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Every sphere is of equal mass. Any change of potential in mass changes all of its dimensions and its position also changes to conform. Theconstant of energy for the.mass does not change as dimensions change. The lifting power of an expanding massat D

uals the compression capacity of the contracting mass at B. Alldimensions change in universal ratios.


GREETINGS!! The first edition of “FULCRUM” is out! ‘FULCRUM' will be a quarterly newsletter focusing on the science of creation revealed to Walter Russell. Dr. Russell, artist/philosopher/ illuminate, spent 35 years and several different written editions describing to scientists and laypersons God's multidimensional creation processes. Known as the ‘Russell Cosmogony', the concepts revealed to Dr. Russell during his 39 day illumination in 1921 show our three dimensional world of light and matter to be an extension of the one substance of God. Matter is Light (patterned thoughts) in motion, a recording of God's one idea of creation, and motion sus- tained by God's rhythmic Thinking.

Our purpose with this newsletter is to create a form (forum) in which scholars and students (what scholar is not also a student?) can interact, exchanging insights and perspectives on interpretation and application of the vortexian principles of the Russell Cosmogony. We seek to ‘fan' the flames of creative thinking, to stimulate dis- cussion, awareness, and understanding of God's two-way, creating/ decreating electric universe. Without such knowledge humankind will be forever in the ‘entropic loop’. ‘Entropic' thinking manifests in economic, social, psychological, biological, philosophical, poli- tical and religious systems. Our human systems reflect our under- standing of science, matter and where we ‘fit’ into this electric universe.

Our intent is to publish:

1. Questions scholars and students pose concerning the Russell written literature, vortexian ‘concepts', applications, experiments, comparisons to ‘entropic’ science theory, etc.

2. Answers from students. Answers may or may not be definitive. Clarity may take time to ‘unfold'. Sharing insights may or may not lead us to the same conclusions. The idea is to share different per- spectives and stimulate/inspire thought on the subject. | expect our thinking and understanding to evolve. To paraphrase Dr. Russell: Genius is inherent in all humans. Cosmic knowledge alone will make each person aware of his/her inherent genius so that it can be ap- plied to their own life. Each person can become what he/she desires to be. Comprehension of your relationship to God and God's universe will make it possible for you to attain any heights you desire.

3. Research and articles relevant to the Russell Cosmogony. How are chemical, physical, medical, agricultural, biological, economic, etc. systems viewed from this enlightened perspective. We are eager to publish mathematical treatments of the concepts!

4. Current experiments utilizing vortexian principles and mechanics: transmutation (more appropriately named transformation as all matter is One substance with different pressures and dimensions), ‘energy’ production, gravity simulation, etc.

5. Applications of spiral/vortexian/motion-in-opposition mechanics, science, and philosophy.

We are eager for your input and feedback. Our vision of 'Vortexian' science curricula, texts, data banks, and applications in every field of human endeavor is dependent upon the continued 'desire' and ‘action' of all of us,– ‘desire’ taken into meditation and ‘action’ inspired from the point of Stillness within each of us. The ignorance of and resistance to these new concepts can only be overcome by our consciousness and actions. We hope to continue the seeding of the planet with these concepts, to open human consciousness to the idea of our creator, our oneness, our plenty, and our collective health and prosperity.

“There is but one Creator in the universe,—one Mind, one Person, one Being. We are that Creator, that Person, that Being in the measure that we know we are.”

Walter Russell

We shall use these abbreviations to reference the literature: Atomic Suicide: AS The Secret of Light : TSOL

The Universal One : U1 A New Concept of the Universe : NCU Home Study Course: HS The Divine Iliad : DI The following is a point - counterpoint tabulation from Dr. Binder's Russell Science Seminar. We encourage similar constructs from the reader to further illustrate the scope and evolutionary nature of the

Russell Cosomogony.


1) No Creator of the Universe 2) No unified theory-cosmogony

3) Electro-Magnetic field Universe

4) Gravitation occurs without radiation as equal mate.

5) Gravity occurs without matter formation.

6) Time-Space are one.

7) Energy is within matter itself.

8) Energy is a condition such as heat.


1) The Creator of the Universe 2) Unified Concepts-Cosmogony

3) Exclusively electric wave field Universe. Magnetism confined to

the Still Light controlling source

of electric division.

4) Radiation is equal and opposite mate of gravitation, the two always occuring simultaneously. One borns the other.

5) Matter always forms around gravity poles. Space is always a condition of gravitation and radiation.

6) Space and time are both dimensions of matter and related to gravitation and radiation.

7) Energy is in desire of Mind, expressed in motion to create the appearance of matter.

8) Energy is in Mind and as expressed by Mind manifests as heat as matter is compressed by concentration of Mind. 9) Matter has power, the ability to attract and repel other matter.

10) There are 92 plus different substances of matter.

11) Matter is reality and has qualities within itself.

12) Objective science and Universe.

13) A beginning and an end to the Universe.

14) Single charge particles.

15) Cold is less heat.

9) Matter is electrically conditioned and controlled by the one magnetic Light of the Creator's Mind by an equal and opposite division of the one equilibrium into two opposing conditions which appear to

attract and repel other matter via the 18 dimensions of matter.

10) There is no substance to the Universe. Universe is an illusion based on motion only. All sub- stance is One. The seeming dif- ferences in elements are an effect of motion only.

11) Matter is an illusion and is but a mirror that reflects quali- ties outside itself to simulate those qualities within itself.

12) Cyclic science and Universe.

