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The Geo app is a fun, opensource web application to discover more of our world.

You can go into the app in two ways:

  1. Directly go to the Geo app, and from there just click or search for places.

  2. Indirectly, through doing a search (and opening the geo-tab). Some examples:


  • This application requires a good GPU and a good amount of free RAM (>1 GB free is recommended), because most of the data is cached locally. The data-caching may take a while upon first use, so please be patient.
    • todo: add “rendering-and-zooming-complete” indicators (currently there are only “data-loading” progress indicators).
    • todo: redesign / rewrite some code parts for quicker startup and better user-interaction performance.
  • Go-to-location progress-indicator and completion event-trigger.
  • Mobile browser support (both in the used OpenGlobus library and responsive-layout) needs more work
    • todo: fix library-issues for mobile browsers. Then test on mobile devices.
    • todo: implement a mobile-responsive CSS layout (only if good usability can be maintained).
  • Make go “up a level” and “down a level” work more reliably (setup both level data, load relevant level data)