the book of “n”

Resurrecting the “Grand Unified Theory” of the Ancients Yin and Yang, the Golden Mean and Logarithmic Time/Space

by Jeronimo Canty

Cover art by Christian Gautier (1980) with his blessing Final cover layout by Craig Perry

introduction: a prelude in “n”

It has been 35 years since I and a million or so of my generation took Tim Leary’s advice to “tune in, turn on and drop out”. I certainly tuned in. I had lost all sight of the vision that so motivated me in my earlier years, that of being a mineralogist and gallivanting around the world collecting precious gems and such for great museums and greedy collectors. As for “turning on”, my experimentation in that area was brief but to the point. LSD, peyote, mescaline and other gems (in their own right) from Mom Nature’s cornucopia found this intrepid pioneer immersed in boiling mud pots at Yellowstone to tripping the Great Unconformity in the Grand Canyon; always in good company, both natural and supernatural.

This incomparable adventure didn’t last long with me. I had become quite ill, suddenly acquiring all of the classic symptoms of diabetes and then some. Being solidly invested in the spirit of that exceptional time, I turned away from the conventional medical model and pursued a path that most appealed to my nature, that of Eastern medicine, in the radical form called “Macrobiotics”. At that time, there were no teachers around where I lived (in Boulder, Colorado), so those who entered upon that path were pretty much on their own, relying on a couple of books, occasional travelers from the East Coast (where this school had been established in Boston). We had to start our own business, there being nowhere to shop for the foods and specialty items central to this teaching, with its great emphasis on local, seasonal foods and a whole grain based cuisine. Medicinal foods from Japanese tradition (miso, tamari etc.; there were many) were not yet being made in the States, so these were imported. Many among my peers, myself included, had severe health issues as we set out on this great adventure to heal ourselves. All of that came together slowly. By the time Stephen and Ina May Gaskin came through Boulder with a hundred or more bus-loads of Hippies and their families on their way to Tennessee, we had a large retail and wholesale outlet featuring whole grains and beans and God knows what else and they cleaned us out! Slowly but surely my health came around. For a year I was a wreck and hid out with my mate, Annie, in the hills of Colorado and the hills of Massachusetts (where my family had an old farm). It was during this period that I seriously set about trying to understand the paradoxical logic behind the Medicine-philosophy of the Far East; in particular, its Japanese manifestation. At the same time, other teachings came our way, teachings which, although from American sources, concerned themselves with the same “model”, if you will, but did so from a Western perspective and actually complemented those ideas and practices at the heart of the Asian school. These “other” teachings are revealed in the text, the most influential among them for me being the focus of the following piece called “Thanksgiving”. The “Model” I speak of is, of course, that of Yin and Yang. We all bear witness momentarily to the “Dance of Opposites” in our lives and more or less take it for granted. For many, however, caught up as we tend to be in these fast and furious times, conflict resolution and “Murphy’s Laws” are about as close as we get to an in-depth examination of the paradoxical heart of the Dance. There is a simple reason for this.

The “Ancients” lived in a very different world. They were not the beetle-browed and barely human creatures so ardently portrayed by modern anthropology. They didn’t die in their teens due to the lack of modern “nutritional theory” and the AMA. At the time of the “Legendary Emperors” in China, a superior agriculture prevailed; the People walked a fine line between “Heaven and Earth”, the soils were healthy, the water fresh, the air unpolluted. The Chinese managed to hold on to this intelligent culture of the soils until they were finally overwhelmed by Western ideas and philosophy, mainly the material dialectic (Yin and Yang without “N”) of Marx and Lenin. Having ancient roots in a monist dialectic (Yin and Yang with “N”), it was relatively easy for millions to make the switchover to Mao-thought (other millions were not able and were shot). The real problem lies in the simple “fact” that the old school of Yin and Yang, founded by Fu-Tsi, one of their “legendary” emperors, had esoteric roots. The People of the time had a mystical bent and a spiritual vision of the world around them, one befitting a folk living in harmony with Nature. In today’s chaotic world, this vision of Paradise is, indeed, lost. With all of this in mind, I will attempt to share with the reader, my take on all of this and attempt to “resurrect” that ancient model in light of our time and a universal paradigm known to us all, although most would deny it. It is an exercise in word-craft more than anything and it will be abundantly clear to those of you who have the patience to endure, that Universe, just like “Old Man River” just keeps rolling along, despite our foolish notions and our often devious and selfserving abuse of language and the time-honored agreements that hold it together.


The idea of applying the old “model” central to Far Eastern logic and medicinephilosophy to the contemporary search for a Grand Unified Theory and to knowledge in general occurred to me long ago, way before I was ready to proceed. Well, it is time. Many have been those who inspired me to carry through and supported my efforts in countless ways. Much of the boundless “New Age” spirit that prevailed during the 70’s and 80’s has waned however, youthful enthusiasm having modulated into middle age conservatism and doubt. Despite this, I have, in my own irresponsible way, carried through with this vision to the present.

All of this aside, I must briefly introduce the reader unfamiliar with the life and work of Dr. Walter Bowman Russell to this great renaissance man of the last century. As I quote him often and borrow from the artwork of this master of all that he approached, the reader should know at least a bit about the man. Born in 1881, Russell had a very spirited nature and curiosity about all things around him. On the occasion of his birthday each year and especially each 7th year, he would experience an intense inner awakening and spiritual visions that carried him on throughout his 93-year life.

He trained briefly as an artist in Boston and carried on from there to become an internationally renowned portrait artist (drawing the likes of FDR, Edison, Sam Clemens and others), sculptor (with works today in museums around the world), architect (creating the first condominium apartment and studio building in NYC), designer of roads (the Bronx River Parkway), poet, musician, and so on. The guy was unstoppable. At the age of 49, he had a breakthrough experience around that auspicious birthday (7×7) while visiting at the home of friends at Yale in New Haven. They thought he had lost his marbles at first, as he ceased to communicate and embarked on a writing and graphic art frenzy, which upon examination appeared to be divinely inspired. Being intelligent sorts, they took care of his needs and cut him loose. Astronomical charts, chemical elements arranged in musical format, on and on, and all backed up with a voluminous tome of Whitman-esque poetry (The Divine Iliad) written in old-high English with thee and thou. The man was clearly up to something very special! Throughout this period he required total attention to his basic needs.

40 days later he reported having seen the movement of the planets in their synchronized orbits, the movement of the lithosphere beneath the oceans, the mechanical operation of disc brakes and cone clutches within the Earth, and other such cosmic things. Upon his return to NYC, he resumed the presidency of the Society of the Arts and Sciences there and worked along side the greats of his time such as Edison and Tesla, the latter whom he befriended. He started up The Twilight Club, a group of gentlemen who believed that Western civilization was teetering on the edge of disaster (WWI had just ended). Membership included Mark Twain, Tom Watson (founder of IBM), Herbert Spencer (then among the greatest of English philosophers), Arthur Conan Doyle, and other big guns of that hoary time.

By the 40’s, most of these illustrious fellows had passed on, and acting upon Tesla’s suggestion that he pack his vast work away in the Smithsonian until a future folk might understand it, he prepared to do so. Then he met Lao, an outgoing English lady then working in the Oriental Arts Department at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts in Fen way Park. She had read a small book about Russell called, The Man Who Tapped the Secrets of the Universe, given to her by a coworker. Never the shy one, she called Russell the next day, they met, and moved in with the old silent screen vamp Gloria Swanson on Park Avenue. They married (him 73 and her in her 40’s) and set out to find a mountain top location for a school to celebrate his lifetime of inspired work that she had seen in a vision of her own (visions were part of their daily fare). She had convinced him to share his vision with the People. Prior to meeting her, he had entertained the notion that the rich and powerful in industry and commerce were the ones to reach out to; they’re being in a pivotal position to change the world. They, of course, spat on him and his “vision”. After a nation wide hunt which took them to many of the “sacred” mountain sites (Shasta, Pikes Peak etc.) they started empty-handed back to NYC. On a repair stop across from the entrance to Shenandoah Nat’l Park on the Blue Ridge in Virginia, he chatted with the mechanic, who told him of a palace up the road, that had been empty for 30 years and that he might inquire about. It had been built by a Richmond, Virginia railroad tycoon as a summer house (!) and was an exact replica of a Medici palace in Florence. And I do mean an exact replica; Tiffany windows, Carrera marble, gold damask, built by imported Italian craftsmen, no holds barred.

Walter and Lao Russell

They succeeded and moved their things in, Lao hired a crew and they cleaned the place up (years of abandonment saw cows living in the great hall, windows broken [but not Tiffany’s], mosses between the Georgian marble building stones etc.). Try and imagine how long such a thing would survive today (Kids from nearby Waynesboro had partied in the building for decades, but no property was stolen nor did anyone have the cojones to toss a rock through the great, gold-infused Tiffany masterpiece above the baronial hall.) Then, in 1948, they opened up what would one day become the University of Science and Philosophy. The building was theirs for a pittance as long as at least one of them should survive. The good Doctor “refolded” in 1963 and, bless her heart, Lao in 1988. Since then, the school has moved down the road to carry on and continue to disseminate their ideas and work. (USP on Google will get you there for a virtual tour and details.) Enough said! Let’s move on…

T’ai Chi

You will encounter numerous symbols in this text for the idea of Universal Change, but few, if any among them say it so well as this Ur-image from the mists of time and the roots of human wisdom on the Earth. The tri-grams denote, in a clockwise order, the natural modulation of the seasons with the summer solstice at the top and winter solstice at the bottom: Great Yang becomes Great Yin. It only stands to reason!

part one: establishing “the model”

the one “n”

“See thou that man knows that each divided light of his conditioning which extends from Me to him, is balanced always, for I am Balance. And that is Truth and the Law for I AM Truth and the Law. “Say thou to him each thing is everything and each is everywhere. “For I say that all things are the same thing for all things are universal. Each thing reaches through every other thing to the furthermost star. For this purpose have I set My mirrors and My lenses of dual light to attain an infinity in an imaged universe, in which no measure is. “Say thou to him all things occupy the same space and each occupies all space. All things extend from all things and are extensions of all things. Likewise I say all things center all things and are involved in all things.

“Say thou these things in words of man’s knowing. And say thou that I, the Light, center him and all things else, for I am everywhere.” (WR)

The One can only be known; The radar function of the senses, Does in no way perceive It. The secret deed in darkest night, Does in no way deceive It. What is KNOWN; not two but One, The Source of both but neither. That which changes is not It, Nor Yin, nor Yang but either.

O- All and/or Nothing N- The paradoxical union of opposites E- Expression, release on all levels ONE is…that which is KNOWN behind the seductive radar report of the senses. It is the invisible quality behind sensed quantities of ever-changing “matter”. It is the Wellspring, the Source of all creating and reproducing things (and ALL things are creating and reproducing), and It is the Foundation or BASE upon which all things arise to express their unique ideas. One is the Whole that centers every part, yet in the One there are no parts. It is the rhythm of the Dance of “Heaven” and “Earth”. It is the fulcrum of the Universal Heartbeat and is, most importantly re: the text before you, the Rhythm of Logos. One is the Source of Life and is, at the same time, Life Itself…the Virgin Mother of all Possibilities. It is the Point that all things struggle to make and the finally changeless Meaning behind all changing things (and all things change in all ways, always), and all of these are One in Truth and the Law, for the One is “Truth and the Law”. In times long ago, before zero and negative numbers were in use (before Descartes, Euler, LaGrange, Newton and others opened Pandora’s Box yet another notch), the Ancients asserted “One” (Unity) to be the origin of “the many”. Less than one would be measured in fractions and zero was and remains, a dangerous abstraction. One is the holy number of Man in the hoary tradition of Sacred Geometry. Our Ancestors knew better than to assign “zero” to the Creator. They understood that to do so was to invite every manner of idolatrous relationship to the Divine (to Which no thing “relates”). Despite this, the cipher (zero) was finally adopted and the One forsaken; and now the reigning Church (“science”) is rapidly approaching the desolate conclusion that Universe, that Life Itself, that “God” (by any Name) is VOID! A dark and loveless vision to be sure! The One is known by many “Names”, one of which is Omnipresence. This is a grand word, an archangelic image, and one that is only beginning to sink into our thick skulls on this beleaguered orb. How can something be everywhere at once? And not just everywhere at once, but wholly present everywhere at once! Not partly here and partly there, But wholly and entirely present Everywhere at Once- NOW!

Of course “Now”, “time” being clearly nonsense in light of Omnipresence, and “space” being likewise naught. The “mind”, being in Truth no more than the planar, cubical interface of harmonically ordered “bubbles of perception”, (lacking “a mind of its own”), reels in disbelief! Intellect is aghast!

Think of the ocean for a moment. All of the known natural elements are present in the ocean and they are everywhere. Everywhere! In every cubic measure of the open sea these substances are there, in solution- actually (and this will be understood better in time-) in holographic solution. (In white table salt, these magical and important elements are removed and applied elsewhere to devilish ends, leaving the now highly concentrated and toxic salt, NaCl). Another great “Name” of the One is Universe, and the commonly used term “universal” really means omnipresent. So how is it that Universe is wholly present in local systems, in the midst of phenomena here in the theater of the senses? Shedding light on that mystery is certainly one of the principle aims of the work before you, but suffice it here to say that “the Lord” (that One Which “lords” over all things) is indeed present in the “Belly” of all things, in what we will learn to call “n” (summing finally into “N”). Yet another venerable “Name” of the One is Omnipotence, which ponderous term simply means the simultaneous and immediate presence of boundless Energy (another popular but often confused “Name”) everywhere at Once! AgainNOW! There is no- place, no- time, no- where, no- how, where universal power or potential… is not there on tap awaiting our command! Walter Russell and his close associate Nikola Tesla understood Omnipotence and the implications thereof for an energy starved world, but man was not ready then nor is he ready now for truly free energy. For their vision, a self-serving and arrogant corporate aristocracy buried them alive. Thank you George Westinghouse! It would appear we still have some important lessons to learn first and time is Not some power here and some there, short! But Infinite Power on line, Synchronously and Omni-presently!

We still hold on to the archaic, left-brain notion, for example, that “energy” comes from food via caloric conversion. Calories? A man could fast for weeks and still have twice the strength of a well-fed soul who lacked desire. So what then IS desire and how does it relate to energy? WR put it this way…

“Desire is the Fulcrum of the Universe” And to this I will add… “N” is the Fulcrum of Universe! And in our Heart of hearts, we KNOW that this is so. I can see the Point at the “n”-d of the tunnel! The matter of desire and energy will be carefully considered in light of many important and kindred ideas, and they will all be resolved in Principle, in “N”. The Book of “N” is here to illuminate and reveal these matters and remove them from the sweaty paws of “orthodoxy”, lest we be unprepared when da Judge arrives to test our mettle. So stay tuned and forge on. Things will fall into placelogarithmically! So now we can at least glimpse the possibility of boundless power simultaneously everywhere at once. Only one thing is missing- somewhere to put it! We need a concept, an idea. It is here that yet another of the ponderous “Names of God” arises- Omniscience! What does this mean, and especially so in light of the other two members of our “Omni-triumvirate”? What we really have here at every point, is potential; the potential to do work, to manifest our dreams and substantiate our visions. Potential alone amounts to a big, fat zero (hence the commonsense predilection to assert “God” nonsense without Man); of what use is “zero” without some ONE to express it? Can you imagine a lever without a fulcrum or an axis without something to turn about it? How about a dream without a dreamer or for that matter, “God” without Man? Infinite idea, possibilities without limit, “all knowledge” or what have you… simultaneously and fully present at any point, anywhere, anytime. What actually does arise at any given point depends on just what is needed in a universal context. The possibilities are indeed endless, but the Process is Order Itself. There is a Still Point at the Very Heart of every thing, every system, every process, every phenomenon, visible and invisible, “good” or “evil”. It is there, in the Sacrum or the “Belly” of things, that “n” (finally “N”) resides as One with “the Lord”. Trust me, and keep a lid on your inner (but understandable) atheist! Somehow the Whole prevails in every part, and yet there are no parts in the Whole! A correct understanding of this paradox (and hence all paradox) is required of all who would move on through this trying School of Hard Knocks, our beloved Alma Mater, la Tierra Encantada. We can KNOW the One and sense the “many”, but we cannot know the many nor can we sense (i.e. echolocate) the One. Likewise, we can know the whole (quality) and sense the part (quantity), but we cannot know the part nor can we (electrically) sense the whole. That’s the Deal. It really couldn’t be otherwise, “all things considered”! Ever since the buck was passed to Eve, macho “left-brain” or intellect, has declared knowing to be a sin. Abel was content with his faith, but Cain wanted to know! The Gnostic knows while the Literalist (those who take Scripture literally) can only hope!

Consequently, our present “Western” civilization is caught up in what I will call, “Romancing the Part” and has been reduced to idolizing matter. Physics is the High Church and an idolatrous mathematics its liturgical language. We are possessed of discordant parts and degenerative disease is pandemic. We even think of ourselves as parts and the insidious “establishment” promotes this nonsense to its own dark and selfish ends (not to mention its own demise!). In viable systems, the “part” only appears when the whole becomes incoherent and disqualifies (i.e. “quantifies” or comes “a-part”). Being One with Omniscience (could it be otherwise?) we have known the Truth all the while, but have had to dramatize the role of Narcissus (in Greek mythology, Narcissus fell in love with his own image in the pond), the self- possessed “ego” and the delightful scenarios that accompany this adolescent plight- for many, from infancy till death. Once again it is time to render that Truth You are not “a part of” dynamic; consciously applying It to all that we nor are you “apart from”, do, in humor and in love, with our lives and in The Only-One-There-Is! our world. It is indeed time to DO…and this magic word is the very same as the Japanese DŌ (as in ju-do, aiki-do, ken-do, shin-do etc.) which is their version of the Chinese “Tao”, or “the Way”. To DO from the Belly, the Center of one’s psychophysical Being, from the Posture of Wholeness is to bring Heaven down to Earth and reveal the Divine in the midst of the mundane. There is no time like the Present! The One is known by many “Names”. These Names are words of great power. They point, through our experience, to the grand archetypal qualities and attributes of the Whole, the Divine. They symbolize the “holographic sum” of ALL mundane qualities and attributes. (“Holo-graphic” is nice but Holy-graphic” would be more appropriate.) All of these “Names” are finally the Same. In that absolute sense, if one applies they all apply. Here’s a brief list of some of “God’s” most popular Names: Truth (as in “do you swear to tell The Truth, The Whole Truth etc.), Perfection (as in “so-and-so was in Perfect Health [yesterday, before he dropped dead of a heart attack]). Justice (need I say more?), and quickly, some others…Beauty, Balance, The Absolute, Freedom, Symmetry, Wholeness, Health, Life, Light, the Soul, the Spirit, the Word, Salvation, Damnation, Jesus, Satan… and the list goes on! In Truth, these “Names” have no opposites, but in practice they do. Any of these can be polarized into a triune or trinity form wherein the “Name” is like the fulcrum of a seesaw with its dual, mundane expressions on either side. Absolute Truth is expressed in our experience as “truth” vs. “lies” or untruth. Peace becomes war vs. peace and Perfection becomes relative “perfection” vs. “imperfection” and so on. The reflective “mind” (being no more than a hall of mirrors) is predisposed by its very nature to do this and therein lays one of the great problems of our world today. Here are some examples…

Peace war peace

Perfection imperfection perfection

Justice injustice man’s “justice” disease

“Perfect Health” relative health

Placing any “Name of God” in the fulcrum position of the lever polarizes it into opposites. We readily confuse the “Name” with its positive expression. This is called, “taking the Name of thy Lord God in vain” in the10 Commandments.

People commonly confuse these “Names of God” with their relative, mundane counterparts! To do so recklessly is to “take the Name of thy Lord God in vain” and constitutes a grievous error in logic and a violation of what our ancestors called “commonsense”. The wisdom- tradition of the Ancients and of wholesome people today did and still does not take lightly to the false and incoherent use and abuse of time- honored language agreements. Their leaders were more often than not known as “Speakers”, and when the Speaker spoke, his or her words had great power and came from Truth. The root of the problem is really quite simple, so listen up… To safeguard the sanity and well-being of the Race, our wise and considerate ancestors devised this most basic of commonsense language agreements: When we say that a thing is so, (or A=A)

We cannot, at the same time say (or imply) That it is not so (that A≠A). To assert with conviction, seriously and without humor, that anything in this world is “Absolute”… i.e. fixed, unchanging, permanent, perfectly this or that, is immortal, is beyond reproach or infallible etc. is to lie… and this is usually done to impress, deceive or negate. It doesn’t look good in River City…

We will soon see that to do so is to render our communication unintelligible and incoherent, to “miss the point” and worst of all, to do so consciously is, more often than not, to flat-out lie. The roots of this problem lie in the often careless, but just as often premeditated confusion of “the One (by any Name) and the many” through our willful choice of words It amounts to swearing an oath! As kids we learned to confuse “swearing” with cussing, but it was the reckless swearing of oaths, the humorous and self- inflating use of one of God’s many “Names” in vain, that was the real problem… Vain because everything changes and There are no absolutes Short of THE Absolute*.

Here’s a short list of common expressions ripe for the pickin’… “names” inviting idolatry. More often than not, exaggerations if not outright lies…

Never!, Forever!, Absolutely! Everyone! No one! Always! I promise! I swear! Everybody! Nobody! No! Yes! Definitely! All! None! (Kids often use these devices to deflect the assault of ideas focused into them.) When rightly understood (as a language agreement [having little to do with one’s spiritual growth]), it can be seen that That which man calls “God” has no opposite, and “God” (by any Name) has no opposite! How can the Whole have an opposite? The One? The All? How can The-Only-One-There-Is have an opposite? If we call God “Good”, then we must realize that this Perfect Good encompasses both relative good and its opposite in relative evil. evil

Good good

If we fail to do so, then “evil” enters our list of now half-baked absolutes and Satan is born! Universe itself becomes a rowdy combatant in the “Eternal Struggle” against “Absolute Evil”, and twisted notions such as “Eternal Hellfire and Damnation” are born in fertile, albeit adolescent minds- as if there weren’t already enough burrs under the Great Saddle of Life already! Here’s a contentious one… Satan



And yet another thorny philosophical quandary… yin

Yang yang

To place Yang at the Center, as a “Name”, opens a whole ‘nother Pandora’s Box, one which promotes the confusion of the masculine principle with “God”, an idea which many young men have taken to heart over the years and many a “celibate” priest craft celebrated (much to the tragic detriment of womenfolk and alter boys throughout the fundamentalist world). “God” (by any Name) is neither male nor female but both (and neither). To confuse the One with the many is to render idols of mere things and worse, of words themselves! The wise traditions of the world consider word idolatry to be, hands down, the most dangerous and pernicious form of idolatry. In so doing, one sets up the Whole against its own parts, the Absolute against the relative (to do so consistently and with selfish intent is the classic signature of the bullshit artist and the demagogue). Scariest of all, perhaps, is the possible identity of this pernicious error with the “Mark of the Beast” of scripture. Onward… EVERY SYSTEM HAS ITS OWN CONSTANT

Any “Name” of the One has its relative, two-fold image or mock-up in our mundane experience and day-to-day language usage. Called “Change”, the One appears to us as two-way motion and its logical antagonist, non-motion or the appearance of stillness. God as (the Ultimate) “Constant” appears to us as relative constancy and relative change. (It is reflective “mind” that spontaneously divides into antagonistic opposites whatever is “on it”.)

Indeed, as the Inner Poet in each of us realizes, it is in the peace, the stillness, in the quiet and the calm, that the Lord is most noticeably present, and it is the essential purpose of “meditation” (retreat to the fulcrum) to bring one into that Presence. For convenience sake, I will use the term “constant” in a generic sense, to point to the stillness within motion; the calm axis of the frenetic Dervish Dance of this world of relentless and on-going, relative change. The Great Konstant (bowing to the German predilection for accuracy) in the Sky appears to us as a seemingly limitless plethora of relative constants, centering within and controlling without all things “unto the One” (this expression suggests that the Only Thing There Is, is approachable. Forgive my poetic license). Science, religion and philosophy each have their precious list of Konstants! Science, religion and philosophy often assert “divinity” for their own respective and various collections of “constants”. Our “science” has, for all intents and purposes, usurped the language and the logic of both philosophy and religion. It has become the great fortress of idolatry and demagoguery, the insidious Father Church morphing from the Mother Church of the past. Having utterly confused the many with the One, scientific logic is rooted in a rigid and humorless dualism and woe be unto us! But then, such is the nature of the times; as yet another great civilization is fed to the gods of war and villainy. (With Her life on the line, Mother Earth prepares for the Great Feast.)

Every thing, every system or process, visible or invisible, has its own relative constant. These go by many “names” (lower case “n” for the many) - most if not all of which being popular “Names of God” at the same time and thus readily confused. Witness… Fulcrum, angle, dream, soul, purpose, rhythm, way, truth, name, core, axis, function, point, spirit, quality, personality, god, essence momentum, goal, base, pivot, identity, vision, character, heart, ch’i, theme, foundation, focus, vibration, meaning, substance, integrity, concept, gut, idea, keynote, dō etc. These are all terms that point to that discreet element hidden away within relationship, within systems and processes, within “things” in motion… which can be known to be present, but in no way actually detected through the electric, radar function of the senses. The “senses” can only respond to activity and motion while in the midst of all that we perceive there is stillness, silence and the very Source of Power. Whereas the senses respond to quantitative change, “mind” knows the hidden, qualitative essence of a thing or event. The “constant” (for example, your body temperature) must be upheld within appropriate tolerances or else the system must forfeit its integrity, its completeness or wholeness and “come apart at the seams”. When basic coherence is lost, all* qualitative attributes (such as those listed above) must fade into black as our system fades into Memory. The various “Names of God” are commonly used for the sake of emphasis and with humor (albeit sometimes subdued lest the needed emphasis be lost). People have devised many ways to check themselves to be sure they are not “using God’s Name in vain”. The ruthless and humorless swearing of oaths (basically lying) is generally forbidden among conscious folks, this practice leading, more often than not, down various “Primrose Paths” to death and destruction. To this safeguarding end, we wink or we smile, we come up with a coy gesture or quip. We say “for all practical purposes” (this handy expression will appear as “fapp” in the text) or “as it were” or similar clichés around the world. And this we do to remind others and ourselves that everything changes and only “God” (by any Name) is For Sure. We once even used the conditional and subjunctive modes of speech to consciously keep separate that which is real from that which appears to be so but is not- to keep from confusing what is with what were. Most popular of all, however, is the old-fashioned practice of “knocking on wood” whenever one finds oneself in a shit-storm and folks are swearing oaths like there ain’t no tomorrow! Like Doctors playing God. Practice! Even today, anyone* with a strong nervous system knows when to knock on wood! Listen to politicians and the demons that work for them. Listen to legalese and “your” doctor, to “scientists” and god-spewing, demon- possessed evangelists, to “experts” and professionals of every* stripe…and see how often you are compelled to “knock on wood”, just to remind yourself and others that only the Lord is For Sure. It’s time to come back to Earth and examine just how it is that the One (by any Name) manifests in our midst. Enough of the wrathful god of religious fundamentalism and the negative god of atheistic “science”! We learned earlier that we can KNOW the One (by any Name) and we can see (sense) the many, but we cannot see the One nor can we know the many. This would imply that man is forever cut off from a personal “experience” of the Divine; however, this is not the case. There is more to a “thing” than meets the eye; we so take the casual world around us for granted! In the next chapter we will examine the subtle nature of the “many” and learn to use the ancient logic tool of Yin and Yang- the paradoxical Dance of Opposites. Henceforward we will call the One, “N” (or “n”, practically speaking) and the Two will be known as “X” and “Y”.

the two

“Y” or Yin

“X” or Yang

The Play of Heaven and Earth “In My imaged universe, all things are two, centered by Me, for all things extend from the dual, two-way moving pendulum of My thinking, and My thinking is two. I, the One Light, center the two lights, which register My thinking, but I am not those two lights, nor am I My thinking. “Behold in Me the Trinity, the One extended unto the two, the Creator centering the extended two,

“In My imaged universe, all effect is also two; all thermal measures and the weights of things, the two of matter and of time and direction; the two of color and of the elements; the two of the wave of My thinking and of its expressions. The very One Light of Me is extended in the two lights of My imagining. “Naught is there in all My universe which is not part and counterpart pairs of things, equal and opposite pairs of creating and repeating things, each seeking to unbalance each, and each forever seeking balance in each. “For behold, I am Light, but the universe of My imagining is dual light; light divided and multiplied by common root directly and inversely applied which forever move two ways between the extended lights of their centering One, to express My knowing by My thinking.” Walter Russell, The Divine Iliad It is in mind that opposites are generated; “my” mind and the One Mind being, of necessity and in light of what we've just been considering, the Very Same Mind. That this is so, is an agreement upon which this entire work stands. In a more dynamic sense, however, the “mind” is a spontaneously generated echo chamber, a cubical hall of mirrors. Each of these “mirrors” is really no more or less than a two- dimensional, zerocurvature surface, an interface between colliding “bubbles of perception” (to quote Carlos Castaneda’s Don Juan) or harmonically ordered wave fronts. (Watch the way a flat surface is generated between colliding bubbles the next time you take a bath.) In the same way that an ordinary mirror casts a reverse image of whatever stands before it, so does the mind cast an inverse image of whatever is on it. As the Microcosm, Man is the composite image, actually the holographic sum of the whole of Creation; and is truly cast “in the image of God”, and it is really through the agency of humankind that the One mani-fests (meaning “to create with the hands”). The seemingly limited mind of the “individual” can only reflect on or “upon” sensed perceptions, but in so doing, Universe is “considered” omnipresently, through infinite perspectives or angles and simultaneously projected as infinite variations on the “Only Theme There Is!” Mortal “mind” is the composite function of the nervous system and its central computer, the brain. This amazing broadcasting-receiving set cannot “think” at all. Omniscient Mind is the Thinker. For all purposes, this “mind” is no more than a very powerful and highly efficient echo-locating device. Reflections from and on the world around you locate “you” on the stage of “your” life. In order to truly “think”, one must consciously synchronize with the One Thinker- (momentarily cease to be “you”) otherwise reflections rule and one comes from two-way effect rather than primal Cause. It should be pointed out here that the “mind” and the “body” are inextricably one and the same, but with paradoxically opposed functions, phases and appearances. “Mind” is generated by the central nervous system, and that in turn by the cells of the body. The cells are psycho/ physical data terminals, which harmonically embody Whatever finds a focus in the reflective mind is spontaneously polarized into antagonistic but complementary opposites.

your experience and directly reflect what you KNOW. The mind itself knows nothing. (On the other hand, only Nothing [as a “Name”] can be known!) In other words, in the Single Eye of the Lord, the two are One and in the paired eyes of Man the One is two. Universe thinks things out! And what's more, does so omni-presently! Man perceives this as a two-way, reciprocating, phase reversing, piston-pump mechanism he calls the “Riddle of the Universe”. In his more inspired moments, however, this awesome mystery has been called, the “Universal Heartbeat” or the “Breath of God” or the Dance of Opposites. For reasons that will become apparent in time, I will call it… “THE RHYTHM OF LOGOS” Mind concentrates and things come into being, they materialize or “take shape” and they acquire those dimensional attributes, which characterize physical substance or “matter”. Mind then decentrates, and whatever it was that was previously concentrated into temporal existence, disintegrates and disappears into memory; into the Great Mystery. It turns inside out! Look about you. What can you see that did not start out, as a concept in mind, a seed, an idea and that won't one day vanish into memory? And certainly don't forget to include yourself. Divine thinking is perceived as “motion” or “change”, although this latter term is so readily confused with Change as a “Name” that I generally avoid its secular use.

Universal Mind thinks and things happen, and do so universally! Man then reflects on what he sees and devises oh-so-clever ways to describe the mindboggling complexity of the world around him. In his/her most deeply inspired moments, (s)he drops out of the picture altogether, and the ineffable beauty of “The Way” is revealed.

Creation of the “Mind-field” by polarized extension of a point. (Any point will do. Drawing by WR)

A Dynamic Look at “The Way” or TAO According to popular lore, it was in pre-historic China that a wise and patient observer named Fu-Tsi first discerned “The Way” or what we have learned to call, Tao. Prior to that seminal event, Man did not reflect on the Way but was rather One with It… in much the same way that the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms, human infants and fools are “One with It”- in the same way that Helen Keller was “One with It” just before she realized that the word “water” and the cold, wet stuff being poured on her head were the same thing. Yet another enactment of the mythical story of Narcissus! It appears that Fu-Tsi realized that, without exception, all* activities and phenomena in the boundless* Creation, regardless of their seeming complexity, express a fundamental play on two, paradoxically opposed, antagonistic but complementary tendencies (“in and out”); and that their omnipresent dance gives spontaneous rise to limitless* possibilities. What’s more, all of this is arising spontaneously from the boundless ocean of Chi or spiritual Light… the One Substance, if you will. And from this realization he logically concluded that the vast spectra of apparently varied substances that clearly make up this world (the “Ten Thousand Things” of Taoism) must simply be transformations of this One Substance, modulations of It. Fu-Tsi was no fou! In time, this cosmic vision was to become the solid and unshakeable Foundation of the enduring civilizations of the traditional Far East, their…

“Grand Unified Theory” The two universal tendencies of light-in-motion he called “Yin” and “Yang”, possibly after expressions already in use to denote the contrasting play of light and shadow. All of the above being essentially so, it behooves us to examine the dynamic character of this Yin and Yang device in light of our own experience and language, and see for ourselves just how all- pervasive and practical, the great vision of Fu-Tsi really was and is. So… All* activity that is gathering in nature, which involves the centripetal, in-ward bound apparent movement or modulation of the One Substance (Light) toward gravity centers in mass-, is YANG activity by definition. By virtue of the commonsense adage that there are “two sides to every coin”, we already know that both Yin and Yang are present in all things, although one or the other must be in excess. They are “equal and opposite” but can never be “equal” lest they cease to exist (a battery whose poles are “equal” is “dead”). Finally, of course, they are One in the Lord (as “Balance”), in the over-riding One, and mock-up that equality at the equinox positions in every wave of motion. For all intents and purposes, however, the Creation stands on their perpetual and essential inequality and asymmetry. Here is a short list of Yang activities: Concentration, integration, generation, polarization, construction, compression, growth, fusion, consolidation, induction, accumulation, multiplication, solution, prolation, revolution, positation, gravitation, inspiration, synthesis, formation, increase, charge, contraction, attraction, constriction, creation and so on. Each of these terms points to a gathering of whatever it is into a more compact space and a corresponding increase in other Yang dimensional attributes.

An increase in the Yang component of a system or process results in a synchronous increase in- temperature, density, resistance, plane (a shift from zero to 90°), voltage, alkalinity, color (a shift to white by way of red), frequency, shorter, higher wave length and amplitude, sphericality, power, visibility, valence, centripetal gyroscopic momentum etc. …and in the potential for all of these and other dimensional effects to become their opposites. Although infinite* variations on any given theme are theoretically possible, all things become their opposite in time (indeed, it is this business of things turning inside-out to become their opposites that creates “time”). Here’s the rule: Sooner or later, Yin becomes Yang and Yang becomes Yin. In the shorthand language of mathematics we use arithmetic to separate things one from the next, to take them apart, and geometry to connect those things, to relate them one to the next. In the next chapter we will see how nature uses the logarithmic spiral to marry these seemingly opposed functions into the 10,000 things of Lao Tzu. In laser holography, it is the “working beam” which performs the arithmetic function of registering the details of the object being “holographed” or reproduced, and the “reference beam” which reintegrates those details in light of the coherent source of them both! We will see in time that “motion” is really holographic reproduction.

The Play of Heaven and Earth Can you come up with an antonym or opposite term for each of the words listed as “Yang” activities? If so, and I’m sure you can, what you will have is a list of the attributes which describe the “Power of Earth” and Earth’s great role in the Drama of Creation. Earth is the Mother, the Great Yin, which decomposes, digests and assimilates all comers- and thereby makes their substance available for new growth, for new possibilities. The good Dr. Russell, whom I have quoted at the head of these two chapters, formulated a simple, cyclical law which I have found makes it easier for folks to get a handle on the paradoxical Play of Heaven and Earth… COLD COMPRESSES, COMPRESSION HEATS HEAT RADIATES AND RADIATION COOLS Imagine a great vortex with its base far out in space and the north pole of the Earth at its apex. For that matter, imagine two of these, 180º opposed to one another, and each of them penetrating the planet through its poles. It is in this manner that the cold, seemingly vacuous “space” surrounding the planet, is compressed, is actually wound-up into the hot and vital “matter” of Earth. At the same time, the spinning planet is radiating its heat, mostly between the Cancer and Capricorn tropics, 231/2 º removed from the equator, and this radiation, while cooling the earth, is channeled logarithmically into growth. The discharge of the Earth doesn’t come out simply as “heat”, but as growth. The interplay of “Heaven and Earth” gives rise to all the myriad things that populate our reality. “Heaven” is the Yang Father Light while “Earth” is the Yin Mother Light.

Forever paradox! Heaven is “mind” but is focused into “body”, into the Mother-womb. Earth is “body” but finds its focus in “mind”; the Fatherwomb. Outwardly Yin, the female is so Yang on the inside that she can actually synthesize full-blown holographic reproductions of her kind (German for “child”) in her womb; while the inner Yin of man can analyze the external Creation into an infinity of parts. She integrates these parts inwardly to make a home and he integrates them outwardly to create a “man-made” world. When Heaven and Earth are in harmony, God (by any Name) is in their midst and the well-being of the world is secure. When, on the other hand, their antagonistic yet complementary roles become confused, chaos ensues and Martha Stewart (America’s last home-economics teacher) goes to prison. The “limit” of Heaven is Earth; the “limit” of Earth is Heaven; thus Yang “Heaven” (functionally Yang but structurally Yin, creates Yin Earth (functionally Yin but structurally Yang) and vice versa (wouldn’t you know it!). It does, indeed, take two to tango! The Two are involved in all things, always, with Omnipresence in their midst. .





“Human” “ Universe- Man Intelligence Nervous System Hemisphere Metabolism Mathematical … emphasizing …by means of Focus Predilection Organs “ Electrical “ Holographic

Man (outside) Woman (within) Heaven- Father Intuition Parasympathetic Right-brain Anabolic Geometric Relationship Multiplication The Womb of Body Synthesis Solid (structure) Hollow (function) Voltage Induction Reference Beam

Woman (outside) Man (within) Earth- Mother Intellect (Ortho)sympathetic Left-brain Catabolic Arithmetic Difference Division The Womb of Mind Analysis Hollow (structure) Solid (function) Amperage Conduction Working Beam

Life LognX=Y also Thermodynamic also Direction

“life” “X” “n” Endothermic Heating up Centripetal

“death” “Y” “X” and “Y” Exothermic Cooling off Centrifugal

Colorwise Movement Plane “ Archetype Bent Matrix Ph Universal Form “ Activity Family Government In the extreme Idol Atomic Activity Universal Direction Movement Ratio Others ‘ ‘ “ Enough!

Black>red>orange>yellow> white Revolution →90◦ Vertical “Y” axis Fire Action Time Alkaline 7+ Sphere Gravitation Child (Chi-ld) Constitutional Republic Right Fascism (Nazis) Matter Fusion North by East Close to a Point Inverse Cubic Quantity (structure) Quantity (function) Matter (structure0 Spirit (function) Etc. Ad Infinitum

Black> blue>green> yellow> white Rotation →0◦ Horizontal “X” axis Water Faith Space Acid 7Cube Radiation Parents (pair-“n”-ts) Social Democracy Left Fascism (Commies) Spirit Fission South by West Open in Plane Direct Square Quality (structure) Quality (function) Spirit (structure) Matter (function) For All Practical Purposes!

So you see that there are at least two sides to every coin, and that all things change in all ways, always*! Let there be no doubt about it! You could, if you chose to do so, spend the rest of your life categorizing knowledge (actually only words) in this manner. It would serve you only in that before long you would “get the point” and realize that such things are useful only insofar as they serve your creative needs. How far you go after the decimal point is truly contingent on your needs and the precise demands of your craft. Do you remember, Every System Has Its Own Constant, from the first chapter? When we alter some component of a system or process, each one of the remaining components must make a simultaneous contrapuntal adjustment (although there will be a lag in time) in order to secure and uphold the coherence, the “constant” (“n”) of that system. Given that all systems are, in a certain sense, simply “part” of still greater systems, and we run this balance game to Infinity*, we arrive at “God AS Balance”. In the Long Run, All Things are in Perfect Balance and you ALWAYS get what you need. Relatively, however, Yin and Yang are forever* in flux as local systems go through their unique changes. They are, as WR (Walter Russell) stated in the opening quote in this chapter: “each seeking to unbalance each, and each forever seeking Balance in each.” “The casual drift of a milkweed tuft across a lazy summer sky, brings about the simultaneous adjustment in the compression/ expansion dimensions of ten times ten trillion suns.”

Now we will look at the vision of yet another 20th century Renaissance man; George Ohsawa, the founder of Macrobiotics. WR, The Divine Iliad The essential focus of his life’s work was a rendering of the cosmological vision of old Fu-Tzi into contemporary language and logic.

His enlightened view of Yin and Yang dialectics and logarithmic change has served to bring countless souls across the globe back to Nature’s abundance and sound psycho/physical health. A stern and humorless adherence to his dietary and philosophical teachings has, however, stranded many good people on the slippery slopes of Purgatory: nonetheless, the Principle is sound and humorful flexibility is tantamount to success. Below, I have reproduced his “Seven Principles of the Order of the Universe” and “Twelve Theorems of the Unique Principle”, with some slight liberty taken to better accommodate the dynamic paradigm being developed in this text…

The Seven Principles 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

That which has a front has a back. The bigger the front, the bigger the back. That which has a beginning has an end. No two things are identical. All antagonisms are complementary’ All are Yin and Yang antagonisms. “Yin” and “Yang” are Mother and Father of all things

The Twelve Theorems 1. Yin and Yang are the two poles of the Universal Battery. 2. Yin and Yang are produced Omni-presently. 3. Yang is centripetal, and thereby gravitates inward towards centers in mass. Yin is centrifugal, and radiates outward towards inertial planes in space.

4. Opposites oppose but appear to attract. 5. Yin and Yang, in varying proportions constitute all phenomena unto the One 6. All things change in all ways, always. 7. Yin and Yang are mental constructs. Neither exists of and by itself alone. 8. Either Yin or Yang is always (fapp) in excess. 9. Attraction and repulsion between things is proportional to their dimensional differences. “In a curved universe, all 10. Yin repels, Yang attracts, opposites direction of momentum is oppose. curved and all motion is 11. In the extreme, Yin becomes Yang spiral.” WR and Yang becomes Yin. 12. In space, all things are Yang at the center and Yin at the surface. In time, all things are Yang in the present and Yin in the past and future. To these I will add a 13th Theorem, one essential to our growing understanding of Change (as a “Name”) and one which will be examined in the next chapter: 13. All Yin and Yang combinations and configurations manifest logarithmically. Ohsawa saw, towards the end of his life, the logarithmic character of universal change and said as much, but he never really developed this aspect of his vision. Russell likewise clearly saw the same, but never used the operative terms, “logarithmic” or “exponential”. He simply said “spiral”. However, in both cases, both gentlemen (and Mr. Klyce, who you will encounter in Part II) understood, being solid souls rooted in commonsense and a wholly sane vision of Reality.

The ancient people of Mexico, not unlike the Chinese, were so leery of word idolatry, that they even called the One, “the Two”! They also understood the universality of Change and constructed a “Yin and Yang” device with thermodynamic roots. Systems and processes were seen to be one and the same, and each, without exception, was seen as an expression of the universal interplay of “hot and cold” (see “thermodynamic” in the chart above) and the infinity of variations that would naturally arise around such a general model. I discuss this in, The Search for Quetzalcoatl and the Logarithmic Holy Grail. Check it out! Describing Universe in terms of a paradoxical, monist- dialectic is challenging but ultimately very practical, as that’s (fapp) the way things work. Carelessly handled, however, this subtle model can deteriorate into a reckless atheism) or at its worst, rank materialism (no “N” by any Name). Applied to matter alone, all is lost! As Ohsawa’s 12th theorem points out, the “center” can be called “Yang”, as long as we don’t confuse this “center” with “Center” as a “Name”, as in That Which “Centers All Things”. When this is done carelessly, “Yang” becomes a “Name of God” and “God” becomes a man (and logically, the devil becomes a woman). Talk to Shiva and Kali about that! Omnipresent, Omniscient and Omnipotent “God” is a grand way of pointing to That Which-Centers-All-Things-Simultaneously and it can be seen that this is the Case. But, for all appearances, the One is Synchronicity Itself, yet manifests in local systems as the relative constant of each of them. It is in this role of “constant” or “n” in the Logarithmic equation-

Log n X=Y… the third and most illusive element of the Divine Trinity, that we must now consider The One.

“Sensing” is an electrical affair. All bodies worthy of a name (“n”) are simultaneously both sending and receiving information to and from other bodies. The very same laws that music obeys are at play in your interface with the world around you. Wave interference patterns optically generate the 3-D stage upon which we dance and the dance as well. The bi-cameral nervous system is the conductor of this dance as the senses broadcast and receive information holographically from the world around us. The focus of each of these seemingly separate operations is “n”. Walking through a crowd, one follows “n”, the focus of vision. Seeking the source of a strange odor, one follows “n” to the source. Stereoscopic hearing locates the source (“n”) of a distant sound. The tactile sense locates “n” of that which is being held and the ecstasy of chocolate is “n”joyed in 3-D in the mouth of the beholder. Beyond the senses, the focus of one’s consideration, one’s contemplation, one’s consternation, and perhaps most importantly, ones reflection, is “n” (finally “”N”, the Divine Sum of all “n”s).

The Octave Wave

Systems (“things”) are created in pairs. The pairing- up of plus and minus tones gives the hologram: the whole. The dark discs at the base of the wave are the interference patterns that register the difference between the parents of the preceding cycle. This pattern is seed and it is the “soul” in 2-D (think of a frame of a movie film). It is also the inert gas keynote of that octave, the ever-present al-chemical device whereby Nature records all actions as they occur. The keynote plus the 4 full pairs of every octave give the five full tones of the universal pentatonic scale, the “Five Elements”. There are 4 major steps between conception and maturation of any idea. These steps are in mathematically predictable positions in the wave; “plateaus”, where gathering momentum rests for a bit in its struggle to overcome resistance. These are the tonal positions of music, the valence positions of chemistry, the dividing lines between “kinds” of things on all levels and in all dimensions. In forward time, these steps sum into seven whole steps, thus the universal obsession with seven as a practical limit to our reality. The white sphere at the 4-0-4 position is the ongoing “crack-of-the-whip”.

the three





“Behold in Me the Trinity, The One extended unto the two; The One Creator centering the extended two.” Walter Russell, The Divine Iliad We have been considering several of the more powerful “Names of God”, particularly Omnipresence, Omnipotence and Omnipotence. We have examined the way whereby the One appears in our sensed experience as a perennial Play on Two: Yin and Yang, Heaven and Earth, Father and Mother, and so on. Now we must examine the Universal Presence of the One in the midst of the Two, which Divine Design gives The Three- and do so in order that we might gain a better understanding of the classical observation accredited to the venerable Lao Tsu“From the Three The Ten Thousand Things arise.”