13) Eternal Universe contin- uously creating and decreating. 14) All particles dual charged. 15) Cold is the One unchanging eternal reality (as a description of Universe as a whole). Cold and heat (in the relative changing Universe) are the opposites of the temperature dimension. Heat measures the resistance which magnetism sets up against inte- gration by compression into smaller volume and cold measures its disintegration by expansion into larger volume. 16) Coulomb's Law: Opposites attract, like repels.

17) Seeks life principle, the the underlying basic principle of motivation, in matter and motion.

18) Amount of energy in Uni- verse is constant, as energy appears in one form it must have disappeared from another in corresponding amount.

19) Gravity is a force which pulls from within.

20) Four dimensions: Length, Breadth, Thickness, Time.

21) Big Bang, continuous crea- tion, steady state, initial im- pulse theories. Creation started as explosion and Universe is expanding and running down (en- tropy) to non-existence. Or,

16) Like conditions seek like con- ditions. Opposite polarities void each other at point of contact. Matter moves to seek rest and balance and similar potential, pressure, condition.

17) Realizes the life principle in zero Light of Universal equili- brium and as manifested by thinking Mind.

18) Energy is unchanging in the undivided Light at rest. As en- ergy is extended from its ful- crum zero of rest, the simula- tion of energy manifests as two opposing forces of compression/ expansion that exactly equal and balance each other.

19) Gravity is the centripetal thrusting inward from (without) the inertial plane to maximum motion of matter in opposition. Gravity and radioactivity reverse polarities and give birth to each other at limits of their cycles.

20) Eighteen dimensions: Length, Breadth, Thickness, Time, Sex, Pressures, Potentials, Tempera- ture, lonization, Crystallization, Valence, Axial Rotation, Orbital Revolution, Mass, Color, Plane, Tone, Ecliptic.

21) Steady explosion/implosion state of eternal creation/decrea- tion, continuous life and death cycles. Matter is created out of space and space out of matter, via gravitation/radiation. <A the production of matter out of | two-way continuous creation, nothing all the time in form of eternally creating/decreating hydrogen atoms from which new _ Universe.

galaxies grow, so the density of

Universe remains the same. Uni-

verse has always existed, pretty

much as it does today, with new

matter appearing to fill the space

left by the expansion of Universe.

22) General and special theories 22) Matter is an expression of the of relativity. Special theory generative cycle of energy accu- states matter can be changed mulation. As mass accumulates in into energy and vice versa, and Universal ratios according to the things cannot travel faster than concept of locked potentials it

the speed of light. General acquires greater ability to

theory states gravity is a appear to ‘attract’ and ‘repel’. The bending or curving of space- ultimate form of creation is the time caused by the presence of cube-sphere and the ultimate matter. expression as an apparent ability

to ‘attract’ and ‘repel’ appears as carbon at the 4++ position in the helium octave. Mass, as it accu- mulates and redistributes, ex- presses energy. Light reproduces itself at the speed of light, the ultimate speed of matter, but concept is universally expressed simultaneously. Gravity is the spiraling centripetally directed force of compression which accu- mulates mass, caused by the con- centrative power of Mind.

23) Clausius's Thermodynamic 23) Thermodynamic Laws:

Laws: Entropy, energy runs ‘Negentropy', energy runs uphill downhill only. and downhill. 24) Mind is an evolutionary 24) Mind is universal and is basis

growth arising from experiences and creator of matter. Via think- of the senses.

25) Nucleal atom.

26) Cathode and anode are two (- & +).

27) Astronomic and atomic sys- tems have separate motivating forces.

ing, Mind multiplies and divides light into waves to express the One idea of Creation.

25) All systems centered by stillness, vacuity or holes that gradually attempt to close at amplitude position of the wave.

26) Cathode is one and anodes are two, to equal three.

27) All systems are an expres- sion of the One and thereby mirror one another in electric generative and magnetic radiative vortexian motion. As above, so below.

Corollaries of Russell Cosmogony applied to Modern Science:

MYTHS Systems begin and don't end.

Accidents, pointless events.

Problems with no solutions.

Reality is linear–space/time is curved.

Some things change/ some are constant.

Science asserts 'chaos' vs. ‘order’.

COROLLARIES All systems begin and end. No accidents or pointless events- everything has purpose and


All problems have their solutions in light of balance.

Universe (as systems) is spiral, all spirals are logarithmic and exponential.

Everything changes but every system has its own constant.

Russell aserts order.

Science talks of many or parallel Dr. Russell talks of Universe.


A Mr. Earl Koenig of Avrill Park, N.Y. has been granted a patent #4,806,834 which utilizes the electrical coil principles laid out by Dr. Russell in the “Universal One”. As Mr. Koenig describes it, “An electrical circuit for inductance conductors, transformers, and motors wherein two coils of electrically conductive wire are coiled about a bar of magnetizable material in mirror image symmetrical relationship with each other.“ As can be seen from the sketches included herein the circuitry is similar to the details of Unit Ten of the Home Study Course, except Mr. Koenig does not use conical designs for his coils. Neither does he claim multiplication of energy in the step-up or step-down transformer designs. He does cite “a reduction of about 25% to 33% less current used” in testing transformers so designed, efficiencies in transformer output “of almost 100%“, and “for the same output, a motor wound in accordance with FIG. 3 requires about 25% less amperage.”

In the patent Mr. Koenig theorizes, “The mirror image symmetry of the coils is believed to have the effect of increasing the flow rate of current through the circuit by decreasing the inductive time constant. This constant (T) is the ratio of the inductance (L) measured in Henries to the resistance (R) measured in Ohms. In this respect, the inductive time constant is reduced because the current travels a shorter distance from tap to tap as compared with a single coil between the two taps or a pair of coils in series between the taps. Further, there is an increase in the magnetic lines of flux which are generated as compared with a single coil of the same coil length.”

