chairman American Chemical Society Meetings Department 1155 16th St. N.W. FAX: 202-872-6128 Washington, D.C. 20036 Phone: 202-872-6286


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(3) Part Il to Dr. Binders article on MODERN HEALTH HEALING.

In future issues | intend to discuss the views and concepts presented by leading thinkers who expressed ideas similar to the Russell Cosmogony. And of course | need the input of you the reader.



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