For us to call a thing “divine” at this point in our study of Nature’s Way might be a bit premature… but it would appear that the great spiritual and cosmological traditions of the world concur, that the universal substratum of the “Ten Thousand Things” is triune in nature, and that this Trinity is Divine. Just what this means was not part of my formal education, for reasons that will be all too obvious as we proceed. It would often appear that such terms as “divine”, “holy” “sacred” and “spiritual” have taken on an entirely mystical character and are more often than not used to deflect one’s attention from the Truth rather than reveal the Same. Legion are those characters that spout this well known phrase from the mysterious Lao-Tzu and then immediately abandon “The Three” and fall back into a schmaltzy dialectic to perpetrate their dualistic strategies and masculine god. It is time we learned to no longer separate things “of the spirit” from the things of our direct experience. In order to do intelligent justice to this task we must set out briefly and examine the “divine” and altogether “holy” roots of number and the number game called mathematics. In order that the steps in a process lead to a logical conclusion; in order that the parts of a system sum their energies into a harmonious operation; each of these lesser elements must share a mutual or common focus, a center or fulcrum- or what we have been calling the constant of that process, system or thing. It is by way if this ever-present “constant” within things that Omnipresence (by any Name) manifests in our experience, in our “reality”. I listed a flock of practical “constants” in Chapter One. These are “names” with a small “n”.

In the Western world, the Roman Church etched its personal spin on the “Divine Trinity” in stone in clandestine councils long ago. A masculine trinity was born that, despite the chicanery behind its creation, nonetheless is playable in light of our universal Trinity Model. The “Father” becomes the centering, Omnipresent One, while the “Son” symbolizes the divided Two. The “Holy Ghost” points to the holographic or “holy” union of the seemingly antagonistic Two by means of the Curve of Life, the Logarithmic Spiral. Others have shared this vision… The Three Sacred Treasures central to the hoary Shinto tradition in Japan again reveal the Divine Trinity. A double-edged sword symbolizes, Spontaneous Discriminating Intelligence, which creates but at the same time cuts through the illusion of duality; it is seated in Hara, at the Center of All Things. A polished mirror reflects all things in reverse and is the mind source of the illusion of duality. A spiral seashell carved of jade (Magatama), reveals the Sacred Path upon which all antagonisms are resolved; the “Father”, the “Son” and the “Holy Ghost” from a “pagan” perspective. One more image, this one from old Mexico… There, the One was called “the Two” (this was done to keep the Sacred Name from wagging tongues) and This One was seen as the Source of All Things. Dark Texcatlipoca (“Smoking Mirror”) gave rise to the illusion of duality while his bright twin Quetzalcoatl (symbolized by the spiraling conch shell) represented the unity of Heaven and Earth, of opposites. Ometeotl- Lord of The Name (OM-Teos), strangely familiar…

The simple equation Log n X=Y (read “Logarithm to the base ‘n’ of ‘X’ equals ‘Y’”) reveals the “Holy Ghost” and His esoteric analogs for our consideration. As a universal or truly “general” equation, Log n X=Y covers all systems and processes, all phenomena visible and otherwise, unto the One. Of course, it is the aim of this text to bring that understanding out of you, but suffice it here to say that this is so. It will be seen that even “time” and “space” are logarithmic, as they would of course have to be if what we’ve already considered is coherent… the Maya knew this to be so and so did the Irish Gaels (so what more will ye be needin’, lad, in the line of “proof”?) In this universal sense , the term “Logarithm” becomes a powerful “Name of God” and can be seen to mean something akin to “The Rhythm of Logos”, “The Order of the Universe” or my pet phrase, “The Way of Nature” The “base” or “n” is truly the BASE upon which all things are built! “n” is simply the “constant” inherent in all things unto the One (the Final Constant), and IS the One in the Long Run* (in which case it becomes “N”). One simple way to see the “base” that often helps people to get a better feel for it is this- think of it as the concept that precedes the actual manifestation of a thing, or the idea “behind the thing”. Also, you might look at the base as “where a thing is coming from” in the street sense. “Y” is the Yin, Mother-light, the radiative, disintegrative Force of Earth, and the “Working Beam” of the Universal Holographic Process (UHP). “Whereas “n” is the concept that precedes materialization, “Y” supplies the materials, the parts, the steps, that allow that concept to materialize! “Y” supplies the SUBSTANCE to growing things, to things “a-building”, manifesting, positating, and accumulating, with “n” at the center. For example, if the concept is the addition of a room to your home, “n” is the blueprint, “Y” (Earth) supplies the materials, and from the first shovelful of dirt to the last nail, “X” is the room a-building (a great old-fashioned word that this program refuses to accept!). “X” uses the materials supplied by “Y” to manifest “n”. “Y” also supplies an insulating field of action- the “space” for things to manifest. This it does by clearing out older things whose time is up- thus creating a vacuum, which we all know “Nature abhors”. “n” is the concept, the plan, the blueprint… “Y” is Home Depot© (supplies materials)… “X” is the foreman on the job (puts those materials to use according to the plan!) “X” is the Force of Heaven, the integrative and gravitative tendency of the Yang, Father-light, and the “reference beam” of the UHP. “X” oversees each step of the way (the “Way”), and by means of centripetal, gyroscopic momentum, SORTS the parts that Earth supplies to assure their conformity to the master plan (“n”) or whatever it was that was conceived in the first place (in this case a room add-on). The centripetal vortex (“X”) is Nature’s sorting device… separating the chaff from the wheat on all levels unto the One. “Y” supplies the parts in arithmetic increments, “X” ties these disparate parts and steps together geometrically,

And the concept manifesting does so logarithmically! See if you can spot what these words have in common: “X”, Heaven’s Force, the Father-light, the Reference Beam, Yang, Geometry, Ratio, Intuition, Right-brain, Para -sympathy, Synthesis, Induction, Mysticism, Fire, Knowing, Woman, Body, Matter…

What you should have been taught at the beginning As children we were taught to name and number things, in order that we might separate one thing from the other and/or differentiate between them and thereby substantiate those things in our growing reality. We were introduced to the basic number game called “arithmetic” (the noun, as opposed to “arithmétic”, the adjective). Seen with the Single Eye, this word (in a Universe of no accidents) essentially means “a measure (metic) which lacks rhythm (a-rithmic”). This is so, despite the whimpering of hysterical intellect. Arithmetic emphasizes difference, and an arithmetic series is one in which the difference between neighboring numbers in that series is always the same, (thus lacking rhythm) as in the following examples: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9… Difference (1) 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14… “ (2) 5 10, 15, 20, 25, 30… “ (5)

In later years, after we had thoroughly learned to take things apart and keep them that way, we were introduced to “geometry” (at least this was the case in my day, when commonsense still prevailed in the schools of this once fair land). This powerful term, again seen through Magic Spectacles, means essentially: “measure (-metry) in terms of the whole (geo-)”. “Geo”, as in “geography”, “geo-sphere”, “geode” etc. alludes to the spherical form, a universal symbol for wholeness or unity. The term comes from the same roots as Chi in Chinese and “Ki” in Japanese, which terms also point to the whole. We will see later that Chi refers to the collective momentum of whole systems, specifically. Whereas arithmetic emphasizes difference and takes things apart, Geometry emphasizes the relationship between parts; Ratios and proportions… connections!

The list given above might be called a “geometric series” of words. Here is an “arithmétic series” to balance it, one for one: “Y”, Earth’s Force, the Mother-light, the Working beam, Yin, Arithmetic, Difference, Intellect, the Left-brain, Ortho-sympathy, Analysis, Deduction, Materialism, Water, Faith, Man, Mind, etc A geometric series of numbers is one wherein the neighbors in the series all share the same ratio…

1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64… ratio (2:1) 1, 3, 9, 27, 81, 243… “ (3:1) 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55…” (>1:1.62…) That last series is a special one called “Fibonacci” and the resulting proportion “Golden”. We will be examining these very important matters in the next chapter and throughout the text. Now let’s get it all together! Imagine, if you can, any logical phenomenon, that is not the child of steps in time and parts in space! “Arithmétic” and “geométric” are simply mathematical terms for the two most fundamental activities of Dynamic Creation: the separation of wholes into constituent parts or steps, and the simultaneous relating or connecting of those increments on the basis of a mutual focus, a “point”. Dr. Suess was right! Everything does have a point! So what’s the point, you say? The mathematical marriage of parts or steps (arithmétic increments inherent in all activities) on the basis of a mutual focus (geometric ratio) in 3-D time/space gives, without the possibility of exception, the Curve of life, the Logarithmic Spiral. That is to say, that “time” and “space” are logarithmic! Here’s how. In the shorthand language of math, the simple equation (and the only one in this work, so take a breath and carry on!) Log n X=Y reveals the whole story for all to see who can see. “n” is the constant, the “mutual focus” mentioned above (it is the focus of “X” and the axis of “Y”) that binds the steps and/or parts together. “Y” supplies the materials, the “steps” and/or “parts”, “Y” is the Force of Earth, the Mother of all things (you could say that “Y” supplies the “beat” to the piece [“n”] that’s unfolding). “X” (the conductor) sees to it that all those disparate parts fall into place according to the plan (“n”). You might say that “X” is the foreman on the job. “Y” is called the “power” or “exponent”, to which “n” must be raised, to manifest, to substantiate! “X” is the foreman on the job, the conductor that orchestrates the performance. Without materials (supplied by “Y”, the Earth), “n” remains a mere concept, a formless concept in mind. “Y” supplies the parts in arithmetic increments while “X” relates or connects those parts, sorts them through the agency of concentrative, centripetal thinking, puts them together, one to the other, geometrically! The harmonious marriage of these essential antagonists is universally logarithmic. “n” is the plan, the rhythm, the constant “Y” “empowers” “n” (the concept) by supplying the job with the needed materials, while “X” sorts through (quite literally, through gyroscopic momentum) those materials, choosing those needed for the job. Finally, when the job is completed, “X” and “Y” are voided in one another and “n” (the chi-ld) is born! (X=nY is another way of saying the same equation.) etc. on the “basis” of which the system coheres. Mathematically, “X” is a geometric series, while “Y” is a corresponding arithmetic series and “n” is the ratio of the geometric series. For example: Difference (1) “Y” = 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7… “X”= 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128 Ratio (2:1) “n”=2 so…

“Y” is the “power” to which “n” must be raised, to get “X”… thus 2 1=2, 22=4, 23=8, 24=16, 25=32, 26=64, 27=128… Those among you born after 1980 or so never had to deal with “logarithms”(defined by Webster as “the power to which a given number must be raised to get another given number”). To my generation, they allowed one access to a tool that facilitated the multiplication and division of large numbers without the longhand tedium. No one apparently saw the universal implications of this “discovery” by the Scot mathematician, Napier in the 18th century. Now that’s not too much to endure in light of the foregoing material, is it? I still find it rather hard to believe that that is all “Academia” has to say about the matter, what with logarithmic spirals bursting the very seams of Nature’s Design, not to mention the sacred art and architecture of the past. Had we been introduced to the Divine Mystery of Number as children, the awful mathphobia that prevails in our modern society would most likely not exist, nor, for that matter, would a devilish, black magic driven “science” exist. Another name for the logarithmic spiral is “equiangular”, because every radius drawn from the spiral’s elusive (actually unattainable*, short of “God”) focus to the curve intersects it at the “same” angle. What is your “Guardian Angel” if it isn’t your “angle” (“n”), what you are known by? Each radius strikes the curve at the same* angle. “n” is practically speaking, imaginary, and is unattainable with instruments. The Final Focus is “N” (by any Name).

Dimensions (“X” and “Y”) may vary endlessly, but “n” remains the same for every step of the Way, along the Sacred Path of Change. New parts may be added and old ones sloughed off, but “n” remains the same*. The nautilus adds a new chamber every lunar month- expressing geometric growth in arithmetic time, but its proportional constant or “n”, remains the same. It just gets “bigger”. Magnified, a baby nautilus looks just like an adult nautilus. The logarithmic spiral is the backbone of the Universal Holographic Process (UHP), and the latter cannot be really understood without the former. The “whole” (as “n”) is qualitatively present in every quantitative part or step, and yet there are no* parts, nor are there steps in the whole, (there being nothing “Perfect” short of the “One”). On the other hand, you could say that ALL things are already Perfect (all “Names of God” imply this). Parts do eventually show up in the whole, thus the need for “re-pair” (as things do “come a-part”), the business of putting “X” and “Y” back in synch with one another and thereby with the whole. In the Great Whole there are no parts, yet the Great Whole is WHOLLY present in every seeming part, as “n” (finally “N”). The L-Spiral is simply Nature’s Way of maintaining Unity in the midst of apparent adversity, of meshing apparently antagonistic, paradoxically opposed energies into harmonious systems and processes and reproducing those systems in motion. It is Nature’s way of “voiding things as they occur, repeating them as they are voided and recording them as they are repeated”, to quote the good Dr. Russell’s famous “Voidance Principle”. The L-Spiral is the “Holy Ghost”, the hidden “Mover” behind the façade of motion. It is the springboard of ACTION in all of its parts* and as such is the virtual model of the Far Eastern concept of “Tao” or “Dō”. It is, at the same time, the very Heart of the “Grand Unified Theory”, the “Theory of Everything”, so desperately sought (yet assiduously avoided) by the High Church of Fizzicks today. (Why this is so will be examined under the “Theory of Nutrition”.) It offers a formal and rigorous unification of knowledge on the basis of SOUND PRINCIPLE (“N”!); one already known and time-tested by the human experience on this and infinite planets “from the Beginning”…and expressed most abundantly by us when Justice, Truth, Balance, Harmony, Beauty and other archangelic “Names of God” are manifesting consciously in our lives. Much more could be said about the Logarithmic Spiral at this point. However, since the whole of Part Two drives home the model, while Part Three has the Curve of Life unifying the diverse ideas that constitute The Spiral Lexicon in Part Three, not to mention the answering of the “Greatest Unanswered Questions of the 20th Century” in Part Four… enough has been said for now. The German mathematician Gottfried Leibnitz made the following observation… “Essentially, our experience assures us of only two things, namely, that there is a connection among appearances, which provides us the means to predict future appearances with success, and, that this connection must have a common cause.”


Nine octaves of white light accumulating in the ratio of the inverse cube, of which the centering cube contains within it our nine-octave universe from invisible light to visible, and even then not visible until its fourth octave. WR

THE UNIVERSAL HOLOGRAPHIC PROCESS A Brief Interlude This conclusion to the third chapter will include a number of brief quotations in their original sequence from, The Divine Iliad, by Dr. Walter Russell (with prior permission from his late and inspired soul mate, Lao.) “Say thou to him; Each thing is everything And each is everywhere.”

Not long ago, “leading edge” physicists postulated a “holographic” universe. The ossified body of scientific orthodoxy will resist and deny this awesome possibility unto that same body’s demise (see: “How Will It End?” in Part IV); nonetheless, things will never* be the same again. It would only seem appropriate in a collective work called “HOLOSCENE” that some special attention should be directed to the business of the hologram and just what it means to be “holy”. Both of these mysterious terms derive from the Greek stem “holos”, meaning essentially “here and now”, the psycho/physical Present. “And I also say that man’s infinity ends in eyes of man where it began. All things in My mirrored universe end where they began. Eternity thus ends in Now, and Now in Eternity.”

In the 40’s, an Italian mathematician “discovered” the “aleph”, an otherworldly creature of the mind, which when divided into lesser portions, could be

shown to be wholly present in each of them; a mathematical hologram in its own right. He didn’t do much with it; he took his life instead. Perhaps the implications were too much for him to deal with. The aristocratic left-brain has little tolerance for the implications of the Whole. “For I say that all things are the same thing; For all things are universal.”

Not long thereafter, someone discovered how to turn on (basically) a synthetic ruby crystal and the “LASER” was born. It just so happens, any existence worthy of its own “n”, can be excited (given the right, shall we say, “harmonic environment”) to a special point, at which point it will emit its own, signature radiance, its LIGHT (it’s “n”), and this “light” will be “coherent” to the degree that the source is so (only “God”, by agreement, being Absolutely Coherent). The closest most of us “come” to this ecstatic state of affairs in such incoherent times is a five-watt orgasm or the casual “epiphany” so celebrated in sit-coms out of NYC. But even then the light can reproduce its kind, (some would say, unfortunately). A brilliant performance, a job well done, being in the company of excellence, an expression of personal genius… these also are coherent. “Eureka!” You know. We’ve all had our moments. We all know what “coherent” means. When someone has a point (“n”) to make, and is real clear on what it is, i.e. KNOWS what it is…then their argument is “coherent”. This means that every word, every statement chosen to elucidate this “point” coheres with it, with “n”. In the case of physical light, “coherent” light consists of waves that are “in synch or phase” with one another and with their source (“n”); none are “out of phase”, thus the beam doesn’t* disperse or dissipate. So it is with any system or process whose parts and/or steps are all in phase with the constant (“n”) thereof. Recall here the equiangular spiral seen earlier, wherein each and every radius drawn from “n” to the curve meets it at the same angle. Not being all caught up in some kind of psycho/physical neurosis, a phallic, synthetic ruby crystal, capped off on one end to impede the escape of building energy (the crystal is suspended in a DC electric current), finally reaches a point of no return and bursts forth with a powerful emission of its very essence, RUBY LIGHT- as pure as the source is pure. For all practical purposes, it “comes”. Let there be no doubt; “lasing” is orgasmic! The “n” of ruby entrains (“n”-trains) each of the lesser emanations within the whole and there is, as a result, essentially no dispersion of light. Every “part” is “in synch” or “in phase” with every other part (which really eliminates “parts” altogether) and the whole emission is said to “Each thing reaches be “coherent”- for the same reason a good through every other thing speaker is said to be coherent when he or she To the farthermost star.” clearly KNOWS the material; when each part of the talk coheres with the point (“n”) being made. Since that time, LASER light has been generated from all kinds of things- as I said, anything is capable of emitting its own unique tone or light if sufficiently stimulated in the right way… The latest expression of LASER madness comes to us from Lawrence Livermore Labs, costing billions and designed to keep the Fires of Hell burning brightly- the X-Ray Laser. The X-ray emission of contained, rapid-sequence, low-level nuclear explosions has now been “Harnessed for Peace” and amplified into a LASER beam that takes on all comers, so to speak.

This is no wienie roast, amigos. These guys are serious (and “we the People” paid for it!). In playing with early LASERs, it was discovered that the split or polarized beam has amazing optical properties. One beam is sent directly to a special photographic plate and dispersed over the whole surface by means of a bi-convex lens. At the same time, the other half of the split beam is routed by mirrors and lenses over some object, let’s say, an apple, and then on to the same plate, where it is likewise dispersed over the whole surface. All of this happens very quickly (not unlike conception). The resulting “shot” or “holographic negative”, appears to the eye to be no more than a chaotic wave interference pattern, not unlike the surface of a pond when a handful of pebbles is thrown in. (The pattern in the pond is likewise a holographic negative.) Next, this “negative” must be exposed for a certain time to light, the coherent light of its source working best (just as your gestation worked best in yo’ momma’s womb) in order to be “positated” or printed out. After a prescribed amount of developing time, (9 months in your case) an image of our apple appears on the plate- out in space, just where it actually was relative to the plate- in 3-D and seeming almost real! You can even see around the edges, underneath and over the top! It is truly amazing. Now, drop the plate on the floor. It shatters, and in each fragment we again see the apple, each of them from the perspective of its original location on the plate. Cloning researchers should keep this in mind! Cancer reveals the same. “Say thou to him: All things occupy the same space, and each occupies all space.”

But then, doesn’t your TV or radio reproduce entire broadcasts spontaneously from the most

insignificant point-contact with a vast and widely dispersed wave transmission? For that matter, isn’t your nervous system “reading- out” the whole picture from the merest part all the time? “All things extend from all things And are extensions of all things.”

Do you recognize the players in this little scenario? The beam that goes directly to the plate from the “coherent light source” is called the “reference” beam. The deflected beam that scans the object is the “working” or “object” beam. Can you fit these into our General Equation, or into the Trinity Model the equation manifests? Remember, it is “Y”, the Yin Mother-light, which supplies the materials, the parts or steps, the information to the process. Can you see at this point that the “working” beam is the “Y” of our equation? And then again it is “X” that integrates those parts, that information into whatever it is that is manifesting- in light of “n”- “n” being both the axis and the focus of centripetal “X”. “n” is, of course, the “coherent light source”. “n” turns on and polarizes into opposites, and these are holographically summed at the moment of conception: the “shot”. Here it is merely the visual image of an apple reproduced in ruby light. As “n” is the local Seat of Omniscience, it is known in the midst of this process that apples are not rubies! And while rubies don’t know all that much about apples, surely they cohere, they do resonate in some discrete area of the full spectrum of harmonic possibilities- thus all that we get is an entertaining, somewhat distorted, visual reproduction without substance.

Apples know about apples! Using another version of this very same process, they reproduce living holograms in four delicious dimensions, for our enjoyment, our grounding and our mutual perpetuation. The development process, the bathing of the negative in the light of its source, is what we know in our experience as “gestation”, or “germination”, or “consideration”. From a Mind-Universe perspective, it is called “consideration in light of kind”. A ruby is not an apple’s “kind” so the most we can hope for is a visual (think about that one!). In the womb of a human female, the fetus is bathed for nine months “in light of” Humankind! Here, Mankind is “n”, while father and mother are “X” and “Y”.

“Kind” is the German word for “child”. It is at the “kind-ling point” that things “lase”; they emit their light, their fire! And it is here that the child is conceived… as the difference, actually the holographic sum of its parents’ energies. It is then nurtured “in light of kind” for a proscribed time unique to each system and process, in order that it might succeed and continue its “kind” in perpetuity! Ideas are conceived in the very same way, and each must be considered in light of what is known about that (kind) of thing- and it is “n”, or “kind” that is KNOWN! “X” and “Y” are up on stage, all full of sound and fury, signifying “n”… Move over Newton! Welcome to the optical, photosynthetic universe of gravitycontrolled light! To logarithmic time/space! Carry on and “N”-joy!

“And say thou to him, that I, the One Light, center him and all things else.”

Colliding “bubbles of perception” (waves of thought) flatten into cubes, generating the reflecting “mind”. Harmonic Universe demands this. Cubical “mind-fields” shear and polarize all subsequent emissions arising from omnipresent centers (“n”), and impact them logarithmically into opposite corners; polarization of thought in mind. (JC)

THE FOUR SPIRA MIRABILIS, Φ, AND “THE TEN THOUSAND THINGS” Let the lesser be unto the greater As the greater is to the Whole Nature’s Ineffable Design produces infinite variety from one universal masterform or template, and that one is the three-fold dynamic expressed in the “Curve of Life” of the Ancients, the Logarithmic Spiral. At the same time, owing to the truly universal, i.e. holographic nature of this “Design”, there is but one, very special spiral, one that serves as the prototype of them all, and is the epitome of logarithmic possibilities. The Romans called this all-encompassing curve, “Spira Mirabilis” (the “wondrous spiral”) and it will serve us as “n”, the focus of the last chapter of Part One. Any study of Change and the laws that express the same would be incomplete without it. The “Model” upon which this work stands is nearly complete; at least sufficiently so for our present needs. There is no* amount of evidence, “proof” or laborious detail that could sway or convince the stubborn and inflexible intellect (remember here that “detail” is the left-brain’s predilection) that Nature’s Way or what that rigid soul might call the “Grand Unified Theory”, is utter simplicity… that It is no more nor a whit less than the guiding Principle behind plain, old fashioned COMMONSENSE. So if it’s “proof” that you seek, then you are in big trouble; although the remaining three parts of this work will be “proof” enough for most, of the excellence of the dynamic paradigm being developed here. The One, by any Name, requires no proof, and our “Model” is that One…(fapp). The hoary “Names of God” listed in Chapter One are the Archangels, the principle “Angles of Arc” if you will, which have their collective, equi-angular focus in the finally Ineffable One, the Unifying Principle (by any Name). They represent the UNIVERSAL QUALITIES inherent in the One (finally in Everything) in the same way that all of the natural elements are in solution in the sea and in Sol, the sun, the great solution of this solar system. Note here that So(l) is also the fifth overtone of the universal octave. Lesser systems (quantities) modulate into greater systems (are “n”-trained by them) and in so doing become qualities of those greater systems. Qualities are quantities in holographic solution! The “quality” of a thing reflects where that thing “is coming from”, the steps and parts that became it, that are embodied BY it. The spirit of the thing! The “thing” itself is right here in the immediate Present, but the strong and healthy human nervous system can read out where it is “coming from”, as its quality. You can see quantities but you can’t know them and you can know qualities but you can’t see them. (Forever the paradox!) Of course, each of theses parts and steps was a quantity in its own time, but each was swallowed up, spun into the greater system (and into Memory), was “n”-trained by it, resonated with it, surrendered to it… became “of it” rather than “part of it”. So how do the great archangelic Names such as Beauty, Perfection, Harmony, Integrity, Synchronicity, Justice, Truth and Love descend from Heaven to appear on Earth? We already know (Omniscience demands this) that, absolutely speaking, all things are already Perfection, Harmony, Balance and So On, and that God (by any Name), IS Omnipresence. However, in our day-to-day experience, it is abundantly clear that some things, some people, some occasions carry a hell of a lot more juju than do others. While in the Long Run all things reveal the Spiral Lord, in the short run of everyday reality, some things just don’t cut it. So what’s the difference? In the on-going Dance of Opposites the possibilities are truly endless, but as we learned in Chapter Two, Yin and Yang are never equal; one is always in excess. This being so, what is the most ideal match-up between the two cosmic partners? It all has to do with proportion. When the lesser of the two is to the greater as the greater is to the whole, in whatever manner of system or process and wherever- it is there that Heavenly Wings alight. The L-spiral reveals Nature’s Way and her Design. Nonetheless, by virtue of the very model itself, there must be one very special, one which is the hologram of all the rest; one which simultaneously reveals the One, beautifully celebrates the Two and harmoniously embodies the Three, and this one is the Golden Proportion and its manifestation in Spira Mirabilis. The “Golden” or “Divine” Proportion is characterized by the synchronous and reciprocating (two-way), harmonious blending of opposites, of “X” and “Y” in such a way, once again, that the lesser is to the greater as the greater is to the whole. In this most outstanding harmony of antagonistic yet complementary opposites, we find the ultimate formal expression of the great paradox of Constancy within Change, or LognX=Y

THE GOLDEN GEOMETRY OF SPACE If we bisect a line in such a way that the above rule applies… (this can be easily done with a compass and ruler), the point of bi-section is called the “Golden Section” of the line. The “Golden Rectangle” is a 2-D expansion of the same idea into plane. One side is “lesser” while the other is “greater”. In our decimal system, the “Golden Proportion” (also called the Phi proportion) comes out to approximately (1:1.618) units. .618



The Golden Rectangle

Φ Since Universe is clearly a two-way street, the Curve of Life flows freely in both directions, both being One in the End, i.e. it is reciprocating. That is to say, for example, that if we choose to call the “greater” side one (1) unit, then the “lesser” side would be (.618) units. The “constant” being upheld in the Golden

Proportion is ONE, the Big “N” in the Sky. The Logarithmic Spiral clearly flows freely and with the same focus (“n”) in both directions. In Nature, all* operations are reversible, all* systems retroactive. “As ye sow, so shall ye reap!” Anyway, back to the Golden Rectangle… If we construct a true square, with the shorter side of the Golden Rectangle as its “root” (its side), and block out that square, then the remaining, smaller rectangle is also “Golden”. Doing the same again with the smaller rectangle will give the same result, and so on until we reach a practical limit. A curve connecting corresponding points on each subsequent Golden Rectangle reveals the very Face of Grace- the Golden Spiral! Had we begun by adding squares to the “greater” side, the result would have been the same, the process being reciprocal, and the process “being” at all! “n” is Phi, the Golden Proportion (approximately (!:1.618…) “Y” is the square, the Gnomon… (We’ll get to this in time) “X” is the diminishing/augmenting, changing (but not changing) rectangle. Spira Mirabilis is the discrete “Way” which unites these three fundamental elements, the Divine Trinity, in all things unto The One. The “Blessed Trinity” many of us were introduced to as children, what with its great potential for supporting a vast and horny male priest craft, is incredibly impractical and ripe for exploitation and idolatry. It has, nonetheless, served many a Pope and Purpose over a tortuously long and murderously difficult time… yes, indeed! In the case of the Golden Rectangle, it is the SQUARE that plays the role of the “gnomon” ( in the real world of three spatial dimensions, it is the CUBE that plays this role e.g. a universal rule of LASER making is that the power required to attain “lasing” goes up as the inverse cube of the desired wavelength!). We will examine the “gnomon” in great depth in due time, but suffice it here to say that Heaven and Earth combine their energies to produce the gnomon, which by definition is: Anything that can be added to or taken away from a system or process without distorting or altering its constant (“n”).

“n” is the blueprint, Heaven is the builder and Earth is Home Depot©! The psycho/physical agency of this universal process is the “gnome”, the “spirit” or spiral agent of the Earth element. The “gnomon” (from the same root as “gnosis”- inspired knowing) is called such because it upholds “n”, and it is “n” that is KNOWN! In the Golden Rectangle it is a square, but in the real world it is a CUBE. Thought-generated cubical “mind-fields” constitute the stage upon which the Creation unfolds, in all of its holographic i.e. HOLY splendor. The invisible cube is the Mother of all form; it is Goethe’s “Ewig Weibliche”… the Eternal Feminine, in an impersonal, abstract but supremely practical sense. It is the Womb of Mind, so powerfully celebrated by the masculine persona! Once again- let the lesser be unto the greater as the greater is to the whole; rephrased from an ethical perspective, this principle from the tradition of “Sacred Geometry” becomes the “Golden Rule”…

“Do unto others (“you” are the lesser) As you would have them (“they” are the greater) Do unto you” (“you” + “them” are the “whole”) The use of Sacred Geometry and what I call “Spiralogic” was an essential component of all of the “Golden Ages” of the enduring civilizations of the past (and there were many)- times when people were clear and strong (despite AMA propaganda to the contrary) and recognized that Nature’s Way upheld the commonweal. When Man is consciously One with his or her own True Nature, it is “on Earth as it is in Heaven” and the “Angels of the Arch” (“N”) prevail. Nature’s abundant use of “Golden” or “Phi” proportions is certainly no accident (there, first of all, being no accidents in God’s Nature [unless “Accident” has now become one of God’s “Names” and it’s ALL accidental- which, interestingly, the Church of “Science” asserts.]). An Italian mathematician (Leonardo of Pisa, also known as “Fibonacci”) “discovered” the number series that is at play behind Nature’s dy-namic (“two-names”) play on the Golden Spiral. Today it is known as the Fibonacci Series: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 255… Each number in the series is derived from the addition of the prior two numbers. Beginning with (1), (1) + (0)=(1), (1)+(1)=(2), (2)+(1)=(3), (3)+(2)=(5)… etc. Commonsense dictates that (1) is at the beginning and not zero. One is the holographic sum of opposites, and it is the “negative” from which new opposites arise. Zero is a fantasy; playable, but deadly in the hands of the demagogue.

In this additive (or subtractive) series, the ratio of neighboring numbers soon evens out to (1:1.618…) or “Phi”, the Golden Proportion. This being the case, each new number is a gnomon to the series. These numbers appear in awesome abundance in nature, invariably expressed as a matrix of intertwining logarithmic spirals. Often these wild whorls will approximate Spira Mirabilis (to remind us that only “the Lord” is “Perfect”). Fibonacci is a gnomonic series, and as such is, at the same time, logarithmic, holographic, harmonic, gyroscopic, and a list of other ponderous adjectives that all point to The Same Thing- The-OnlyThing-There-Is, The Process, Nature’s Way, Tao… or What Have You. The Fibonacci Series points to the ultimate orderliness of God and God’s “Nature”. It is a truly “holographic” series in which the whole is present in every part and parts disappear into the whole. A most careful consideration of the magical dance of “X” and “Y” around and about “n” in “natural” systems and processes reveals, that ALL of them, in the Long Run, are “Golden”, and all spirals are, finally, Spira Mirabilis. Temporal/spatial (“X” and “Y”) dimensions/ combinations vary infinitely, thus the appearance of infinitely varied expressions (the “Ten Thousand Things” of Lao Tzu) of Utter Simplicity! Enuff! Our “Universal Systems Model” is now complete (fapp)! The greatest difference between this model (or “paradigm”) and others that have been and are being proposed, (besides its “utter simplicity”) is that you have known this one all along; so it hasn’t been necessary to create a new language. We will, however, have to take a long and hard look at the language we already have, and do so in light of this Model and its dynamic expression in the Logarithmic Spiral. Now that “It” has been resurrected and stepped-up into our present modality (the “HOLOSCENE”), it only remains “to drive it home”.

In order to do so, we must take terrible and unprecedented liberties with “knowledge” as we (think we) know it- and with all those mysterious and seemingly “unsolvable” questions that the reigning Church holds sacred and dear (not to mention, indispensable); with the dark and bristling defenses of devilish and solidly entrenched Orthodoxy; with accepted conventions, traditions and agreements; with the hoary list of “Constants”, “Standards” and “Laws” that form the labyrinthine base of the great logarithm… of the Church of Scientific Materialism (more correctly called “technical scientism”). Once you have grasped “The Model”, once It has “n”-trained you completely (like a humming and well-tuned flywheel “n”-trains all components of a new BMW) and YOU become the Coherent Light Source of the Holographic Theater of “your” life, you might find yourself awakening as if from a terrible dream. From then on you may find it increasingly difficult to participate, in any way, on any level, with the frightful disease that infests science, religion and philosophy in our time. You will, at the same time, discover just how pandemic this global miasma of self-interest and fear has become. Now I will briefly summarize Part One. The Unifying Principle of the Ancient World and the frantically sought-after “Theory of Everything” of modernday physics are One and the Same. The Ancients extrapolated consciously from that Principle to the “Ten Thousand Things”. Now, “science” would extrapolate from the 10,000 Things back to that Principle. That’s the way waves work. The “One” is the Whole and the Whole is One. “God” and all “Names of God” are One and the Same and the whole man or woman knows this. Practically speaking, the One appears in the midst of phenomena as the centering

“constant” of each. The Whole appears in the midst of the “10,000 Things” as the “constant” of each of them. Parts exist in the Whole only as qualities of the Whole, while the Whole centers each and every part. The “One” has many “Names”, each of these reflecting quintessential qualities of the Whole. These “Names” are often carelessly and/or maliciously confused with the “names” of transient “things”, the “many”. This confusion leads to chaos and incoherence and is the most insidious of communication errors and renders idols of mere words. “Thou shall not take, the Name(s) of they Lord God in vain” says it nicely. The “One” appears as opposites with a still point in their midst; “Yin” and “Yang” from the old Chinese model. These terms basically describe two-way reciprocating, self-voiding wave activity, “Yang” being the centripetal, generative, gravitative process that predominates in the first half of all cyclical phenomena (and all* phenomena are cyclical), and “Yin” being the centrifugal, degenerative, radiative, wholly natural response to the compressive first phase. Both tendencies (naturally) exist in all phenomena although one or the other is always in excess. Opposition is inherent in all systems and processes. Opposites oppose but are complementary. The Two with the One in their midst gives the Three, the common lever being the essential physical prototype of this triune Master form. Yin and Yang and their shared constant constitute the matrix of logarithmic time and space. In the general equation LognX=Y (also read X=nY), “Y” is Yin, “X” is Yang and the base, “n” is the idea manifesting and the constant of the process. “Y” empowers “n” and supplies the needed materials. “X” guides the unfolding process to its (spira-) logical conclusion. That synchronized steps lead to logical conclusions in logarithmic time/space, allows one access to the past and future (as Leibnitz noted at the end of the last chapter). The many “Names of God” are most profoundly witnessed in those things which manifest “Golden Proportions” in their midst. When the lesser of the two is to the greater as the greater is to the whole, their relationship is “Golden”, reciprocal and natural. When it is seen that all things vary simply on the basis of temporal and spatial dimensions (“X” and “Y” coordinates), then it can be readily seen that all things are finally in Golden Proportion, despite appearances to the contrary. All motion is spirallic, all spirals are logarithmic and all logarithmic spirals are finally* Golden! It’s amazing what one can do with words while Old Man Universe just keeps rollin’ along.

Careful examination of the VW “Beetle” reveals that the most popular car in automotive history is in Golden Proportion. In the above blueprint, Ø is the Golden Section of the line AC. Proportionally, ØC/AØ=AØ/AC. The center of gravity of the vehicle is on the axis wherein one places the jack to lift up either side. Whether or not Porsche knew this remains to be seen. Nonetheless, the strange beauty of the car, its famous utility and efficiency are all hallmarks of the Golden Proportion in design. One would be hard pressed to find a better example of the harmonious union of art and function (at least in automotive design) than the Beetle. When it arrived on our shores in the 50’s, it cost $800.00 brand spanking new! It was truly a “People’s Car”. That was then!

part two: defusing the left-brain

All arrive at the banks beyond, All are gathered together By the Consciousness, Perfect and Adorable. The Heart or “Diamond” Sutra (reduced to its essence by Herman Aihara)

THE ALPHABET It came to my attention some time ago, that each letter of the Roman alphabet is a system unto itself and that each of them has meaning. In the design of each letter as we know them today, “X”, “Y” and “n” are clearly present. Once any system has been reduced to these three fundamental components, (and the vital human nervous system is designed to do this quite readily) - that system will reveal its “n”, its Heart. As children, just about the same time we learned arithmetic, we also learned to read and write. We printed our first words on a 3-fold matrix: (Note that the midline was not in the middle but a little offset to the south…Ф!)


“n” “Y” We will call the top line that of “Heaven” or “X” in the Trinity equation. “Heaven”, represents the realm of ideas, the “mind”, the “spirit” and such things “X”. The bottom line is that of “Earth” or “Y”, representing physicality, matter, the body and all things “Y”. The dotted mid-line is “Hara”, the “Belly” or any other appropriate “Name” for the Seat of Omnipresence, “N” (or practically speaking, “n”). The holographic play of these three elements, united by the three fundamental strokes of the pen (vertical “Y”, horizontal “X” and the curved axis of motion, “n”) gives the 26 sacred glyphs of our thoroughly Zen, alphabet. (Why 26? See the essay, Harmony and the Wave.) One’s capacity for reading out these cosmic glyphs has much to do with the integrity of one’s nervous system and one’s blood quality. Some of the letters are so obvious they jump out at you while others are more illusive. Perhaps together we can crack the code! Correct discernment of the true meaning of each letter accesses one to the Very Heart (or “n”) of the “Word” and clearly is an important step (“Y”) on the way to dynamic communication skills (“X”). The 26 letters of our wonderful and finally universal alphabet reveal the Sacred Mandala of Sound, the dynamic principle called “Kototama” by the Ancients of Japan, and it is the Spoken Word that is “in the Beginning”. For this exercise, back off with the doubting “leftbrain”; give reign to the intuition and allow native Intelligence to shine!

A- One in Heaven, two on Earth, joined in the “Belly” or “n”. The Family. Golden Harmony. The Trinity manifest! Powerful beginnings. Initiation. The “Sword”.

B-The vertical stem (“I”) is Man or “one” (both the number and the pronoun). Heaven’s Force and that of Earth are gathering in the Belly. Think birth, baby, bomb, boom! burst…

C- The Receptive. The great in-breath preceding an explosive release. This sweeping curve from Heaven to Earth can be seen as the Vacuum that Nature abhors- supplying the concept that impregnates “B”, allowing it to come “full term”, thus giving…

D- The vertical stem (“man” again) with the great belly of a Sumo wrestler. The Doer! Dō (as in Judō), the verb “to do”, and Do (the keynote of the universal octave) and Tao are all One. The Deed ready to be done! Enormous Potential for Action.

E- “B” explodes! Full bodied Ex-pression of E-nergy. Total release on all levels. Surrender to “Ex-perience”. E(X)- the birth of that which was conceived (see “X”). Combined with “N”, we get the syllable “EN”- (see “N”).

F- Voided as it occurs. Whatever it was that was “ex-pressed” disappears into Memory, but the fact remains! The Fact is then grounded by…

G- “C” with an anchor in the belly- GROUNDING! (small “g” sinks an anchor into earth). Ground, grave, grab, grip, gravity… God! Good!


Antagonistic opposites connected in “n” by a “Golden Thread”. HARMONY. Interestingly, the Chinese ideogram for Harmony looks just like an “H” with a tilt.

I- That One which connects Heaven to Earth- Man. The “Individual”, the Two in One. The Ego. “I” (me). “I” is the Backbone of the World and the Axis of Action.

J- Not long ago, “J” was an “I”. In many tongues it sounds like an “I” (“ie” not “ai”) and sometimes a “Y”. “I” with an edge. Tricky letter and the first in my name (“n”)!

K- Man again- both gathering (silent “K”, to know) and extending (hard “K”, to kill) power or Chi into and extending from the Belly. Dynamic action into and from “n”.

L- Fluid Movement. The Flow. Also- Grounding in place, landing. M- Materialization. Matter. The Mother. The Yang Principle (remember here that the “body-womb” is the focus of Heaven’s Force).

N- Two (“two” are always* in opposition) connected inversely. The Paradoxical Union of Opposites! The Way That Things Appear. The Principle of Negation. Also, “n”/”N” by any “name”/”Name”. “n” of the alphabet! “En”.

O- Fullness. Effulgence. Abundance. The Sun. The Whole and the Hole!. (Also Zero, No- thing, Zip!) Take your pick! Is your glass half empty or half full? All of it, none of it! Oh!

P- Potential for action in Heaven. Conviction. The Power of Thought. “R” is “P” ex-pressed.

Q- “O” with a hook. Eccentricity. Asymmetry. Paradoxical Reality. The Image of Wholeness (as opposed to “O”, Wholeness). The Appearance of “O”. Queer?

R- “P” steps out from the Belly. Action where only potential existed. S- The Sine Wave. The Interface of Yin and Yang. Nature’s Way. Logarithmic Motion. Graceful, natural flow. Modulation in all parts. Sssssss! The Serpent.

T- The sign of “IT”, the materialized “Thing”. The Flow (spir-al) is arrested (spir-it) and the thought becomes a thing. Physicalized thought. On Earth as it is in Heaven.

U- EARTH, the Vessel of Heaven. The Great “N”- Trainer. V- A vortex from above to below, focused in “n”. Yang activity. Concentration. Penetration. The “Chalice”: female receptacle of Heaven’s Force.

W- WA-TER (“Peace on Earth”). The Yin Principle. The Father. (Remember here that the “womb of mind” is the focus of Earth’s Force). Solution/Dissolution.

X- Voidance of Opposition in the “Belly”. Conception. All Things “X” and the “X” axis of the wave of motion. “X” marks the Spot! Ex- No Longer That!

Y- The Corner of the Cubical “Mind-field” (picture in 3-D). The “Crack-ofthe-Whip” where things materialize. The Vertical Plane of Action. All things “Y” and the “Y” axis of the wave of logarithmic motion.

Z- “N” on its side. Paradoxical Union of “Heaven” and “Earth”. Universal Ground for all Manifestation. Peace. Rest. Repose in “n”. Zzzzzz… It’s very possible that our minimalist Alphabet reveals the whole story of Man and his origins. Clearly it is there and in “spiralogical” order. Help me read it out.

Just think of it! The 26 simple letters of the alphabet hologram combine into a million words in the Oxford Unabridged Mega-dictionary. These letters are the “working beam” for the holographic process of Speaking and Writing-, which by means of Divine proportions, a bit of ink and the magic of Sound- securely place the unique stamp of Mankind on the “10,000 Things”. More than that, it is the Inspired Word (there are those that assert this book or that to be the only* “Inspired Word”) that infuses those things with Life Itself! Not so long ago (in real i.e. logarithmic time) according to certain very old and venerated documents and sources, The Spoken Word had (and still has) great creative Power. It was possible then to communicate with all things on the basis of the universality of basic sounds. Consider the correct sounding of the five vowels in this order: IAOUE (“yow-weh”) (certainly a contested “Name” of “God”!) At times it would appear that words lost much of their power when writing was introduced.

In the essays to follow and in the remaining parts of this book, consider the letters that make up a word that eludes you. Any small word hidden away within a larger one will offer clues as well. Remember that, in UNIVERSE, there are no accidents! And trust what you feel. It is essential; that the matters addressed in this collection of essays be well considered and resolved in Light of Principle. We must disarm angry intellect and bring Commonsense home to roost! “Allknowledge” is the Right of All! So let’s proceed… * * * * * * * THE SEARCH FOR QUETZALCOATL AND THE LOGARITHMIC HOLY GRAIL The symbol of the conch shell has long been associated with the legendary Meso-American “First Speaker” known to us as Quetzalcoatl. Why this is so consistently evades intellectual scrutiny, given the “left-brain’s” relentless predilection for a one-sided vision of man’s past. (One view has it that Quetzalcoatl came to Mexico from across the “Eastern Sea”, hence the symbolism of the conch, a seashell.) Although the whole is inherent in the “part”, the “part” cannot comprehend the whole, and the Sacred Name of Quetzalcoatl was passed on only to those who understood this. The quetzal is a splendid, nearly extinct bird of the southern Mexican and Guatemalan highlands, one chosen by the People of that region to symbolize the

Way of Heaven, or “X” in our equation, LognX=Y. Whereas coatl, the snake or “serpent”, sees with unblinking eyes the close-up detail of the surface world it inhabits, the high-flying quetzal perceives the vast expanse of the whole, but does so at the expense of minute detail. The symbolic quetzal can’t see the trees for the forest and poor coatl can’t see the forest for the trees. Coatl symbolizes the Way of Earth or “Y” in our “Trinity” Equation. It is the central focus (the principle “n”) of this work, to demonstrate that the harmonious union of these legendary antagonists is revealed in the dynamic sweep of the Logarithmic Spiral, the “Curve of Life”. In Quetzalcoatl, Heaven and Earth are unified, “mind” and “body” being synchronous and wholly integrated into the “Belly” or “N” (in this special case). The modern scientistpriest is indisposed from the git-go to such a conclusion, the “scientist” in him making sure that “n’ere the twain shall meet”. It is because of the identity of Quetzalcoatl- in the eyes of the People at least- with the Dynamic Whole, That Which they chose not to Name, that the Sacred Conch was chosen as his Sign. The wisdom, dynamism and legendary skill of this man Topiltzin (the last of his line) has lead many to assert kinship with him, the bottom line for the Conquistadores being his reported white skin and facial hair. Very interesting! We abhor the truth and at the same time try to claim him as one of our own! The “Holy Grail” is the Sacred Conch, the dynamic “Way” of the Ancients. And as befits such a prize, It eludes all comers who would possess It, who would confuse It with “X” or “Y” exclusively… yet is Already Present for those who returned “n” to its proper place in the Sacrum and KNOW the Final Identity of “n” with the Lord, with “N”.


