(work in progress)

The Elements app is aimed to be an app for the exploration of chemical elements, according the science of Walter Russell (and others).

You can go into the app in two ways:

  1. Directly go to the Elements app.

  2. Indirectly, through doing a search within a chemical data. Some examples:


  • elemental group filters and associations:
  • relational visualization techniques (onhover, onlclick, scheduled, …):
    • coloring (background/border/highlight)
    • lines between objects
  • crystallography: Hardness, geometry, …
  • open issue: how to also show the isotopes (“in-between tones”) clearly? (without too much visual-clutter nor code complexity)
  • Show the gyroscopic geometry balance of each element (or composit).
    • See also: atomic orbitals (visualization: demo)
    • reformulate / simplify this notation: “The simple names s orbital, p orbital, d orbital and f orbital refer to orbitals with angular momentum quantum number = 0, 1, 2 and 3 respectively. These names, together with the value of n, are used to describe the electron configurations of atoms. They are derived from the description by early spectroscopists of certain series of alkali metal spectroscopic lines as sharp, principal, diffuse, and fundamental.”
  • allow for a temperature-pressure slider changing the fundamental motion state of each element: gas, liquid, liquid-crystal, solid-crystal (see this example interface)
  • Learn-mode;
    • conceptual reformulation of the “neutron/proton/electron balls in orbit” model into a gyroscopic standing-wave model
  • Quiz-mode (pointer-select one, pointer-select multiple, text input, multiple-choice options):
    • which element is the ideal mate of Hydrogen?
    • name three mates for Oxygen?
    • Is Silver alkaline?
    • what is the valency of Oxygen?
    • what is metal?
    • Is the motion of Carbon faster than the motion of Sodium?
    • Why is Lithium useful in batteries? [multiple-choice]
    • Why is Sodium-Chloride a good mate?
    • Given molecule H2O2, describe its: [ motion state, …]
  • mobile responsive-display (currently not a priority)
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