A telephone converstion with Mr. Koenig shed further light on the workings of this mirror coil design. “When a conductive wire is coiled around a magnetic bar, a North and South pole are created when the wire is electrified. Conventional coiling practices are similar to a fishing rod reel. Wire is wound from from one end to the other and back again, as many times as are necessary to produce the desired effects. When electrified, one pole is developed before its opposite. Sequential pole development unbalances the electromagnetic processes. Heat and vibration are losses resulting from the unbalance, causing further current consumption and premature degradation of components.” “Mirror wiring of the coils (Fig. 1) causes simultaneous creation of the North/South poles, balancing the electromagnetic processes. Further, the parallel wiring reduces the ohmic resistance of the circuit (an 8 ohm length of wire cut in half and wired in parallel as two 4 ohm paths yields 2 ohms of resistance!). This reduction in hysteresis and eddy current losses, heat generation, and vibration revolutionizes design criteria now used to construct electrical mechanisms. Geometries of transformers can be changed from planar laminations to cross-laminations. Sizes, lengths, and weights of copper wiring can be significantly reduced. Ultrasonic transducers can be designed with the power to atomize alcohol fuels, promoting maximum efficiencies of burn and minimum exhaust pollution.”

Mr. Koenig got his idea for mirror coil circuitry when building a hi-fi stereo kit as a 15 year old. Now 56, Mr. Koenig says he wondered what might happen to a loud speaker if two coils were placed on opposite sides of the diaphragm and fed the same signal. Surpris- ingly a loud hum occurred, he thought the two coils would balance each other. By rewinding the right-hand side coil to mirror the left- hand side coil, a balanced electromagnetic process resulted–no hum! After patenting the loud speaker concept Mr. Koenig spent 6 years in patent searches and filings (“The most expensive patent search/filing in Washington, D.C. history.”) to secure his 1989 patent for electrical inductor, conductor, transformer, and motor circuitry.

Toby Grotz of Tesla, Inc. of Craig, CO conducted an independent test of the mirror design using two identical Guardian 11 HD-INT-12VDC

solenoids. One solenoid was unwound, the wire cut in two, and rewound using mirror image symmetry. The results are listed below:

Resistance Inductance Current Gauss Force (Ohms) (mH) (Amps @ 5VDC) @ 5VDC (gms) Mir. Image Sym: 2.0 1.08 2.45 121.2 340

As wound 7.3 4.28 0.68 58.5 169 10


Feb. 21, 1989

US. Patent

When asked about the conical designs of Dr. Russell, Mr. Koenig replied “Let us first understand the workings, theory and appli- cations of this simple idea. We can then expand into understanding and researching these further modifications.“. Mr. Koenig has met with much resistance in both academic and industrial circles for acceptance or even consideration of his ideas. While this seems incredulous to both myself and Mr. Koenig (How simple it is to test out his circuitry and how tremendous the savings in fuel, pollution, and size of components!!). Mr. Koenig is now having motors and transformers wound which will be tested by independent facilities. Interestingly, existing machinery is designed to coil wire only in series or singly in one direction, so much time and expense is involved with building and proving large scale motors and transformers.

Mr. Koenig has developed a kit of electromagnetic examples. These examples enable the user to compare conventional winding with mirror windings. Included in the kit is a 20 page booklet detailing principles, theories, and applications. Please contact Mr. Koenig at P.O. Box 81, Averill Park, N.Y.

To my knowledge this is a first in reproducing the principles spoken of in Unit Ten or elsewhere in Dr. Russell's literature concerning coil windings. Proof positive when Nature's processes are simulated efficiencies of our ‘entropy’ based technology will be improved!! Anyone with information on this or similar applications in current frontiers of electrical science please contact us at the University of Science and Philosophy. | am eager to read and publish articles on Tesla research and all other areas of innovative science and how it fits the Russell Cosmogony.

Keep Mr. Koenig in your prayers and meditations. As we are one, the desires each one of us take into the Stillness of our Being will manifest within human consciousness and endeavor. 12


What follows are questions | have concerning Dr. Russell's literature and charts, and the responses received to date from people | initially contacted about the idea for this newsletter. These first five (5) questions concern “A New Concept of the Universe” (NCU) by Dr. Russell.

(1) What are the divisions between wave octaves of the elements?

A. The Russell Periodic Chart confuses me with the lines drawn horizontally through wave amplitudes (uniting equators) and designations for octave waves written between the horizontal lines.

B. Postulates 102 and 108 and figure 88 (pages 114, 116 & 154, resp.) of NCU indicate octave waves start and end at an inert gas (dividing equators).

(2) From figure 88 and postulate 102 of NCU, are two helium atoms required to form a positive-negative pair as the helium octave unfolds?

(3) Describe the sequence of helium unfolding to carbon and refolding to neon. What positive-negative pairs are created during unfoldment and which are transmuted (transformed) as refoldment into neon occurs?

(4) What is the nature of an electron? What position does it occupy on the Russell Periodic Chart? How does the Russell Cosmogony explain conductivity in metals?