“There are no absolutes short of The Absolute.” Scudder Klyce, Universe, The “Absolute” is the Whole, and the commonsense language agreements of the Human Race dictate that there is no thing outside of the Whole (by any Name) to oppose It. This “It” IS Knowing and what can be known beyond the All, beyond Omniscience Itself? Say what you mean and mean what you say! If we say that a thing IS so (that A=A) then if we say or imply that it is NOT so, (that A≠A) then we are confusing the One with the many and going where angels fear to tread. Hey, at least knock on wood! When the miraculous, two-pronged tuning fork that is the central nervous system of Man is in synch with the World, one knows, beyond a doubt, that there is ONLY “the Absolute”; that in Truth (another of the Absolute’s many Names) there is no error, no possibility of real imbalance, no “sin”; that That One is Omnipresence Itself, and Omniscience and Omnipotence synchronously; and that it couldn’t possibly be otherwise. The “Absolute” is Incomparable, Indivisible: It is Justice, Beauty and the Law, and at the same time, (which is No Time at All) it is all of the other majestic and Finally Ineffable “Names of God”. With this special understanding- which is rooted in the enlightened tradition and language agreements of the Race over untold Real-time- it can also be readily seen that “the Absolute” appears in our mundane experience as the silent third member of the Trinity Model, or “n” of the Logarithmic Equation. The

Absolute appears as the “relative”, and is known as the “constant” inherent in all* activities, all* phenomena visible and invisible, unto the One. In that there are simply no (Absolutely) True “absolutes” in this fleeting world, one must attend to not using the term (or any of It’s “Names/names”) recklessly or “in vain”. We live simultaneously in both worlds- that of the One and that of the many. This is True (fapp), so we must be “n”-throned in “N” to fully “n”-joy the Dance of Yin and Yang…as it were. AB-SOL-UTE… “Beyond Solution” and /or “The Ultimate Solution” * * * * * * * THE VOIDANCE PRINCIPLE “All things are voided as they occur, Repeated as they are voided and Recorded as they are repeated.”

If the entire body of Dr. Walter Russell’s visionary work could be reduced to one dynamic axiom, it would be The Voidance Principle. This simple but profound observation sounds the death knell of the “Church” and the rotting corpse of empiricism. It could be said that this work only exists to demonstrate the final validity of this principle and the far-reaching implications thereof. Manifesting “things” happen, they occur at what I call “the crack of the whip” (an allusion to the sudden cinching-up and gunshot-like retort that culminates the logarithmic stroke of a teamster’s leather bullwhip). To “occur” here means to enter into the realm of the senses, to materialize, seemingly “out of the blue”, to change direction from inward to outward at 90º, to “come alive”. This happens at wave amplitude (the “Y” axis, the focus of “X”), the apex or crest of the wave of motion, where kindling temperature as attained and “X” and “Y” are voided in “n”. It is there where the “holographic negative” or “conception” is registered in inertia- the planar interface of Yin and Yang, of “X” and “Y”. This “negative” (as nature does, indeed, abhor a vacuum) is then spontaneously “positated” or printed out (after…due consideration!) in “light of kind” (or momentum) as yet another pair (of the same “kind”) of opposites arises, only to “occur” in its own time. All the while, this entire process is being simultaneously recorded, by means of Nature’s radar mechanics (essentially echo-location) in “n” or SEED of all things considered…unto the One. Now there’s something to consider! We can see readily that phenomena are “voided as they occur”. Newton clearly observed this when he noted that every force is countered by an equal and opposite force, always. They are, indeed, “equal and opposite”, but that they become one another in sequence, apparently escaped him. We also know that there is a simultaneous repetition or reproduction of whatever it is that we see being canceled or voided…because things clearly continue and reoccur in (spira- logical sequence!) At the same time, we must also realize that all of this is somehow being recorded as it is happening, for the same reason just given. The mechanics of illusion!

The holographic reproduction of photosynthetic imagery across an imaginary time/space

Where do things go? They vanish as soon as they “happen” into the discrete realm of “spirit”, into Memory. They become qualities of the on-going MOMENT. The stuff of miracles, all of this! “A mouse is miracle enough for sextillions of infidels!” Walt Whitman * * * * * * * BY THE GRACE OF GOD “Action and reaction are equal and opposite. They occur simultaneously And are repeated sequentially in reverse.” Walter Russell “In the extreme, Yin becomes Yang and Yang becomes Yin.” Georges Ohsawa The fire is low and the wood box empty. Time to split some logs. You grab the ax and go out to the woodpile. One piece catches your discriminating eye and you heft it effortlessly into place on the chopping block, sizing up its “n” as you do so. You step back (just so far), entrain (“n”-train, all* verbs that start with “en-“ really start with “n”) the ax and then, with one felled logarithmic swoop, you bring the ax down right where your eyes were focused. The tapered blade of the ax really spearheads a great logarithmic arc, the base of which was the conception of this whole routine but has now become the “point” of doing it! The final step- the accumulated momentum of prior steps- is focused into the steel blade. It bites (at the “crack –of-the-whip”), actually stops for a timeless moment (the Autumnal Equinox of that wave)- the tiny impulse that initiated this whole process has by now been amplified logarithmically into tremendous, concentrated power…and all that power impacts into inertia, into that piece of wood, and is dispersed at 90º! And “by the Grace of God”, the block of wood splits into two! “Grace” is no more or less than Nature’s response to action taken, any action at all! It is the release; it is REACTION! In this sense, grace is a function of “Y”, the Yin Force of Earth, the Mother Light. In a broader sense, however, it expresses the product, the child, (das Kind) of the harmonious union (the voidance) of opposites at the kindling point of the wave, on the “Y” axis. All activity that powerfully upholds Nature’s “Way” (is truly “natural” and reveals “Phi”, the Golden Proportion) is and does so “by the grace of god” and is gracious! Gracious! In the Absolute sense, of course, all things do this, and “Grace” is yet another of God’s many “Names”. A Note on “Reaction” In “n”, “X” and “Y” are equal (are Unity or One). In FLAME, both Yin and Yang components are vigorous and powerful. Thus it is that, once conceived, “n” has great Yang vigor and an equally great Yin or expansive component at first. That’s why a fetus grows so quickly in the beginning, only to slow down (logarithmically, of course) as Yang prevails (approaches the “summer solstice” position [present in every wave]) and Yin recedes. Thus it is that, in the beginning, cells replicate geometrically (“mitosis”). Once Yang is sufficient, however, normal cell generation through the transformation food into blood and blood into cells takes over and prevails throughout one’s life, unless the

“fetal flame” is rekindled by the onset of cancer. In this case, parts of the body revert to a fetal condition as numerous holographic replicas of the host arise ex utero in an effort to preserve “n” in a sea of psycho/physical toxins. When the host loses sight of “n”, its parts would take over to save it. It’s a mutiny of sorts.


An interesting conflict has arisen between students of the classical Chinese model of Yin and Yang (that of “Fu-Tsi) and the contemporary “macrobiotic” interpretation of that same model as taught by Georges Ohsawa and his followers in the 20th Century. The resolution of this conflict lies in a correct understanding of the Trinity Equation and the L-spiral. The “Unique Principle” is available to infinite interpretations, of course. Any one of them that is truly universal in scope, that takes care not to confuse the One with the “many”, and that is solidly grounded in the Trinity Model so belabored in this colorful and altogether bodacious tome…IS, by definition, ESSENTIALLY VALID; and both the “classical” and the “macrobiotic” versions surely qualify. One thing must be kept in mind; the foundation upon which any dynamic and verifiable interpretation of “the Way” stands is the Law- EVERYTHING CHANGES (fapp). And so has our understanding of Yin and Yang changed from a time when the world was clean, quiet and “n”-during. So it is that we have evolved a Trinity language to describe a paradoxical reality and have necessarily run into problems of right interpretation. Could it be otherwise?

The careful and considerate student of the dynamic model central to this text should be able to readily see the wisdom inherent in both teachings and unify them in light of kind. The “Unique Principle” (by any Name) is the central “N” of this work. It’s righteous to be “true to your school”, but the Truth Itself is Numero Uno!


“They are opposites, with opposed functions, opposed effects and opposed directions. If they come together anywhere in the universe, they destroy each other. It is the greatest error of science, to be deceived by this desire for mutual annihilation, into concluding that they (opposites) “attract” each other.” WR, The Russell Genero-Radiative Concept The greater the opposition, the antagonism, the polarity between “X” and “Y”, the more vital and powerful the battery, of the system they express. Nonetheless, basic harmony must prevail; equality in opposition and the Golden Proportion. Great systems and small ones can intermesh or interact harmoniously or they can grind one another to dust. The key lies in the obvious- both must be consciously “part” of a single, greater process! They must share a common “base” or “n” (a goal, dream, aim or purpose, for example) and a common big “N” as well, a dynamic and shared vision of the role and the nature of the “Divine” in their lives.

They must remain in cadence with one another lest de-cadence arise; march to the beat of the same drummer! This being so, their inherent antagonism will find rhythmic release (through “Grace”) and final solution in their shared “n”. If, however, they have separate aims, their sporadic attempts at finding release through one another will be dissonant and the resulting product, the “child”, an embodiment of this dissonance. Only when both share the same, mutual focus/center (“n”), can the “lesser” be unto the “greater” as the “greater” is to the “whole”. Certain ground rules prevail and must be attended to… A. Likes always together will become opposite (Think sailors, monks and prisoners) B. Opposites always together become alike (Couples married for years) And thus we witness yet another example of “Y” (“intellect”) gone amuck. Our “progressive” society, guided by the aristocratic predilections of its ruling class, has methodically educated and legislated in favor of “equality” (not including them, of course) and the “casual mixing of the sexes” in all areas, this chicanery resulting in the exponential weakening and depolarization of whole generations of its citizenry. This sentimental and ultimately selfish “liberalization” of traditional ways and means, instrumented by a profitmotivated theory of “nutrition”, an educational strategy with roots in hell, a terrorist media, truly de-cadent “music”, modes of dress and so on… surely spells the doom of a once vital and constitutionally sound civilization. Can you hear the Fan, man?

Opposition is universal; the One appears as two in all things, and the two are forever* two. Any two things in relationship are “in opposition” to one another on the basis of (the “base”) of a mutual focus or center. They are antagonistic and at the same time they are complementary. In the relative “n”d, they are voided in one another, only to reappear AS one another. * * * * * * * IN TRUTH THERE ARE NO ACCIDENTS “Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa!” Epictitus Any given event in our experience is preceded by a logical (“spiralogical”) “string of events”, each of which steps up the power inherent in “n” to the inevitable* (given the steps were in synch and coherent)”crack-of-the-whip”. Whereas the final event is a momentary quantity in the Immediate Present, the preceding steps are its quality or “spirit” that tells us (to the degree of our psycho/physical coherence) where that event “is coming from”! Each of these steps was an event in its own time; each of them focused into a natural conclusion or result. There are four major steps between the conception and maturation of any given process. (In Holographic Universe, the four “stations of the cross”, two equinoxes and two solstices, are present in every wave and every portion of every Wave (simply more waves) unto the One.) When in the course of our day-to-day struggle to stay alive in an increasingly incoherent civilization, we weaken our integrative function (“X”) and consequently our MEMORY, we often fail to detect the Golden Thread that ties those past warnings together (that is to say that one forgets about those events in the past that lead up to the moment) and what they are pointing too, and one day, WHACK! The Bell tolls for you! You get hammered (your child is “you” also), you failed to “see it coming”…from “out of the blue”. So then we pass the buck, call our lawyers, sue our antagonists, drop all pretenses to genuine “spirituality” and curse our fate. The true meaning of “co-incidence” is revealed. All the while, the Rhythm of Logos “n”-dures and we set our selves up for more “accidents”, in the Name of Love. One of my early teachers (Herman Aihara) once suggested that “passing the buck” was the “Original Sin”. Adam blamed Eve and Eve blamed the snake… Ah-ha! (I lack the artistic skills but picture lawyers out of work, living under bridges, panhandling.)

GNOSIS, THE GNOMON AND THE GNOME “You can see quantity and you can know quality, But you cannot see quality nor can you know quantity.” WR Matter cannot be known. Its “Y” component or discharge, its “broadcast”, allows it to be echo-located, perceived or “sensed”; but as changing and ephemeral substance, it cannot be truly, timelessly known. However, there is a discrete presence in the very midst of things, which can be, indeed, IS known- and is ultimately all that can be “known”!- and that is “n”(by any name, summing into

“N”, also by any Name) in our Universal Equation; the omnipresent Agent of the Theater of the Divine. By the commonsense dictum that every system has its own constant or “n”, we can readily see that the ever-changing dimensional components of a system must remain in a constant state of flux between point and contrapuntal positions in their wave (ultimately in Golden Proportion) in order that “n” remains relatively steady and “constant”. Gyroscopic motion or “momentum” performs the same function in all systems that a monster gyroscope performs in a great ship at sea. Could it be otherwise when Balance is one of God’s Names? Probably not. “Systems” are essentially whirlpools of light with “n” as their base, axis and apex. These whirlpools are “constantly” taking on (“n”-training) and sloughing off lesser systems, but doing so in such a way (really the only “Way” There Is) that “n” remains steady, lest the system be destabilized and rendered incoherent…that is, “comes a-part”. In practice, “n” is always two-fold, the foci of an ellipse (ad infinitum, finally summing into “N”), thus giving room for “play” in the system. Anything that can be added to or discharged from a system or process without significantly altering its constant (“n”) is a GNOMON to that system or process. From a universal perspective, for all practical purposes, the universal gnomon is “FOOD”. It is food that fills the vacuum Nature so abhors.

It is a “gnomon” because it allows the system to continue to be known, and it is ”n” that is known. The term comes the Greek root “gnosis” meaning “to know”. As it is inevitably the Earth Force or “Y” that supplies the substance to growing systems and “n”-trains the discharging parts of dying ones, we can now see why the spirit of the Earth element in the ancient vision, is called the Gnome. A “spirit” is a momentary embodiment of “spiral” motion (“-al” is the flow and “it” dams it up, fapp), and it is the gnome that manifests the thing, which “thing” in turn becomes a gnomon for other systems. In other words, the gnomon is things, “physical” things. These, in their turn, are gnomons to greater things and sum (holographically) into Gnomonic Universe. In the “”N”-d, all things are gnomons to all things, and that, is the most important thing to GNOW! * * * * * * * ASTROLOGY AND THE RULING CLASS During the nine months of “consideration” in the Mother-womb, the fetus is the compound focus of a vast logarithmic process. “Y” is supplying psycho/physical FOOD; expressing Earth’s Force. At the same time, “X” is present, both as the growing “n”-tity, and as an infinite regress of gyroscopic momentum, as Mom goes about the Cosmic Dance of her daily routines. “X” will be considerably stronger if the Father is dynamically present during this time. The Child is, of course, manifesting “n”, das Kind, the Chi-ld! Whereas “Y” is expressed primarily as “food” on many levels, “X” is most readily perceived in the slow and steady, angular play of stellar bodies on the Celestial Sphere. We should be continually aware, that “X” and “Y” in this and all instances are bound up in a synchronous, resonant embrace; the final (and really continuous) conclusion of which is BIRTH- the actual appearance of the living hologram, “pair-‘n’ted” by Ma and Pa (“Y” and “X” respectively) and expressing their Divine Sum. The “horoscope” (perhaps “holoscope” would better express this idea!) reveals the logarithm of that time/space location of one’s birth and thus serves to “locate” the child, that is, to establish “n”. As these patterns are ultimately universal, they do appear time and time again in measured periodicities (spatially slightly different each time, of course, but harmonically the same*). As all operations are both logarithmic and holographic, the horoscope allows the sensitive astrologer to make intelligent and truly logical projections, which often “come to pass”; they arrive at the “crack-of-the-whip”, they reach kindling point. The genuine astrologer knows that the spheres don’t “control” one’s life, but that their composite aspect can reveal the special “slant”, the angle/angels of one’s life path or of the operation under scrutiny. Whereas astronomy is a left-brain intellectual sport that denies relationship and meaning, astrology asserts both. At the same time, popular astrology often appears to be a neurotic, also intellectual mysticism parading as science. An intelligent and well- considered (con-sider: “consulting the stars”), a good “holoHOLOSCENE Quartet scope” can be an indispensable aid in life. The Ruling Class consistently relies on top astrologers in the decision making process. Absolutely and inseparably bound up in the embrace of the spheres, their position at the moment of conception and correspondingly that of birth, is a personal map, that when interpreted correctly, can be an invaluable guide. The Rich and Powerful know this and delight in Academia’s denial of the same. $ $ $ $ $ $ $ MIRACLES-TEN CENTS A DOZEN “A mouse is miracle enough for sextillions of infidels!”

In Holographic, Gyroscopic, Harmonic, Logarithmic, etc. Universe… all things are possible. That all things are already miraculous should require no further demonstration, even at this early stage- if you resonate at all with the “n” of the work before you. Likewise, despite the relative orderliness within the Grand Design, the possibilities are, indeed, endless and sometimes we get caught off guard by some “miraculous” event. Such events tend to penetrate, at least temporarily, even the most hardened of hearts; often to the point where said events are loudly proclaimed to be directly from “Gawdeh” and a clear sign of the

“Chosen People” status of those who bore witness to them. The demagogue is forever* in our midst, ready to make a mountain out of a molehill, come hell or high water. One has to admire these tenacious souls, even if they often do richly deserve to die. How boring would life-as-we-know-it be without these folks? (The mouse is quoting Walt Whitman, incidentally.)

Rightly understood as a “Name of God”, Nature is Inescapable and Unsurpassable. There are no phenomena occurring “outside” of Nature, any more than there are exceptions to the Law. “Nature” is not on the edge of town! Thus we cast the dubious term “supernatural” into a withering light. There is no* event in this or any world, which is not the wholly NATURAL response to a series of exponential steps in a truly logical process or sequence. Often, however, we fail to take notice of certain patterns about us and are caught by surprise when they suddenly cinch up and appear “out of the blue” at the “crack-of-the-whip”. Also, greater cycles come into play. Whip strokes that may go back many years, even centuries or more, suddenly conclude in our midst; modulated into our reality by the Cosmic Shenanigans of the “Spiral Lord”. Right-brain is the Believer, tends to shun details, and thus is often caught up in “miraculous” events. Left-brain as the Doer, tends to resist solutions and disavows all “miracles” but its own (read, modern “science”). “Whole-brain” KNOWS all things to be wholly miraculous and at the same time, most ordinary. “Miracles” fuel the demagogue. But really, is a sudden and “miraculous” “healing” in the hands of a charismatic demagogue any more miraculous than the slow but enduring disappearance of cancer in the hands of a conscious cook? Isn't the appearance of your beloved at the door miracle enough for one day?

“Desire is the fulcrum of the universe.” (WR) !!!!!!!!!!

The Cube/Sphere It only stands to reason at this point in our consideration of the Grand Unified Theory of our Ancestors, that there should be a two-fold limit to form. Trust me when I say that we know this already, and we certainly know the implied formsthe cube and the sphere. Both are, of course, mental constructs (the rational cube, 1:1, and the irrational sphere, 1:π)- each becoming the other in sequence, reflecting the heartbeat and respiration of all things unto and including Universe. The sphere sym-bol-izes matter, any given “thing” in form. The white (as in all colors in solution), incandescent sphere is the universal prototype, and Sol (for us anyway) expresses that idea … ideally! The Ancients, being ever so practical, revered the Sun first and the Son second. What would Jerry Farwell do if the sun went away? Our Sun centers a vast, relatively empty field of chilly “space” and shares boundry planes with neighboring suns (especially those of similar dimension, or some resonant root harmonic thereof) and this field is cubical in nature. The geometry of space demands this. The Sun and its vacuous field have the same mass but opposite volumes! Such is the case with all things and the corresponding wave field of each of them. Quite difficult to picture unless one realizes that “parts” drop their fields when entrained

by “wholes”, and rules of harmony, the same rules that guide music and math, dictate who and/or what dances with what or whom. “Every action anywhere is repeated everywhere throughout Universe. As a consequence, harmonic centers of the same measure of desire extend actions outward (they “resonate”) from their (respective) centers. Harmonic explosions of equal measure thus fill all space in God’s omnipresent universe.” Now there’s food for thought! Anyway, the whole Dance is, if you had any doubts, centered by “n” (and finally “N”) like the Imam at the center of the Dervish Dance and/or the Sun and its planetary children. The on-going effort to return to a primal equilibrium (“Eden”) keeps the Dance going. The spacious cube charges the centering sphere through its poles and the hot and wound-up sphere discharges back to space via its ever- changing ecliptics centered by its equator. This pulsing exchange of psycho-physical substance (Light) between matter and the space that surrounds it manifests in our experience as the universal heartbeat and breath of all things unto the One. Mind concentrates and matter appears. Matter disappears into Mind for repetition (when the “time” is right) “And so it goes”, to quote Dr. Vonnegut. * * * * * *

The Cube and the Sphere and their intersections are the basis of all form in our experience.

- 112 (WR)

THE BREATH OF GOD Nature Abhors a Vacuum When matter is created, an equal but oppositely conditioned “space” is simultaneously created (like digging a hole/whole). One of God's many names is Balance, and omnipresent Balance demands simultaneity of point and counterpoint. WR explained it this way; “Action and reaction are equal and opposite. They occur simultaneously And are repeated sequentially in reverse.”

This is the basis of universal polarization. “Matter” is “space” turned inside- out through the elusive mechanics of the wave. A material object has the same mass (is that borrowed mass logarithmically impacted into physicality) but wholly opposite volume as its spatial counterpart. Matter is generated in the plus or positive direction (towards “n” or “North”) and space in the minus or negative direction (away from “n” or “South”) simultaneously. These are universal directions! Consequently, all things center a relatively vast field of low-potential “space” equal to each of them in mass but opposite in volume- “spaced out”, you might say. Materialized mass and its expanded spatial counterpart (“matter” and “anti-matter”) constitute the two poles of a powerful battery, as matter seeks to expand and space to compress; as matter seeks to be emptied-out and space to be filled-in. Both desire release from their inherent, opposed tensions, and a return to the equilibrium condition of their synchronous conception in inertia, in Mind. The poor things just want to go “Home”! The rhythmic, pulsing interchange between these two fundamental conditions of the One Light is essentially BREATH. All things breathe, without a doubt and without exception. There is no “whole” created that is not balanced by the simultaneous creation of a negative counterpart, a “hole”. Wholes and holes, holes and hole fillers; the basis of universal harmonics and the secret of “motion”. Yin digs holes and Yang fills them simultaneously… but with an asymmetry in space and a lag in time (the L-spiral demands this). It is on the basis of this cosmic piston-pump operation that the continuity of systems is assured, that things are alive! The spiraling interchange of potential between space (the cube) and matter (the sphere)- the in-breath of one being simultaneously the out-breath of the other- interfacing harmonically with infinite systems in Golden Proportion in all directions at once-omnipresently- constitutes the ultimately absolutely universal and synchronous…

Breath of God. * * * * * * *

The Mystery of Seed “Every action is voided as it occurs, Repeated as it is voided and Recorded as it is repeated”. WR Once again we confront “the Voidance Principle”. Truly, it is no less than the axiomatic statement of our Trinity Model:


“Voidance” as used here, refers to the spontaneous interfacing of opposite forces, “X”and “Y”, and their simultaneous cancellation or solution in inertia, in plane. Practically speaking, this takes place twice (of course!) in every cycle or wave, at the “equinoxes”. From a universal perspective, however, their embrace is OMNIPRESENT or NOW, at the eternal “Crack” of the Cosmic Whip. Thus it can be seen why one of God's mighty names is Love. Voidance of opposition is consummation, the holy-graphic summing of their differences and the simultaneous registration of that information in the inert gas keynote: the SEED (centered by “n”) of a new wave. This is conception. A new keynote is sounded and Universe responds synchronously with Yin and Yang attendants. (*Truly synchronous, but always with an accompanying lag in time and an asymmetry in space, courtesy of the Spiral Lord.)

Physical seed is considered in the Mother-womb, the “body” focus of the Fatherlight. Psychological seed (idea) is considered in the Father-womb, the “mind”, focus of the Mother-light. It remains there for a time befitting its nature, getting in the “right frame of mind” (generating an appropriate cubical “field of action”) before “breaking water” and entering the fiery world of incandescence, sharp edges and hard knocks! EVERY action is voided as it occurs, repeated as it is voided (continued true to kind), and recorded (in seed, centered by “n”, for further repetition) as it is repeated. This simple law is in itself, “n” of a truly “n”-lightened and coherent science. Consider it well.

THE 'N' MACHINE; ON FREE ENERGY “n”-ergy for the masses “Energy” eludes our understanding. What is it? In this text, the reader has been introduced to a radical concept called “n”, and even at this mid-way point, “n” has been sufficiently developed for me to go right ahead and assert that, of course, “energy” is “n”. Let there be no doubt that the energy that drives all systems of this and all worlds arises from the Same Source, the omnipresent, omniscient Seat of Omnipotence!- the Big “N”.

An ex-MIT physicist living in California discovered, some time ago, that a strong cylindrical magnet rotated at high RPM's will generate a powerful differential or current between the axis of rotation and the surface of the cylinder. While the relatively still axis registers a small voltage, the high-speed surface is discharging potent amperage, one way out of proportion with the current being used to run the apparatus. It appears that energy is being generated from “nothing”, or “space”- the classical math term for which is “n” (not a bad choice…) It was Faraday who discovered that a rotating magnet will induce a current in a surrounding coil (as in a dynamo), and conversely, and, that a suitably charged coil will cause an iron or steel rotor at its center to spin (the basic “motor”), but is was apparently overlooked (perhaps due to a lack at that time of real strong permanent magnets and high RPM motors) that a rapidly turning (20-30,000 RPM's) magnet will develop a supercharge between its core (“n”) and its surface. As this charge is disproportionate with input and appears to violate the infamous 2nd Thermodynamic Principle (roughly, no system has out-put bigger than in-put – [clearly daft in light of our equation!])- thus the origin of this (and in fact, ALL energy) remains a mystery to the Godless scientist/ technician.. All systems draw their energy from “n”, and powerful systems draw proportionately more than do weaker ones. A strong permanent magnet is powerful enough, but one spinning on its axis at high RPM's is a dynamo in its own right, and will synchronously step “n” up into a supercharge- one which will naturally register as discharge (“Y”) at its surface or “amperes”. Charge (“X”), or “voltage” will be naturally focused into the relatively still axis of rotation, and under these circumstances, a little will go a long way.

In Truth, all systems are “n” machines to the very degree that they are in synch with the Trinity Equation and perform with conscious grace and efficiency. As Walter Russell and Nikola Tesla both understood, “n”-ergy is universal and readily available in limitless quantity omnipresently, attendant only to desire and design. I don’t have to tell you that PG&E is not interested. But I will anyway. As for the “free” part, there is no meter on “God” (by any Name). Perhaps it is time, once and for all, to get the moneychangers out of the Temple! $ $ $ $ $ $ $ MIND, MATTER AND MEMORY No Matter, Never Mind! That which Man perceives as and labels “body” is what he calls “mind” projected into 3-D (actually 4-D if we include “n”, and in Truth, we must). Body and mind are opposite phases of “memory”. Matter is memory. It is an on-going holographic recording of that spiral of events that generated it, (is generating it) that constitutes its quality or “spirit” in the Moment. Every tiny detail is harmonically (i.e. gyroscopically) sorted and stored in appropriate contrapuntal spaces for later reproduction and recall. Please recall the Voidance Principle here. “Mind” is simply the natural, spontaneously generated, cubical echo chamber in which all of this takes place. The brain is not the mind. It is centered by “n” but it is not “n”. (The pituitary and pineal glands are Ma and Pa of the cerebral ellipse.) “Mind” is generated wherever and whenever two or more systems interact (“many” can always* be reduced to two). Their broadcasts interfere and naturally generate flat, zero-curvature*, insulating and reflecting surfaces between them- what Man calls “imaginary” planes- equators, in fact. These equators (they are found at the equinox positions of the wave) act as mirrors, reflecting whatever falls upon them inversely back to respective sources. Watch what happens when two soap bubbles collide in your next bath (“bubbles of perception”, Castaneda called them). A flat surface appears between them, an interface shared by both bubbles. (If one is larger than the other, the smaller will be “n”-trained). As Universe manifests in what appears to be three spatial dimensions and is holographic, these flat surfaces are naturally generated on all SIX sides of a body in “space” (rightly understood, “space” is not impinged upon by the presence of “matter”)- above it and below it, in front of it and behind it, to the left of it and to the right- with inner dividing planes (equators) of symmetry which intersect “in the Belly” or “center of gravity” of whatever “it” is, the same being “n” of the broadcast source. Thus the mindcube is divided into octants. This invisible, actually “imaginary” cubical is what we intuitively call a “frame of mind” in 3-D (with “n” at the center). It represents the zero-curvature limits of the expansion of curved (there is no motion without curvature; logarithmic time/space demands this) wave fronts, arising from whatever material (“Y”) source, as they interfere harmonically with neighboring systems and collapse into inertia (consummation). The resulting cubical “hall of mirrors” is the Fatherwomb of MIND, or “Heaven”. In the extreme, Earth becomes Heaven (and vice versa, of course). This echo-chamber “mind’ surrounds all things and interfaces all things with one another, harmonically. These mirrors are actually equatorial planes, and it is their ultimate task in the Great Scheme of Things to EQUATE, to secure the BALANCE and INTEGRITY of the Whole (by any Name). It is this cubical echo-chamber of reflecting and insulating surfaces of magnetic light, which is the field or matrix of logarithmic motion; the consequence of which intelligent arrangement is “matter”, the transient, holographic record of thought- memory in 3-d (centered by “n”). When matter unwinds, its entire story is simultaneously recorded in seed, in INERTIA, through the keynote function of the “inert” or “noble” gasses of the elemental octaves (“akasha” in Sanscrit). In the very same way that an entire symphony collapses into its “keynote” or fundamental and is recorded there, so are all things recorded as they occur. Mind and matter are continuous, each is the image of the other in natural sequence. Both manifest Memory- one in plane (the “soul”) the other in mass (the “body”). Log Memory mind=matter * * * * * * *


“Every system has its own constant.” The local constant or “n” is the Seat of Omnipresence in things. It is the omnipresent door through which the Infinite enters into a seemingly finite world. It is the local “coherent light source” of the Universal Holographic Process. It is the “guiding light” about which the Dervish dance of opposites spins, and into which that dance is focused. The universal vehicle of “n” is “X”, the “Yang” tendency of light in “motion”, the centripetal “Father Light” or “Force of Heaven”. Whereas “n” is the relative source of coherence in systems, “X” is the vehicle of that coherence, the “reference beam”, and the “light of kind”. In motion, invisible “X” is revealed in the MOMENTUM of a thing. The singular constant (“n”) of each part or step is “n”-trained by, synchronizes with, and is sacrificed to…the whole. It is “X” that performs this integrative function, harmonically modulatingactually sorting…new “offerings”, selecting the gnomons, rejecting the rest, tangentially. As functions of “X”, it can be seen that centripetal gyroscopic momentum, gravitation, “life” itself (as opposed to “death”) and all other “Yang” activities are but different ways of looking at the same thing. The collective momentum of all the lesser parts or components of a system or process, modulate with the greater in finally natural or “Golden” proportions, and sum holographically into the Whole…into the Moment. Centripetal gyroscopic momentum is the “life force” in things and is essentially one with what Fu-Tsi called “chi”. When a woman is with “chi-ld” she has great chi! It is momentum (chi or the “light of kind”) that “carries through”, like the proverbial “Golden Thread”…linking one step to the next, one part to the next, one generation to the next, and secures the continuation of “kind” (“child”) in perpetuity. The expression “in light of what is known” lends us yet another key (“ki”, Japanese for chi) to resolving this issue. It is the whole that is known! Parts cannot be known, they can only be echo-located or “perceived”. The whole has/is chi or momentum. And, it is the whole that “considers” things when they are truly considered “in light of kind”. To KNOW is to entertain no doubt! It is also to transcend time and space. It is also to transcend “you”. To the very degree that “you” are out of the way, The Way prevails and Power arises. In the Moment, there is Only God (by any Name).

THE TOP OF THE WORLD- GYROSCOPIC MOTION As LOVE, the One is Expressed Through the Universal Sex Principle S- Natural, rhythmic motion E- Energy release of all levels X- the two are one in “n” (conception). The planar interface between “X” and “Y”, between opposites, is INERTIA. It is the horizontal Plane of Conception, the “X” axis of the wave where the on-going holographic negative is registered in every cycle unto the One. Between here and the “Y” axis, the 90° opposed vertical plane of dynamic action, the “crackof- the- whip”, there are a full 90° of arc which “n” must climb by means of gyroscopic or harmonic modulation. From its seat at the very heart of conception, “n” is lifted up out of inertia, and step by exponential step gravitated to its seat in the “Sacrum” of matured form, the “center of gravity”. All things conceived must “overcome inertia” and “gather momentum” before they can even be born into this, the world of “hard knocks”, of surfaces and illusion. A great ship might burn up fully a third of its fuel just getting up to top speed, while the remaining two thirds will carry it all the way across the ocean to its destination. A heavy cast-iron skillet is likewise slow to heat (to increase its momentum) but, once hot, will stay hot with the lowest flame. These are simple expressions of momentum we can all comprehend.

The 90° journey of “n” from the horizontal to the vertical plane is a pulsing, rhythmic affair of steps and “plateaus”; and each time, inertia must again be overcome and momentum gathered. The closer to step four, to the maturation of the process, however, the less work is required to continue. At 90°, you have arrived! You are “there”, “home-free” and all of the momentum of the process sums holographically into the Moment (with a lag in time). Curved motion manifests in two essential ways- revolution (“X”) and rotation (“Y”). Both of these are at play resonantly and gyroscopically in all things short of God. Revolution is the Yang component of the wave that, for example, holds an accelerating car to the road in a curve. The revolutionary component is greatly enhanced as the “whip” cinches up, and it is then that things become weightless, work becomes effortless and the potential for radical transformation is greatest. It is also there that a tangent is least likely. Rotation, on the other hand, is the Fan; the Cosmic Baloney Slicer, the centrifugal component of the wave, the Yin Mother-light. It reduces mass to plane, reality to memory, spheres to cubes and life to death. Upholding “n”, revolution and rotation maintain contrapuntal equilibrium in every system, as Kepler noted in the case of our solar system (in infinite regress*).

“Ego” is the fundamental psycho/physical expression of gyroscopic momentum in Man. “You” are ego. In the very same way that a rapidly spinning gyroscope resists a change of state or direction, so does the proud, egotistical young man; especially when the Yang component is clearly the “greater” (at the summer solstice of life i.e. late adolescence, early adulthood); hence the military’s predilection for conscripting these youths for their deadly game. A “gyre” is a spiral vortex. Gyroscopic motion is simply yet another name for logarithmic change. Miraculous is another. Holy still another. All things express motion. All motion is curved motion. All curvature is spiral. All spirals are finally, logarithmic… for all practical purposes.


E=mc2 is a tough one. Let is be understood here that “e” (“energy”), “c” (“the speed of ‘light’”) and “m” (“mass”) are relative terms, each of them pointing to “things” or characteristics of things in an ever-changing world. The “speed of light” is asserted to be “constant”; a daring claim in logarithmic time/space. We have already seen that “Energy” and “Light are “Names of God” and are readily confused with their relative counterparts. “Mass” might be a “Name” in the eyes of the materialist and certain Catholics.”Mass” as the body (as in

“mass-age”) or as the “ Body of Christ” (as in the Eucharist), or as “dough” as in “masa”- you can see how confusing these terms can be! Despite this, our model holds. Throw a rotten tomato at a brick wall and you will see what happens when the dying carcass of matter itself (the highly radioactive, 9th octave, trans-uranium elements such as Uranium or its isotopes, Thorium, Plutonium etc.) is likewise “thrown” at a metaphorical brick wall called “the speed of light”. These substances are literally the geezers of elemental matter. Old and tired, they desire release from the confinement of a material body and their expansive potential is enormous. So, clever folks from hell wrap them up with explosives (a low-yield nuke in the case of a fusion bomb) in such a way that when triggered, the force of the explosion goes in, not out. Finally, old Pluto is set free, hits the “brick wall” (actually “the Fan”) and is released from the prison of matter at 90° from the direction of impact. “C” is “The Fan”. The “square” (“c2”) is the Cosmic Baloney Slicer in action, taking on all comers and sending them on their way- directly, at 90°! Think of the tomato. In the Sixties, when testing nukes was all the rage, several were launched into the stratosphere and further into the ionosphere. There, they don’t form the classic mushroom cloud, but rather, become great spheres of light, truly “rivaling the sun”. There, they also tore a new asshole in the ozone layer, and between testing then and deadly radioactive stockpiles around the world now, the very fabric of our life on this wonderful Earth is threatened. And now “they” want to revive nuclear energy! Satan’s at it again! Stop it and stop it now!

THE SPACE/TIME CONTINUUM The three whole steps that precede the “Crack-of-the-Whip”, the crest of the wave, its apex or amplitude…are, at least from our material perspective, spatial dimensions. They belong to the nebulous realm of “space”. Each of them was, of course, an actual event “in its own time” (“time” and cyclical events being inseparable), but each was ”n”-trained in turn by the on-going process and became a quality, a spiritual attribute of the evolving whole. This vertical locus of past steps preceding every “thing” in our reality accounts for the “Dark Matter” enigma of physics. In logarithmic time/space, most of what’s out there escapes the senses. The “whole”, on the other hand, is the quantified process, some material “thing” (centered by “n”). In due time this “thing’ will be evacuated, and because Nature does, indeed, abhor a vacuum, this hole will be- (holographically, by means of logarithmic spiral motion) filled- (will become a hologram) and reappear as yet another whole- (of that kind). In other words, “things”, systems, events etc. are cyclical; they are periodic. In fact it is their periodicity that gives rise to the handy concept called “time”! Things come and they go in measured frequencies (“time” being the measure and no more) as they modulate into one another according to Harmonic “Law and Order”. There is no “time’ apart from things that change! No thing, no time, no space, no matter, never mind.

“Time” measures the periodicity of phenomena and their intervals. It has no existence independent of matter. It is, if anything, a function of matter! Einstein postulated time as the “4th dimension”, when all the while it is cyclical “matter” that manifests the 4th dimension and time is no more than an arbitrary function of the periodicity of pulsing, ever-changing matter. Matter is logarithmically impacted “space” and space is logarithmically “spaced-out” matter. The Fourth Dimension is the on-going “Crack-of-theWhip”, it is the Fan of Paradox, which is also the Mirror of Mind that stands 90° opposed to everything, and reflects those things directly and inversely back to where they came from for future consideration. It is the Standing Wave of the Immediate Present. The Fourth Dimension is the Realm of Wholes. It is the holographic sum of the three prior dimensions plus “n”. It is the psycho/physical Realm of the Senses and it is logarithmic. The Maya knew time to be logarithmic and all that that implies. A year in Abraham’s day was a lot different than a year today. Left-brain’s linear vision of both time and space (the 11 dimensions of “string theory” and worm-holey Hawking-space aside) is part and parcel of a fearful, myopic vision of our own origins, place and destiny in Universe. The very idea of our arriving only yesterday, born of the womb of carnivorous apes, “lucky to be alive at 35” at the time of Christ and poised to “conquer space” today… bespeaks the essential madness and incoherence of all who stubbornly hold on to such arcane notions. Clearly these folks have no idea who they are, where they are and what time it is!

A Lag in Time/ an Asymmetry in Space Things “happen” momentarily at the “crack-of-the-whip”. Immediately upon “happening” the process of decay sets in as wholes break up into parts. The besttooled machine will eventually spin apart as twin foci arise and negative harmonics distort its performance, thus requiring re-pair (re-establishment of “n” at the center). It’s hard to live but easy to die. Any two things in relationship might be seen as two unequal partners on a seesaw (this being so because, as we have seen, Yin and Yang, by their very nature as opposites, are never equal). Two points separate them and control their dance- a shifting point where their mutual gravitation finds a fulcrum and another shifting point where their mutual radiation finds a fulcrum. Picture the Earth in its elliptical orbit around the Sun. Science says that one of the centers of this ellipse is the center of the Sun and the other is never discussed. Now put them on a seesaw. Clearly the gravitational fulcrum would be inside the Sun, with its great mass and all… but not at the center! It will be displaced from the hypothetical “center” of the Sun by the relatively way less, but dynamically accountable mass of the Earth. The fulcrum of wave discharge (radiation) from the two bodies will be much closer to the Earth than it is to the Sun. It is about these two invariably present and ever-shifting points that systems and processes spin and they all spin. I call them “Ma” and “Pa”, for obvious reasons. These points are pivotal in the elliptical electric dance of orbiting bodies about other orbiting bodies. Between them, and finally controlling them, is “n”, summing ultimately into “N”. In the “Long Run”, all things are “in orbit” about “God”, the ultimate “Point” of all things.

At the same time, (so to speak…) because of the momentous immediacy of phenomena, each “happening” being the initiation of yet another step in the perpetuation of its “kind”, it takes “time” for each phase, each “thing” to crest its own wave. The lag between the “crack-of-the-whip” and our awareness of it is only understandable in light of a logarithmic time/space.

Center of gravitation

Center of radiation


* * * * * * * ELECTRICITY AND MAGNETISM “Motion of any nature whatsoever in this universe is impossible without an accompanying polarization.” WR “X” and “Y” are the basis of the universal electric current, centered at all times by “n”, the omnipresent Magnetic Light of Mind. “X” is the centripetal, gravitative, charging stroke of the two-way Cosmic Piston Pump- known in electrical jargon as “voltage”. “Y” is the centrifugal, radiative, discharging stroke called “amperage”. “n” is the focus of centripetal “X” (a point), the axis of both “X” and “Y” (a line) and the limit of “Y’”s expansion (a plane). Magnetism is stillness. Motion is electrical. Opposites seek release of their opposed tensions in the zero magnetic plane (or equator) that invariably lies between them (their Mindinterface). They do not “attract’ one another; but in their opposition, they VOID one another in “n” (their ultimate mutual source) and are recreated as one another in reverse. This is called “phase reversal”. The electric current is, of course, logarithmic wave activity i.e. holographic, gyroscopic, gnomonic etc. If a 60 cycle/second current is “on line”, for example, there will be 60 locations where the wave reaches amplitude, called “loops of force” by some (60 locations where “X” will find a focus in “n” and “Y” will discharge at 90° to the direction of flow) in any given insulated length of the line. The current itself “flows” by means of holographic reproduction, as all things do- and not by the mechanical “flow of electrons”! Resistance (measured in “ohms”) is a measure of the dissonance in a system. It measures the degree (literally) to which the current is out of synch with the conducting medium and its “n”. In other words, resistance measures the incoherence of the system. A “magnet” is a turned-on piece of iron (or whatever it is that is “magnetized”). It is actually sexually excited and can remain so for long periods of time because it resonates with the “n” of our Solar System, which has an iron configuration. A strong iron magnet is in the same condition as a ruby crystal just prior to emitting LASER light, or a human about to do the same. When iron is in this condition (i.e is “horny”), and interfaces with copper (much more Yin than iron), it discharges profusely (and continuously, as it has limitless chi to draw upon- (that, essentially, of the solar system), and thereby induces a rhythmic charge in the copper. We’ve always known that sex is a dynamo! This charge is then reproduced “in light of kind” (called “electro-motive force” in the trade) very rapidly (but not at the “speed of light”, which would fry poor copper) on down the line. Volts are “X”, the Life- force; amps are “Y”, the expansive Death- force. Amperes do the work (the “Working Beam”, the Mother-Light) and volts get all the glory. C’est la vie! The designation of the induction field immediately surrounding live wire as “magnetic” is a misnomer. The activity there is discharge, especially strong where “loops of force” are located. These are holographically spaced (their spacing depending on the current) “cracks-of-the-whip”. Volts charge, amps discharge. The concept of “negative charge” bespeaks an incoherent language and logic. Charge “positates”, discharge negates. The field surrounding and insulating each wave, each cycle within this scenario- is the “magnetic field”. A CUBE of six, zero-curvature* planes of magnetic Light, the “Kingdom of Heaven”, is the BASE from which “X” springs, with “Y” as its indispensable step-up transformer. Resistance (ohms) drops to the very degree* that the “X”/”Y” ratio approaches the Golden Proportion or a harmonic thereof.


All things seek their own level We should discern the important difference between “gravity” and “gravitation”. “Gravitation” is a function, a “name” of “X”, the Yang, centripetal “Force of Heaven”. “Gravity” itself, is “n” in systems; the FOCUS of Heaven’s Force in the womb of Earth. It (gravity) is not a “force’ at all, but rather, an omnipresent Point (by any “name”>”Name”) towards which all things “gravitate” in their perpetual search for balance and release from the tensions of opposition. “Gravity” is the FULCRUM of the Universal Lever. There is no “more” gravity here and “less” there. It is the same everywhere; omnipresently. It is simply “n”, a dimensionless point/location in logarithmic time/space; the focus of “gravitation” (“X”) and the fulcrum of “radiation” (“Y”). The closer a system or process is to that point, the less the appearance of gravity to “attract”. So it is that things appear to weigh more on gigantic Jupiter than on our tiny moon. A rock held aloft in the air has “weight”. Weight is a measure of displaced potential, of just how “out of place” a thing is. We’ve all felt “out of place” at times and remember how strong our desire was to remedy the situation. Heavy, man! GRAVITY IS DESIRE

The rock held above “desires” (desire is inherent in all things; humans put a personal spin on it) to be in an equilibrium environment (to be “in synch”) and will fall if allowed to do so, in the direction of increasing Yang potential, actually down the throat of a closing centripetal vortex. The poor rock wants to go “home”. “n” is “Home”. H- Harmony O- abundance, fullness M- accord on Earth, the Mother E-surrender, release on all levels The same rock weighs less in water because water is denser than air and closer to “home’ for the rock. Expanded into a gas, the same rock would rise, again seeking its own level (“n”). If it were an ingot of gold and was dropped into molten gold, it would vanish; it would be voided. That’s what “home’ is all about; invisibility (otherwise, it’s just a house!). All things are forever in motion, seeking balance, finding it for a moment and then losing it as they do so. They “gravitate” to their own level, or in the case of Man, the Thinking Reed, toward that which is consciously desired as well. Resistance lessens as power and momentum gather logarithmically until the whip “cracks” and opposition is voided in “passion” (Yang on the inside, Yin on the outside); the interface of “X” and “Y” in “n”; in LOVE. “Potential in place (floating bodies or “home”) has no weight with respect to anything in Universe.” (WR)

THE VIEW FROM CHICOMOZOC; THE POPCORN EFFECT It seems only yesterday that I was a special guest at the home of my friend, host and mentor, “Coyotzin” or Huehuecoyotl, at his family home in beautiful Val de Berro in the hidden land of Chicomozoc. I had been transported to this wondrous world by way of the North Polar Vortex in my friend’s dream machine, the “astral cutter” Ehecatl. This adventure is carefully described in, “The Search for Quetzalcoatl and the Logarithmic Holy Grail”, Part II of the HOLOSCENE Quartet. I remember being overwhelmed by the pristine beauty of this place once we had broken through the cloud cover and landed in a great meadow ablaze with wildflowers, spirally tilled fields and ringed with ancient trees of awesome size. It was truly a vision from the ethereal mind of Maxfield Parrish. As if my overamped nervous system hadn’t had enough to integrate already, soon we were in a sleek, metallic-green monorail that my host informed me ran on free hydrogen transmuted directly from atmospheric nitrogen as we flew silently through the forest. We passed through small settlements of beautifully proportioned homes, great stands of primeval forest and meadows bursting with a wild profusion of undomesticated yet wholly edible and useful vegetation. Finally arriving on the shore of a small, watercress- choked lake, we were afforded a view of the mountain-rimmed valley with its backdrop of glaciated pinnacles; Fields of Elysium for sure! We arrived at Coyotzin’s home just as a warm squall with a thunderous backdrop wafted over us in waves of iris, violet and lilac. This was indeed, HOME!

