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The Explore app is a web application with the aim to help explore topics in an effective and enjoyable way.

The general Wikischool search-interface is aimed more at informational completeness. In the longer-term, the two interfaces are likely to be merged into one unifying “search and explore” interface.


  • domain specific exploration:
    • wikischool topic domains: spirituality, health, relationships, culture (art, sciences, business, history)
    • wikischool main topics
    • wikischool concepts
    • wikischool concept lists
  • UX:
    • dark-mode using “filter: invert(100%)”
    • “saved articles” feature
      • managed from a separate tab ( action-links, remove saved article, remove all saved articles)
      • saved by clicking a star symbol on an article
      • store: title and language
    • use the autocomplete-function? result list overlayed to the right?
    • keyboard controls:
      • Allow for using the arrow-keys and [ENTER] to select articles.
      • Shortcut-keys for:
        • search-input focus
  • integrate a wikischool-live-search system:
    • backend index search: Tantivy or Toshi
    • live search front-end: …
    • no paging support in these backends? how to mix the results with wikipedia?
    • Research how to fully integrate all Wikischool search features, to achieve one integrated search-system.
  • various ideas:
    • find article names
    • find article geocodes
    • find the more general parent topic(s) for a given article (if possible)
    • find directly related topics (use wikipedia category system?)
    • help people correct typing (how?)
      • synonyms when searching: eg. “darksouls” “dark souls”
      • indicator options (shown by icons?) for stating the general term-direction?
    • human touch: tips, advice, humour, …
    • fullscreen (don't show sidebar), configuration
    • dark theme
    • focus mode / minimal distraction
    • modular / evolutionary interface: record their UI shapes
    • directions of a concept: eg. guitar
      • multiple term
      • make result list more accurate
    • show major categories: eg. for “Bach”
      • show navigation path
    • use cases complexity
      • easy (start here? eg. iPad ease of use, gradual complexity)
      • medium
      • deep
      • related: dynamic, user-controlled screen layout
  • DBPedia (summary text, categories / labels, redirect titles, broader associations, external links, …:


  • TTS start of another article fails to stop/remove previous speakText
  • prev-next actions not working on the first click
  • small-screen support
    • good design for small-screens
    • add media breakpoints
    • landscape & portrait orientation handling
  • ? too many pushState calls
  • ? when switching languages some article-summaries are still in english