(5) Describe the differences in mass and charge of protons, electrons, neutrons, and the hydrogen atom using the Russell Cosmogony. 13

From Larry Tiegs of Nampa, Idaho:

To clarify questions 1, 2, & 3:

On Russell's periodic chart, the lines are drawn from wave amplitude to wave amplitude to indicate the octaves have nothing to do with the wave amplitudes. The lines only relate to the inert gases which center them. The 4th octave is the Helium octave, the 5th the Neon, etc. Each octave is like children's building blocks - lined up they form a train - but each is individual and separate. In the Helium octave, Helium begins and ends the octave. All the Helium elements unfold from Helium and refold back into Helium…. not Neon, as is implied on the Russell chart. Yes, it takes two Helium atoms to form all the elements as is shown on page 154. Just as it takes a male and female anything to procreate offspring. All of the elements are formed at resistance points as the female Helium vortex interchanges in and through the male Helium vortex. Carbon is created at the point of maximum resistance as the opposing vortexes meet and unite at the wave amplitude. Each octave is countless zillions of atoms of its inert gas, from which spring the elements of that octave.

Questions 4 & 5 require a broader answer:

The elements of nature (elemental tones) can be compared to the keys of a piano (musical tones) - except nature's piano has 9 octaves. Each key of the piano and each element of nature has a specific “PRESSURE CONDITION” that produces it. On a piano the pressure condition is produced by the length, size and tautness of the piano wire. The “C” or “D” tone of any given octave is not a “different substance”. It is a different pressure condition (the cause) which in turn produces specific effects as tones, frequencies and sound qualities. Likewise the elemental tones of carbon, silicon or gold are not different substances. They too are only different “pressure conditions”. Each pressure condition has it's own specific measurable identity as frequency, color, temperature, mass, weight, number of electrons, protons, etc.

Walter Russell came to teach us how to reproduce all of nature's elements in the laboratory and factory as easily as we reproduce musical tones on all our instruments. With abundant planetary 14

resources, the “cause” of most wars is removed, thus paving the way to world peace and prosperity for all humanity.

To accomplish this we need more understanding.

The inert gases are the “Cosmic Piano Strings” from which all the elements arise - the “silicon chips” of the Universal Computer. The process of going from a gas to a solid is just a matter of squeezing the space out of the gas. The harder you squeeze, the denser the solid. Different pressures create different elements. Release the pressure and the elements “disappear” back into their inert gas from which they came. The space of a domed football stadium might be squeezed down to single pea or less.

Contrary to the low pressures required to produce musical tones, the elemental tones require the “pressure of the heavens “ - huge wave fields - a lever many miles long - to compress the gas into a solid. Atoms of solids are “balloon like”, pumped full of pressure and spin like a gyroscope. The scientists search for a cosmic glue that holds the atom together will not be found within the atom itself but in the surrounding “space“ that compresses/freezes/balances the solid into form.

Imagine if you will, instead of pumping your automobile tire to 30 psi, if you could, pump it to 100 or 1,000 or 10,000 psi and in the 9th elemental tone octave to over 1 billion psi. Of course the tire wants to explode, and so do all the elements. The radioactive elements in the 9th octave are slowly exploding as they shoot off their life destroying rays.

As you multiply the pressure to create the denser elements you likewise multiply the amount of inner motions- the “sub-atomic ” particles. A proton is a charging vortex as it moves towards its nucleus. An electron is the same vortex only now discharging as it moves away from its nucleus. It is the same yo-yo. It just depends on whether you see it going up or down. All of the 20+ different sub-atomic particles are only an INSTANT/STILL/SNAP-SHOT at different times of different parts of one continuous inner atomic motion.

And the mechanics of creation? Thought you'd never ask. 15

Quite literally, “thought”, at the speed of light, creates. The inert gases lying in their concentric idle orbits within the vastness of all space are the recording medium for all IDEA ….. not unlike a recording album. Thought impacts the inert gases, dividing the stillness into polarity, shapes the wave field and begins the compression of invisible black cold light of space into spiral visible vortex motion and into suns. Suns born planets. Planets born seas and eventually life.

The secret of creation is in the motion.

All motion looks like a tornado, a vortex. All motion has two aspects - a spin and an orbit. All motion is like a child's toy spinning “top”, with the compressor rod on top. As you push down it spins. Push hard enough and there will be no wobble or orbit- only fast spin. As the speed of the spin slows down the speed of the wobble or orbit increases till it falls over. A toy gyroscope is better balanced and a better example, for its spin and orbit are visible longer. All atoms and sub-atomic particles are gyro- scopes/vortexes/motion only….but different from the above toys. In nature's three dimensional realm, as you increase the pressure from all directions, squeezing space out, the spin slows down and the orbit/wobble speeds up as the volume decreases. This is the imploding/centripetal/gravity/positive charge vortex that turns gases (fast spin - slow orbit) into solids (slow spin - fast orbit). As the pressure is reduced the spin speeds up and the orbit slows down as the volume expands. This is the exploding/centrifugal/ radiative/negative discharge vortex that turns solids into gases and eventually back to the cold “black light nothingness of space”.

Each element in nature has its own 3 dimensional pressure and a specific speed/frequency to its spin/orbit and a specific angle of orbit to its wave axis. Scientists of the future, as Russell predicted, will work to identify the frequency of the elements gyroscopic spin and its angle of orbit in order to create all the known elements in the laboratory as well as the many unknown “split tones” available to man.

An added thought. The recently discovered and named “Buckeyball”- the 60 atom Carbon “soccerball like” molecule which is as close to a sphere as you can come could more appropriately have been called the “Russell-ball“. It was Russell, who since 1926, has been trying to awaken science to the cube/sphere nature of Carbon. Bucky 16

deserves all credit due him. He was a great thinker. In time the Cosmic Knowing of Russell will likewise be appreciated.