Our visit was remarkable. Immediately I was family and I knew that there were no strategies afoot in the presence of these people. Strategies and “home” are universally incompatible. An awesome meal of the most delicious and satisfying foods I swear* I had ever eaten was served, and this splendid repast was followed by a sobering conversation with my host’s father, the Elder of the group, about a matter he and his People considered very important. He called it “the Popcorn Effect”. It all has to do with gravity. He said that in my world, there exists an invalid and unnatural understanding regarding the nature of matter and the role of “gravity”. It seems that ages ago in real time, his own people had actually created the “belt of asteroids”, when their technology, rooted in the very same adolescent notions about things, had “pulled the plug”, so to speak. He pointed out that our “science”, misled by information gleaned entirely from empirical data and sensed observation… and devoid of any kind of unifying Principle, had concluded that matter was held together by the inward pull of “gravity”, when all the while, what we call “gravity’ is simply the point towards which all things “gravitate” (the “center of gravity” of maturing systems), and away from which they “radiate”, (in dying systems) in natural sequence. Gravitation is the integrative, compressive (not contractive) force that modulates things into their brief material existence from the outside, “out of the blue”, so to speak. “Cold compresses, compression heats. Heat radiates, radiation cools.” (WR)

As a natural consequence of this universal activity, the expanded surface of matter freezes into an ice of itself, and this “ice” serves to ventilate and radiate the heat and tensions inherent in that relatively (compared to the surrounding, low-potential environment) dense and polarized, condition and in so doing, upholds the temperature constant of that system. Temperature is a universal dimension. Only God is “Absolute Zero” (a dark vision of “God” to be sure!). Only a few degrees above the temperature constant of a system, the whole system is in trouble. All “solid” matter desires a release from the strain and tension of the compressed state in which it finds itself at the “crack-of-thewhip”, where the illusion of solidity is greatest- in a tenuous, spatial environment. It had been nuclear war that supplied the few extra degrees that blew Phaeton (the present belt of asteroids) apart, and now they feared the same thing might happen here on Earth. The mechanics involved here are simple and are identical to those that see a popcorn kernel “pop” when the right temperature is attained. Lastly, the elder statesman had prevailed on me to try and understand that not only nuclear war, but the thermal pollution of industry and automobiles, and especially of the nuclear industry, with its great stockpiles of radioactive materials, was and is as great a threat as the unthinkable war. It was made crystal clear that the first priority for our present science is to utterly dismantle the nuclear industry in all of its devilish expressions and learn ways to detoxify these ghastly substances. Before anyone could be convinced to engage in such a costly project, the prevailing, unprincipled theories regarding the nature of matter itself and the role of “gravity” would have to be uprooted and overturned.

He said that if Man failed to take this task in hand, the Earth would call on her own reserves and bury this blight and all concerned beneath oceans of brine and ash, in tombs of molten bedrock. It didn’t look good in River City, and it looks still worse now! Before leaving, the Elder Huehuecoyotl gave me a manuscript that he said must be interpreted into the language of the times and spread far and wide among the awakened souls of the “Surface World”. This work outlines the vision essential to a dynamic understanding of matter and gravity- and much more. He called the work,

The Book of “N”. This essay paraphrased from, The Search for Quetzalcoatl and the Logarithmic Holy Grail, a tale of historical fiction that forms Part II of the HOLOSCENE Quartet. * * * * * * *


“Every action anywhere is repeated everywhere throughout Universe. As a consequence, harmonic centers of the same measure of desire extend actions outward (resonance) from their (respective) centers. Harmonic explosions of equal measure thus fill all space in God’s omnipresent universe.” Walter Russell, The Secret of Light Balance, Harmony and Symmetry are One in “God” or Universe. In our experience, however, these grand “Angles/angels of Arc” (whose final focus is “N”) are perceived in the asymmetrical “Dance of Opposites”, the Logarithmic Play of “X” and “Y” to the base “n”. It is when two things- one the “lesser” and the other the “greater”share a common focus or proportion (“n” by any name), and are thus “in synch” with one another, that Balance, Harmony and all the other “Names” manifest most profoundly in our midst. Now, perhaps, we can grasp the DYNAMIC sense of the words of Christ: “When two or more of you are gathered in My Name…” “God” (by any “Name”) is the Ultimate Constant To Which ALL systems owe their Final Allegiance. Dynamically speaking, this is “n” in systems (finally “N”).

In the very midst of the appearance of relative balance and imbalance, of harmony and disharmony, of symmetry and asymmetry, Balance, Harmony and Symmetry prevail! Invisible equators (mirrors of mind, finally “Mind”) balance each swing of the Cosmic Pendulum. Invisible “Golden Threads” of Light connect all things through the “Belly” (through “n”) into and unto the One. (It is the omnipresence of this “Golden Thread” that has led theoretical physics to “String Theory”- a good observation but lacking “n”!) The L-Spiral Master Form demands a universal asymmetry in “space” and a lag in time- the holographic sum of which two are HERE and NOW, respectively. Expressing Perfection, all things become their opposites in due time. These three great archetypes appear most profoundly in our midst in those things, in those systems and processes that uphold the Golden Proportion/Mean, and do so consciously! * * * * * * * FIRE AND WATER The Two Solutions to All Problems “Nae brae, nae glen, nae ben like the next. Each wi its own clime, its own sile, its own water. Adam’s wine we call water. I hae known Highlandsmen who, when they were lost in foul weather, could ken just where they were, by scoopin’ up a handfull o’ water frae a burn or a loch an havin’ a wee gust!” (How’s your Scotch?) (Rufus MacIan, from The System of the World by Neal Stephenson)

In the ancient tradition of Japan, it is reported that when Polaris is directly overhead in the North (is the polestar), that the prevailing civilization on Earth is “purified” (not necessarily “destroyed”) by FIRE and devices related to fire, such as industry and war. For the reader’s edification, Polaris will be overhead in the North soon! The same tradition relates that when Vega is the polestar, WATER is the purifier. Vega was overhead in the North roughly 13,500 years ago, a time shrouded in myth, but evidence continues to accumulate that the world then was wasted with catastrophic flooding, dire weather, monster volcanism; all of these resulting from the relatively abrupt end of the Pleistocene and the last “Ice Age”. Whereas “The One” is the Final Solution to All Problems, FIRE and WATER are its two-fold agents in our experience. They are the two essential Universal Solvents in which all dimensional attributes (“X” and “Y”) inevitably dissolve, leaving only “N”. There is no thing in this or any world that does not have a “kindling point”, that special point in every wave where Yang compression has reached a limit and “n” bursts forth (essentially “orgasm”) as relatively coherent “light” (or flame). Just as the radiance from SOL coheres on all levels (at least in our solar system), so does the clean flame of well-cured oak cohere with the idea of “oak”. The “kindling point” is at the crest or apex of the wave, the “crack-of-the-whip”, the dynamic, vertical, 90ºº axis of every wave, the Autumnal Equinox. Fire is the epitome of “Heaven’s Force” and the grand archetype is SOL, the Sun. Likewise, water epitomizes “Earth’s Force” and “n” for water is the Moon

(our young moon was born of water). Both of these cosmic limits have the power to “n”-train all comers into their own composite identities, leaving only “n” behind to color the quality of the medium. Water is the Yin solution to all problems (ask Noah about that!). The surface membrane of still water is a two-way mirror between the realms of “body” and “spirit”, through which things emerge into “life” and submerge in “death”. The surface of still water is a universal symbol for the reflective mind at rest (one with Mind). All things must “break water”, each in its own way, to enter this world. The diaphanous surface of water is the universal medium upon which the holographic negative is registered at conception. Then, drawing on the full spectrum of elements qualitatively present in vital, living water (and water IS alive!), that concept is quantified through the agency of fire. Remember, the focus of “X” (fire) is the watery womb of Earth (“Y”). Although fire dominates at the summer solstice of the wave (adolescence) the true coherent light of the process doesn’t appear until Yin and Yang (Ma and Pa) find momentary balance (are voided) in one another at the Autumnal Equinox of the wave, on the “Y” axis, in The Fan! It is here, at the Kindling Point, where “n” is revealed- for all to see. It is the holographic union of opposites, their voidance in one another, which reveals “life’ at its fullest. Without “death” there would be no “life”. Systems eventually chill out, cool off, wind down…they “age” and die. Their fire grows dim and the point comes when they must recycle through the realm of “spirit”, through the surface of water, under the guidance of la Luna, the Watery

Goddess of the Night. During life and the day, it is the Sun, which is the dominant “coherent light source” of the holographic theater of our lives (short of “God”, naturally). At death and at night, things reverse phase and the Moon becomes “n”, the Guiding Light of the Dreamer and the Dead. “Your” dream space becomes “your’ reality. All* things (“God” is not a “thing”) must pass through the unavoidable gates of Fire and Water- and “drop their shit” as they do so. * * * * * * * * SUN AND MOON Grandfather and Grandchild The inert gas keynote “n” of the fourth octave of elemental matter is Helium. The “fifth” overtone (the amplitude element) of that octave is Carbon. Matter itself is “perfected” in the spherical, white incandescent Carbon arc, or SOL- the Cosmic SOLution. Sol (Carbon) is the fifth overtone of the universal octave, while Dō is “n” (in all things). Think “Dō, Re Mi, Fa, Sōl…” here. SOL is, of course, the Sun (Helios, to the Ancients). Sol is the holographic solution of all the elements, and is the qualitative pool of idea from which solar systems (actually solar families) draw their quantitative substance. Sol embodies the Idea of “God the Father” or Big “X”. It is, at the same time, the white-hot union of opposites on the “Y” axis of its wave. It is the dynamic “n” of our (actually) 4-D reality and the coherent light source of the terrestrial hologram. And, at this point I shouldn’t have to say this: the Sun is very much alive, is an intelligent Being.

Sol centers a vast cubical field of “space” which is equal to it in mass but opposite in volume. Sequential interchange between these polar opposites animates (holographically) all phenomena within its vast system; “n” in this case being its 22-year breath cycle. Like the oceans, “space’ is alive with eddies and currents of harmonically ordered elemental matter (light), mostly undetectable to human devices (hence the “dark matter” issue). Great logarithmic whirlpools of low potential matter (“space”) wind into our Sun at its poles (and all other things that spin, and all things spin…) and impact into white heat at their mutual* (actually the two foci of an ellipse- “Ma and “Pa”) apex within the body of the behemoth, yet finally weightless sphere. SOL periodically discharges great rings (via “sun spots”) of its cosmic substance, and these in turn, wind up gyroscopically into spheres (they “prolate”), which then begin the long spiraling journey away from their parental source and “out on their own”. The idiom fits nicely because the planets are the children of the Sun (“X”) and its spatial counterpart (“Y”), while moons, which arise through the same essential mechanics, are the children of their respective planets (some are occasionally adopted). Planets are the stage sets upon which the infinity of ideas in SOLution, the Drama of Life, is played out. As they age, spherical planets oblate, as they spin ever faster and discharge their modulating substance into moons and these into comets (“comets” are mostly, old, burned out, radioactive moons wending their way back to the Sun, or on occasion, their mother planets). During their lives, the planets align in great logarithmic arcs (the astrologer/ astronomer, mathematician Johannes Kepler noted this), which, of course they must, to maintain their constant alignment with Sol (lest the system “come apart”), to the “n”-th degree. Each planet is a composite hologram of its unique harmonic or “plane”, its angle, and each expresses those ideas appropriate to that plane- insofar as Man allows this to happen i.e. (s)he doesn’t destroy the planet! Ever so much more than a rationalization for nuclear power or a “medium size star”, SOL is an archangelic, very alive and very powerful Being- the very embodiment of the idea of the “Heavenly Father”. As an embodiment of “Love”, Sol shares its brilliance, light and warmth unconditionally. As the Heavenly Father, Sol is the prototype of the “Yang” Principle, the epitome of integrative and gravitative power, while the cool darkness of its vast insulating field of seemingly empty space, is the Great Yin, the Cosmic Mother, das Ewig Weibliche of Goethe (the “Eternal Feminine”). All of the elements of matter are One in Sol…incandescent Carbon, the seed of which is Helium, named appropriately for Helios, the ancient Lord of the Sun! They appear according to the harmonic character of the plane that each “plane-t” is modulating through. Our innermost being is suffused with the miraculous light of Sol, the fiery sol-ution to all problems. The Sun is the grinning face of Tonatiuh, the Aztec Lord of the Sun that centers the Sacred Calendar of that People. In their prophetic vision for today, it is Tonatiuh that brings this idolatrous race to its knees. When Polaris is overhead in the North, the world will be purified by fire. What does this mean? At one time Earth was covered with water. Venus will likewise be when it reaches that special plane where natural decay in its mineral strata generates water. Mars and all of the older, outer planets were there in their day. They all gave birth to at least one water moon in their youth. Now, their moons are

constituted of different elements as the outer planets transmute their elemental makeup through the spiraling octaves of tonal matter. When Earth’s rotation picked up to the point where it could no longer hold on to all that water, it birthed a great ring (it “broke water”) from between its ecliptics (its legs) and this watery solution wound up gyroscopically into la Luna, la Lune, der Mond (in German, the Moon is masculine), the Moon in English is neuter. That figures somehow. Our moon is the child of the Earth and grandchild of the Sun. It is to the Earth as the Earth is to the Sun- a Golden Relationship. Luna arose from the very same pond by which Narcissus fell in love with his own reflection. Being still quite young and dependent, our Moon faces her Earthly Mother consistently, as young Mercury does the Sun. Born of Water not long ago in logarithmic time/space, the Moon rules the watery world of vegetation, of the emotions, of the blood and all bodies of water and the creatures that inhabit them on the Earth. The tides, however, are a function of the electric play of “X” and “Y” and not of a fictional “gravity”. Mutual gravitation and radiation foci in space (“Ma” and “Pa”) center the ellipse that the Moon follows in her monthly sojourn around the Earth. Consequently, the watery element in all things on Earth rises and falls in a tidal dance, maintaining “n”. A system unto itself, the Earth/Moon relationship has its own “constant”, as all system must. Luna rules the vegetal kingdom, guiding germinating and growing plant life with her shadow light (really, sunlight turned inside-out) and vitalizing Yin with her shadow breath. When Water is most Yang (+38 F) and the Moon is full,

Stream cobbles in Phi proportion will rise to the surface and bump, Emitting pale blue phosphorescence and breaching in liquid moonlight… The Watery Mother of All.

Wave interference patterns form lenses, which multiply and divide light into the “Ten Thousand Things” on the Stage of Life. In so doing, gravitational fields are created.


Logn cause=effect (“n”=Karma) As a “Name of God”, there is only Karma. Understanding this frees one to do what one will- but one will still have to answer for what one does! Absolute Karma is expressed through the cyclical dance of Yin and Yang, naturally. “Beyond” Karma there is no “you’ to bother about and no one to bother. How else could Karma as “Eternal Life” be expressed but through the cyclical modulation of infinite, seemingly separate “lives’ in logarithmic time/space? Think!

“Every action is voided as it occurs, Repeated as it’s voided and Recorded as it’s repeated.”

“You” do not reincarnate. “You” modulate into other egoic “n”-tities, other logarithms, in logical sequence. Short of God, Everything Changes! “You” reverse phase, and behold! “you”, who was once a proud warrior and womanizer, now appear as five women, all womanized by proud warriors! “You” can change number…actually modulating to become many ones and doing the same to become one. Many small waves can suddenly reinforce one another to become a great one (Napolean, for example) and in sequence, the Great One becomes a whole nation of wretched serfs cowering in fear, hammered by war and desolation. Thus a Stalin or Hitler pays the Fat Man, reborn as a nation of armored men who elect a despot to follow into the Abyss. In the same way that yesterday turned inside-out to become today (officially changing name at midnight, a new conception and transmission of “n”), so did that process “you” are now manifesting, turn inside-out and modulate (holographically SUM) to become “you”! And in the same way that “tomorrow” is inversely present in “today” (holographically present), so are your actions today the qualities of your tomorrow… to become quantities when tomorrow is today! ? Let’s ask the 11th Incarnate Trungpa, Chogyam Rimpoche, what he thinks! (Photo previous page) All* this talk of “Reunion with the Divine” is essentially idolatrous. Bodies are periodically voided in the embrace of their opposites- in their mutual, local “n”and thus reproduced and continued. The “Divine”, however, is “God” (by any Name); and among those Names is Omnipresence, Omniscience and Omnipotence, Universe, etc. We’ve looked at this. Can “you” possibly conceive of being “apart from” or even “a part of” UNIVERSE? So what is the nature of this “reunion” the moist-eyed Seeker seeks? “He’s saved but can he cook?” Who will split the wood and haul the water if he doesn’t? This talk is classic delusion preached by demagogues from the devil’s pulpit…

“Full of sound and fury Signifying nothing!” But that’s not the end of it! In your wildest dreams, can you even imagine putting together the awesome creature that each of us is in reality, in one lifetime? What kind of banal “science” or “religion” or “philosophy” could possibly support such an incoherent notion!? Millions of “lifetimes” are essential for one to even reach the place, for one to play the role of a homeless guy living under a bridge in a rich town like my own. Most folks accomplish little to nothing in one life, the well-to-do being frontrunners- so much wealth and so little time, so sad! “You” are utterly unique! There are no two beings like you. It takes a lot of work to be you, and countless silly deaths keep getting in the way until “you” figure it out and speak your peace. One life and then its heaven (via the Rapture), hell, (via the Shaft) or purgatory (this is purgatory!). What kind of childish nonsense is that!? Have “you” had enough? And lastly, folks say, why don’t I remember “past lives”? First of all, the psychophysical “you” IS the memory of those lives! Conscious recollection is spared us because there was so much terror and vile shit and brutality in many of those lives, that to recall those things would fry your central nervous system to a crisp. One must prepare oneself for the “Truth”. Inner work and outer worship, respect for Heaven and Earth and all that that implies. Pax vobiscum! SACRIFICE AND SURRENDER All “parts” are eventually sacrificed to the whole (and every whole [be-] comes a part. Here we should recognize that the term, “holy”, so abused by priests of various persuasions, (some of whom actually imagine themselves to be so; [and ARE in truth!]) and the term “holographic” mean essentially the same thing. Each step of the way (the “Way”) is “n”-trained by the greater process, is sacrificed to it in order to uphold the prevailing constant or “n”, to synchronize or resonate with it (relatively speaking, of course). The “whole” is the holographic sum of its parts. We have always known that the whole is more than the arithmetic sum of its parts, and we’re quite fond of saying so (without grasping just how this could be). At the same time, it should be seen that to become a “sacrifice” is to surrender to the whole, the process. Nothing* is ever released from its insular and seemingly separate condition until it surrenders its power and substance to its opposite; (only to become its opposite; thus revealing the eventual necessity of identifying with “n” and stop bouncing off walls!). To do so is to “DIE” (to some degree or another, to change planes, to modulate into another dimension) and to do so is to BE the sacrifice to Change (as a “Name”). People invariably accumulate pain and tension. They (usually ignorantly) accumulate “sin” (activities not in synch with one’s true “n”). Sooner or later, these activities gather sufficient momentum to “crack- the- whip”. Momentum is readily available to carry a process to its logical conclusion- (if the process has been coherent and desire is strong)- thus “surrender” is inevitable*. Some inspiring and charismatic entrepreneur comes along and catches you at just the right moment and just where it hurts and needs only to choose his words well to push you into the Fan. The priestly hierarchy is trained to do this! The dam bursts- a flood of emotions and accompanying visions- and “you” are surrendered to that process; “you” become the Sacrificial Lamb. The wave “you” are riding peaks and reverses phase, and the old “you” dies (at least partially) to whatever you have been convinced you are dieing to (or for) …and “BY THE GRACE OF GOD” (he thundered from the pulpit, the bullpit), “you” are “saveduh”! Yin becomes Yang, acid blood alkalinizes, pain disappears, the halt and lame rise and walk, sweet joy arises and tears flow! Praise be unto the Lord! (Indeed!) This totally natural scenario is gift-wrapped and sold by a wide variety of wolves in sheep’s clothing. A block of wood does the same thing when split in two by the coherent woodcutter. The Final Sacrifice* is to surrender all of it, the “Mahamudra”, “your” entire reality- including “your” body and “you”, to the Great Mystery. To do so is to “die”, and to do that is to be simultaneously “born again” into the next and wholly appropriate “mansion” on “your” particular and ever-changing path. Often we are asked to make this sacrifice for our hidden aristocratic masters (to safeguard “freedom and democracy”, or “defend ‘our’ interests abroad”, etc.). To even be drawn into such a dilemma says little for the state of the Nation or the power and clarity of one’s “n”. Full-bodied and joyous participation (the real meaning of LUST in German) In whatever is arising in the Moment Gives life at its best, and thus is called: “Surrendering to the Moment”.

ONLY GOD (by any Name) CAN BE KNOWN FOR SURE or “The Ultimate Relationship is Identity.” S. Klyce, Universe As has been abundantly demonstrated, the big problem here is language. Adhering as we so love to do to a faulty, linear logic (the arithmetic perspective of the “left-brain” or “intellect”), we have created this awesome enigma, the socalled “Riddle of the Universe”, which “science” has taken on with the righteous zeal and enthusiasm of the Inquisition and the Crusades combined…(each of these nightmarish expressions of aristocratic depravity being spawn of the same faulty logic). Certainly the universal Paradigm being developed in this text, one that can be applied to all systems short of the One (actually is “the One” in action), also applies to the wonderful system called “language”. An incomparable master of language and logic with the old seafaring name (he and his fathers before him were Navy men) of Scudder Klyce, published the great Work on this subject way back in 1921. He called it: UNIVERSE A Verifiable Solution to the “Riddle of the Universe” He had introductions by John Dewey, Chancellor Llewelyn Jordan of Stanford and others of comparable stature at that hoary time, when great ideas were taken seriously and genius was still abundant. Despite these testimonials to the validity of his “solution”, no publisher would touch it.

Not being a light-weight, he bought an old printing press and did it himself (declaring with humor that the best way to get to know your own written work was to print it yourself- remember, it was hand-set type in those days). The Work is considerable… 350,000 words, flawless typography, flawless coherence and logic. Very few under fifty today have the nervous strength to even consider such a text. Universe, consists of three parts: the first establishes his “Model” and its representative “Equation”. Part Two applies this equation to mathematics and each of the “leading edge” sciences of that period (Klyce himself was an “electromagnetism” engineer with the Navy), and Part Three applies the same to the Arts and Humanities. The underlying rules, principles, axioms and “constants” of each area of discipline were scrutinized in light of his Trinity Equation, and those that failed the test were exposed, uprooted and dispatched with good heart, but rigorous argument. His “equation” was simple enough…

This…x That…= Meaning

“This” is any given thing, system or process or what have you. The dots that follow “This” (…) connect it to some other thing, any given thing with which “This” is in relationship (in opposition to) at the moment. Of course we all know that it takes two (“X” and “Y”) to tango (“n”). The dots following “That” perform the same logical function, that is, they connect it to “This”. The multiplication sign (x) is his way of showing that there can be any number of “That’s” connected to “This” (but there is at least one other; a simple addition sign (+) would indicate that there is only one). “Meaning”, of course, is “N” of the Equation.

Whenever we speak, we have a point to make or “get across”. The “point” is “n”; it is what is known. If your statement has no “n”, then your words are called “pointless” or “meaningless” and other unkind (the kindling point was never reached) things. “Y” supplies words and “X” strings them together in light of what is known (about whatever it is). A contrast is generated and the interplay between opposite images- neither of which actually are your pointbrings about a harmonic conditioning of your audience, that simply allows your “n” to resonate with them. Done correctly, your audience “gets the point” or you “get your point across”. Of course, given the omniscient character of “n”, the audience really knew the point all along. You simply had to set up a harmonic condition in them that allowed that particular idea to germinate and grow to fruition. This they did by careful consideration of your words (seeds). The words themselves flow in natural logarithmic sequence from a seemingly bottomless wellspring of possibilities; all ordered and arranged- as you go, by the integrative and gravitative dynamics of “X”, “Heaven’s Force”. Earth supplies the words, Heaven orders them, and lo and behold- the whip “cracks” and “X”…x ”Y”…=”n” (finally “N”) Or, Log Meaning This…=That… (“X” and “Y” don’t really need the dots as the logarithmic curve binds them inseparably in relationship.) Did you ever imagine that such seemingly dry matters as language, logic and math could be so interesting?! (Of course, if you don’t really know what you are talking about, you have no point to make!) We must recover our lost ability to say what we mean and mean what we say! Check the bibliography for more on Klyce’s work.

OZONE AND THE HOLY POLE Shin-dō fu-ji (Shinto expression: “Man and Earth are not two”) There are two great vortices of invisible, low potential matter drilling into the planet at its poles. As Earth is slightly oblate, a bit past maturity, these vortices are somewhat expanded and touch down on the circle as described by the wandering “magnetic” poles. Their axes and that of the Earth are the same. They interpenetrate one another, the northern vortex finding its focus at the center of the Tropic of Capricorn, 23½° south of the equator while the southern vortex crests at the center of the Tropic of Cancer, 23½° north of the equator. As Earth ages, the tropics will move further away from their equatorial birthplace and from one another, while the Arctic and Antarctic Circles will migrate further away from the poles. When she was a relatively perfect sphere, the ecliptics were one and “magnetic poles” non-existent. (Spin a silver dollar on the table to see how ageing spheres break down.) These vortices serve both to generate Earth from the exponential impact of low potential matter from “space” and regenerate discharge from the Earth itself, this being strongest between the tropics (where “Y” is greatest). They inspire the planet. They also transmute elemental matter from one tonal expression to the next to maintain equilibrium as her varying dimensions- plane, revolutionary and rotational periods, temperature, ecliptic, chemistry, color, volume, mass etc.- change contrapuntally and incessantly to uphold Earth’s “n”. Earth is not “hollow” as some suggest, but she is “HOLO”, and the implications of this are quite momentous. At this time, Earth is approaching a major healing crisis, and she is experiencing preparatory dimensional shifts. One of them is, in finally absolute synchronicity with increasingly crazed humanity, bringing about the seeming depletion of ozone at the poles. Atomic tests in the past and the presence of vast stores of radioactive materials on the planet are the main source of this problem, despite government denial. Earth is preparing to shift into a whole new attitude, if you will, in relationship to the Galactic Central Sun, Hunab Ku of the Maya. As this comes about, many mysterious changes will frighten and harass the Man-child, and he will weep and wail and gnash his teeth, and he will rue the day he put his paltry hide before Earth and before his Brother. The Madness will cease when it is time. We must prepare for that day; the day of Reckoning that is upon our borders. Start by learning to think and speak clearly, and learning to recognize the Truth when it stands before thee, lads!

BLACK HOLES, WHITE WHOLES, STRINGS AND THE BIG BANG Right now, “Black Holes” are all the rage. No one talks about White Wholes! In the same way that the movement of any wheel or gear in Big Ben requires a simultaneous adjustment of all the other gears, so does Universe dig an antimatter hole to counter-balance the positive generation of “things”. At maturity in the wave, the tug-of-war between solution and dissolution is momentarily in balance (remember here that “Balance” is one of “God’s Names”). That point in the wave, its crest or amplitude, is universally symbolized by the white incandescent sphere; the dearest to us being the Sun or Sol. Sol is the ultimate White Whole. In the wave, this point is the Autumnal Equinox. However, the stuff supplied by “Y”, the Mother Light to supply “X” with the materials to embody “n”… had to be borrowed from somewhere! That “somewhere” was the last thing of that kind to be created at some time “past”. Cycles are like that. Remember the Voidance Principle. Basically, a hole is dug in L-time/space and a vacuum condition is created which “Nature abhors”! So, just as soon as your empire is established it begins to feel the strain of maintenance, which strain will eventually win out and swallow your empire all up! Things couldn’t be without this dance of solution/dissolution, creation/destruction and so on… we’ve seen the words. It’s just a matter of “time” and it is this ongoing piston-pump activity of universal thinking that creates the illusion of time, and its illusive spatial mate. Lacking an understanding of this simple mechanism, techies throughout the world of laboratory-induced illusion are running virtually amuck looking for a way to unify knowledge and the great mysteries that appear to underlie our experience here. “String theory” is the latest of the desperate attempts to do so; rather than going to simplicity and examining the wisdom of the Ancients, leap blindly into complexity and plug the holes with “strings”, “quarks” and “gluons”. Hey, why not bankrupt the world while you’re at it?

As for the “Big Bang”, what can you imagine that didn’t originate in Mind (by whatever “Name”)? Opposites, in their endless struggle to avoid one another (in this Hall of Mirrors), invariably find one another, and in the heat of the moment, conceive! These are little bangs compared to that proposed by the priests of Jehovah and their minions in the Church of Science. No doubt, the adolescent universe of the left-brain was launched with a considerable “bang” of heroic proportions, through the union of two oppositely conditioned “universes” of the same kind in some cosmic Romance. But the idea of nothing blowing up and becoming something flies in the face of commonsense, as we all know it takes two to tango. Even Aquinas couldn’t agree.

Nature Abhors a Vacuum The ominous “black hole” has become all the rage on the hysterical edge of aristocratic science. Such a distraction with no philosophy to back it up! The image of some wily rogue black hole making a meal of Earth or the Sun is touted far and wide by bored doomsayers and unprincipled, over-paid “astrophysicists”. The “black hole” is, of course, simply the negative counterpoint to the “white whole”, the prototype of which is Sol, the Sun, a white incandescent spherethe ultimate symbol of matter itself. One we find at the crest of the wave, the other at the trough. Anything that is “positated” (is created) digs a simultaneous hole in negative “space” (actually creates that space in so doing). This “hole” is a pattern, one that will be filled in orderly sequence, by the compensating pulse of Yang, the Father-Light. Think Omnipresence here. Clearly the substance that is borrowed to build a house, for instance, is simultaneously counter-balanced by the creation of a vacuum, equal in mass but opposite in volume to that house. The process of “filling” and that of “emptying out” are spirallic (logarithmic) naturally, and both have a relative focus. The focus of the “filling” process is the house, or “n”. The “emptying- out” process finds its focus in the “anti-matter” image, the “spirit” mate, the psychic shadow” of the house. These two points, which I will increasingly refer to as “Ma” and “Pa”, are the twin foci of the elliptical dance of the house with its shadow. In Universe, all opposites share twin foci- only the Lord is One. The notion that the “black hole’ is a one-way street is priestly demagoguery at its best. Ego will say anything to be noticed, when all the while there is no one there. Check it out! Only God is “One-Way”! If the strength of desire behind the building of our house is strong and the job is well done, the house may endure for centuries. Nonetheless, sooner or later, the relentless tug of its anti-matter image will win out in time and the house will be voided, duly recorded for eventual repetition. Holes and hole fillers- Yin and Yang. One of the latest nightmares from the Hysterical Edge of Fizziks and its Cyborg spokesperson at Cambridge is called “String Theory”. Now, Stephen’s vision is intuitive, at least, as was Einstein’s E=mc2. The “strings” he proposes, are the universal (i.e. imaginary) “Golden Threads”, the collective axes of infinite waves (the arc of one wave being the axis of another, ad infinitum) that tie all things together into “N”. That the same theory also postulates an eleven-dimension reality reveals the septic condition of its source. Without our Trinity Model, the very meaning of “dimension” really remains a mystery, and once that mystery is solved, one can see that three dimensions plus

“n” – giving “wholes” and “time” covers the ground. Try describing our 3-D reality in an 11-dimension language! The Great Calumny of our time is, however, the Big Bang. It would appear to be a cosmological version of The Emperor’s New Clothes. “Look, the Emperor is naked! ”Look, what was before the Big Bang?” “Shut up, kid!” Please consider… Cold compresses, compression heats. Heat radiates, radiation cools. Now, many, many billions of… “We the People’s” increasingly scarce dollars-of-paper (actually our gold and silver) are about to be spent, in the State of Texas, on a “particle accelerator” unlike any on Earth. The reason, so we’re told in the News, that this draconian monster is needed, is to be able to recreate the Big Bang on a mini-scale, in order to determine just what happened a trillionth of a second after that implausible and increasingly ridiculous Moment. As a side benefit, the Military, our bogus “medicine” and other humane industries will make good use of the by-products of this research. That is to say that more weapons from hell will be developed to protect the Ruling Class from the rest of us. Sounds like pork to me! The “Big Bang” is the “Crack-of-the-Whip”! It is the Eternal “POP!” of Cosmic Sex. Your personal “Big Bang” began when Pa shot his coherent light beam into Ma. And as for what happened afterwards- Pa rolled over and went to sleep.

Universe never “began” nor will It “end”. There is no “time” nor is there “space” in The Only Thing there Is- OMNIPRESENCE! Freunde, nicht diese Töne! Sondern lasst uns Angenehmere anstimmen, Und Freudenvollere!

NATURE ABHORS A VACUUM Classical science, that which prevailed when the “Church” was still headquartered in Rome, was, in many ways, more coherent and sound than its modern counterpart. The classical “scientist” was exposed to a relatively untrammeled natural world, and was trained to learn from and imitate Nature. Principles intuited from the minute observation of Nature were often quite rigorous philosophically. It would appear that as time went on, “science” in general, became ever more estranged from the forest while obsessing with the tree. The title of this little piece is an example of the wisdom tradition and sound philosophy of the classical world. Nature does, indeed, “abhor a vacuum”. In our on-going discussion of the role of opposite strokes in the universal piston pump, we have already observed the process whereby waves create “holes” only to simultaneously fill them and create “wholes”. The Yin Mother-Light empties things out and creates a “vacuum” which at the same time is filled by the Yang

Father-Light, all of this orchestrated by the omnipresence of ”n”; or put more simply,

LognX=Y “X” and “Y” (Yang and Yin respectively) are born in the same cradle. Neither could be without the other. Idea is conceived in Mind, seen as the “X” axis of the wave, or inertia. Mind is a two-way mirror, and any image cast on that mirror is extended from it, (reflected from it) in opposite directions simultaneously, generating diametrically opposed expressions of that thing- one “positive” and the other “negative”. This is polarization. One is inside-out and the other, outside-in, kind of like a hand and the hand-shaped space in a glove that fits it perfectly! This polarized condition is rife with tension, as both opposite conditions seek release from the strain of separation and both desire to return HOME, to the equilibrium state both arose from. The “whole” would empty while the “hole” would be filled. Each would become the other, and must do so in time. The very instant “filling” begins, “emptying” begins and both accelerate logarithmically. Conversely, the very moment emptying- out begins, so does filling-up begin. The very instant a pressure condition or dimensional shift arises in a system or process, one that sets it apart from others present and threatens the integrity of the harmonic locale and its relative constant (its “n”), a battery simultaneously arises which electrically seeks to neutralize those opposed conditions and stabilize the “n”-vironment. “Nature” does, indeed, move on any attempt to create a “vacuum” and fills that hole with whatever is harmonically appropriate. If some certain cycle temporarily collapses, then some harmonic modulation of that cycle will replace it. Remember, a great wave can collapse into a thousand smaller ones, and these can augment and reinforce one another into another great one. We should be prepared for some fascinating “modulations” to arise from the extinction of so many plant and animal species in our time. Don’t think mechanically here. “Denial” creates a vacuum, as do “negation” and “avoidance”. “Avoiding” something creates (at least attempts to) a vacuum! A void! The only way to postpone paying the Fat Man is to build some kind of dam. Then whatever it is one is “damning” (denying, negating or avoiding)… gathers power and eventually will burst that dam and DAMN one. So there! Nothing is “lost” to God’s Nature. There is no slack in God. Slack we get from one another! * * * * * * * * *

The Biological Flood of Noah Bo-shin Simultaneous with the creation of the “inside” of a growing fetus (bear with me here…) is the creation of the “outside”. Each internal organ has a corresponding, externalized and synchronous expression; a “spiral of symptoms”, you might say. At the same time (naturally), the overall constant (“n”) of the individual is represented in every discrete aspect of his or her make-up and

proportion. The psycho/physical body does, indeed, reveal the person (IS the Person*). This is simply commonsense and is a given cornerstone of the venerable and humane medicine/philosophy and concomitant diagnostic tradition throughout the “uncivilized” world; especially so in the Far East. “n” of the psycho/physical person is most powerfully established during the “consideration” phase of existence, during the nine months of gestation in Man, when the Great Ship gathers momentum and is cruising at nearly full speed at birth! In logarithmic time/space, such things are to be expected. One familiar with the time-honored diagnostic tradition of the Far East (a school well represented by the visual diagnostic art of “Bo-shin” from old Japan) sees a very different picture of modern humanity than that one painted by the priest craft of modern “medicine” via the propaganda machine of the AMA. Mighty deceptions (vacuums in their own right) prevail that are rooted in calumny and greed; deceptions regarding the ways of agriculture, of diet, cooking, health in general, medicine, ageing, longevity, medical history, etc. The Great Lie is revealed in the face and proportions of Bovine Man, the modern-day product of devilish, self-interested demagogues and their cyborg lackeys. One well-known Master (Michio Kushi) of the old medicine/philosophy has often referred to the present condition of the Race (particularly that portion thereof that calls itself “progressive”) as

“The Biological Flood of Noah!”

We are told that Man will bear witness to a glorious future (one masterfully portrayed by a million “your doctors”, as in “ask ‘your doctor’” if this drug or that is “right for you”), one engineered by geneticists and chemists, one born on the hard-working backs of dedicated “scientists”, in Excelcius Deo! Certainly, one’s ability to read out what the face and other physical symptoms is contingent on the essential coherence of the one doing it. This certainly reflects poorly on the “physician” of our time. In the old, pre-colonial school of medicine/philosophy in the Far East (and doubtless other lands), there were known to be four basic kinds of diagnosis: First- reading the patient’s condition from sensed observation of externals- no touching, no questions. This was (called “Bo-shin” in Japan) and was seen as the highest form of diagnosis, exercised by the Master Physician. Second leveltactile examination, pressure points, pulses etc. were added to the physician’s bag of tricks. Thirdly, a thorough oral examination that looked at the patient’s history and that of his family, their dietary traditions etc. was conducted. Finally, we come to that which was seen as the lowest form of diagnosis; the extraction of tissue for external examination. Each of the lesser methods incorporates the ones above, as with all things in Holographic Universe. Keep a wary eye on “your doctor”, the barrage of drugs he or she advocates and the catastrophic consequences of such an approach to sound health. “Di-a-gnosis” The splitting up (“di-“) of doubt (“a-gnosis”) The Dispelling of Ignorance. Good word!

THE MUSIC EQUATION That our general equation should apply to Music certainly is, at this point, not in question. It might even be asked whether or not Music didn’t precede Logic into our world, but then, if we have followed along with the tedious development of the “Systems Model” in this text, it should be clear by now that Music and Logic are One- to the very degree that both express the Trinity Master form and reveal the Golden Rule of form and proportion. By ageless agreement, both are One in “God” (by any Name) in any form or expression. Sheer BS and Hip Hop are One in the Lord! In Harmonic Universe, “n” is present in the midst of all things and assigns to each of them their “tone” (or “tonal”, says Don Juan). Some folks refer to one’s tone as their “vibration”. The vibrations of things mix and match according to LAW, the “Spiral Lord” being the Great Harmonic Sorting Device in the Sky (so to speak) that “color coordinates” (“X” and “Y” are, after all, “coordinates”) all things with their kin…with appropriate “mates”. The first four numbers arise from the root harmonics of Universe Itself. They are: Unison (ratio- 1:1), the Octave (ratio-2:1), the Fifth “diapason”, 2:3) and the Fourth (“diatessaron” 4:3). By “ratio” here, I mean the number of vibrations per second of one tone compared to its companion note. Look at these numbers1:1, 2:1, 2:3, and 3:4. These harmonic fractions are the roots of numbers themselves! And, they describe the most basic harmonies in all of existence, each of which approximates the Golden Proportion, either directly or in discrete proportioning of their dimensional equivalents.

“Unison” is two of the same note, kind of a musical LASER beam, clean and powerful. The “Octave” is two notes, eight notes apart, also a very clean harmony and most useful to the skilled musician. The “Fifth” is composed of two notes, five intervals removed from one another in the ‘diatonic” or eight-note scale. Likewise, the “Fourth” sees two notes four notes removed in that same scale. In our discussion of the elements of matter, we saw that Carbon is the “fifth overtone” of the Helium octave, just as SOL (“so”) is the fifth overtone of DŌ (say with a long “O”). “DŌ” is also the keynote of the “Dō” arts of the East, the term coming from “TAO”, Nature’s Way. “DO” is also one with the verb “to DO”, and is revealed in subtle ways in “dough” as bread, as money, etc. There were times in ancient China (and probably other lands as well) when no music could be played in public that was not in the mode of ascending and descending fifths and fourths, as all lesser harmonics were considered decadent. This same people used a certain bamboo pipe from a sacred grove in the mountains as their universal standard of measure- its sound was the basis of their five note (pentatonic) scale (“DŌ” was the keynote of Earth, the Center); its volume was their standard of volumetric measure; its length, of linear measure, and so on. Do you remember those days? Not so long ago! The basic universal scale is one of five notes (the “pentatone”), which when completed (there are what appear to be gaps in it when heard) with what the Chinese called “notes of passing” (“FA” and “SI” or “Ma” and “Pa”) gives the common, eight-note “diatonic” scale. Any given pentatonic scale coupled with its opposite, shares the same two “notes of passing”, as its opposite (albeit inversely) and their composite hologram is the full- spectrum or “chromatic” scale of twelve notes. This in turn, coupled with its opposite, giving 24 tones, and joined by their pivotal equivalent of “Ma” and Pa”, gives the 26 letters of the universal Alphabet of Music. All is as it should be, in Perfection (by any name). “Y” supplies the arithmetic intervals between the notes. “X” connects them with appropriate harmonic proportions and together they sum into…

The Keyboard of the Divine Upon which, arising synchronously from omnipresent “N” The Grand Symphony of the Creation performs for our use and “n”-joyment!

THE GNOME IN THE KITCHEN “Whom the gods would destroy, first they make mad.” The Trinity Equation, LognX=Y, allows direct access to the question of cooking. It should really be quite clear that the Art of Cooking is central to the very existence and continuation of the Race. It is a cornerstone of the Human equation and in the great tradition of Man was, and by some, still is, considered the highest art. Generally speaking, raw vegetation is very low-key (“low ki or chi”) and must be stepped up considerably (there are, of course, many variables) before it is ready to modulate into human blood- before it can be “n”-trained by Man. Raw vegetation has so little momentum (the greater the “Y” component, the less the “X”, the “Life Force”) that it can actually lower that of Man, thus stepping up “Y” in him, causing him to depolarize to a degree; to discharge. This can be good for people who suffer from excess “X” Using various “X” tools such as fire, salt, the time element, pressure, proximity to strong “X” etc. the skilled cook transforms the low energy of raw cereals, legumes, vegetables and fruit (in that order) and steps it up exponentially, thus preparing it for the vast leap from the vegetal kingdom to Man. Oppositely, the skilled cook can defuse the intensity of animal origin foods and render them useful for those whose condition requires them. The Ancients say “there are no poisons, only extremes”. The cook deals with these “extremes” and heals the sick.

Our “science” asserts only “nutrients” to be of importance (at least if modern “nutritionists” are to be believed). This is a quantitative, empirically derived theory; one with roots in dualistic notions established in the 19th century and carried on by crazed profiteers and corporate pirates. Where your food is coming from, we are told, is irrelevant. Don’t you believe it! It is the QUALITY of your food- from the seed and its ancestry to the table- that reverses phase and actually becomes the psycho/physical “you”, in the Moment, the Very Present. The “Theory of Nutrition” (which “theory” changes daily) is producing a race of incoherent souls, one which is rapidly slowing down to the point where it is increasingly unable and/or unwilling to even reproduce, and appears to have no real eye to the future, whatsoever. Folks appear to less and less aware of who they are, where they are and what time it is! Drawn locally from wholesome soils in season, selected and prepared with loving attention, food is the gnomon that secures one’s coherence and locates one right where one is in the Moment. Drawn indiscriminately from factory farms around the world with no regard for season, soil quality, crop integrity, worker health and welfare; commercial “food” feeds disease more than it does people. It renders of the general population, a society of incoherent fools who blindly follow their corrupt leaders into the jaws modern “medicine” and the Abyss! Do not be fooled in this regard!

FOOD AND BLOOD “Physiology precedes and determines psychology.” This ground rule of traditional Chinese medicine/philosophy deserves our attention. Our adolescent “medicine” and its essentially materialistic philosophy, sees no hook-up whatsoever between food and basic sanity. That is, of course, because that philosophy and its adherents are basically insane. No “n” (by any name)! Food is the fundamental instrument of Change or “Karma”. The Gnomon is Food! Nature does, indeed, abhor a vacuum, and it is FOOD that fills the universal vacuum, thereby printing out yet another “whatever it is” in the continuing process of that “kind” of thing. The BODY of God (“Y” or the “physical” Universe) supplies whatever food is needed to manifest the infinity of possibilities inherent in the MIND of God (“X” or “psychological” Universe). Remember here that neither the “Body” nor the “Mind” of God, alone, is God (by any Name), but Both are! Modern dietary theory teaches that food is mere fuel, and that only “nutrients” are important. This theory is a wonderful example of the fragmented and incoherent logic of the isolated and feverish “left-brain”, or “intellect”. It supposedly matters not where or what season etc. these miraculous nutrients come from; i.e. the QUALITY of one’s food is not relevant. It only matters that one consume a specified amount (an ever-changing QUANTITY) of phantom nutrients on a daily basis, or what have you. This is a profound example of the

“Divel’s work” (as my old Irish Auntie would say). Food taken in this manner must, sooner or later (depending largely on one’s inherent constitutional vigor), lead a society down the Primrose Path to catastrophic disease and incoherent death. Consider this equation:

Log Mankind Heaven= Earth

Mankind is the fulcrum of “Heaven and Earth”. As these two are ever vacillating and s/he is so small, Man must depend on food that is IN SYNCH with the logarithm of the local, harmonic “n”-vironment which he centers omnipresently- if essential clarity, coherence and sound health are priorities; if Mankind would continue!

Food is the Universal Gnomon. “Earth” supplies whatever is needed to print out the infinitude of concepts that are forever arising in Omniscience, thus producing a steady stream of living (w)hol(y)grams or “systems”- which in turn are also food . All Things are Food (by any Name)! The intellectual argument for “food as fuel” is myopic at best. The power of food is stepped up exponentially as it is modulated into Man in the “Belly” (in “n”), but it is the collective momentum (or “chi”) of the Whole Body (of CELLS!), focused into the Sacrum, that is the Seat of Energy in Man and in all things. “N”-ergy is the Source of “n”-ergy- all “n”s being the Same “N” in the “N”d! “Energy” doesn’t come from food in any mechanical sense. It arises in the “Belly”; in “N” by any Name- when desired!

