towards a cosmic life

“Mind is the instrument, light the medium, love the force, truth the guide, beauty the goal and art the result.”

The purpose of the Wikischool project is to help inspire you for a great journey towards inner and outer truth… and to keep going! By letting the wise men and women of our times - and earlier times - speak to us in untainted and clear wordings, we can get re-inspired and see the beautiful coherence of true knowledge in action.


I: know thyself

II: be compassion

III: free man


hilma af klint the swan 16
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“The Swan #16” - Hilma af Klint, 1915



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  • 2018-7-10: geo-screenshot-002.jpg The Wikischool Geo web application has been released! This is a fun, opensource tool to discover more of our world. (note: mobile browser support needs more work and the data-caching may take a while upon first use)