From Aida Sorenson , Centreville, VA :

Everything in nature is made up of projected dual waves of light centered by the stillness of Unity. What is exciting to me about the Russells' science is that this equation applies as well to human relationships, social movements, physical and emotional healing and every other endeavor that we as human beings are involved with as well as transmutation and new, non-polluting sources of power. Therefore it is wise for all Russell students to earnestly undertake a study of Atomic Suicide, The Secret of Light, The Universal One and the other science books because the more you understand the creative principal which permeates existence, the more empowered you will become to be able to fulfill your dreams.

God creates in exactly the same way that man creates, out of the same source: Mind. As you learn to cultivate, control and focus this Mind-power, you will become a genius, a co-creator with God. | would encourage women especially, to study the Russells’ science because traditionally, science has been a man's arena. When they got it wrong, traditional science also made it complicated, but the Russells always stress the simplicity of the basic principle, and so it is. 1! believe it is easily within the reach of every serious student. Sometimes it is easier for someone with no formal training to understand because they do not have to unlearn so many wrong concepts first.

Every inspired person uplifts this whole world a little bit more, and the ripples always return to make your own life even more beautiful. So carry on, and remember: you are the Universe.

From Howard Davis , Atlanta , GA :

Question 1: Octaves originally were considered to begin and end at inert gases. In the Universal One (see chart on page 13), Russell had 10 octaves and only the beginning of the first and the end of the last were on the inertial line (the first and last inert gas being the same). This seemed more elegant to me than the 9 octave system of the later books. | asked Lao about this and she said that it was because she convinced (Walter) Russell that you cannot go beyond 9.

It may be that Russell was still thinking in these terms and had not fully revised his thinking. Or his thought may have encompassed two concepts of octave: perhaps not differentiating the two with different words. Look at figure 125 on page 161 of NCU. This shows another illustration of the octave concept as is shown in the charts of elements. An octave starts from a resting place. In the Russell charts there are two resting places (figure 88), could this lead to some understanding of this seeming contradiction?

Question 2: No, there seems to me to be one helium atom for each positive-negative pair in the drawing, there being two illustrated

Question 3: In both the new chart of elements (page xvi NCU) and the older version (page 13 of the Universal One), the inert gases are not centered over the inertial line. Rather they are slightly past center.

believe that

the +4-4 position brings the swing back to inertia slightly past the inertial line for the next inert gas. This swing begins the effort to the next +4-4 position .

Question 4: | am not sure about the nature of electrons . This has always been a little confusing to me as well. Jeff Swan could look into this. Russell does talk about conductivity and says that all elements that are neither inert or pure carbon do conduct because of their imbalance (page 113 NCU)

From Laara Lindo , BC , Canada

1. The divisions between wave octaves of the elements are a matter of varying polarized electrical pressures; the chart is Walter Russell's attempt to depict complex two-way three-dimensional vortices of motion in a two-dimensional drawing. The universe is not a fixed, static 'created' universe, but a constantly ‘creating’ cyclic unfolding-refolding continium. For this reason, one could label ‘beginning’ or 'ending' at any point within the cycle, for each ‘ending’ is also a ‘beginning’. Therefore: a) It can be said that an element, such as carbon, has it's ‘beginning’ at the maximum (adult) wave amplitude, where balance between generation and radiation is achieved b) In terms of our usual sense-directed view of beginnings and endings , elements of an octave wave ‘begin’ and ‘end’ at the inert gases, their dividing equators . However, here, too, every ending can be seen as the beginning of another wave cycle (and every beginning an ending) .

2 . All extension from the zero equilibrium of magnetic light is the result of polarity in the form of electric pairs of motion: ie: male/female: minus, female (acidic)/plus, male (alkaline) as per chart 88 .

3 . “All of the elements are made up of the very selfsame spiral units of motion-or vortices… The fact is…their pressure conditions are different in every part of the wave in which they find themselves.” (page 79, NCU) Helium is the inert gas which is the ‘seed’ (perhaps today W.R. might have used the term ‘holographic record’) of the wave of which the apex, or mature point, is carbon. From it's “birth” in helium, the conic base of the wave's vortex, the growth cycle is that of positive, generating pressure changes through four steps: +1 lithium, +2 berylium, +3 boron to carbon at the mature apex of the vortex. Here pressure reverses to negative, radiating through four steps: -3 nitrogen, -2 oxygen, -1 flourine and back to a state of equilibrium at the inert gas neon, again the conic base of the wave's vortex.

4. “This is a radial universe of ever-changing pressures” (page 78, NCU). “Science '‘divides' rather than seeing the continuum of motion” (page 61, NCU). Science divides matter into 92 different kinds of substances, then divides these into around 20 ‘primal’ substances which Walter Russell says are simply 'names' for ‘non-existent substances.’ These substances, he says, are conditions which are ‘different states of motion’. See answer 5 for further consideration of W. R.'s use of the term ‘electron’. “All of these many named particles, which science thinks of as differently charged substances, are all basically the same spiral units of motion” (page 64, NCU).

5. From Russell's 'Wave Mechanics' (page 90, NCU), 'The present concept of atomic structure (the concentric shell with electrons revolving around a nucleus of protons and photons) has no resemblance whatsoever to Nature's processes, for there is no place within it for wave mechanics to fit into . The universe consists solely of waves of motion.“ “Atomic structure is gyroscopically

18 19

controlled” and, “The nucleus is the hub of the gyroscopic wheel” (p 91, NCU).

“The nucleus of every atomic system is a single concentrated mass, like the sun, for example. The nucleus is the highest potential and the greatest mass in its system. It is held together by the polarizing power of gravity (generoactivity) against the resistance of the depolarizing power of radiation. Every nuclear mass must first be 'wound up' spirally by centripetal (generating) force before it can be spirally ‘unwound’ by centrifugal force.”