Some food will be in synch with this arising (the gnomon) and some will impede it (the “ignomon”?). Only in Infinite Regress, given that the foods, the cooks, the farmers and so forth, also have powerful “n”, does food actually create energy. Practically speaking, “your” energy comes from “you”. Remember here, that in Truth, “Energy” doesn’t “come from” anywhere. It is already everywhere at once- Omnipresently- awaiting your command. Food becomes you through the living Man/Earth interface- the blood. It becomes blood in the harmonic synthesizer/centrifuge of the small intestine, and this blood modulates into cells of every kind; “n”-trained by the overwhelming chi of the active human being. Poor quality food (that chosen with no attention to where it is “coming from”), becomes poor quality cells. “Fast” food makes for “fast” blood, junk food makes junk blood; and it is BLOOD, with its iron base (replicating the iron configuration of our Solar System) that performs the gyroscopic, direction- finding function of our lives. Is it any wonder modern folks have lost their way? Worse still, The Way! A Comment on “Kind”One might wonder just how a carrot could become human tissue if all things in Nature only reproduce true to “kind”. The carrot does, of course, reproduce true to kind in the garden. A carrot on your plate, however, is about to be entrained by a vastly greater process, and in that process, one whose focus is Human, all “lesser” systems must sacrifice their “n” to become one with the whole. “n” of the whole is dominant, it rules! The chi of the gnomon is synchronized, is “n”-trained by, with the greater chi of the whole. In light of the greater process, especially in Light of the Only- Process- There- Is, “n” of the carrot and that of Man is the Same. This is not to say that the carrot is utterly voided (only “God” is “Utterly Voided”). The carrot becomes “Man”, but because it does, indeed, take two to tango, Man takes on the quality of the carrot and this is quantified as/in his psycho/physical body. No problem with (most) carrots, but when it is toxic and terrified pig on the daily menu, could be trouble! “n” of pig is much more difficult to void out, and “n”, being momentum, is accumulative! The more pig you eat, the more pig you become, exponentially! The chi-ld of that hellish interface can be a barrel of laughs! (Nothing against pigs, by the way…)

QUANTITY AND QUALITY The “N”-tity There are four distinct, full-tone logarithmically spaced (varying according to the “base” or “n”) intervals or “steps” to a process- between its conception in mind (on the “X” axis) and its maturation as body on the “Y” axis). This is a logical expression of the holographic Play on Two; giving solstices and equinoxes. Numbers derive from this Play, not the other way around, as the atheist mathematician would have us believe. We, as psycho/physical entities, live at the “Crack-of-the-Whip”, where things materialize or “print-out” and where they reverse phase and turn inside-out to become their opposites. This is the Fan of Paradox. This is the world of DIHOLOSCENE Quartet mension (“X” and “Y” centered by “n”)… the quantitative Realm of the Senses. Yet, everything is “coming from” somewhere. Everything was conceived by a paired “n”-tity (pair-“n”ts) of the same kind, had to overcome inertia and be born; had to gather momentum against resistance and take steps to gain power, had to “stand up on its own two feet”. EVERYTHING! (If we got this, perhaps we would give one another a little more slack!) Each of those steps was a quantity in its own time; but each was entrained in time by the gyroscopic process, sucked into the holographic whirlpool of “growth”, and modulated into, actually became the child, the product of that process. Those prior steps are the quality of a thing, whereas the thing itselfborn into the world to continue its unique kind in perpetuity- is the quantity. Quality can be known but not “seen” (i.e. echo-located through the eyes). Georges Ohsawa taught that “everything that has a front, has a back; the bigger the front, the bigger the back”. The intellectual might consider this an infantile, or at best, a simplistic notion. Not so! The “front” in question is the quantitative realm of the electrical senses and the “back” is where that realm is “coming from”; its spirit or quality. In the ancient world, the quality or “spirit” of a thing was seen ever more important to discern than mere physical attributes. They did understand, however, that the two are one in the “N”d! As all things are Light, even the thoughts of someone along the way affect the outcome of the process. All input affects output, and Nature amplifies input logarithmically en route to conclusions.

In a sense, where a thing is “coming from” is its “proof”. As all paths finally lead “back” (and forward, synchronously, summing always into the Present) to God, we can see here, again, how “God” (by any Name), is the Final Proof of Everything. In other words, if a truly Just Man says he is going to do something, his handshake should suffice. It is on the basis of this Final Equality that all things are “created equal”. It is the “Names of God” that appoint the Qualities of the Divine. They are the Universal, i.e. Hol(y)graphic, Sum of all quantitative possibilities, and their Sum is the Ineffable.

TAO- THE WAY OF NATURE The common article “the” reveals much about the Western, “left-brain” mindset. It arises from the same roots as the Greek “Theos”, that which religious folks often call “god” (certainly an idea that meant something quite different to the polytheist [“many “the’s”] Greeks). By appointing a thing with a “the” (extending “n” to it), we locate it in a more or less precise time/space matrix (“X” and “Y” coordinates) and isolate it, set it apart from other things, and in so doing set it up in opposition to other things (a logical prerequisite if anything is to get done). We do have, as this work attests, numerous commonsense safeguards to prevent the casual idolatry of words and uphold logical consistency and coherency. When Western intellectuals went East and encountered the logic and languages of that paradoxical reality, they readily perceived the “a-the-ism”

(no “the”) that is characteristic of the more intuitive, “right-brain” Orient. As many of these “intellectuals” were Christian missionaries, what struck them most profoundly was the universal lack in the East of what they called “god”. “The Big The” was absent, as was the article “the” in common speech. Chinese, Japanese and other Far Eastern tongues pretty much lack the articles “a” and “the”. As “God” is, by ageless agreement, the Holy Sum of all Connections, (and this can only be KNOWN), the pragmatic East saw fit to venerate practical, local connections instead, and the unique “spirit” of each. Thus our scholars labeled them rank, godless heathens, atheists, Satan worshippers etc. All the while, it was us to whom those colorful epithets really applied; the grim tribal god of the Jews our fountainhead and the idolatry of words, our bane. The primary emphasis in Far Eastern language and logic is relationship, rather than the things being related. Their emphasis is on the “Holy Ghost” aspect of the Trinity rather than the Son (on the dots in Klyce’s equation [This…x That…= Meaning] rather than “This” and “That”). Their languages point to things in the context of other things and experiences, and point to time within the context of events. Eastern folk tend to communicate in blocks of information or pictures, or you might say, from the perspective of the forest (the “One”) rather than the tree (words- the “many”).

Galaxies making love

It only stands to reason that a people whose languages are rooted in the practice of transmitting whole mind- frames, should have noticed that That which we here in the West call “God” appears everywhere in our midst as the Quality of Action or what they call “the Way”. And it should come as no surprise also that they perceived that this invisible Quality- ultimately inherent in all things but relatively, more in some than in others- is best defined by what in the hoary tradition of Shinto is called “Magatama” the Great Way. Magatama is one of the Three Sacred Treasures of Shinto and is represented by a spiral sea shell carved from jade- LognX=Y. This equation reveals “The Way”, the “Curve of Life”, and the “Great Vehicle” whereby constancy is upheld in the midst of relentless change. Our spelling of the Chinese expression for “the Way” is “TAO”. In Japan, the same grand idea finds expression in “DŌ” (read “dough”) and is a natural bedfellow with the English verb “to DO”. This same syllable is the keynote of the universal octave, whose “fifth overtone” (the “crack-of-the-whip”) is Sō or more appropriately, SOL- the Sun, prototype of matter itself. Ultimately, the “Way” prevails in all phenomena, visible and invisible, but in practice is more in evidence in activities and things that manifest Golden Proportions. When “n” is solidly rooted in the Sacrum, the body moves with flowing efficiency, grace, integrity, POWER- it modulates! It flows! When “n” is solidly seated in the Temple, our contemplations are likewise- Angenehm und Freudenvollere (harmonious and joyful)! When the “Sacrum” and the “Temple” are naturally aligned, one can project “n” with a touch or a glance (thereby establishing “angles of arc”) and thereby extending “X” or “Chi”, and “Y”, the body itself. He who has mastered this form is invisible (fapp). Other places where the sound of Dō appears- in most of the martial arts (Kendō, Judō, Aikidō etc.); in bread (dough), the stuff bread is made from and real bread with!); dough- gold and silver coin used to buy real bread in real times. Then there’s the do-do bird…

WILHELM REICH AND THE COSMIC CRYSTAL RADIO Are the Dead Necessarily Correct? Before he died in prison, Wilhelm Reich was convinced that the Earth is and for some time has been, under siege, possibly for centuries, by a dark, alien force. As a consequence of his having developed the “Cloudbuster” series of “orgone” generators (“orgone” being his term for “X”, the “Life Force”), a device designed to disperse atmospheric negativity (and, as a side, bring rain to drought- stricken areas), he determined that there was/is, apparently, an intelligent power behind this “negativity” (DOR- “deadly orgone radiation”). Earlier, before the Nazis rode him out of Europe, he had been one of Sigmund Freud’s most promising students, but eventually came to a falling out with the famous founder of modern psychiatry. Whereas Freud saw sex-related childhood trauma as a major contributor to adult dysfunction, Reich saw things in energetic

terms. Calling up the classical physical idea of “Life Force” from Reichenbach and others, he postulated “orgone” energy and asserted that the rhythmic, pulsing release of orgasm (think LASER here) is the primal expression of this force. Blocked, as it is in “armored man”, all manner of psycho/physical problems arise. He died in jail, eaten by the Lie. Now, years later, “channeled entities” have invaded America. (I wrote this piece in 1980.) Countless thousands of possibly naïve souls have bought into curious, usually blatantly unprincipled teachings supposedly arising from “disincarnate” sources, and the divisive force that is tearing the world apart, gains yet another foothold in the addled minds of the New Age Übermensch. Disincarnate entities? Say what? Man lives simultaneously in the Total Spectrum of Possibilities, and that clearly includes the realm of the “Disincarnate”. Radio waves holographically incorporate that dark and mysterious realm (that of “Dark Matter”), and the same are SORTED into the range of human perception by special devices called “oscillators”. The original oscillators and apparently still the best are made from crystalline quartz. Today, anyone at all in tune with the “New Age” wave has a house full of quartz crystals. They are toted as healing tools, meditation aids, and access to the Ancients etc. All the while, the people are often devoid of Principle, their logic is, for the most part, incoherent and although they have no sound reason to believe that the dead (fapp) are either honest or correct, they flock to “channeled” teachings like flies to cow pies, and further alienate one another on the grounds of conflicting teachings.

Reich, who also perceived and wrote extensively of another plague of our time, the “Armored Man”- (who is so handsomely revealed in the black leather and steel trappings of certain professions and pastimes) - may have been correct! Of course, the “alien” army of psychic cannibals that has Earth under siege is a projection of Omniscience, as are all things, but/so that doesn’t mean that this is to be taken lightly. Even so, I would like to suggest that the reader do whatever must be done to clear the cobwebs from his or her essential logic, language and bloodstream, and apply what is realized at that juncture, and hang on for the ride. It promises to be a fascinating one as the present epoch, the HOLOSCENE- concludes! * * * * * * ON THE CONSTITUTION As previously mentioned in the essay on gyroscopic motion, a great ship might use up a third of its fuel just getting up to cruising speed, but once there, the remaining fuel will carry it all the way to its destination. Likewise, a heavy cast iron pot takes a minute to get it ready for a sizzling sauté, but once ready, the flame can be lowered and the pot stays hot! We know this characteristic of phenomena so well that we take it for granted. It’s the business of getting a concept up and out of inertia- and no system or process in this or any world has ever been born without first doing this. In all instances, it is an invisible flywheel effect, wherein the concept being considered (in the womb of mind), gestated (in the womb of the body) or germinated (in the womb of Earth) must gather sufficient gyroscopic momentum to propel that system or process out of the “womb” and carry it all the way through to the apex of the wave, the “crack-of-the-whip”- to maturity, it’s “destination”. This is that universal phase of operations wherein the “light of kind”, the chi or momentum of a thing, is logarithmically stepped- up out of inertia and the true path of “n” is determined (we call this business, “getting into the right frame of mind”). It is here that the CONSTITUTION is established, upon which that system, whether it be an oak tree, an individual or a nation, must rely throughout its life for power and sustenance. Today, our sorry excuse for “medicine” ignores the role of the “original constitution” in the diagnosis and treatment of disease. Our “government” and its kangaroo “supreme court” ride roughshod over the federal Constitution. Arcane “religion” and the Church of “Science” have put aside what Georges Ohsawa called the: “Constitution Conception of the Universe”; Yin and Yang and the Logarithmic Spiral. (“Philosophy” buries its head in shame.)

So is the poor, stressed-out and increasingly neurotic left-brain to be held accountable for this sorry state of affairs? How could it be otherwise, when we have seen so many examples of how intellect alone fails to see connections and flatly denies imperceptible spirit and the truth about “quality”? The “leftbrain”, left to its paranoid devices, denies the whole in favor of the part. The “constitution” is itself the original hologram of constituents: the “ents”

(“n”ts) that CONSTITUTE the Whole in its original form! Your constitution is your greatest ally. Know it (it can only be known), love it, protect it and use it. Use it or lose it!

ON EQUALITY In God (by any Name) all things are equal. Our Spiral Master-form requires, however, by the same Principle that demands a universal asymmetry in space and a lag in time, that no two things are “equal” (i.e. are one thing). If we say that A=A, we cannot, at the same time, say that it does not. If, indeed, two things were equal, they wouldn’t be two things at all, but one and the same; and only God is One and the Same. To assert all things equal, qualitatively equal, is to use the “Name of God” in vain. The vision of “X”, focused in “n”, upholds the integrity of the unique and creative individual and recognizes the FINAL EQUALITY of all things and beings into and unto the One. Lonely “Y” denies this, and would reduce the individual, the family, the home, the constitutional form of government, and so forth, to DUST, replacing them with the ponderous machinations of the dispirited state. Remember here that it is “Y”, focused into the “Father-womb” of MIND that is the culprit. In its incoherent, neurotic form, this is the gnarly and analytical “left-brain’ or solo intellect. Intellect alone cannot do otherwise. Yin tends naturally to reduce all systems to the lowest common denominator. The “left-wing” and the “left-brain” have much in common. Yin political ideologies are naturally popular in dying civilizations and societies. “Equality” becomes the rallying cry of an oppressed and hypnotized people, all the while being no more than a ruse in the sweaty hands of a cunning, clandestine oligarchy- one which no more believes in equality than it does the “virtues” of poverty. All things are created in pairs; equal but opposite pairs of ever-changing possibilities. Ultimately, the two are, of course, Unity. Relatively, or PRACTICALLY speaking, however, they are two and must remain so, save for periodic, at least partial voidance through one another. Our spiral master-form abhors the idolatrous concept of quantitative equality. It is interesting to note here that of the opposed pair, revolution and rotation, it is ROTATION that reduces things to grave “equality”, to inertia. The political “left” asserts “revolution” when all the while it is speeding up the rotational component of host systems and defusing their every part. Under the guise of building a new society, it tears it apart at the seams. The American Revolution was a true revolution, one that has since been largely usurped by the “Church of Science” and its ever faster rotational momentum. The Russian Revolution was really a rotation, a social experiment foisted on the Russians and others by corporate dynasties in the West for their own gain. We are about due for the greatest Revolution of them all, and this time it is Earth’s gambit! Are we ready?

CREATION VS. EVOLUTION As is invariably the case with all antagonisms (“X” and “Y”), the solution (“n”) lies somewhere in the middle, at the HEART of things. The evidence clearly shows that there has, indeed, been a logical, logarithmic modulation of life forms on the Earth to conform to her ever-changing harmonic relationship to the Sun or SOL. Earth is locked into a harmonic grid pattern which demands synchronous adjustment in all dimensions and the creatures that inhabit those dimensions, to conform with the Great “n”, the Solar Constant. Thus within the parameters of the “Law of Kind” that we have been examining, life-forms have “evolved” as we have “revolved”, out-dated as we have rotated, and so on. When the Moon was born, there were some serious and rapid changes. Periodically, mighty whips “crack’ and heads roll! Principally through the harmonic agency of food, species have quickly (only one hundred years for powerful Old World immigrants to become the Twinkie/acid generation with 5-watt constitutions and bodies that reflect the same) changed to accommodate often sudden changes in the harmonic environment. At the same time, inner and outer influences have come into play many times which have seeded, cultivated and otherwise instrumented certain radical departures from prevailing modalities, the dimensional status quo. And again, at the same time, all of this is manifesting in a logarithmic time/space! Cyclically, and often cataclysmically, the Great Whip “cracks”, whole flora and fauna disappear (modulate into other dimensions), ancient bloodlines and whole civilizations vanish, mountains thrust skyward and oceans are displaced… and often very quickly so! Forget “uniformitarianism” (the theory that geologic changes are slow and uniform) in logarithmic time/space! If the evolutionist would but consider the dynamics of “spontaneity” in a Spontaneous Creation; and the creationist would but realize that the creation is, indeed, spontaneous, but in periodicities of logarithmic time; then they could embrace one another’s vision and perhaps even one another! But nooooo! “Science” (the Yin “left-brain) has us all evolving from louseinfested, slack- jawed, filthy, bumbling, snaggle-toothed, carnivorous morons who walk sideways, invariably die in their teens and screw like dogs (see, “The Quest for Fire”). At the same time, off to the side is a bright-eyed and bushy- tailed woodchuck; immaculate, utterly coordinated, bursting with chi, vital and intelligent! No wonder healthy farmers of yesteryear resist the urbane, aristocratic nightmare version of Man’s origins! Meanwhile, the Fundamentalist (the Yang “left-brain”) has determined from studying the Bible, that some 5,700 years ago, the world was created out of Chaos. Interestingly enough, the “Aztec Calendar”, with its sacred roots in hoary antiquity, reports that exactly* 5,720 years ago (in arithmetic time), a great cataclysm swept us away and into the Pit we had dug for ourselves. In “real” time that is 11, 440 years ago, at the end of the Pleistocene and the Vega cycle. Wooly mammoths were freeze-dried instantly with unchewed buttercups in their mouths and stomachs. Remember? The esoteric tradition of the World has it that a great flood inundated the planet at that time. The present cycle of five “Suns” commenced then and ended in August of 1987 (the “Harmonic Convergence”). Soon enough, the truth of all of this business of Man’s origins will be revealed to all who are ready for it. Most will not be. We’ll discover for ourselves what it means when a great cycle cinchesup, when the whip cracks, in logarithmic time/space. (Many are looking to December of 2012. We’ll see.)

SOUL AND SPIRIT “What is the body if it isn't the soul?” Walt Whitman said that. He understood that the body and the soul are simply opposite phases of the same thing (“you”, for example) and that, as is the case with all arbitrary “opposites”, they are continuous. The holographic negative that “you” are presently manifesting was/is a record of the integrated energy picture of your parents (your “pair-“n”ts) at the moment of your conception. That concept polarized immediately, the equilibrium state that it represented, was lost. At the same time, your “soul mate” separates from “you” and you are “alone”. We spend our whole lives trying to recreate the divine condition of Unity from which we sprang at conception. We do this; large in part, through sex interchange with ersatz mates, usually holding out for the real McCoy- who for most, never arrives. The simultaneous recording of ALL of one's experiences, thoughts etc. is harmonically sorted and stored throughout the body (essentially IS the body) in appropriate psycho/physical tissue. The body itself is the on-going print-out of the two-dimensional “soul” recording. The “soul” is a continuous or “running” negative, an echo-located shadow matrix, which upon projection by the “light of kind” (gyroscopic momentum etc.) onto the 3-D screen of mind, becomes the body. The soul (“n”) becomes the body (“X”) by means of the gnomonic function of “Y” (mainly harmonically ordered food) and the Curve of Life. Threatened with termination, the body reels in the entire record logarithmically and modulates it to the outside, where it resonates in an appropriate harmonic “n”-vironment for its logical continuance. At this point it should not be necessary to expand on the obvious fact that all things have “souls”. To “lose one's soul” is to lose one's “n” and there is no “one” there! Nonetheless, nothing is lost and all is well that ends well… SPIR-IT embodies the steps or components of SPIR-AL process. “IT” materializes “AL” (the Way). The “spirit” of a thing is its quality. Spirit defines the steps on the way from conception or “soul” to the present embodiment. It could be said that “spirit” steps up the “soul” into the psycho/physical “body”. Today's events are the spirit of tomorrow. “Past” steps are holographically “n”-trained into the Immediate Present, thus we can read out the spirit of things if we are coherent. A “spirit” is a step in a natural process (such as your Grandfather George, who passed on some time ago) - a “part” of the whole. Some steps are over-amped in their time, embodying eccentric energy, energy scarcely “n”-trainable. Consequently, their psychic image fades ever so slowly, and under certain circumstances appears to living folks. The possibilities in this area are endless and well-known to all. Read: “ghosts”.

Soul is the seed and is the child of Process, while spirit does the work. In the ultimate sense, they are One in the Lord, in the Great Spirit, whose Face is Sol.

FOOD, SEX AND MONEY In that food, sex and money (in that order) characterize the three primary steps or modulations whose Divine Sum is Man, they should be examined in that order and as part and parcel of the same process. It has often been said that if one could master but two of this formidable triad, then one’s life would be a success. As in all processes, each modulation in the centripetal direction of “n”, steps up the prior expression exponentially and “n”-trains it, thus rendering it a quality of itself- to be expressed through sequential action. If any of these steps failed to synchronize with the process, wasn’t a gnomon, a beat or eccentricity is established (i.e. a “part” shows up) in the process. Left unchecked, this “part” gathers momentum on its own, also exponentially, and in due time, the entire process- in this case-the “individual”, is divided against itself, is rendered incoherent and is evacuated. Upon conception, FOOD becomes concern number one; for the parent before birth, the child after birth, and pretty much remains so until the onset of adolescence. Food has already been seen as the universal (ALL* things are food) gnomonic agency of “Y”, the “Earth Force”, the “power” to which “n” must be raised to get “X” (X=nY). Food must be grown, harvested, selected, prepared and eaten with the willful intent of bringing those who eat it into conscious and synchronous harmony with the total “n”-vironment. If this harmony is solidly established in the womb, that is, if the fetus is “wellconsidered”, then that powerful momentum or CONSTITUTION will uphold “n” to the last, overcoming all* obstacles. If, on the other hand, constitutional chi is weak, an often-tragic life of struggle ensues as “X” and “Y” battle incessantly for supremacy, “Y” taking on all comers in the long run. And then, on the foundation that food has built, and with mostly subliminal instructions from parents, siblings and associates, EROS arises and the dream bubble of childhood bursts. Sufficient momentum has now gathered to EX-press what food has IM-pressed, by further embodying “n” or the holographic sum of parental energies (including, of course, all other input in “infinite regress”). One’s own logarithm has gathered sufficient chi or “juice” to demand repetition. “SEX” is a universal principle, and in that sense, it can readily be seen that all interchange is sex interchange. In adolescence, however, the drive is most basic and seeks release through the body, and specifically through the reproductive organs. Somehow, following the Urge and the arcane guidelines established by the faux churches of “science” and “religion”, we plod through adolescence, eating food all the while, dealing with sex as best we are able, only to confront the natural modulation of that energy into the responsible medium of sexual exchange on a social level or “MONEY”. Before examining this powerful and practical triumvirate in light of our “Model”, it should be emphasized here that the terms “food”, “sex” and “money” are being used in the broadest, universal sense; each of them functioning in its time as “n” of one’s attention and survival instincts- as opposed to the trite and often tragic-comic usage so common to our contemporary, left-brain experience. Just as “sex” can be seen to be the child of ”food”, so does “money” entrain both to captivate the adult and become “n” in his or her equation; given that both food and sex have been brought into relative harmony with the greater process called “growing up”. The three great archangels… that precede maturity are, as steps are in every process, essentially the business of “Y”, the Mother Light of Earth or “Yin”. REAL MONEY (consistently, historically, “n”= gold and silver coin) is a measure, up front and readily accountable, of the REAL worth of things; summing into a man or woman’s “real” worth in a language that everyone * understands and agrees upon. False money, however, (“n” varies momentarily or is non-existent) is in no way a direct indicator of the intrinsic worth of anything or anyone. Thus it becomes clear that so-called “inflations”, “depressions” and such are rooted in false money (irredeemable paper) and aristocratic chicanery. In its position as the third full tone in the four step process of “growing up”, money is exponentially more powerful than either food or sex, but is qualitatively imbued with the power of both. To the very degree these two prior steps are not mastered in their time, their eccentric power suffuses money. Thus does money become an idol and impersonal substitute for real food and real sex; a vehicle for venting our frustration and often impotent rage.

All three are seen in quantitative terms by cynical intellect operating alone through the filter of ego. Food is “nutrients”, sex is orgasms and money is never enough! There is no grasp there of energy, whatsoever. By the time money comes up in a young person’s life, no wonder it has become an obsession! Our entire* civilization, it would appear at times- is obsessed with false money- a cover for basic incoherence with roots in the diet of hell, and the sex-life of dogs (if we are to believe our masters in New York and Hollywood).

Mastery of these matters is eventually contingent on a correct understanding of the Golden Relationship that binds them, and the natural place of each in the Great Scheme of Things. There is no possibility of truly mastering, or “n”training these vital matters on the basis of “pure intellectual” speculation. There is no slack in God. Slack we get from one another.

CHANGE, FREE WILL AND PREDESTINATION Between the conception and the maturation of an idea “in the flesh”, there are four distinct and (spira-)logical steps; natural, logarithmically placed tonal positions in the wave of that idea- wherein momentum is gathering toward the “crack” of that particular “whip”. In our personal experience these steps are often called “plateaus”; a special “place” where after a concerted effort, one gets to kick back momentarily to prepare for the next assault, if you will.

It is here in the first half of the wave (“X” dominant until maturity on the “Y” axis) that we get to make “free will” choices. I have chosen a most basic example, one near and dear to us all: that of one’s daily food. There are four major steps between garden seed and a hot meal before one’s face, and you have choices to make about each of them. Unless we happen to be farmers, we scarcely give a thought to seed, soil and water quality, so right at the beginning we are delegating choice. Actually, these choices are probably the most important of the lot, as they establish the constitution of the crop. Then comes the business of actually farming the crop; what will it be: agri-business or bio-dynamics? Synthetics or natural methods? GMO’s or heirlooms? Most of us in this nation at this time don’t farm our own food (in 1930, 80% of Americans lived on small, family farms), but a great and growing number of folks are increasingly concerned about the awareness and methods of those who do. The Farm: Step One. Or, we can pass on all of that messy business and take on the responsibility for the quality of our food at the Marketplace: Step Two. We can pick and chose where to shop, what to buy and so on. We can cop entirely to low- judgment options (how big, how cheap, how tasty…) or we can wade through the organic offerings looking for good shape and color, regardless of price. Our choices are incredibly narrowed in terms of quality, but we can still affect a difference at the market. Step Three is the kitchen or Preparation. Your food is coming logarithmically closer to actually turning inside-out and becoming “you”. In the kitchen you can still consciously choose- what to cook, how to cook it, whether to cook it, what combinations, microwave or gas, aluminum or steel? Even if you didn’t have access to the earlier steps, by using such powerful (“X”) agents as quality salt, fire, pressure and time- you can still step-up the power, the chi or momentum of the impending meal. Finally, Step Four: the Eating Thereof. This is your last chance to affect the process whereby Heaven and Earth “conspire” to create Man through the universal, gnomonic agency of “food”. You can still select from your plate, combining things as you will, not eat at all or overeat. You can chew thoroughly or bolt your meal and you can “n”-joy your meal or choose not to. The quality of the mealtime setting comes into play- will you eat while watching porno on the tube or eat at a flowery table with friends and family, and so on. The choices are manifold. Now we have finally reached the crest of the wave where the old “whip” cracks! The corner (“Y”) into which this vast vortex of people and events is focused, is your mouth! Each of these prior steps offered you choices. They are all behind you now as QUALITIES of the Moment. They were “n”-trained by the process and exponentially impacted into each bite as the Spirit of the Meal, and once you swallow… “gulp”- it is (fapp) out of your hands (“fapp” because you could still stick your finger down your throat or some such “undoing” maneuver.) Phase One, the first half of the wave is “yours” to do with as you will, while Phase Two, the second half, manifests the “Grace of God”. Each quantitative step summed into the quality of the process; and now this would be quantified as “you” through the wondrous and truly miraculous machinations of the wave.

And thus does “food” grown from genetically altered seed, farmed by starving immigrants in toxic fields for pirates in New York City… sold to MUZAK in lifeless markets that stink of toxins to maudlin “cooks” and thrown together in microwave ovens to satiate jaded and benumbed palates, produce cancer. And to think that the most popular food in America today is pizza! In “God” there is No Slack! * * * * * * AIDS, LEVITICUS, “DIVINE RETRIBUTION” AND THE FORESKIN The fundamentalists of the world are having quite a time for themselves these days. Hindu, Moslem, Buddhist, Jews and Christians etc. “fundamentalists” –those that assert their essential doctrine as Gospel, the Inspiredeh Wordeh of Gawdeh, the Whole Truth and (interestingly enough,) Nothing but the Truth, etc. burning with zeal and lust, burning each other, and so on- all in the Name of the Only-One-There-Is. Interesting! When AIDS appeared on the scene in 1981, and the left-brain’s terrorist media pumped it up into the Black Plague of our time, “Christian” fundamentalists were quick to point out that this terrible disease amounted to Divine Retribution aimed at the final extinction of the damnable and enduring Fires of Sodom and Gomorrah. “Intellectuals” of every stripe took this morbid and self-righteous (essentially insane) notion to task and seriously contemplated the possibility. It didn’t look good in River City once again!

Since ’81, hundreds of thousands of folks from around the world have passed on to the Other Side from AIDS and various complications. Many were homosexual males though most were not. Nonetheless, the “sin” of same sex intimacy was revealed for all to see and the idea of “retribution” sticks to this day. But my, how short sighted! During this same period of time, literally millions have died of other degenerative illnesses: notably heart disease, cancer, diabetes and its complications, pneumonia, stroke, venereal diseases of varied stripe- not to mention bloody “accidents”, insanity, suicide, war, and other afflictions assaulting the mostly “hetero-sexual” populace of the planet. Of course AIDS is “Divine Retribution”! But then so are all of these other things! The Divine IS Spontaneous Retribution! You ALWAYS get what you need! If you live foolishly, you die a foolish death.

“Leviticus” is the Romanized name of Levi, the patriarch of the Levites, a priestly caste in charge of the Temple and enforcement of the rules and regulations of a theocratic state. The Levites were city dwellers in a land where 90% of the folks lived on the land, were farmers and herders etc. Sanitation was probably not a priority for these simple country folk. Sex with sheep and with one another was most likely a common outlet for the horny shepherds of Israel, as it no doubt remains among shepherds throughout the world today. As a consequence of this, various STD’s must have plagued many and in those hoary times, this was seen as divine retribution. So, old Levi forbade sodomy, this being the nasty source of many of the problems of their sorry lot. Men shouldn’t “lay with one another as with woman”. He didn’t say anything about “laying with” or “knowing” sheep, but that’s different. Sodomy is about as close to “laying with a woman” as two men can get, so there was no mention of the other things boys do when they engage in “queer sport”. Now it was Abraham, who was told by an angry Jehovah God to snip the tip, the “manhood”, off of his boys. Same reason as above- they were nasty fellows and didn’t have the sense to clean “there”- hence were plagued with animal diseases as well as their own- this being the “telling”. God speaks in mysterious ways. Abe took this mandate seriously, and in a fit of righteous abandon, cut his own “manhood” off at the age of 99. (Was he crazy?) Moses, on the other hand, refused to cut his own sons, so his wife performed the nasty deed for him while he was passed out on wine. (The photo shows an uncut King David. Apparently the Mohel [the Rabbi who performs ritual circumcision] passed him by!) Modern “circumcision” is right in claiming a hygienic basis for the continued, what amounts to, brutal mutilation of the penis. However, the modern world, at least in most of the “First World”, is quite sanitary and we don’t for the most part live in tents, fornicate with livestock, go unwashed for months etc. So there must be another reason. I suspect it is a reaction to WWII when folks of the Jewish persuasion were on the run in most of Europe. The SS would enter a village; line up the men and have them drop their pants. If you were cut, you were shot. So, rather than allowing their boys to grow up with their God-given gear intact, the decision was made, as the War ended, to cut everyone, and in this way, Jewish males would no longer stand out among the gentile population. (A note of interest here: the SF Chronicle of 7/24/07 ran a piece about the Australian decision to cut all their boys to reduce their risk of AIDS. Here we go again! Run boys, run!)

ON DREAMS, VISIONS AND PROPHESY “A prophet is not heard in his own country.” It only stands to reason in Holographic Universe- one where the “logical” outcome of a process is the “angle” or focus of every point along the Way- that the vital and well-constituted human nervous system should be able to synchronize, to “tune in to” a given process and “n”-vision its logical outcome. It also stands to reason in times such as these that we have all but lost our inherent ability to do so, and that those few who still retain that natural, Godgiven ability, are scorned and blasphemed by the armored left-brain. Nonetheless, when one has consciously witnessed and recorded a logical sequence of events in one’s life, and one night a profound deep sleep occurs, the nervous system will harmonically sort and decode that pattern and run it- in dreamtime- to its logical conclusion. (In Omnipresence, that “logical conclusion” already exists.) Later on, that dream “comes true” and we say “déjà vu” (French for “already seen”).

Past, present and future are One in the Moment. The “future” is an inversion of the “present” in the same way that “yesterday” became today (clearly implying that “today” was implicit, inherent, “n”-folded in yesterday.) Normally, reflecting our chaotic and often pointless lives, our dreams are likewise chaotic and pointless. An incoherent diet lies at the bottom of this situation. The implications are terrifying. Our collective memory is failing. We no longer know where we are “coming from” (failed spirit), where we are (loss of “presence”) and where we are going (no “n”). These are, indeed, dire straits. The “prophet” is often a person of tremendous constitutional vigor; one whose main concern is his (or her) People rather than himself. This one is tuned into the collective destiny of the nation and the civilization it bespeaks and has access to great “natural” or cyclical processes and their logarithmic Dance, and is able to run these things to their logical conclusions, their often abrupt and calamitous solutions. Among the Ancients, clairvoyance was not at all uncommon and was seen as a precious gift to the society. The “New Testament” cut off the Western visionary tradition, proclaiming all future prophesies null and void and the work of the Devil. The “Church of Science” continues that tradition.

Among the Maya, it was seen that in a logarithmic time/space, events reproduce in kind in measured periodicities. They understood the mathematical roots of this business to be hidden away in the beat patterns of the overlapping orbital periods of the Earth and her planetary neighbors, Venus in particular. Their vision for our time is most interesting. To deny prophesy is to be unprepared for hard times and is a deadly symptom of a terminally ill civilization. Now, what kind of “logical conclusion” does that lead one to?

DARK MATTER “Out of the Blue There Came an Angle” There’s a lot of talk lately about the missing 90% of Universe called “Dark Matter” (and similarly the 90% of DNA called “junk”). The “Model” or logarithmic paradigm central to this work has been adequately developed to address this issue. The reader who has managed to wade through the hash of “proofs” in Part Two probably can solve this “riddle” on his or her own by now. Clearly, our electrically sensed reality is confined to a relatively narrow band of activity at the “Crack-of-the-Whip”, the “sphere of activity” whose equator is the “Y” axis of the wave- where the past and future collide and crash on the shore of the “Present”. The four steps that precede the “crack” are “n”folded and “n”-trained into it as its spirit or quality. We can know these things, we can remember the steps that were surrendered to the process, but they are implicit in the Immediate Present and undetectable through the echolocating mechanism of the senses. Instruments that magnify the power of the senses such as microscopes and telescopes do not change this; the viewer is still trapped in the realm of the senses, in a hall of mirrors, a bat cave of echoes- the ubiquitous “Crack!” Without what Georges Ohsawa called the “Magic Spectacles of Yin and Yang” (or Log n X=Y), that side of Universe beyond the senses is unattainable and off limits to white smocked technicians parading as “scientists”. I’ve said many times in many ways that we must, as Man, learn to live in two worlds at once- that of the One and that of the “many”. They are the Same in the “N”-d, but are two-fold in our experience. You can KNOW the One and sense the many, but you cannot know the many nor can you sense the One (physically, at least).

Years ago, James Brown recorded a beautiful tune called, “Out of the Blue, there came an Angel”. If one were to change the last word to “Angle”, one would be a step closer to grasping “dark matter”. Lines drawn from the focus (the relative focus- “God” [by any Name] being the Absolute Focus) of an L-spiral to the curve intersect it at the same angle- hence the name “equiangular” often applied to the Curve of Life. This sharing of the same “angle of approach” keeps all steps and parts in synch with one another and with the “n” of that particular process. The vast sweep of the spiral prior to the “crack” is invisible to the senses. In the next essay we will look briefly at the good Dr. Russell’s Atomic Chart, released in the Thirties to zero fanfare from an armored “science” determined to bludgeon the elemental world into Mendeleyev’s “Protuscan

Bed”. Russell’s chart is based on the logarithmic curve, as this text asserts it must be. There are nine octaves of elemental substance- mathematically predictable, precisely located harmonic variations on the theme of One Substance or LIGHT. Before the Helium or 4th octave, the senses of Man register nothing. Despite this, at the amplitude of this octave, the whip “cracks” for matter itself- in the white, incandescent Carbon sphere or SOL, the Sun. The lower three octaves surrender to Carbon, but have such long and low wavelengths as to be undetectable to the senses and to the arcane instruments of the High Church of Nuclear Physics. This is the realm of very spaced-out matter, the veritable highway of the dead, of “the Blue” (as in, “it just came out of the blue!”)

Never mind, no matter!

ON “ATOMS” “The lazy drift of a milkweed tuft across a summer sky, Sees simultaneous adjustment In the expansion-compression dimensions Of ten times ten trillion suns.” (WR) In German, the “atom” is “das Kern”, arising from the same Sanskrit root as our word “kernel” and “corn” (a term widely used in the “Old World” for the cereal grain that centered the People’s diet- barley[corn], rye, rice, wheat, etc. as well as the “New World’s” “maize”), both of which terms point to something most basic, to essential substance itself, actually to “n”. Thus we perceive the wisdom that recognizes the “atom” to be “n” of matter itself; a practical limit beyond which one need not go. The atom is “1” (“one”); reductio ad unum. The world of “sub-atomic particle research” has opened the very floodgates of hell; that would both bankrupt and lay waste the planet, given sufficient time to do so. The very costly search for the Void (“god” for atheists) goes on, a grand exercise in plutocratic chicanery ad nauseum; one which benefits only the ruling class, their corrupt and deadly faux-medicine, its silent bedfellow (agribusiness), and foremost, a draconian military machine which guards their interests abroad and at home (from the rest of us, but under the guise of “Homeland Security”). By the very same universal mechanics that sees the musical scale expressed in mathematically precise intervals and frequencies, so do the atomic elements (“atoms”) manifest precise TONAL positions in the wave. Just as in music, the elements line up in natural, i.e. logarithmic sequence, in harmonically ordered octaves, each with its own unique “tonic” or “keynote” or “fundamental”, its “n” (without a doubt). “Music” is simply one of Nature’s more delightful ways for Man to perceive the “atomic” sub-stratum of Everything*. “Atoms” are gyroscopically tuned whirlpools of Light dancing in the River of Change. Thus all things are! The “inert” or “noble” gasses perform the work of the “keynote”: neon, argon, krypton, xenon etc. These are the holographic negatives for their respective octaves, which upon overcoming inertia and gathering sufficient momentum, manifest as each of the full- and semi-tonal (“isotopes” are “semiHOLOSCENE Quartet tones”) elements native to that particular octave. The inert gas seed is simply a temporary record of its octave and all harmonic activity within its range. At the amplitude of the wave, the famous “crack-of-the-whip”, the wave sums holographically into its “overtone” element. This element is the epitome or solution of that particular octave and each element preceding the “crack” is ”n”trained by the wave to become a quality of the overtone, its timbre, so to speak. The “fifth” overtone is in the SOL position in the wave (as in, DO, RE, MI, FA, SOL…). Sol (also called “So”) is the harmonic resolution of its octave. Throughout Universe, the sound “SŌ!” brings things to a conclusion, as we all know. CARBON is the fifth overtone of the whole nine octaves of elements, centering not only its own octave but the whole nine octaves of the Creation. In this position it is the quantitative repository of all elemental substance in SOL-ution, and manifests as the infinitude of suns and stars that populate Universe. Each healthy and mature sun is a Cosmic Font of All Idea within its own system, and periodic discharge from SOL gives birth to the “Ten Thousand Things”, each according to it s kind in natural order. Despite left-brain’s assertions to the contrary, the Sun is essentially a carbon-arc lamp and not a hellish “nuclear” furnace. SOL is very much alive and is truly the brains of this outfit. Atoms are thought-generated, gyroscopic eddies of light, each taking on the characteristics of the “angle-of-arc” that it resonates with. As light is modulated by spiral mechanics, atoms transmute one into the other according to natural, harmonic order. Atoms appear to endure, but do so only as “standing waves”, which in the same way that a great river can appear to be standing still, give the impression of permanence to matter. No thing endures; not even for a moment in time. On-going, relentless, non-stop chemical and biological transmutation of atomic matter is a fact of Nature. Our civilization would cease to exist in its present form if this knowledge were to become commonplace, so our hidden masters see to it that it does not. Prior to Carbon, the elements are increasingly vital and alive. Carbon represents the maturation of all elemental matter. It appears at the Autumnal Equinox position of both the fourth octave and the whole nine as well. After maturation of any process, Yin takes over and gathers momentum for the unwinding of what Yang wound up, and this is, naturally, the case with the life and death of elemental matter itself. Although harmonic variables still combine to create many relatively stable and enduring substances in the octaves beyond Carbon (including such favorites as gold and silver), by the time the 7th octave is reached, the deadly centrifugal power of the Mother-light is beginning to be felt. Aluminum, magnesium, sodium and potassium are all there, and already the human environment is threatened by their presence lest they be bound up in salts. The 8th octave is called the “Actinide Series”, and among these are several substances totally taboo in our cushy 4th and 5th octave reality. The cold-blooded bunch that calls the 9th octave home is called “Trans-uranium”, the boss of which group being Plutonium, aptly named for Pluto, Lord of the Underworld. These elements express Nature’s death principle, as matter itself finally dies- as all things must and do. No Plutonium in the kitchen, please! (Interestingly enough, our caring government and many others store Plutonium and other ghastly substances all over the place- having NO IDEA what they are doing- and we, the People, foot

the bill!) Beyond Plutonium, the very last element is one with the very first and round and round it goes!

The Atom 1921 by Walter Russell. Last seen on your eyelash in the sun after a languorous swim in the Water of Life


In 1926, the late and truly great “Doctor” (an honorary degree from the Society of the Arts and Science in NYC) Walter Bowman Russell published a logarithmic spiral chart of the “chemical” elements. In that it is rooted in Natural Law, it automatically delegated Mendeleyev’s left-brain, rectilinear (hence dead) chart to the trash bin of the ages. Of course, too much time and money had been invested in making chemical reality conform to the orthodox chart, so Russell’s offering went unnoticed. As he lacked the “proper credentials” to even be considered, this revelation in universal chemistry simply went unnoticed (the pyramid scheme of “proper credentials” is something to contemplate). I suspect that if Dr. Russell had had the necessary credentials to force the “scientific community” of that time to take notice, his life would have been in serious jeopardy. The horizontal “X” axis is the home of the “keynote” elements, the “noble” or “inert’ gasses. Each of these unfolds as the elements of its respective octave; the chemical notes of an elemental scale. These in turn refold into their respective inert gas seeds. The inert gasses are Nature’s essential information storage agency. On the vertical or “Y” axis, are found the “amplitude” elements in the fifth overtone position. Carbon, centering all nine octaves is the fifth overtone hologram of, not only its own octave (the 5th) but of all nine! Of course, each element is holographically (i.e. harmonically, gyroscopically, gnomonically, logarithmically, etc.) engaged with all the others, each being the other in the “N”d Hydrogen centers the third octave. Three octaves of inconceivably vast waveforms and their corresponding particle modalities (you must see by now that every wave has its “particle” and every particle, its wave- and that these are continuous) precede Hydrogen logically, so the good Doctor named them where they stood. Deuterium and Tritium he called “Ethlogen” and Bebegen”.

As Hydrogen was the first element in Mendeleyev’s chart, they were called “isotopes” of Hydrogen. Russell clearly shows that “isotopes” are semi-tones and couldn’t possibly exist in the third octave. Isotopes appear as the elements fail to reach amplitude in the older octaves after Carbon, as they begin to come “apart”. It’s interesting to note here that in his chart, many substances we think of as full-tone (such as gold and silver), he sees as semi-tones. The logarithmic basis of the layout of substance demands ever-on-going transmutation of the elements in all things unto the One. All things change in all ways always!

The Russell Chart of the Elements “The nine octaves of the elements of matter manifest the polarization principle for producing dynamic action by extending two equators from a fulcrum point of rest. These two equators arise by gyroscopic action, multiplied centripetally, in four concentrative efforts to an amplitude plane, which is 90˚ from the zero plane of the inert gasses. They then descend in four decentrative, depolarizing stages to disappear in their inert gasses and again reappear from them in endless cycles throughout eternity. Thus do all bodies appear and disappear- to again reappearforever.” WR

The Solar Family Suns are the seed-bodies out of which the visible universe arises. Our Sun, SOL, is ever- so- slightly oblate, indicating that it is a bit past maturity. SOL has had many, many planetary children and gives catastrophic birth to new ones periodically. Just as in our domestic reality, such an event causes quite a stir in the solar family. Sunspots are its multiple birth canals, and when truly great solar flares are ejected, gigantic rings form and on “Earths” (whichever planet occupies the Earth harmonic at the time), epochs and ages end quite suddenly. When planets are born, first we see a humongous arc of solar substance, which quickly winds up into a ring, which surrounds the Sun at a distance from its equator. (Numerous stars have been spotted with the Hubble telescope with this ring present). This ring will, given the right shock, wind up gyroscopically into a sphere (toss a glass of water into the air and watch as sheets of liquid quickly form globules). Spheres “oblate” as they age after maturity but they “prolate” as they approach maturity. The young planet then becomes the “particle” of its wave. At first this newborn will maintain a nearly circular orbit and face its parent body all the while, or nearly so (as rotation and revolution can never be absolutely equal). Eventually, however, the young planet goes off on its own, like the prodigal son. It breaks away from the plane of the ecliptic of its parent star, rotational momentum increases while revolutionary momentum decreases; and it expands in all dimensions- its elemental make-up transmuting, modulating- to accommodate ever-changing harmonic conditions.

Increased rotation (plus other, synchronous dimensional adjustments) harmonically sorts heavier, more Yin elements, and these modulate to the center, while lighter elements likewise modulate into latitudinal bands at the surface. Inner Yang increases as outer Yin increases. In this manner, planets give birth to their own children, the moons. The faster they spin, the more rings are cast into space to wind up into moons when conditions merit. The rapidly spinning outer planets are oblating (“going south” as humans do when they age), throwing off endless rings which prolate into moons, forming bands of water-decay gasses (such as ammonia and methane) which parallel the growing equator, hollowing out and becoming increasingly radioactive as death approaches. As age increases and a planet’s spiral path takes it still further away from the Sun, its color, volume, rotation/revolution, chemistry, ionization, plane, form, temperature, etc. all adjust synchronously to accommodate an ever more Yin harmonic environment. Orbits will eventually tip over past 90˚, thus causing folks on Earths to say it is moving “retrograde”, when all the while, Sol, the Great Constant of its solar family, is wholly in charge. It was the great German mathematician, Johannes Kepler, who determined that if viewed from above the pole of the Sun, the planets would line up in a logarithmic curve. In this manner, “n” is upheld. Finally, many moon-children later (each of them having become a comet in its old age), only the planet’s dense and rapidly dying body of cold light is left, the radioactive core of what was once the stage upon which untold dramas and epochs, Golden Ages, civilizations and scenarios without end were played out. It finally surrenders on an erratic cometary perihelion, and is consumed by the fiery Breath of Helios, the Sun. The Prodigal Son returns

HOME and is dissolved in the effulgent Light and Love of the Heavenly Father/ Mother. Our gyroscopic solar system probably has the same harmonic configuration as an atom of Iron, hence the amazing resonant properties of this life-sustaining element. Imagine how different life would be if the configuration were that of Silicon, Iridium or Praseodymium! Things would be different, of course, but the Way would still be the Same. The logarithm may vary but the Law remains:

Log n X =Y

‘Theory of Everything’ tying researchers up in knots. From the San Francisco Chronicle Monday, March 14, 2005 Here’s where things stand today on the issue of the “Theory of Everything”. Called the “most celebrated theory in modern physics”, critics say it is “luring a generation of researchers down an intellectual dead end”. Apparently it was in the mid-eighties that the theory was propose that “reality consists of infinitesimally small, wriggling objects called ‘strings’, which vibrate in ways that yield the different sub-atomic particles that comprise the cosmos.” The newer 11dimensional model is so “mind-bogglingly complex” and “mathematically dense” “that many Ph.D bearing physicists haven’t a clue what their stringtheorist colleagues are talking about”.

“On the other hand, new versions of the theory suggest our universe is just one of zillions of alternate, invisible – perhaps even inhabited- universes where the laws of physics are radically different.” Skeptics call string theory advocates “superstringers” and say that they “try to colorfully camouflage the theory’s flaws like a 50 year old woman wearing way too much lipstick’”. Robert Laughlin, Nobel Prize winner from Stanford (physics) said that “string theory is textbook ‘postmodernism’ fueled by irresponsible expenditures of money”. Lawrence Krauss, astrophysicist- particle theorist from a major university in Cleveland and one of string theory’s strident critics, equates “those who dabble in alternate- universe speculation” are simply modern versions of “16th century theologians (who) speculated that spirits and angels emerge from the extradimensional universe.” A bone of contention amongst the physics cognoscenti is whether “theoretical daring” or “empirical observation” is more important. It seems that “superstringers” are becoming “openly disdainful of experiments.” Zlatko Tesanovic, a physicist at Johns Hopkins asserts, “there is an intellectual struggle going on for the very soul of theoretical physics”. In the 90’s, Berkeley techs came up with the “counter-intuitive” observation that Universe is expanding faster with time. “The apparent reason: a mysterious dark energy pervades space and drives the accelerated expansion”. String theory hacks assert that their theory “is the only approach that has the potential for explaining dark energy”.

A prominent Colombia mathematician reports that the theory asserts the simultaneous existence of as many as “one” (1) followed by 500 zeros, universes. The piece goes on to say that, “if true, it means that string theory is so flexible that it can be used to predict almost any kind of universe that you might want, and hence it predicts nothing specific enough to be of scientific interest”. Ok. Enough! I surrender! It was no easy chore for me to review this nonsense without applying the Axe of Principle to the rotten roots of the Tree of “Knowledge”. Lord knows I wanted to; especially when this monkey accused super-stringers of mocking their medieval cohorts in their assertion that angels come in “out of the blue”! We know better! So Universe is “expanding” ever faster? I guess these guys still haven’t realized that all processes “speed up’ as they approach the “crack-of thewhip”, whether they are rising to wave amplitude and “maturity” or plummeting back into inertia. An L-Spiral time/space demands this. Once mature, and “X” and “Y” are One in “n”, where “X” (“life”, the Fatherlight) dominated in the first half of the wave (reaching maximum at the “summer solstice”), “Y” (“death”, the Mother-light) takes over- slowly at first, then faster as centrifugal momentum prevails, to reach maximum at the “winter solstice”. Here we are digging through that pile of eggshells again. “String Theory”, indeed! This is such a great example of essential, un-principled, basically adolescent speculation, rooted more than anywhere else, in one’s daily food and the devilish “theory of nutrition”. Over-paid mad scientists do indulge the gourmet palette. Yet another example of what it means to not know- where you are, who you are and what time it is! Please read this essay carefully and criticize it from the perspective of LognX=Y.


1. The essential four steps of the wave called “disease” are as follows: acute discomfort, colds, headaches etc. Usually suppressed with drugs. 2. All of the above plus seasonal flues, allergies, migraine and more unrelenting maladies, usually suppressed with drugs. 3. All of the above plus deep-set chronic problems, asthma, grievous skin diseases such as psoriasis, eczema, arthritis, rheumatism, blood and soft tissue issues, depression etc. Usually suppressed with drugs… 4. Degenerative disease: tissues actually breaking down and wasting away. The “victim” becomes “an accident looking for somewhere to happen!” The last step (in logarithmic time) often comes on suddenly and “catastrophically' “out of the blue”. “Oh, John was in perfect* health before his heart attack!” Once the body has reached the point where a lifetime- (keep in mind here that the nine month period spent in the womb is vastly the “greater” portion of one's logarithmic lifespan, so kids are not exempt) - of the diet of hell and the emotions that accompany it have taken their toll, it will attempt, in a desperate move to survive, to replicate or “clone” itself, often with multiple “n's” in the most endangered tissues. Given the holographic character of systems (and cells are systems) this is a natural response. Thus, the powerful Yang momentum that typifies the fetal stage of growth in systems appears in these threatened, rogue tissues and cell growth is “mitotic” or geometric. So what you have is a fetus attempting to grow “ex utero” (out of the uterus) and ghastly, other-worldly creatures result from these attempts. These we call malignancies or “cancer”. Interestingly, those cancers that grow in or near the abdominal cavity, even in males, often have defined body parts, teeth, hair, distorted visceral organs, bone etc. But when it’s your brain or liver that’s replicating, the results are way more chaotic. If the robber barons of “oncology” could just see what is going on, they might have somewhere to begin- but then, cancer is step four of a logarithmic process, and even effective alternative approaches can only back this process up one step, if that. So, all you cancer “victims” who are presently tumor free… en garde! * * * * * * * * CORNUCOPIA The Logarithmic “Horn of Plenty” In school when I was a kid, Thanksgiving was a big deal. “Over the river and through the woods, to Grandmother’s house we go…” you know. I lived in Maine, just a hop, skip and jump from where the Plymouth Colony in Massachusetts was established and the Wampanoags were trashed by the “Puritans” in God’s Name.

Come Thanksgiving, we’d tape up hand drawn pictures of the famous “Horn of Plenty” on classroom windows and delight in the promise of feasting at the table on that auspicious day. When asked the meaning of the spiraling horn universally used to symbolize Nature’s Bounty, the teacher would invariably report that it is a goat’s horn and in Olden Times, the goat was a symbol of fertility, fecundity and such; hence the hook-up. But we know better! It’s not the goat at all, it’s the CURVE, the logarithmic spiral manifesting as the critter’s horn, that’s the limitless Source of Abundance! Please note that in the display of Nature’s delicious harvest that any and all cornucopias portray, cereal grains are first and foremost and there is no pizza to be seen.

“N” by any Name

THE ETHER Not long ago, towards the end of “classical physics”, when notions like “nature abhors a vacuum” and similar commonsense observations still held sway among sound and sane observers, the universal “glue” that holds things on all levels together (and that glue is clearly there, as basic sanity demands) was called the “ether”. Experiments in the late 1800’s by Michelson and Morley sounded the death knell for the ether, or so it seemed. Since then, despite arcane attempts to explain this glue with sub-sub-sub- atomic “particles” (the “gluon” being an arcane example) and the corresponding theory of “strings”, the madness has ounce again been exposed and the ether is being dusted off and re-examined by physicists around the world. If the reader has been assiduous and considerate thus far attending to the theme that is central to this text, that being the idea of “n” (summing Finally into “N”), then it should come as no surprise that “n” (“N” at ∞) IS the “ether” (summing Finally into The Ether, yet another of God’s many Names). In this sense, as was discussed earlier in another piece, “n” is likewise the “string” in String Theory and that theory is a hopelessly convoluted return to the theory of the Ether. See what the Pizza Diet has done!

Oil, Gas and the Beeg Juan Some time ago I penned a little tale about the fortuitous arrival of Cortez on the very day the return of Quetzalcoatl was awaited in old Mexico in the year 1519. In it, the reader is introduced, although probably not for the first time for most, to the 52-year long cycles inherent in the Sacred Calendar of that land, called “Heavens” and “Hells” by some in translation. The “Thirteen Heavens” ended on the day of Cortez arrival in Vera Cruz and the “Nine Hells” commenced the very next day. The ninth of these “Hells” ended with “Harmonic Convergence” in August of 1987; this state of affairs, according to some, is foreordained to culminate on the winter solstice in 2012. These twenty-two, 52-year cycles constitute a “World” or “Sun”, and there are five of these cosmogonic cycles in the great epoch called the “Five Worlds” (or “Suns”). The numbers are interesting. There are 1144 years in each world and 5720 years in the Five World cycle.

Biblical cabbalists assert the age of our world to be right around that figure. Perhaps the Mexica (the “Aztecs”) were on to something! Anyhow, the divine agency for the final destruction of this Five World epoch is Tonatiuh, the grinning Sun at the center of the calendar, and his sidekick, Tepeyoyotl, the Lord of Movement or Earthquake. Because the story takes place mostly in old Mexico, I make a comic allusion to the much-anticipated “Big One” on the West Coast with a Mexican accent- the Beeg Juan. Cute, no? So what has all of this to do with oil and gas? Well, by now it should be pretty clear to the enduring student of the Book of “N” that Universe is not about accidents and that the accidental logic of the adolescent left-brain is what my young friends call “whack”. So, it's no accident that the oil deposits of the world are found largely in seismically sensitive areas of Earth's fragile crust, and likewise with great pockets of natural gas. Oil is a lubricant (doop)! Gas is a shock absorber! Take them out of the ground, fill the holes with salt water (which is the custom) and the entire region is set up for seismic catastrophe! Real “science” imitates Nature for the uplift of all concerned while left-brain “technical scientism”, blunders in where angels fear to tread, and in the name of “Progress” aids and abets the gods of yore in carrying out their cosmic duties. Oh well, our alien conquerors (cars) have their needs too, you know!

* * * * * *

Pangaea, Continental Drift and Unifomitarianism In Light of a Logarithmic Time/space Sol, our beloved star, gave birth to the Earth some time back. A great sheet of solar stuff discharged from a sunspot and quickly became a vast ring floating about the solar midriff. The Hubble telescope has revealed many such arrangements among neighboring stars (it’s a full-blown nursery out there!) Then, just as sheets of water, when tossed into the air prolate (the opposite of “oblate”) into drops, so did this great ring prolate into an infant sphere, our Earth. And, just as a new baby creates quite a stir among the established siblings, so does the birth of a new planet create quite a stir among the older planets. It could well be that great extinctions and the like are geared to such an event. At this time, logically, the young sphere revolves in a nearly circular orbit, facing its parent body all the while, much like our moon faces the Earth all the time (and for the same reason). A newborn planet is very compact, has no soil or water (these things come with age). Upholding “n” of the Solar system “constantly”, the young planet’s orbital path begins to widen and assume an elliptical character (note here that the center of the Sun never was nor could ever be one of the foci of any planet’s orbit- the “lag in time/asymmetry in space” rule). As its revolutionary period decreases, the young Earth’s rotational period increases, lighter elements modulate to the surface and heavier elements modulate to the center. The pubescent planet grows in size. Volcanic activity arises in the Venusian harmonic, widely dispersed radioactivity begins to reduce bedrock to water and soil. Eventually, water covers the Earth. At some point, the planets rotation is sufficient to discharge much of this water and a moon is born, first as a ring and finally as a sphere. The same process is visibly on-going around each of the older planets. The rings of Jupiter and Saturn will all become moons in their time. And just as the birth of a planet causes quite a stir among the solar family, so does the birth of a moon wreak some mighty havoc among those creatures that call that planet home! The birthing of galaxies from super galaxies, stars from galaxies, planets from stars and moons from planets occurs at the universal “crack-of-the-whip” in logarithmic time/space. (When galaxies “collide”, they’re having sex! There’s nothing “random” about it!) The notion of a “Big Bang” giving sudden birth to everything out of nothing is unprincipled speculation. . The planet continues to grow in size. It is this growing, the natural by-product of centrifugal, gyroscopic momentum, which causes the planet to swell, obviously expanding the lithosphere as it does so, and giving folks the impression that continents “drift”. Yes, Pangaea did exist, but it was the whole, adolescent Earth that grew in size, thus the appearance of “drift”. As it grows, lighter elements continue to modulate to the surface and the heavier elements to the center. One day, Lord willing, Earth will be where Mars now is, and Mars will be a great queen bee like Jupiter, all swollen with a bulging midriff, spewing out rings and surrounded with adoring moon-children, with light water-decay gasses (ammonia and methane being prime examples) sloshing about in vast seas and a cold, radioactive core, spinning ever faster and growing ever more oblate all the while. Eventually, spent and old, all that is left is an icy, glow-in-the-dark core, which then assumes a totally radical orbit and plunges, as a comet, back into the Sun from whence it came so long ago. (All of this assuming, that nuclear war doesn’t bring about the “popcorn effect”, blowing the planet to smithereens to become another belt of asteroids!)

So it can be readily seen that slow and uniform change is a fantasy of childish minds that put entirely too much faith in instruments of their own design. In logarithmic time/space, there is room for long and languorous periods of seeming stability and the appearance of equilibrium- Halcyon Days. Then, right when you think everything is just hunky-dory, bam! The whip cracks, mountain ranges are born in a flash and the Earth Mother gobbles great civilizations up for lunch. You remember, we all remember. * * * * * *

Mr. Death Comes a’Callin’ Clearly the reader sees by now that “X” and “Y”, Yin and Yang or what have you, are universally continuous- which means that they modulate, one into the other in an orderly way, a way set in stone, as it were, by universal, octave-based harmonics. Each is essentially, the other turned inside-out! But, contrary to the linear logic central to modern “science” (as exemplified by genetic theory and the idea of DNA being an unchanging konstant)), AS things modulate into their opposites, they change in all parts and ways, upholding the unique constant (“n”) of each, conforming all the while to a logarithmic spiral master form. That is to say that genes and chromosomes change as well, to accommodate an everchanging harmonic environment; the notion that you can pass the buck for your condition to your parents and theirs fades quickly into gray and finally, it is “you” who must keep the buck. In our modern world, death is not a popular topic. Our universities have whole departments that study “the life sciences” and even the dynamics of rotting, fermenting and dying (e.g. pathologies of varied weird stripe in med school) but no school that I am aware of has a department of death studies. Westerners in general and Americans in particular have a morbid fear of the business of dying and certainly entertain some arcane notions about what happens one after one dies. The Atheist asserts utter annihilation while religious fundamentalists speak of heaven and hell (to which the Catholics add purgatory). Science, being largely atheist and materialistic by nature, has little to say on the matter, because “there is no evidence” to support and kind of continuity after death. Some say “you” are carried on through your off-spring (certainly bad news for those millions who have none) and others, that if “you” die for the dogmas of your faith, “you” get a harem of your own for All of Eternity. In many of the Eastern “religions”, especially those that emphasize inner work and meditation practice, the doctrine of reincarnation is widely upheld. There are variations, some fundamental schools teaching that one can dip into lower realms and be reborn less than human if the situation of one’s life merits such, while more contemplative teachings pass this by in favor of continued incarnation in various human expressions until one’s work is done and that one sees the theater of life for what it finally is- the boundless imaginings of Omniscient Mind. Among sects of the varied faiths, bizarre and really adolescent notions prevail that assert Eternal* Salvation in a Leave- It- To- Beaver heaven with lions and lambs sharing the same bed and smiley humans cavorting in a polyester paradise that would make Hugh Hefner cry. And for those of us who fail to meet the heavyhanded standards set forth in The Book, there is always Eternal* Hellfire and

Damnation. There appears to be a nest of folks in Washington D.C. who entertain such notions and will do anything to get into the heaven of their imaginings. The fascinations of adolescent mind aside, one can rest assured that “you” don’t always get what you want… but “if you try some time, you just might find, that you ALWAYS get what you need.” In death, these two are voided in one another and the Great Recycling Bin in the Sky takes on all comers for the ride of their “lives”. The diagram that accompanies this piece is essentially the same one that accompanied the Russell chart of the elements earlier. Recall that the first four octaves in our sensed universe are beyond the range of the echo-locating senses. It isn’t until the fourth octave, with the amplitude element Hydrogen, that we can detect the presence of elemental matter. The fifth octave has the keynote Helium and peaks in Carbon, the most “alive” of all the elements. Our Sun, or Sol, is essentially a Carbon arc lamp. It is not a mindless ball of atomic explosions as the Church asserts (it is also a fearsome Being of a very high order). What do you imagine is going on in those earlier octaves of elements that have such long and low wavelengths that we can’t detect their presence even with the most sensitive of instruments? This is the realm of “dark matter”. This invisible realm fills all of that “space” in which we see nothing and until recently called “empty” and a vacuum. Can you imagine a “place” in “space”, clearly situated between things we can see, implying distance between those detectable “things”, where there is NOTHING? That sure seems like a choice bit of word idolatry to me! Keep in mind here that the gnomon in our three-dimensional spatial reality is the CUBE and the volume of the neighboring fields in a closing logarithmic wave process decreases inversely as the cube as one goes from the first octave to the fourth where Carbon appears as an incandescent white sphere. See the diagram and accompanying text for clarification. One day, on this planet (given we survive the parasitic infestation that presently is visiting here), people will recover their ability to speak with those modulating through the “other side”; to the degree that such a thing is useful. We have the ability today to design a technology that would allow communication with those modulating through this inconceivably vast sea of “dark matter” (“dead” folks and things). Once one has reached the trough, the “black hole” that is the counterpoint to the “white whole” that was “your” previous life, the process of harmonic/holographic re-assembly begins, ever so slowly at first, but with ever increasing momentum until one reaches the “X” axis, the Plane of Conception, as just the right “pair-‘n’-ts” come together to open the gate for the new “you” to return to the stage and the on-going saga of “your” life on this wondrous orb. “You” return, perhaps as a group of hapless but related souls, as a ship of fools, as a butcher, a baker, a candle…. If you spent much of the previous life as a male determined to understand women (or vice versa), then you will likely be born a woman (or vice versa). Gender switchovers are so common that men keep their mammary glands intact just in case! Ovaries prolapse and become testacles, the vagina prolapses into a penis (or vice versa) and so on. My advice to those alive now who want to compete with the opposite sex… enjoy who you are, it will change soon enough! Just look about you at the way most people spend their lives. That alone bespeaks the need for many lives. If “God” (by any Name) can imagine love-making between super galactic systems, That One can surely imagine “you” modulating through a trillion life cycles (dying a trillion deaths) just to see the Light and become Director/producer of your own Play! “Death” arrives just before the collapse of the wave of “your” life into inertia. Not long thereafter (probably about nine months) “you” are born into the Great Mystery of the Other Side. You begin the perfectly timed business of shedding the old skin in preparation for a new one (or many new ones, depending on your needs) and turning inside-out as you do so. The wave works in such a way that a life span of 80, let’s say, is balanced out by a “death-span” of 80 years… that is, unless desire for your return among those still living speeds things up. Remember… In “God” (by any Name), there is no Slack!

The Kototama Principle, Babel, And Just What It Means To Be “Chosen” A very old family in Japan named Takeuchi lays claim to a most ancient collection of documents named after them. In these documents, the history of the Earth is revealed in a most unorthodox light. It seems that before this civilization, there were not just one but very many earlier civilizations. In these hoary records are listed the names of world emperors and empresses back to the dawn of logarithmic time on the Earth- born of the Sun (as we know Shinto “myth” asserts for their first rulers).

Here, academics deny even one earlier civilization (afraid of death, the lot of ‘em!) despite a growing body of evidence for the same, and the Takeuchi documents asserting countless previous civilizations! That aside, the documents go on to say some interesting things about the last civilization and certain decisions that the rulers thereof made that affect us to this day. It appears that long ago (though not so “long” in L-time)), people were able to communicate on the basis of universal sounds despite their having spoken different tongues as we do today. The various languages are a natural product of the various harmonic environments (and foods) that make up our infinitely varied world. Despite their differences however, most share the same vowel and consonant sounds and combinations, syllables, etc. The same five vowels are central to them all*. I will arrange them into one of the colorful “Names of God” we’ve all heard in one form or another from Pastor Murray on late night TV IAOUE, or “Jahweh”. Now, the hook-up between this vowel arrangement and the Judeo-Christian mystical name (also Jehovah, the pastoral god of the Jews) of God has been utterly lost on this crowd- their asserting a book to be The Word and not “God” to be The Word (and The Book warns against doing that very thing!) Confused? It just gets better… Anyway, back in that Day, children were taught in school to understand the sounds that make up words and their universality, and grew into adulthood being able to communicate freely with anyone despite their unique language. (Note here that in those days, when the soils, waters and airs were clean and wholesome and people ate in the spirit, words were clearly enunciated and syllables precise as opposed to the increasingly muddied and slurred sounds of today’s languages).

So… when it came time for the last great, global civilization to exit (this announced by Vega overhead in the North), the rulers of that world decided it was time to hide away the Kototama Principle, so that in the next cycle of Five Worlds (the present one, that which I call the HOLOSCENE), and in order that an age of materialism could manifest, people would grow out of touch with one another and be unable to communicate effectively. At the same time, they looked about for a people prepared to lead the way into a world of materialism and saw that the Children of Israel, with their wrathful god, were the perfect choice. Thus the Sons of Abram were “chosen” by the rulers of the ancient world to lead the present civilization into materialism; the “Church of Science” with its “Theory of Nutrition”, its atheist “medicine” (medicine that heals nothing) and so on. But it gets better! Now, the “Born Again” or “evangelical”, “literalist” Christian community asserts that since the advent of Christ, it is they who have assumed the role of the “Chosen People” and if Jewish folks would be saved to enjoy Eternal Salvation at the Right Hand of the Lord, they must all accept Jesus as their “personal savior”. Along with this package, in order for Jesus to return to Earth to escort this chosen crowd to their Just Desserts, the Jews must restore the old Israel, and rebuild Herod’s/Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem (above which site at the Wailing Wall is the 2nd most important shrine in all of Islam). Our present regime in Washington is very busy right now trying to put all of this together in order that they can secure a base for Jesus’ return. Fascist Christians and Jews alike (the “neo-cons”) are clamoring for the utter destruction of Dar Islam and the world, if that’s what it takes. Being “chosen” exempts them from the destruction as they’re already “saved”. So, did you imagine when you voted in the last presidential election, that this is what you were re-installing in the White House- a clutch of whacked out adolescents hell-bent on a global holocaust and World War III? It would appear time to act! Polaris is nearly overhead in the North and time is short! When the last great cycle of Five Worlds ended, it was water in its various forms that brought that civilization down and erased its memory. Now it is Fire’s turn again - the fire of industry, the (lack of) fire in the kitchen (woman having been exiled to the workplace and banned from the hearth), the fire in your gut, the fire of war…

The “Holo” Earth Actually, the Earth isn’t “hollow” it’s “holo”. Great vortices of long, low wavelength elemental matter are boring into the heart of the Earth through its poles as the sphere exchanges potential with its vast cubical field in measured rhythmic pulses that we know as the seasons. They touch down where the “magnetic” poles are found wandering about and interpenetrate one another at the center of the planet where the northern vortex finds its focus at the tropic of Capricorn and the southern at the Cancer tropic. Their displacement from the axis of rotation is the same as that at the center- 231/2 degrees north and south. They share a common axis. Earth is ageing slowly, becoming increasingly oblate as it does so. People do the same. All things do the same. Things die by hollowing out. North moves south and south moves north. Jupiter is an old planet- obese and oblate, spinning itself to pieces as it throws off countless children and it hollows out- making a harmonic space for heavy, dying, radioactive elements to fill the “vacuum”. Remember, “Nature abhors a vacuum”! Signs of our present civilization’s inevitable demise appear in interesting ways that point to the model discussed above. The Yang tropics produce a Yin reality. As the planet oblates, tropical energies migrate north and south. Modern inhabitants of the northern hemisphere have become completely enamored of the delicious and seductive offerings of the tropical world. Much of our food comes from there (bananas are the most popular fruit in the USA). The nightshade family has moved in next store (potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant, and chilies) and has caused whole grains (oats, rye, millet, oats etc) to flee the coup as the mainstay of the northern diet. The most popular food in America is pizza! Music and certain drugs that accompany that music have flooded in from the tropics- reggae and pot being the outstanding example. Folks (bless their hearts) from the tropics are overwhelming our borders and nothing can be done about it. A European needs a PhD to get a green card here but they air drop them on desperate tropical nations (nations made desperate by the white man in the first place). It’s really beautiful. We are trading places with the equatorial reality. We are hollowing out! Degenerative disease, brought on by a subtle refrigeration effect in the cells (brought on by Yin, tropical influences in the diet, mainly) and a ubiquitous calcification of soft tissues is pandemic. Of course, Yin chemicals in the environment catalyze all of this. It doesn’t look good in River City. Smoke another bowl, pal! * * * * * * *

“Half-life” in a Logarithmic Time/space Radioactive elements and their isotopes (semi-tones) are found in all types of bedrock in minute quantities. As we have seen in earlier work, radioactivity expresses the death of elemental matter, and it is this extremely Yin (“Y”) presence appearing naturally throughout the Earth’s crust, the lithosphere, that brings about the natural decay and disintegration necessary for the formation of soil and water. Earth has just the balance needed to support “life-as-we-know-it”. Mercury and Venus have yet to reach that point and the outer planets have “been there, done that”. As with all things in Universe, there is an order to the modulation of elements, one into the other in a natural harmonic sequence, and so it is with the decay of radioactive isotopes in bedrock. Science recognizes the transmutation of highly radioactive elements, but fails to do so with the more stable elements of our day-to-day reality It has been theorized that each of these volatile substances decays exponentially, (i.e. logarithmically) losing half of its mass in a certain period of time, half of what’s left in a sequential, equal period and so on, until the original substance is somehow, no longer there. This halving of radioactive mass in sequential time periods is seen as a constant, unique to each substance, and the phenomenon is called “half-life”. Calculations based on the observed amount of remaining radioactive material in a given sample, and the established half-life of that substance, allows one to, theoretically at least, estimate the age of that bedrock and extrapolating from that, the age of any fossils that might be present in that rock. This all makes some sense… It was Zeno, long ago, who formulated certain “paradoxes” that have tickled the fancy of left-brain ever since. Among these, he observed that one could really never arrive at ones goal because the distance keeps halving on the way. For that matter, one could really never even get started for the same reason. Without a logarithmic time/space this is perplexing! Half-life, despite its “exponential” roots is really perceived in a linear fashion. It should be clear by now that the shortest distance between any two points is a logarithmic curve (there being no absolutely “straight” lines short of God). We know now that “time” and “space” are simply two sides of the same coin- that one being our 4-dimensional reality at the Crack-of-the-Whip or “NOW!” (This is the Great Mystery at its best!) Things really speed up as the “crack” approaches, they cinch up, (hence the “crack”!). You might say one gets going at infinite speed, though this is idolatrous nonsense. There is ONLY Infinity, so apparently one is already there, and so on. We’ve looked at that already. The tons of Plutonium salts stored around the country for weapons manufacture will continue to threaten all of mankind on this planet for a very long time, no doubt. However, dating the Earth and its history on the basis of the half-life of miniscule amounts of barely present radioactive isotopes in bedrock, and extrapolating from this to the age of Universe itself a left-brain exercise in unprecedented megalomania. So you can see the problem here. Dating a logarithmic process with linear logic could lead one far from the mark. Half-life studies have dated the Earth and hence, via “Big Bang” theory, Universe itself at 13 some billions of Earth years, strung out in a straight line back to nothing (which apparently exploded back … then). Dinosaurs vanished 64 million years ago according to half-life studies of bedrock containing dinosaur fossils. Humans arrived on the evolutionary trail only 100,000 years ago and so on. What’s more, there are a humongous number of “light years” (measured in linear “miles”, mind you) between our Sun and its nearest stellar neighbor. The list goes on. It would appear that the left-brain has created a true masterpiece- a logarithmic spiral reality described in rectilinear terms.

In the same way that one doubles the relative rate at which one halves the remaining distance to one’s goal, so does the rate of decay in systems double with each succeeding increment of logarithmic time. So, half of the radioactive “particles” in a sample decay in so much time, (this depending on the operative “base” of the curve) then the next increment is half of the first and the rate of decay doubles, and likewise through the seventh leg of the journey wherein the decay rate is 128X that of the first leg and there is, practically speaking, nothing left! This example uses the number 2 as its base. In Nature, it has been observed that growth and decay are more accurately represented by “e”, the “natural logarithm” or (2.718 …) reflecting the irrational nature of natural phenomena and the logarithmic or fractal basis of her Design. So perhaps we are due for a long, hard look at the dates that have been beaten into our heads by the priest craft of “science” for the age of Universe (ageless), the age of Earth and all things upon her. In a logarithmic time/space, things are not as they appear. Heads will role! * * * * * *

Pizza and the New World Order That pizza is the most popular food in America speaks volumes about the overall health and sanity of our society. The ancients saw seven levels to the business of eating:

1. Instinctual- eat whatever when hungry (dumpster diving) 2. Sensual- eat only what tastes good (for some, the other senses can come into play) 3. Sentimental- eat what your mommy fed you and her mommy fed her. 4. Intellectual- eat what’s “good for you” (the left-brain diet) 5. Social- eat only what is available for all (grain based society) 6. Ideological- eat locally and in season (considering all of the above) 7. All-encompassing- eat whatever when hungry (intelligently) Obviously, in holographic Universe, each higher level includes those lower, so, for example, one eating at the intellectual level will- 1. Be hungry, 2. Choose sensually gratifying fare, 3. Create an aesthetically pleasing environment (violins, candlelight, the right wine) and 4. Select nutritious food, etc. White folks on the whole, eat at the first three levels and most eat at level #2. Clearly, pizza fills the bill on the first two levels. Americans for the most part eat like dogs and will not eat anything that doesn’t “taste good”. Demonic gangsters from the FDA with its “Theory of Nutrition” have us all buying the truly stupid notion that chemically sodden white flour, welfare cheese, meat from hell, and a judicious dash of nightshades (toms and chilies) chemically produced in South America is a meal! The final outcome of this madness is and will continue to be a nation of sheep willing to kowtow to a criminal, unconstitutional regime made up of barely closeted chicken-hawk fascists and fight the pathetic battles of the filthy rich in their struggle to take over the Earth for Jesus (so they say, anyway). “And so it goes” (Kurt Vonnegut)!

You will note that on the sentimental level, family dietary tradition often carries through generations and the diseases those traditions feed come along for the ride. Without food there are no “genes” nor are there chromosomes, nor is there DNA, RNA or whatever other fantastic entities the left-brain wants to cook up! It is nothing short of astounding how the Establishment and its “medicine” love to pass the buck to anything and everything but the hellish crap they pass off to the public as “food”. Without Safeway, where would Bayer be? Ask “your” doctor! Here's a last thought on the subject… according to the ancient medicine/philosophy (the Chinese model being the last gasp thereof), physiology precedes and determines psychology. Imagine the state of mind of a pizzadriven society and what this augurs for the “New World Order”! * * * * * * *

HUMPTY DUMPTY (In an eight-stroke meter identical to that used by Longfellow when writing the famous “Song of Hiawatha”.) By the shores of Gitchee Gumee By the shining big sea waters, Stood the wigwam of Nokomis, Daughter of the moon, Nokomis… Humpty-Dumpty, Golden gosling, (Of proportion, not of specie!) Our Mother Goose’s pride and joy,

Celebrated Py-tha-gor-as, Sorely vexed the Inquisition, Busy as it was with warring, On all those who would not say that… A is A and at the same time, A is B and what’s it to you!? That “God” is All and that is Truth, But at the same time Satan lurks And thrives wherever “God” is naught. Luther, Zwingli and John Calvin, Heard of Humpty and despised him, Heard him teaching Nature’s Way, And his scorn of priestly foible, Formed their armies all around him, As did the Papists on their side, But egg-shaped Humpty closed his eyes, And through their ranks at night did ride. South to Rome by night he rode on, Wanting so to understand, just… How it was that One and many, When confused misguide the People, Become weapons for their masters, Become as idols for the Folk. (Word had reached him of his Mother, She’d become the Christmas Goose,

Mother Nature, t’was said as well, Was proclaimed to reside in Hell!) Days were numbered and he knew it, So on he went, now to eastward, On and on to Levant’s Oz, and… To the Temple of Narcissus, And those “chosen” to uphold it. “Let’s not hatch, just keep from hatching! Not much time left, keep on going! Must climb the wall of Herod’s temple, Must tell those folks the Laws of Change!” Sunrise Easter saw him sitting, Looking down at Lubavitcher, Weeping, wailing… gnashing teeth, Not so much for times gone by, but… Way much more for Innocence Lost. Then he felt a hearty push and… Lost his grip and tumbled downward, People scattered, dreads a’flyiin’, God’s wrath again was now upon them! But then they saw t’was but an egg, Shattered, scattered, all about them. King’s horsemen, and king’s men, all tried

Their damndest to patch him again, But t’wasn’t to be… not quite yet! Centuries more of war and debt, Mayan Fifth World had not begun… The real fireworks not yet begun. That Which is Golden, truly so, Cannot perish, nowhere to go! Since All is Golden, so be it, Get straight with words and git what’s writ’! So ends the story of Humpty Dumpty, children’s hero from the Dark Ages in Futile Yurp and the vast and still on-going conflict between the One and the many. Humpty was the last of the “Golden Eggs” laid by Mother Goose before she was garroted and served up for Christmas Din by Pope Innocent the Guilty. Luther, Zwingli and Calvin were in attendance. * * * * * *

THE LAST WORD “In the Beginning was the Word and the Word was with God And the Word was God. The Same was in the beginning with God And all things were made by Him…” This is a fine example of the mind-bending idolatry of words that is central to “holy scripture” throughout the world of literalist or “fundamental” religion.

Because the text before you is a play on words and “the word” is so central to it, I will briefly examine this exhortation accredited to the Apostle John in light of what we have learned. “The Beginning” here is either a “Name of God” or it is not. If it is, then it is misleading, because we understand now that what begins, ends, and “God” (by any Name) if rightly understood, does neither. “The Word” is either a “Name” or it is not. If it is a “Name”, then “was” does not apply as “God” clearly IS and can’t be referenced in any time frame. This being so, then the Word is a reference to the spoken word and not to some collection of carefully and craftily chosen words in various books that drive religious and scientific fundamentalism throughout the world, despite their (self) reported good intentions and (self-) proclaimed infallibility. The Same… is either a “Name” or it is not. If it is, then It simply means that all things are the Same in “God” (as qualities) and we have seen that this is, indeed, must be, the case. And yes, all things ARE made by “Him”, (“Him” here being a dangerous “Name”, especially in the hands of an all- male, “celibate” priest-craft) and “the Beginning” is NOW and Forever! As we have seen in the foregoing text, all conception is Immaculate and all birth Virgin.


Had enough? In Part Three we will examine a grand list of heresies reduced for fun to a simple equation and a brief examination of each. “N”-joy!

The anabolic (r.) and catabolic (l.) phases of the Universal Heartbeat.

part three: the spiral lexicon

Now- as if the holographic heresies of Part Two weren’t enough! In a concerted effort to familiarize the reader with the “Trinity Model” and its application to systems and “knowledge” in general, I have gone and assembled 160 or so of the most powerful, most used and abused, most highly toted of the Sacred Cows of the vast verbal arsenal of the left-brain demagogue; and with almost maniacal bodacity, have dispatched each and every one of them to the Lion’s Den of Spiralogic… (or at least have attempted to do so. It’s really all about words!) To even suggest the dynamic solution in Principle of any TWO of these hoary ideas sends waves of hysteria through the feverish, labyrinthine halls of the macho left-brain, and constitutes the most verboten of all heresies. Over time, great volumes have been dedicated to each of these imperious creatures of the Idea-sphere, thus giving them great power over the minds and lives of ignorant and godless mortals such as myself. Nonetheless, despite lonely and neurotic ego’s desperate resistance to Change/ change (to “N”/”n”), it is time for a joyous reunification of knowledge! Freunde! Nicht diese Töne! Sondern, lasst uns Angenehmere anstimmen!

Und Freudenvollere! We now know that each of these powerful “names” is no more than a mask on The-Only-One-There-Is; an omnipresent facet on the Precious Jewel of Universe. And what’s more, we’ve always known it!

“Each thing is everything and each is everywhere”. WR I dedicate a mere paragraph to concepts bigger than “life” itself, and wrestle each of them into the waiting arms of the Trinity Model central to this text. If the reader follows carefully, relying on commonsense, and ideally starts at the beginning, then the method that upholds my madness should be revealed for all to see!


… That Which is Beyond Solution (or) The OnlySolution-There-Is. Take your pick! That Which has no Opposite and Knows no Competition; The Qualitative Solution to all Quantitative Problems; The Holographic Sum of All Possibilities. “God” (by any Name). Log Absolute absolute=relative!

ACCIDENT… An accident is the usually unforeseen conclusion of a logical process in the human sphere (other life forms don’t have “accidents”); Direct (acci-) i.e. head-on collision of opposites at the “crack-of-the-whip” (dent) or true “co-incidence”. In Truth there are none; you ALWAYS get what you need! In practice, their frequency and intensity is a function of the essential coherence of the system experiencing them.

APOCALYPSE… The Great Modulation, the Cosmic Rock and Roll Event that is held whenever a civilization has played its last card and has consigned en masse to eat The Fan. It is that which arises when the Big WhipIn-The- Sky “cracks” for us all. Classically, apocalypse unfolds in four logical steps (wouldn’t you know it!): famine, pestilence, war and death. There are, however, many colorful variations on this theme, one being, “the Rapture”.

ALPHABET… Four-dimensional chromatic octave of psycho/physical symbols depicting the universal Mandala of Sound (plus “n”); it is the entire story of Mankind on this planet in archangelic language; also, a profound tool of the devil.

ATOM… Transient, gyroscopic “n”-tities, expressing LIGHT, the One Substance, at natural, logarithmically spaced (tonal) intervals in the wave; The “notes” of the elemental keyboard; the role of “keynote” being played by the “inert” or “noble” gasses. Carbon, centering the 4th octave of nine, is the holographic solution of them all, epitomized in SOL, the Sun, which is essentially a Carbon arc, in which all other elements are in SOL-ution.

BALANCE… Balance (as a Name) is the natural (i.e. logarithmic) harmony of antagonistic opposites, epitomized by the Golden Proportion. All things considered, all things already are in Perfect Balance, constantly (by means of “n”) upholding the Only- Constant-There-Is. Practically speaking,

however, balance is unattainable. Try moderation instead. Log balance=imbalance!


BLOOD… The wondrous fluid interface between Heaven and Earth (“X” and “Y”); chi-ld of the soil and the seasons through the agency of food and par-“n”t of the cells of the body. Healthy and vital iron-centered blood locates one here and now, in logarithmic time/space: Soil>food>blood>cells>blood>food>soil. That’s life… BEAUTYThat Which is seen where Golden threads do bind; That Which is known where Nature would her soul unwind; That which is felt where Curves of Life abound, That Which IS where Spira Mirabilis is found. Log Beauty beauty=the lack thereof (ugliness etc.) (Which is to say, that all things are finally beautiful)

BREATH… the synchronous, logarithmic interchange of substance between “X” and “Y” in all systems unto the One. Especially, breath is the electric interplay of “space” and “matter”, omnipresent poles of the Universal Battery. All things breathe; the breath rate of a given thing being directly proportional to its mass (and other dimensions in infinite regress). The Holographic Sum of all breathing reveals the universal, synchronous Breath of God.

CAUSE… As a “Name of God”, Cause is Unopposed and Unique. Effect, on the other hand, is two-fold, these two being commonly labeled, “cause and effect”. Little “cause” is readily confused with the Big Guy. Watch out! The practical equation would be,

Log Cause cause=effect! CENTER… short of Universe, the center is the two-fold expression of “n” within systems, the “pair-“n”-ts or “MA” and “PA”; the twin foci of an ellipse, summing (holographically) to the Absolute Center (“N”) of the Sacred Hoop, the Only True Circle, the “Center” of Which is “God” (by any Name). In practice, the “center” is two-fold but in Truth the Center is Unity. In practice, the center is Yang and the periphery, Yin. In Fact, Log NYang=Yin

CHANGE… as a “Name”, Log Change change=stagnation. Nature abhors a vacuum so stagnation is good, but dangerous. Sooner or later the dam will burst! Change is the Divine Thought Process in action; perceived by Man as “motion” and manifesting as “things” and relative change. Lacking a logarithmic time/space, left-brain perceives motion as linear and things as having undue duration. Commonsense knows better.

All things change in all ways, always! CHI… the holographic sum of opposite or antagonistic energies (“parts” or “steps”) as expressed by the Whole. Specifically, it is centripetal gyroscopic momentum, the “light of kind”; also, gravitation (but not gravity). The Source of chi is in the Belly, at the “center of gravity” of mass in motion.

CHILD… the child is the psycho/physical printout in kind, of pair-“n”-tal chi in form. It is the reincarnate “n”-tity; The hologram of continued momentum from one cycle or “generation” to the next in light of kind. The CHILD. You can’t fool the child. It becomes your denial and fills the vacuum between the pair-“n”-ts.

CHRIST… the Living Embodiment of KNOWING (by any Name). It is the Final and Logical Conclusion of the Process of “Living”, in a universal sense. “N” of the Human (and thus universal) Equation. As Jesus, the “Christ” is the Epitome of “X” or LOGOS (which changes to “Y” or RHYTHMOS. The Quetzal becomes the Coatl). Beware the following…

Log Christ Jesus=Satan! COHERENCE… the synchronous harmony of opposites (complementary antagonists) in all working systems or processes, most fully revealed in the Golden Proportion of “X” and “Y”. It is Syn-chronicity, Co-ordination, Resonance, and Consonance. Coherence implies “in phase”, “in step”, “in synch”, “of one mind”.

COMMONSENSE…that essentially WHOLEBRAIN view which simultaneously considers both the details (“Y”) of a problem and that which relates or connects those details (“X”), and sums these into MEANING.

Commonsense is the natural perspective of sound psycho/physical health, no more, no less and is largely absent today (largely due to pizza).

COMMUNITY… a harmonic gathering wherein all * participating members share a mutual “angle of arc” (“n”) in all essential areas, summing into God (“N”) by any Name. Short of this, probably no real or enduring community is possible.

CONCEPTION… the universal interface of opposites in inertia (centered by “n”), holographically summing their differences for repetition in kind. It is the holographic negative; DŌ of the wave. Omnipresent Conception “comes to mind” immaculately always. Scary, huh!

CONSIDERATION… that interval following conception and prior to birth wherein the parental “light of kind” or momentum, is logarithmically impacted into growth, thereby establishing the constitution of a thing (“n”). It is the harmonic generation of a “frame of mind” (a wave field) to accommodate and control further growth. Other words connoting the same thing: gestation, germination, contemplation, and consternation. Con-sider… “in light of the stars”.

CONTINUUM… the continuum is the Universal Perpetual Motion Machine, manifesting in systems as the holographic reproduction (“motion”) of ALL possibilities according to their kind. Time is continuous (with space) but the Continuum is timeless.

COOKING… the intelligent use of agents of “X” (the “life force”) to prepare food for gnomonic “n”-trainment by Man, to further reveal Nature’s Way in our experience. The food itself is “Y” and the Way is the final “n” (or “N”). Raw food celebrates “Y” (the healing power of death) and is used as medicine mainly (usually unbeknownst to those who eat it)! Cooking is the highest of the arts- the maker of breaker of Man.

CREATOR… what each of us is to the very degree we coherently identify with the Only- One-There-Is. Also, it is he or she who dares identify consistently with Cause and does not pass the buck. Seated in “n” (finally “N”), the true creator knows no competition.

CUBE… the cube is the Universal Mother-form (the “womb”) expressing the solution of TWO into one in three dimensions (two “cubed” or 23). It is the womb of Mind and the Master Gnomon. In harmonic Universe, the cube represents the limits of “Y” or Yin expansion. At the same time it is the source of ”X”, or Yang compression. As such, it is “Heaven”, Earth turned inside out. The rational (1:1) cube’s mate is the irrational (1:π) sphere or “Earth”; it is Heaven turned inside out. Log Form the Cube=the Sphere

DEATH… the practical limit of depolarization in bodies, on which occasion one’s chi is rolled up in “n” and modulated through the Belly to an appropriate harmonic for reconsideration. In Truth there is no “death” (nor is there “life”) but the practical equation renders this clear: Log Life life=death or life=Life death (resurrection).

DESIRE… Gravity. It is the on-going condition inherent in Unity, which seeks expression in duality and, the on-going condition inherent in duality for solution in Unity. Desire is the Principle of Universal Gravitation. One “gravitates” towards that which one desires.

DIMENSION… or better still, “Di-mension”- meaning something akin to “measurable on the basis (‘n’) of a twofold (“X” and “Y”) aspect. It is the 3D realm between adjacent planes (tones) in the wave, replete with appropriate resonant systems ad infinitum. All is not what it appears to be! (Reread the quote from WR at the start of Part Two.)

DIRECTION… motion inward towards “n” is NORTH, universally, while outward bound at 90° in plane is SOUTH. PA controls the EAST while MA controls the WEST. These four, plus their holographic admixtures (NE, SE, NW, SW) plus “n” give the eight octants of the CUBE plus the “center” or nine. Di-rect-ion… opposed at ninety degrees.

DISEASE… that condition that arises in systems when “n” is afloat or lost; Yang lacks a focus and Yin, a center and parts appear to dominate the whole. It is also the “order” of the left-brain. The Name must reclaim the Throne or else all is lost! In Health (as a “Name”) there is no disease. Disease, indeed!

Log Health health=disease. DIVINE… (DI- two, VI- what is seen, appearance, NE- not so) or, All “Names” appear as two (i.e. are not two), or “n” is Divine (is “N”). No doubt! Simply divine!*

DYNAMIC… another one- DY= two (“X” and “Y”) NAM= name (“n”), IC means (clearly) usable, practical. A “Name” becomes “dynamic” only when centered by “n”, the “constant” of a working system or process. Otherwise it remains conceptual, a mystical “One”. Fine, inspiring but “can he do it?”!