(pages 92-93, NCU).

See pages 78-79, part XX1V, NCU for further consideration of W.R.'s use of such terms as electron, neutron, positron as applied to the wave mechanics of this ‘radial universe of ever-changing pressures'

Because Walter Russell thus understood the gyroscopic/dual polarity nature of the construction of the wave, he was able to demonstrate the ‘principle of dual polarity control’, as he called it, to transmute over 80% hydrogen from water. See pages 129-130, NCU.

From Dr. Timothy A Binder, University President

(1) The divisions between wave octaves of the elements are at the dividing equators, the inert gases. The wave amplitude, or uniting equator, is not a division between one octave of elements and another, it is the point of maximum maturity, equilibrium of generative-radiative forces, switch point from preponderant generation or radiation to its opposite, the point of most visible change in a system, and that point which simulates rest by the most violent motion in opposition.

(2) From Russell's description of the inert gas and from what | believe science has observed of “noble” gases that do not unite with any other elements, the inert gases are quasi, so called, “one or two dimensional” creatures that would appear to violate the Russell dictum that no part of Universe can exhibit a single charge. The reason they do not violate it is that they do not have any charge or any polarity, as is suggested by their being in the zero position of the wave. The inert gases are sexless in this sense. As sexless 20

creatures they would not unite in positive-negative pairs as do all other parts of Universe. This would appear to violate the statement on page 58 of NCU that there are no single charged positive or negative particles, and no neutral particles. Also in our ordinary language that is used to describe the sensed transient universe it would appear to be impossible to conceive of any thing that has less than 3 dimensions in the tangible universe. One or two dimensions only are abstractions. It would appear that the Russells' description of the inert gases as without polarity and as existing in a flat plane or in one or two dimensions only was their best attempt to describe the nature and physical characteristics of these noble gases.

Since the inert gases can be measured, they must exist in three dimensions. They do take up space, exert pressure, and emit a spectrum when charged. As they do exist in the relative universe, they also must be made up of positive and negative charges, or exhibit some degree of polarity. If not then there are neutral particles in the inert gases.

PGS 68-69 in NCU postulates 13-22 describe the inert gases variously as the fulcrum, centering zero, seed, recording repeating system, fulcrum zero of polarity, that centers all elements to control their unfolding, and balances them from without to control their refolding. This description appears to say in effect that the inert gases are neutral particles as “zeros”, and as the fulcrum zero of polarity. As the recording-repeating system of nature there may be some experiments that could be done to demonstrate this. Perhaps there is some way to demonstrate the recording action of them, some way that this information can be accessed in demonstration. Does anyone have any ideas? Perhaps this is the way we can access the “akashic records”, the memory of all things.

On page 271 of TSOL the inert gases are said to, “represent minimum motion in the wave, just as amplitudes represent maximum motion”. This would imply that the inert gases must have some amount of polarity, albeit only a minimum amount of polarity. If not we must explain how anything can exist in the transient changing universe as motion and not demonstrate polarity. For is not motion the basis of polarity? The inert gases are the beginning of motion in a

centripetal direction, and they apparently are the end of motion in a centrifugal direction. Preponderance of motion to or from the center of a system determines polarity. 21

On pages 233- 234 in AS it is stated that ‘the seed of an acorn is an inert gas or a combination of several octaves of inert gases’; also that, “the nine inert gases are the shores of the visible universe, where the invisible bridges, which link mind and motion, touch the moving-action universe. There are nine of them because the bridge has nine parts, which we might call entrances to mortality and exits to immortality”.

On page 236 in AS it states that, “each inert gas is constructed by four rings in one plane, centered by a hole which is the invisible mind-source of those four rings. At the very center of that hole is a point of stillness, within which is lodged all the …….. qualities which are a part of the God nature in non-dimensional qualities”.

These last two paragraphs speak of the inert gases as being in the transient universe, which we also know from experience are in that transient universe, and therefore are again states of motion and particles which as such should exhibit “charge” and/or “discharge” or male and female characteristics. If each gas is constructed of four rings in one plane, even that “one plane” must have length, breadth, and depth to it (again, one or two dimensions alone are an abstraction) and all the other 18 dimensions of matter, if it exists in the transient universe of motion. It is in that position in the wave where it is a more flattened out sphere than any other position, yet even a flat line drawn on a piece of paper with a thin laser light has length, breadth, and width. This appears to contradict the statement that they are sexless. To anticipate the summation of my comments,

inert gases are the youngest stages of matter within every octave, and as such have not the maturity to mate with other elements, and in this way can be thought of as “sexless”.

On page 246 of AS it is stated that all of the inert gases are within one another. This is similar thinking to where in the DI message as partially reproduced on page 142 of TSOL it says, “Everything that is is of every other thing that is. Nothing is of itself alone. All things are indissolubly united”. Also in the same book on page 214, “Say thou to him: each thing is everything and each is everywhere. For | say all things are the same thing, for all things are universal. Each thing reaches through every other thing to the farthermost star”. On page 215, “… all things occupy the same space, and each thing occupies all space”. And again, on page 217, “…..every element which man thinketh of as of itself alone is within every other element, 22

e’en to the atom’s veriest unit”. Intimidations of a holographic model of Universe indeed!

All of this poetic language states that there is no exact science, and that there are no unchanging things. It appears to be a paradox, a similar paradox to the age old question is the “ONE” real or is “THE MANY” real? The obvious and only answer for me is that they both are real; and that is not a paradox!

In considering all of the differing points of view on the inert gases that | suggest are paradoxically presented us in the Russells’ writings, it appears to me that we can best understand them as the first appearance of matter in the material world. They are the birth of matter. As the seed into which all elements refold they are also the end of matter. Life and death are again to be seen as one, as a continuum. Just as an old person begins to take on many of the appearances of a baby before death, the inert gases stand at the beginning and the end of matter’s appearance and disappearance.

From this vantage point it is more accurate to say that the inert gases are not sexless, or one or two dimensional, for the only thing that is without sex or at least 18 dimensions is the ONE, the entire Universe. All parts of Universe must demonstrate sex and 17 other dimensions. At the same time the ONE has within it both sexes, and all dimensions. THE ONE IS REAL AND THE MANY IS REAL. The inert gases exist in THE MANY, the relative Universe; and THE ONE, the absolute Universe contains within it the inert gases and all else.

To directly answer the question, “are two helium atoms required to form a positive-negative pair as the Helium octave unfolds?”, | will say it is not required, but it might happen if they are precocious!

(3) From Helium's flat 0 to 6 degree plane of rotation, four rings are projected centripetally in four succesive efforts. In the first effort Lithium is produced which is at a plane angle of approximately 48 degrees. All things in nature evolve and devolve cyclically, or there is a time lag, or there is a harmonic periodicity to the process. In the second step the element Berylium is. formed and it has a plane angle of rotation of about 72 degrees. In the third step at a plane angle of about 84 degrees Boron is formed, and at about 90 degrees in the fourth step Carbon is formed. 23

Each ring itself as well as all four rings together as parts of Universe must have polarity preponderance. Those rings are all preponderantly male on the red side, the male side of the wave, up to the fourth position, the amplitude position. At amplitude the polarity preponderance is so even that the element can be said to be a true hermophradite, or to exhibit both sexes equally. From the fourth position on the other side of the wave, again these same four rings continue to be projected in similar manner and these exhibit female preponderance as the dimensional changes progress in form that signifies female preponderance. The structure changes from one of prolation to oblation, etc., etc. In this phase of the cycle the element ends its octave changes at neon as it refolds into it to rest, and in time, to reappear in the next octave cycle. As the substance, the motion, the idea, evolves through the entire nine octave cycle it expresses the one whole idea of creation. As “it” evolves up the cycle it becomes more dense, compressed, and pressurized etc…

Since all the inert gases are said to be within each other, (as all things are from a ONE or universal viewpoint poetically expressed in the Dl) all records are in all of them. From a MANY or relative world measurng the parts “scientific” viewpoint, each inert gas is the seed beginning for each octave and it gets its information from the octave preceding it. On page 269 of TSOL Russell says, “Octaves unfold from their past recorded seed into which their present record can refold. That principle is absolute in nature”. This would imply that helium is the seed for the carbon octave and it reolds into neon via flourine as well as itself!

As matter is wound up and further compressed it becomes the next octave of elements and flourine finally finds rest in neon which is also paradoxically within helium.

This entire process is an evolution in form and all dimensions, not just sex, as the motion that is demonstrating the element goes through the universal cycle. Each element appears and in some time must disappear, the question is how much time must take place under what circumstances to witness the appearance and disappearance. The answer to those questions will possibly allow us to experimentally demonstrate the process.

In Chapter 10 of AS in the summary on page 229, the Russells again speak of the ONE or in their terms God the knower as nondimensional. That is consistent with our ordinary language. They then assert that 24

God’s thinking is two dimensional, this is an abstraction in that we cannot sense anything in the visible 3D universe that is only two dimensional. Their statement that God's thinking is two dimensional is an attempt to relate the ONE with the MANY, or GOD with the material universe. Relationships can be thought of as abstract when you consider them as relationships. When you experience them, sense them, or know them, they are the experience of identity and are not abstract. The ultimate meaning of any relationship is identity. So when you experience a relationship, not as an abstraction, as an idea, it is both ONE and MANY, unity in diversity.

When they state that God’s creative actions are three dimensional that is again consistent with our ordinary language. We can also say that God’s destructive actions are 3D.

In the process of elemental formation each set of rings that is projected wherever it is in the wave cycle has within it again the same polarization process, the same division into male-female pairs. When a Lithium atom is created it will only find a simulation of complete balance when it is in mated contact with Fluorine. Whether or not at the creation of a Lithium atom its equal mate Fluorine is also created is a question that can only experimentally be demonstrated when some of the time and other dimensional circumstances necessary to demonstrate the creation of elements is mastered. Until such demonstrations are manifested we can only talk in terms of principle and attempt to reason as to the outcome. If everything is created in equal mate pairs it would appear that as Lithium comes into being Fluorine must also come into being. In any case it would create a cosmic tragedy of unrequited love to have Lithium created without Fluorine or vice-versa!

of the four rings and these all contain both polarities within them at all times, the degree of preponderance determining its position in the wave and whether or not we call it male or female. At wave amplitude the element formed is a union of the rings projected from both sides of the spectrum in hermophraditic balance.

In summarization of the question #3, all the elements are trans- muted within the Helium octave in time from one stage to the next up or possibly even down the cycle. And for the motion in the Helium octave to be refolded into Neon it would end that process at Fluorine. 25

(4) The nature of an electron is to expand as it leaves it’s primary, whether leaving an anode or cathode, and it is then discharging. It changes its intensity of polarity every bit of distance of travel from cathode or anode, thus the many names for different particles that science has. When the particle arrives at wave amplitude, or any equator like the cube wave field boundary plane equator, where the pressure condition, direction of travel to or from a gravity center is reversed, then it can be termed a neutron, as polarity is balanced at this reversal point. See pages 78-79. The electron is not on the Russell periodic chart as it has no existence in the classsical or modern sense in Russell’s understanding and statements. The electron is motion away from it’s primary. It is a “light unit” a component of the motions that make up an element and all things.