EARTH… the embodiment (TH) of the Word (EAR), the Chi-ld of SOL. It is the living repository of dynamic, transmutable substance (LIGHT) from which all things are made. Earth is the focus of Yang and Source of Yin; the Earth is Mother to all upon Her. She is also: an omnivorous gyroscopic “n”-tity, third from the Sun, one known moon- chi-ld, né, Luna.

EGO… the composite hologram of one’s relative thought-life or, just who (do) you think you are (anyway!)? Ego is the human echo-body, it is the Child of sensing and master of reflection, the proud possessor of imaginary “n”, as in “N”arcissus. Also, ego is the neurotic perception of chi or gyroscopic momentum of the body (minus the head).

ELECTRICITY… the child of the exponential interplay of opposites. It is the universal, pulsing or vibratory modulation of substance between polar extremes of “X” and “Y”. It is the ever on-going love affair of volts, amperes and ohms (“X”, “Y” and “n”) expressing the omnipresent sexual current of Change.

ELEMENT… Heaven and its fiery solution (fire), Earth and its watery solution (water), and the universal resolution of them all in “life as we know it” (“n”)- constitute the FIVE essential elements of the Creation. They are

Heaven and Earth, Fire and Water, and “n” (the “center”). All things arise from these or holographic, i.e. HOLY configuration of these.

EMOTION… the unique amperage or discharge from each of the “five elements” and all possible holographic combinations thereof. Present in all things unto the One (“science” just determined that animals have emotions!), it is emotion that induces current (“supplies the juice”) in the omnipresent Dynamo of Life. E-motion= surrender to change.

ENERGY… Log Energy energy =matter ENLIGHTENMENT… that state of being “n”-lightened or in synch with “n”. It is to KNOW and only “n” can be known and “n” IS light! It is as well, the resolution of antagonism in “n” and solution of the Knower with the Known. All lesser “n”-lightenments sum into “N”-lightenment- soon enough!

EQUALITY… since no two things are equal short of God or, “The ultimate relationship is Identity” (Klyce), Log Remember the Walrus!

Equality equality=inequality!

EQUATOR(s)… are imaginary zero-curvature planes of magnetic light, interfacing and balancing all systems unto the One; they are as well, the mirrors of Mind. Equators equate! They universally sum all relative asymmetries into Symmetry (as a Name). They are the Plane of Conception or Inertia. Three imaginary planes at 90°, intersecting in “n” subdivide all cubical fields (“mind”) into octants. And these in turn extrapolate harmonically into octave spectra of anything you can imagine. Well done!

ETERNITY… the Same as Now; Absolute Time (or no time at all). It is the Omnipresent Moment (Divine Sum of ALL momentum). Adolescent ego fancies a one-ended Eternity; one is born, but (once “saved”) never dies. In a world wherein fear of death is pathological, “Eternity” is a demagogue’s delight! Imagine that!

EVIL… the surrender (E) to descending energy (V) as interpreted by ego (I) and put into action (L). It is more often than not, selfish action performed with ultimately ill-considered attention to consequences, and the opposite of common “good”. Be good y’all! Log Good good =evil (that is to say that, in the Long Run, even evil is Good.)

FAITH… the (usually blind) belief in some “process” whose steps do not cohere and whose “n”-d (end) is obscure or missing altogether (such as “faith in the dollar”). Also, it is the Divine Sum of lesser faiths into Absolute Faith or KNOWING. The Sum of all doubt is the Solution!

FAN… THE Fan; the Cosmic Baloney Slicer. The Fan is the omnipresent interface between colliding “bubbles of perception” (“X” and “Y”), which turns all things inside-out, shakes them down, reveals and records them and sends them on home. (Take note Rev. Hagee!)

FATHER… as “our” Father, He is the embodiment of Heaven’s Force, and dwells in the realm of ideas. First, a thinker, second, a doer, He is the “guiding light” or “reference beam” of the Trinity Family Equation: Log Man father=mother (he is “X”) and is the focus of Earth. The “Father-womb” or

“MIND” conceives all things short of Man (about that grand archetype he thinks a lot). The Inner Mother.

FIRE… the radiant chi-ld of KINDLING or, das Kind. Fire is the product of maximum compression in the wave (Yang) of Father and Mother opposites (Yin and Yang- paradoxical, no!) and their spontaneous voidance in one another. Blessed fire is the Yang solution to all problems. Our Sun, SOL, is the prototype.

FOOD… the One Substance- which, via the Mother-light (“Y”), is made available for transformation or modulation into the “Ten Thousand Things”. All things are food, the hole and the hole-filler both. Food is that which fills the vacuum that Nature so abhors. Food is Light is Food. You got it! Eat like swine, die like swine! (Nothing against pigs…) FREEDOM… life rooted in Principle (by any Name). Log Freedom freedom=slavery. The modern concept of “freedom and democracy” is the spawn of demons.

GENIUS… that one who entertains the exquisite (and ultimately correct) notion of being a direct channel for the Divine, but still fails to identify with the Divine. This radicalized human dynamo lights the Way for awakening Man. He can be “evil”!

GIFT… in German, das Gift means “poison” and our term clearly comes from German. A “gift” is an extension of one’s substance to, ostensibly, fill another’s relative need, or, a strategy designed to debase another’s “n”. The latter, much more common form has “strings attached”. Vorsicht! (German for “careful”!)

GNOMON… the gnomon is that which can be added to or taken away from a system or process without significantly altering its constant (“n”). “Y” supplies the parts while “X” sorts them, integrates them harmonically (gnomonically, logarithmically, etc.) into the process. The universal gnomon is called “food”.

GOD… G- Solid grounding in the Present O- The Whole (or, Zip) D- Great Power (seated in “N”, by any name) Ah, good! But that’s still not It!

GOLD… a precious metal that is the elemental embodiment of Sol and base of the equation of real money: Log Gold true value=money. Sister silver embodies Luna and can be substituted for gold in the money equation, but it takes a lot of Ag to fill the vacuum left behind by missing Au. They are really complements and both are needed. In the USA and the world at large, both were stolen by elites to fuel their inconceivable greed.

GOOD… Log good= no good or “evil”. In “God” all things are “Good”. In practice, however, things that uphold the Golden Rule are best! Good! Good

GRAIN… the base (“n”) of the human food equation, also known as “kasha” or “korn” in Sanskrit (meaning “primal substance”). The seed of certain grasses (cereals) is the composite hologram of the spectrum of human foods. It is the “grain” or “kernel” without which there is no life “n”-during (fapp).

GRAVITY… in psycho/physical i.e. Holographic Universe, desire and gravity are One and the Same: centripetal, gyroscopic momentum focused into “n” in matter, into the “center of gravity” and is also, “X”, the Force of Heaven, the primary source of which here on Earth is SOL.

HARMONY… gyroscopic “n”-trainment of “the lesser” by “the greater” and that by “the whole”, to varying degree. It is the degree of alignment of parts into “n” that define the harmony or lack thereof in a system or process. In Golden Proportion, “X” and “Y” are voided in “n”, giving the ultimate harmony short of Harmony Itself! The Golden Rule in action is: Log Harmony harmony = discord

HEALTH… the relatively stable state of dynamic harmony between “X” and “Y” components (between Yin and Yang) in a given system- expressed as humor, coherence, tolerance, equanimity, integrity, honesty, clear mind, good memory etc. As a “Name” ( as in “Perfect Health”), Health has no opposite (as Mary Baker Eddy noted). There is no disease in God (but the possibility is there…)

HEAVEN… One with “n”, “Y” at ease,

“X” relaxed and if you please, All three in One and One in three, Heaven’s name is Harmony.

HELL… (on the other hand…) is the aristocratic view of life on Earth and the natural consequence of a debased (no “n”) food, sex and money. It is the reality of the materialist and the head’s view of the rest of the body. It is as well, the dead man’s vision of life and the Luciferian realm of the senses, devoid of quality. Very good! German for “light” (adj.)

(A) HOLOGRAM… the three-dimensional projection (plus “n”) of the parental (MA and PA) difference (the shadow of the object being “holographed” IS the “difference”)- carried across and recorded by the forward momentum (the chi) of the process.

INTELLECT… the irrational (1:π) function of “n”, or “Y”, universally expressed through the Yin, sympathetic branch of the human nervous system and focused into the Father-womb of “MIND”. It is the outer male and inner female, which, psycho/physically dismantles reality. Intellect operates from an “a-rith-metic” or “recti-linear” perspective; the sphere. Left to its own devices, intellect will destroy everything in its path.

INTELLIGENCE… Log Intelligence intuition=intellect. That covers it. INTUITION… is the rational aspect (1:1) of “n”, or “X”, universally expressed through the Yang, para-sympathetic branch of the human nervous system and focused into the Mother-womb of “BODY”. It is the inner male and outer female; intuition puts together what intellect hath ren’t apart. Intuition operates from a geometric perspective- the cube.

IGNORANCE-… the chronic state of denial, especially the denial of relationship or connections and is the forlorn status of the crafty “left-brain”. I-gno… (ego in the way of knowing) plus –rance, “the state of”.

ILLUSION… The notion that “X” is illusion as opposed to “Y” (or vice versa) is illusion. It is the continuous modulation of one into the other that gives rise to these popular notions. There is only the One and That One is Reality Itself. This is It!

INERTIA… 2-D planes of Magnetic Light, which define the insulating boundaries of, curved motion. Imaginary, wave-generated planes interfacing opposites where both are voided to “settle their differences” and continue their kind or “n” in perpetuity. Inertia locates non-motion within motion and, as “n”, is a point, a line or a plane in 2-D.

INFINITY… God without limits in “space”, but in practice, infinity appears as “Order”, the appearance of limitation being inherent in the wave, but within which, paradoxically, all things are possible. Things do not “come from” nor do they “return to” Omnipresent Infinity (by any Name).

KNOWING… identity with the Whole. It is the psycho/physical “n”trainment of all “lesser” and “greater” systems into the Whole, the composite hologram of “knowledge” or “N” of all possibilities, including “n”. Knowing

is timeless realization. It is the fulcrum of two-way thinking or “reflection”. When surrendering fully to one’s mate, one knows.


Life life=death. “Life” is centripetal gyroscopic momentum, most vigorous as the “greater” in Golden Harmony with lesser “death”, at the summer solstice position in the wave (adolescence) and is most abundant following the autumnal equinox position in the same wave. (In the Long Run, there is only Life.)

LIGHT… the One Substance; it is Omnipresent Mind-stuff, of which all things are composed and within which they arise. At the same time it is That which is known and that which knows. Light appears as Everything (including nothing), and as Nothing (including everything). No “photons”, no “speed of light”, none of it!

LOCATION… the universal focus of attention in mass (or “n” of our Trinity equation). It is determined spontaneously in coherent systems by means of the harmonic sorting of holographic imagery or “echolocation”…through the angular play of opposites in the Cosmic Centrifuge.

LOGARITHM… the Rhythm of Logos, it is the Way whereby antagonistic opposites are conjoined in dynamic harmony to a common base (“n”). Webster defines the term thus: “The power to which a given number must be raised to get another given number”. Imagine! That’s all old Noah had to say! Pretty dry!

LOGIC… the intelligent expression of Nature’s Way in the language and affairs of Man, grounded in a sound and vigorous grasp of Universal

Principle. From here in we’ll call it “Spiral-logic” or Commonsense: The vision of the Whole Person and “n” of the communications equation:

Log Sound logic “n”=words JOY… Joy, sweet Name of God Daughter of Sweet Harmony Time it is to stir the People Wake them up and set them free. Your magic binds together, What the times have just confounded! All Mankind become as Brothers, Where the Sacred Way is grounded! (Forgive my liberties with Schiller’s text; for that matter, forgive my liberties with everything!)

JUDGMENT… one’s ability to “read out” where a thing “is coming from” (its quality or spirit) and where it’s going (its quantitative destiny), and act on that knowledge to bring about a desired result- this is the business of judgment and is contingent on sound psycho/physical coherence and clean blood! Lousy judgment = lousy existence.

JUSTICE… The “Way” is Justice! All systems that to one degree or another are in synch or harmony with “Nature’s Way” are JUST to that very degree (thus the impeccable posture of the woodchuck). Ego’s form of “justice” is inevitably incoherent and as a rule serves only the upper classes.

Log Justice justice=injustice

KARMA… As a “Name”, Karma is Absolute, i.e. there is Only Karma (so forget “escaping it”). In practice, however, one may do whatsoever one will, as long as that one is prepared to answer for whatever one does- in kind! All conclusions are “logical” in Logos. “As ye sow, so shall ye reap”! In God there is no slack! KIND… the prevailing logarithm, which “n”-trains lesser systems into its own identity by means of chi or centripetal gyroscopic momentum. Also, “kind” is the child of this union. To “be kind” is to establish harmony, what is KNOWN in a process.

HOLY… All in One, One in All- HOLY-GRAPHIC UNIVERSE- Wholly! HOPE… We can only hope for an outcome One well considered and sublime, At least three steps out of inertia, One step removed from Kindling Time.

IDEA… I- Man D- Great potential for expression E- Release, expression A- Initiation. What do you think?

IDOL… When either “X” or “Y” is seriously mistaken for “n”, an IDOL (and its antagonist) is born. We should do well to learn not to take the “N” of God in vain! An “idol” is the natural consequence of confusion of the One with the many. Most insidious of all are word-idols.

LOVE… the One Idea- expressed in all things by the finally Spontaneous Dance of Father and Mother Lights (of “X” and “Y”), and most profoundly so in Golden Proportion. Love is unconditional surrender to “N” as “n”. Log Love love =hate

MAGNETISM… the entraining power of the “greater” over the “lesser” or the whole over the part, expressed by gyroscopic motion or “electricity”. It is the universal augmentation of power through the sequential voidance of opposition. “n” IS “magnetic”.

MAN… the universal Child of Heaven and Earth. Also, he is “X” of the Trinity Equation: Log Man man=woman. As the Solar Agent with Lunar temperament on Earth, man conceives the outer world and molds it in his image; “n” is his focus and “Y” his delight (fapp).

MATTER… logarithmically impacted thought at the apex of the wave on the “Y” axis (in 3-D, “Y” is a cube corner- [look at a corner of your room and flatten it out]). Matter is quantified quality (whereas “spirit” is qualified quantity). It is that which appears in the Present, the fourth-dimensional expression of “spirit” at the omnipresent Autumnal Equinox of the wave, the “Crack-of-the-Whip”, it is the Mother and at the same time is “Yanged-out space!” (as opposed to “Yinned-out matter”).

MEDICINE… is, ideally, that which, often by means of a “favorable crisis”, returns one to a condition of conscious harmony with Nature’s Way and all that that blessed condition implies. Alas, today the word has come to mean a cesspool of toxic and pathogenic palliatives manufactured and peddled to an idolatrous public by demons from hell for a profit.

MEDITATION… Medi- in between, in the middle; “tat”- deed (in German) as in “tattle”- “to reveal”; the s(tat)e or condition, e(tat) is French for “state”. Meditation is the state of being in between “X” and “Y” or one with “n”. Cool!


Memory mind=body. Memory is the Present. There is only Memory. Mind and body are One, differently aspected but continuous.

MIND… Practically speaking, “mind” is the cubical interface or field, thought generated, within which the Dance of Yin and Yang unfolds, and which, at the same time, is the spatial limit in 3-D of that unfolding process. In Truth, “God” is* Mind. In practice, “mind” is an echo chamber, a hall of mirrors, a bat cave of squeaks. Log Mind mind = matter.

MIRACLE… “A mouse is miracle enough for sextillions of infidels!” Whitman, Leaves of Grass

MOMENTUM…that gyroscopic tendency, inherent in all things, to accumulate power in the direction of mass (or “n”) at the expense of timesumming continually into the MOMENT or “no time at all”. It is the “light of kind” or collective chi of a system, the “reference beam” of the Universal Holographic Process.

MONEY… Money without “n” is “debased, afloat and incoherent and gold/silver is the base! Irredeemable paper money is a key instrument of the misery of the world. Please see the U.S. Constitution, Article I, Sections 8 and 10, to learn the real way of stopping inflation and the fascist takeover of this fair land.

Log Speciereal value= money MOTHER… The embodiment of Earth’s Force, the Mother lives in the realm of matter, the senses and the world of action. First a Doer, second a Thinker, she is “Y”, the creator of substance to embody “n”. The focus of Heaven, the Mother-womb of BODY conceives MAN, the Microcosm or HOLY-GRAM of Universe. She is the “Working Beam” of the Universal Holographic Process.

MOTION… actually holographic reproduction or modulation in all parts; motion is the gyroscopic synthesis of psycho/physical imagery across an imaginary “space” in ordered intervals of “time”. All motion is logarithmic i.e. universal, synchronous, summing, finally, to no motion at all!

MOON… Child of the Earth, the moon reigns over the Cancer ecliptic, the plane of her watery birth. Between the Earth and its only known child, there are two points (MA and PA) that adjust contrapuntally to secure the constant of the Dance. One is “n” of our mutual gravitation (picture them on a seesaw; the fulcrum would be way closer to the Earth than to the moon), and the other, “n” of our mutual radiation (this one is much closer to the moon). As Luna revolves around its rotating Mother, a pulsing electric field is generated which acts upon all Earthly realms, but especially that of water and the tidal e-motions of Man.

“n”… (“en”), this pivotal glyph embodies the paradoxical unity of opposites in the universal “constant” centering all systems and processes unto the One or “N”. It is the Seat of Omnipresence, Omnipotence and Omniscience in the midst of all phenomena, visible and invisible and at the same time is gyroscopic momentum or the “light of kind” in systems. The “base of operations”! (Interestingly, in Japanese, “en” refers to a subtle brush with or glance from a stranger in a crowd {“out of the blue”, so to speak] or a life-saving finger-hold on a climb, or a guiding touch in the dark etc. no doubt!)

NAME… The One in Whose Name all things arise and “n” of the Universal Trinity Equation, LognX=Y, summing finally into “N”. “n” is the Throne, and “Name” is the Power behind the Throne. Any term or turn of phrase used in an “absolute” sense is* a “Name of God”. Anything deserving a name has “n” in its midst.g of

NATURE… the omnipresent, full-bodied, all “n”-compassing Impression/ Expression of the Way. There is really no possibility* of a truly “unnatural” deed (if we agree that “Nature” is a “Name”). Hell, AIDS, cancer, Dubya, war etc. are Absolutely Natural. In our experience, however, some things are more “natural” than others. Also, “nature” is God’s nature. If one lives like a dog, one dies like a dog, naturally.

NOTHING… “n” is Nothing, and it is “Everything”. Nothing is hysterical intellect’s vision of Universe or “God”- all things considered to the “n”th degree…or “Nowhere”. No one. Nobody. No how! No thing. VOID. Nyet, nein, no, non, nichts. What does “n” mean, anyway? Nothing is mind. Never mind! No matter! OPPOSITION… that universal, mind-generated, totally DYNAMIC state of affairs wherein anything you can imagine manifests as polarized, antagonistic yet complementary pairs- the harmonic interplay of which opposed pairs gives the phenomenal world and is naturally logarithmic. It is the natural consequence of universal thinking and the periodic retreat from that thinking- concentration and decentration. Opposition is a fact of life, kids!

ORTHODOX… The Straight (orthos) Path is orthodox; it is the prevailing, academically approved, mode of thought and logic. Presently, it is the arithmetic, rectilinear, analytical vision of “Y” or masculine “intellect”. The geometric, curvilinear vision of “intuition” (“X”) can also be “orthodox” (as it was among traditional cultures that practiced sorcery, for example).

PARADOX… goes beyond (para) the Straight Path. It is the vision of things as they are (as opposed to the “orthodox” vision of things- as they appear to be!). Paradox is the logical child of left- and right-brain activity in Golden Proportion or, the vision of the whole brain.

PARENT… Compound “n”- the paired “n”-tity. The universal foci (MA and PA) of an ellipse, about which all things dance and without which no thing could continue, and centering which ultimately is “God” (by any Name). Pair-“n”ts!

PERFECTION… the Ecstatic Condition of the Moment or That Which Already Is. It is the way we want things to be, and the Way they, finally, already are! As with all Names of the One, Perfection is best imaged in Golden Harmony, the Phi Proportion- keeping in mind here, that all things are ultimately expressing that harmony.

Log Perfection perfection=imperfection PHILOSOPHY… can be said to be, that area of the Human Experience, which concerns itself with the QUALITY of things, the invisible realm of “spirit”, the child of Intuition.

Log Religion philosophy=science PLANE… a cross-section of a wave (centered by two-fold “n”), basically, a cone section. All occupants of a given plane must synchronize with the “n” of the… prevailing wave! One’s “angle” or “slant” on a thing reflects one’s angular relationship to that thing. Planes are the imaginary mirrors of Mind. POLARITY… “Motion of any nature whatsoever in Universe is impossible without an accompanying polarization.” (WR) In Omniscience, all things are possible, and polarity is the quintessential possibility. The dynamic tension inherent in universal opposition and the way the One appears. Polarity is mindgenerated electrical tension between holes and wholes.

POWER… i.e. accumulated momentum or chi, acquired through coordinated action in synch with the power source. All systems have power, some more, others less. Great power has a strong focus or, “n”, summing to “N”.

PRESENT… the Present is the “Crack-of-the-Whip” and it is “The Fan”. There is only the Present. Past and future are imaginary- yet they inform the Present. The Present is the on-going, holographic SUM of all “past” and “future” time and events. There is no time like (in) the Present!

PRINCIPLE… a dynamic Name for the One, and its two-fold appearance, the Sum of which being the Trinity and its dynamic expression in the Curve of Life. Principle is a mighty name of God, it is the hologram of Universal Intelligence or “Christ”. “N”. Universal Jurisprudence. PROCESS… the logical or logarithmic path of unfolding and refolding phenomena and the natural sequence of events that leads exponentially to logical conclusions by means of gyroscopic motion or modulation. Gravitycontrolled, optical, gnomonic, photosynthetic theater, etc.

PROPHESY… the collective vision of another time as seen in the Presentby all who know what time it is and where they are in logarithmic time/space. It’s an insight into the logical outcome of where things are “coming from” and where they are most likely heading in L-time/space. A prophet is truly, seldom heard in his /her own country.

QUALITY… Where a thing is “coming from”, the gyroscopic entrainment of “lesser” phenomena into “greater” gives the “whole” its quality. When quantities are voided, i.e. “n”-trained by Memory (i.e. are “do-ne” [the undoing of “doing”]), they become qualities or “spirit”. All things are “psycho/physical” (“X” and “Y”) in varying proportions; neither exists alone. (As with all opposites, quality and quantity are continuous.)

QUANTITY… Logarithmically impacted quality, the quantity is the holographic sum of steps (“process”) or parts (“systems”) into resolution. It is that which appears at the “crack-of-the-whip”, the Real Thing; psycho/physical reality; measurable things or “stuff”. Quantities are props in the School of Hard Knocks. “The Shit!”

RADIOACTIVITY… points to the outer limits of Nature’s death process. It is the awesome expansive power of Yin at the extreme end of the logarithmic spectrum of elements. The rotting corpse of matter itself, 8th and 9th octave elements, when concentrated and stored in the Human environment, threaten all life with extinction. These substances are the very embodiment of DEATH!

RANDOMNESS… Our limited take on things here at the “Crack!” has lead technicians in white lab coats (“scientists”) to conclude that there are “random” i.e. “accidental” events in Universe. They toss out colliding galaxies as an example. The vastness of inter-galactic space precludes, they say, the possibility of any orderly coming- together of these great bodies of light. Sorry! Colliding galaxies are mating! The same mechanics that see a man and his mate come together guides galaxies as well! Galactic orgasms rule!


Holographic echo of projected thought/action harmonically sorted and logarithmically impacted into matter. “Reflection” is not “thinking”. They relate inversely. Reflection epitomizes the electrical sensing process and arises from “n”. True thinking arises from “n” (finally /N”), but only when chattering reflection ceases.

REINCARNATION… Universal continuity. Clearly we can see at this point that all things “reincarnate”, as “n” modulates into and out of infinite dramas and sets to act out infinite idea in kind! “You” (“X” and “Y”, centered by “n”) are not the issue; the issue is the quality of “your” experience. Do what “you” will and answer for “your” choices. To quote Meher Baba: “Don’t worry, be happy!” (1st thing said after 40 years of silence).

RELIGION… that area of Human concern that deals with the Whole and ways to sustain our awareness of It in our experience. It is the base upon which a viable and coherent Philosophy and Science must stand. As Marx stated, present-day “religion” IS the “opiate of the masses”, but its name is “science”. He missed that one, big time.

REPRODUCTION… the natural outcome of the voidance of opposition into a “common denominator” (“n”) and the consequent print-out in 3-D of that “denominator” as the product or “chi-ld” of that union. It is a universal occurrence in every cycle of every wave unto the One; also. gyroscopic motion.

RHYTHM… Log Music melody=rhythm. Rhythm is the dynamic expression of Order in our experience. Implicit order, whereas “beat” is explicit. The logical repetition of things in “light of kind”, manifesting “space” and marked by “time”.

SACRIFICE… total* surrender to the entraining power or NEED of the “greater” partner in a Golden Relationship, on the basis of a mutual “n”. Anything short of this is most likely a strategy. Beware of wolves wearing sheep!

SACRUM… The Sacrum is the “Belly” or HARA. It is the universal location of “n”, its Throne and it is the “Center of Gravity” in psycho/physical mass, or matter- the “body”. The Sacrum is the Seat of the Sacred in Systems.

SALVATION… the full-bodied realization of one’s inseparable unity with the Whole, (by any Name) resulting in a corresponding loss of “individual” momentum or chi (ego) and the simultaneous birth of a “greater” system is “salvation”. Who is this one that would be “saved”, anyway?

Log “N” salvation=damnation SATAN… the Cosmic Instigator and universal catalyst whereby otherwise inert Nature is stepped-up into all conceivable areas. Called “Coyote” by some, Satan is the Divine Antagonist. As with all things, Satan is what you will. The Lord of Duality and the colorful… tensions that express it.

Log God Jesus=Satan SCIENCE… that area of Human activity concerned with the implementation and/or practical application of “N” (God by any Name) as “n” (“N” applied to operations and systems etc.) in conscious and humane areas and ways. Today, science has become an intellectual obsession, supported by unprincipled “truths” and fleeting “facts”, with the realm of quantity and dimension and the resulting glamorous technology. Presently, it is the armored bastion of the left-brain with its hoary defenses and devicesthe relentless prostitution of Principle for profit in the name of “Progress”. Better said, it is technical “scientism”.

Log Sound Philosophy science=religion SEED… the holographic record of events, recorded as they occur, focused into “n” of the whole (although present in every part), rolled up and discharged at the kindling point of the wave, the “crack-of-the-whip”. All of this, a gravity controlled, optical, photosynthetic process stored for repetition in the inert gas keynote of that wave at its base. SENSE … Sensing is the gyroscopic presence and consequent echolocation of all things as they happen, by means of harmonically ordered wave interference patterns and holographic reproduction. All things “sense” and thereby locate themselves in logarithmic time/space. In Man, sensing is epitomized in “thought processing” or “reflection”.

SEX… S- Nature’s Way E- Full-bodied release or surrender X- Voidance of opposition, conception. Couldn’t have spelled it better, myself! All relationship is sexual. To void “you”, your star-crossed opposite works best, but the harmonic options are manifold.

SIN… S- the interface of Yin and Yang, Nature's Way I- Me, Ego, the Individual N- Paradoxical union of opposites, negation So- ego's denial of what comes natural, i.e. to go without. It's sinful to go without!

SOIL… the intestinal community of the Earth and the Ground “n” upon which all things of the Earth are raised. Soil is the Earthly solution of all things and the womb of Earth wherein new life is considered before birth into the world of Hard Knocks; it is the Qualitative Ground of Existence. In the vegetal kingdom, roots penetrate the soil. In Man, the soil penetrates the roots (the intestines are your roots). Eat more roots!

SOL… the universal “Crack-of-the-Whip” and 5th overtone of the Helium octave. It is the holographic SOL-ution of the full nine octaves of the elements and all earthly phenomena. A white, incandescent Carbon spherethe Sun is seed-body of the Solar System and all things pertaining thereto. The Egyptian Lord of the Sun is Helios.

“All dimensions are based upon tonal relations in octave wave fields.” WR

SOUL… “What is the body if it isn’t the soul?” (Whitman, Leaves of Grass) The soul is the on-going record in plane and in mass of one’s experience, of what one knows; it is “Mind” in two dimensions, “body” in three dimensions, both centered by “n” (in “one dimension”) in all cases and summing into the One soul or “God” (by any Name). William Blake noted, “Man has no Body distinct from his Soul, for that called “Body” is that aspect of Soul discerned by the five senses.” I wholly concur! SPACE… the negative counterpoint to positive “matter” and created simultaneously with it, equal in mass but opposite in volume. Space is, at the same time, extremely low potential, “spaced out” matter. Invisible space winds up logarithmically into “solid” matter in “time”. The idea of “empty space” is idolatrous and unprincipled nonsense.

SPIRAL… the natural pathway of congruent opposites on the basis of a shared “angle” or center/focus (“n”). Spirals allow all of the “parts” of a system or “steps” of a process to be simultaneously changing but upholding a dynamic constant all the while. The spiral is, by definition, logarithmic, despite appearances to the contrary. To quote the good Dr. Russell:

“Two way sex-conditioned spirals are the consummate individuals of all creation.”

SPIRIT… the temporary arresting of spiral motion into form or “matter”; the quality of the Present. It is where a thing “is coming from” and what a thing becomes when it too, disappears into Memory. Frozen steps in real time. There is nothing inherently good or righteous about frozen steps in time. Spiral motion becomes an “it”, in spir-it!

SPHERE…the universal Father-form, expressing the ultimate holographic SOL-ution of all form into One in 3-D (centered by “n”); It is the prototype “body”. The sphere represents the limit of “X” or Yang compression (the solution of “X” and “Y”). The irrational (!:π) sphere’s balanced mate is the rational (1:1) cube. Together they constitute the CUBE/SPHERE, the universal Masterform to which all forms conform… and express the sexual play thereof within limitless limits!

SURRENDER… the natural dropping away of resistance in the wave once sufficient momentum has gathered to carry maturing process “over the top”; That point in the wave (the “kindling point”) at which things become (relatively) weightless (only God is Absolutely Weightless) and “take off on their own”, they “arrive” or “come”.

SYMBOL… the prototype “symbol” is the sphere (-bol), hologram of all forms. Something that stands in for something else, actually IS it, but appears not to be according to infinite harmonic variables. “Each thing is everything and each is everywhere.” (WR)

SYMMETRY… As a “Name”, Symmetry is the One. In our experience, however, there is only the image of symmetry, most profoundly expressed in the Golden Proportion. The Trinity Equation demands a universal asymmetry in space and a lag in time; i.e. there is no symmetry short of God (so relax!)

SYNCHRONICITY… that transcendent state wherein all “parts” and/or “steps” have been “n”-trained by the whole system or process by gyroscopic momentum (“X”) or harmonic resonance. In God, all things are Synchronous. All things are already “N”-trained. Not to worry!

SYSTEM… the temporary grounding (“Y”) of Nature’s Way in the Trinity Form, represented by LognX=Y, or the temporary dance of opposites expressing “n”.

TAO… Keynote (DŌ) of the Universal Octave. All-“n”-compassing source of dynamic action, expressed in the verb form “to Do”- and appearing in our experience in the symbolic form: Log nX=Y and the graceful (although often implicit) curve that reveals that form; The “Way”.

THING… Whereas the letter “K” represents the dynamic play of Heaven and Earth in Man, i.e. to thin-K, “G” grounds that play in “thin-G”; Any psycho/physical embodiment of the Trinity Model; An “n” machine. Anything worthy of a “name” is an “N”-machine.

THOUGHT… pre-natal consideration; actually inseparable from “matter”, but precedent to it like the egg to a chicken. “Matter” is really “thought” harmonically embodied (centered by “n”) and “thought’ is “matter” (sourced by “n”) contrariwise disembodied. TIME… Logarithmically impacted “space”; the counter of periodic intervals between the rhythmic reproductions of phenomena. As with all things, “time” itself is logarithmic and a continuation of events in “space”. There’s Yin time and Yang time; there’s “all the time in the world” and “no time at all!”

TONE… A tone is the hologram (the “chi-ld”) generated when “X” and “Y” lock into root harmonic positions in the wave (1:1, 2:1, 2:3, 3:4)- naturally reducing to the pentatone in linear time and the 4-D Chromatic octave in Universal Time (Eternity).

TRANSMUTATION… Nature’s Way of changing one thing into another in orderly harmonic sequence or intervals in logarithmic time. It is the logical and dynamic order of tonal substance or “atoms” and the natural replacement of what’s been displaced through the harmonic modulation of Light, the One Substance, into whatever is appropriate to fill that vacuum. Transmutation is the on- going modulation in all parts in all things-24/7.

TRINITY… the Dynamic Foundation of Reality (centered by “n”), expressed universally in the simple equation, Log nX=Y (or X=nY), and in Human terms such as Father, Mother and “Kind” or Child (Chi-ld) and is the dynamic basis of sound language and logic.

TRUTH…that which arises when all things are considered in light of kind or, WHAT IS KNOWN. And what’s left when ‘all things are said and done” (“do-ne”, the negation of doing, all things being voided as they occur). All that a man is really worth; and that’s the Truth!

UNIFORMITARIANISM… the arcane notion that change is consistent and uniform throughout time. Not in logarithmic time/space, pal! The appearance of uniformity during the build-up of momentum, for sure, but then, CRACK! Continents are laid low as oceans wash the face of the Earth. Mountain ranges burst into Heaven and the Heaven floods the Earth with tears. Whole civilizations vanish so thoroughly that we still think we crawled from caves just the other day! Get clear! UNIVERSE… There is only Universe. Timeless, spaceless, infinitely modifiable Cosmic Stuff, the Nature of Which is Such that one can make of It whatever one will, and does so on a “regular basis” or “constantly”! Logarithmic, gnomonic, photosynthetic, finally ineffable Universe! So long to the “electro-magnetic” cosmos of Orthodoxy!

VACUUM … the spontaneous modulation of “X” through the agency of “Y” leaves a “hole” in its tracks. The “hole’ is that condition arising when matter modulates into Memory, that leaves a ghost of lower potential behinda “shadow of its former self”. This “hole” is the holographic counterpoint to matter, or SPACE, the empty Whole. Since in the Long Run, Universe IS Balance, the hole must be filled and another one (of a harmonically related “kind”) created in the process- in this manner, things continue! You know this!

WATER … the Yin Solution to all Earthly problems, water is the living and universal agency of “Y”, which reduces all things to the lowest common denominator (“n”) in solution. The Mother-light embodied; Wa-ter- Peace on Earth. Living Water.

WAVE … the universal vehicle of logarithmic modulation or “motion”. The L-spiral IS the wave. “Know the wave. In the wave lies the secret of creation.” (WR) WILL … the measure of one’s gyroscopic orientation to one’s true “n” and its expression in psycho/physical momentum or chi.

WORD… the Sacred Holy-gram of Man and the principle agency of his or her “personal” and finally Divine Power. “In the Beginning was the Word…” the Beginning is NOW- omni presently, omnpotently and omnisciently.

YANG… the universal, centripetal agency of Light-in-motion, focused into “n” in mass, into the “center of gravity”. “Yang” is Heaven’s Force, arising from the planar boundaries of Yin expansion; The “Reference Beam” of the Universal Holographic process. It is the Father-light of Universal Gravitation and at the same time is the concentrative stroke of universal thinking. (“God” is not yang, boys!) YIN… Log


“n”=Yang. The Trinity is, indeed, HOLY! See “Yang” and reverse everything 90˚! (Nor is “God” yin, ladies!)

ZEN … “Z” surrendering wholly (“E”) to “N”. What? ZERO… Negative vision of Unity or “One”; a popular intellectual idol or god or Nothing at all (Nonsense). Zero is the relative state to which all things must be periodically reduced (“n”) in order to continue in kind. Whew! What an exercise!

Now, on to Part Four… in which we examine the “Greatest Unanswered Questions of the 20th Century” (from a recent issue of Science Discovery magazine). Our “Trinity Model” has been adequately developed for us to take on technical scientism and its unprincipled techno-minions. I have printed the introduction to this special edition in its entirety in order that my reader can see for him-or her self the Narcissistic mindset of the Church of Science. I deal with each of these arcane questions as best I am able, coming from commonsense and armed with “spiral logic”. You are likewise armed and should fill in those holes in the left-brain’s logic that I overlook. Pick up the Ax of Dynamic Principle and join me in a final assault on the “Church of Science” and its rotten roots! Ya vamos…

The Nautilus of History (or What have You)

part four: the greatest unanswered questions of the 20th century


“Ever since he acquired the capacity to wonder, man has yearned to understand himself and the world around him. Where did he come from? How did time begin? How does the universe work? “The first crude answers must surely have been mystical, as nature's overwhelming complexity defeated man's newly awakened consciousness. Much later, the first glimmerings of modern science awoke in Sumer, Egypt, Greece, China, and India. But man could still only guess at the fundamental questions; the only answers he could find were religious ones (sic). “Today, science has given us the unprecedented power to peer inside atoms, to perform heroic feats of calculation, to tinker with the mechanisms of life, to mimic the fire at the center of the sun. Yet the questions we ask are essentially identical with those asked eons ago, though the wording has changed; Is there a grand unified theory? How does DNA mastermind the development of organisms? Why is it that all animals inevitably age and die? “Now, for the first time in history, man is on the verge of unraveling some of these great mysteries. Others may never yield to human intellect. But it is the broad questions that ultimately lie behind all others, and it is the prospect of finding the answers that keeps scientists constantly hungering for additional knowledge.

“…we will examine 20 of the greatest unanswered questions of science and technology. This is not an academic exercise: we will learn when and how the central problems of our existence might be solved. We will meet the men and women who wrestle with these problems, in laboratories, in hospitals- in offices, with nothing more than a pencil and paper. It is they who have quantified the wonder of ancient man- and who could, finally, reveal the truths for which we have been searching”. Merciful Heavens!! Anyway, let’s have a look at…

The Greatest Unanswered Questions of the 20th Century 1. How did life begin? Log Life life=death- Life, as a “Name” (“I am the Life and the Way…” Jesus (as “God”) has no beginning. There is only Life. “Your” life began when MA and PA took a tumble in the hay; your own mini-Big Bang. Little “life” is not a soup of excited chemicals, it is centripetal gyroscopic momentum (centered by “n”) focused into “Y” of matter. “Big” Life simply IS… is the Cosmic Stuff out of Which all things arise spontaneously to populate the omnipresent Stage of the Present.

It is mocked-up as “life” (as- we- know- it) and its perennial antagonist “death” (as- we would rather not know- it). Relative “life” and “death” are clearly “X” and “Y” of the Trinity Equation whose final “N” is Life Itself or “Eternal Life”. We have examined this idea from a hundred angles (with the help of a hundred angels). We have also learned to call it “Yang chi” or “momentum”. Even rock is alive! Despite its great Yin inertness and dumb silence, many Yang attributes are clearly present, especially in the crystalline form. Stimulated sufficiently with heat and pressure, even poor “inorganic” rock shows signs of life- motion, sexual activity, curvature, radiance, sound and so on. The mineral kingdom lives in the “alpha” state of KNOWING. Rocks know, but keep what they know pretty much to themselves. Vegetation “n”-trains rock, and through discrete spiral mechanics, steps-up the vast potential of its primary food source and modulates the mineral kingdom into the vegetal realm; in the very same way that animals step-up vegetal life into animal life. All of this is PROCESS, manifesting Life (by any Name). Thus does “inorganic” matter become “organic”; momentarily, omnipresently, and not two billion years ago- NOW! Wherever the primordial elements of FIRE and WATER exist, there is life. Science asks how life began, when the question they should be asking is what life IS! Barely alive men would appear to be afraid to ask this question. Life and death are opposites in the wave. They are “X” and “Y” expressing Big “N”- “God” as “Life”. It should be clear by now to the persistent student of this work, that what we are calling “life” is no more or less than “Heaven's Force”, the

Father-light or “Reference Beam” of the Universal Holographic Processfocused into “n”; without which there is no life. Alas, “life” alone is hot, parched and dry. A brief visit to the Atacama Desert in Chile, Death Valley or the Sahara will avail one to a strong hit of “life” playing a solo tune. It isn't until the Autumnal Equinox, when “life” and “death” meet as one, that the idea of “Eternal Life” and all that That implies, is most fully expressed. All things are “alive” (some, of course, more than others). There is only* Life! Both life and death, as we (think) we know them, are illusory. As the “life-force” is inward- bound or centripetal in nature, and the radar mechanism of “sensing” (all things “sense”) operates on all levels through echo-location (detecting only reflections or discharge from what is being “sensed”), empirical “science” has concluded that Universe Itself is dying from a terminal condition called “entropy”. Science suspects that there is life, however, and among the colorful names it has conjured for this mysterious force, is “negative entropy”. The “life-force” is not detectable through the electric senses; directly anyway. As “chi” or gyroscopic momentum, however, life can be inwardly perceived, “felt” or KNOWN- finally as Universe Itself or “God” (by any Name). For all practical purposes (fapp), “life” begins in the soil and ends there. Eat your vegetables!

Well now! That this question should be second on a list of the “greatest unanswered questions of the 20th century” is an astounding revelation of the essential incoherence of the institution that is asking them! This is a question that never should have been asked in the first place, the ultimate Catch-22. That the great and enduring civilizations of the classical world, East and West (B.C. at least), were founded on and nurtured by this very “Theory”, in some cases for thousands of years, is scarcely relevant in light of such an arrogant and myopic vision.

2. Is there a Grand Unified theory? How could “science” ever hope to answer the other questions on this list if the answer to this one is “no”? Will “String Theory” suffice to “tie it all together” (with “gluons” to fill the holes)? Eleven dimensions should cover it, boys, thanks… what amazes me is that “We the People”, the working stiffs on this beleaguered planet, are bankrolling this insanity! And if the answer is yes, then what is it? Certainly such ponderous questions as those on this list cannot be properly answered without a Unifying Principle! And clearly the answer is a resounding “YES!”- Because clearly Universe does work and does so on the basis of “N”, of LAW! And we have always known this to be the case.

Intellect alone, the feverish “left-brain”, cannot hope to unify anything. Its natural bent is to take things apart, not put them together. In Truth, this “Theory” will not be “proven”, IS, in fact, the “Proof” of everything! It is its own Proof, and need only be demonstrated to those with an education in the essentials and a modicum of basic sanity, in order to be recalled. As I said earlier, we’ve known it all along- it can only be known! Even this brief and amateurish volume should be demonstration enough (after all, “a mouse is miracle enough for sextillions of infidels!) for any soul whose nervous system is still fairly intact (after a century of full-on assault from “science” and “better living through chemistry”) and for whom COMMONSENSE is still a dynamic and guiding light (is “N”).

3. What happened to the dinosaurs? The “uniformitarian” vision still largely toted in arcane Academia today does not allow for the periodic “adjustments” that mark the abrupt culmination of great ages and epochs in logarithmic time/space. Mighty, indeed, are the “whips” that “crack” when global populations of whatever species or kingdom are decimated in the bat of an eye. Dinosaurs? What about the PEOPLE? What could possibly have happened that so thoroughly thrashed the civilizations of “prehistoric” Earth that we actually entertain the bizarre notion that we evolved from apes and emerged from caves only yesterday? And how could it be that 14th Century Europeans actually thought the world was flat and knew nothing of the vast realms across the Atlantic? Especially so in light of the evidence showing that the Ancients, both

East and West, knew Earth to be a sphere. And just what was the nature of this great flood spoken of so reverently in sacred traditions across the planet? The fact that there are likely still dinosaurs alive on the Earth today is a moot point. Before the hopelessly myopic European set out to conquer the world and its nature, there were doubtless whole populations of dinosaurs stomping about in the primeval forests of the planet. Nessie, Champie, Mkolo-Mbembe- the Dragon myth just won’t go away! The great populations of the past are just around a dimensional corner, waiting for Gyroscope Earth to awaken from its present torpor, to shift ever so slightly, and they may well return! An interesting collection of some 500,000 (that’s five hundred thousand) stones, ranging in size from a hen’s egg to great boulders, can be seen in southern Peru, in and around the town of Ica, in a province by the same name. They are all intricately engraved with petroglyphs, many of them showing humans and dinosaurs together. All attempts to invalidate these incredible messages from the past have failed. Still, the ossified body of Orthodoxy refuses to acknowledge their existence (American Academia in particular- too much to lose). Will our progeny, some far-distant day in the future, upon looking back at our world have to ask: “What happened to the mammals?” Get serious! We have almost completely eliminated all of the major species of large, and many of the smaller mammals of the world! And have done so, in many cases, in a hundred years! We are guided by angels to build zoos just to stave off the complete extermination of ALL species (and to repopulate, as if they were a thousand urban Noah’s Arks, the planet when this cycle hits the Fan). And what’s more, we stand on the verge of extinction ourselves!

What happened to the dinosaurs?

We ate them, of course! 4. Will we ever control the weather? One can’t help but wonder just who this “we” is that would control the weather (and to what end, really?), when most of “us” can’t even control our bowel movements without drugs. Only someone abysmally blind to Nature’s ways and the Way would even dare to ask such an adolescent question.

In a sense, we already do “control” the weather. Centuries of methodical deforestation and over- grazing of vast portions of the planet have caused the rains to cease and deserts make inroads into once fertile land. Heaven gives nothing to Earth (save intense Yang) if Earth gives nothing (no Yin) in return. This magic combo= desert. Masanobu Fukuoka, a venerable and wise old farmer from Japan has many thoughts on this matter (discussed in detail in his masterpiece, One Straw Revolution). He suggested that the roots of the problem of global desertification lie with the removal of native and introduction of alien vegetation into an environment and the simultaneous disappearance of diversity in the world’s forests. On a recent visit to the Sacramento Valley in California, the literal “breadbasket” of most of North America, he observed that the area is well on its way to becoming a desert. The real question is: when will humanity take responsibility for what it has done TO the weather?

5. Is there a balance of nature? “Nature” is God’s nature (is “N”). God IS Balance. In this sense, there is no such thing as “imbalance”, or even relative “balance”. All things are ultimately (in) perfect Balance or Harmony; are Beauty Incarnate! That’s nice. It is essential to learn to see this “Absolute” aspect of every problem that arises, to cultivate an “absolute” or “universal” perspective. At the same time, however, one must get things done. As for the question of balance, we need only attend once again to the simple law so often called upon in this text:

“Every system has its own constant” And all that that implies… To work with the perpetual flux of “X” and “Y” in systems.

Log Balance balance=imbalance “Nature” IS Balance! At the same time, without the correct answer to question #2, this question and most of the others on this list are incoherent as stated.