An explanation for how conductivity in metals occurs can perhaps be gleaned from the following maxims derived from the Russell Cosmogony:

Charged bodies seek to discharge their potential into the low potential - pressure inertial position of equilibrium which lies between it and its neighboring mass.

Charged bodies discharge slowly into the insulating medium of poor conductivity which surrounds dense mass near the nucleus of a system, and quickly in the more tenuous masses far out in the system where the insulation against discharge is poor. The environment of a mass influences and/or acts as an insulator to protect its stored energy from discharging or not.

The more dense the mass the dryer and hotter is its insulating environment, therefore the poorer the conductivity for discharge and decomposition, and the greater the inductive quality of absorption of outer energy.

The less dense the mass, the colder and wetter the insulating environment, therefore the better the conditions for discharge and decomposition and the poorer the inductive ability to generate.

The generative direction is the inductive direction of greatest heat; and the direction of cold is the opposite or conductive direction.

The direction to which radiation leads is to the condensing zones of cold and low pressure; the direction to which generation leads. is to 26

the expanding zones of heat and high pressure. The direction that radiates expansion must be away from heat and toward cold; the direction that generates condensation must be away from cold and toward heat.

From these principles we should be able to derive an explanation for predicted or observed conductivity of metals and be able to predict what they should be in some type of a scale and check our theory from experimental evidence that should be readily available. It will be the above factors factored into an understanding of the wave and where each metal lies within its own octave in regards to the pressure zone and the red or blue side of the spectrum, and the conductivity determined in relation to these factors as well as what your standard for measurement is.

It would appear to me that metals are generally good conductors because they have a higher mass, are more dense, generally appear in the third pressure zone of increasing resistance and therefore are able to discharge into a lower potential - pressure zone, and less dense environment.

lower pressure zones, on the blue side of the spectrum that are incapable of discharging into a lower pressure zone as readily as those previously mentioned.

Conductivity must be intimately related to the polarization process, as to conduct a current must be the exchange of potential between the two “yin-yang” principles in nature. It takes two to tango, the divine dance which is the conductive - inductive dance of creation is the polarization process!

Perhaps you metallurgists can derive a formula from all of this admittedly philosophical discussion that is devoid of mathematical description.

(5) | will refer back to answer #4 in answering this question as background. Electrons and neutrons are as described there, and a proton would be a positively charging particle contracting as it centripetally radially approaches its anode, and the center of gravitative mass of its system. 27

All of these are the one substance in motion, or are simply motion in various degress of centripetal-centrifugal preponderance, density, etc. The mass of a particle or systems will increase relative to other mass in its zone of similarity or its zone of reference as it is subjected to greater compressive, wind-up, pressure. than its neighbors. A proton or neutron has more mass than an electron because it is a more compacted structure for its size in the wave that determines that element. It is more compacted because it is closer to the center of mass of the element.

A hydrogen atom is different in mass than any of these others because of the above stated factors and because it is on a different scale of measurement than they are, like a sun is different than one of its planets or a comet that travels around it. The hydrogen atom has mass determined in the same way that an electron, neutron or proton does, it is the relative compression that was pumped into the atom that determines its mass.

In basic structure there is no difference between any of these parts. There is no difference from this point of view because the basic structure of one is that of all of them and indeed all other conceivable structure. The vortex whirl, the Trinity and Tao of the ancients, the sphere and the cube are all models for all form. These four parts of universe all exhibit the basic structure that is modified as to whether the part is approaching or receding from the center of the system, and the amount of pressure that has been pumped into the time-space we are observing.

Very Interesting!!! Thanks a lot for your perspectives: Larry, Aida, Howard, Laara, and Tim. As editor | reserve the privilege of casting forward my own views. I am convinced each particle (electron, proton, neutron,etc.) represents a state of motion and therefore can be located on the Russell periodic chart of the elements. Reading TSOL, p. 166, points me in that direction. | want to play with some tabulations based on atomic weight, density, and charge/discharge before | am brave enough to assign them an octave and position. Stay Tuned!

The next questions for your inspired consideration and response are:

1) Voidance Principle: “Every action-reaction in Nature is voided as it occurs, is recorded as it is voided, and repeated as it is recorded.“ 28

How can you reconcile the Voidance Principle with your experience of time and space?

2) What are the differences in 'motion-in-inertia' and 'motion-in- opposition’ as used by Walter Russell to describe states of motion in the inert gases as compared to the elements?

Please submit questions of your own!!


Dr. Tim Binder and Toby Grotz are pursuing two areas of scientific investigation of the Russell Cosmogony.

1) Transmutation experiments are in process using magnetic fields to recondition the atomic vortexian field shape. (An argument can easily be made to identify the change from one elemental form into another (say, iron into bismuth) as simply a ‘transformation'–for in actuality there is only one substance, with different appearances of the one substance. Walter used the word 'transmute' to better communicate with establishment science and used 'transform' to identify changes in the properties of an individual metal or element.

students.) Preliminary results are encouraging! The second series of experiments will be completed by mid-April. A full report will be the feature story of the next issue of ‘FULCRUM'.

2) Coils from Dr. Russell's experiments here at Swannanoa were recently pulled from the basement and shipped to Colorado for testing by Toby Grotz! Hopefully by the third issue of ‘FULCRUM’ we will have some test results to publish. Toby has proven out the mirror winding designs of Earl Koenig and can now take the next step to see if power multiplication is practicle!

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