6. Will machines ever be conscious? Will the person who wrote this question ever be conscious? “Conscious” should not be confused with “Consciousness”. Consider: Log Consciousness conscious=unconscious. Consciousness is a powerful “Name” and all that that implies. The conventional stratification of Consciousness into “sub-“, “un-“, “super-“ consciousness, etc. is in error, and a fine example of the muddle that arises when the One and the many are carelessly confused. To be “conscious” in the sense the term is used in this question refers to electrical awareness, awareness of gyroscopic momentum or “chi”, or that which is KNOWN in systems and processes. A well designed and constructed “machine: when running smoothly and doing what it was built to do, is fully “conscious”, though not of itself. Only Man is found at that position in the wave (the “Y”) axis, where self-reflection is possible (the adolescent problem of Narcissus). When one is wholly engrossed in action, is DO-ing with all one’s heart, that one experiences the same inner strength and joy (not “subjective”, not “objective”) as does any properly running (“n”)-machine!

All things, including “machines”, are “conscious” in Consciousness. 7. Where did intelligence come from? What IS “intelligence”? Leave it to macho intellect to posit Intelligence as “coming from” somewhere (in rectilinear time, no doubt). Narcissus is perennially threatened by Basic Intelligence, finds it alien. In their travels, the English called it “savage”. Intelligence has always “been here”. It is the great “N” of the Human Equation. “Who is this ‘you’ that wants to know?” might be a more appropriate question! When intuition regains its Seat at the Center of the World And is there reunited with lonely intellect as one, (They are already One) Intelligence will be/ is revealed spontaneously! Intelligence centers all things and always has.

Log Intelligence intuition=intellect (Again, without resolving the issue of #2, the question is absurd.)

8. How does it (the brain) work? “It” here refers to “intelligence” (from the last question and reflects the popular confusion of the “mind” with the brain). Intelligence “does” nothing! It centers “work” or action, motion or what have you (as “n” in local systems). It is the ultimate Coherent Light Source of the Universal Holographic Process. It is known by many Names, and these reveal the various ways that “It” arises in our experience. Be Intelligence and consider well these “Names”.

At the same time, Intelligence in our experience comes up as the dynamic interplay of “good faith” or intuition, and a “good mind” or intellect. Intelligence considers both sides of a matter; that is to say that it considers (and ultimately IS) “n”, the resolution of “both sides”. Intelligence excludes nothing, no one, no possibility. It also cuts off heads when the moment is ripe. (It is interesting to note here that sacred treasure of Shinto which symbolizes Intelligence [as a Name] is a double edge sword.) The brain/nervous system sorts information in the very same way that a whirlpool or a centrifuge sorts suspended particles, but does so two ways at once. It is an awesome harmonic synthesizer, a universal transmitter/ receiver set, LASER guided, but the psycho-physical body still.

9. How does a cell become a complex creature? How did a handful of Dutch settlers become New York City? The Process is the same! As long as “science” is rooted in the materialistic concept of “mitosis” (see note below) or cell division, and denies the gnomonic function of food and food.>blood transformation, this question is also unanswerable. Again, lacking a unifying Principle, the correct answer to #2, the 19 remaining questions fade to gray. There is no answer short of “N”! The momentum, the “ancestry”, the chi, spirit or quality (all essentially one) of that “single cell” is sufficient to carry it through in light of kind, and allow it to “n”-train whatever is needed to grow and manifest its “n”. “Know the wave…” Also, would one approach my opening question about New York by dissecting a Dutchman?

(“Mitosis”- the geometric replication of cells, manifesting in the initial stages of growth [when the geometric “Force of Heaven” or Yang is preponderant], and in tissues where Yang has, for one reason or another, again gained the upper hand [as in cancer], in which case “X” [the “life force”] focuses into toxic tissues to stave off death of the organism; this resulting in a crude cloning of the tissue in question and holographically, the entire organism.) 10. Can we conquer cancer? I assume by now that “we” refers to the “scientists” lauded in the intro to this arcane collection of questions. As long as “we” are so bent on “conquering” anything, cancer will continue to conquer us!

How can a “medicine” so hopelessly grounded in such a stubborn and egotistical attitude ever hope to really HEAL (“to make whole”) anything? Cancer is a leftbrain disease! It literally embodies the very mindset of its antagonist (quality becomes quantity). The Earth Force (“Y”) goes berserk, and to protect “n” of the system, “X” begins to geometrically replicate the “n”-tity- its primary focus being the most intoxicated tissues. Of course, the principle agency of “Y” gone berserk is FOOD! How can the Robber Barons of Oncology and their techno- minions ever hope to “conquer” this most amazing of plagues when the simple maladies of the first stage of disease (the common cold, headaches, allergies, etc) utterly allude them and are simply drugged into a more insidious pathology? Cancer is the epitome, the Cosmic End-all of the very idea of “disease” itself. It is the holographic “crack” of a whip-stroke initiated just outside the gates of Eden, stepped up at Babel, again at Golgotha, and finally pushed into maximum overdrive at Hiroshima! Disease modulates and symptoms change. New names are conjured to describe new entities as beats, tremors, and infinitely varied eccentricities and incoherencies modulate through the ages. Cancer defines a logical limit to the process (short of drastic trauma, of course). The only place this dark state of affairs can go from here is directly into the Fan- the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse! Without Principle, the question is nonsense! 11. How do plants harness the sun? Perhaps it would be more in keeping with our Model to ask how it is that the Sun or “Heaven’s Force” (“X”) “harnesses” plants? Given enough heat, anything that you can imagine will kindle, will burst into some variation on the themeof “flame”. Everything has a “kindling point”. As far as the growth of vegetation is concerned, it can readily be seen, that wherever Earth’s Force or “Y” is dominant, as it is in the tropics- wild, luxuriant vegetation literally explodes out of the ground, much of it even looking like frozen explosions in shades of green. As one moves into either higher latitudes or higher altitudeswhere “X” or “Heaven’s Force” tends to dominate- vegetation grows closer to the ground, is visibly more compressed, more “Yang” in general, until one reaches the Arctic or tree line and finds no vegetation at all. A universal thermodynamic law comes into play here, “Cold compresses (“X”), compression heats.

Heat radiates (“Y”), radiation cools.” (WR) It is the logarithmic design of plants that “harnesses” Earth’s “spin-off” or discharge and transforms that into charge! At the same time, it is the compressive or gravitative effect of the relatively cool atmosphere that in turn “harnesses” plant growth and keeps the Earth itself from exploding like a popcorn kernel in a hot skillet. So it is that plant growth in temperate climes is subdued in fall and winter and powerful in spring and summer. The actual mechanics of oxygen/CO2 exchange in the leaf turns out to be essentially the inverse of the CO2/oxygen exchange at the level of the bronchi in the lungs of Man and animals. The process is rightly named “photo-synthesis”, but it should be seen that the “synthesis” of “photons” or LIGHT, is essentially what is happening universally, and ALL activity, ALL “motion”- is “photo-synthetic i.e. is holographic reproduction! In the case of vegetal/animal photosynthesis, the former produces Mg-centered chlorophyll while the latter produces Fe-centered hemoglobin. Fe and Mg are unique bedfellows in that the power needed to step-up Mg into Fe is found abundantly in the Yang furnace of the mammalian “root system”- the intestines. Indeed, one’s capacity for life might be seen to be a direct reflection of one’s ability to affect this transformation. At the same time all of this is happening, whether in the green leaf or in the pink cilia, it is being recorded in seed, in the compound inert-gas keynote of that organism centering its every “part” and focused into “n” of the whole. The collective vegetal organism of the planet is Earth’s lung/intestine pair- just the inverse of Man. The ancient Chinese observed that these two organs relate in the same way as the harmonious “husband and wife” (MA and PA). SOL, in the meantime, is the “guiding light” which lords over all of this like the carbon arc lamp in a movie projector. 12. How did apes lead to man? Nooooooo! Not that again! Is that question loaded or what! By virtue of the rigorous paradigm that is “n” of this work, no thing could possibly become another thing if BOTH didn’t exist in the first place! The only way apes could possibly hope (and apes don’t hope) to become Man would be to eat Man on a regular basis. Unfortunately for apes, Man is too clever to fall for that one. Man could eat ape consistently and thereby step Ape up into Man to some weird degree, but then, given the lack of strong polarity between the two, Man would also become quite ape-like, so in time there would be no Man left for Ape to become! In either case, “n” is lost and both Man and Ape blow it terribly. Observe what happens to Man when relatively remote Porcine and Bovine critters dominate his eating patterns! War, anyone? “Evolution”, as it is presently understood, is yet another ploy of myopic intellect, one rooted in several erroneous notions: 1. That Man is an animal, 2. That Change is uniform, (i.e. linear) 3. That Man on this planet is alone in Universe and 4. That there is something “new” short of God. 5. That food is fuel.

One school of thought asserts a long, drawn-out process involving random* “mutations” and unexplained “quantum leaps” of energy and knowledge (two mysteries in themselves), and so on. The “Creation” school, on the other hand, claims that Man was “divinely” created from clay or dust (if they only saw the food hook-up between “clay or dust” with the blood of Man!), roughly some 5,700 years ago, in linear time. Many men have devoted their entire lives to squeezing this number out of The Wordeh ! As with all things, the practical truth (“n”) lies somewhere in the middle, like the fulcrum of a lever. The Trinity Model and its universal expression in the logarithmic Curve of Life holds the “ki” (Japanese for chi). The essay, “Evolution vs. Creation” in Part Two deals with this more thoroughly. *(“random”- clearly the appearance of “randomness” is illusory. Universe is Order Itself. Colliding galaxies are mating with full intent. They must do so to continue, as all things must. Galactic orgasms you don’t even want to think about!)

13. Do other solar systems exist? SOL is the fifth “overtone” of an OCTAVE permutation and “octaves” are systems! Wherever there are SUNS, there are planetary families (with the possible exception of prepubescent, senile, gay, sterile or celibate suns…) Think big! Infinite galaxies of infinite solar systems omni-presently populate Universe, supplying harmonic stage sets and turf for all imaginable scenarios. Even right here under our noses, other undetected civilizations may exist! THINK BIG! Transport between solar systems is not really a problem in Holographic Universe. One need only construct a Cosmic

Surfboard and Ride the Wave! (Recently, with the Hubble telescope, many planets have been detected in far away star-systems.) 14. Is anyone out there? Hasn’t this been dispatched already? Here’s a poem for you… Infinite Suns, borning, arising Synchronously, Omni-presently, Boundless Sea of Life. Each Sun, seed for manifesting Endless possibilities, among which That of Man Is the Sacred Capstone, without which The Whole play is pointless.

There are… Infinite gyroscopic realms Wherein infinite Human plays unfold. And what’s more, They are much closer than one might think. Appearances are deceiving in

Logarithmic time/space! 15. Will super-computers surpass the brain? Here’s what “the brain” can do. Show me a “super-computer” that can match it… The brain is a “Fifth Generation” computer (spontaneously self-programming to function in a 4-dimensional, logarithmic time/space) in the flesh- a harmonic synthesizer- a holographic transmitter/receiver set which gyroscopically sorts all sensed information for immediate application or 3-D storage in the appropriate tissues of the body i.e. “memory”. As the “bridge” of the central nervous system, the brain projects one’s reality onto imaginary stage sets (by means of the electrical senses) and simultaneously reads out and sorts returning echo reflections. “X” and “Y” of the brain equation are the para- (“X”) and ortho- (“Y”) sympathetic branches of that system. “n” is, as always, two-fold, and is the compound focus of an ellipse in 3-D, in this case centering the pineal and pituitary glands on the “Y” axis of the body. Much more could be said here but all of that is explicit in the foregoing text. Since computer “scientists”, programmers and techs are, for the most part, divinely uninspired souls, they’re unlikely to program the supercomputer to selfreflect and thus to KNOW what it is doing. Those who “think they know” do not know. They “believe”; they espouse “faith”; they “hope” and they’re usually “in it” for the money”. The computer is no better than its designers. Intellect can program the device to perform seemingly limitless functions at amazing speed, and now is engaged in generating “virtual realities”. The vital and wholesome Human Being, one who knows where one is, who one is and what time it is, generates REALITY! And “super computers” are one of the great toys that populate that reality. These instruments are, for the most part, tools of the devil, designed by left-brain to attempt to make sense of a universe of seemingly discordant parts. The inspired computer is really unnecessary. It would be better if folks just got back in touch with “N” (by any Name). I pray that the concept of “N” will be helpful in that regard! 16. Are there problems they (supercomputers) can never solve? You might try asking “them” …

“The Greatest Unanswered Questions of the 20th Century”! Boy, you stepped into that one! The left-brain computer faces, essentially, the same limitations on processing “reality” as the left-brain itself. The right-brain doesn’t believe in computing and the Whole-brain wasn’t around to be asked where it stood on this issue. 17. What is time? Time is the “body count” of the on-going Battle of Opposites. It is the hologram of 3-D space and is a function (“X”) of the Logarithmic Curve. If you really understood that response, then you know why the people who asked that question should really be asking: what time it is?(!) “Time” measures the intervals between successive “cracks” of the Cosmic Whip. It appears as periodic print-outs in mass of all things, strung in logical sequence on Golden Threads in “space”. It is the counter of collapsing Heavens on the shores of Earth, and measures the Sacred Breath and Pulse of all things unto the One. And, at the same time, it is nothing at all.

18. Is death inevitable? As a “Name of God” Death is inevitable and for many in our present world, “Death” is a Name”. From a universal perspective, however, (God as “Life”) and in light of our Trinity Model: Log Life life=death. From this we can see that it is “death” that performs the duties of “Y”, the Earth Force. “Death” steps “n” up into “life” and supplies the materials necessary for the manifestation of life. As perceived, both “life” and “death” are transitory phenomena and as such are illusory. As we know them, both are one in “God” or “Eternal Life”. “That which has a beginning, has an end.” Georges Ohsawa 19. How did it begin? “It” never began nor will “it” end. Confusing the sensed universe with Universe Itself is a natural thing that children naturally do when overwhelmed with or by the “arithmetic perspective”. When adults do it, however, it becomes a powerful example of the confusion of the One and the many, of the idolatry of words. “Your” universe began when “you” began. It was conceived through the holographic interface of two, oppositely conditioned, parent “universes”- YOUR PARENTS- (pair-“n”-ts). Careful consideration of the holographic implications of this idea…

Reveals that every conception is “divine” and every birth VIRGIN! Universe Itself is timeless! “Time” begins when “you” begin- when Narcissus falls in love with his reflection in the pond. Infants have no time (and all the time in the world). Universe is expressed through you (the Absolute Universe) and you through It (the relative universe).

Inconceivably vast galactic entities spew forth gazillions of suns to seed infinite solar systems, thus setting the stage for Man to ask such silly questions in his infancy. An image from Longfellow’s, Galaxies comes to mind…

“The tumbling of worlds through chasms of sable….” Are you ready… 20. How will it end? (#1) Do I really have to deal with this inane query? “It” is the issue here, not “the end”. Clearly, it has been established- leaning on the reader’s capacity to grasp what has been presented- that “It” has no beginning and consequently, no ending. So, it would appear that the question really is asking when and how “Western”, or “European” “civilization” will end. It should be self evident at this point that, given that my assumption is correct, that contemporary “civilization” (the latest of

oh so many!) is so close to the Fan that one can hear the Blades of Apocalypse thumping. A short list of offending forces will add to the color of my response: 9 The automobile alone will poison us all, thus “ending” civilization. We must, of course, realize that the automobile is (fapp) an invader from outer space and invaded the Earth long ago (via the nervous systems of folks like Henry Ford and the Chryslers, etc)- stealing our freedom in the name thereof, shuffling us to work to pay for their upkeep: their feeding, maintenance, shelter etc. Their dependable dumping of deadly toxins into our atmosphere, waterways, baby carriages etc. aside, the things assume identities of their own and thereby boost the egos of their slave/owners, destroy- in the grand tradition of parasitism- their hosts health and are now, what with the Chinese building 2-car garages hand over fist, poised to overwhelm the entire planet with their noxious presence. 9 In the midst of all of this, the food supply has likewise been commandeered by the same bunch of galactic cannibals, with their seductive theories of nutrition, agriculture, medicine etc. Since petroleuma vital lubricant in the Earth’s self- maintenance scheme- is in the midst of all of this, it is clear that those most heavily invested in the industries that surround petroleum (“organic’ chemistry at the head of it all), are those most infected with the alien presence. 9 Stupidity might be listed as another cause of the “end” of “it”. In the old Far Eastern medicine/philosophy there are seven levels of disease. All but #7 are seen to be curable. Number seven, however, is arrogance. Arrogance is that state of affairs wherein one knows the Truth but denies it. To know the Truth but deny it is more than mere arrogance, it’s rank stupidity. The Truth is that our great Republic has been taken over by fearsome alien demons; reincarnated ghouls and sadists from times gone by when anything flew and nobody gave a shit; souls possessed of adolescent hubris and self-loathing and hell-bent on the destruction of all that is good in the world. These creatures have now ensconced themselves in the great halls of power- evil little boys hiding under strange covers with names like the “Skull and Bones” society and whatever. They were, it would appear, “chosen” (clearly by Satan herself!) for this role. 9 Basically, from a commonsense point of view, “it” will end when your heart explodes, your colon turns inside out, your lungs grow mistletoe and your brain rots; all of which can be expected if arrogance and stupidity are your predilection. 9 When these monkeys ask when “it” will end- imagine the arrogance! They actually believe that their rotting aristocratic carcasses, ensconced in highrise tombs in New York, London, Hong Kong, etc., constitute “it” and that when they go, we will all have to go with them. Lo and behold, many a great and haughty civilization has gone before this one, were so thoroughly devoured by the mighty power of “Y”, the Earth Mother, that we actually entertain the fantastic notion that, not only are we the first civilization, but the only one in Universe! God, what garbage! And to think that kids the worlds over are being taught this crap! No wonder they are in a state of chronic denial! 9 That this thing is doomed is self-evident. The nuclear industry alone could bring it all down- war aside. But then there’s war. Israel launches on Iran; Islam retaliates with global jihad; Russia marches south; the US retaliates;

Israel is nuked but not until it launches in every direction with the rage of thousands of years of pent up fury; the French launch with the same excuse; everybody launches- hoping for the best; and so on. Good luck with that one! 9 Trust in the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse; they have proven to be a reliable and time-tested model for Doom. First, thanks to satanic agriculture, the global food supply fails. Then, thanks to satanic medicine, the plagues return in colorful expressions unhindered by “your doctor” and his bag of pharmaceutical tricks. Finally, war becomes the last bastion of the “Hungry Ghost”, the pathetic aristocracy whose shit doesn’t stink. From bunkers deep in the Earth, well stocked with good whiskey, Baluga caviar and Cuban cigars, and paid for with tax $, “they” launch in one last gasp of impotent rage; everyone* dies and “it” ends. Colorful, no? That is a popular scenario, hence the actual existence of all the afore-mentioned institutions. Nonetheless, it would be unfitting, given the Cosmic character of, The Book of “N”, to go along with such a grim conclusion to our beloved Dance… How Will “It” End? (#2) As a kid, I was an obsessive rock hound. One day, while combing the dumps and scouring the walls of a famous pegmatite quarry in central Connecticut; I spotted a beautiful aquamarine crystal at the rear of a small, dark cavity in pink feldspar. For hours I worked to free that limpid beauty from its stony prison (so I perceived it) with a hammer and chisel. As the sun sank lower in the West, it became quite evident that it was not to be. So, in a fit of adolescent, aristocratic rage, I set my chisel to it and smashed it to bits. If I couldn’t have it then no one would! Now it is the Earth, that great Aquamarine in the dark vault of Heaven that is on the line. The aristocratic “Church of Science”, with its blatantly adolescent logic and seductive technologies, has the hammer and chisel in its hands. Despite centuries (actually ages) of furious effort to conquer and control the Earth and her sublime Nature, this dubious goal is further away now than ever, and the Sun is setting quickly on this age. WE must decide (remembering here that the villainous “Church of Scientific Materialism” is OUR beloved Church) whether to destroy this awesome “crystal” …

Or CHANGE! In an earlier work, one called, The Search Logarithmic Holy Grail, I demonstrated allegorical Jesus was “crucified” for “Change”. This I did by Golden Proportion, in such a way that the vertical length (“Y”) in that proportion becomes clear, that the true meaning of the is Surrender to Change. Jesus (“Change” as a “Name”) for us, and we religion and philosophy” I say… “Shit or for Quetzalcoatl and the that the cross upon which, the was really a metaphor drawing the cross in cross-member (“X”) divides the (centered by “n”) In so doing, it allegorical crucifixion of Christ “surrendered to Change” must follow suit. To “science, get off the pot!”

Our Optical, Gravity-Controlled, Photosynthetic Universe And what’s the point of all this, you say… All things worthy of a name (“n”) broadcast their presence and momentary design electrically in measured frequencies that vary as widely as things themselves vary, but essentially according to the unique dimensional characteristics of the source, its desire (remember here that gravity is desire) and the harmonic character of the “n”-vironment. Collectively, this vast sea of wave/particle creatures is in synch with, in fact sums into the synchronous Heartbeat/Breath of “N” (by any Name). We’ve looked at all of this in great depth. The Grand Total of all of this activity, the gross emf (electromotive force) of Universe (what with “X” and “Y” o Yin and Yang canceling one another in the “N”-d) is Zero (or Infinity, depending on your mood). This is to say that, the awesome theater of “your” life is an illusion. All of this is the spontaneous and finally timeless Creation of a Very Active Imagination (“N”) doing what It does best through an apparent infinity of vehicles through the agency of local “n”. This essentially echo-locating activity is “sensing” and all things “sense”. Rocks sense! It’s all about waves and their subtle activity. Physicists study wave propagation and the characteristics thereof, but with “n”, we have a tool that transcends anything available to the empirical left-brain. Although we have covered all of this in depth in the foregoing text, we’ll take one last look at the wave and the role of “n”.

Toss a pebble into a quiet pond and watch the wave pattern that arises. Ever wider (longer, lower wave length) concentric circles expand until they either disappear from view or collide with some object. If the object is 90˚ opposed to the axis of propagation (this depending on the viewer’s position), an initial point-contact (“n”) is made and subsequent waves collapse into inertia. In the midst of all this, a new series of waves arises from that point-contact and heads back to the source. This is phase reversal, is basically an echo. Now, throw two pebbles into the water a ways from one another, and watch what happens. Their expanding fronts collide at a point as well and then they appear to pass on through one another. However, this is not what’s happening. Instead, from that initial point-contact (“n”), an invisible plane is generated, an equator, through which no creature of the curved universe can pass. This plane is a mental construct in a Mind-Universe (get used to it!). It is a mirror, which reflects back to its source, just as in the first case, all of the information about whatever it is that is on the other side of the mirror and vice versa on the other side. Meditate on this. My projection is reflected back to me in reverse…as you… and your projection as me. That is to say that the one reading this (“n”) and the one writing it (“n”) are the Same One. “N”! (Finally, Dr. Russell…) “Lift high your brother, Lift Him to the High Heavens, For ‘your brother’ is You.”

Wave interference patterns form lenses, which multiply and divide light into the “Ten Thousand Things” on the Stage of Life. Bi-convex polar lenses multiply while equatorial bi-concave lenses divide. Nothing is as it appears while all things glorify the Only-One-There-Is.

Appendix: The Ryhthm of Logos 20-some years ago, as the first decade of my Macrobiotic practice drew to a close and my health was on the mend, I wrote the following piece for the East West Journal, a popular “New Age” monthly with a MB slant out of Boston. Whether or not I even submitted it I can’t say, but its relevence to the Book of “N” should be obvious to the reader. I’ve made syntactical corrections and the occasional embellishment but (fapp) the original stands… “In his attempt to render the subtle and intuitive cosmology of the ancient Far East more comprehensible to 20th Century minds, Georges Ohsawa took on a tremendous challenge. The inspired vision of the mythical Yellow Emperor had to be interpreted into the language and logic of an increasingly materialistic world, a world where “Physics” reigns supreme and the very existence of a “Unifying Principle” is in doubt. Interpretations of the Tao in no way affect It, but at the same time one must take care not to confuse one’s interpretations of the Great Way with the Way Itself. “It only stands to reason, by the very same logic which asserts, ‘the bigger the front, the bigger the back’, that the essential philosophy of Macrobiotics (MB’s) should have a proverbial black hole in amongst the sound and rigorous principles that constitute its philosophical base. Being preoccupied with establishing MB’s as a viable alternative lifestyle and medicine, it has not occurred to the leadership of this great school to carefully scrutinize the language of its fundamental tenets, and consequently a crucial error in Ohsawa’s use of both has gone unnoticed. Being buried in amongst the roots of the Teaching, it has infected the entire body of MB philosophy and cosmology. In a Mind Universe wherein all things are conceived prior to their manifestation, it will be seen that this seemingly innocuous oversight may be the primary catalyst behind the horrendous drop-out rate, the mass exodus of MB ‘friends’ from among the ranks over the years… usually in search of a ‘more spiritual’ and more inspired community. Perhaps Ohsawa, with his awesome sense of humor, planted this ‘mole’ to derail the whole school if it lacked the wherewithal and attentiveness to catch and expose it. On the other hand, perhaps the author of this critique is out of his mind. In either case, if only for the exercise, let us continue… On page 114 of, Cancer and the Philosophy of the FarEast, Ohsawa briefly quotes Lao Tsu: “‘One produces two and two produces three’, said Lao Tzu. The ‘three’ of his saying represents all that exists in this relative world”. On the same page, we find the 12th Theorum of the Unique Principle, which states simply, “All things are Yang at the center and Yin at the surface”. These two passages reveal the very heart of a very big problem with the fundamental logic of MB as we know it. They point to the mole In its dark little hole, So dark we cant see If its two or its three.

To begin with, no one even remotely familiar with the Tao The Ching will deny that Lao Tzu then went on to say that “the three” then gives birth to “The Ten thousand Things”, and quite clearly it is the 10,000 Things that “represent all that exists in this relative world”, and not “the three”. This famous passage has been quoted in SO many MB presentations over SO many years as to boggle the mind, and yet, invariably, the author or lecturer does just what Ohsawa appears to have done- abandon “the three” and retreat to “the two” to explain the “Ten Thousand Things’. Poor three is simply dropped from the discussion like a hot potato, (tomato or eggplant). The “three” just will not go away, The “two” would do without a focus. Nonetheless the “three” holds sway; Two alone is hocus-pocus.

Ohsawa’s 12th Theorum proclaims all centers to be “Yang” and corresponding surfaces to be “Yin” in opposition. In the 3-D space we all know and love so well, this theorum implies a 3-fold dynamic- the center and its 2-way polarized extension to a 2-D surface. Herein lies the conflict, Herein lies the mole. The Holy Ghost is tied up there,

In that ol’ black hole.

“In My imaged universe, all things are two, centered by Me, for all things extend from the dual, two-way moviing pendulum of My thinking, and My thinking is two. I, the One Light, center the two lights which register My thinking, but I am not those two lights, nor am I My thinking. “Behold in Me, the Trinity, the One extended unto the two, the One creator centering the extended two.” WR The Divine Iliad One of the many fascinating tales recorded in the Popul Vuh, the sacred record of the Quiche Maya , reports that Wotan, the Master Builder of Xbalenque (Palanque), left the site once things were well under way, for a brief visit to his homeland of Chicomozoc, at the “Center of the World”. En route, his entourage came upon a vast construction site in total disarray. It seems that out of nowhere, the tongues of all those involved in the project had become confused, and their attempt to erect a great tower up into heaven, had run amuck, as suddenly engineers and builders, laborers and all concerned were no longer able to communicate with one another. People in times long past placed tremendous emphasis on the vital importance of speaking coherently, clearly and truthfully. Those who did so consistently were often chosen to lead their people and were more often than not known as

“Speakers”. Words had great power then, and one’s “word” was as good as gold (truly much better in their eyes). A “Speaker” in any time must abide by certain universal language agreements that persist to this day- although in times such as these, ego refutes such agreements and labels them “superstition”. The Wisdom –Tradition of all people warns against the folly of mistaking one’s finger for the moon- of confusing symbols for the things they symbolize- and few have voiced this warning with more enduring success and authority than did the legendary Speaker Moses, when he declared (among several commandments with a similar message…) that “thou shall not take the Name of thy Lord God in vain!” So just what does it mean to take the “Name” of “God” in vain? And what does this all have to do with the suspected “mole” tucked away among the roots of MB philosophy? Please be patient. Theology is no more the author’s predilection than it is your own, but we should examine the evidence in depth. Now read carefully what follows and don’t allow it to ruffle your feathers … Any word or phrase (also number or other symbol) used in an ABSOLUTE context, whether spoken or written, is for the duration of that usage at least, a “Name of God”. Here is a partial list of some of the great “Names”, the verbal Archangels… Truth, Justice, Beauty, Harmony, Balance, Perfection, The Law, The Way, Freedom, Peace, Health, Infinity, Eternity, Happiness, Universe, Unity, The One, The Whole, The Absolute, Omni-this and Omni-that, etc..

These are some of the great Power Names used and abused by us all on occasion. They are consistently abused by those who would play “God” and thereby gain power over others (not to mention relieving “others” of their money). They are very popular with tyrants and other

assorted demagogues, false physicians and lawyers, many “scientists” and other agents of the prevailing “Church”, “experts” and “professionals” as a group, high level bureaucrats and priests, all manner of petty power freaks and liars in general. Of course there are exceptions in all areas, but in times such as these, with false ego and self-interest entrenched in all areas of society and possible global annihilation impending, the liar’s craft is a popular one, and these great words have been rendered into Golden Calves, into IDOLS in the minds of most people. Here is another list of colorful idols for your consideration…

Curiously enough, even though the Commandment we are examining is taken from Scripture, it would appear that a whole host of Absolutes has invaded that sacred text as well. Many insist that even the book inself is Perfect and Infallible- IS verily “God”. All the while, the very same book asserts plainly (as does common sense and the vital human nervous system) that only “the Lord thy God” is “Perfect” and “Infallible”, i.e. IS “God”. God, The Son, The Holy Ghost, Eternal Salvation, Eternal Damnation, The Word, Life, Grace, Sin, Heaven/Hell, Good/Evil, Satan, the Saints, etc.

And then there are the common every-day “names” that swarm about like flies in a New Hampshire marsh in June, and pepper our speech with emphasis, humor and deception. The list reads like a script from a soap opera…

We use this mode of speech primarily for the sake of emphasis and in jest. When called up, a “name” is often accompanied by some manner of gesture, verbal or actual, which is designed to remind all concerned that there is “no absolute short of The Absolute” and that all things change. Only “God” is for sure! We tag on riders such as “as it were” or “for all practical purposes” or “knock on wood” and quip about how little wood there is about these days to knock on. We wink or we make a wry face. Before socialism undermined our systemm of education we were taught to use the conditional and subjunctive modes of speech just to cover our mortality and differentiate between what ”is” and what “were”. For sure! Absolutely! Definitely! I swear! I promise! Never! Forever! Everyone! No one! Everywhere! Nowhere! Completely! Perfect! I will! Unquestionably! Divine! Yes! No! etc.

We “knock on wood” when we SWEAR. Not cuss, but swear! Dirty words are not necessarily “Names of God”! It is the swearing of oaths that I speak of here- the business of verbally dragging the “God” (by any Name) down into the paltry and ephemeral human circumstance and meaning it! To do so is to render idols of mere words and word idols are the most treacherous of them all! All of the communications training in the world comes to naught if the communicators are bullshitting one another! Back to Ohsawa and the mole… His 12th Theorum was possibly his way of phrasing this Commandment. To assert all things Yang at the center eliminates the possibility of any “thing” being “God”. The common sense agreement in effect here states, that if we say a thing IS so, (that is, that A=A) we can’t at the same time say, or imply, that it is NOT so (or A≠ A). When we “swear”, or use “God’s Name in vain” we violate this common sense agreement. So, if the center is “Yang”, it cannot be “God”, because “God” (by any “Name”) has no opposite! To oppose the “Lord thy God” (as, for example, many do with Satan) and to do so seriously, is madness of the First Water, arrogance by definition, ignorance at least and one’s calamitous undoing at last. Most folks with any “religion” at all in these times perceive “God” as “Yang”. Many MB adherents appear to suffer from this adolescent affliction. In common speech we divide the “point” we are making into opposites, and then through a subtle process of elimination we “get to the point” or “make our point” or “get our point across”. On occasion we fail and “go off on a tangent”, one of many idiomatic expressionsthat “point to” our intuitive understanding of the spiral nature of change and the geometry of space. Scudder Klyce, an unknown yet incomparable American logician from the early days of the 20th century, derived an equation which satisfies all the needs of a universal trinity paradigm:

This…x That… = Meaning “This” and “that” are opposites and the dots (…) represent the spiral of relationships that harmonically bind opposites together at all times. As the number of possible relationships is limitless, he used a multiplication sign (x) to point this out rather than a plus (+) sign, which would have limited the number of relationships to one only. “Meaning” is any “Name” (“N”) or “name” (“n”) in local systems and processes . Here are some examples… Yin…x Yang…= The Infinite love…hate… = Love ugliness…x beauty…= Beauty health…x disease… = “Perfect” Health justice…x injustice…= Justice truth…x falsehood… = Truth Jehovah…x Satan…= “God” center…x periphery… = The Center (as a “Name”) The terms on the left are relative expressions of the “Name” on the right. The lesson is simply, in God by any Name, all things are possible and all things change in all ways, always! Ohsawa’s 12th Theorum is very subtle. In one sense it is immensely practical and wise, a profound example of Far Eastern pragmatism. Yet in another sense, it flatout obliterates the Trinity, the “three” of Lao Tzu, without which no thig really makes sense at all! As a consequence of eliminating the third element (“N”), he elimated the Center, the Very Heart of our Western, strongly trinitarian logic. Go back and look at the first list of “Names of God”. All of them are eliminated if the 12th Theorum is misinterpreted. And if so, the Divine Process is reduced to a mystical dualism, lorded over by Light and Darkness… by impersonal warring powers called “Yin” and “Yang”, devoid of a True Center, a Great Spirit and a True Heart. The end-run of such a philosophy is dialectical materialism, the despirited stuff of Marx and theoretical communism and of atheism. Despite consistent efforts on the part of MB leaders to embue the teaching with Spirit, (borrowing largely from Eastern traditions), the “Three” remains a castout and “Yang” remains a “Name of God”. Intuiting this at the start, sensitive folks simply pick up a few unprincipled dietary ideas and techniques and abandon

MB’s to look for their True Home elsewhere. One visit to most MB “centers” reveals how this could happen. How about a center without a Center!

The Rhythm of Logos “Two-way sex-conditioned spirals are the consummate individuals of all Creation. They condition all bodies with the condition of their bodies. They unfold all idea from the stillness of Mind-knowing into the moving form of Mind-imagining and refold it into the stillness of Mind-knowing. They are the electric workers which fulfill the desire of Mind by interweaving threads of light into patterned forms and recording those patterned forms in the still light which centers every spiral pair, as the axis of a cone centers the cone.”

WR The Secret of Light Ohsawa’s attempt to bury the Trinity surfaced immediately in his, perhaps moreso his students, incoherent handling of the Logarithmic Spiral. This enigmatic paradigm is at once considered central to MB philosophy and yet is misconstrued and manhandled (quite literally) at every turn. It is the logarithmic or “exponential” curve, the “Magatama” of Shinto, the “Way” of the Taoists, which marries Yin and Yang, thus giving rise to the “Ten Thousand Things” of Lao Tsu. On page 149 of Cancer, reflecting on the awesome abundance of spirals in Nature, Ohsawa says, “all such spirals mimic the universal (logarithmic) spiral.

The Romans, whose buildings stood square and stolid, were ignorant of this key to understanding the universe.” Sakurasawa-Sensei was mistaken. The Romans were clearly aware of the universality of the L-spiral and in its most beautiful form carries to this day the Latin name, Spira Mirabilis. A thousand years of barley bread surely cleared the Roman head. Nonetheless, her “pagan” Way, Peter’s ruthless cult did slay. She built the Arch of Constantine to celebrate the Golden Mean. Of the infinity of possible Yin and Yang proportions, one stands out alone in its revelation of Divine Harmony- the Golden Proportion. As opposites can “never” be equal, Nature demands an asymmetry in space and a lag in time. If we divide a line in such a way that the lesser portion of the line is to the greater as the greater is to the whole line, this very special harmony of seemingly dischordant opposites is revealed. The evry Archangels of Beauty, of Grace, Balance, and Integrity, not to forget Indurance! Bring Heaven down to Earth and reside together as one in work so inspired. This is not to say that the “Divine” doesn’t reside at the Very Heart of ALL proportions, in ALL things, but only that the sacred qualities attributed to the One are more apparent in some things than in others. Harmonic analysis of Roman ruins reveal that their Master builders were devout students of Sacred Geometry and the Golden Proportion. The invisible curve that upholds proportional harmony and integrity in these grand structures was called “Spira Mirabilis” by the Romans themselves- the Wondrous Spiral. The very same proportional constant (called “Phi”, some say after Phideus, Master

Geometer of the Periclean or “Golden Age” of Athens) is also found in countless sacred sites and structures around the world- Teotihuacan, Ise, Giza, Borobudur, Ankor Wat, Palenque, Tiahuanaco and the lot of ‘em!

Spira Mirabilis

Ohsawa never claimed to be perfect. And, he was not one to use God’s Name in vain. In logarithmic time/space, he lives on in us in the same way yesterday lives in today and today in tomorrow. And because this is so, we must take responsibility for error in the teaching wherever they might occur. “Surpass the teacher!” he was fond of saying…”otherwise he fails!” Perhaps more importantly, as his ideas form the foundation of an influential and international school of thought, these ideas must be transmitted in a clear and concise language. Most importantly perhaps, in a spiral reality in which “one grain becomes ten thousand”, a seemingly insignificant error in the statement of Principle can in time, amplify and rend the Work asunder (as it appears to have done to macho MB). EVERY SYSTEM HAS ITS OWN CONSTANT We must learn to view the world from both a universal and a relative perspective simultaneously. The “Eastern” view and the “Western” view at the same time! See the paradox in orthodoxy! Relatively speaking, the “center” IS Yang, the periphery Yin. That is a practical and timely observation. But from a universal perspective, the Center is neither Yin nor is it Yang, but is the Source of the illusion of both. The Center has many Names. Being simultaneously everywhere at once, it is called Omnipresence, and as such gives time/space coordinates or “location” to things and their happening. As Omnipotence. As Omnipotence, limitless power is on-line in systems universally from the seat at the relative center or fulcrum of phenomena or “n”. As Omniscience, It is the omnipresent wellspring of infinite idea. Although invisible and silent, the Center appears to us as… The fulcrum of all levers, the axis of all wheels, The soul of all things that exist, the heart of that which feels. The purpose of all process, the reason, aim or goal,

The third and discreet element, once hidden by our mole. The Zero axis mundi, the eye of every storm, The pivot of all opposites, about which things inform. Yin and Yang have no existence, but by the grace of God, With “n”, the base safe in their midst, they’re sure to get the nod! Near my home in Colorado (this was written in 1980), a raging creek pours out of a high valley and runs by our house, full of “sound and fury”. Yet if you allow, you can perceive the stillness and silence behind the raging torrnt.Watch! It moving yet not moving. It’s noisy yet not so. The Spiral Lord is surely there. The discreet third element central to this work is hidden yet we know It is there. It is always within the scenes that play on the echo-locating senses but without them altogether and in total control! It is the “back” behind the two-way divided and illusory “front”, the quality behind the quantities we sense electrically. Finally, It is the Foundation of the World, the Tree of Life, and, for all practical purposes, it is the base of the logarithmic equation…

Log nX=Y Little “n” is, of course, the local seat of Big “N” or “God” (by any Name). All things have their own unique “logarithm” or “tonal” in the vision of the Nahua. The base is simply the “third member”, the name which remains relatively constant as long as the thing coheres or maintains its integrity. It is the base upon which we create and destroy our private universe, our enduring creations and castles of sand. It is literally the Power base of phenomenality, visible and invisible. “N” is limitless power expressed through the agency of “n” in the “Belly” of things, awaiting your beck and call. Remember, “n” is no more than a dimensionless point, a mere location in imaginary time and space between opposite poles of motion. It is the function of “Y” to step “n” up out of inertia. “Y” is the Yin Mother-light which supplies the goods to get things going! It is centrifugal and expansive by nature, it dilates and radiates and it takes things apart. It disintegrates whole systems into constituent parts, whole processes into constituent steps. In so doing, it supplies the parts necessary to build new systems and processes and continue idea in perpetuity. It is the Earth Force, which supplies the substance to substantiate idea! The materials to materialize things! Mater, Matter… “Y” supplies the FOOD that all things require to be and to continue their kind. In mathspeak, “Y” is the “power” or “exponent” to which the base “n” must be raised to get “X” (actually to bring “X” to maturity). We all know how difficult it can be to get up and out of inertia! And how each step taken in the direction of our goal (“n”) steps up the power of that process tremendously! “X”, on the other hand is Yang, it is Heaven’s Force, the Father-light. It is centripetal and compressive in nature. It is constrictive and gravitative. Whereas “Y” disintegrates wholes into parts, “X” integrates parts into wholes. In math, “n” is the ratio that harmonically binds parts and steps together, and while for “Y”, “n” is without, for “X” it is within. Whereas “Y” represents the hidden realm of quality and the spirit of things, “X” manifests these as quantity and matter. Whereas “Y” is expressed by the silent whipstroke, “X” sounds loudly at the “crack-of-the-whip”! At conception (in a Mind Universe wherein all things are conceived prior to manifestation), “n” is a mere point (actually two [Ma and Pa] centered by “N”) shared by both parents (the “pair-“n”ts) as their common center. As the child (the “chi-ld”) matures however, it achieves its own independent center exponentially, its “base of operations”, you might say. Now, the very same “n” that centered its conception, centers it! Thus does the inside become the outside. The German word for “child” is das Kind, and it is at the kindling point of passion ( in all things, mind you), that the child is conceived, and it is in the “light of kind” that it is nurtured that it might grow up and continue its kind in perpetuity. Our “mole” shows up in MB cosmology as well. In, Cancer, Ohsawa asserts that “the Infinite Expansion” pushes the planets into the Sun, apparently at its equator (as planetary orbits line up ever moreso with the solar ecliptic as we move inward from the outside). The language used to describe this unnatural activity was beaten to death at a thousand MB lectures led by well-dressed, articulate Japanese businessmen of European ancestry… they (the planets) “come in from Infinity…” and enter the Sun, they all said. As a “Name’, “Infinte Expansion” can be very misleading. It hints strongly of the Big Bang theory, which asserts that Universe is expanding in all quarters to its ultimate, entropic death. In a certani sense expansion is universal- light is cyclonically wound into mass and mass is likewise unwound into space, the former by way of the poles of spinning mass and the latter by way of equatorial planes and the region of maximum expansion determined by the ecliptics. There is no “Infinity” out there “pushing” planets into their respective suns, if anything they are pushed away. Infinity is really not the issue, rather it is simple dynamics. “God” (by any Name) is not a problem, until we confuse some “Name” with its dynamic counterpart.

Vast and invisible whirlpools, logarithmic spiral vortices of low potential matter or “space” wind into the Sun through its poles and into its Belly- the idea of Sol being a great nuclear furnace serves only to rationalize nuclear energy and its catastrophic misapplication here on Earth. The dynamic interface of these oppositely conditioned vortices is the source of the Sun’s vast power, Sol is the child of this interface. At the solar equator, this charging energy reverses phase and discharges solar substance periodically and gives birth to the planets through the agency of equatorial rings, such as those around several of the outer planets and countless stars. This is about transmutation, as Ohsawa understood. However, a careless rendering of Japanese logic and language was picked up by zealots and carried down the field as if it were the Superbowl of Big Ideas, leading in time to a further deterioration of MB in the eyes of all concerned. All observable dimensional attributes of this solar system point to a great step-up in age as we leave the Sun and spiral outward- revolution and rotation, plane and ecliptic, volume, density, color, charge and temperature, oblation, chemistry, the number of rings and moons, gravitation and radiation (vastly increased radiation from the older, outer planets) Suns are the seed bodies of Universe. No idea manifests in any solar system that wasn’t in qualitative solution in that star when that idea was birthed. Suns borne planets which in turn born moons which in turn find their way home, like the Prodigal Son in Scripture. The planets modulate into whatever they must to accommodate the harmonic character of whatever realm they wind their way into as they age and distance themselves from home, just as all things do!

The author of this heresy (yours truly) encountered the MB enigma shortly after Ohsawa’s passing into the bardos. For me, personal catastrophe loomed on the immediate horizon (as it did for many) and the promise of relief and even a “cure” (in ten days, no less!) were paramount attractions for thousands. Nonetheless, having had a “scientific” bent since childhood and still retaining fairly intact a modicum of basic intelligence, the possibility of a rigorous and time-tested “Grand Unified Theory” was too much to pass by. I realized even then that there could be no genuine “cure” of anything without a unifying Principle. Ohsawa’s aggressive and humorful approach to knowledge made my “heart soar like a hawk!” Part of the problem lies in the ruthless and often self-interested interpretation of the teaching on the part of fanatical riceheads- mostly males, who, lacking “N”, thought “God” to be Yang and Yang to be male and…you know. It is unlikely that Ohsawa was unaware of “The Three”, as it is the very element that is the primary emphasis in Oriental language and logic. “n” (finally, “N”) is relationship, the binding force that connects “X” and “Y” into the Whole. For Georges, it might have no more than an oversight that he dropped “n” from the equation, rendering a strange atheism of Macrobiotics which finally drove many away. He may have assumed that we here in the pagan West already KNEW about that aspect of communication, because it is “N” that is KNOWN!, whereas “X” and “Y” are sensed. “N” belongs to the invisible realm of quality, and here in the West it is quantity that is emphasized. It simply remains for his students and theirs to iron out the language and logic that inform the platform of the MB body-politic.The key to this dynamic and much needed unification lies, as Ohsawa intuited but lacked the time to develop, in the Curve of Life itself, the Logarithmic Spiral.

If we have become so caught up in the business (!) of proving to the world the effacacy of the teaching by “curing” the latest miasm, that an effort such as this one will be swept under the rug and branded “conceptual” by the Philistines, then so be it. The author rests his case with full knowledge that Georges himself would have rejoiced in the challenge.

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1. The Book of “N” 2. The Search for Quetzalcoatl and the Logarithmic Holy Grail 3. Porsche's Dream 4. The Gnome in the Kitchen: Food and the High Art of Cooking These are or soon will be available on-line at,, Barnes & Noble and other on-line book sellers.

Postlude… Folks used to go to college to learn book publishing, and now I can see why. My own computer skills are terribly limited and this fact came roaring to the fore during the process of writing, The Book of “N”. Nonetheless, after innumerable rewrites and edits, a semblance of professionalism has snuck into this enterprise, principally through the agency of Help from Friends. I chose at first to mention no names, as I didn’t want to implicate anyone by connecting their names with this exercise in philosophical chicanery. However, I’ve changed my mind. My heartfelt thanks goes out to Graig Perry, Nate Chapot, Erich Rusk, Bill Hogue and Detmar Neubronner with text illustration, cover art and formatting. Special thanks to Nate Chapot for guiding this effort through the minefield of complications leading to the final submission and acceptance of the text by Over the years many folks have lent enthusiastic support to this project in various ways. Their names are legion and include my children, Juniper and Ashley Rose, their mother Annie, who endured my eccentricities for years and friends around the world. Thank all of you.

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